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#rockbox log for 2004-06-05

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01:50:38amiconnBluuChip: u there?
01:50:51BluuChipindeed I am, how's u this fine night? :)
01:51:15BluuChipbtw. can I have two voice files installed and flip between them? yes/no/don't know is fine :)
01:52:00amiconnIf they are different languages: yes, since it is switched when you switch languages
01:52:24BluuChiphmmmm, think I will rename all my uk voices to different names - LOL
01:52:31BluuChipthank you :)
01:52:44BluuChipAnyway, may I be of service this fine night?
01:53:14amiconnIf they should be the same language: not easily - either you have to rename them every time, or make several copies of englsih.lng with different names.
01:53:43amiconnThen you can switch between them as if they were different languages
01:53:52BluuChipit's just for testing the speech on the new audio stuff - there seems to be a bunch of words missing on the first one I tried
01:54:35amiconnYesterday you wanted to know if it is possible to do the lcd_update() synchronously while running grayscale
01:54:56amiconnI found a place where this feature would fit perfectly imo
01:55:18BluuChipoh yes?
01:55:50amiconnI ask you if you want to test if this would be of use.
01:56:04BluuChiptwo points of consideration
01:56:17BluuChipfirst off, a detailed description of my problem
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01:56:32BluuChipdraw b/g ... draw f/g .... update
01:56:51BluuChip"half" the time the update ocurred between the two draw events
01:57:36BluuChipsecondly - sadly I had to dump my greyscale stuff - the new audio plugin is brushing so close to 32K, I have to keep code optimising chunks of it
01:58:05amiconnYes, I understand this problem (only that I don't get why you want to do b&w graphics while running grayscale at the same time)
01:58:10BluuChipwell, I have not "dumped" it. but it is commented out
01:58:34BluuChip(to show off the greyscale plugin)
01:59:50amiconnI would simply add a parameter: gray_deferred_update(bool synchronous)
02:00:34BluuChipyep, that works too, or better still ...and for two reasons.... grey_update(bool deferred)
02:00:42BluuChip1. seems to make more sense
02:00:43amiconnIf synchronous == false, the function immediately returns (as it is now), but if synchronous == true, it will return only after the update is done
02:00:53BluuChip2. will obviously, and not subtly break old code
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02:02:06BluuChipi think your shades suggestion is a good idea
02:02:35amiconnBluuChip: The thing is - the update is _always_ deferred if grayscale is running, only that the function will wait for it before returning
02:02:42BluuChipnext is self-modifying code :)
02:03:11BluuChipI don't mind either way is good by me - just offering my thoughts :)
02:03:12amiconnshades suggestion? Erm, I don't remember..
02:03:19BluuChip8/16/32 = 60% speed
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02:03:38amiconnAh ok.
02:04:25BluuChipwhy is rb->lcd_update not optimised assembler?
02:05:39amiconnBecause most of the work is done by lcd_write_data(), which _is_ asm optimized (by me :) )
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02:06:20BluuChiphmm, shouldn't we be shaving as much off lcd refresh as possible (yes, i am aware I have slightly changed topics)
02:06:32BluuChipI am, for the record, mighty impressed by your work dude
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02:08:11amiconnI think writing high level functions that only call low level functions to do the dirty work in asm isn't worth it
02:08:45BluuChipI genuinely bow to your superior knowledge of what happens during compile, and take your word :)
02:09:12amiconnC is much more readable - and portable (see the discussion on the ml about porting rb to other mp3 players)
02:09:19BluuChipyour line draw can be tweaked by the way
02:09:27BluuChipporting: yes, very fair comment :)
02:09:45BluuChipI get the feeling that lots of words don't exist in any of these files
02:10:43amiconnIf you have a look at the grayscale source - although there is a lot of asm in it, I only used asm for the time critical parts (at least imho)
02:11:28BluuChipbut there the rockbox line draw is not even optimised for C afict
02:12:49BluuChipmaybe compile sorts it out, but the code does not look optimised, couple of unrequired vars and such like
02:13:54amiconnHmm, the grayscale line algorithm is almost identical to the rockbox core algorithm
02:13:59BluuChipi know
02:14:09BluuChipI used it as my basis also ;)
02:14:19BluuChipwould you like to see my gfx lib for thoughts?
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02:14:52BoD[]Hello rockboxers!
02:15:08*BluuChip whistles bod theme tune (again)
02:15:57amiconnBluuChip: I once had a look at it, as well as , but I didn't look further into it
02:15:58BoD[]i don't have a theme tune... what a pity
02:17:12BluuChipThat's the chap - calculate the gradient as a fraction ... x/y
02:17:54BluuChipstart counting at 0, move along add x, until x>y, then x=x-y and carry on until you have finished the x journey
02:18:06BluuChipflip the axes for lines with a gradient >1
02:18:22BluuChipuse special cases for 0, 1 (and often .5)
02:19:02BluuChipx & y are iirc, 2deltaX and 2deltaY
02:19:23BluuChipdeltaX being x2-x1
02:22:15amiconnIf you want to test synchronization, would dcc be okay for you?
02:26:18c0uttabc - amiconn found the reason why calculator.c won't compile
02:26:56c0uttamath.h is not in /usr/include/mingw
02:28:59BluuChipis that my devkit's fault?
02:29:18c0uttai think so
02:29:51BluuChipi guess calc is the only thing to use it, so it was not traced on the original dev-kit monitor
02:30:30c0uttau want math.h ?
02:30:51BluuChipyes please
02:32:31*c0utta <−− afk
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02:47:51amiconnNite all
02:48:02 Part amiconn
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03:33:02BluuChipHAY ADI
03:33:20BluuChip(sorry keyboard in "#define" mode)
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03:35:38goyschakHi to all
03:35:40BluuChipgoyschack - what an unusual handle
03:36:04goyschakit was one of my fav RGP characters
03:36:14BluuChipcoool - Been there :)
03:36:42goyschakgerman yes. but its a combination of foreign surnames from a phonebook
03:37:14BluuChipnot scrabble letters and an anagram program then :)
03:37:48goyschakr u from IBM?
03:38:15BluuChipOriginally a CB handle given to me by my flat mates brother
03:38:39goyschakwhat's a CB
03:38:46BluuChipyou serious?
03:38:58BluuChipCitizens Band Radio
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03:39:16BluuChipBreaker Breaker 10-4 good buddy rubber duck what's yer 20 etc.
03:39:41BluuChipver seen the film Convoy?
03:39:51goyschaka couple of times
03:40:02BluuChipthe all communicate with little radios in the cab?
03:40:23pfavroscar zulu five echo delta romeo stroke juliet
03:40:44goyschakalpha bravo charlie delta echo foxtrott...
03:40:45BluuChipevenin' pfavr
03:40:48pfavrthat was not cb - but it was the callsign
03:41:06BluuChipooohhh, I cower in the precense of a HAM
03:41:23BluuChipcould just never be bothered to learn morse
03:41:34pfavrof a 2-meter station I had the pleasure to use at the age of - well I think 13 or so
03:41:47BluuChiponly to dicover that when you have one pin left on your chip and an LED, high speed morse is SOOOOOO helpful
03:42:32pfavrjamboree on the air - the scouts hook up with the radio amateurs one weekend every year (all over the world)
03:42:45goyschaki think i got the wrong channel - it's CB not ROCKBOX ;-)
03:42:49BluuChipyes, I have a friend here who is involved also
03:43:08pfavrthat's when I saw my first computer also - and got my interest for that
03:43:27BluuChipsaved my pocket money for months to buy my zx81
03:43:30pfavrgoyschak, sorry - got carried away with old memories
03:43:41goyschakmine was a C64
03:43:53BluuChipSID :)
03:43:54pfavrbought a lambda 8300 (zx81 clone) from a friend
03:43:59goyschakwith datasette
03:44:14BluuChipI still have my zx81 + 64K, yes 64K RAM pack
03:44:20goyschakcheap streamer
03:44:35BluuChipgoyschak, did you see the C64/Rockbox project?
03:44:38pfavrI bought mine for something like 12 euros - to play games on it (!)
03:45:01BluuChiptrying to get RB playing PGM files
03:45:07BluuChip(it is PGM isn't it/)
03:45:15BluuChip.PRG maybe?
03:45:25goyschaki taught myself basic on the summer holidays at the age of twelve
03:45:36goyschakRole Playing Game
03:45:42BluuChipno, c64 image file
03:46:04goyschakthats when my programming stopped
03:46:32goyschakstill have the backup of my "hello world"
03:46:33pfavrgoyschak, I remember entering all the examples from the manual - and finally seeing that a shortcut for typing "PRINT" was just an exclamation mark - boy I was angry (this was before I learned to type at more than 1 key per minute)
03:46:39BluuChipremember it all and do some cool rockbox stuff
03:47:02goyschaklol that was really stinking
03:47:23BluuChipbloody c64, amazing sound chip, and an acceptable display sound() command, no print_at - D'OH
03:47:51goyschaknext contact with programming was COBOL in '92
03:47:56pfavrheh, I remember I programmed forth on it
03:48:44BluuChipCOBOL - OMG! I am sooooo glad I skipped that language ...hat's off :)
03:48:57goyschakawful - no jumping in the code allowed, no "GOTO"s - horrible, just too structured for me brain
03:49:33pfavrgoyschak, one of my friends did an object oriented toolbox in cobol for cobol
03:49:33goyschakso what was it about the C64 and rockbox
03:49:52BluuChipgetting it to play PRG files natively and sych with the datasette port
03:50:06pfavrthink BluuChip is talking about an emulator for the C64 that runs on the archos
03:50:17pfavrmiss pacman would be fun
03:50:30BluuChipMs surely?
03:50:45goyschakMrs, because of the ghosts
03:50:51pfavrBluuChip, eh, probably right
03:50:55goyschakmothers little helper
03:51:09BluuChipnew audio interface is coming along very nicely
03:51:23BluuChipkeep hitting PLUGIN RAM FULL - lol
03:52:06pfavrwell I should eat something and go to bed (the sun is already up)
03:52:19BluuChipl8rz dude
03:52:23goyschakups, i forgot that you are logging the file , cause of the technical relevance
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03:52:53BluuChipno problems - there's a lot of "friend making" chat in here
03:53:08goyschakmay i ask a silly question about rockbox - especially the .voice file
03:53:08BluuChipI think it's essential to working together
03:53:14BluuChipyou can try me
03:53:17goyschakcaus it is
03:53:56goyschakwhat do i do with it, what does it make?
03:54:29goyschakalready 2 people left since i came here - ikt might be a record
03:55:01BluuChipyou do smell a bit :P
03:55:02goyschakstill there?
03:55:07BluuChipsorry coding at the same time
03:55:21goyschakkeeping u from work? eh?
03:55:35BluuChipvoice - is for blind or in-car talkie menu system through speakers thing
03:55:40BluuChipjust rockbox coding
03:55:58goyschakhow do i use it?
03:56:07BluuChiptrying to get speech going on my new audio interface
03:56:12goyschakcouldn't find it on the web pages
03:56:24BluuChipget a voice file - put it in the lang dir - turn it on in the menu system
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03:56:34BluuChipthere are no offical voice files
03:56:51BluuChipThe one I'm testing atm is not bad
03:56:54goyschaka german, a french and an english one
03:57:16BluuChipI think there was another as well
03:57:43goyschakcan't remember
03:58:28goyschaki'll try this instantly - afk
03:58:43BluuChipthere's english, american and german fast & slow versions
03:59:22goyschaku mean austrian?
03:59:29goyschakthe slow one
04:00:04BluuChipit's called deutsch, so I guess it's german
04:00:32goyschakit is
04:00:37BluuChipno austrian
04:01:02goyschakslow - austrian like in slow - canadian
04:01:54BluuChipphew, one screen down, two to go
04:12:49goyschakcan't find the menu where to turn it on - in the langs dir the voice file is invisible
04:13:51BluuChipgeneral->file view->show files
04:15:16BluuChipthe latter is also F2
04:24:48BluuChipdid u die?
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04:26:08goyschak2sorry, i ignored the batterie status of my laptop
04:27:15goyschak2hi bluuchip, there is no menu voice, do i need a daily built or is 2.2 sufficient
04:27:51BluuChip2.2 is NOT sufficient
04:28:11BluuChipeveryone here runs daily or at least recent builds
04:28:28goyschak2ok, stupid user chooses the wrong version, comes here in the middle of the night, pisses two people off...
04:28:51goyschak2sorry 'bout that
04:28:53BluuChipget some new dice
04:29:22goyschak2i will, thanks for the help
04:29:35BluuChipI can send you a firmware with the latest audio stuff if you like
04:29:49BluuChipcould do with some beta testing
04:30:09BluuChipgimme a mo to compile it up
04:31:11goyschak24:30 am, so i can't give you intant feedback, but i will test while you sleep
04:31:26 Quit goyschak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:31:43BluuChiphe might have said goodnight!
04:32:19goyschak2oh, my alter alter ego is gone
04:32:27goyschak2sorry, which file type?
04:32:56goyschak2i blocked a lot of file types
04:33:16goyschak2so i need the filetype to accept
04:33:23goyschak2just a min
04:35:03goyschak2connection failed on audio*
04:35:26BluuChipthe audio file MUST live in ./rockbox/rocks
04:36:08BluuChipthere are other new plugins on my website
04:37:09goyschak2don't say www.rockbox.sou...
04:37:25goyschak2resistance is futile
04:37:40BluuChipprizes for spotting all the subliminals ;)
04:38:05BluuChipmy hobby is social and applied psychology and hypnosis
04:38:21goyschak2my head id dizzy
04:38:43BluuChipid often is
04:39:31goyschak2will get to your website next thing todays morning
04:40:00BluuChipyeah, that's cool - any time you are in a trance as you go there to click on the logo that took me DAYS - lol
04:40:59BluuChipAt some time I lan to expose all the subliminal messagig techniques used on the site
04:43:22goyschak2i have to ask another stupid question. what are the * for?
04:43:41goyschak2yes i plan to give u feedback
04:43:47BluuChipwildcards for the rest of my sentence around which I corrected my smelling pistakes
04:44:12BluuChip*spelling mistakes
04:45:55goyschak2sorry, had a quick look at your page
04:47:56goyschak2audio* looks cool
04:48:27goyschak2does it take a lot of ram, cause mainly i use the ajr in the car on crappy streets
04:48:58goyschak2is the ram used both for buffering and software?
04:49:11BluuChipit uses the plugin ram ONLY during setup and that ram is reserved anyway
04:49:21goyschak2or isn't there any ram at all?
04:49:22BluuChip32K reserved for plugins
04:49:28goyschak2i see
04:49:34BluuChip200K for the Shadow ROM
04:49:44BluuChipthe rest is mp3 buffer
04:49:49BluuChip2MB in total
04:49:53BluuChipupgradable to 8
04:50:03goyschak22 mins of music
04:50:12goyschak2at 128kbits
04:50:17BluuChipbitrate pending - i do a lot of audio books
04:50:29BluuChiploads of psyche lectures
04:50:57goyschak2inluencing card players
04:51:15goyschak2at last i lost my flu
04:52:28BluuChipthe cards tricks are cool
04:52:41BluuChiplearn the charlier cut - very simple, very impressive one handed cut
04:53:12BluuChipand with a little work you can cut to the same card every time
04:53:19goyschak2my fingers are made for dice
04:53:35BluuChipno magic?
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04:53:43BluuChip..the gathering
04:53:53goyschak2no not at all
04:53:56BluuChipscatan666 is back
04:53:57scott666gathering, eh?
04:53:58goyschak2too limited
04:54:06goyschak2compared to real rpgs
04:54:21scott666'real' RPGs?
04:54:24BluuChipbut you don't need a decent GM to play it ;)
04:54:37goyschak2wrong channel, it's about CB
04:54:42BluuChipLARP - Never get bored with a rubber sword
04:54:51BluuChip10-4 good buddy
04:55:04goyschak2CQ CQ
04:55:11BluuChipon the side, slide
04:56:07BluuChipCQ you're radio 5 with no mod
04:56:34goyschak2rubber duck
04:57:49goyschak2oops my girlfriend woke up, afk couple of mins
04:58:16BluuChipbeats "off to browse porn"
04:58:31BluuChiphows life scott
04:58:56scott666not bad
04:59:35scott666hows MBD going?
04:59:42BluuChipMDB is done
04:59:49BluuChipjust adding speech at the moment
05:00:19BluuChipgot a weird problem with mono modes though - mono left just seems to mute the right ear >(
05:00:50scott666what should mono left do?
05:01:01BluuChipcetral sound, left channel only
05:01:23scott666but it just plays left sound left channel?
05:01:43BluuChipand as far as I can tell, I'mdoing exactly the same as rockbox
05:02:01BluuChipgot all the weird new modes working though :)
05:03:35BluuChipdid you see the final result for the MDB screen?
05:04:07 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
05:06:08scott666no, i didnt
05:06:14scott666but i have no sound
05:06:23BluuChipstill looks cool
05:09:03goyschak2tempus fugit
05:09:34BluuChipdated a chick who looked like that once
05:09:47goyschak2BluuChip i'll get in touch with you as soon as i've done some testing
05:09:56BluuChipcool dude - cheers
05:10:08goyschak2i should've switched off the webcam
05:10:22BluuChipshave your ar53 dude!
05:11:26goyschak2you too. thanks a lot, might take time till monday. Nite. That's all folks!
05:13:01 Part goyschak2
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06:01:49 Part BluuChip
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18:35:08julianevermind, found the faq that answers my question
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21:03:13BluuChipc0utta, you here?
21:03:45 Nick BluuChip is now known as BlueChip (
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