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#rockbox log for 2004-06-17

00:00:01BagderZagor: splash takes a printf() set
00:00:06Bagder% should be %%
00:00:21Zagorit is
00:00:31Zagorno it's not... sorry
00:01:45RaZorbacKok so you mean that if i take out the selection, the manual selection will be used?
00:02:10RaZorbacKi mean from the control pannel?
00:02:27RaZorbacKmany thanks, i'll try that
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00:03:25RaZorbacKfinally, thank you to the devs who have provided to access a jukebox for blind users. I was waiting for that, thats why the voice feature is so important
00:07:55amiconnRaZorbacK: The hexadecimal language id for French is 40C
00:08:44RaZorbacKho thanks, I was just loking for it on... google :)
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00:20:52Bagderhi hardeep
00:21:14amiconnBagder: Pong causes compile errors...
00:21:43Bagderfixes made
00:21:53Bagderme stupid
00:22:04midk|gonedid you write it bagder?
00:22:08BagderI did
00:22:12midk|gonenice work
00:22:15Bagderthis afternoon
00:22:17Zagorit's nice, at least in the sim :)
00:22:17midk|gonei was writing breakout...
00:23:06Bagderpong is a lot easier
00:23:08Bagderto write
00:23:26midk|goneyes, i have breakout fairly *done*, i just have to do collision detection which is a lot harder
00:23:52Zagorwhoa, you can get the ball to move pretty fast in pong!
00:24:00Zagoruncatchably fast :)
00:24:05midk|gonedo the paddles move fairly fast?
00:24:29BagderZagor: it needs a little adjusting on the collision => new angle/speed algorithm
00:24:39midk|gonei see it's two player −− is there a one player mode too?
00:24:51ZagorBagder: i want an AI. i have no friends.
00:25:01Bagderuse two hands!
00:25:10midk|gonesounds fun..
00:26:13midk|gonewow. i should have done pong instead.
00:26:23midk|gonei already have a pong engine, really..
00:26:26Bagderfeel free to improve mine
00:26:33midk|gone*implements logo selector
00:26:39amiconnBagder: Why do you use 112/64 and not LCD_WIDTH/LCD_HEIGHT ?
00:27:10midk|gonei think i had a dream that i was coding for rockbox
00:27:24midk|gonemy clock update..
00:27:26midk|goneand i was like
00:27:30midk|gone"hey it works!"
00:28:45amiconnmidk|gone: still gone?
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00:37:04Bagderamiconn: I wasn't sure those defines were present in the plugins
00:38:20amiconnThey are, I use them e.g. in the grayscale lib
00:45:49elinenbeBagder: I think that game should be grayscale.
00:45:53 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
00:46:07Bagderfeel free to improve! ;-)
00:46:32Bagderthe ball and pads could in fact be grayscale
00:50:10Zagori think the ball should bounce on the pads instead of the wall ;)
00:50:26Bagderfeel free to improve! ;-)
00:50:31midkmy breakout is grayscale
00:50:47BagderZagor: it does bounce on the pads and not the wall
00:50:56Bagderbut it could be better
00:51:19midkthe controls sound a bit fiddly
00:51:27midkbut i forgive you
00:53:09Bagdersleep time
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01:26:56elinenbemidk: you have a pong game too?
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01:27:08midkbreakout... not finished
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01:38:15Zagorbed time
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04:01:10midknight2k3hi bc
04:01:36midknight2k3how are you?
04:01:41BlueChiplinus has been busy - just had to update the devkit for the second time this week
04:01:51BlueChipvery sneezy today
04:02:01midknight2k3quite tired for some reason
04:02:11BlueChipwent to the cinema, they have air conditioners
04:02:36midknight2k3tomorrow is the last day of school for 3 months −− i plan to board up my boor and lock my window and live off my pc for the next few months
04:02:44BlueChipwhat do you use for a rockbox dev kit under windows?
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04:03:01BlueChiplol :)
04:03:06midknight2k3although checkout seems busted
04:03:16BlueChipI vaguely recall you mentioning something about a full cygwin install
04:03:25BlueChipmust have been some1 else
04:03:29BlueChipwhat is bust?
04:03:30midknight2k3i used to do that... i have no reason to anymore
04:05:05midknight2k3i think i'll try and set up your devkit tonight, so i can finish my clock update, and move on
04:05:46BlueChipthere is a weird problem with the win32sim in the latest tarball
04:06:49BlueChipgpf's in one of the sim routines - afiact, sim_readdir is returning a werid value
04:07:03BlueChip"46" for the record
04:07:24BlueChipand this line: strcpy(secret.d_name, x11->d_name); gpfs
04:07:43midknight2k3it's broken.
04:07:49midknight2k3that's my advice
04:07:55midknight2k3would you like to pay for it or get it free?
04:08:18BlueChipanyway, back to tracing the cause of the crash....
04:08:22midknight2k3i offer you a free option because i know for a fact that you are capable of doing something to me
04:08:33midknight2k3for most i'd charge... a bit of money for that
04:09:53midknight2k3you know you're tired when you try pressing "ALT + CAPS LOCK" to switch programs.
04:10:19midknight2k3ok back to bullet time
04:10:26BlueChipno keyboard buffer full alarm clock then?
04:10:50BlueChiptry falling alseep on your kbd sometime
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04:24:59billytwowillyif I'm trying to send some songs to my archos jukeobx 6000 from linux with the 2.6 kernel is it normal for the transfer to stall for a while?
04:26:48BlueChipsorry, i endure windows
04:27:19billytwowillyI remember banging my head against the wall because the windows drivers sucked;) Of course, this was several years ago.
04:27:38billytwowillyI haven't used my rockbox for a while because the hard drive was butched.
04:27:44BlueChiplol - now you're doing the same over some other OS ....the circle of life, and all that - lol
04:28:00billytwowillyBut now I upgraded the hard drive.
04:28:17BlueChipdont suppose you're good with C are you?
04:28:38billytwowillyactually, I was just impatient. I should have waited another minute because it's started up again. Seems to stall lots the first time, then stall for smaller amounts of time during the upload
04:28:58billytwowillyheh, I don't program no good;)
04:29:12BlueChipif you are on usb 1.1 you will notice the dealy as (i suspect) it caches the fat
04:29:35billytwowillyyep. usb 1.1. So that's the culprit.
04:29:44billytwowillyatleast it completes;)
04:29:54BlueChip2.0 is worth the £5 upgrade
04:30:11billytwowillyI'm really happy I transfered my mp3s over before I put the hard drive in;)
04:30:20billytwowillythe 6000 doesn't support 2.0.
04:30:20BlueChipoh yes
04:30:30BlueChipah sorry
04:30:34billytwowillybut my laptop will have 2.0 when I get it in august.
04:30:49BlueChipit'll make a good walkman
04:31:31billytwowillyyah. I needed something for running. I looked at the flash players and the cheapest one that would work was 170 CAD. a 20 gig laptop drive was 125 CAD;)
04:31:35billytwowillyso upgrade it was.
04:32:09billytwowillyanyhoo, I'm off to go run now that my mp3s are transfered;)
04:32:15billytwowillygood luck with your C problem.
04:32:43 Part billytwowilly ("Leaving")
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04:44:43midkhi bcbc
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07:12:34midkOK THAT'S IT
07:12:47midk*makes a mental promise to finish clock update by july
07:26:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
07:30:29LinusNjuly, ok :-)
07:30:43midkmaybe i'll bump that to august..
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08:34:03BlueChipLinus, got a few minutes to chat about the win32sim?
08:39:30BlueChipI've grabbed the three .h files, and all compiles well, but the sim is gpf'ing
08:39:47BlueChipI've also tried a new cygwin download, and the sim under that simply exits
08:41:00BlueChipI've tried to trace the gpf, but get as far as one line, and am not sure where the code goes
08:44:08*LinusN is compiling the latest CVS win32 simulator
08:44:35BlueChipmy base test has been the 16/06 tarball
08:45:16BlueChipsadly I cannot test from cvs :(
08:45:58LinusNwhy not?
08:46:15BlueChipnever managed to suss cvs! :(
08:46:23midki shall render it overnight.
08:47:11LinusNthe 16/6 tarball should work, iirc
08:47:44LinusNwhich part of cvs is a problem for you?
08:49:07BlueChipI think expereince mainly ...Tried several different peoples' systems ...never managed to get anything that works
08:49:29BlueChipbut daily tarball works well, so that's cool
08:49:50LinusNnot sussing cvs is bad for you :-)
08:50:45BlueChipMaybe I will look at it again once I get the sim working again
08:51:23LinusNwhat did you do to trace the gpf?
08:53:42LinusNtry running uisw32.exe with gdb
08:53:48LinusNgdb uisw32.exe
08:53:56LinusNthen "run"
08:54:22BlueChipthat would need to be done with the version that just cacks out - the one that gpfs is built with the devkit with no gdb
08:55:52LinusNa devkit with no gdb? come on...
08:56:26BlueChipnobody that uses it has ever shown the slightest interest
08:57:22BlueChipin fact the v2 devkit has received some mighty flattering feedback
08:57:57LinusNgood for you
08:58:08LinusNok, let's find the sim crash then
08:58:43BlueChipapp_main calls browse_root
08:58:45LinusNfirst of all, have you tried to add all versions of the .h files that were missing in your devkit?
08:59:02BlueChipI have tried about 6 different versions
08:59:25BlueChip(i started counting and lost interest after awhile)
09:00:09LinusNi assume that it is the simulated file/dir API that crashes on you
09:01:00BlueChipthe line that crashes is
09:01:03LinusNas an experiment, try adding *all* header files to your devkit, make clean and run it
09:01:19BlueChipstrcpy(secret.d_name, x11->d_name);
09:01:28BlueChipin sim_readdir
09:01:48BlueChip(int)x11->dname == 46
09:02:13BlueChipi believe the problem to be caused by: x11 = (readdir)(dir->dir);
09:02:24BlueChipbut I have no idea where that call is redirected to
09:02:35 Join Bagder [241] (
09:02:46BlueChipthere are no required header files missing
09:02:46midkbagder is just in time to see my picture
09:03:32 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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09:03:39midkweird? lol
09:03:41LinusNBlueChip: the include path may play some tricks on you
09:04:02LinusNmidk: nice
09:04:09BlueChiplol - cool
09:04:32midkother than a source of the bullets, what's it need.
09:04:49Zagorwaving in the wind
09:04:59Bagderand sound!
09:05:01midklol zagor.. that's a bit harder
09:05:11midkoh yeah.. let's just ask for me to recreate the matrix from scratch
09:05:16Zagorand a two-hour movie
09:05:17Bagderyes please
09:05:22*Bagder grins
09:05:22LinusNas a plugin
09:05:27midki can do a two hour movie
09:05:28midkas a plugin
09:05:33midkit will be 1x1 pixel
09:05:37midk*runs to textpad
09:06:04midkrather, lcd_drawpixel(5, 5);
09:06:12Bagderso anyone loaded pong on target yet?
09:06:16midkNOT I SIR!
09:06:18LinusNnot yet
09:06:28LinusNBlueChip: do this:
09:06:30LinusNcd /
09:06:37LinusNfind . -name dirent.h
09:07:41LinusNand they are the respective files from the standard cygwin installation?
09:08:23BlueChipthe second two are those which were selected by filemon when devzer0 did the original trim down
09:08:34BlueChipthe mingw one has been added by me
09:10:34LinusNok, but they have the same contents as the cygwin installation
09:10:46BlueChipthey are all three FROM
09:12:06LinusNi find it odd that it doesn't work with the "real" cygwin installation
09:12:11LinusNfor you
09:12:34BlueChipyes, very weird, maybe it is a 98 issue, as it was okay for mk under xp
09:13:20LinusNah, i haven't tried on win98 for a long time
09:13:24BlueChipbtw. the instructions on the rb page are out-dated
09:13:34LinusNwhat instructions?
09:14:12Bagderthey are updated now
09:14:16Bagderin twiki
09:14:20Bagderc0utta used them yday
09:14:31LinusNwhat was wrong?
09:14:40Bagdera name of a package was changed
09:14:43BlueChippackage listing is wrong
09:14:54BlueChipeg there is no "gcc-mingw-core"
09:15:27BlueChipthey seem to have renamed things
09:15:47BlueChipiirc gcc-mingw-runtime is now mingw-runtime
09:16:09Bagderthat one is updated in the docs
09:16:09BlueChipthere was (iirc) no "patchutils"
09:16:39BagderI see a gcc-mingw-core
09:17:07BagderI bet that's the one I installed
09:17:12Bagderwhen it was named like that
09:18:22BlueChipyes, just double checked at
09:18:51BlueChip(on the official cygwin list)
09:19:30BlueChipwrong number
09:20:37BlueChipalso if I compile convbdf with the latest cygwin it suffers an allocation error
09:20:38*LinusN is reinstalling by the instructions
09:21:18BlueChipconvbdf that is, not cygwin
09:22:01LinusNBlueChip: there is a gcc-mingw-runtime *and* a mingw-runtime, which is automatically selected when you select gcc-mingw-runtime
09:22:19 Join mattzz [0] (
09:22:33LinusNand yes, there is a patch-utils package
09:22:46LinusNpatchutils, sorry
09:23:01midkdoes this look like a better bullet
09:23:15BlueChipok, I'm going mad ...patchutils is not under devel?
09:23:20LinusNyes it is
09:23:35BlueChipwhich mirror are you using?
09:23:38LinusNwhich mirror are you using?
09:23:51DBUGSent KICK BlueChip to server
09:23:52Kick(#rockbox BlueChip :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!~bjst@
09:23:52 Join BlueChip [0] (
09:24:37BlueChipsorry, my client just hiccuped, can you repeat that mirror please?
09:28:10BlueChip and all give me "cannot open setup.bz2"
09:28:30 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
09:28:49LinusNit's in the mirror list
09:30:20BlueChipweird - works if I select it, not if I type it in
09:30:49 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:30:51BlueChipookkaaayyy, this is VERY different
09:31:04LinusNi think you're supposed to add a path, which is hidden in the mirror list
09:31:35BlueChipright - I'm gonna scrub down and start again with this site
09:31:36LinusNis in the mirror list?
09:31:54BlueChipyeah, I just picked it cos it was
09:32:13LinusNthen the deserve a good spanking for not having the correct stuff
09:32:24Zagorwhat's "ac" by the way? I've seen co and org.
09:32:33BlueChipacademic, universities mainly
09:32:43BlueChipon super-janet so very fast
09:34:25Zagorchucks, we only have normal-janet here :(
09:34:55BlueChip:( ...but I'll trade "super" for "getting out of the uk" any day - lol
09:39:48BlueChip"gcc-mingw-runtime" should read "mingw-runtime: MinGW Runtime" yes?
09:40:09 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
09:44:44BlueChipthanks, just to be sure ;)
09:45:34BlueChipshould I need the sh1 tools installed to build the sim?
09:45:43LinusNnot necessary
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09:54:14BlueChip"Running... No package .../etc/postinstall/" ...seems to have hung
09:54:15 Quit RaZorbacK ()
09:55:01BagderZagor: how do I create an automated index in twiki to list/link to plugin-pages?
09:55:01LinusNBlueChip: wow
09:55:24LinusNBlueChip: you are on win98?
09:55:51midk|SLEEPIN-YOnite bc, linus, bagder, zagor
09:55:56BlueChip(it's still sitting there ...I'll give it another minute or two)
09:55:58BlueChipnite mk
09:56:35ZagorBagder: add a line "CategoryPlugin: <description>" to each plugin page, then copy&modify the search command from the WebHome page.
10:02:15BlueChiprighty - I closed setup, it then said "install complete" (yes in that order) ...I reran setup ...did reinstall everything from disk ....install completed :)
10:03:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:10:37BlueChipholy b'jeezuz
10:10:54BlueChipI think I will be reporting that site to cygwin
10:12:02BlueChipI highly suugest you update your instructions to specify the use of the .se site
10:12:24BagderBlueChip: you can update too now ;-)
10:13:23Bagderthe docs
10:13:38Bagderthe docs is now in a wiki
10:13:43LinusNi just discovered some really annoying "features" with the mirror :-(
10:13:59BlueChipoh yes? I'm just about to do that bit
10:14:04LinusNevery goddamn package gets preselected
10:14:15BlueChipah, yes
10:14:25Bagderloooots of packages
10:14:33BlueChipnot tooo many
10:14:51Bagderthen you get curl, and that's good for you! ;-P
10:15:34BlueChiptried to sub to the cvs mailing list the other night and stumbled across your other projects
10:16:28Bagderwe keep busy
10:21:27BlueChipoh! The docs page has lost it's index :(
10:21:56Bagderwhich docs page?
10:22:22BlueChipdocs from the main page
10:22:28Zagoryou mean the left-side menu?
10:22:39Bagderit links to the twiki page now
10:22:41Zagorthat's because it's a twiki page, which don't have that yet
10:23:12BagderI guess those pages should have a left-side menu too
10:23:21Zagoryes, i think so too
10:23:30BlueChipit looks nice WITH
10:24:10Bagderit would make the twiki get a more integrated feel
10:26:27*LinusN contacted eric regarding the cygwin packages
10:30:25dwihnoAny of you guys have ghostscript experience?
10:30:32dwihno(mostly regarding ps2pdf)
10:30:45LinusNmy experience is that it only works if you're lucky
10:31:18LinusNi've had many head scratching hours with ps2pdf
10:31:21Bagderit works fine with non-complex ps in my experience
10:31:40Bagderas in my man => ps => pdf conversions
10:31:57LinusNit starts getting messy when you want to use non-bitmapped fonts
10:32:54LinusNdwihno: dod you have a question, or were you just doing a survey of our skills?
10:33:31BlueChipwow - remind me to get the sh1 tools first next time - that was horrific
10:34:05LinusNindeed, i have contacted him about it
10:34:06 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
10:35:42[IDC]Dragongood morning!
10:35:54Bagderhi jörg!
10:35:59BlueChiptop o' der mornin' to yer
10:36:38[IDC]Dragonhi Daniel, hi BC
10:37:21[IDC]Dragoncan somebody tell me the compiled size of settings_reset()? (from a mapfile at hand)
10:37:28BlueChipdoes anyone here sub to a cygwin mailing list?
10:37:52dwihnoLinusN: Well, I do. I want to make ghostscript downsample images and can't find any information about compression etc.
10:37:54*[IDC]Dragon has no SH environment here
10:38:46BlueChip 0x0900ba50 settings_apply_pm_range
10:38:46BlueChip 0x0900d9cc settings_reset
10:38:46BlueChip 0x0900dbf4 set_int
10:40:17[IDC]Dragonso 0xDBF4 - 0xD9CC = 0x228 = 552 bytes
10:40:53[IDC]Dragonif set_int() is really right behind settings_reset()
10:41:58BlueChipno other occurence of 0x0900d in the file
10:42:29BlueChip(outside that immediate list of procs)
10:43:12BlueChipoh no, hang on ...this is weird
10:45:05 Join amiconn [0] (
10:45:57LinusNdwihno: then you're on your own, i don't know anything about that
10:46:05Bagder1 - you lock the target 2 - you bate the line 3 - you slowly spread the net 4 - you catch the man
10:46:24Bagderjust so that you know
10:46:43dwihnoLinusN: Thanks anyways.
10:47:20BlueChipthe procs seem out of order, after some shuffling....
10:47:25BlueChip 0x0900d1b8 settings_save_config
10:47:26BlueChip 0x0900d9cc settings_reset
10:47:26BlueChip 0x0900db54 set_bool
10:47:53ZagorBagder: will you put that in a twiki page?
10:48:21Bagderthe 242 page
10:49:53[IDC]DragonBlueChip: 392 bytes then
10:50:57BlueChipyes, that seems a little more likely doesn't it? :)
10:51:24[IDC]Dragoncan't tell
10:52:02[IDC]DragonI'm evaluating if I should add another column to my settings table, containing the default
10:52:20amiconnhi all
10:52:24BlueChiphi ami
10:52:36[IDC]Dragonthat would get us rid of that code, but add 82*4 bytes
10:52:38BlueChip[IDC]Dragon: I placed default stuff in my code
10:52:45[IDC]Dragonwhich is about the same
10:53:08BlueChipit's a small saving :)
10:54:11amiconnBlueChip, LinusN: I'll try to build a cygwin environment similar to my WinXP one on Win98, to help sorting out the sim problem
10:54:19 Join AciD` [0] (
10:54:29BlueChipI think we may have found it
10:54:39Zagorwee, left menus
10:54:48BlueChipit seems okay if you install from a specific server
10:56:01BlueChipit's quite a different install of cygwin all together
10:56:32BlueChipZagor: MUCH nicer :)
10:56:56BagderZagor: then you can remove the logo from the twiki-side
10:57:00Zagoryup, on my way
10:57:17Bagdercan you remove the "Rockbox" text link too?
10:57:26Bagderits the same as the Main one and seems redundant
10:57:38 Join zentenga [0] (
10:58:18Zagortry the Register link. then it's not the same.
10:58:36zentengais there an rockbox version for the archos av340
10:58:41Zagorzentenga: no
10:58:42Bagderzentenga: no
10:58:57Zagorthere is a hacking project at
10:59:07zentengadamn... rockbox is great!
10:59:29BlueChipthe more help they get the faster rckbox will be running on it ;)
10:59:51zentengawell i guess i will have to div einto some code
11:00:22Zagoras I understand it, they are not aiming to make Rockbox run on it. they are aiming to run linux on it.
11:00:40BlueChipwhat a shame
11:00:54Zagorbut that doesn't mean we cannot use their research to port rockbox
11:01:14BlueChipadd another few hours to the day - lol
11:01:31Zagoryeah... isn't there an expansion kit I can buy?
11:01:38[IDC]DragonMy new table-driven settings code seems to work!
11:01:46BlueChipif you find one for sale, buy two :D
11:01:59[IDC]Dragon(not too exciting, I admit)
11:02:09BlueChipbut kewl none-the-less
11:02:24Bagdermy start at plugin-docs
11:03:37[IDC]DragonI've written something about the flash plugins
11:04:03BlueChipyes, that was a good doc, I meant to comment on that :)
11:04:33Zagorjust add a CategoryPlugin to it, and i'll show up on the plugin page
11:04:46BlueChipMight I suggest considering a format for the docs
11:04:57[IDC]DragonI need to update it, with the plugin browsing and stuff
11:05:05BlueChipmaybe, title, classification, author, etc
11:05:07BagderZagor: I think its better to add a new page for the plugin that links to the main flash page
11:05:12Zagor[IDC]Dragon: feel free :)
11:05:24ZagorBagder: we have a main flash page?
11:05:52Bagderthat FlashingRockbox one
11:05:54[IDC]DragonI'm a twiki rookie
11:06:17Bagder[IDC]Dragon: you'll learn, it's quite easy
11:06:44ZagorBagder: ah, now i understand what you meant. yeah, that's probably better
11:06:59[IDC]Dragonhow do I add a category?
11:07:25 Nick mattzz|away is now known as mattzz (
11:07:35Zagorcategories are just keywords, and then a search function on the index page.
11:07:43[IDC]Dragonhere comes Mr. twiki
11:08:08Zagorso just add a keyword (start it with "Category" to make it obvious) and then copy the search expression on the WebHome page
11:09:08[IDC]Dragonadd the keyword where?
11:10:01Zagorin the page you want indexed
11:10:15[IDC]Dragonwell, later. now is not the time for that.
11:10:31Zagorright. start slow :)
11:11:33Zagorthe "view raw" link at the bottom is useful for seeing how various constructs are written
11:11:45BlueChipis there any way to stop the compile endlessly complaining about missing "lang.h" file?
11:12:06Zagorfilter it ;)
11:13:17Bagderthe dep stuff we use is rather... crude
11:14:53BlueChipthe errors just catch my eye as they fly up the screen - always worried there might be a real one in there somewhere
11:15:04[IDC]DragonI think twiky tremendously lowers the barrier to write and update documentation, could cause a positive doc "explosion"
11:16:00BlueChipMust keep it indexed well, that will be the key to it being useful
11:16:58mattzzamicon: are you reading?
11:27:41mattzzZagor: I like the way you integrated the twiki into the site (menus on the left)
11:28:12Zagordo you mind if I recompress your mandebrot plugin screenshot? 350 KB is a bit big, I think
11:28:25mattzzups - yes please
11:28:41mattzzI forgot: fractal structures are hard to compress ;-)
11:28:50amiconnmattzz: I'm here
11:28:52mattzzthe old entropy story again
11:29:16[IDC]Dragonuse fractal compression ;-)
11:29:17mattzzamiconn: thanks for putting yield() in mandelbrot - I had this on my list
11:29:49[IDC]Dragonprobably not necessary for _every_ tick
11:31:50amiconnmattzz: No prob, although this required a bit of testing how often a yield() is necessary (see yesterday's irc log)
11:32:20BlueChiphow long between mp3 buffer refils has been my only answer to that one
11:33:58BlueChipany idea how much a typical yield() will cost?
11:34:35 Quit zentenga ("Leaving")
11:36:59amiconnBlueChip: It's not as simple as using only one yield - the buffer refill will also yield frequently.
11:37:17BlueChipyes, good point
11:37:23 Quit Doensen (Remote closed the connection)
11:37:55BlueChipto be honest, in my apps, I consider audio to be the PRIME objective, and yield to it abundantly
11:37:55 Join Doensen [0] (
11:38:07BlueChip(well, since I noticed the problem anyway)
11:38:49 Part Doensen
11:39:46mattzzZagor: check RecentChanges, what do you think of %INCLUDING% that somewhere on WebHome?
11:40:08 Nick BlueChip is now known as BC|bbs (
11:40:59Zagorthere, 47 KB is more like it...
11:41:08Zagoryes, i'm planning that
11:41:22Zagorpng is not best for all images, you know... ;)
11:47:51dwihnoCustomers are pains in the ass.
11:49:58dwihnoWhen you work your entire (huge) ass off just to make their stuff work (since they have not been co-operating at all), all you get is complaints
11:51:22Zagor"you are only making rubbish"
11:52:40 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:53:36mattzzLinusN: how about adding the wiki-launch to the news section?
12:02:02mattzzI made a proposal for WebHome
12:02:45mattzzplease feel free to modify, delete, ... it
12:03:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:12:22BC|bbsLinus, the recommended cygwin downloads does not include zip.exe
12:12:47 Nick BC|bbs is now known as BlueChip (
12:13:13 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
12:21:07LinusNBlueChip: zip added, thx
12:24:34LinusNlunch time
12:28:30BlueChipsorry linus, just did a make install, and that requires "Archive - unzip"
12:31:28Bagderhehe, I was just gonna ask
12:32:39BlueChipget to see what it does now
12:33:19BlueChipit should do that by default :)
12:33:26Bagderdo what?
12:33:44BlueChipsim make should put everything in the right place as it compiles
12:33:52BagderI disagree
12:34:14BagderI often make my 'archos' dir a symlink
12:34:24Bagderto point out my "actual" mp3 collection
12:34:35BagderI wouldn't want my sim files pollute that
12:35:02BlueChiphm, but not much help if writing plugins, as they can no longer be found
12:35:22Bagderno, but I don't always develop plugins
12:35:40BlueChipwill make install update only the required files, or do the whole thing every time?
12:35:49Bagderthe whole thing
12:36:04Bagderand it doesn't remove old stuff
12:36:18Bagderit makes a full zip and unzips it to the correct place
12:37:12BlueChiphow will you work around the problem when you are developing plugins
12:37:24Bagderwhat problem?
12:37:59BlueChipif i understand the new setup correctly, you will be unable to run a plugin from the sim unless you move it by hand to the archos (or below) directory
12:38:28Bagderthis isn't a new setup
12:38:36Bagderits been like this for years in the x11 sim
12:39:11BlueChipcool - there must be a selection of work-arounds to choose from?
12:39:11Bagderbut sure, I use make install when I develop a plugin
12:39:28Bagderwork-arounds for what?
12:39:40*Bagder doesn't follow
12:40:09BlueChipconfigure: sim; make; uisw32.exe ....where are my plugins?
12:40:26Bagderwhy is that a problem?
12:40:42Bagderthe plugin loader in Rockbox assumes a specific directory
12:40:53Bagderso does the sim
12:40:58Bagderthe sim simulates the real thing
12:41:14BlueChipi'll try it
12:42:08 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
12:42:49BlueChiperr, browse plugins does NOTHING
12:43:00Bagderdoes for me
12:43:36BlueChip../tools/configure ....recorder ...2mb ...sim ...english
12:43:50BlueChipzilcho access to plugins
12:43:56Bagderso, you haven't put any plugins in the plugin dir
12:44:06Bagderthere are no plugins to display
12:44:14BlueChipthat's the problem
12:44:32Bagderyou type 'make'
12:44:34BlueChipcos repetetive tasks should be done by the computer
12:44:37Bagderwhy not type 'make all install'
12:44:43Bagderand it'll do what you want
12:44:50BlueChipcos it takes 2-3mins
12:45:09BlueChipwhereas cp file dir takes 2-3 seconds
12:45:11Bagderit takes 5 seconds here
12:45:31BlueChipthe joys of a 7ghz processor on a udma999 hdd :(
12:46:49Bagderso make a symlink in archos/.rockbox to point out your build dir
12:47:10Bagderln -s rocks /home/mybuild
12:47:16BlueChipThank you, smart thinking ;)
12:47:18Bagderln -s /home/mybuild rocks
12:47:37BlueChipand viewers
12:48:08BlueChiplike the viewers interface btw
12:48:42Bagderyep, it turned out really nice
12:52:08BlueChipand libplugin for sim - sad the users will probably not appreciate all the great work that has happened recently
12:52:58Bagdermaking it better/easier for developers will get noticable in the long run
12:53:07Bagderi think
12:53:08BlueChipyes, absolutely
12:53:32BlueChipit is my main driving force behind the devkit, get people up and running as quick as possible
12:59:39 Join pfavr [0] (
13:07:09c0uttahey guys, what would you like to see on a context sensitive menu while in wps ?
13:07:35Bagdereh, no
13:07:42c0uttacan be done :)
13:10:01BlueChippong to replace the usb screen
13:10:38Zagorc0utta: shuffle & repeat
13:10:56c0uttause f2 menu for that
13:11:19Zagorok, well nothing then :)
13:11:30c0uttasorry zagor, it's not really applicable in the "context" of wps
13:12:01c0uttai personally like "delete file being played"
13:12:05BlueChipgotta shut down for a while - catch you all later ;)
13:12:33 Quit BlueChip ("For The Latest Rockbox DevKit AND Advanced Plugins Visit")
13:13:42Zagorc0utta: running that hotlist plugin we have in the patch tracker would probably be nice too
13:14:00c0uttagood one
13:14:06Zagoror maybe it's just a patch and not a plugin. anyway, it *should* be a plugin
13:14:30c0uttai modified favorites.rock recently to accept a parameter, so i could direct songs to different lists
13:20:03 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
13:56:24mattzz|awayZagor: consider setting $noSpamPadding in TWiki.cfg for mail address obfuscation
13:58:23Zagori'm not a big fan of obfuscation. it hinders humans more than spammers.
14:03:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:11:46[IDC]Dragonbut the email list is obfuscated, and I prefer that
14:12:54[IDC]Dragonif my email is literal in the twiki, I should at least quickly change mine
14:13:22ZagorI'll enable obfuscation. I guess we won't use those addresses much anyway
14:13:27[IDC]Dragonor would that stop it from working? will twiki send me mails?
14:13:45Zagoronly if you subscribe to modifications and things like that
14:13:55[IDC]Dragonuh, no
14:14:32Zagorobfuscation enabled
14:14:44Zagorit's rather crude, unfortunately
14:14:49[IDC]DragonI see
14:15:08Zagori'll tweak it a bit
14:15:38BagderI would even call it lame ;-)
14:16:43[IDC]Dragonhow about -> userATispDOTcom
14:17:16[IDC]Dragonor the same way like the list
14:17:40Bagder sed -e 's/@/ at /g' -e 's/\([a-z]\)\.\([a-z]\)/\1 do
14:17:40Bagdert \2/g'
14:18:38[IDC]Dragonsame way, good
14:19:11[IDC]Dragonah, not the same, extra _dot_
14:26:59 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
14:27:26RaZorbacKHello folks
14:28:22RaZorbacKi have another question about mp3clipgen.vbs. How do you modify this condition to make the script perform a non-recursive search?
14:29:36*Bagder has no clue
14:30:17RaZorbacKi have another question about mp3clipgen.vok, i wanted to copy this condition but my irc client doesn't allow me to copy from the clipboard lol :)bs. How do you modify this condition to make the script perform a non-recursive search?
14:30:28RaZorbacKnever mind, thank you anyway
14:49:21 Quit midk|SLEEPIN-YO (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:49:38 Join midk|SLEEPIN-YO [0] (
14:53:57Bagderhaving "vbrfix" regged for the .mp3 extension in viewers.config seems a bit misleading
14:54:17Zagorhehe, yeah
14:56:02 Join Doensen [0] (
14:57:19LinusNthe install script won't put it in "viewers" if it isn't in the viewers.config file
14:57:44 Join midk [0] (
14:57:52Bagderbut it could use "-" or something for extension
14:57:57 Quit midk|SLEEPIN-YO (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:58:35LinusNsure, it doesn't matter
14:59:10Bagderonly for educational matters
15:02:13 Quit Doensen ("Trillian (")
15:06:12 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
15:14:10*Bagder spots LinusN following his wiki tracks ;-)
15:14:17 Join Doensen [0] (
15:15:04*LinusN is watching Bagder's every step
15:16:13mattzz|awayhow about using a PluginTemplate? (headline, description, keys, screenshot)?
15:16:21 Nick mattzz|away is now known as mattzz (
15:16:28LinusNmattzz: educate me
15:17:20mattzzsomething like in metronome - basically the idea is that every plugin description has the same look
15:17:40LinusNyou mean that there is a nice way of using a template when creating new topics?
15:18:41mattzzthere are two ways: 1 using forms (like in TWiki.TWikiFAQ) - complicated....
15:18:53mattzz2. use a topic and copy/paste a template
15:19:00 Part Doensen
15:19:28Zagorwell if we make the existing pages good-looking, they will act as templates for future ones
15:19:38mattzzone could also set the contents of the form-entry field to something like PluginXXXX
15:19:50mattzzZagor: I agree
15:20:37mattzzZagor: do we want to make use of the WEBTOPICLIST in WebPreferences?
15:21:15mattzzaahhh. ignore me
15:21:25mattzzjust understood your way of using it
15:25:34Zagori found WebTopicEditTemplate and added some default stuff to it
15:27:30 Quit silencer ("leaving")
15:32:34 Join silencer [0] (
15:34:18LinusNtime to go, cu guys
15:34:20 Part LinusN
15:42:22 Join ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
15:42:38midkhi ka
15:42:43 Nick midk is now known as midk|gon (
15:42:45 Nick midk|gon is now known as midk|gone (
16:03:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:28:37 Part Bagder
16:46:00 Quit ka__ ("Leaving")
17:09:50 Join ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
17:11:37 Join pfavr [0] (
17:12:11 Join delanne [0] (
17:13:28delannedoes anyone know if there's a firmware like the ROCKBOX for the gmini ?
17:13:48Zagorno there isn't.
17:14:20delannethere's a few month
17:14:39delanneI have found a website ... on this project
17:14:44delanne(excuse my english ... ;)
17:15:00delannebut, I've lost the url (how a bad guy I am ;) )...
17:15:25delanneso, google is my friend ;)
17:15:30delannethanks Zagor ;)
17:15:45Zagorthere is a guy working on disassembling the gmini firmware, but no code is written as far as i know
17:17:48delannedo U know the URL of his website ?
17:18:43Zagori don't know if he has one. i have only seen a few messages in the mailing list
17:26:15[IDC]Dragongotta leave
17:26:40 Quit AciD` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:27:01 Join AciD` [0] (
17:27:20 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (EOF)")
17:31:00 Quit delanne ("Leaving")
17:54:47 Quit RaZorbacK ()
17:55:49 Part Zagor
17:56:15 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
18:03:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:14:30 Quit mattzz ("CGI:IRC")
18:14:30 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:33:31 Quit AciD` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:33:47 Join AciD` [0] (
18:34:45RaZorbacKcould someone tell me if we can change the battery in a player studio 20?
18:42:23 Join Zagor [0] (
18:55:31 Quit RaZorbacK ()
19:07:48 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
19:33:11 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
19:33:26Zagortwice the fun!
19:41:44 Quit mecraw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:46:40 Part amiconn
19:56:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:03:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:14:47 Join amiconn [0] (
20:14:47 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:18:39 Quit AciD` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:44:04 Join uski [0] (
20:44:13uskihi :)
20:44:54 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:55:04 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
20:57:31Neurosupherotdo you know how to use bmp2rb?
20:57:58Neurosupherotor does a prog exists for convert bmp to code?
20:58:06Zagorthat's what bmp2rb does
20:58:41Neurosupherotyes but i cant use it
20:58:49Neurosupheroti dont know hot to use itr
20:58:53Zagorwhat are you trying, and what happens?
20:59:13Neurosupheroti try to convert a .bmp
20:59:16Neurosupherotto code
20:59:26Neurosupherotit write errors
20:59:46Zagoryes, what command line are you running and what error do you get. details are of the essence.
21:02:16Neurosupheroti dont remember what is the command line that i wrote but
21:02:27Neurosupheroti think that the error was
21:02:36Neurosupheroterror - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 256
21:02:44Neurosupherotand my bmp is 1 bit!
21:02:52Neurosupherotive tried with 2 bit
21:02:59Neurosupherotbut it is the same problem
21:03:11Neurosupherotcan you tell me all the procedure?
21:08:02Neurosupherotare you always here?
21:08:10Zagorhehe, no
21:08:13Zagorhang on...
21:09:10Zagortry 8-bit
21:09:37 Join top_bloke [0] (
21:09:43Neurosupherotcan you remember me the procedure please?
21:09:56Zagorsave the image as an 8-bit bmp
21:10:31Neurosupherotits ok with paint shop pro8?
21:11:05uskiNeurosupherot, yuo may do that: change the color depth to 2 colors, so it converts everything to black/white, then you change the color depth to 8 bits = 26 coulors, then you save
21:11:11uski(just my little contribution ;))
21:11:15Zagorgood idea
21:11:38Neurosupherotthk you
21:11:54uski256 colours i meant
21:11:57uskinot 26 :)
21:12:21Neurosupheroti put the bmp into the same folder as bmp2rb
21:13:44Neurosupherotand then, i launch bash?
21:14:50Zagorany command line
21:14:59Zagorthe run "bmp2rb <filename>"
21:15:23Neurosupherotexample: bmp2rb abc.bmp?
21:16:29Neurosupherotthen he gives me the code?
21:16:39Neurosupherotin a new .c file?
21:16:51uskitry and see :)
21:18:10Neurosupherotthx for your help
21:18:32Neurosupherotand just another question
21:19:00Neurosupherotis it possible to play with the lcd backlight?
21:19:10uskigo to the settings
21:19:16Neurosupherotlike light on and off with the music
21:19:17uskithere is a Display submenu
21:19:31Neurosupherotor change the backlight fadeout?
21:19:32uskiyou mean to do light effects ?
21:19:47uskiit should be possible but it wuold require some programming
21:19:48Zagorif you write a plugin, you can. :-)
21:20:29uskiyou may compute the derivative of the volume change and switch on when it gets > a certain level, and switch off when it gets < some level OR when the output goes below some other level
21:20:43Neurosupherota last question
21:20:52Neurosupheroti have noticed that
21:21:21Neurosupherotthe lcd fade out and light off directly randomly
21:21:34Neurosupherothow do you explain that?
21:21:59Zagorexplain what?
21:22:04uskihmmm it is something common
21:22:07Zagorah, that. it's a hardware bug.
21:22:14uskiZagor: some people experience a strange fadeout when the backlight switches off
21:22:22uskiit goes VERY bright, then it fades off slowly
21:23:04uskimust be a problem with the FET/transistor driving the backlight leds...
21:23:08Neurosupherotcan we change the backlitht power?
21:23:09uskii don't know where it is coming from
21:23:15uskinot softwarely
21:23:20uskiit requires a hardware change
21:23:38uskiwe could do PWM actually, but it would require too much computing power
21:23:43Zagorit's controlled by the rtc in a pwm wave, but we can't control the power
21:23:46Neurosupheroti wont adventure myself in hardware
21:23:52Neurosupherotits too risky
21:24:12uskiZagor: is it possible to change the duty cycle of the output of the RTC ? (wait i check the datasheet)
21:25:10Zagoryes, but on/off is always 50/50 so it won't affect the brightness
21:26:20uskiah ok
21:26:28uskitoo bad
21:26:49Neurosupherotmy dream is to change the green leds by blue leds
21:26:59uskiNeurosupherot, it can be done
21:27:03Neurosupherotbut i dont think that we can change it
21:27:03uskihowever you need to:
21:27:10Neurosupherotit is wvery very small
21:27:17uski- Get familiar with SMD soldering; required led mesures like 2mm*3mm
21:27:27uskiit can be done with some soldering experience, trust me ;)
21:27:40Neurosupheroti have a archos fm recorder
21:27:50Neurosupheroti bought it november 2003
21:27:52uski- Modify the layout of the PCB (i.e. add some small wires), as blue led requires a higher voltage than green leds
21:27:57Neurosupherotnow, its my 4th
21:28:03uskireally ? :)
21:28:16Neurosupherotmy first: battery problem
21:28:30Zagorblue leds are not very good, since they lower the contrast of the lcd pixels
21:28:32uskimy first worked flawlessly; the one of my brother too :)
21:28:34Zagorwhite leds are better
21:28:52Neurosupherotwhen i pushed on, the green power led light a millisecond then light off
21:28:57Neurosupherotwhite leds?
21:29:09Neurosupherotthen my 2nd:
21:29:13DBUGSent KICK uski to server
21:29:13uskiZagor, yea :) i bought 4 1206 white leds, i plan to change the leds as soon as my warranty period expired; i also have a 8mb RAM and a new SST3VF020 ;)
21:29:13Kick(#rockbox uski :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!~bjst@
21:29:17Neurosupheroti broked the lcd
21:29:20 Join uski [0] (
21:29:30uskii use them only when necessary :)
21:30:04Neurosupherotbut, i killed the archos
21:30:20Neurosupherotwith switchiong it off when flashing
21:30:20uskihow did you kill it ?
21:30:29uskiit can be repaired
21:30:29Neurosupherotthen, warranty was ok
21:30:32Zagorwhy on earth did you do that?
21:30:39Neurosupheroti said that it doesnt boot
21:30:52uskiyou did panic ;)
21:30:53Neurosupherotthey replace me with a 3rd
21:30:57uskidon't panic ;)
21:31:05Neurosupherotno because it was intentionally
21:31:09uskiah ok lol
21:31:15Neurosupherotfor save the warrany
21:31:27Neurosupherotif i said "i broken the lcd"
21:31:32uskicurrently i can't flash my box :(
21:31:41uskii think they did notice you have broken the LCD :]
21:31:42Neurosupherotthen warranty will be broken
21:31:58uskithe CPU board can be changed without changing the LCD ;)
21:32:02Neurosupheroti was just a coin
21:32:22Neurosupherotwe cant see it when the archos is closed
21:32:34Neurosupherotnot a coin a corner
21:32:44Neurosupherotmy 3rd:
21:33:02amiconnZagor: Which frequency of the rtc sqw output is used within rockbox?
21:33:27Neurosupherotthe jack was broken and the hdd had a problem cuz i can only put 6 gigs
21:33:29 Quit midk|gone (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:33:33Zagoramiconn: i don't remember
21:33:42Neurosupherotnow, i had my 4th 2 days ago
21:33:47Neurosupherotand it works perfectly
21:33:55Neurosupherotwarranty is very cool:)
21:34:03amiconnZagor: Do you at least remember in which source file it is set?
21:34:03uskiamiconn: there are some possibilities; all are 32768/(2^n) Hz
21:34:24amiconnuski: Yes, I know that from the datasheet
21:34:51uskifirmware/backlight.c: /* Disable square wave */
21:34:51uskifirmware/backlight.c: /* Enable square wave */
21:34:51uskifirmware/backlight.c: /* Disable square wave */
21:34:56uskimust be here
21:35:02uskifirmware/drivers/rtc.c: rtc_write(0x13, 0x10); /* 32 kHz square wave */
21:35:10uskifrom rockbox-2.0
21:35:12Zagorlookie there :)
21:35:14uskibut i don't think it changed
21:35:33amiconnuski: Thanks for looking it up
21:35:50uskiamiconn: egrep -r "square wave" *
21:36:15amiconnMaybe it is possible to dim the backlight by "overlaying" an on/off sequence to it, with variable duty cycle
21:36:25amiconnThis would require an interrupt routine
21:36:28uskiit would be some kind of software pwm
21:36:37uskii think it is _really_ cpu power consuming for what it adds...
21:36:37Neurosupherothas anybody games for rockbox?
21:36:46uskiNeurosupherot, there are already many
21:36:49Neurosupherotunofficial games
21:36:58uskiin the latest bleeding edge you can get pong :)
21:37:01Neurosupherotyes but its poor lol
21:37:05uskiyou may use the chip8 emulator
21:37:11uskithen u can use all chip8 games
21:37:14uskiBUT remember
21:37:21uskian archos is a mp3 player
21:37:25uskinot a gameboy or such
21:37:25Neurosupherotits a plugin?
21:37:36uskinno idea
21:37:37Neurosupherotand what is a ch8 file?
21:37:38uskii don't know
21:37:43uskiit's a chip8 file
21:37:46uskithere are many on the itnernet
21:37:51uskiuse google to catch them ;)
21:37:57Neurosupherotits programs?
21:38:06uskithey are small games
21:38:07Neurosupherotprogs we can run with the archos?
21:38:13uskitry to put some .ch8 onyour archos :)
21:38:31amiconnuski: I don't think that the "software pwm" for the led power would take much cpu power, if it is done with an interrupt routine and the frequency isn't too high
21:38:45amiconn100 Hz would be sufficient to prevent flicker imo
21:38:49uskii think it would require at least 2kHz
21:39:00uskiwhen the archos will move it will be easy to "see" the flicker
21:39:14uskianyway if we have a free timer interrupt, 2kHz should not be a problem
21:39:20uskiit's still low
21:39:29uskibut i think that 100Hz is really too low
21:39:58Neurosupherotit will be great if a plugin can transform the mp3 in a torch
21:40:07amiconnThe problem is that we either will have to use two timers (to produce the variable duty cycle) or reprogram the timer on every interrupt call
21:40:20uskione timer is enough
21:40:27uskido something like this:
21:40:36uskiunsigned char counter;
21:40:47uskiin the int routine:
21:40:50uskicounter += 1;
21:41:08uskibacklight_power = (counter < brightness);
21:41:13uskithis should work fine
21:41:21uskibut it divides the frequency by 255
21:41:24Zagorbut that takes a helluva lot of interrupts
21:41:42uskibut they are processed really fast
21:41:55amiconnYes, that was my concern, and why I suggested 2 interrupts or reprogramming every time
21:42:24uskithe question is: is there a free timer interrupt ? :)
21:43:12amiconnuski: It can definitely be done within plugins, as there is even an api function (added by Jörg) to use a timer interrupt
21:43:31uskiyou would make a plugin for backlight brightness control ?
21:43:39uskii think it should be integrated within the core
21:43:41amiconnHe first used the timer directly from his video plugin by banging the hardware directly
21:43:54uskihmm but there is a problem
21:44:02uskias the backlight is controlled by the RTC
21:44:13uskiwe have to check what is the maximum frequency of the I2C bus
21:44:14amiconnThen, after I re-used his technique for the grayscale framework, he made it an api function
21:44:25uskithen caluclate how many bits it requires to switch it on or off
21:44:38uskithen calculate how many "fps" we can get
21:46:12amiconnIt should be possible to make a "light organ" plugin (even as a tsr)
21:46:17 Join MrScruffy [0] (
21:47:36uskihmmm :)
21:47:53uskibacklight=brightness = d(sound_power)/dt
21:47:59uskibacklight_brightness = d(sound_power)/dt
21:48:08uskiwould be quite interesting
21:48:24amiconnOn the player the backlight switching should be very fast (only flipping a port bit)
21:48:31uskiwe get a spare IO pin
21:48:43uskiwe add a transistor and another array of leds of another color
21:48:46amiconnThe recorders need i2c access to the rtc, reading and writing 1 byte each
21:48:47uskiblah ;)
21:49:04uski(really stupid to have engineered them that way imho)
21:49:09Neurosupherothow do i copy-paste ALL the irc convers?
21:49:23uskii think they thought they'll be able to do PWM easily
21:49:30ZagorNeurosupherot: use the logs on our website instead
21:49:31uskithen they noticed the duty cycle was the same ;)
21:50:29Neurosupherotyes but there is not the current log
21:51:18Zagorin the bottom of the page: "today's log (updating live)"
21:51:33amiconnuski: If i2c is too slow I have another thing to optimize with assembler ;)
21:51:39 Quit tom-sleep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:51:53uskii don't see how you could optimize it ;)
21:51:58uskii see
21:52:06 Quit ka__ ("Leaving")
21:52:10uskibut the optimisation won't be really really "interesting"
21:52:16uskii.e. the performance gain would be "low'"
21:52:41 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:56:34 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:57:56amiconnuski: From a quick look at the code, it seems that i2c works very similar to the lcd data output. There should be room for improvement :)
21:58:12uskiyou mean it's a "software" i2c ?
21:58:19uskino hardware i2c ion the SH1 ?...
21:58:26MrScruffyhi, is there a way to get the filenames to scroll when they are larger then the screen so that i can read the full filename?
21:58:35uskiMrScruffy, yes
21:58:36amiconnuski: yes it is, see firmware/drivers/i2c.c
21:58:42uskithey should scroll by default
21:58:52uskiamiconn, ok, then yes it may be improved :]
21:58:54MrScruffyuski: no, they dont...
21:59:01uskibut the RTc has a maximum I2C freq
21:59:16uskiMrScruffy, go to the settings/display
21:59:20uskithere should be an option there
21:59:32uskiwhich version of rockbox are u using ?
21:59:46amiconnMrScruffy: only the current line (where you are with your cursor) does scroll in the file browser
21:59:54uskiright :)
22:00:10MrScruffywell, for my no line scrolls.... i will check the options
22:01:24uskiamiconn, max I2C freq for the RTC = 400KHz
22:01:49MrScruffyah, i found it, now the line scrolls, thanks!
22:01:49uskishould be approx 35-40kb/sec
22:01:54uskiMrScruffy, :)
22:02:07MrScruffymust have been blind when i checked the options first ;-)
22:03:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:03:50uskithere are many options
22:03:54uskiit's easy to miss one ;)
22:04:27amiconnuski: rtc i2c restrictions require i2c clock high for >= 7 clock cycles (sh1), i2c clock low >= 15 sh1 cycles
22:05:11uskihmmm ok
22:05:25uskihmmm about the xclef: Supported audio formats: MPEG 1,2,2.5 Layer3(8-320Kbps.VBR) WMA(32-192Kbps)
22:05:32uskii don't think it's really the same HW :)
22:07:22Zagorno i mean the 500 and the 800 is the same hardware
22:07:29uskiok :))
22:08:20uskii'm afraid that the rockbox project may slowly ... "fade off"... when all new compatible units will have been sold
22:08:44Zagoreither that, or we infest another player :)
22:10:16 Join AciD` [0] (
22:11:10amiconnuski: No need to use two timers or reprogramming on every call: the sh1 ITU timers can do pwm directly :)
22:11:47Neurosupherotbye and thx
22:11:51 Quit Neurosupherot ()
22:12:31uskiit would have been perfect if archos engineers would have connected the backlight to a hardware PWM output...
22:13:11uskiblah i'm looking forward to upgrade my recorder !!!
22:13:24uskii have a 8mb ram and a sst39vf020 waiting
22:13:40uski(my player is not currently flashable !)
22:14:43amiconnTomorrow I can pick up a parcel at the post office containing my new 80 gig hd for my recorder :)
22:15:04uskioooooo :)
22:15:13uskiperhaps i'll upgrade my HD too
22:15:24uskii think i won't be able to wait for the end of the warranty
22:15:27uski(october !!!)
22:19:24 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:27:42uskigood nite all (for those who'll sleep soon ;))
22:27:49MrScruffybye uski
22:28:03uskiand: happy scrolling ! ;)
22:28:10MrScruffythanks ;-)
22:29:05 Part uski ("Leaving")
22:36:00 Quit MrScruffy ("scrolling")
22:47:19 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
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23:16:54 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
23:23:37 Quit Doensen ("Trillian (")
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23:55:14amiconnGrr, gotta reboot
23:55:18 Part amiconn

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