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#rockbox log for 2004-06-16

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01:02:12hardeepZagor: your plugin change breaks backwards compatibility... versions need to be updated
01:02:43Zagoryeah, i just remembered that
01:13:15hardeepZagor: both versions need to be updated since your change breaks backwards compatibility (any reason for that btw?)
01:14:03Zagornone other than my stupidity. i'll revert it.
01:14:15Zagorthanks for the reminder
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01:31:00Zagorbed time
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01:35:40Guestdoes anyone know how to fix a compretion error on a jbv2
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07:12:47midkhi linus
07:13:02midki think i've finished a binary mode for my clock... haven't tested it yet
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09:49:39BC|codingLinus, I've just noticed that your updates to the win32sim have killed my dev-kit, would you mind my asking for your assistance in locating the required files?
09:53:06BC|codingmy biggest headache is ...precisely WHICH version of (eg) "dirent.h" is missing ...I guess once I've sussed that, the rest may faill in place
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09:57:56LinusNnetwork problems...
09:58:13BC|codingthought I'd scared you off for a moment - lol
09:59:09LinusNthere are three dirent.h files, and i assume you need the one in /usr/include/mingw
09:59:45BC|codingcool - thanks, now I know what I am looking for :)
10:00:38BC|codingnow to navigate cygwin until I find them - lol
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10:07:31BC|codinggeez - this is more painful than a visit to the live organ donor clinic
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11:12:35amiconnhi all
11:13:13LinusNhowdy dowdy
11:13:19amiconnIf someone is interested: I have now implemented my idea for a new bitswap algorithm
11:13:27amiconn...without using a fliptable; purely out of interest how well this would perform.
11:13:37amiconnWhile being only slightly slower than the current routine (less than 7% in the real world),
11:13:47amiconnit does essentially cut the code size in half - 176 bytes instead of 356 bytes of precious IRAM.
11:13:56amiconnYou can have a look at it at
11:15:47BC|codingthanks for the comments ;)
11:17:03LinusNamiconn: nice work
11:17:10dwihnoamiconn: you are a bit crazy - therefore, we love you! :D
11:17:42amiconnDunno, if this should be committed; Jörg said that he would prefer speed ?:-|
11:18:37BC|codingi think he uses it in the video
11:18:58Bagdersure, all mp3 playing uses it
11:19:15amiconnBC|coding: Nope, the mp3 stream within rvf files is already bitswapped
11:19:23*Bagder hides
11:19:40Bagderhis argument was more that were are not short on IRAM
11:20:30*Bagder tries to type
11:20:34BagderA B C D
11:25:51 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
11:27:23[IDC]DragonHi Jens, I'm just looking at your bitswap, pretty freaky
11:27:32amiconnhi Jörg
11:27:52 Join froloff [0] (os2user@
11:28:41froloffCan anybody tell me where I can get IDA TMS320 pluggin?
11:29:15[IDC]Dragonwhat's that?
11:31:11froloffI found that it was mentioned on This channel here
11:31:35froloff08.55.13 # <Strath> well, just open it with a tracing x86 disasembler and find the data block
11:32:54BC|codingif you want a windows debugger, I suggest SoftIce
11:33:37froloffIt is not debugger, but disassembler, and I need to disassemble some Texas DSP code
11:33:51BC|codingsorry, misunderstood
11:34:16BC|codingfor note though, debuggers tend to disassemble
11:34:26froloffLine I show was the beginning of talk
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11:35:56[IDC]DragonOK, so IDA is a disassembler, apparently modular. No, I don't know about that nor the Texas DSP.
11:39:17froloff!seen sleep21
11:39:33froloffHm no bot here ...
11:41:24froloffLinusN Very old and Out-of-dated
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11:42:33lImbusLinusN: moo, I got ya ! ;-)
11:43:13LinusNfroloff: /msg logbot seen sleep21
11:43:28froloffLinusN Thanks!
12:00:44amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'm not sure if I should commit my new bitswap; as you said you would prefer speed
12:02:12LinusNit would be sad to break the trend of committing faster and faster bitswap routines :-)
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12:04:31dwihnoWhat about the precious IRAM?
12:04:39dwihnoMy precioussss!!
12:07:37amiconnPerhaps we could reuse it for alternative ata routines - the fast ones for "good" disks, the standard ones for Hitachi DK23CA
12:07:50LinusNi'm going to eat my precious lunch now
12:11:03webmindok i -know- this is offtopic but does anyone know a good jukebox that can do mp3 and ogg ?
12:25:14lImbusapparently not :-/
12:28:40LinusNwebmind: i think the Rio Karma can play Ogg
12:35:17c0uttacygwin help required!
12:35:46*Bagder buckles up and prepares
12:35:58c0uttata Bagder
12:36:14c0uttaio.c changed recently, correct ?
12:36:22c0uttai'm talking about windows sim here
12:36:35Bagderyeah and the BC dev stuff is broken
12:37:46Bagderyou're doomed to get these problems every now and then while using that
12:38:00c0uttado you suggest a clean cygwin install ?
12:38:16BagderI do, with the provided sh1 tools
12:39:14Bagderwe can remove the ssh suggestion from there
12:39:37Zagordo it while you move the page to twiki :)
12:39:53Bagdergood idea
12:40:05Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
12:40:08c0uttaif i've already got an old cygwin - do i need to do some regedit first ?
12:40:46Bagderwith my cygwin, I just run setup again and select the packages I want to add/update
12:41:04c0uttamy cygwin was bc's original devkit
12:41:06Bagderthen I don't use that very much
12:41:07Topic"Help move our docs to twiki:" by Zagor (
12:41:31BagderI don't know what BC did or didn't do with it
12:41:42c0uttaok, i'll just try an install
12:44:29*Bagder adds that page to twiki
12:51:04Zagorumm, don't put it in the TWiki web, put it in Main
12:51:16BagderI don't understand how I got to do it
12:52:23Zagori'll lock it so you can't do that by mistake
12:52:30Bagderyes, do that
12:52:35Bagderor others will repeat my mistake
12:53:33LinusNnot all people are as silly as you, Bagder
12:54:00Bagderbut *some* might be
12:54:05Bagdera very tiny little fraction! ;-)
12:54:53Zagortry now
12:55:29Bagder"You do not have permission to change..."
12:55:30Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
12:56:09Bagderso we should have a "latest changes in twiki" in addition to the cvs table
12:57:41BagderZagor: can you move that file to the proper wiki?
12:58:01LinusNand a table of contents on the main page. maybe?
12:58:04Bagdertwo files actually
12:58:27BagderLinusN: yes, we should start adding to a TOC on the front page
12:58:33Bagderor rather create a toc page
12:59:04Zagorthat can be done automatically I think, using "Category" tags. i'll look into it.
13:01:06LinusNBagder: the headings look different on the wiki cygwin page
13:01:21BagderI used wiki-syntax, not html
13:01:27LinusNit's locked, grrr
13:01:47Bagderbut only if you edit Zagor's moved version
13:03:16LinusNBagder: any special reason that you used * * instead of −−-+?
13:03:43BagderI don't know what −−-+ is ;-)
13:03:51LinusNlook at the page now
13:04:14Zagorit's one of the many little things that differ with this wiki compared to the one we use at work
13:06:30ZagorI just added a "view" link at the bottom of each page, to see how a page is written in wiki syntax without having to edit it
13:06:41BagderI noticed
13:06:43Bagderthat's handy
13:07:54Zagorand I just noticed Twiki does automatic breadcrumbs at the top of the page! CygwinDevelopment is listed after RockboxDevelopment. interesting.
13:08:04BagderI noticed too
13:08:07Bagderlooks neat
13:08:17Zagori wonder what happens when/if we link to it from another page aswell
13:08:34BagderI also noticed the 'parents' links at the bottom
13:09:34Bagdercan you make it not add your name and date by default in the document?
13:09:57ZagorI didn't know it did. hmm...
13:10:05Zagorah, right. new pages get that.
13:10:35Zagori have no idea where to start looking :)
13:11:01Bagderignore it then :-)
13:13:05BagderI think the FAQ-entries are best done one per twiki-page
13:13:25Bagderthen we can group/list then from other pages
13:13:38Zagoron the other hand that makes it quite painful to read the whole faq
13:13:51Zagor...which we really want people to do
13:14:55BagderI just can't think of a good way to split it up, "FaqPart1" doesn't look nice
13:16:09Zagorwell it can look nice if we divide it in logical chunks and describe it well in the table of contents. sort of like "man perl"
13:16:18Bagderbesides, the whole wiki will be a FAQ/doc, no one will read the whole thing
13:18:01BagderZagor: that crumb thing doesn't appear on the cross-compiler page
13:18:24Bagderit seems you must create the page from the "parent" to make it appear
13:21:27ZagorCygwinDevelopment has %META:TOPICPARENT{name="RockboxDevelopment"}% in it
13:21:38*Bagder tries some more pedantic compiler options
13:21:56*Bagder gets many warnings ;-)
13:22:07Bagdermpeg.c:562: warning: string length `874' is greater than the length `509' ISO C89 compilers are required to support
13:22:37Bagderid3.c:225: warning: ISO C does not allow extra `;' outside of a function
13:22:56LinusN512-3=509, why 3?
13:23:13Bagderdon't ask, obey! ;-)
13:24:13LinusNhow nice, that's the inline assembler :-(
13:25:16Bagderit could probably be split
13:25:40Bagderanyway, that warning is not really helping us
13:27:37Bagderpeakmeter.c:58: warning: static declaration for `peak_meter_range_min'\
13:27:38Bagder follows non-static
13:32:04LinusNfunny, lots of stray semicolons :-)
13:34:16Bagder -W -Wall -Wwrite-strings -pedantic -Wno-long-long -Wpointer-arith -Wnested-externs -Winline -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-prototypes -Wsign-compare -Wundef -Wunreachable-code
13:34:48Bagderfloods your terminal ;-)
13:34:48c0uttabtw - it looks like some of the packages have changed their name slightly in cygwin
13:35:18Bagderlucky the docs is in a wiki now then! ;-)
13:37:45LinusNBagder: Parent is set in the "more" options
13:38:03Bagderbut I never did that on the cygwin page
13:40:21[IDC]Dragonback from lunch&meeting
13:40:59[IDC]DragonLinusN: I see you've placed my posting in the twiki already ;-)
13:41:00c0utta"There is a possibility that LinusNielsenFeltzing is editing this topic"
13:44:35LinusNi released the lock now
13:44:47c0uttayou are too kind
13:45:17Zagorsee the RockboxFAQ page for example how an automated page index works. all pages with a line "RockboxFAQ: <description>" will show up there
13:47:55Bagderperhaps the numbers should be removed from the faq titles
13:48:05BagderI see they get anchors automatically
13:52:38BagderI'll create a DocsIndex to replace the docs page
13:58:37Bagdernot complete yet
13:59:00Zagorcheck out the neato inter-link feature on the NiMH page
13:59:42Bagderneato indeed
14:02:33***No seen item changed, no save performed.
14:05:02Zagorby the way, parents can be assigned in the "More" bottom link
14:13:43LinusNBagder: i'd prefer the [[WikiLink][text]] linking style for the doc index
14:14:02LinusNfor the CrossCompiler for example
14:14:22LinusNbecause i like the old style of the doc page
14:15:08LinusN[[CrossCompiler][Building the cross compiler]]
14:16:05BagderI leave cosmetic issues to someone else
14:16:09Bagdersuch as you ;-)
14:16:17LinusNyes, but the page is locked :-)
14:16:27Bagderyes, because twiki is lame
14:16:37LinusNare you done with it?
14:16:47LinusNok, i'll force the edit
14:17:02Bagderthat's a pretty evident bug
14:17:38Bagderthere's still lots of link in the end of the page that's not added
14:20:07Bagderin DocsIndex
14:20:16Bagdercompared to the old docs index page
14:21:04LinusNah, i thought you found a TWiki bug
14:21:34Bagderthe bug part was about me having cancelled by edit but still showing up as locked by me
14:21:45Bagder*my* edit
14:24:39 Join mattzz [0] (
14:24:47Bagdermattzz is a wiki wizard! ;-)
14:24:51mattzzholla muchachos
14:24:55*Bagder looks at WebHome
14:25:34mattzzI felt free to add some things, hope thats ok
14:25:44Bagdergo go go! ;-)
14:26:11mattzzWill the UI discussion be moved to the twiki as well?
14:27:26BagderI guess so
14:28:06mattzzOK, I will help you with that then
14:28:35LinusNBagder: check out the docs index now
14:29:06Bagderlots of bad links in there
14:29:28Bagder(missing "/docs/" prefixes)
14:29:44ZagorBagder: that's not a bug, it's a feature :)
14:29:54Zagor(i'll see if I can turn it off)
14:30:34mattzzZagor, another thing: I suggest setting the Twiki-site name to rockbox, not to TWiki, because there ist also a web called TWiki. Thats pretty confusing
14:31:01Zagorthere's a site name? ;)
14:32:17ZagorBagder: the idea with keeping the lock a while is that people tend to press Back in the browser and edit the page again without grabbing a new lock.
14:32:29Zagormattzz: fixed
14:33:09mattzzin Twiki.cfg, called wikiToolName
14:33:19mattzzwhooo, fast
14:33:35 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|meeting (
14:40:06Zagormy battery test is totally nuts. 40% battery left after 13 hours!
14:41:17lImbusTWikiRegistration (oops): lImbus is not a good WikiName. What a bummer :-(
14:41:58 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
14:42:02 Quit midk|sleepie-ing (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:47:23BagderI'm seriously thinking of making a pong
14:47:31 Nick mattzz|meeting is now known as mattzz (
14:47:41BagderI think rockbox needs one
14:47:55Zagorpong == salvation
14:49:07Bagderf1+left for one player, f3+right for the other player
14:49:47c0uttacygwin == killkillkill
14:50:07c0uttals uisw32.exe
14:50:32c0uttabash: uisw32.exe: command not found
14:51:10Bagderyou may not have . in your path
14:51:15c0uttai'm going to puke
14:51:52Bagderwe don't mind that: one of the benefits of internet communication :-)
14:51:57 Join devnull [0] (
14:52:21devnullI'm a little stuck
14:52:32c0uttaand please tell me where i change my path in cygwin ?
14:52:38devnullI have just bought a universal car adaptor
14:52:46ZagorBagder: are you editing DocsIndex?
14:52:48devnullWondering if it would work with my FMR
14:52:54BagderZagor: no
14:53:12LinusNdevnull: 6V 600mA center positive
14:53:26c0utta.bash_profile is not found
14:53:30devnullah... it's 1500ma
14:53:34devnullthanks anyway :)
14:53:47LinusNthat'll probably work anyway
14:54:47[IDC]DragonZagor: how about your battery plugin as a background task?
14:54:52LinusNas long as it's >= 600mA
14:55:21[IDC]Dragon(TSR plugin, you know ;-)
14:55:22Zagor[IDC]Dragon: good idea
14:56:24Zagorit's still pretty interesting seeing this massive runtime, even if it's not "real life" rockbox load.
14:58:06 Nick lImbus is now known as lImbus|meeting (
14:58:19devnullah cool, so I won't kill it then :)
14:58:31[IDC]Dragon is my first and only TSR plugin
14:58:40devnullyippie... gonna be using it at Glastonbury festival then... perhaps I should try some recording
14:59:03devnullby the way, you prob hear it all the time, but rockbox... blooming fantastic!
14:59:13Zagorthanks :)
14:59:26Bagderemacs has a pong!
14:59:43BagderM-x pong
14:59:49devnulldoesn't emacs have everything...
15:01:02LinusNwoo, it's hard
15:01:06Zagordon't disturb, i'm playing...
15:01:16Bagderit doesn't make coffee
15:01:58Bagdernow, if we just make a lisp interpreter we can use that! ;-P
15:02:23Zagordid you hear about the guy who added a lisp machine to the linux kernel?
15:02:31LinusNpong in the kernel!
15:02:31Zagor...he complained about getting stack overflows...
15:02:51 Quit devnull ("Leaving")
15:03:03LinusNand if "pong" was an inet device: ping pong
15:03:14*Zagor gives linus a yellow card
15:03:36Bagdereveryone should have a host in /etc/host named pong
15:03:48Zagor127.0.0.1 localhost pong
15:03:59LinusNut me domarn!
15:06:50Heseveryone should have a 'warez' in their zone file (pointing to localhost, of course)
15:10:37Zagorfor the ftp speed bragging rights? ;)
15:13:52 Quit ka__ ("Leaving")
15:14:28mattzzZagor: the table plugin would be really nice to have
15:15:34*mattzz just sees that basic table abilities are already provided....
15:16:26Zagoryes, that's enabled by default
15:16:48Zagormaybe the table plugin makes them prettier
15:26:53 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk|gone (
15:29:48Zagormattzz: i suggest renaming RockboxUserInterface to something with "proposal" or "discussion". otherwise people can be very confused.
15:30:33 Quit midk|gone ("sudden death, yo?")
15:30:38 Join midk [0] (
15:30:56 Nick midk is now known as midk|gone (
15:31:29mattzzZagor: U r right
15:34:21mattzz[x] done
15:35:30mattzzZagor: there is absolutely no left border, so the html pages are looking a bit squeezed
15:35:44Zagoryes, i noticed that too. i'll look into it.
15:35:46mattzzis that intentional
15:35:54Bagderit is
15:36:01Bagderthe rockbox css is like that
15:36:30Zagoryes, but it uses a left-side menu in which this works. with text all the way to the left it doesn't look as good.
15:36:39Bagderah, right
15:36:47mattzzno! left!!!! left!!!!
15:37:09ZagorI haven't made up my mind if I want the left-side menu in twiki too or not.
15:37:31mattzzno prob, I just stumbled across that
15:37:40Zagorit wastes page space but it also makes the twiki more integrated
15:37:54*Bagder hits mattzz
15:37:56mattzzI like the rockbox css
15:38:20*mattzz was hit on his _left_ side
15:44:39mattzzZagor: Do you want me to append "Proposal" to all topics belonging to the RockboxUserInterfaceProposal? Might be a good idea...
15:46:27Zagoronly TrackScreen, I think. the rest are obviously discussions and are thus not as confusing.
15:52:18LinusNgotta go, bye all
15:52:21 Part LinusN
16:01:07mattzzZagor: how about adding bugs and patches to
16:01:44Zagorgood idea
16:02:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:07:18 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
16:08:43 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
16:08:58Zagor"Bug:" "Patch:" and "Request:" now works.
16:11:09 Quit RaZorbacK (Client Quit)
16:14:32mattzzc u l8er, gotta go
16:14:40 Quit mattzz ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
16:32:28 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
16:33:01 Quit froloff (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:52 Quit RaZorbacK (Client Quit)
16:45:36 Join OrionUser [0] (
16:47:54 Quit OrionUser (Client Quit)
16:48:49 Join OrionUser [0] (
16:49:40 Quit OrionUser (Client Quit)
16:52:17Zagorbouncy bouncy
16:54:49elinenbe|sleepswhat's that supposed to mean?
16:55:12Zagororionuser/razorback keeps bouncing in and out of the channel
16:59:52*Bagder plays pong
17:00:17Bagderit bit rough still
17:01:03Zagori found that you can exclude headings from %TOC% by adding !! to the header: −−-+!! exlcuded header
17:01:34Zagoryeah, makes the faq toc looks good
17:02:21Bagderthe x11sim over ssh from far away is not the fastest thing on earth
17:03:19Bagderso its hard to judge the speed of the game so far
17:04:52 Join ka [0] (~tkirk@
17:05:11Zagori added twiki to the left-side menu
17:05:46Bagderboth pads can bounce it
17:06:09Bagderjust no "smart" bounce depending on y-axis hit
17:11:55 Join jakesir [0] (
17:14:15DBUGEnqueued KICK jakesir
17:16:11jakesir[IDC]Dragon, what happends if first ~2000 is not ok and that miniMon is not loading?
17:16:38CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:16:38*jakesir Server Stopped (Reason: I'm a leecher)
17:17:17jakesirI checked the level converter and pretty sure it's working
17:21:38*jakesir Server Stopped (Reason: I'm a leecher)
17:26:39*jakesir Server Stopped (Reason: I'm a leecher)
17:29:46 Part Bagder
17:31:25[IDC]Dragonjakesir: are you still there?
17:31:39*jakesir Server Stopped (Reason: I'm a leecher)
17:32:21Zagorjakesir: would you mind removing the script that says that?
17:33:07 Quit ka (Nick collision from services.)
17:33:55 Join ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
17:36:39*jakesir Server Stopped (Reason: I'm a leecher)
17:39:02 Quit ka__ ("Leaving")
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17:51:23Zagori'm off
17:51:24 Part Zagor
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18:02:51jakesirsorry about that
18:03:28jakesirdidn't see that script running
18:05:29 Quit jakesir (Client Quit)
18:10:01 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:10:58 Quit elinenbe|sleeps (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:10:59 Join jakesir [0] (
18:11:08 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|sleeps (
18:11:38jakesirsorry about the script
18:12:52 Nick lImbus|meeting is now known as lImbus (
18:17:26[IDC]Dragonjakesir: now I'm paying attention again
18:19:31[IDC]Dragonjakesir: minimon doesn't need to get loaded via serial, it's alread present when you F3+On
18:20:14[IDC]Dragonuse option -n
18:20:32jakesiri checked my level converter using teraterm
18:20:38jakesirand it looks good
18:20:46[IDC]Dragonand a loopback?
18:20:55jakesirwhat ever I send in I get that same character using loopback
18:21:13[IDC]Dragonand without, you don't
18:21:15jakesirI check the voltage and I get ~3.8
18:21:25jakesiryes, w/o I don't
18:22:21jakesirwhen I do uart_boot -r -p COM1 -n -b, i don't get any blinking
18:22:35[IDC]Dragonwhat is the command line you're using?
18:23:04jakesirso, i'm thinking the miniMon is not working>>
18:23:11[IDC]Dragonwhat model do you have?
18:23:18jakesirV2, 20gig
18:23:23jakesirw/o FM
18:23:42jakesirbut the board says JBR-FM v2.2
18:23:47[IDC]Dragonyou should include -h then
18:23:53jakesirjust no daughter board on it
18:24:00[IDC]Dragonelse it may shut off
18:24:20[IDC]Dragonoh, no, you're not using the uart boot
18:24:36[IDC]Dragonthen my bootloader does that
18:24:59[IDC]Dragonforget it, sorry
18:25:30[IDC]Dragonyou have it open? then you could do the uart boot mod
18:25:48[IDC]Dragonif you can solder
18:25:52jakesirso try uart_boot -r -p COM1 -h -n -b???
18:26:12jakesiryes, I have it open and it's been open for almost a month
18:26:22jakesiri hope I can find/remember all the parts
18:26:41[IDC]Dragonno -h necessary, only if you use the uart boot mod
18:27:18[IDC]Dragonsee the pictures under:
18:27:53jakesiryes, the one with cut here
18:28:34jakesiryes, that's on the other side of the board
18:28:39[IDC]Dragonyes, if you cut there and attach a wire to Gnd, you're in uart boot mode
18:29:12[IDC]Dragonah, yes, you'd need to unsolder the board from the chassis
18:29:25jakesirshould be no problem
18:30:18jakesirso, where am i exactly cutting?
18:30:38[IDC]Dragonnot visibble from the pic?
18:30:39jakesirjust 2nd pin from the top-right?
18:30:58jakesirsort of hard to tell
18:31:07[IDC]Dragonthe pins of the right row are all connected
18:31:27[IDC]Dragonyou cut the connection between that row and the via
18:31:42[IDC]Dragonyou'll see when facing it
18:32:30[IDC]Dragonconnect the wire to the via (+3V) again for normal start
18:33:14[IDC]Dragonand be sure it's really insulated by the cut, else you'd connect +3V and Gnd
18:33:32jakesirok, so, let me repeat, cut connection, attach a wire to group to that point
18:34:23jakesirand start the JBR w/F3-ON?
18:34:37jakesirand re-run uart_boot?
18:34:46[IDC]Dragonno, connect the wire to Gnd and just start
18:34:58jakesirwhat will that do?
18:35:09[IDC]Dragonthen use uart_boot with -h instead of -n
18:35:39[IDC]Dragonit will tell the code in the boot ROM to wait for code from the serial
18:36:35jakesirand after dump and flash, resolder it back?
18:36:48[IDC]Dragon-s is also good, to stop the disk from spinning all the time
18:36:50jakesirthe cut points
18:37:01[IDC]Dragonyes, re-connect
18:37:30jakesirhmm than i got to be very carefull not to cut too much
18:37:36[IDC]Dragonfor a test, you can loosely connect the wire to +3V at any convenient place
18:38:22[IDC]Dragonalso later you don't need to attach to exactly there, can be some other point
18:38:41[IDC]Dragondo you have a continuity tester?
18:39:08jakesirwait... so what am I cutting? power(3v)??
18:39:25jakesiryes, i have multimeter
18:39:39[IDC]Dragonthe power to the pullup resistors, yes
18:39:42jakesiri use that to verify the cutting
18:41:17jakesirso, when I cut, attach one side of cut, ie end of resistor(103) to Ground
18:41:27[IDC]Dragon+3V are probably available at many capacitors close to logic ICs, for blocking their supply
18:41:28jakesirand the other side of cut to the +3?
18:41:42[IDC]Dragonthe other side is +3V
18:41:51[IDC]Dragonno need to connect that
18:42:49jakesiroh, now I get it
18:43:03jakesirok, wish me luck
18:43:21jakesiri got to find my exacto knife
18:44:20jakesiris there any other way to test more using current setup?
18:45:50[IDC]Dragonnot really, if you say your serial is OK
18:46:26[IDC]Dragonbut I find it very strange. Didn't you say you can run the Archos s/w?
18:47:02jakesirwith F1+ON
18:47:11[IDC]Dragonso tha flash appears to be intact up to there
18:47:35[IDC]Dragonbut that doesn't load Rockbox from disk?
18:48:47jakesirpressing just ON button will turn on the system but nothing happends
18:48:49[IDC]Dragonand you have the .ajz for your model?
18:49:10[IDC]Dragonhave you tried both the FM and V2 version?
18:49:11jakesirand it will turn itself off after ~15 seconds
18:49:21[IDC]Dragonmaybe there is a mixup
18:49:21jakesiri tried almost every version
18:49:47jakesiras well as daily build-up
18:50:01jakesirso, it's very strange
18:51:05 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
18:51:49jakesirwait, if I get ~3.8 from Rx and none from Tx, is that right?
18:53:12jakesiri'm talking about the level converter
18:58:24[IDC]DragonTX viewed from which side?
18:58:35jakesirlevel converter
18:58:49[IDC]DragonI mean, TX is the pin driven by the PC
18:59:15[IDC]Dragonconnected to RX of the box
18:59:24[IDC]Dragonand vice-versa?
19:00:13[IDC]Dragonthe PC output must be connected to the box's input
19:00:21[IDC]Dragonand vice versa
19:00:48jakesirpin 11 and 12 form max3232
19:01:19[IDC]Dragonah, the crossing is already in the schematic
19:02:10[IDC]Dragonwhat's calles TX there is in fact RX of the PC
19:02:11jakesiryes, so pin11 = Tx, I get no voltage when running uart boot
19:02:26jakesir pin12 = Rx, I get ~3.8
19:02:34[IDC]DragonOK, because that's the input of the PC
19:03:00[IDC]DragonMAX pin 12 is the one driven by the PC
19:03:09[IDC]Dragonall OK then
19:03:37jakesiru sure??
19:04:19jakesir'cause I went through this logic and sometimes it makes sense and sometimes not
19:04:33[IDC]Dragonyes, TX means the TX of Rockbox then
19:05:28jakesiri'm just too stress out
19:05:58jakesiryes, it makes sense, Rx of the rockbox w/3.8v
19:06:15jakesirTx waiting for output
19:06:48jakesirso if it test for voltage after connecting everything and running w/ -b I should get some voltage out of tx
19:12:52jakesiri wish i had a scope
19:15:28[IDC]Dragonif you connect, you should see the idle high voltage at TX.
19:16:07[IDC]Dragonsomething like 3V.
19:16:24jakesiryes, i just checked
19:16:45jakesirit was 3.3 v
19:28:09 Join Zagor [0] (
19:30:53Zagortest ended after 19 hours!
19:31:20amiconnZagor: What mAh rating?
19:35:04amiconnsame as mine, so no need to measure myself
19:35:50Zagorit's quite a bit longer than I expected
19:37:22[IDC]Dragonwe have to watch for global_settings.runtime and topruntime, those are 16 bit signed
19:37:45[IDC]Dragonyou're not allowed to run longer than 32767 seconds
19:38:12[IDC]Dragona little over 9 hours
19:38:48Zagorouch, how silly
19:38:54Zagori wrote that :)
19:41:31[IDC]Dragondon't change it now, I'm working on that code.
19:42:24 Join Doensen [0] (
19:42:56lImbushi doensen, how are you ?
19:43:09Doensenfine... nice to see you ;-)
19:43:29Doensenby the way: i use trillian. that FUNZT too
19:44:05lImbusexcept from umlauts, I suppose
19:45:08lImbushope you'll get your rockbox-recorder very soon
19:46:06Doenseni hope it, too
19:46:28 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|food (
19:47:50[IDC]Dragongotta go
19:47:59 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
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20:09:30 Join AciD [0] (
20:09:30 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:26:04 Join Decimal-12 [0] (
20:26:52 Quit Decimal-12 (Client Quit)
20:27:59lImbushuh ?
20:44:21 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
20:45:08Neurosupherotneed help please
20:45:18Neurosupherothow to convert a bmp
20:45:23Neurosupherotwith bmp2rb
20:55:50 Join pfavr [0] (
21:02:00 Quit Neurosupherot ()
21:03:58 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
21:11:36 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
21:19:29 Nick Zagor|food is now known as Zagor (
21:28:03 Quit jakesir ()
21:32:19 Quit lImbus ()
21:43:52amiconnIs there a known maximum period after which a Rockbox plugin should definitely yield()?
21:44:16Zagoryou'll notice when music starts stuttering ;)
21:44:27amiconnI'm asking because mandelbrot.rock currently doesn't yield() at all while calculationg.
21:45:20amiconnThis may even cause Rockbox to hang when it wants to reload the buffer
21:45:50Zagordo you mean freeze, or really hang permanently?
21:46:47amiconnIt once happened to me; seemed to hang permanently, or rather reacts to some button presses, but not all
21:47:06amiconnI will try to reproduce it
21:53:04 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:55:50amiconnZagor: I managed to reproduce the effect (sort of).
21:56:24Zagorhow long does it typically calculate?
21:56:54amiconnIf the mandelbrot plugin is running while listening to music and then a number of calculation cycles is started while rockbox tries to load the next chunk of mp3, the following may happen (not always):
21:57:50amiconn(1) The music stop (obviously), sometimes it plays very short chunks between then calculation cycles, hd led constantly on & disk spinning
21:59:05amiconn(2) After leaving the plugin, the playback has seemingly stopped, but hasn't - the "silent play" some people have observed in conjunction with rld
21:59:38Zagorhave you tried adding some yields? is one per calculated y-line enough, for instance?
22:00:00amiconn(3) If you then pause the playback and un-pause again, it continues to play. However, it then reloads _very_ often
22:00:35Zagori guess the disk spinup timer has gone bonkers, saying it takes minutes to spin the disk...
22:00:59amiconnAhh, this would explain the short reload cycle.
22:01:33Zagorwe could add a max time of 10 seconds or something
22:01:45Zagorjust for extra robustness
22:02:43amiconnNow the reload cycle is back to normal. Still I don't get what the silent play is coming from
22:02:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:03:13Zagormaybe we have bugs in the error handling, so we don't properly detect the failed loading
22:03:47amiconnDoes the mas mute when it is fed with bad mpeg data?
22:06:11amiconnI will try out mandelbrot with an added yield() for every column.
22:18:31amiconnIt is not enough to yield() after each column - the buffer reloading still takes ages then, and the music stops
22:18:54amiconnHowever, it finally manages to reload, and the music continues. No more silent play
22:19:03Zagoris the mandelbrot calculation noticeably slower with the yields in?
22:20:10amiconnAs it is now (once every column) it is not noticeable
22:21:17amiconnHmm. My second try now gave me silent play (for about 30 seconds, then it auto-recovered)
22:22:21amiconnTrying within yield() ing after every pixel...
22:26:44amiconn...this does the trick, and you can see the effect - when rockbox reloads the buffer, you can "see" the bitswap working - the mandelbrot calculation almost stop for some seconds
22:31:47amiconnyield() ing after every pixel slows down mandelbrot calculation by about 50% (for the default number of iterations)
22:41:51 Part Doensen
22:42:43amiconnI now have something what I think is a good compromise: yielding after every pixel, but only if at least one tick has passed
22:43:16 Join Bagder [0] (
22:43:21 Nick elinenbe|sleeps is now known as elinenbe (
22:44:01amiconnThis slows down calculation by only ~10% (rough estimation), while still ensuring correct playback
22:52:45amiconnBagder: your latest change causes compiler warnings for the rec & fm sims (unused variable). Should I fix it?
22:53:04Bagderyes please do
22:53:35 Join pfavr [0] (
22:55:34elinenbeamiconn: while you are fixing the warnings... add ogg, aac, and divx −− thanks!
22:55:50 Quit pfavr (Remote closed the connection)
22:55:54amiconnelinenbe: rotfl
22:56:37elinenbeokay −− what about mpg and xvid then?
22:57:04elinenbeseriously though... what ever happened to your nice minesweeper clone?
22:57:43amiconnI think I have the same problem as many other people - much more ideas than spare time...
22:57:50elinenbeI hear you.
23:06:59amiconnGrrr. The rec/fm sim warning is now fixed, but my mandelbrot yield() fix now introduced another one...
23:09:31*Bagder writes a new game
23:10:54amiconnBagder: what game?
23:11:48amiconnDoes it use grayscale? ;)
23:11:58 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
23:12:17Bagderbut I guess we could make it
23:12:28Bagderfillrects only so far
23:13:19RaZorbacKhello i'm testing sory
23:14:08RaZorbacKhello i'm testing soryso how are the ppl in here?
23:14:09Zagorbattery drain graph:
23:15:10Bagder10000% is a lot of percent ;-)
23:15:26Zagorheh, yeah me and gnumeric didn't get along :)
23:16:00BagderZagor: pong is _really_ fast when run locally ;-)
23:16:55amiconnZagor: While you are right about the pretty good linearity, the absolute values may be shifted by a considerable amount
23:17:41amiconnFor me, Rockbox shows 100% directly after charging, then goes down to ~60% pretty fast.
23:18:16 Quit RaZorbacK ()
23:18:16Zagorthis test was done after charging the batteries in an external charger. i will note that.
23:18:39amiconnAfter that, the level decreases quite linearly. If Rockbox already shows < 10% (blinking), it is possible to play music for a few more _hours_
23:19:08Zagoryeah, that's my next test: run until open() fails
23:19:14amiconnI'm using branded (Ansmann) 2200 mAh cells
23:19:25elinenbeI am assuming all the documentation is moving to the wiki?
23:19:43Zagori'm using GP cells
23:19:53elinenbeis there any way to export everything in the wiki to a single html file or anything like that?
23:20:58Zagoryes and no.
23:21:09elinenbegreat answer!
23:21:14Zagoreverything is stored in flat text files, so the data is easy to grab
23:21:33Zagorhowever some of the parsing twiki does is pretty advanced
23:22:29elinenbeI wonder what sort of battery life these would get with your plugin?
23:23:16elinenbeso, what is the deal with the plugin? why does it run so long? you should just have it select a directory and play through it...
23:23:39Zagoryes but then it wouldn't log the battery level
23:23:52Zagori don't know why it runs for so long. it's interesting.
23:24:15Zagorit implies some things are using more power than I thought
23:24:32amiconnZagor: cpu? mas? backlight?
23:24:51elinenbeyour plugin just uses the hard drive and the screen −− right?
23:25:06Zagorright. and only very rarely the screen.
23:25:07elinenbeyou need to mimic cpu and mas access too...
23:25:53Zagorwe can do that by making the plugin TSR, and just do logging while we play a playlist around and around
23:26:16Zagorbut I want to dig deeper into what's not using power when the plugin runs
23:26:35elinenbeis there support for TSR plugins?
23:26:50elinenbeis it currently used in anything?
23:27:56amiconnelinenbe: Yes, but not within plugins that are in cvs
23:29:44amiconnThe screen access has no measurable impact on power consuption (I measured this because grayscale heavily accesses it)
23:30:29Zagoruwe measured a 3-4 mA difference when playing music and being idle, so that doesn't seem to account for it either
23:30:56Zagorperhaps the cpu sleeping is saving more power than we think
23:31:04amiconnThe energy consumption of the mas is listed in the data sheet.
23:31:23*Zagor goes to look
23:31:43amiconnIirc, the cpu causes a current difference of ~10 mA between 100% load and idle
23:32:40Zagorabsolute maximum power dissipation from the mas is 650mW
23:33:36elinenbeso, what is draining the batts?
23:33:56Zagorthe cpu is using lots
23:34:03elinenbewhat type of power drain does the amp use?
23:34:39Zagorit's included in the mas
23:37:27Zagoruh, wait a minute. isn't 650mW 130mA at 5V?
23:37:44amiconnit is...
23:38:11Zagorso the mas could definitely be the power drain
23:40:56 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
23:41:33amiconnthe cpu may also contribute to it. The data sheet says 60 mA typical (90 mA max) when operating, 40 mA (60 mA) in sleep mode (at 12.5 MHz)
23:45:11amiconnErr. Of course it is 40 mA (70 mA) in sleep mode
23:48:07amiconnBagder: Is it intentional that the link to the voice clips (both in the wiki and from the old docs page) does lead directly to a directory listing?
23:49:20BagderI blame Zagor ;-)
23:49:39*Bagder fixed
23:49:42RaZorbacKhello people, can I ask you a question about the script mp3clipgen and rockbox? sory, i'm a bit newbie and i dunno if its the right place :)
23:51:07Bagderyou don't need to ask before you ask
23:51:15Bagderjust ask and see if anyone knows
23:52:57RaZorbacKok thank you. i've used the script to genrate the .talk file and, since i'm french, i've selected the french voice (at&t juliette) from the control pannel. but, even if i select the french voice, my .talk files are spoken by at&t chrystal voice. Am i doing something wrong?
23:54:55amiconnRaZorbacK: No. This is because the script does select an english voice by default.
23:55:06Bagderand we have a commit
23:55:09amiconnIf you want to change this, you have two options.
23:56:11amiconnEither change the language id the script selects to french, or take the selection out completely.
23:56:42amiconnThe script will use the default voice selected from the control panel in the latter case.
23:56:43*Zagor bows to Bagder's pong greatness
23:56:59Bagderits actually somewhat playable in the sim ;-)
23:57:26Zagoroh, by the way, i think splash() bugs if you put % in the format string
23:57:30RaZorbacKok thanks for the precision: what do you mean by "take the selection completely?"
23:58:17amiconnIf you open the script in a text editor, go to line 115. There you'll find the instruction "Set spkr.Voice = spkr.GetVoices("Language=409").Item(0)"
23:58:51amiconnIf you want to take out the language selection completely, change this to "Set spkr.Voice = spkr.GetVoices("").Item(0)"

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