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#rockbox log for 2004-06-04

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03:40:28kirschhi all... I've got what I already know is a really stupid question, but, uh ;) New to this whole thing. I just got my archos fm recorder, and I wanted to install rockbox, and I followed the directions−−or I thought I did, but the display on the recorder is still the same. Any ideas?
03:45:57BluuChipcheck the root directory of your jukebox for ajbrec.ajz
03:47:31kirschok, what I see is, 000 (Root), then the name of a folder I created, and then System Volume Information.
03:51:15BluuChipthat file i stated is the new firmware
03:51:26BluuChipif it is not there you have your solution
03:54:00kirschok... I had only copied the .rockbox directory after unzipping, not that one. I'm gonna unhook it from my pc and see what happens. thank you
03:54:53kirschok, yes, a big ROCKbox just showed up, I think that was it. thank you very much. I knew it was a dumb question, I just couldn't get it on my own :)
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03:58:46BluuChipkewl - I think we need a little installer - if only my windows programming were up to it. I'm sure it could be done with the WinRAR installer - but I'm not sure if you need a license to use it :(
04:01:28kirschor maybe just a picture-book type instructions for people who are, uh. a little challenged, like me ;)
04:05:13kirschwell, thank you for your help. goodnight!
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13:25:47LinusNhola Bagder
13:26:00Bagdergood afternoon
13:26:18LinusNdamn liar datasheet!
13:35:17dwihnoHa ha ha! *evil laughter*
13:48:03c0uttalinus, silly question approaching
13:48:20c0uttawhenever an MP# is playing, a playlist is active ?
13:54:19c0uttathe only way i can get a compile is to delete calculator.c "math.h: no such file or directory"
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13:56:24Bagderfirmware/include/math.h ?
13:56:47c0uttayup. math.h is present in that folder
13:57:21LinusNc0utta: simulator?
13:57:42c0uttawant me to try !sim
13:57:56c0uttacygwin - yes
13:58:01Bagderc0utta: tried "../tools/configure update" ?
13:58:05LinusNworks for me
13:58:11Bagderworks for me on linux
13:58:22LinusNi have cygwin here, works perfectly
13:58:30LinusNhow did you install cygwin?
13:58:58c0uttausing BlueChip's package v1
13:59:41Bagderits supposed to use the system's math.h header when you build the sim
14:00:05c0uttaand this is in firmware/include/math.h ?
14:00:39LinusNc0utta: try using the recommended way:
14:01:05c0uttamath.h is present in \usr\include
14:02:11LinusNcalculator.c uses "" instead of <> to include math.h
14:02:22Bagderit shouldn't matter much
14:07:15amiconnc0utta: Tried it myself (also on cygwin) - works perfectly for me
14:07:47c0uttabluechip also had this problem - maybe it's his devkit (cringes)
14:08:06BagderLinusN: bug tracker cleaning day? ;-)
14:09:32amiconnc0utta: Maybe. I didn't use Bluechip's devkit, but installed cygwin myself with the cygwin installer, then added the sh tool chain manually
14:09:43c0uttafor the time being "rm calculator.c" will fix it
14:09:58Bagderit certainly sounds like his package is the problem then
14:10:36amiconnI found two math.h files, one residing in <cygwin>/usr/include , the other in <cygwin>/usr/include/mingw
14:11:52c0uttai put math.h into mingw and math.h has been found
14:12:33c0uttatoo bad there's a screenful of errors - error: syntax error before "_PARAMS"
14:13:16BagderI bet those two files are different
14:13:34BagderI mean, not identical
14:13:41c0uttaare they supposed to be different ?
14:13:56BagderI dunno, me no cygwin
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14:14:56*Bagder checks a cygwin install...
14:15:00Bagderyes, they are different
14:15:15c0uttacan u use dcc Bagder ?
14:15:27BagderI can email it
14:15:43c0uttamy nick
14:16:17Bagderstay tuned
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14:18:50tankanybody home
14:19:21c0uttadinner's ready
14:19:50Bagderhome? no, I'm at work! :-O
14:25:47c0uttatalk to us tank
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14:27:23c0uttamingw/math.h fixed the problem
14:30:02LinusNbetter tell bluechip when he arrives
14:30:26c0uttahe'll trawl the log :)
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14:31:53c0uttai have a friend travelling around sweden at the moment
14:32:02c0uttashe tells me the weather is superb
14:32:11Bagderit is
14:32:12LinusNall the time :-)
14:32:14Bagderatm anyway
14:32:32Bagdershe should try feburary ;-)
14:32:44c0uttaice blocks
14:32:47*Bagder takes spelling lessons but fails
14:33:10c0uttain my opinion, february was always mis-spelled
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14:34:58Bagderhi pfavr
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15:22:43LinusNamiconn: u there?
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22:38:42jorbondgot my jukebox back from achos, sent me a brand new one for a free and now its flashable
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22:43:24jorbondwhere are the ucl files for the player?
22:43:29jorbondi want to flash it
22:44:10Bagderwe don't support flashing of the player models
22:44:34Bagderthey already boot pretty fast anyway
22:44:51jorbondoh ok
22:47:54jorbondi have another question, i am working on molding my jukebox into the center console on my car
22:48:19jorbondi have one of those fm modulators but the reception on it isnt the best
22:48:39jorbondis there a better way to connect the archos to the car cd player
22:48:48Bagderyes, using a tape-adapter
22:49:04jorbondthe problem is i dont have one
22:49:10jorbondonly the cd and fm
22:49:31Bagderthen there's no other way I know of
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23:16:02marmosetanyone use linux to make rvf files?
23:16:25marmosetI tried, but the video ended up not being playable
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23:26:32billytwowillyHi, I remember a long time ago there was a link to how to replace the hard drive on the rockbox website. I don't see that now. Can someone point me to the howto?
23:27:11scott666scroll to the bottom
23:27:31billytwowillyHeh, I just noticed the docs link now. Looks like I need to make the text in konqu bigger;)
23:27:35billytwowillythank you
23:27:57scott666no problem, i missed it too when they first moved it
23:30:27billytwowillywell, I'm off to do give my rockbox some loving.
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