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#rockbox log for 2004-05-31

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01:22:37kaboofais the "Dear user of "" mailing system,
01:22:37kaboofaYour e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.
01:22:41kaboofaa virus?
01:22:44kaboofaor is that legit?
01:22:48kaboofabecause it contains an attachment ;x
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01:47:35kaboofanot much
01:47:47BoD[]what's up in rockbox world
01:47:55kaboofawondering if i'm the only one that got the "your e-mail has been temp. disabled because of unauthorized accesS" on the mailing list
01:47:55BoD[]any new cool featurez?
01:48:01kaboofadunno, shizzle.
01:49:20BoD[]new hrm
01:50:03kaboofagood morning is now a killing word.
01:50:15BoD[]any new
01:50:23BoD[]<thing> ?
01:51:48BoD[]or not?
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01:54:09scott666kaboofa: no, youre not
01:54:38kaboofais it legit?
01:54:51kaboofathat's what i though
01:55:08scott666those viruses are really annoying
01:55:43kaboofaxor edx, edx
01:55:43kaboofadec edx
01:55:43DBUGEnqueued KICK kaboofa
01:55:43kaboofa inc edx
01:55:43kaboofa sub eax, ebx
01:55:44***Alert Mode level 1
01:55:44kaboofa jns @@divloop
01:55:46kaboofa add eax, ebx
01:55:48kaboofa xchg eax, edx
01:58:14kaboofaASM division.
02:00:50BoD[]there is no "div" ?
02:01:19kaboofathere is 'div'
02:01:21kaboofabut it's hella slow
02:01:35BoD[]slower than this loop ?!
02:01:45kaboofai need to implement shift and subtract
02:01:47kaboofaslower then that loop
02:01:56kaboofaespecially on a pentium 4
02:02:01kaboofai hate p4s
02:02:05BoD[]how is this possible!
02:02:13kaboofa(by p4, i mean the p4 i tested it on)
02:02:19kaboofa"don't divide, intel inside"
02:02:42BoD[]shouldn't it be one cycle ?
02:02:53kaboofai guess it should be
02:02:56kaboofabut it just runs slow
02:02:57kaboofai don't know
02:03:02kaboofai'm probably wrong, and i don't care.
02:03:03BoD[]very strangeeeeeeeeeeee
02:03:18kaboofanow i'm going to listen to jazz, because it's like jello pudding.
02:03:57kaboofasee, the kids today, and their rap music, with their hippin and their hoppin, and their bippin and their boppin; they don't know what they are missing!
02:04:27BoD[]yeah grandpa ;)
02:04:44scott666bill cosby rules
02:04:48kaboofadamn right!
02:04:59BoD[]who is this
02:05:44scott666i think he was refering to bill cosby
02:05:45***Alert Mode OFF
02:05:57kaboofabut i have no idea what's going on
02:06:06kaboofai've been awake for like 5 days because i can't sleep ;\
02:06:32BoD[]you have to
02:06:54kaboofamy internal clock is allll messed up
02:06:56BoD[]watch lotr
02:07:00BoD[]you sure will sleep
02:07:13kaboofai read the lotr books and it took me less time to do that then watch it ;)
02:07:18kaboofabut it was a good series of movies.
02:07:28kaboofai could play contra3 or ikaruga
02:07:42kaboofathe 2nd and 1st hardest games in the universe, respectivly
02:08:06BoD[]you watch it, you sleep
02:08:08kaboofaif someone beats ikaruga on 'hard' they get like 50,000 Euro
02:08:17kaboofabecause, they beat ikaruga on hard.
02:08:22kaboofathe hardest game in the universe
02:27:11zeuniverse? come on
02:27:38zeyou don't even know what games some obscure human's developed in their basement and kept quiet about
02:28:03zemuch less what some hyperevolved race in a galaxy 13 billion light years away has done
02:30:07kaboofaplay ikaruga.
02:30:10kaboofayou will see.
02:31:59kaboofaGin and hot chocolate. The official drink of kaboofa.
02:32:55zehow about this game: achieve intergallactic space travel capabilities by the year 2010
02:33:00zethink ikaruga's harder?
02:33:37kaboofathat's not a game.
02:33:40zeif so, then get playing... it's worth a lot more than 50,000 euro
02:33:49zewhy not?
02:33:59kaboofavideo game
02:34:34zeyeah yeah first the big claims and now comes the qualifiers :p
02:34:41kaboofa | grep kaboofa> | sed 's/game/video game/'
02:35:31kaboofaI am the only asm coder that listens to nororious big.
02:35:32kaboofaooh yeah
02:35:40CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:35:40*kaboofa tires to take a nap.
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03:44:45kaboofai want to buy a domain and hosting, but can't think of any names
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08:48:42RevaHi, This message is just to say thanks to midk, you suggestion to use checkdisk for solving incorrect free space helped, thanks (BTB chkdsk of DOS is what i had to use instead of the normal check disk from the Windows XP)
08:48:58midkhey, woohoo
08:49:35RevaThx ;)
08:50:08midkno probs
08:50:14midkthat usually fixes it
08:50:21midkhappens when you delete large files
08:50:27midkor lots at a time
08:50:31RevaIs there a place, where i can find good infomration regarding Good Recording practices?
08:50:31midkdoesn't seem to "recalculate"
08:50:42midkset it to high quality... that's about it
08:51:03Revayeah true, I shud refrain from deleteing using the Unit but rathar use the windows to delete files
08:51:26RevaOh ok, I set it 7, but still i can here some noise on the backgrd :(
08:51:39midk7 is good
08:51:52midkbest actually
08:51:54midknoise as in?
08:51:55BlueChipreva, what are you trying to record?
08:52:37Revasomething like a whirling noise.....
08:52:52BlueChipare you using the internal mic?
08:52:57RevaI'm trying to record songs from a LG Tv
08:53:13BlueChiphow are the two devices connected?
08:53:20Revaalso when shud i use the digital as the source?
08:53:41BlueChipdigital: whenever it is available
08:53:51Revaconnect the provided cable TV at the line out and do a Line in on the V2
08:53:55midkdigital is when you don't use line in
08:54:11midkonly works on something giving digital out
08:54:27RevaOh, sorry i i'm ignorant on what what digital means, can give a simple example if possible
08:54:52BlueChipdo you have any devices with a socket labelled CoAxial Digial Out?
08:54:56midkcan be found on some audigy (2) cards...
08:55:10midknot for simply line out, but a different sort of format
08:55:15RevaMidk, got it ;)
08:55:27BlueChipIf not, forget about it - if so, connect that socket to the jbr digital in
08:55:36RevaBluechip, yes I'm using the same
08:56:17Reva2Bluechip, I mean Line out on my TV
08:57:07midkuse line in then
08:58:01RevaOops..I think I'm missign soemthing here, Thx lot for the help Let me do bit of manual reading now :)
08:58:07RevaThx for all the help
08:58:15BlueChipthe hum you have is likely from the screen in the jukebox iirc - i would suspect that disabling the backlight will help
08:58:53RevaOh ...ok Let me try that :)
08:59:23midkbc suspects :)
08:59:35BlueChipthe problem was that archos have run the line-in wire very close to the lcd screen, and decoupled it badly ...from reports on the web
09:03:32 Part Reva
09:03:59midknice work, BEE SEE
09:11:45midkbc: false advertising
09:11:53midk"Improvements For Your
09:11:53midkRockBox Compatible MP3 Player
09:12:02midkstudios are rockbox compatible
09:12:09midkbut othelo doesnt run on them
09:12:15midknor the starfield MAXI demo
09:12:19midkor audio 3587.
09:14:46BlueChipno, not every available improvement works with every available unit - much like rockbox
09:15:13midkyou say that it all runs on any rockbox compatible mp3 player
09:15:19midkbut studios are rockbox compatible
09:15:25midkyet won't run solitaire
09:15:27midk*sues bc
09:16:16BlueChipI shall let you download the improved Rockbox DevKit for use with your studio, if that would help you
09:16:48midki am actually going to download it fairly soon
09:16:54midkbut i'm saying the precompileds
09:17:03midkand even when compiled would not run
09:20:29BlueChipAudio_3587 runs to about 6KLOC atm - lol
09:21:48BlueChipthousand lines of code
09:22:00midknot funny, but cool
09:22:05midki admire your work bc
09:22:11midkand your dedication
09:22:46BlueChipget this bug - if i print the variable out to the debug console the program starts working
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09:42:46midkhow's audio 3587 coming bc?
09:44:31midkok sounds good - nite
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23:09:59ajiuois there any cool things that can be doen with the gmini yet
23:12:08 Quit scott666 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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23:12:41ajiuoi thongt recording and photos was an add on
23:12:52ajiuowhen i downloaded the new firmware it was activ e
23:15:36kaboofajpg files are a plugin
23:15:41kaboofabut i don't think recording is
23:20:49ajiuois there any custom firmwares yet
23:21:16ajiuoi herd that the custome firmwares for other archos devises preform beter
23:22:14kaboofarockbox is a custom firmware
23:27:50ajiuoya but not for gmini
23:27:58ajiuoare they makign one for gmini
23:28:17scott666ajiuo: i beliace Laurnent is working on one for hte gmini
23:28:30ajiuoarchos Gmini120
23:29:02scott666but theres nothing finished yet
23:29:09ajiuothe main thing that bothers me about the gmini is you can tell when it changes tracks
23:29:13scott666AVos might also apply
23:29:50ajiuolot beter with the newest firmware thgoh
23:30:01ajiuoit went from a click to a delay
23:30:06scott666not as good as rockbox though
23:30:42ajiuoya thats why i was cheking oin the status of gmini
23:31:31ajiuothat dudes working on it
23:41:34NHIany of you guys got the gmini 220 ?
23:41:44scott666not me
23:41:57kaboofanot i, said the kaboofa
23:41:58NHII wonder if the recording is good and if it got a peakmeter
23:42:24NHIin some reviews the gmini sucks, in others they love it
23:44:57ajiuowhats the difrans beetween the 1220 and 220
23:45:06scott666220 is better?
23:45:16NHI220 got compatct flash slut
23:45:17ajiuoin what way thogh
23:45:24NHIand one of the 120 cant record I think
23:45:25ajiuoso does the 120
23:45:32ajiuoya it can
23:45:36ajiuoi have a 120
23:45:43ajiuoit has scompact flash and records
23:45:59NHItheres a 120 that doesnt record
23:46:03NHIand one that does
23:46:36NHI120 is bigger than 220
23:46:40NHIand smaller display
23:47:01ajiuothe 220 smaller
23:47:05ajiuothat would be cool
23:47:16NHIthe 220 is size of a floppy but thicker
23:47:44NHII just wonder if it got a peak meter for recording
23:49:01ajiuothe 120 does
23:49:19NHIso I bet the 220 too
23:49:24NHIyou got the 120 ?
23:49:44NHIdoes it adujst recording level automatically ?
23:49:50NHIhows recording quality
23:49:55NHIyou hear the hd ?
23:50:18ajiuonot surer havnt relay mesdsfd with it it was never active tell i downloaded the newest firmware last night
23:51:08NHInew fw came out ?
23:51:58ajiuowell i dont know whn it came out i jsut looked last night
23:52:03ajiuoi had the orignle
23:54:24ajiuohehe i just tryd with the mic
23:54:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:54:31ajiuoits liek all chopy
23:54:56ajiuoi dont know what i did with my adapter or i woudl try line in
23:56:06ajiuooh that was wav recording
23:56:10ajiuomp3 dont soudn bad
23:56:15ajiuolet me up the bitrate
23:57:18ajiuonot bad
23:57:26NHIdoes it take winamp playlists ?
23:57:32ajiuothe built in mic only lets you record a 112
23:57:44NHIwel I dont need mic anyway, onle line recording
23:57:51ajiuoyes i think it does
23:57:54 Join Danny_from_fr [0] (
23:58:19ajiuoline reocrding gos to 192
23:58:29NHIgood enuff for me
23:58:30Danny_from_frCan someone help me?

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