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#rockbox log for 2004-06-09

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00:29:50scott666this whole bluechip drama is entertaining
00:29:52Zagorhi hardeep
00:29:58Zagorscott666: isn't it? :)
00:30:09hardeepheya Zagor
00:30:40hardeepdoh, i'm missing all of it... i've had him on killfile list for a while
00:31:01scott666very little has come from him
00:31:14scott666concerning the most recent drama anyway
00:32:56 Join LinusN [200] (
00:33:53scott666woud a link to the othelo (or other) plugin(s) that hes hosting be unreasonable?
00:33:58Zagorhey linus. starting the night shift?
00:34:24Zagorscott666: not at all
00:35:35Zagor...except that he's violating the gpl at the moment ;) (but it sounded like that was mostly due to misunderstandings)
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00:39:41trackWhat happened to Othello?
00:40:28trackwas one of my fave plugins
00:40:45LinusNget it from bluechip's web page
00:41:15trackwas there a legal issue?
00:41:26LinusNpotential legal issue
00:41:36trackin what way, who has the copyright?
00:41:52LinusNsome guy who calls himself "BlueChip"
00:42:02scott666track: look at the most recent rockbox mailing list archives
00:42:13trackI feel rockbox has reached the limit of all its feasable featuers
00:42:14LinusNand the irc log from yesterday
00:42:19trackok linusn
00:43:47trackI like the greyscale
00:43:53trackwould be great to use on the WPS
00:44:49trackLinus would this work?
00:44:55LinusNyes and no
00:45:19LinusNit takes too much resources
00:45:20trackID3 artist fade in-scroll-fade out ID3 title fade in-scroll-fade out?
00:46:12trackthat would look superb
00:49:16trackwhat u think of that if it was possible?
00:49:30LinusNwould be ?ber-cool
00:49:47tracki dont think it would take THAT much resorces
00:50:42LinusNthe gray scale engine is a major CPU hog
00:51:10trackoh :(
00:52:02 Join adiamas [0] (~adi|
00:52:05trackif only Archos put in something more powerful than a 12Mhz SHU
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01:03:33midkhey all
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01:09:20midkaww why othelo removed
01:09:28Zagorread the list
01:11:46 Part LinusN
01:14:36midkah come on
01:14:40midkthat's like the best game there is
01:14:53Zagordon't start
01:15:11midkdon't start what?
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01:16:11amiconnhi all
01:16:37amiconnZagor: I found a problem concerning the patch tracker
01:17:22Zagoronly one? ;)
01:17:56amiconnSome days ago I submitted patch #961252 by mattzz, but I cannot set the status to "accepted"
01:19:12Zagorworked for me
01:19:51amiconnYes, but then you are a project admin... Non-admins can only change their own patches
01:20:16Zagorah, right
01:20:48amiconnOf course this is intentional, but if you don't want to give many people admin access, there should be a mechanism for committers to tell one of the admins to close a patch
01:21:20Zagori have no problem giving tracker admin rights to committers. hang on...
01:26:13amiconnThanks. This may offload you, Linus and Daniel from requests like that
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01:29:38Zagorhi there. time for the night shift, BlueChip? :)
01:30:33BlueChipI'm hoping for an early on tonight ...but I normally get tied up in code ...i'm on about 36hrs atm, so maybe sleep will be forthcoming
01:30:49BlueChipyou're up pretty late yourself
01:31:11Zagoryeah. i'm about to go in a few minutes.
01:32:26BlueChipI have a new game to play .....
01:32:36BlueChipfind the source code:
01:33:19BlueChipam I just plain missing it?
01:33:30Zagori can't even find the binary! :)
01:33:42amiconnBlueChip: This is something I was also looking for...
01:33:49BlueChipit LOOKS awesome!
01:34:19amiconnZagor: The binaries are there.
01:34:28Zagorah, found them
01:35:20amiconnEven and
01:35:22BlueChipjust binaries :( ...i was gonna update it :(
01:35:58amiconnObviously these use a modified version of the core firmware
01:36:27BlueChipwonder why he chose to do that?
01:36:47Zagoramiconn: why is that obvious?
01:37:21BlueChipthe mail I replied to which spawned the mail with the link was that it did not work with rockbox firmware
01:37:24amiconnI guessed it since the .ajz files are included. I can't know for sure since there is no source
01:37:39Zagorah right, good clue
01:38:04amiconn(a clear violation of the gpl btw)
01:39:02amiconnPerhaps we should just ask him to publish the sources
01:39:04Zagori think he submitted a patch of that long ago, but I doubt it's the same version
01:40:37Zagornah, can't find it
01:41:01BlueChipits not in patch traker I went through all those the other night
01:41:12 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
01:41:12BlueChipthere's only a few real gems on there imho
01:41:59BlueChipfile sort gets 10 points from the english jury
01:42:14BlueChipI would love all my playlists at the top
01:42:31BlueChipand it is a beautiful patch
01:43:15amiconnOne patch I will have a closer look at is #861278, if someone else isn't faster than me.
01:43:41Zagori found a very old mail discussing the split editor:
01:44:32midkcomment: "stupid"
01:44:50amiconnAlthough simple, it would fix something that starts to annoy me - after exiting a plugin, one should be in the list of plugins, but is not
01:44:50Zagormidk: ?
01:44:59BlueChipthe attachment is not there :(
01:45:01midksomeone left a comment
01:45:23midkamiconn, i also wish it would stick to plugin screen
01:45:33midkif i complete a game of tetris it dumps me back to the menu
01:45:42midkwhich reminds me i need to submit my tetris patch. thank you!
01:45:46Zagormidk: ah, right. random people are lovely. :-)
01:45:51BlueChipanyone note the nasty USB bug in kbd.c
01:45:56midkLOL Zagor
01:46:21ZagorBlueChip: you make it sound like there's only one :)
01:47:06BlueChiplol - just thought I would mention that the plugin needs to return -2 or soemthing to indicate a usb event - it display the usb screen and carries on running the keybboard program
01:47:38BlueChipI have noticed a lot of USB problems - but not sure who is to blame Windows98 or Rockbx
01:48:34Zagordepends on the problem. rockbox does nothing except enabling usb, so actual usb problems are probably not it.
01:49:17BlueChipdoes the act of displaying the screen enable the usb?
01:49:30Zagorno, but we do it at the same time
01:49:39BlueChipnot in keyboard.c
01:49:58Zagorwell we have bugs :)
01:49:58BlueChipif (usb) show_screen; continue;
01:50:53BlueChipof course, just identifying them to those who can make a difference when I spot them
01:50:57Zagornote that usb_screen() does not return until usb is disconnected.
01:51:22BlueChipahh - so displaying the screen DOES activate the usb
01:51:48BlueChipso why does a plugin HAVE to return immediately after?
01:51:57Zagorwell it depends on what abstraction level you mean, but yes in that case.
01:52:02BlueChipwith return(USB_EVENT)
01:52:54BlueChipi presumed I displayed the screen and the return told the main code to do the usb thing ...why can the plugin not just carry on where it left off?
01:53:47Zagordo we really have such a rule?
01:54:17BlueChipthere is no official programming spec that I know of, but every plugin does it
01:54:23amiconnZagor: One could think so, since all plugins act that way
01:54:55Zagornot helloworld ;)
01:55:08BlueChipit would save me no end of code and make my program cooler if it is not required
01:55:35amiconnIf it is not necessary, it should even be possible to let the plugin run _while_ usb is connected (as long as there is not harddisk access)
01:56:16Zagoramiconn: we can potentially run a lot of stuff during usb connection, but it's hairy since all disk access would make it hang
01:56:51Zagorwe haven't really seen the need to run anything during usb transfers
01:57:16BlueChippointless animations :)
01:57:19amiconnOne could continue playing a game while transferring files...
01:57:19BlueChipin greyscale
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01:58:51Zagorthat's absolutely possible. but is it worthwhile? currently Rockbox ensures that nothing accesses the disk during usb access. I don't know if it's a good idea to let all plugins ensure that on their own.
01:58:59BlueChipis it possible to delay for .5S before enabling USB - mine nearly always fails if I put the plug in slowly
01:59:20Zagorodd problem though
01:59:38BlueChipif I jam the connector in real fast it work 95% of the time
02:00:01BlueChipif I put it in slowly - the handshake starts and then fails
02:00:26BlueChipI think it is handshaking while the connector is still moving - Rockbox is just too efficient - lol
02:00:56Zagora delay sounds like a good idea
02:00:56amiconnBlueChip: It may well be the "other side" (pc)
02:01:57BlueChipMy results have been reliable for the past few days while I have been finalising the bet of audio_3587
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02:04:42Zagori need to get some sleep. see you guys.
02:04:52amiconnNite Zagor
02:04:55 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
02:05:02amiconnI'm off too
02:05:06midknite ami
02:05:11BlueChipnite all
02:05:13 Part amiconn
02:05:21midkseeya bc?
02:05:33BlueChipsoon enough
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02:50:26BlueChipnitey nite
02:50:36 Part BlueChip
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07:03:31midkhi linusn
07:16:21 Part LinusN
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08:12:00midkrebooting brb
08:12:18 Quit midk ("sudden death, yo?")
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08:22:26midkhmm, i seem to have a firewall installed but cannot locate it.
08:22:27midkwindows sucks.
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09:33:31dwihnoGoth mourning :[
09:34:27mattzzhuge thunderstorms in hamburg today - reminds me pretty much of "day after tomorrow"....
09:34:41dwihnoIt has begun?
09:34:45dwihnoNow we die?
09:34:53mattzzthe nothern current.... yes
09:39:00mattzzIs there a possibility of automatical scrolling a playlist? (so that the current title is visible)
09:41:58adiamashow do you mean the playlist?
09:42:04adiamasthe name of it, the current song playing?
09:43:44mattzzif I do "view current playlist"
09:47:35adiamasahh.. dunno.. havn't played with it in a while..
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10:50:43NHIwerxmoin moin
10:50:57Bagderhowdy ho
10:53:15 Join uski [0] (~uski@2001:7a8:3bb9:0:0:0:defa:ced)
10:53:51dwihnoMr. Bagder \o/
10:54:33uskihi all
10:54:37uskiooo, a Bagder
10:54:39uskirare specie
10:54:59Bagderdyslexic animals are! ;-)
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11:18:26amiconnhi Jörg
11:18:37[IDC]DragonHi Jens ;-)
11:19:31uskihi joerg
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13:03:51stridershi all
13:04:11stridershi have a problem =(
13:04:51striderswith my archos jukebox recorder 20
13:05:05Bagderjust open your heart
13:06:58stridersmy archos doesn't charge anymore
13:07:20Bagderthat's bad
13:07:20stridersi have tested with full batteries and it works, archos boots
13:07:59stridersbut when i plug the ACC-DC stabilizer
13:08:04stridersnothing happen,
13:08:13stridersit doesn't charge anything
13:08:37Bagderyou tried the debug screen for charging?
13:08:40stridersso, ii think it is the loader in the archos which is dead
13:09:06stridersnothing happen,
13:10:06stridersu mean, if i try to run the archos with full batteries and go in debug scree, i can see if the loader is dead ?
13:10:39Bagderplug in the charger and check the voltage in that screen
13:11:43stridersright now, i'm loading new batteries
13:11:58stridersi will try to see the voltage once batteries loaded
13:12:08stridersand if it works what should i see ?
13:12:46Bagderif you select "view battery" and then press down once
13:13:05Bagderyou should see battery voltage, external voltage and charger present
13:13:15Bagderthe battery voltage should rise slowly
13:13:27Bagderit should say that the charger is present
13:14:19stridersbut when i plug the charger, the light bling green and switch off, and impossible to boot the archos :/
13:14:39striderswithout batteries, the archos should starts ?
13:14:46stridersif i plug the charger
13:14:48Bagder1 - hold down on longer or 2 - start the archos first then plug in the charger
13:14:56Bagderit doesn't work without batteries
13:16:17stridersso, my batteries were completly dischargeed
13:16:49Bagderthen the archos won't start again until they are at least somewhat charged
13:18:11stridersif i put discharged batteries in the archos and plug the charger, the archos should start to charge batteries ?
13:18:30stridersit doesn't happen :/
13:18:44Bagderand those are good batteries?
13:21:44stridersi have just bought new one
13:21:57stridersand i'm charging them with a external charger
13:22:34Bagdergiven all this, it certainly sounds as if your archos has lost its charging ability
13:23:41 Quit c0utta (" HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!")
13:24:42 Join c0utta [0] (
13:30:09 Join fdfdgfdgf [0] (~jirc@
13:31:54fdfdgfdgfis a nyone in here???????????
13:32:16Bagder /whois nyone
13:32:35fdfdgfdgfwhat are you doing up so early
13:33:15LinusNearly? it's 13:30 here
13:33:35fdfdgfdgfim in the united states
13:33:45fdfdgfdgfyou guys probably live in the UK im guessing.
13:33:50striders(yes, i think it is nomore able to charge, do u know if it is easy to change the charging device in the archos ? )
13:34:48fdfdgfdgfbut um my question is
13:34:54fdfdgfdgfi need help updating the latest patch
13:35:00fdfdgfdgfi already downloaded it- but i don't know what to do
13:35:00LinusNfdfdgfdgf: sweden, actually
13:35:12LinusNlatest patch?
13:35:18fdfdgfdgflol u speak good english then :)
13:35:23Bagderis there a latest patch?
13:35:30fdfdgfdgfi mean the latest built
13:35:43Bagderstriders: I don't know, I'm not too hw-skilled to that level
13:36:36LinusNstriders: the charging regulator is a tiny little sucker, but several people have managed to replace it
13:37:04fdfdgfdgfAnyone gonna help me? lol
13:37:27Bagderfdfdgfdgf: to do what?
13:37:51fdfdgfdgfi just donwloaded the latest build - how do i install it
13:38:09Bagderyou tried reading the manual?
13:38:30fdfdgfdgfi dont have it - i'd figure it would be easier just coming here and ask
13:38:41stridersLinusN: ok, thanx, do u know where i can buy this stuff ?
13:39:26Bagderfdfdgfdgf: unzip it to your archos
13:39:50fdfdgfdgfbagder: ok hold on
13:42:51 Join dwihno_ [0] (~dw@
13:43:26fdfdgfdgfSo just extract it
13:44:03fdfdgfdgfokay did that
13:44:04fdfdgfdgfnow what
13:44:31Bagderreboot your archos
13:45:38fdfdgfdgfit still says v 050404
13:46:12Bagderis that flashed?
13:46:24fdfdgfdgfwhat do you mean
13:46:42Bagderhow do you install the previous version?
13:47:01fdfdgfdgfDon't remember ...
13:49:26fdfdgfdgfwell ????
13:50:07LinusNwhen you boot, does it say something on the LCD before the rockbox logo appears?
13:51:08fdfdgfdgfno under the rockbox logo theres a date
13:51:43LinusNok, then you have flashed your firmware earlier
13:52:37fdfdgfdgfalso- im leaving to hong kong tommorrow and probably will be at the airport for awhile
13:52:45fdfdgfdgfis it okay to charge the player while listening to it?
13:53:20LinusNpress F2, then Down until it says "All files"
13:53:38LinusNthen f2 again
13:53:52LinusNafter that, play the file called "ajbrec.ajz"
13:54:24LinusNthen, enter the ".rockbox" directory and play the file called "rockbox.ucl"
13:55:34fdfdgfdgfnow wut
13:56:02 Join lImbus [0] (
13:56:18LinusNwhat does it say on the lcd?
13:57:28fdfdgfdgfYes!! So thats how you do it!
13:58:27fdfdgfdgfDoes it use up more battery while its charging if im listening to it?
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13:59:50 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:00:20LinusNthe charging will take longer, yes
14:00:54fdfdgfdgfok ...
14:01:16 Quit fdfdgfdgf ("Leaving")
14:02:00LinusNyou're welcome :-)
14:04:01c0uttaa bit of a worry if you didn't know you'd previously flashed..
14:04:35Bagderit does prove that people trust unknown strangers on the internet
14:04:44Bagder"go ahead, do this"
14:06:11c0uttado you have any idea how many people use vbrfix ?
14:07:55LinusNi think quite a few
14:08:05c0uttacould it be a plugin ?
14:08:11LinusNyes, now it can
14:08:33LinusNsince we implemented the "open with..."
14:08:34Bagderimo, it should be
14:08:41c0uttai'm nearing the end of the context sensitive F3 and vbrfix is a lot of code
14:08:51Bagdercoffee refill!
14:08:59c0uttawine refill
14:09:28LinusNis vbrfix a lot of code?
14:09:39c0uttaa lot of code i don't understand :)
14:10:04c0uttai'm just copying it out of onplay.c into my own action.c
14:10:22c0uttawith a view to kill onplay.c
14:10:43LinusNi definitely think vbrfix should be a plugin
14:11:05 Nick dwihno_ is now known as dwihno (~dw@
14:11:23c0uttaany takers ?
14:11:30LinusNi'll do it
14:11:45c0uttai was joking linus - i can do it
14:11:59c0uttaalthough if you understand it....
14:12:11LinusNi wrote it :-)
14:12:14c0uttaand it does have your "style
14:12:57dwihnoLinusN: vbrfix with, or without starka såsen på? :)
14:14:10LinusNsill å potatis
14:14:47dwihnomacdonalds har fått konkurrens
14:15:44c0uttabaabaa bawbaw faranf maak
14:15:58LinusNbork! bork! bork!
14:16:24c0uttaand what was the chef's name ?
14:16:35LinusN"the swedish chef", afaik
14:17:15c0uttaand what does "bork" mean in swedish ?
14:17:24LinusNabsolutely nothing
14:17:26dwihnoIt goes back to the middle ages.
14:17:30c0uttathought so
14:17:39dwihnoIt was about Ronja and her good friend, Birk Borkasson
14:17:48LinusNdwihno: booooo
14:18:21c0uttai heard the swedes go crazy in summer
14:19:49HesHey, I have heard a lot of funny stories about the swedish 8-)
14:19:58Hesbut maybe I should keep my mouth shut
14:21:06HesWe have a huge genre of jokes that start with "The finnish, the swedish and the (russian/french/english/norwegian) went/did/..."
14:21:32c0uttalinus, i'll remove vbrfix from the f3 context menu, ok ?
14:23:47dwihnoHes: we call them Bellman stories in sweden
14:23:59dwihnoHes: the norwegian, the danish and Bellman
15:13:07 Quit elinenbe (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
15:28:32 Part Bagder
15:39:05 Nick midk|zzz is now known as midk|away (
15:42:11 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:47:36 Part LinusN
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16:08:00 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:15:57lImbusdwihno: now that I tought about carefully: how did you type in bold letters the Bork of "Borkasson" @ 14:17 ?
16:19:04dwihnolImbus: it's in the client
16:19:16dwihnoctrl+b perhaps
16:36:43lImbusok, it's not in the opera-irc-client ;-)
16:37:18dwihno<b>Hello!</b> then? ;)
16:38:10lImbusheh, they are talking about 6 new security problems in cvs !
16:38:30dwihnoOpera CVS?
16:38:37dwihnoOr just simply CVS? :)
16:40:09lImbuslol opera cvs. that would be leet, welcome the fat client that does relly everything !
16:40:34lImbusno, there seem to be a few new problems in the cvs-server-code
16:46:53 Join Occupantsless [0] (
16:47:07Occupantslesshey all
16:48:11 Nick Occupantsless is now known as AndyMan1 (
16:49:26lImbushi andyman1
16:49:36AndyMan1i've got a problem
16:49:43AndyMan1think you can help?
16:49:51lImbusi hope so. tell me
16:50:39AndyMan1i've got a Jukebox Studio 20. everything was going fine until yesterday. I try and boot it up, it sits there for a while, then finally says "No fat32 partition"
16:51:01AndyMan1and some other message...*boots up to type that in*
16:51:24lImbusmhmm. I'm not that in at that low level, but lemme try
16:51:32AndyMan1P0 S:3F
16:51:47lImbusI suppose you changed nothing ?
16:51:59AndyMan1just loaded rockbox default
16:52:06lImbusflashed ?
16:52:28lImbusdid you flash rockbox into the devices memory ?
16:52:35AndyMan1i suppose if i don't know what that is, i didn't do it
16:52:40AndyMan1i just did the default upload
16:52:51AndyMan1i don't think i flashed it
16:53:05lImbusother question for same purpose: how long did your rockbox take to boot up ? about 4 seconds or rather 10, more than ten ?
16:53:11AndyMan1i did a quick search for what to do, and i found something saying to boot into the regular jukebox OS, using the on key and F1...problem is, i don't have an F1
16:53:25AndyMan1about 4-10 seconds
16:53:38lImbusF1 is the first of the three keys underneath the screen
16:54:11AndyMan1i've got ON, MENU, and that 4 button play/pause, minus, plus, stop
16:54:30lImbus NO keys underneath the screen ?
16:54:44lImbusugh, you got a archos studio
16:54:51AndyMan1its a little bitch
16:55:06AndyMan1been through about 5 of these through a best buy warranty
16:55:37AndyMan1yeah, second one from the left is me
16:55:39lImbusI must have overread that, I tought you were on a recorder.
16:55:45AndyMan1my bad
16:56:07lImbusthe f1-story only applies to flashed devices only, IMHO. a studio cannot be flashed.
16:56:20lImbusare you a small bit in cimputers or electronics ?
16:56:28AndyMan1not really, why?
16:56:42AndyMan1i mean, if i have to fiddle with it, i'll try
16:56:49AndyMan1but i haven't done much hardware stuff
16:57:22AndyMan1i've tried booting it up into usb to try and delete it through Windows, but it couldnt access the drive
16:57:38lImbusmost probably, there is no partition on the hard drive, it's gone, or broken, or the harddisk disconnected itself due to joggling and shaking
16:57:38 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:58:20AndyMan1it will spin up a little bit, and I did get it to display a drive in Explorer, but nothing else
16:58:29AndyMan1so guide me along, sensei
16:58:38lImbusohh, if the usb thingy works, you should first try to reformat the drive trough the usb. (I ever thought it souldn't work)
16:59:02AndyMan1well it sort of works, it takes about ten minutes to find the drive, and wont get past that
16:59:05AndyMan1i'll try again
16:59:26lImbuswhat windows version ?
17:00:04lImbusmy computer->right click->manage
17:00:06AndyMan1yeup, it hops into the "usb active..." thing like normal, windows knows there is a usb device, but no drive yet
17:00:40lImbus-> storage->disk managment
17:00:47AndyMan1and i'm going to lose all my songs, aren't I? grrr. =P
17:01:36lImbusyeah, you'll lose them as far as there will be NOT there instead of beeing there but unreacheable. dunno which of both hurts more :-/
17:02:10AndyMan1I'm trying to access it one more time
17:02:24AndyMan1i'll open up the events manager and see if any message might be helpful
17:03:00AndyMan1event id 51: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation.
17:03:32lImbusbof, the event manager isn't verbose enough most of the time
17:03:51AndyMan1if it can't access the drive, am i going to be able to format?
17:04:06lImbusnot without opening your unit
17:04:06AndyMan1i tried formatting one before and it just killed it completely
17:04:30AndyMan1i've been through a lot of these =P
17:04:43AndyMan1i guess i'm going to have to open it
17:05:16lImbusyou'll have to open the device, extract the hard disk and connect it to your computer through a special convertor adaptor connector
17:06:34lImbusyour computer then will have full access to it. you'll be able to format it, create the partition (formatted with fat 32 IIRC), all that you cannot do normaly trough usb
17:06:55AndyMan1where do i get this convertor adaptor connector?
17:07:49lImbusgood question.
17:08:06lImbusi'll recommend to ask a local computer dealer for.
17:08:38lImbusor even see ebay for a 40->44 pins adaptor. ide, laptop/notebook harddrive should be suitable keywords
17:09:02AndyMan1i can search newegg or go to Fry's to find one
17:09:11AndyMan1what exactly is it called
17:09:32lImbuswell, it changes from dealer to dealer.
17:09:55lImbusit is an adaptor to connect a notebook hardrive to a ususal desktop pc
17:10:41lImbusbetter ask in a small tiny computer store if you can borrow one. i could imagine fry's asks half about a forune for that
17:11:10lImbusever opened a pc ? connected a hardrive ? I recommend this to be prerequisites with the next steps
17:11:23AndyMan1this'll be a first
17:12:03lImbusit's a small bit tricky cuz there is no indication in which way the adaptor has to be connected to the hard drive.
17:12:18lImbusfifty fifty ok, fifty fifty death
17:12:37lImbusbetter get someone used to hardrives and pc's
17:12:51AndyMan1so what i need is an adaptor that goes from 40 to 44 pins, from a laptop to a computer
17:12:59AndyMan1i think i know a local place that might do it
17:13:26lImbusfrom a laptop's HARDRIVE to a normal computer hardrive cable.
17:13:27AndyMan1whats the name of the screw type on these thing? the wierd diamond shape
17:13:32AndyMan1my bad =P
17:13:41lImbuswhat thing ?
17:13:51lImbusphh, on the rockbox ?
17:13:53AndyMan1the screw type on the Jukebox
17:14:08AndyMan1so i can actually enter this thing
17:14:49lImbusok, if it's the same for jukebox studio and recorder AND it's called the same in the us than here in europe, you should head for a set of TORX screwdrivers
17:15:28lImbusget that:
17:18:27AndyMan1if i can get them to get in there and do this, i'll still need to format, i can't just delete the rockbox stuff and see if it works, correct?
17:23:16AndyMan1are there any other directions out there for what to do after its disassembled, with pictures? i'm sure any help i can give them will be huge
17:29:08lImbussorry for beeing afk
17:29:16AndyMan1no prob
17:29:36lImbusyou should be first be able to get the original archos firmware running
17:30:02lImbusthen, through usb, you can install eveything rockboxy
17:30:18AndyMan1after the format, what will i need to do?
17:30:24AndyMan1to get the archos stuff going
17:30:54lImbusnormally plain nothing, except from uploading a few mp3-files
17:31:15lImbusI havn't yet understood your second queston over there
17:32:15AndyMan1you're not going to believe this...
17:32:34AndyMan1i think this thing may still be under warranty
17:32:41AndyMan1is it void with the rockbox?
17:32:55lImbussome say yes, some say no
17:33:16lImbusif the harddisk got a problem, noone will notice you installed rockbox
17:33:28AndyMan1i mean, its from Best Buy, so this may be so old no one would know the difference
17:35:16AndyMan1hmm...i'm going to hold off, try and get the warranty...if they don't accept it, i'll go this route
17:35:19 Join musicman [0] (
17:35:35musicmanhi everybody
17:35:47AndyMan1i think my odds might be better than 50/50 with the warranty =P
17:36:17lImbusandyman1 I would give a try to the warranty either
17:36:26lImbus /too
17:36:26musicmansorry for my englih . it's very poor
17:36:43AndyMan1it's better than most native speakers =D
17:37:27musicmani'm looking for a maner to add auto pause function for my archos recorder
17:37:29AndyMan1i've printed out how to get into the jukebox, hopefully no one will notice the rockbox
17:37:43AndyMan1so warranty first, hack later
17:37:44musicmando you know where can i ask it ?
17:38:14AndyMan1thanks a LOT for your help, lImbus
17:38:18 Quit striders (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:38:31AndyMan1i may be on at a later date
17:38:55AndyMan1bye all
17:39:01 Part AndyMan1
17:40:07musicmannobody to answer me ?
17:46:09 Quit musicman ("Leaving")
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18:04:57lImbusmusicman: better wait a while:
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