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#rockbox log for 2004-06-03

00:00:11[IDC]Dragonif you have a null modem (crossed) cable, you can try the port connection alone
00:01:04[IDC]Dragonanyway, good luck, good night!
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00:21:16KomunisThi is any1 here?
00:21:25KomunisTi need help
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00:22:05KomunisTcan any1 help on voice setup in archos recorder with rockbox firmware?
00:23:21Guest1Can any1 tell me if I have to have the AC adapter connected to install Rockbox?
00:24:02KomunisTno you dont have to
00:25:08Guest1Ok, thanks! Glad I finally thought to look for mods to my JBR 20 v2
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00:36:37gabbysdaddoes any1 know if the JBR 20 v2 recharges through USB port?
00:37:14gabbysdador does the battery icon just flash when USB is connected for no reason
00:41:36top_blokei believe it charges over USB
00:42:22gabbysdadit must be a really slow charge, reason I ask is I lost my ac adapter and didnt get my new one
00:42:50top_blokeUSB doesnt provide a lot of juice
00:43:06top_blokecurrent that is
00:43:30gabbysdadsuppose if I left it on all night it might top off, but slowly?
00:43:38top_blokeyeah probably
00:44:19amiconngabbysdad: see
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00:48:05gabbysdadthanks amiconn
00:51:43gabbysdadhow can I get rid of this annoying "unregistered copy" message?
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01:03:24NHIhmm with gmini if battery fails while recording the mp3 file is gone
01:03:32NHIis it the same with jbr ?
01:05:36gabbysdadnever had that problem. how come I can't operate JBR 20 when usb connected using rockbox?
01:06:32top_blokeu cant use the hard drive while in USB
01:08:13gabbysdadonly if I play through the computer...
01:08:34top_blokeyeah only the computer can use the drive
01:10:25gabbysdadthanks all. rockbox is great! Any1 use the video player yet? how's it look?
01:11:26top_blokeit looks good for a small black and green screen
01:20:22gabbysdadlater all
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05:34:09BCIs there anybody here who did not vote on the Audio Options Question on the mailing list today who would like their input considered?
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07:55:40BCCan a plugin fire .voice samples?
08:07:35joshNFYI regarding the Love One player: it looks like it's a rebranded version of this:
08:07:49joshNwhich has firmware files available
08:13:05LinusNBC: no
08:13:13LinusNnot at present
08:24:22BCcheers, I'll add it to the plugin api :)
08:24:57BCjust putting speech into Audio_3587
08:26:47BCwhat do i need to do to include lang.h in a plugin?
08:26:58LinusNyou don't
08:27:18BChow do I refer to "LANG_VOLUME"?
08:27:39LinusNthe lang system is not for plugins
08:28:02BCany thoughts on how to bodge it?
08:28:18LinusNwe have discussed it a few times
08:28:33BCnot for rockbox inclusion, just for my own build
08:28:55LinusNwell, exporting the language functions to the plugins will probably not be a problem
08:29:16BCI just want the ID's to pass to talk()
08:29:19LinusNtranslating plugins is a different matter
08:29:49BCso when you point to "volume" the unit says "volume"
08:30:24LinusNbut won't most people have the music playing when using your plugin?
08:31:05BCi suppose I could ensure that the blind people cannot use it - but I don't really want that
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08:31:57BCami: any chance of gray_update_now() ?
08:33:25amiconnWhat should this be good for? It is not necessary (and not possible) with the way grayscale works currently.
08:34:12BCi have an animation in b&w and a greyscale display in the corner - due to the deferred update I am getting my normal updates at the wrong time, thus my animation is screwed
08:34:28BCi tried to add a wait_vbr(), but did something wrong
08:37:48BCwhile(greybuffer.deferred); ...or similar
08:41:14BCLinusN: success :)
08:41:39BC#include "../../b/lang.h" - that'll suffice until it's fixed :)
08:44:42amiconnBC: I could add a function that, if called, waits until the deferred update is done before it returns, but I guess this would slow down your animation a lot
08:45:21BChmm, decisions, decisions
08:46:11BCI'll get back to you :)
08:46:19amiconnThis function would take 15 ms in the worst case every time it is called (1/67 s)
08:47:19BCi suppose that's always been the dilemma of awaiting a retrace
08:52:59amiconnBC I devised some routines that could speed up grayscale by another ~60 % (for 33 shades, less for fewer shades)
08:53:14BCnice one
08:53:36amiconnThis means limiting grayscale to bit depths of 8/16/32 bits (9/17/33 shades) though.
08:53:39BCi noticed we both chose the same random number generator -lol
08:53:51BCI think that is perfectly acceptable
08:54:18BChow expensive would it be to have any height box?
08:54:27amiconnTogether with a (simple to implement) double-buffering scheme this could finally open up the door for a 3D engine
08:54:51BCThe maze algorithms are already done
08:55:01BC...and running in 2d
08:55:47amiconnWhat do you mean with "any height box"?
08:56:05BCmaybe declare it all but clip it?
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10:04:40BCLinusN: if plugins have no language access - what is sokoban doing in there?
10:08:08LinusNsokoban was once builtin, before the plugin interface
10:08:28LinusNthe LANG_SOKOBAN_ON string is not supposed to be there anymore
10:08:37LinusNyou just found a "bug"
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10:38:27Achimhey guys and gals
10:53:50Achimi was just wondering what the "video" plugin was for ?
10:54:09LinusNplaying videos
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10:54:49Achimso as i'm using jukebox recorder v2 i can delete it ?
10:56:07LinusNno, you can play videos on it
10:56:14LinusNon the recorder v2
10:56:22LinusNin gray scales
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10:57:24Achimbut i only get: plugin returned error
10:57:51LinusNyou shouldn't start the plugin manually, you should press play on a video file
10:58:21Achimoh ok, thanks alot for the help
10:58:40Achimyou're doing a much better job than archos with the firmware :D
11:01:12Achimjust a question: (probably to technical for me) how comes you can make films work on the jukebox but not .ogg's ?
11:11:16LinusNbecause the video stuff is done by the CPU, which we have control over, and the audio decoding is done by the DSP(MAS) which we don't have control over
11:11:54LinusNand yes, we do know how to program the DSP nowadays, but the DSP has too little memory to do ogg
11:14:02Achimk, thanks for everything
11:14:07Achimbut i gotta go now
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11:39:10Mci just wanted to know what types of video files the video plugin can read
11:39:19Mccause i tried a few and none worked
11:39:55Mcand in the pdf docu there isn't anything on the video plugin
11:40:09dwihnoRVF files.
11:40:14dwihnoCustom thingy
11:40:32Mchow do i make an rvf file ?
11:40:59dwihnoI think the process has become easier though.
11:41:13dwihnoJörg probably has the stuff online on his webpage.
11:50:15Mcok thanks
11:50:25Mcbut i have to use a raw avi right ?
11:54:14dwihnoAfaik, the new filter thingy can use anything your box is able to decode.
11:54:17dwihnoI havent tried it myself
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14:12:27LinusNrecording pause mode committed!
14:15:32dwihnoTV-out via serial mode committed \o/
14:41:21LinusNthe damn MAS gives us a corrupt frame when pausing...grrr....
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14:48:21dwihnoIt must be a DAL-MAS then ;)
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15:26:04mbr_LinusN: Ages ago I also created a icon for paused recording. STATUS_RECORDING_PAUSE instead of STATUS_PAUSE uses this icon. Possibly you could consider this for a future commit?
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15:29:40LinusNah, sure
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21:27:33BCevenin' all
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23:01:48DBUGEnqueued KICK benakiba1
23:01:48benakiba1hello to all. i ave a problem with my archis v2 that is not described in any bug report
23:02:53benakiba1since yesterday the rockbox sw 2.2 does not start after booting the firmware.
23:03:36benakiba1the boot screen hangs after start. the rockbox boot screen does not appear.
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23:05:13benakiba1the lcd screen is totally in confusion, but the archos play all music
23:05:37scott666does the archos firmware work?
23:06:31benakiba1i guess yes, because i can see some of the familiar icons
23:07:12benakiba1i have deleted the rockbox sw because I thought it is corrupted
23:07:37benakiba1battery icon, loudness and so on on top of the screen
23:08:16scott666but does everything else look normal?
23:08:31benakiba1no and thats the problem
23:08:41scott666must be a hardware problem then
23:09:13benakiba1all characters are wild distributed over the screen
23:09:40scott666have you flashed?
23:09:46benakiba1when I deleted the rockbox sw my archos works fine
23:09:59benakiba1no, I didn't flash it DOES work normally when you use the archos firmware??
23:11:18benakiba1no, the other way round
23:11:35benakiba1it works fine without rockbox on the harddisk
23:11:47scott666without rockbox = archos firmware
23:12:31scott666so it works normally when you use the archos firmware?
23:12:54benakiba1yes. sorry I misunderstood you
23:13:07scott666have you tried re-downloading rockbox?
23:13:12scott666what version were you using?
23:14:02benakiba1yes I did. but when I copied the file ajbrec.ajz and the folder .rockbox to the archos, the problem occured again
23:14:12benakiba1v 2.2
23:14:23scott666try a daily build and see what happens
23:15:18benakiba1I tried the daily build from 2nd June but the problem is the same
23:15:51benakiba1shall I format the archos?
23:16:24scott666try downloading the archos .ajz file and see if that loads properly
23:17:04benakiba1do you mean the original file from archos.web ?
23:17:23benakiba1ok, I will try it
23:17:57benakiba1back to my last question: is it safe to format the archos?
23:18:23scott666should be, but it might be unnecessary
23:18:34benakiba1ok, thank you
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