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#rockbox log for 2004-05-28

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01:52:23tpelliottAnyone here?
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02:11:46scott666tpelliott: i am
02:13:17tpelliottI can't "Play" ucl pr jpg files anymore.
02:13:32scott666are you using a daily build?
02:13:39tpelliottI updeate to the latest daily build
02:14:01tpelliottI had to go to the upgrade rock and run that.
02:14:08scott666it has to do with the default viewers file, but i havnt updated lately so i dont know about specifics of that
02:14:36tpelliottThat is a sererate file?
02:15:14scott666i believe so
02:17:12tpelliottI can't find it. Maybe I'm missing the file.
02:17:34scott666you might need to create it yourself, im not sure
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02:58:04scott666hi NHI
03:00:08NHIhi scott666
03:00:32NHIjust decided to sent back my iriver h140 when I get it tomorrow
03:00:50NHIjust found it it can record bout 2h and than it shuts off
03:00:55NHIwhat a shit
03:01:17NHIso I stumbled over archos and now rockbox
03:01:24NHIfeatures look sweet
03:01:47scott666they are
03:01:53scott666its the hardware that sucks
03:01:54NHII need the player 80% for recording
03:02:08scott666its generally fixable though
03:02:22NHIas I understand theres no timelimit in recording with the archos jbr v2 ?
03:02:36scott666well...the limit of the harddrive
03:02:39NHIhd space is the limit
03:02:43NHIthats great
03:03:08NHIwell display kinda sucks comared to others but I can live with that
03:03:11scott666theres been reports of i think 3-day recordings
03:03:23NHII record dj sets all the time
03:03:26scott666timesplit into 1 hour files automatically
03:03:27NHIup to 12 hours
03:03:44NHIwhats max bitrate 168 ?
03:03:50scott666can the other little displays play movies and view jpegs though?
03:03:59NHIno they cant :D
03:04:04scott666i think its 192 vbr
03:04:28scott666quality goes from 1-7
03:04:32NHIand jbr v2 is half the price of irivers
03:04:40NHIand I dont need ogg
03:04:55NHIso mp3 recording quality is good youd say ?
03:05:04NHIno hiss, no hd noise ?
03:05:06scott666analog or digital
03:05:10scott666or with the mic
03:05:19NHIno mic
03:05:20scott666the internal mic is terrible
03:05:29NHII connect directly with cable
03:05:36scott666useable for boot-leg quality concert recordings though
03:05:43NHImost dj boards dont have digital
03:06:00NHImix boards or whatever u call it in english
03:06:05scott666IIRC there is some HD noise
03:06:19NHIwell its all house or electro and techno
03:06:23NHIguess ill never notice
03:06:29scott666but i dont use the line-in very often
03:06:46scott666mixing boards, but i understood you both times
03:06:47NHIi very much like the idea if this opensource firmware thing
03:06:55NHImoving fast
03:07:02scott666yes, very
03:07:15NHIthe iriver users are going nuts for waiting for firmware
03:07:45NHIcan I take those ugly rubber edges off the player ?
03:08:04scott666you can
03:08:11scott666but the HD will be showing at the corners
03:08:19NHIbetter not then
03:08:46NHIis it possible to put another, bigger hd ?
03:09:04NHIim about to order
03:09:19scott666if you have any experience with a soldering iron its fairly easy too
03:09:23NHIthose are regular 2.5 " hds right
03:09:55NHIf*** this iriver crap then
03:10:10NHIwell its a nice player
03:10:15NHIbut I need recording
03:10:42scott666all i use my FMR for is recording lately
03:10:46scott666headphone jack broke
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03:21:58NHIyou anything about the gmini ?
03:22:13NHIits nice n small but the quality ?
03:22:26scott666no rockbox for it yet
03:22:37scott666but there are people working
03:22:43scott666dont know any more than that
03:22:50scott666same goes for the AV units
03:29:45NHIany idea when rockbox will support it and will there be similar features ?
03:31:03NHIk thx
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08:32:00Bagderstand by for web and mail stop on
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08:33:52Bagderand they're up again
08:34:13Bagderupgraded mailman
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09:05:58amiconnhi all
09:11:05Bagder"When I asked Archos about their SDK, they just laughed at me"
09:12:07dwihnoBagder: Do you know if there has been any progress on the gmini?
09:12:22dwihnoOr is it a completely different beast? (no, I haven't read the mailing list in a while)
09:12:42Bagdergmini is similar to the mm
09:13:36Bagderso the avos guys might have something that runs on it, I don't know
09:14:05Bagderwe should smack zagor for not hacking his mm enough ;-)
09:14:24*Bagder has certain benefits as big brother
09:14:28dwihnoI guess he has been quite busy lately
09:14:36dwihno(or just lazy) :)
09:14:52BagderI think he pretends to have a life
09:15:20dwihnoYou have to help your brother and let him see the light once again ;)
09:16:32Bagder"this is called a keyboard you see little bro'"
09:16:45*Bagder grins
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09:20:53*LinusN sits in the same room as Zagor, walks over and slaps him
09:32:52Bagder"What's the point of simulating the neo software when you can run the real thing."
09:33:05Bagder(quote from the open neo forum)
09:33:47Bagderthey broke the sim
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10:13:02BagderI think the mailing list doesn't work after my upgrade
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10:15:16Bagdernow it works again
10:27:09NHII always forget that I have to start mailman after an upgrade
10:27:39NHIyou guys know if the recording quality is of the gmini is better or worse than for jbr ?
10:34:23LinusNi have no idea
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15:13:50unionpeakhey for somereason my recorder reverts to an old version or rockbox....i flashed it at 2.2 but when i put newer builds on they are removed when i restart
15:21:18mattzzdo you still have an ajz. file on the disk?
15:21:31unionpeaki deleted the old one, put the new one on
15:21:41unionpeakit boots up initially but reverts when i restart
15:21:45mattzzdid you flash it?
15:22:03unionpeaki flashed version 2.2 i just extract the daily builds on their but it used to work fine
15:22:32unionpeakif i run the ajz. file after it reverts it updates it again so i know the file isnt gettin replaced
15:23:53mattzzI suggest flashing a daily build
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15:48:29*Bagder added diff-links to the "recent CVS activity" table
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18:54:01dhdhello there ! ;)
18:54:35dhdis there someone who know who to generate a mp3 playlist in the linux shell ?
18:55:24mecraw___find . -name *.mp3 > myplaylist.m3u
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18:56:51dhdoh keewl
18:57:12dhdthanx, but du you know if there is some tool for a search enegie @ the rockbox player ?
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19:09:45dhdI'm sorry but the playlist generator will not run ;(
19:09:52dhdhe say -name* is not a dir name
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