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#rockbox log for 2004-06-19

00:00:36uskialso i re-discovered how bad is the quality of the archos (!)
00:00:40uskidamn shittybox !
00:01:10uskiwith 0.1mm thin metal frame...
00:02:00uskinow => time2sleep
00:02:08uskinext mod: replace the flash chip
00:02:12uskiand then: 8mb ram
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00:06:27[IDC]DragonOops, I missed uski again, wasn't looking
00:07:03 Join Zagor [0] (
00:07:07[IDC]Dragonjust wanted to warn him about heat guns for desoldering
00:08:07[IDC]Dragonamiconn: 0805 is better, he said
00:09:06amiconnYes, I did also say that earlier (I measured the size of the original leds
00:09:45[IDC]Dragonthe original are like 1203
00:09:59[IDC]Dragonif such would exist
00:10:49amiconnIirc the original ones are even radiating sideways
00:11:12[IDC]Dragonwell,they are soldered in sideways
00:11:54amiconnAnd there _are_ odd sizes available, and even "sideways" versions. Look at
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01:58:58midkhi, kind sir.
01:59:21ogrei tried to install the rockbox on my jukbox studio 20 just now
01:59:55ogreand now it says that my folder is 44gb large and when i check inside it, there's text in a jibberish language...
02:00:42ogredo anyone now why it's like this?
02:01:23midkcorrupt data..
02:01:35midkdid you safely remove the archos before disconnecting it?
02:02:01ogre"safely remove"
02:02:23ogrecan't you just unplug it? >_<
02:03:25midkwell, not recommended
02:03:35ogreyearhg!! what am i supposed to do then? ;_;
02:03:48ogrejust got it....
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02:03:59midkreinstall it, and then in your taskbar click "safely remove" and choose your jukebox's drive letter (IE, "USB Mass Storage Device (E:)"
02:07:12 Part amiconn
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02:14:06ogrewhat am i supposed to reinstall.. dammit i'm such the newb
02:15:23midktake out what you put in for rockbox
02:15:24midkand put it back.
02:16:08ogrebut i can't take it out... an error says that i can't... probably because all the files in the .rockbox directory is illegible
02:16:37ogrelike this "+_nrζl.>"
02:18:04ogreshall i try removing it from dos-prompt?
02:22:45ogreit didn't work -_-.
02:23:32midktry installing but overwriting the files
02:23:49ogrei did... but it doesn't work either >_<
02:24:38ogre"the file or directory is broken and can't be read"..
02:24:51ogredoes this mean i broke it the first day?...
02:27:02ogreumm... i'm such not a haxxor... uhn, how do i do that?... sorry for troubling you
02:27:21midkmy computer, right click the drive, properties
02:27:37midktools, check for errors
02:28:07ogreok, got to reboot, thx alot anyway!
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02:45:32top_blokehey yo
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03:02:42ogrei'm formatting my jukebox now... hope that's ok
03:21:13ogrewoohoo, now it works ^^ thanks for all your help midk
03:21:42midkno problem, good luck
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04:40:36 Join Karpaasih [0] (
04:40:49Karpaasihhello... are the fonts found at freeware?
04:40:58Karpaasihi need .fnt fonts for my game library :/
04:42:55midkyes, free
04:43:28Karpaasihfree as in you can include them in your game library?
04:43:54Karpaasihand i have a license that if you use my library commercially you will have to pay a small license fee. is it still ok? :)
04:44:26midkshould be
04:44:33Karpaasihthank you for the information :)
04:44:38midkno problem
04:44:39midkgood luck!
04:45:06Karpaasihthanks again :D later!
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05:18:07Karpaasihhi it's me again. aren't the fonts at in microsoft .fnt format? i get weird values out of them
05:18:20 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
05:18:38midknot sure..
05:18:44midkprobably not
05:18:54Karpaasihoh.. :/
05:19:00Karpaasihthe extension confused me ,)
05:19:14Karpaasihi haven't found a single proper font in .fnt format yet :(
05:19:23Karpaasihhard to test the thing out without any font files hehe
05:19:39midkmake your own?
05:19:44Karpaasihdon't have the time :/
05:19:50Karpaasihi've already made one custom font format
05:19:57Karpaasihor rather, i ripped the fonts from nes games :)
05:20:02Karpaasihbut that was..... kinda limited :D
05:21:23Karpaasihthe results are nice though, but they scale VERY badly (even with bilinear filtering)
05:21:44Karpaasihhere's a screenshot:
05:21:46Karpaasihwith the nes font :)
05:22:33midkhey cool!
05:22:40Karpaasihthx :)
05:22:52midkever consider making your own?
05:23:24Karpaasihi'm making a game programming library.. it has a full software drawing suite with real-time scaling/rotation with bilinear filtering, animated sprites and tons of options. 600kb code, 99.7% finished :)
05:23:36Karpaasihfree for non-commercial usage
05:23:54Karpaasihand it has distributions for palm pilots, mobile phones, pc etc
05:24:40Karpaasihend of pun ;P sorry
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05:43:21midkwho has linux
05:43:26midkanybody with linux running>
05:48:58Karpaasihi can be found at #coders in ircnet
05:49:01 Quit Karpaasih ()
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06:42:10midkhi fraaaaaaaaaaaa
06:42:12midkdo you have an archos?>
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07:02:33ogrewell well, thanks for all the help midk and g'nite~
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08:37:31Ph1lsalut tlm
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17:09:19c0uttahi there
17:12:27 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta|zZz (
17:15:07Neurosupherotis it possible to have msn by irc?
17:23:53uskia bit off topic, but i'll answer ;)
17:23:53 Quit Neurosupherot (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:24:06uskiam i so terrific ?
17:25:48 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
17:34:13 Quit Neurosupherot ()
17:39:06uskiany coder here ?
17:39:12uskii need some help with a makefile...
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18:14:01 Join Batman420 [0] (
18:15:08Batman420I am looking for better software for my Gmini 220
18:16:00lImbusHi, Afaik, Straath is working on it. Try to bug him here on irc
18:16:37Batman420Is Rockbox going to hack the Gmini 220?
18:17:31lImbusdon't think there is no need to hack. Straath (or whatever his nick was, can't remember exactly) is working on a port
18:21:09Batman420what time is straath usually on here?
18:21:50lImbusBatman420: His exact nick is Strath, he signed off 4 days and 4 hours ago, so says logbot
18:22:56Batman420k thanx lImbus
18:22:59lImbushe's from US, I think. So retry it later. maybe
18:23:41 Nick midk|sleeping is now known as midk|gone (
18:24:54 Quit Batman420 ()
18:25:01lImbusBatman420: pay attention: there are two different kinds of processors inside the geminis
18:25:48lImbusthe "newer" and "better" ones have ARM's to do all the DRM-work. I dunno which one YOU have, but Strath is certainly not working on these.
18:25:56midk|gonehe left lImbus
18:26:18lImbusand you pretend to be gone ;-)
18:27:10lImbusI just thought: strange, he talks while pretending to sleep, and instead of weaking up, he goes out ?!?
18:28:49midk|gonelol calm down
18:28:57midk|gonei'm gone in about 2 minutes.
18:29:31lImbusi am totally calm, believe me
18:29:43midk|gonei was halfway joking
18:29:50lImbusI knew ;-)
18:29:59lImbusfor one half
18:31:10midk|goneok, i woke up about 10 minutes ago. i thouhgt i should just switch to the gone nick instead of being here for 10 minutes
18:34:43midk|goneok, now i'm gone
18:34:49 Nick midk|gone is now known as midk|really-gone (
18:35:07lImbussee ya
18:45:46 Nick lImbus is now known as lImbus|fraggin (
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21:39:25lImbus[IDC]Dragon, do you read me ?
21:41:27uskihe is not there
21:41:31uskii'm blind
21:41:47lImbuspas grave
21:41:58uskioh, un franais
21:41:59NeurosupherotIlmbus french?
21:42:03Neurosupherotca va?
21:42:06uskilol encore un
21:42:06Neurosupherotje suis fgrancauis
21:42:11Neurosupherotuski t'en est un
21:42:11uskic l'invasion
21:42:23Neurosupherotje pensais que yavait que des anglais ici
21:42:24uskifull of french ppl here :)
21:42:34uskii suggest speaking english for politeness
21:42:49uskica craint si les gens peuvent pas nous lire ;)
21:42:50Neurosupherotwhere do u come from exactlyu?
21:42:55uskime ? near Lyon
21:43:06lImbusNeurosupherot, mainly swedish and german
21:43:09Neurosupheroti live near strasbourg
21:43:11uskinext year i go to a school near Paris
21:43:25lImbusI'm from belgium, next to Aachen, german&french speaking
21:43:26Neurosupherothow old are u?
21:44:18Neurosupheroti am 18 and i must pass my bac
21:44:50uskiblah, i'm 18 too
21:45:02Neurosupherotuski, ca avance with your backlight?
21:45:13uskii finished
21:45:17uskiorange backlight
21:45:20Neurosupherotta d fotos?
21:45:22uskiinstead of white
21:45:26Neurosupherotfile lol
21:45:30uskigimme ur email addy
21:45:33uskialso, do you have ADSL ?
21:45:41Neurosupherotoui mais je suis pas chez moi
21:45:50uskije t'envoie en DCC sinon
21:45:50Neurosupherott'as msn?
21:45:51amiconnuski: Did you read friday's log about my attempt of dimming the backlight?
21:46:08uskiwant me to read in the archive ?
21:47:03amiconnI hacked together a proof-of-concept plugin. While it basically works (and looks very nice) I think that it will not go public because of several problems
21:48:15 Nick lImbus is now known as lImbus|piZZa (
21:48:24amiconnThose problems do only exist on the recorders, since the backlight is controlled via the rtc on these
21:50:10amiconnUnfortunately this prevents a "light organ" plugin completely. On recorders there are these problems with fast and exact control of the backlight,
21:50:36amiconn...and on players the mas does not deliver sound level information
21:51:52amiconnThe only possibility would be a "light organ" on recorders using the red led - not really impressive.
21:53:02amiconnThe two problems result from the necessity of accessing the rtc (via i2c bus) from within an interrupt
21:54:13amiconnFirst, the i2c bus access is protected with a mutex. _If_ the mutex is locked when trying to access it from within an interrupt, the whole box locks up, because the mutex will never be freed then
21:55:17amiconnSecond, i2c uses the same ports as the lcd access and hence may interfere with each other (the lcd access does not disable interrupt currently for the sake of speed)
21:56:13Neurosupherotton j'arrive )lus te parler
21:56:21amiconnMy test plugin runs without problems for hours _if_ the music is not playing
21:56:22 Join Batman420 [0] (
21:56:37uskiNeurosupherot lemme send you the pictures to your email address, ok ?
21:56:46uskiamiconn ok
21:57:01amiconnHowever, if you start it when the music is playing, the box locks up after some time, maybe 1..2 min
21:57:57amiconnI _may_ try to implemet it with an own thread (there are api functions to do that, thanks to Jrg) and a queue fed by the irq...
21:58:25uskiwill u be able to achive a sufficient refresh speed ?
21:58:41amiconn...but this would rely on all other threads yield()ing really frequently, and may still be not precise enough
21:59:52amiconnAt least I think it would require slower timing, and to avoid flicker a lower number of possible steps
22:00:28amiconnMy test plugin uses a base frequency of 128 Hz and 64 steps, this looks really smooth
22:02:12uskibtw i'm coding a LCD driver for my color LCDs
22:02:16uskiin C
22:02:18uskifor another project
22:02:28uskiit may be ported to rockbox quite easily i think
22:03:39uskii'll just have to replace the SST37VF020 of my box by a SST39VF020 to be able to flash it
22:03:50uskithen i'll have to use Joerg's bootloader modified with my new lcd driver
22:03:57uskithen a plain rockbox, using my driver
22:04:19***No seen item changed, no save performed.
22:04:51amiconnI think there will be quite a number of #ifdef HAVE_COLOR_LCD then ;)
22:08:07 Part amiconn
22:11:53 Join telliott [0] (
22:12:35telliottI need viewers.config, or whatever it's called.
22:13:24telliottI can't view jpg's or ucl files directly.
22:44:06[IDC]Dragontelliott: get it from a daily build
22:44:06 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:44:35 Quit Neurosupherot ()
22:52:12lImbus|piZZanick lImbus
22:52:17 Nick lImbus|piZZa is now known as lImbus (
22:53:30 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:54:08diddystar5pfavr, around?
22:54:30 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
22:54:48 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:55:29 Part uski
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23:09:24 Quit Batman420 ()
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23:45:02 Part telliott
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