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#rockbox log for 2004-05-26

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04:08:52tpelliottHelp. I can't "play" jpg or ucl files.
04:09:39tpelliottMy rockbox is flashed with the 5-24 buile.
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05:47:58sagegokuhow do i make use of the voice menus?
05:49:51sagegokudownload the .voice and click play on it?
05:50:10midkno, place it in your .rockbox/voice dir
05:50:45midkah sorry, i see there are no instructions included
05:50:55midkno need to play it −− just entering the menu will load it
05:51:05sagegokui dled it to my jb
05:51:14sagegokuand i created a directory named voice
05:51:18sagegokubefore you told me that
05:51:27sagegokuso im not so noobish afterall
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05:51:32midklol :)
05:51:33sagegokuone more thing
05:51:40sagegokuwhat does the video plugin do?
05:51:52midkit goes in /.rockbox/langs i think :o
05:51:55midkit plays videos
05:52:01sagegokuwhat file format?
05:52:15midkrockbox only
05:52:20midkyou have to convert your avi's
05:52:32sagegokuhow do i convert?
05:54:32midki'd recommend the gui
05:54:43midka link at the top
05:57:57sagegokulink doesnt work
05:58:00sagegokufor the gui
05:58:05sagegokuill do it the old fashioned way
05:58:16sagegokudo i move my AVI to the same folder?
05:58:27sagegokuand does it have to already be in 122x75 or w/e?
05:58:51sagegokuor does it convert it for me
05:58:53sagegokuson of a bitch
05:59:04sagegokuso much for porn on the go
05:59:10midkif you can get the gui i think it does it automatically
05:59:11sagegokuluckily i have an av140 lol
05:59:17midkwell full color
05:59:18midkjust use that
05:59:27midkfull color...
05:59:30midkgood one huh
05:59:32sagegokui'd prefer my jbr20
05:59:35sagegokucuz its so badass
05:59:50midkit sure is
05:59:54midkit surely is!*
06:00:25sagegokuill do it laterz
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06:00:27midkgood luck on getting that
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07:32:29midkhi linusn
07:32:37midkbye everybody :)
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08:19:48Guest1Hi, I just downloaded RB 2.2 for recorder, and am very impressed with it. However, I was wondering if it had a hold mode? I couldn't find anything in the FAQ...
08:20:36dwihnoPress F1+down
08:20:53Guest1Thanks alot
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08:46:04dwihnoHowdy ho
08:47:05mattzzI was wondering if there was a way that the archos remembered the last playing directory (e.g. pressing "on" while playing). Very often I find myself in the root directory after playing a song.
08:47:44LinusNmattzz: set "follow playlist" to "yes"
08:48:01mattzzAh, I always wondered what _that_ was for ;-)
08:48:07*mattzz slaps himself
08:48:16LinusNthere's a manual, you know... :-)
08:48:47mattzzbut that is soooo outdated ;)
08:48:54*mattzz ducks
08:48:58*LinusN slaps mattzz
08:49:56mattzzbtw: whats up with my metronome patch?
08:50:05*mattzz whistles and looks into the sky
08:50:08LinusNah, you changed the timing
08:50:19dwihnoAm I the only one who wants a special key combo for rare "follow playlist" actions?
08:51:28mattzzdwinho: ALT F1, 3 times down and CTRL left should do the trick ;-)
08:56:22dwihnoWell, excuse me for being serious! :P :)
08:56:38LinusNmattzz: committed
08:56:53mattzzLinus, thanks
08:58:21mattzzdwinho: I think there should be one or more key-combos reserved that should be user definable. The discussion about _what_ function to put in a certain key combo would lead to a never ending discussion I think
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09:00:52mattzzmoin jens
09:01:05dwihnomattzz: Until someone has written an acceptable completely configurable key-binding thingy, I guess the only way is to keep a CVS copy and apply whatever custom changes you want.
09:01:43mattzzdwinho, yup - a bad workaround for the initiated
09:02:41dwihnoLinusN: do you know of how many attempts there has been made?
09:03:36mattzzwe should discuss that in context of the UI discussion in the wiki. IMHO a first step would be to identify "free" key combos
09:12:15dwihnoNah. The entire user interface should have completely configurable key bindings :)
09:14:36amiconnhi mattzz
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09:36:36mattzz...and silence took the place...
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12:34:36mattzzWhen I listened to a directory of songs, the player finished and switched off due to idle I find myself in the root directory after switching on the Jukebox. Is that intended?
12:37:08mattzz(following playlist is set to "on")
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12:44:55LinusNmattzz|away: the "follow playlist" feature is only active when the music is playing
12:45:36LinusNthe resume feature remembers which song is playing, not which directory you were browsing
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12:47:48mattzzhm, I would prefer the jukebox remembering the current directory.
12:49:10mattzzIf you have many directories, with some sub directories it could save some time.
12:49:59mattzzgoing back to the root dir is always simple and fast - continuing an action in the last directory is quite painfull because you have to find it again first.
12:50:12pfavrmattzz, I agree !
12:50:34pfavrsomebody contributed on the UI wiki - great!
12:50:44*mattzz was somebody
12:51:12*pfavr commented on
12:52:16pfavrI heard the argument: if everything is configurable then it will be too difficult to support. Wonder about how the WPS got so configurable?
12:54:19mattzzWPS is passive. Either you find the info or you dont - depends on you. Key assignment and usage is a pretty active task that could lead to a lot of confusion if done wrong (delete recursively e.g.)
12:55:53pfavrLet's say it is only configurable through text files. Then only "hackers" will start to mess with it? Would that be good enough do you think?
12:57:28pfavrhmm, should take this discussion to the wiki instead:-)
12:58:06elinenbequick question: the sony CD changer emulation that was sent out on the mailing list.. do you need to do any hardware mods for that?
12:59:33mattzzpfavr: Maybe an extract of the discussion should be put in the wiki. IRC is a better medium for discussion in my opinion
13:00:12pfavrmattzz, yes, but sometimes if you only put in the conclusion then the motivation gets lost.
13:00:29mattzzpfavr: I agree
13:01:47pfavrIf possible, the context menus could be made configurable. A default config would be provided in the config file (like the WPS).
13:02:28elinenbepfavr: configurable context and quick menus would be genius
13:02:46elinenbef2.cfg f3.cfg etc...
13:02:51pfavrIt would also make it much simpler to do changes to the context menues without having to modify the source code - fewer errors
13:03:20pfavrelinenbe, I would like them to be dependant on which screen is visible
13:03:56pfavrand then move (almost) everything from the Main menu out into the context menus
13:04:02LinusNallowing the user to modify the context sensitive menus is a bad idea imho
13:04:55LinusNi think only one menu should be configurable
13:04:56mattzzA redesign of the menu structure with respect to a model/view/controller aproach was discussed some weeks ago here on IRC
13:05:07LinusNand that menu could very well be context sensitive
13:05:41pfavrI would like to have global accelerator keys as well
13:06:24pfavrLinusN, what is the reason for not having the whole UI configurable - bloat?
13:07:13LinusNsimple, if we add/remove features we want them to appear in the menus
13:07:39LinusNregardless of the user config
13:08:09LinusNi don't want to spend my entire IRC time answering questions like "i can't find XXX in my menus"
13:08:54pfavrLinusN, then maybe two levels of key assignments - one system and one for the user? - If the user file is deleted then you're back to system defaults?
13:09:23pfavrThat would ease the support - just tell everybody experiencing problems to delete the file
13:10:17pfavrmattzz, yes I think that some effort would be needed in order to support the configurable menus
13:12:38LinusNalso, making every menu/keystroke configurable will make the code bloated
13:14:03pfavrLinusN, you're probably right. But if it was possible to do it in a nice clean way without requiring too much space, then I think it would be nice
13:14:37pfavrMaybe some of the existing code could benefit also
13:15:38pfavr(to me it seems the UI stuff interspersed in the code makes it hard to understand - but maybe it is just me being too stupid)
13:17:07dwihnoOk, imagine having a cfg file. Key combination followed by a function callbak
13:17:18dwihnoDoes it make any sense?
13:17:36LinusNc0utta has a pretty good starting point for this
13:18:01LinusNit follows the NEWKEYS idea
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13:18:46pfavrdwihno, yes, something like that
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13:19:10pfavrmaybe the keys should not be configurable in a config file - without recompile?
13:19:31pfavrthat way we would be sure only people able to support themselves would change the keys
13:20:22LinusNconfigurable *keys* is a difficult thing to add
13:20:28LinusNespecially combos
13:21:12LinusNsince the fw acts on combionations of press/release
13:21:19pfavrLinusN, yes, we would need a new ui system - maybe with events representing not only keys but also commands
13:22:00pfavrLinusN, the things described at the wiki could be done in small steps I think. Some of the feature requests are along the NEWKEYS idea and are just small patches I think
13:22:16pfavrBut the discussion is valuable anyway
13:29:53*Bagder pokes on the configure script
13:31:59*pfavr talks to much - codes too little
13:33:47Bagdermy wife says I do the opposite ;-)
13:40:19*pfavr pizza time
13:48:22c0uttawow, a conversation about NEWKEYS
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14:54:24pfavrc0utta, did you have a look at the wiki?
14:54:38c0uttai've added to the wiki!
14:54:57pfavrc0utta, great!
14:55:17c0uttawhat you describe is exactly what i've done with my patch
14:57:03pfavrc0utta, great! (not a large vocabulary I have)
14:57:20c0uttai'm currently working on duplicating On+Play functionality for F3 and I will submit my patch again
14:58:02pfavrc0utta, just read you comments on the wiki - what you describe sound pretty much like it
14:58:33pfavrbut also the idea about the screens and having a global way to toggle between them would be nice
14:59:02c0uttascreens as in playlist/wps/recording ?
14:59:08pfavrDo you think the main menu could become almost empty because the stuff goes into the context menues?
14:59:25pfavrand plugin screen
14:59:57c0uttano, i think that F1 must remain because it is the master
15:00:48pfavrI think there needs to be a "system menu" but it will be so rarely used that I don't mind if it needs a three-finger combo
15:02:07pfavrUsing the small keyboard - if we add things like holding down and or double click then the recorder has A LOT of key combos. But to use it efficiently I think we need an event queue and a global keyboard manager something
15:02:26pfavrthis could also allow for global accelerator keys
15:03:27c0uttai like the double click idea. i started to look at adding it but haven't followed it through yet
15:04:58c0uttaan event queue is a good idea too. i wondered whether we could have another thread just for keyboard/event
15:05:04pfavrc0utta, I think it is a bit difficult to change the key handling code - because the drawing and checking for keys is done all over the place? Maybe someone could come up with a more clean way to do it
15:05:23c0uttabut i don't know enough about threading !
15:05:34pfavrI'm not fluent in the code (yet)
15:06:23pfavrBut if I want to show an overlay for .5 second then I cannot do that from some global place... I need to make sure the screen is redrawed afterwards.
15:06:34c0uttamost of the keypresses are handled from a couple of functions - the button_get series
15:06:55pfavr(and that depends on what rockbox is doing before I put on my overlay)
15:08:05pfavrBut the dispatching is done intermixed with the functionality of the WPS for example - using a switch (it is ok to do it this way - just wondering if we could come up with someting better)
15:09:26pfavrI suggested doing "backing store" for the overlays... but maybe it could be handled without. Using a global flag lcd_invalidated or something
15:09:42c0uttathe patch i'm writing has this in mind, but will start with F2/F3. My idea was to be able to assign buttons to events in any context
15:09:51pfavror lcd_needs_redraw
15:17:43c0uttaat the moment, my greatest challenge is to isolate the ui from the actions. i believe that (for example) wps and tree need to be more "object oriented" in their approach
15:17:52c0uttaI can hear Linus groaning now
15:18:44pfavrc0utta, I think I agree with you (can also hear Linus ;-)
15:19:19c0uttaas an example, loading a CFG file. When I started I thought this would be an easy task
15:19:41c0uttabut if the font changes, then a refresh must be forced
15:20:01c0uttavery hard to do because the ui is so closely linked to the actions
15:20:35pfavrCan it be solved by just having a standard way of forcing a refresh?
15:21:06pfavrwhich sets a global variable
15:21:18pfavrthen the loop of each screen just checks this
15:21:37c0uttai'd actually do tree_invalidate() and wps_invalidate()
15:21:40c0uttadepending on the context
15:21:52pfavrBut why have two different functions?
15:22:13pfavrthat is exactly what forces you to be aware of the context
15:22:43c0uttatrue - maybe the LCD needs to be treated as an "object" too
15:23:09pfavrIf calling it an object then fine with me - everything is an object you know ;-)
15:23:39pfavrIt is more about "cutting the cake in the right sized pieces"
15:23:47pfavr(in my vocabulary)
15:23:59 Part Bagder
15:24:12 Part LinusN
15:24:29*pfavr probably did talk too much - now they're all leaving
15:25:19c0uttayes, me too. it's bed time for me
15:25:35pfavrc0utta, nice talking to you, sleep tight
15:25:49c0uttacheers mate
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23:24:37Rjc1286is anyone here?
23:25:25mattzzthat question was easy
23:25:26Rjc1286can you help with cygwin
23:25:40mattzzmaybe - go ahead
23:26:26Rjc1286i've been trying to make my own builds, i load them into the rockbox, but when i load a plugin that uses grayscale, i get an
23:26:46Rjc1286"I09:cpuadrEr at 091
23:27:10Rjc1286sorry about the random returns
23:27:22mattzzdid you restart the jukebox after flashing?
23:27:31amiconnRjc1286: Argh, grayscale is me :(
23:27:56*mattzz hands over to amiconn
23:28:03Rjc1286thank you
23:28:09amiconnDid you change something in the source of the plugin(s) that you try to use?
23:28:27Rjc1286no, i'm gonna try to get non-changed build to work first
23:29:30amiconnDo you use cvs source or daily tarball?
23:30:25amiconnHmm, lemme check a current cvs compile. I've _heavily_ changed grayscale locally meanwhile.
23:30:42Rjc1286alright, thanks
23:30:43*amiconn makes a clean cvs build
23:31:19Rjc1286could this have something to do with the fact that the rocks don't compile until i run make three times?
23:32:07*amiconn is confused
23:32:26amiconnWhich version of cygwin and (especially) sh-elf-gcc do you run?
23:32:34mattzzI remember that I had this once with a cygwin environment...
23:33:01Rjc1286let me check though
23:33:50mattzzdid you use ?
23:34:27Rjc1286should i re-install?
23:34:38Rjc1286is step four new?
23:35:10amiconnRjc1286: Which plugin did give you the above-mentioned address error?
23:35:33Rjc1286all the ones with greyscale, except mandelbrot
23:35:46*mattzz grins
23:36:20amiconnYes, but the address is (should be) different for each of the plugins. I want to know which one gave the mentoined address
23:37:24*amiconn disassembles the clean jpeg.rock to see what is there
23:41:36amiconnRjc1286: Could you tell me the exact file size of your jpeg.rock (in bytes, to verify that mine is the same)
23:43:37hardeepdo you see the error when using the rocks from the bleeding edge build?
23:43:47amiconnHmm, then either some of your sources are not current or you use a different version of sh-elf-gcc
23:43:49Rjc1286haven't tried it
23:44:07Rjc1286i just noticed that step four on the cygwin help page
23:44:14amiconnJpeg.rock should be 28.3kb, built from current sources
23:44:15Rjc1286i had sh-el-gcc in bin
23:45:08Rjc1286i took it out of there, and edited my profile, and now i'm doing a build, i'll tell you how it comes out
23:45:46 Nick pfavr{dinner} is now known as pfavr (
23:48:22 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:48:58Rjc1286now it's not building the rocks again
23:49:05Rjc1286at all
23:49:50Rjc1286but i have to go, i'll most likely be back, thanks for all your help thus far
23:49:55 Part Rjc1286
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23:52:31amiconnmattzz: Did you know that you could make grayscale mandelbrot go faster?
23:56:09pfavramiconn, overclocking?
23:56:52amiconnNo, using an optimized function available in later versions of the grayscale framework.
23:57:12pfavrok :-)
23:57:19amiconnThis may triple the pixel-output speed

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