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#rockbox log for 2004-06-07

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00:57:00BlueChipp c0utta, are you present?
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00:57:36BlueChippactually, to that, anyone here with a full cygwin install for roxkbox development?
00:58:13scott666_is your installer and full cygwin install?
00:58:23BlueChippno, there is a file missing!
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00:59:13scott666what file?
00:59:27BlueChipppthe math lib required by the calc plugin
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07:12:07nessany one here i can pick their brain a bit
07:13:07nessneed help just installed Rockbox on a FM RECORDER
07:20:31dwihnoSo what's the problem then?
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07:30:22nesssorry didnt see u
07:30:33nessim just wondering about some of the plug ins
07:30:50nessthey arent working trouble loading file or something
07:31:13LinusNwhich ones?
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07:32:04nesschip8 "plugin returened error"
07:32:20LinusNyou are not supposed to start the plugin directly
07:32:35LinusNyou are supposed to start a .ch8 file, which in turn starts the plugin
07:33:02LinusNthe same goes for the text reader and the video player
07:33:07nesswhere do i find .ch8
07:33:11LinusNon the net
07:33:35LinusNgoogle for "ch8 games" or something
07:33:43LinusN"chip8" maybe
07:33:57nessoff of ?
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07:34:48nesssorry to be a pest
07:34:53nessbut what dose that file actually do
07:35:03LinusNthe .ch8 file?
07:35:32LinusNok, the chip8 emulator simulates a CPU
07:35:46LinusNand the .ch8 files are the programs run by it
07:35:56nessok sorta like nesticle for nes roms to play on ur pc
07:36:48nessis their a way to creat playlists using my pc rather then doing it on the archos it self
07:37:05LinusNthere are hundreds of tools for that
07:37:08LinusNwinapm is one
07:37:31nesswinamp playlists work on rockbox?
07:37:41nessahh sweet
07:39:21nessare u one of the creators of the rockbox software
07:40:08nessi have to say i just installed rockbox tonight and im alot more pleased with the archos
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07:40:41nessbefore some times it had trouble starting up and stuff now its working flawlessly
07:40:52LinusNgood to hear
07:41:36nessthanks for the help im going to turn in for the night adi is a friend of myne who turned me on to ur software ill pick his brain with the rest of my q's
07:41:55LinusNgreat, sleep tight
07:44:04dwihno\o/ Linus the hjälpdude \o/ :)
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11:09:15VooDooanyone there that has knowledge of the disassembled Recorder 20 and its Interface Board?
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14:48:04VooDoodamn - again no one here to talk...c ya
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14:48:53LinusNthat guy is really impatient...
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14:55:48dwihnoHe needs to decrease his coffee intake ;)
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17:30:02limbusrrraaah ! that http-tunnel is killing me !
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21:39:19lImbushi [IDC]Dragon
21:39:33[IDC]DragonHi lImbus
21:39:42lImbusI'm just playing yround with's and some tts-engines
21:40:03lImbuswe got some expensive ones at work ;-)
21:40:33lImbusat&t,speechify look very
21:40:48lImbusat&t's solution (name forgotten) and speechify look very good
21:41:09[IDC]DragonAT&T Natural Voice
21:41:16lImbusahh, yup
21:41:26[IDC]Dragonnever heared about speechify
21:42:05lImbusI've spend half a day to find that website where everyone could paste a sentense into the webform, then download as mp3
21:42:15lImbuswould've been a nice job for a perl-script
21:43:16[IDC]DragonAT&T sounds better, imho
21:43:40lImbusno, this one is limited. there was another (page / demo) that was able to recognize the language.
21:43:58lImbusexactly what I need for my english / german / french directory names
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22:25:05lImbus[IDC]Dragon, do you understand french language ? I just compared speechify vs. natural voice with french text. awesome
22:25:24[IDC]Dragonno french, sorry
22:25:29lImbusnow I understand why the marketing leaves the choice up to the customer
22:25:37[IDC]DragonI can ask my gf
22:26:29lImbuspunctuation / emphasis was better than I ever expected from a machine !
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22:36:17BlueChippp[IDC]Dragon: Hey dude, did you see my post about the kbd_input() bug? it a real bug, or have I missed something do you know?
22:36:47lImbushi chippppppp
22:36:54BlueChippphey limbo-man
22:37:52BlueChipppI had to optimise a load of code in the new audio controls last night, cos I actually hit "PLUGIN RAM FULL"
22:38:49BlueChipppanything fun happening in limbo-land?
22:39:05 Join NibbIer [0] (
22:39:29lImbusehh. you mean belgium ?
22:40:24BlueChipppI meant more with you personally, projects, coding, mariiage etc
22:41:56lImbuswell, so much to code, so little time :-/
22:42:09BlueChipppwhat;s your next dream?
22:43:04lImbushaving time to work on the rockbox. I am plain in the work I am paid for
22:45:13BlueChipppI think I've sussed how to emulate stereo mixing
22:45:46BlueChipppgotta write a little test app, so we can have games with music and synched sound effects in stereo
22:46:01BlueChipppsynched->real time
22:46:08BlueChipppasynched, I suppose
22:46:24lImbuswow. never thought about soundeffekts while playing klondike on the toilet
22:46:44BlueChipppAlso realised we can use the JB as a karaoke machine with mic mixer and real-time vocal stripping
22:47:10lImbusaha. so the linein can be sloped to the out ?
22:47:37BlueChipppyes, now I have rewritten the core graphics code, I can finally write my Klondike ending sequence
22:47:49BlueChipppyes, the dsp will happily mix the two
22:48:28BlueChippphow about tetris on the loo - could add your own sound effects - eurgh (sorry) LOL
22:50:17lImbusthe main problem is, that I play it at work. no good if mates get that I am playing
22:50:33lImbusat home i've got a radio ;-)
22:50:58BlueChipppyou can download all the best radio and save it on your jukebox - I have loads
22:51:23lImbusyeah, but not the news :-/
22:51:32BlueChippp"streambox" will allow you capture RM files - and GTA III radio stations are great
22:51:46BlueChipppyou could get the news, just obviously not real time
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22:53:12lImbusif I am at home, why'd I not just switch on the radio rather than downloading from inet, uploading to rockbox and all the stuff ?
22:53:14BlueChipppanyway, someone was killed, the government are crap, there is a war, something was stolen, some irrelevant number has changed, the government are cool; and someone has a parrot that can say "knickers" <this ends this years news>
22:53:27BlueChipppto listen to radio at work
22:55:12BlueChipppon another note - I'm looking for beta testers for the new audio stuff - interested?
22:56:52lImbusat the moment, I've got no application for the fine tuning. I am just USING it on the motorway, about 1 hour per day. i am glad to have the talkbox
22:57:19BlueChipppthat's cool
22:57:56BlueChipppI'm stil enthused at the thought of phoneme based speech
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