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#rockbox log for 2004-05-30

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03:06:10midkhi bc
03:06:24BlueChipevenin' all
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19:04:49telliottCan someone send me their viewers.config file or tell me how to recreate it?
19:08:59diddystar5telliott, i have been away from rockbox for a long time, but give me a sec and i will figure it out for you
19:10:02diddystar5are you wanting a "default" viewers.config or something?
19:10:56diddystar5ch8,chip8.rock,70 70 7f 7f 70 70
19:10:56diddystar5txt,viewer.rock,55 55 55 55 55 55
19:10:56diddystar5jpg,jpeg.rock,18 24 3C 3C 24 18
19:10:56DBUGEnqueued KICK diddystar5
19:10:56diddystar5ucl,rockbox_flash.rock,2A 7F 41 41 7F 2A
19:10:57diddystar5rvf,video.rock,5D 7F 5D 7F 5D 7F
19:11:04diddystar5that is what is in the config
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22:12:12BlueChipevenin all
22:22:16scott666hey BlueChip
22:26:05BlueChipthanks for the help last night - I'm pretty much finished now :)
22:26:16scott666no problem
22:26:29BlueChipinteresting article on jukebox studio
22:27:12BlueChiphow to improve the output amp stage for both volume and bass response
22:27:41scott666only applies to teh studio though, right?
22:28:17BlueChipdunno - would need to see the schematic for the recorder to see if they made the same "errors" there
22:28:25BlueChipseems likely
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23:13:45TechnativeHi folks!
23:14:41TechnativeIs it okay of I ask one quick question?
23:14:49BlueChipthat's what we're here for :)
23:15:19TechnativeAlrighty: I have a Gmini 120 player, could I use the Rochbox FW on this player as well?
23:15:25TechnativeI did not see it mentioned in the list\
23:15:36TechnativeOnly Jokebox players...
23:15:52BlueChipno, the gmini's do not run Rockbox (yet) sorry
23:16:14TechnativeFeature list looked really promising...
23:16:19TechnativeGot all happy about it...
23:16:36BlueChipsure there's someone hacking it though
23:16:36TechnativeAny suggestions on alternate firmware then?
23:16:44BlueChipnone for the gmini
23:17:16TechnativeToo bad...
23:18:07TechnativeDo you know of any plans to make Rockbox work on Gmini as well?
23:20:04BlueChipThey've gotta get near the core first - but often with these projects, they turn into "I'm gonna do it my way" and a major reimplementation of what already exists begins
23:23:36Technativeah.. Thanks for the info!
23:25:46BlueChipmost welcome
23:25:51BlueChipdo you code?
23:28:31TechnativeNope... Just VBS for work (I'm an MCSE)
23:29:28BlueChipwell, there's always room for GUI emulation for the core developers :D
23:29:41BlueChipdon't suppose you know anything about VCC
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23:30:04diddystar5hey BlueChip
23:30:11BlueChipdiddy ltns
23:30:18BlueChiphow's life?
23:30:30diddystar5umm almost ok
23:31:05BlueChipthen almost "that's what I like to hear" - lol
23:31:20TechnativeSorry, I don't know anything about VCC
23:31:49diddystar5i dont knowm uch either
23:31:51BlueChipthanks Technative
23:31:58TechnativeThanks for your info BlueChip!
23:31:59BlueChiplol - prat!
23:32:04TechnativeI'm off to bed...
23:32:09BlueChipnite dude
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23:32:56diddystar5whats new BlueChip
23:33:25BlueChipjust finishing up Audio_3587
23:33:57BlueChipwant to tweak the GUI so that it only displays the screen, not a nitmap of the jukebox - very nice, but unhelpful
23:34:09BlueChipnitmap - lol
23:34:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:34:37*BlueChip scratches his head as the itching begins
23:34:51diddystar5good idea
23:34:54 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:35:09BlueChipand put back "always on top" would be damned handy
23:35:26diddystar5i think the sims really need to be remade welll
23:36:41diddystar5i wonder if the micronas people have made a MAS emulation thing?
23:37:07BlueChipI did a shit load of fixes, but my method was inappropriate for rockbox and so they were not included and I stopped fixing it :(
23:37:28BlueChipmicronas have a little cable that allows you to use a real MAS
23:38:31BlueChipIt would be simple enough to simulate the essence of the MAS
23:41:42diddystar5when i can get into computers again, i want to start writting winamp plugins
23:42:03diddystar5i have looked at the API they privde already, and i think i can make something
23:42:31BlueChipwrite an open source player which will use WinAmp plugins - then we can your player AND plugins from within the GUI
23:44:38diddystar5would like to
23:44:45diddystar5i have to go dude
23:44:57diddystar5l8r m8
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