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#rockbox log for 2004-06-15

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00:05:13hardeepthat's strange... the win32 sim doesn't like the rocks packaged in the zip file... if I use the ones in the build directory, it works fine
00:09:00Bagderincluding fcntl.h instead of doing manual protos in common/file.h is almost a good fix
00:09:24Bagderbut then we get other problems instead
00:16:07Bagderis O_RDONLY really meant to be 0?
00:17:12Zagorlooks pretty odd
00:17:30Zagorhowever it is 0 in linux too
00:19:25Bagdercreat is 0x40, right?
00:19:43hardeepfinally got it working... creat() from a plugin also calls sim_creat() on the win32 sim
00:19:48Zagorumm, it's 0100 :)
00:20:08Zagormy octal is lousy :)
00:20:33Zagorso yes, it's 0x40
00:20:41Bagderok, now my fix works
00:20:42*Zagor pats bc
00:20:54Bagderonly slightly silly
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00:21:24Bagderhey ho you sim destroyer! ;-)
00:21:43LinusNthat's me
00:22:52LinusNwho uses creat() anyway? :-)
00:22:54Bagderok, try my fix
00:23:04BagderLinusN: open() it is
00:23:33BagderZagor: update and test
00:24:27Zagorpermissions are very strange: −−wxr−−−−T
00:24:47LinusNis this perhaps related to this report?
00:24:57BagderZagor: ok, I fix
00:26:00ZagorBagder: i still get open called instead of creat. ist that intentional?
00:26:14LinusNgotta go, cu tomorrow
00:26:26 Part LinusN
00:26:29BagderZagor: no, I don't think so
00:27:00hardeepZagor: it's definitely calling sim_creat() on the win32 sim... I wonder what could be different
00:27:48BagderZagor: btw, if I open a file like "testing" in a plugin, will that be in the root?
00:28:05Bagderthat is with no slash
00:28:17hardeepi think you'll get an error
00:28:38Bagderok, so maybe the sim should warn then
00:28:39hardeepoh, wait, not in the sim
00:28:50Zagoryes, it should warn
00:28:57Bagderno, the sim just does it wrong right now
00:30:34Zagorit should even refuse, as the firmware does
00:30:55Bagderok, it'll warn and return -1
00:34:14Zagorit still says open(), but permissions are good now
00:34:15Bagdermy sim calls sim_creat() when my plugin uses creat()
00:34:33Zagorit says "We open the real file"
00:34:50Bagdernot for me
00:34:58Zagortried a plugin?
00:34:59Bagder"We create the real file 'archos/testing'"
00:35:09Bagderthat's my brand new 'open' plugin ;-)
00:41:28Bagdersleep time
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00:57:03LinusNwoooo, finally wireless with my debian installation
01:13:39LinusNnite all!
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01:14:27amiconnnite all
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06:31:31dwihnoWelcome, to the world of tomorrow! \o/
06:35:58LinusNthank you
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08:59:46lImbushej LinusN, I think we will be competing a few weeks on until we reach "kjell@haxx"
09:07:03LinusNguess so :-)
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09:15:09hardeepheya Zagor
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10:50:56lImbusgrrr. gotta get my prober broadband connection at office. the http-tunnel kills fun.
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11:24:54[IDC]DragonGrr! I'm just stumbling over the val2phys/phys2val business.
11:25:06Zagorooh, that's fun...
11:25:17Zagorwe've recently discussed changing that
11:25:24LinusN[IDC]Dragon: those things will change in the near future
11:25:32[IDC]DragonWe're not saving the content of global_settings.mysoundvalue
11:25:43[IDC]Dragontreating it first
11:25:52[IDC]Dragonchange it how?
11:26:22LinusNwe will change the API between firmware/application
11:26:51[IDC]DragonSo I can save the items in global_settings directly?
11:27:09[IDC]DragonThis would save my table approach
11:27:59[IDC]Dragon'cos I can't really tell the table to call a translation function before plugging some values
11:28:00LinusNwell, the settings business may not change, but some of the knowledge of units and scaling will move to the application
11:28:32LinusNor at least be constant, and not determined at runtime
11:28:37LinusNlunch time!
11:29:40[IDC]DragonI'd appreciate if I can use the content of global_settings directly, as RTC and cfg file values
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12:34:00lImbus[IDC]Dragon: I added following line to the mp3ClipGen.vbs on line 180, maybe it goes to your version ?
12:34:01lImbusClipSpeak = Replace (ClipSpeak, "_", " ")
12:34:24lImbusvisual basic script != fun
12:47:45[IDC]Dragonhi again, was for lunch
12:48:51[IDC]DragonlImbus: there's potentially a lot of "preprocessing" possible, unfortunately depending on the speech engine.
12:52:08lImbusof course
12:52:36lImbusi'd like to have a language-detection to spawn either english or german voice :-)
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14:00:08c0uttau there bagder ?
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14:14:39Bagdernow I'm here
14:17:11Bagder'(uniquify-buffer-name-style (quote forward) nil (uniquify))
14:17:14Bagdergood option
14:17:45Bagderemacs == Good For You ;-)
14:18:38LinusNgreat option
14:26:16[IDC]Dragondo I understand this correct: val2phys is necessary "only" for user presentation and the .cfg writing?
14:26:38[IDC]DragonRTC gets the "raw" value?
14:35:10[IDC]DragonOK. then I need a quirk to translate the global_settings values in-place, do my save, then restore them.
14:35:30[IDC]Dragon(to ba able to run the table across all)
14:36:44[IDC]Dragonand the future plan is to have the global_settings values as user rang? (please?)
14:37:23LinusN"user range"?
14:37:48[IDC]Dragonwith the same kind of scaling the user gets to see
14:43:31LinusNtake bass for example,
14:45:24LinusNit is stored as a positive value 0-30, where the range really is -15 - +15dB on the recorder
14:45:34LinusNwhich would you prefer?
14:46:03LinusNon the player, sorry
14:46:40[IDC]Dragonsince global_settings is an application structure, I would expect to see the values in there the same way as the user.
14:47:21[IDC]Dragonso, -15...+15
14:47:27LinusNi don't mind really
14:47:54[IDC]Dragonit would help the setting code not to have translations inbetween
14:48:00Zagorexcept -15 looks like it's actively subtracting bass from the sound. is that the case?
14:48:14LinusNi think so
14:48:46Zagorso you mean our bass level 15 is really unmodified sound?! i find that hard to belive.
14:49:41[IDC]Dragonthe user sees the hardware level 15 as 0dB, center
14:49:56LinusN0dB is unmodified
14:50:07LinusNwhich is 15 in global_settings.bass
14:51:24[IDC]Dragonif we don't want to see 15 for 0db in a .cfg file, I'd need a 0 in global_settings.bass for this case
14:51:46[IDC]Dragonmy point is, I have code and data struct to "automatically" save and load to RTC and .cfg
14:52:18[IDC]Dragonbut it would be unadvisable to let it do translations
14:53:03[IDC]Dragonare you with me?
14:53:39ZagorLinusN: right. for a minute i thought we had 0-30 in the menu. and since it's practically unlistenable at +15...
14:54:28LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i'm with you
14:54:49Zagorwhy do we use 0-30 anyway?
14:55:14LinusNit's a table index
14:56:39LinusNand back then it felt comfortable to have only positive values, for some reason that i can't remember
14:57:46[IDC]Dragonit's a table index only for bass and treble, and only for the player.
14:58:03[IDC]Dragonfor others, it's more close to a register value
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18:52:49maedhrosanyone know if there exists an alternative av320/340/380 firmware?
19:18:45 Part maedhros
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20:19:40jtl208hi i'm trying to play AAC/m4A files on my archos, is that possible?
20:27:29 Quit jtl208 ()
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22:03:48thirdworldmy lcd screen died
22:03:52thirdworldon my archos
22:04:02thirdworldit only works sporadically
22:04:17thirdworldany ideas as to fixing it?
22:09:04Zagorit's not easy. the contacts are very sensitive.
22:09:31thirdworldwell, i'm not sure the lcd is shot
22:09:38thirdworldcuz it works periodically
22:09:42thirdworldits like something got corrupted
22:10:07thirdworldthe backlight works fine
22:10:30thirdworldand the screen will have random characters appear every now and then
22:10:35Zagorthe lcd can become "unglued" and thus lose contact. this will give sporadic problems.
22:10:42thirdworldbut after a while, the characters stop printing
22:10:49Zagortry pushing down on the lower part of the screen when it goes out
22:12:06thirdworldthat kinda helped
22:13:42thirdworldit was flashing all the random characters (usb, battery power, etc)
22:13:45Zagorit's only temporary though
22:13:50thirdworldthen it stopped showing stuff
22:13:50Zagorthe fix, that is
22:14:56thirdworldit all started after i charged the battery for about 8 hours with the archos playing music
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22:38:57*Zagor sobs
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22:39:17SojournrHello again..
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22:42:26SojournrBack again.. I didn't think I was getting through..
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