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#rockbox log for 2004-06-01

00:00:04Danny_from_frsorry for my bad english also
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00:02:57ajiuoi dont have thaT DEVICE SORRY. somone elses may thgoh
00:03:53ajiuolots of peopl in here just have to wate for somone to respond who know the awnser to your question
00:04:44kaboofayeah, we just bloody idle
00:05:06kaboofaDanny_from_fr: on rockbox red light is hard disk access
00:05:14kaboofayou can send messages to the mailing list, and get a quick reply.
00:05:41Danny_from_frok thank you
00:05:44scott666also, the page has lots of good info
00:06:52Danny_from_frI'll see
00:12:17NHII see there is development on doing rockbox for the gmini, I just wonder if its likely that i will be done and just a matter of time or unsure
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00:27:57scott666NHI: i believe its just a matter of time
00:28:07scott666same thing for the AVx00s
00:28:13ajiuomy tiem or yours??
00:29:24NHIwell I read that rockbox will not be developed for the AVx00s
00:29:36NHIbut someone started looking into the gmini
00:29:45NHIthere something in the mail archive
00:30:09NHIbut I also read archos might pursue legal action against that
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01:46:46mistertartyhi... anybody flashed a player or studio? can they boot from rockbox in flash yet?
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12:38:56c0uttaare you on deck linus ?
12:43:00LinusNsort of
12:44:39c0uttai am currently converting on+play to the F3 menu
12:44:56c0uttai notice something strange and maybe there's a good reason for it
12:45:44c0uttaif i have an mp3 playing, press On and go back to the tree i have all the playlist options
12:45:53c0uttawhen pressing on+play
12:46:25c0uttaif there is no mp3 playing then it only shows Insert
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12:48:35c0uttacheck line 157 in onplay.c
12:49:22LinusNc0utta: some of the playlist options only apply if there is a current playlist
12:52:00c0uttatherefore if( mpeg_status() & MPEG_STATUS_PLAY) then there is a current playlist
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14:18:26limbushi pfavr, are you still working on new UI ? I had a small idea to improve file browser and playlist view
14:18:54pfavrhi limbus, yes - what is your idea?
14:19:54limbusbest to see in the first screen on it's annoying if files all start with the same artist string
14:20:31limbusthere cuold be a sort of grouping: if all files have the same string before the first '-', drop it
14:20:32pfavryes - you're right about that
14:21:02pfavryes, I think this has been discussed before hasn't it?
14:21:09limbusups, no idea
14:21:36limbusI havn't yet come out with that idea, and didn't find it in the wiki nor the patches or feature requests
14:22:09pfavrlimbus, yes, I just think I heard somebody discussing it long ago - but I don't think it is written down anywhere - so now it is!
14:22:50pfavr(look again)
14:23:27pfavryou know you can edit the pages on the wiki too? just go ahead, your contribution is appreciated!
14:23:37limbusuhh, looks nice ;-) i'll try to fake a screenshot.
14:24:06limbusyes, I know about wikis, but just wanted to talk about one. not all of my ideas a worth to be written down somewhere
14:25:08pfavrok, it is your decision - but a dead wiki is a bad wiki - it is really necessary that people use it and contribute
14:25:29pfavrand you shouldn't be afraid of destroying anything - just go ahead
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15:03:44*limbus feels dumb. or at least blind
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15:09:18pfavrlimbus, just added links to the feature requests to your comment on the wiki page:-)
15:12:29limbusI was just doing too, pfavr, bu I was looking for syntax-stuff.
15:13:12pfavrok, sorry if I disturbed you doing the change...
15:14:44limbusno, no problem at all, your change looks so much nicer than my first tries with that wiki-language
15:15:30pfavrIt doesn't matter - just throw in something - then somebody will do the markup later for you:-)
15:17:46*limbus mental notes that
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21:19:37BlueChipevenin' all
21:21:13mattzzhi ho
21:21:22BlueChipanything new happening?
21:21:51mattzznot too much I guess
21:21:58BlueChipI used our Bank holiday to get my MDB geek mode up and running - that MAS can sure produce some good sound if you take time to tweak it :)
21:22:19mattzzmdb geek mode?
21:22:29BlueChipyou know MDB?
21:22:43mattzzyup, and I am certainly a geek
21:23:09BlueChipmy audio controls include a USER and "GEEK" mode configuration for this (and most other options)
21:23:27mattzzwhat did you tweak?
21:23:44BlueChipThe Geek Mode for MDB is a full realtime spectral graph with FULL control over all parameters
21:24:33mattzzcool. Do you think it is possible to use these parameters to determine a main wave let's say of an instrument (i.e. tuning device)?
21:24:57BlueChipno sadly, this is the other way around :(
21:25:12mattzzIf I put the device into recording mode, is it possible to access the encoder statistics?
21:25:14BlueChipand only controls frequencies up to about 350Hz max
21:25:25BlueChiphmmm, that's an interesting though
21:25:38mattzzI would like to examine a sound in the frequency domain.
21:25:48BlueChipyour answers are all here:
21:26:09BlueChipI know the document reasonably well, so am happy to work with you
21:26:15mattzzI read the mas spec a little already, but the i2c access confuses me a bit. maybe I should have a look in your mas plugin
21:26:20BlueChipI would love a guitar tuner in my box
21:26:47mattzzI wondered if it would be possible to synthesize a sine wave in real time
21:26:50BlueChipall you need to know is read_reg/mem and write_reg/mem ...the primitives are already available
21:27:24BlueChipproducing a sine wave is easy, the problem is encoding it yo MP3 so the MAS will DAC it
21:27:33mattzzis there a "recording without writing stuff to the SH" mode?
21:27:47mattzzI mean without writing an mp3 stream to the disk
21:28:02BlueChipyou mean , record and fail to read stuff from the MAS? ;)
21:28:11mattzzsomething like that
21:28:20mattzzI am good in failing
21:28:38BlueChipthe point is, that the MAS does not send, the SH has to read
21:29:12mattzzand the mas would not stop in case of a buffer overrun or something like that, right?
21:29:20BlueChipI have written a patch to MAS control, Bagder said he would CVS it, but hasn't done so yet
21:29:49BlueChipI haven't looked at the specifics on the record, sorry
21:29:57mattzzsubmitting stuff takes a looong way through qualitiy control I guess
21:30:27BlueChipno qc issues on this patch, it's either yay or nay, and Bagder has already "yay"'ed it
21:31:02mattzzI always find huge delays a bit frustrating (or am I not patient enough?)
21:31:44BlueChipNo, not patience, I'm with you on that, but our leader(s) has only so much time I guess
21:31:57mattzzright, I see.
21:32:33BlueChipanyway, the MAS patch is simple enough, then read and write to registers according to that doc :)
21:34:23mattzzhm, I cant find any registers that would match my needs
21:35:15BlueChipI can only see the option of: sample the input, decode it to pcm data, run a fourier on it, pick out the dominant frequency
21:35:30BlueChipand I don't know we have the speed for that
21:35:46mattzzTuning will take ages that way
21:35:57BlueChipthe other option is play the tones you need
21:36:26mattzzthing is: the mas _does_ all the maths we need. we simply cant access the data.
21:36:53BlueChipsadly we need the programmers manual for the MAS
21:36:59mattzzplaying samples is the other option. looping frames of a guitar sound e.g.
21:37:25BlueChipI made a couple of powerful enemies to get only CLOSE to the information we need
21:37:37mattzzplaying sine waves is not geeky enough
21:37:40mattzzdid you?
21:37:48BlueChipi did
21:38:10mattzzthey do offer downloadable code though
21:38:38BlueChipwe have the wav codec, but it needs a hardware mod to work
21:39:28mattzzis the parallel interface connected to the SH chip in the jbr?
21:39:39mattzzor is it just the serial if
21:40:04BlueChiperrrrrr, bangs head in hope of dislodging the information from storage....
21:40:27*mattzz looks into the schematics
21:40:35BlueChipNo, it isn't
21:40:49BlueChipcos we could not play 44.1/16 due to that fact
21:41:10BlueChip<phew> ...brain still works - lol
21:41:18mattzzclose enough
21:41:26BlueChipam i wrong?
21:41:36mattzzno I guess not
21:42:05BlueChipthere seems some tang of doubt in your (inferred) tone
21:43:58mattzzhm, I think recording is done via the parallel port
21:46:24*mattzz tries to understand the schematics
21:48:41*Kaboofa sets the schematics on fire
21:49:26mattzzbut it doesnt matter anyway. I guess tuning via direct register access of the MAS will stay a dream...
21:50:13 Join scott666 [0] (
21:50:20 Part scott666
21:50:32BlueChipI suppose it all depends on how badly you actually want it?
21:51:08BlueChipany feature I suppose
21:51:29BlueChipwe have everything required to do it at a physical level
21:52:05BlueChipEverything else is just information - and worst case that comes attached to a symbol
21:53:27mattzzI will start with a looped frame of pre-recorded sounds I guess.
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22:07:05mattzznow I see, the MAS parallel port is output only
22:17:57 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:18:09mattzzhi ho!
22:18:22[IDC]Dragonhi, long no "see"
22:18:53mattzzlots of work, lots of diving ;-)
22:19:11[IDC]Dragondiving into vhdl?
22:19:43mattzzred sea, baltic sea - and, frankly, I prefer verilog
22:20:11BlueChipevenin' [IDC]Dragon
22:20:21[IDC]Dragonsaw your discussion about a guitar tuner
22:20:33[IDC]Dragonhi BC
22:20:40mattzzwith a good partitioning and a good design style you can use a bad hdl system ;-)
22:20:49BlueChiphey, [IDC]Dragon, any chance you can commit the MAS patch please - it was cleared by Bagder also :)
22:20:53mattzzcurious about your ideas!
22:21:07[IDC]DragonBlueChip: dunno that patch
22:21:29BlueChipjust the rest of the MAS register commands
22:21:36BlueChip...for the plugin API
22:21:51[IDC]Dragonmattzz: fool's solution: prepare your sine waves as mp3 files ;-)
22:22:58mattzzsine waves are so _not_ cool
22:23:33[IDC]Dragonadvanced solution: extend the recording code such that we can record to memory (like I did for playback), then parse the mp3 data
22:24:28[IDC]Dragonthe RAM recording was in discussion, but out of laziness I dropped that
22:25:00mattzzdetecting the keynote should not take longer than a second
22:25:33BlueChiprecord is straight to disk!!!??? WOW
22:25:47[IDC]Dragonbefore changing the recording code, a proof of concept would be in order
22:26:12[IDC]Dragonlike a PC program that takes an mp3 file and dissects it
22:26:27mattzzI agree
22:27:12[IDC]Dragonthen you get an idea of how reliable and complex that is
22:27:22mattzzI had a look into the according mpeg specs already....
22:27:34mattzzmp3 is more complex than I thought
22:27:34[IDC]DragonI'm no expert in that
22:27:45[IDC]Dragonwe can turn off some features
22:27:58[IDC]Dragondisable bit reservoir
22:28:13mattzzlayer II is still complex. and accuracy might be a problem again.
22:28:54[IDC]Dragonwe can only record layer 3
22:29:31mattzzargh, right. I mixed it up with my former idea to synthesize an mp2 file on the fly.
22:29:49mattzz(which is even worse than parsing...)
22:30:13BlueChipsure we can handle 2.5 can't we?
22:30:29mattzzI will try an app with sine waves and pre-recorded guitar samples in a second shot.
22:30:48mattzzsine waves are uncool but can be looped easily
22:30:56mattzzI guess
22:31:02[IDC]Dragonbut mp3 frames can't...
22:31:42[IDC]Dragonwell, they can, but have a fixed duration which may not match your seams
22:31:47mattzzcant handle 2.5 or cant be looped?
22:32:31[IDC]DragonBlueChip: 2.5 is the level, basically the sample rate.
22:32:56[IDC]Dragonit's stiill layer 3
22:33:33[IDC]Dragon(don't confuse my brittle knowledge)
22:33:53BlueChiplol - sorry
22:34:01BlueChipnot deliberate ;)
22:36:34[IDC]DragonBlueChip: about yor MAS fuctions: I personally don't like such low-level stuff at the plugin API
22:36:55[IDC]Dragonit should be an application interface
22:37:11BlueChipok - whatever
22:37:29[IDC]Dragonbut sins have been done, we already have that read MAS function
22:37:34BlueChipNice way to ensure that nobody can use the new Audio Configuration plugin
22:37:58BlueChipI'll just supply a special buid
22:38:03[IDC]Dragonthat wasn't my point
22:38:14[IDC]DragonI don't want to prevent that
22:38:32BlueChipbut sadly it is the result - if a plugin cannot tweak the DAC then it cannot work
22:38:59[IDC]Dragoncan you think about a higher level interface?
22:40:00BlueChipincluding for the one which is already there?
22:40:22[IDC]Dragon(would be nice)
22:40:49BlueChipI'll let one of the core dudes do the core work - my CVS requireable code has never been accepted even after it has been approved
22:42:16BlueChipoh well, special build it is then - means I can do all the extra cool stuff as well :)
22:42:29[IDC]Dragonlike what?
22:42:59BlueChipis one I have a dream of
22:43:13[IDC]Dragonwhat are you missing for a GUI?
22:43:16BlueChipbut for now, I will sew my interface into rockbox and fix all the windows wim bugs probably
22:43:22mattzzuse the checkbox! use the checkbox!
22:43:48BlueChipi've fixed shed loads of bugs and done a whole heap of code optimisation on my personal version
22:44:25BlueChipRockbox now contains three random number generator - LOL
22:44:32BlueChipplus mine
22:44:44[IDC]DragonI never got as far as reviewing that, sorry
22:44:53 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:45:10BlueChipreviewing which?
22:45:18[IDC]DragonI'm a win user, but most of the stuff I did doesn't work on the sim
22:45:40[IDC]Dragonso I had no real motivation to help fixing it
22:45:55BlueChipyeah, all my fixes were rejected - i argued for two weeks to get the screen aspect ratio bug fix included
22:45:55[IDC]Dragon(selfish bastard I am)
22:46:52BlueChipI just can't be arsed with all the political stuff any more - that's why I gave when I was one step away from the MAS programmers docs - i was assured that the information would never be used without a signed authorisation from the chariman of Micronas
22:47:04[IDC]Dragonwe should work on a BlueChip motivation campaign ;-)
22:47:29BlueChipyou could consider offering me credit for my work (ouch!)
22:47:32*BlueChip ducks
22:47:47*[IDC]Dragon checks the credits
22:48:00BlueChipthat is why I do not submit my stuff to Rockbox any more
22:48:24BlueChipI can assure you I have made at least two enemies by requesting that I get credit
22:49:10BlueChipI refuse to give my "given name" out online, so I cannot/will not be credited
22:49:41[IDC]DragonI was just about to check for that
22:49:48BlueChipOthelo is now fully animated with official rules and new AI, if you get the version from my site
22:49:52[IDC]Dragonyou have a problem with your name?
22:50:32BlueChipI am known as BC, I like it that way, for many reasons, I did a three hour interrogation with Linus, I don't wish to go through that again :(
22:50:50BlueChipactually "interrogation" is an unfair word, Linus is not like that at all
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23:05:53mattzzgotta leave - c u
23:06:06 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
23:06:08BlueChipactually my dinner time too... l8rz
23:06:16 Nick BlueChip is now known as BC|bbl (
23:06:57[IDC]Dragonnite, too
23:07:04 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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