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#rockbox log for 2004-06-10

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02:25:45midkhey bc
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02:50:16BlueChipmk, got time to help?
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02:50:34BlueChipproff reading
02:51:01BlueChipcan you check proof read what I have done on the 3587 manual so far please?
02:52:39BlueChipat my site :)
02:52:51midkkay sec
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02:59:03midkLooks great so far!
02:59:10midkare you planning to go more into the mdb though>
02:59:37BlueChipyes, absolutely - there are chunks not written yet - that is my job tonight
03:00:17midkok well nice detail so far!
03:00:31midkvery consistent format helps a lot
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05:39:02midkey dids!
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07:02:41midkhi LinusN
07:02:45midkwow, that was a bit late
07:03:05midkas in, you entered about 25 minutes ago :)
07:03:57midkconsidering a final clock update −− i wanted to ask you if you minded that i removed the version checking and instead only check the filesize
07:04:16midkkeeping version checking would require loading it to a temporary struct...
07:04:19midkit was broken before
07:04:23LinusNis the file size constant?
07:04:29midkof the settings file*
07:04:34midkbetween updates, likely not
07:04:58midkif it is, it was probably only a bugfix and people can continue to use their "old" settings file
07:05:03LinusNyes, but it doesn't vary on a certain version?
07:05:14midkwell version 2 is a lot larger than version 1
07:05:31midkif there's a version 2.2 or 3 it would probably vary as well
07:06:32LinusNsure, go ahead and use the file size instaed
07:06:38midkok, thanks
07:07:02midki forget what i wanted to do with it
07:07:17midkremoving the logo selector and mapping f2 to something else...
07:10:00midk*considers an interactive help
07:10:27midkthat would probably just complicate things more.. lol
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08:49:25BCnew manual, if you're interested
08:49:33BCmdb etc
08:49:38midkk sec
08:49:41BCinfo on digital distortion
08:50:06BCall comments and criticisms welcomed
08:50:40midkintference is spelled interference.
08:51:05BChmm, need a better dictionary - lol
08:52:35BCintference is a special type of thing that happens during fixed point math on variables held in volatile memory
08:53:02midkwas i wrong?
08:53:09BCno, that was me being silly
08:53:22BCTRYing to be funny, but having a bad day - lol
08:53:50BCint ference = 0;
08:55:21*BC gives up on humour for the day
08:55:35midki think a better one may be "long penis = 1;"?
08:55:57midkhmm nice work beesee
08:56:16BCi wrote a job control program in assembler once with the M68 instruction "BLO JOB"
08:56:39midkever seen ze's code?
08:56:42midkit's pretty good
08:56:43BCand it wasn't until someone else commented that I even noticed it
08:56:51BCno, what has (s)he written
08:57:10midkjust used odd names for the variables
08:57:13midklots of typedefs
08:57:23BCexample code?
08:57:32midkdon't have it
08:57:49BCshame - could be fun to read - has (s)he not submitted anything?
08:57:52midkwell it was set up so that "void" was instead "assfuck" or somesuch
08:58:04midkand "unsigned short" was "penis"
08:58:08BChow childish!
08:58:09midkthis it was like
08:58:25midkassfuck blowjob(penis inches)
08:58:44midkfor audio muxing or somesuch
08:58:56midkyou must see it.
08:59:04BCI'd love to
08:59:18BCthat sort of pointless humour is right up my street
08:59:23BChey ze
08:59:49BCyou GOTTA let me see some of this code, I'm laughing my left testicle off here
09:00:50zeheh ok lemme find it
09:01:20zebut yeah it's a couple functions in a little prog that just takes however many streams of wav's you give it and mixes them
09:01:43zeand only 2 of the functions really ended up being funny
09:01:47zeshit compare_ass(ass *bigass, ass *fatass) {
09:01:48ze shit poop;
09:01:48ze for (poop=0;(bigass[poop] == fatass[poop]);poop++);
09:01:48ze return poop;
09:01:59zeshit shit_ass_fuck(shit bitch, stinkhole *asshole) {
09:01:59ze ass fuck[bitch];
09:01:59ze if (fread(fuck,1,bitch,asshole)!=bitch) return -99; else return 0;
09:02:16*BC has tears rolling down his face
09:02:42zehehe yeah that was fun :p
09:02:58BCyou missed #defining -99 and 0
09:03:04zeoh yeah
09:03:27BCass fcuk[bitch]; has to be my favourite :)
09:03:28zei should add that in sometime
09:03:59zei like the way the arguments to fread go together
09:04:22BC#define fat 1
09:05:08BCI'm so gonna do somthing like that next time I get the chance
09:05:50midki couldn't work with it
09:06:09midki'd get "ass fuck[bitch]" confused with "stinkhole *asshole"
09:06:33midki can't see how you can code like that
09:06:43midk*considers converting clock code to ze-style
09:06:49BCyou should take a look at ioccc sometime
09:06:57zewell the rest of the functions are pretty ugly
09:07:12BChence known as "ze code"
09:07:30BC"C code?" ..."No, ZE code"
09:07:58zethe rest of it looks more like
09:07:59zeint outputheader(shit rate, penis ssize, shit dlen) {
09:08:00ze shit rlen=dlen+44,flen=16,avgbyterate=(rate*(ssize/8));
09:08:00ze penis ftag=1,chans=1,blockalign=ssize/8;
09:08:00ze printf("RIFF");
09:08:02ze fwrite(&rlen,sizeof(shit),1,stdout);
09:08:04midkSHIT RATE
09:08:05ze printf("WAVEfmt ");
09:08:07ze fwrite(&flen,sizeof(shit),1,stdout);
09:08:09ze fwrite(&ftag,sizeof(penis),1,stdout);
09:08:12ze... etc
09:08:40zeyeah, little bit of funny in there, but not as elegant as those 2 functions
09:08:57DBUGEnqueued KICK BC
09:08:57BCLOL - sizeof(shit),
09:09:34BCif sizeof(shit)==big_enought_to_be_scary ....oh my brain s doing childish somersaults
09:09:54BCare you up on wave theory?
09:10:15zewave theory?
09:10:27BCcombining wave forms to make different wave forms
09:10:42zeoh, a little bit
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09:51:18midklinus! idc!
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12:36:19BagderBC: then where is the source code?
12:37:10BCI state now - I have zero interest in any more of this pointless arguing, I have better things to do with my life
12:37:25BCand the source is still in the "Source'n'Stuff" directory
12:37:47BCShould i take your laughter as a sign of agreement
12:38:40BCI'll be as glad as everybody else when all this is a memory we can look back and laugh at :)
12:38:43Bagderwhere is the "Source'n'Stuff" ?
12:39:04BCthe link is in your irc log, and in the email to the ml
12:39:45Bagderno, the link was only to a txt description
12:39:48Bagderbut ok I get it
12:40:23BCthe html is just there for users and to prove I can make a pretty website - lol
12:40:39BCI trust the techies will skip all that crap
12:40:52Bagderbut there's no klondike there, so I'm still 50% right, right?
12:40:56BCI know I always do :)
12:41:25BCno, the klondike code is not the directory called Audio_3587/v2/sourcecode
12:41:26Bagdercan you provide a full patch instead of the hand-edited one?
12:41:45BCnah, too much hassle for something that will never be used
12:42:05Bagder'cvs diff -u > dump' is much hassle?
12:42:07BCI may do one day, but certainly not for the beta release
12:42:16BCyes, cos of the whitespace issue
12:42:25Bagder'cvs diff -u -b > dump' then
12:42:34Bagderbut never mind
12:42:39BagderI just thought I'd ask
12:43:28BCthat's cool - wait for the release one, I'll have to make the maintenance process easy for myself at some point ;)
12:43:55BCthat's just my running history of changes so I can identify which changes apply to which work
12:43:58Bagderyou shouldn't take everything I write as an attack at you personally
12:44:23Bagderbecause it isn't
12:44:31BCthank you
12:45:01BCit sometimes feels that way - it's nice to know I am wrong
12:45:27Bagderyou done anything on the changes we discussed the other day?
12:45:57BCI would happily, but as the code would never be included, it kinda seems pointless :(
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14:41:48[IDC]Dragonamiconn, LinusN: do you read?
14:51:41LinusNnow i do
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15:33:12 Part moormaster
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15:33:36moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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15:37:11moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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15:40:48moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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15:47:15moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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15:50:56moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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15:51:58elinenbeanyone here?
15:52:25elinenbewhat was the point of this last commit? "Added MAS read/write functions to the plugin API"
15:53:33LinusNi'm here
15:53:47LinusNthe point is that we allow plugins to read/write to the MAS
15:54:45moormasterwhat does mount error: -13 mean?
15:55:25elinenbeLinusN: so, that the BluChip style audio plugin will work...
15:55:34elinenbethat access' all the lower lever functions of the MAS?
15:55:51moormasterevertime i disconnect the USB Plug I become this error
15:55:57elinenbehis Audio_3587 plugin?
15:57:07LinusNelinenbe: that, and langhaarrockers split editor
15:57:12elinenbemoormaster: it is definitly because of your partitions...
15:57:22LinusNgotta go, cu guys
15:57:22moormasterthats how much i know too ;)
15:57:26 Part LinusN
15:57:58elinenbewy don't you try to do two prmiary partitions and no logical ones?
15:58:31moormasterbecause than rockbox searches in the window partition for his files because the window partition is the first one
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16:00:03moormasterit has to be the first one because there are maybe problems with booting from partitions which are not below the 1024th cylinder
16:00:39moormasterand from rockbox I would have only access to the window partition and not to my mp3 partition
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16:07:46moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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16:14:09moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
16:14:36Zagormoormaster: please disable that auto-greeting. it's quite annoying when you bounce in and out like that
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16:18:09moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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16:21:40moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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16:25:14moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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16:28:47moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
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16:33:32basti_gerneed some help with my jukebox recorder
16:36:33 Quit moormaster (Remote closed the connection)
16:36:59Zagorwhat's your problem?
16:37:03 Join moormaster [0] (
16:37:03moormasterHi everybody ! moormaster is back !:-)
16:38:27Zagorbasti_ger: are you the same person as moormaster?
16:38:37basti_gerif i record a set and its getting above 400MB the file is out of sync
16:38:49basti_gerthe header is also defect
16:38:59Zagorwhich version are you running?
16:39:37Zagortry the latest daily build. some bugs in that area have been fixed. also run a file system check.
16:40:10basti_gerits kind of strange
16:40:25basti_geronly cool edit pro can read the files
16:40:28moormasterwhy should he be me?
16:41:07basti_gerhow can i fix the file?
16:41:32Zagormoormaster: your network address is very similar
16:41:39Zagormoormaster: please disable your auto-greeting. it's quite annoying when you bounce in and out like that
16:42:17Zagorbasti_ger: try vbrfix (the external program, not in rockbox)
16:42:32moormastermay just because he uses the same provider like me ;)
16:43:19Zagoryeah. i was just curious.
16:45:14basti_geri can´t find any dl link
16:45:53Zagorclick on "daily builds" in the left menu
16:46:33basti_gerhave the latest daily b down
16:46:47basti_geri meant a dl link for vbrfix
16:47:11moormasterif rockbox cant handle it if it is on the second partition is there at least a way that it restarts the recorder automatically instead of freezing and showing the error message?
16:47:15basti_gerall pages i get listed in googl have no dl link anymore
16:47:47Zagormoormaster: what is the file system on your primary partition?
16:47:54 Quit Ka_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:48:02moormasterFAT32 on both
16:48:18moormastertheres a bug report already...
16:49:37 Join Ka_ [0] (
16:50:18moormasterbasti_ger: i searched for vbrfix in google and the first result is a download:
16:50:50basti_gergot it
16:51:06basti_germy google looked on german sites :O(
16:52:57elinenbeZagor: with the latest commit that Linus put forth, will BlueChip's and Langhaarrocker's plugins work on the daily build?
16:53:01elinenbeZagor: or are you not sure?
16:54:39Zagori think bluechips plugin currently requires more core changes, for his voice and language stuff. but the core sound setting features of it will work.
16:55:12Zagoras for langhaarrocker I haven't seen the code so i can't say what he needs and if this is enough
16:55:20Zagormoormaster: found your bug
16:55:27basti_gervbr fix says that there is a change
16:55:45basti_gerin mpeg version
16:55:52basti_ger@ pos xxxxx
16:57:13dwihnoSounds like file corruption then
16:57:32 Join silencer [0] (
16:57:43moormasterZagor: and? any suggestions?
16:57:54Zagorit needs a code change. i'm fixing it.
16:58:01moormasterk thx
16:58:27basti_ger@dwihno yes but what do u recommend ?
16:58:52dwihnobasti_ger: re-encode the file or change the frame to correspond to the correct mpeg version
16:59:12dwihno(the first alternative is much less of a hassle) :)
16:59:26basti_gercool edit pro 2.0 is the only prog that reads the file
16:59:55dwihnowell.. you COULD save the file as a wave and re-encode it
17:00:21basti_gerwith wich prog?
17:00:48dwihnolame is good
17:01:13Zagorthere are some repeair tools on our tools page. try them.
17:02:06moormasterdoes anyone know if the sound can be corrupted if I try to convert a wav file to mp3 which is already encoded with an MPEG3-Codec?
17:02:31moormasterI tried to convert a movie to rvf with a batchfile. But the sound brings only noise
17:03:04moormasterthis problem occured only with this movie and I know that this movie has MP3 encoded sound
17:03:48Zagorif the program expects wav and you feed it mp3, i would expect garbled output
17:04:21moormasterbut in the wav standard it is possible to have wav files which are not encoded with PCM
17:04:50Zagorright, but nobody uses that so programs expect wav to be uncompressed pcm
17:05:04moormasterIs there maybe away to check that from the batchfile if the avi2wav-tool really gave a PCM encoded file?
17:05:43Zagorprobably. but i don't know much about those tools. i haven't even tried them actually :)
17:08:19 Quit silencer_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:10:54Zagormoormaster: i have to go, but i checked in the fix. try the next bleeding edge build.
17:11:50moormasterk thx
17:11:53 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
17:14:53 Quit moormaster (Remote closed the connection)
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17:53:35 Part [IDC]Dragon
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18:06:27AndyMan1hello all
18:07:04AndyMan1i have a quick question
18:07:42AndyMan1my Jukebox Studio 20 died yet again, the warranty is still good from Best Buy, so what should i get as a replacement mp3 player?
18:07:57scott666my timestamps just weent from 11:07 to 11:08 to 11:07...
18:08:45scott666id say a v1 recorder, but best buy doesnt sell them
18:08:49moormastermaybe this is a question which can only be answered by Best Buy or more likely by archos
18:09:20AndyMan1has anyone else had a lot of trouble with archos?
18:09:21scott666i dont think best buy sells any of the archoses any more actually
18:09:29scott666many people
18:09:34AndyMan1i've gone through about 6 of these Studio 20's
18:09:48AndyMan1that warranty has paid for itself and more
18:10:05moormasterI had trouble with the original firmware and fixed it by using rockbox ;)
18:10:06scott666usually the problems are fixable if you have some basic electronics knowledge
18:10:19scott666but problems are not uncommon at all
18:10:51AndyMan1worst was battery charging, i fried about 4 due to it not knowing when to stop chargin
18:11:02AndyMan1rockbox kept this one alive for almost a year
18:11:34AndyMan1i don't know why it died this time around, seems it's lost the hard drive
18:11:47AndyMan1any recommendations outside of archos for an mp3 player?
18:11:51moormasterbut then it should display an error message?
18:12:07AndyMan1it did
18:12:37AndyMan1 "No fat32 partition"
18:12:42AndyMan1P0 S:3F
18:12:49moormasterhave you connected it to a PC?
18:12:57moormasterand checked with a partitioning program?
18:13:02AndyMan1yeup, i/o error, it can't talk to the drive
18:13:09moormastermaybe you just need to repartition it
18:13:19AndyMan1i was here yesterday
18:13:23moormasterwhich program did you use?
18:13:37AndyMan1i didn't get far enough to use a program
18:13:44AndyMan1it couldn't find the drive
18:14:05moormasterif there is no partition on the drive than there will be no drive letter assigned to it
18:15:10AndyMan1i would plug it in, it would sit there for about 10 minutes, finally display G:\ in my computer, but it wouldn't go any farther. couldn't access it at all, couldn't format, couldn't even say the size of the drive
18:15:40moormasterand did you try to delete all partitions with partition magic or sth. else?
18:16:03moormastermay it helps to write a new partition table and then format it again
18:16:09AndyMan1i couldn't access the drive in order to format
18:16:17AndyMan1it wouldn't go that far
18:16:34moormasteryes but after deleting all partitions it maybe would go that far
18:16:47AndyMan1i can't get to it in order to delete the partitions
18:16:58AndyMan1it won't let me
18:17:32moormasterdid you try download a harddisk tool from the manufactor of the harddrive?
18:17:35moormastermostly hitachi
18:17:42moormastermaybe this tool can find an error
18:18:03AndyMan1didn't try that,
18:18:21AndyMan1do you have a link?
18:18:21moormasterbut maybe you have to connect the harddrive to a real IDE controller. Could be that the tools does not work via USB
18:18:34AndyMan1yeah, that was the recommendation yesterday
18:18:37moormasterAnd that would mean disassemble the recorder and removing the harddrive
18:18:42AndyMan1but i don't want to break into it just yet
18:18:45AndyMan1its not a recorder
18:18:52AndyMan1this is an old Studio 20
18:19:01moormasterhowever it would mean losing the warranty ;)
18:19:13AndyMan1yeup, i'll see if i can get the warranty first
18:19:29AndyMan1the trick is to see if they will not notice the Rockbox
18:19:36AndyMan1because it will still say that
18:19:53moormasterIs rockbox a reason fopr losing the warranty?
18:20:41moormastermay be starting windows in console mode
18:20:53moormasterand then trying to type fixmbr in that drive
18:21:19AndyMan1the problem is that the pc can't communicate with it to begin with
18:21:23moormasterfixmbr \Device\Harddisk0 or 1 or whatever
18:21:33AndyMan1the disk won't spin up or something
18:21:49AndyMan1i've got around a hundred messages in Event Viewer saying there's an I/O error
18:21:51moormasterthan this could be more likely an hardware problem
18:22:08moormastermaybe theres no power connection to the harddrive
18:22:29AndyMan1i've pretty much given up on saving it
18:22:37moormasterhave you flashed rockbox?
18:22:39AndyMan1i'll go for the warranty
18:22:54AndyMan1just did the standard upload of the rockbox firmware
18:23:11moormasterthan you should try to send it in
18:23:14 Join Zagor [0] (
18:23:58moormasteror you open it yourself and lose the warranty
18:24:22Zagormoormaster: did the fix work?
18:24:42AndyMan1i'm going to go for the warranty first, open it up as a last resort
18:24:46moormasterhavent tried it yet. i wanted to wait for the next daily build with the source
18:24:58AndyMan1any suggestions for a new mp3 player? maybe something outside of evil archos?
18:25:16Zagormoormaster: any reason not to use the bleeding edge build?
18:26:04moormasteryes I modify the source everytime so that no mute is possible while keylock is on. The developer telled me that they dont want to include that into the source so I include it myself evertime ;)
18:26:57moormasterbut i will download the bleeding edge just for testing...
18:27:05Zagorthanks :)
18:27:26Zagorwait a minute, you mean you actually *use* mute??
18:27:42Zagori never heard anyone who did that before
18:27:58moormasteri just dont want the player to mute in my bag. That happend several times just becaus mute is even possible while keylock is on
18:28:50Zagorah, *no mute*. i read you wrong. did we say we didn't want to fix that? if ever I did, i don't agree with myself.
18:29:31 Part AndyMan1
18:29:33moormasteri dont know anymore who it was but i know that he didnt want to fix
18:29:49Zagori'll look at it. i'm in the mood for small fixes :)
18:29:58moormasteryes its just one if ;)
18:30:24moormasteryour fix seems to work
18:30:51moormasterI disconnected it and I have full access without restart ;)
18:30:56Zagorexcellent, thanks for testing. can you post your mute patch to me privately?
18:33:03moormasterits just not really a patch. I insert it manually everytime ;)
18:35:05Zagoraahh, i think i remember why we didn't want it
18:35:43Zagorlocking just mute is inconsequent (sp?), we should rather lock all keys except unlock
18:36:03Zagorno wait. i forgot again :)
18:36:26moormasteryes locking all except unlock. But it was locked all except unlock and except mute ;)
18:36:43Zagorno, all combo keys are unlocked
18:36:54moormasteroh that way
18:37:09moormasterbut there is no reason for keeping mute unlocked
18:37:41Zagori agree. i just want to fix it in a more elegant way than checking in each case
18:38:12moormasterdo that. I was just glad that i found the right place in the source ;)
18:40:11moormastermaybe I should try to create more programs with real languages than in JavaScript...
18:47:04 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:47:30Zagori could use a secretary...
18:48:03moormasterfor what?
18:49:48Zagorwell, remembering things. putting stuff back where it should be. what secretaries do. :-)
18:50:19scott666Zagor: are you asking for volunteers?
18:50:46Zagorsure, if you feel like coming here cleaning up my desk :)
18:52:13moormasteryou could use a intelligent chatbot for that ;)
18:52:25 Quit julia (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:52:47Zagoryay, a bot that cleans desks. i gotta get one of those.
18:53:17moormasterand if you buy today you'll get these batteries for free...
18:57:11moormasterist it normal, that freenode scans the ports of people, who connect to the IRC Server?
18:57:33moormasterI get a portscan by everytime I connect to the Server
18:58:13 Join julia [0] (
18:58:16Zagorhow many ports?
18:59:06Zagoryep, that's normal:
19:00:28moormasterit is the most frequent attacker in my firewall ;)
19:08:55 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|food (
19:11:39 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
19:15:10 Join scott666 [0] (
19:40:57 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
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20:24:41 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:41:20 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:41:36diddystar5hey pfavr
20:47:21moormasterjoin #IRCza ;)
20:49:14 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Do you... BitchX?")
20:50:05moormasterjust for fun ;)
20:51:39 Join Strath [0] (
20:52:58diddystar5nice bot :)
20:58:48 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
21:04:35 Join mat__ [0] (
21:05:00mat__hey, i got my new box! well happy!
21:05:05 Part moormaster
21:06:01mat__does anyone know what i should set my battery capacity to? mines a JBRFM
21:06:48 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
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21:28:09 Join uski [0] (
21:28:54uskihi all
21:31:10diddystar5yo usk
21:41:47 Join moormaster [0] (
21:54:46 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
21:57:13 Quit uski ("Leaving")
21:58:25 Part moormaster
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22:41:11 Quit mat__ (Client Quit)
23:05:39 Join Bagder [0] (
23:07:48Bagderamiconn: you here?
23:08:08BagderI don't see the voice files on that url
23:08:36Bagderam I blind?
23:09:10amiconnOops, I should have given the proper directory in the link... I know my homepage _really_ needs updating
23:09:30amiconnthe correct link is
23:09:50Bagderaha, thanks
23:11:30BagderI'll put them on the rockbox site
23:13:21amiconnIs there an idea/solution how to handle this in the future? Automatic voice file building? Access to a certain part of the webserver for voice maintainers?
23:13:49amiconnWhat about "official" voice files for the upcoming 2.3 release?
23:14:20BagderI don't know about automatic building, but I do want to allow maintainers to upload new files
23:15:22amiconnMy script should allow to automatically build voice files with a little tweaking, although only on Windows
23:15:48amiconn(obviously, since it is (1) a VBscript and (2) uses SAPI)
23:16:10amiconncygwin can run vbscripts directly
23:16:24Bagderso then if someone builds then automatically, we could make them published automatically as well
23:16:45Bagderusing curl or something
23:17:00amiconnThe only problem I have to solve to get something like "make voices" running:
23:18:17amiconnThe script transforms each single input file (the .lang) into one _or_ several output files (the .voice) depending on the available voices
23:19:01amiconnI don't know how to express this in a makefile, especially since I still don't understand them well
23:19:25Bagderthat kind of thing is tricky to put in a makefile
23:20:02Bagder <= first shot
23:20:50amiconnThe voices available for a specific language can be enumerated from a script, so the information which voices are available is available
23:22:47amiconnThere is a case I forgot - if there is no voice for a specific language, it is also possible that there are zero output files
23:23:19BagderI think you could make it like this:
23:23:45Bagderevertime you generate new voices, you touch a file "stamp"
23:24:04 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:24:06Bagderand then you just make stamp depend on lang.h
23:24:10 Join scott666 [0] (
23:24:20Bagderif lang.h is newer, then you rebuild all voices
23:25:42amiconnHmm. If I got the make mechanism right, I should make something like a <language>.stamp depending on <language>.lang (and makevoice.vbs)
23:26:17amiconnIf english.lang changes, it is only necessary to rebuild the english voices etc.
23:27:10 Join mattzz [0] (
23:27:41amiconnThere is still a problem left - for convenient distribution, I put every voice file with its proper name (e.g. english.voice) in a zip file
23:28:38amiconnIf I generate them all in the same directory I cannot do so, or I have to generate one file, zip it, the next file etc.
23:29:03amiconnhi mattzz
23:30:24amiconnBagder: Linus suggested that some of the now external things like my voice generation script should be put into cvs as well
23:30:38Bagderyes, that would be cool
23:30:57mattzzhi Jens
23:31:23Bagderamiconn: I would suggest in tools or in a subdirectory of tools
23:31:43amiconnAh, just wanted to ask for a sub-dir in tools.
23:32:01Bagder"speach" perhaps?
23:32:05Bagderor voice
23:32:37amiconnI wonder if we should keep Windows-only things in a separate directory
23:33:28Bagderstart with a voice dir, then we'll take the platform issues when we face them imo
23:35:54amiconnSeems like I have to figure out something more about make magic ;-) For instance how to do something like if(Windows)
23:37:05Bagderifdef WINDOWS
23:39:00Bagderanother first shot
23:40:23amiconnLooks good so far.
23:41:15amiconnImho it would be nice to have the comments about the voices within the table at
23:41:21 Nick Zagor|food is now known as Zagor (
23:41:51BagderI could easily think of size, who provided them and a free text comment
23:42:08amiconndeutsch_Klara: AT&T natural voices female german voice
23:42:29amiconnenglish_Crystal: AT&T natural voices female us english voice
23:42:46amiconnenglish_Mike: AT&T natural voices male us english voice
23:43:09amiconnenglish_MSMary: Microsoft female us english voice
23:43:24amiconnenglish_MSMike: Microsoft male us english voice
23:43:37amiconnenglish_MSSam: Microsoft male us english voice
23:47:46BagderZagor: the voice files on the lang/ page, are those the ones from Jörg?
23:48:06Zagori don't remember 100%, but I think so
23:51:07Zagorgosh, new copies of my swapping site are popping up every day now
23:51:39Zagori'm considering putting a stamp "the original" on my logo...
23:52:53amiconnBagder: The deutsch.voice definitely is from me (since Jörg does not have the AT&T german voice), and if the english voice does have the same time stamp, chances are that is is from me also
23:53:10Bagderok, I'll check
23:53:25amiconnfrancais.voice is niether from me nor from Jörg imho
23:53:37moormastereverybody who is german: talk to ICQ #171343977 to a bot who is learning your words. But it his very unkind at this time ;)
23:53:38Bagderamiconn: is there a point to keep the deutch.voice ?
23:53:58amiconnNo, since it is outdated
23:54:06moormasterthe bot is very unkind at this time
23:54:13Bagderok, removed it
23:54:37Bagderthe dates differed, I'll assume the english is from Jörg for now
23:54:44amiconnBagder: It has neither the pronunciation tweaks nor the improved cliiping (for faster number speaking and spelling)
23:58:01amiconnThe english.voice is definitely also a AT&T Crystal one (still may be made by Jörg)

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