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#rockbox log for 2004-06-20

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00:28:35biomasshey. i'm writing a plugin and i want to get the mp3entry of the current and next few songs.
00:28:44biomassto do so, i did mpeg_next() several times
00:28:55biomassand then mpeg_current_track()
00:29:14biomassbut it seems i always get the original track data, although the playlist does go forward a few songs
00:38:12dstari dont really know how to do that
00:38:32biomassnow i just noticed that if i delay between the mpeg_next() and the mpeg_current_track() its ok
00:38:41dstargood :)
00:38:43biomassits like i needa wait until the mpeg thread handles it
00:38:44biomassor something
00:44:18amiconnThis should be the reason indeed, mpeg_next() does merely post a message to the mpeg queue to change track
00:44:31amiconn(just looked into mpeg.c)
00:45:15biomassthe problem is that mpeg_current_track is immediate, and doesn't go through the queue
00:45:25biomassis there any way that i can know the status of the queue
00:45:30biomassremember that i'm writing a plugin
00:47:42amiconnI think there is no direct way; I would try the following:
00:48:10amiconn(1) call mpeg_current_track(), store the result
00:48:19amiconn(2) issue mpeg_next()
00:48:37biomassoh, actually, i can loop and poll mpeg_has_
00:48:48biomassmpeg_has_changed_track even
00:49:03amiconn(3) call mpeg_current_track() from a while loop until it has changed. Don't forget to yield() from that loop
00:50:13amiconnOk, if there is such a function (didn't see that) it is even easier
00:50:18biomassyeah thanks
00:50:26biomassfor now sleep(HZ*2) is working too. =)
00:51:18amiconnwhile (!mpeg_has_changed_track()) yield();
00:52:18amiconnhmm, of course add rb->... to both functions
00:55:16biomassyup, it works of course
00:55:45biomassi'm writing a small 'name that tune' application as an exercise to myself before i start implementing more 'real' hacks
00:56:03amiconn'name that tune' ?
00:56:33biomassyeah, it plays the first few seconds of a random song from a playlist, and lets you choose out of several songs which one it is.
00:57:07amiconnAhh. Nice idea
00:57:32amiconnAnd even one that will work for both player & recorder
00:58:58amiconnI'll try if I get my backlight brightness 'modulation' working for the recorder (it is easy for the player)
01:00:01amiconnMy goal is to implement a simple 'light organ' plugin that uses the backlight
01:00:33amiconnThis not trivial for several reason
01:00:34biomasswhen i register a timer, which priority should i give it?
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01:01:39amiconnbiomass: It depends on (1) how important accuracy is for your application and (2) how much time the interrupt function will take
01:02:03biomassall the callback will do is mpeg_pause()
01:02:11biomassand, also, do i need to unregister the timer in the callback
01:02:14biomassor is it automatic?
01:02:20amiconnAs a start, I would always try lowest priority (1)
01:03:10amiconnNo, the timer triggers interrupts at the specified interval until it is unregistered
01:05:08amiconnIf you want to use it, please bear in mind that the longest interval the timer is capable of is ~47 ms
01:05:36biomassand the first argument is given in clock ticks, right?
01:05:42biomassso for 10 ms i need HZ/100?
01:06:26dstargood bye
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01:08:19amiconnNo, HZ == 100 (the number of ticks per second).
01:08:38biomassso HZ/100 would be 10ms
01:08:48amiconnThe first argument to plugin_register_timer is given in cpu cycles
01:09:07biomassso how do i know how many cpu cycles are there in a second?
01:09:38amiconnOn the player, cpu clock is 12 MHz, on the recorder 11.0592 MHz
01:09:47biomassis there some #define for that?
01:10:02amiconnFor 10 ms, use FREQ/100
01:12:10amiconnIf you want to use this for creating the playtime of your 'name that track' plugin, I'd rather suggest to use rb->sleep()
01:12:50biomasshmm, but if i'd want a menu active at the same time
01:12:55biomasswould using threads be prefered?
01:14:05amiconnYou could do this with threads, although I admit I did not yet use several threads, but will probably have to
01:15:28biomasswhich device do you have?
01:15:50amiconnRecorder 20 (v1), just upgraded to 80 GB :)
01:22:36amiconntime to sleep
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02:03:30biomassi've completed it! does anyone wanna try it out?
02:03:42biomassthat is, my "name that tune" plugin?
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02:04:42BCoh yesss, I was gonna go that!! LOL
02:05:10BC:) yes
02:06:31BCJust finished updating all my plugins - try and get them released tonight :)
02:06:47BCdcc failed :(
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13:31:21AlcyoneHello all!
13:31:42c0utta|zZzhi there
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13:32:09AlcyoneDoes anyone have a spare display for a Jukebox recorder?
13:35:37uskiyou have cracked the display of your recorder ?
13:35:42uskithere are some places where you can buy new ones
13:35:44uskisee this page:
13:35:50uskihmm c0utta was faster than me :))
13:37:34Alcyoneyes I have a cracked display, which I want to replace myself. And Archos isn't helping me.
13:39:04AlcyoneI've checked that page before, and after some calling around it seems they don't manufacture them anymore, and are very hard to find (I couldn't find any, obviously :) )
13:41:03uskithen u have to wait for me to adapt my color lcd to the recorder, then you'll be able to replace it with a color lcd ;)
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13:41:49uskibut u need to wait some time
13:41:57uskii have other projects to finish before i do that
13:42:22AlcyoneI'll wait very patiently :)
13:43:06AlcyoneBut the link was unknown for me at the time, and I've just sent an email at them
13:45:10uskii think that they can help u
13:46:30AlcyoneI have that feeling too. would be great, I use the thing without display for almost a year now. just by remembering the directory structure. And now it won't play anymore, but otherwise still functions.
13:47:38uskiwhat do u mean ?
13:47:40uskiit stopper working ?
13:47:55uskidid u try the speech support ?
13:48:08Alcyonespeech? you mean the helpdesk?
13:48:20uskirockbox supports speech
13:48:23uskii.e. it can talk to you
13:48:29uskiby "reading" the menu title
13:48:35uskiand even the directories name if you create the correct files
13:48:49Alcyoneeh... not with the old 1.4 I have
13:49:05uskiyou'd better upgrade :)
13:49:14uskimaaany improvements since then
13:49:27Alcyoneyeah, I feel it's risky to upgrade if it works but don't have any means of seeing what it does
13:49:37uskiu're right
13:49:41uskiwait for your new LCD
13:49:48Alcyonebut do you mean it has a SPEECH SYNTHESIZER BUILT IN??
13:50:05uskibasically, when you stop playing, it loads some very small MP3s in the RAM
13:50:12BCUpdates @ Cyborg Systems ...Audio-3587 Beta.2 ...DevKit v3.01 ....Random Number Plugin Library ...Graphics with Clipping Plugin Library
13:50:21uskithen when you go over the menus, it simply play the mp3 that corresponds to the menu title
13:50:22Alcyonegosh I almost got a heartattack :D
13:50:28uskiit also works with directories
13:51:53AlcyoneWhen I have it, I'll upgrade for sure. right now it's just my portable HD
13:53:07Alcyoneanyway, thanks for the info! I have to go now, but I'll leave the window open. I'm no IRC wonder, so what do I do to keep the connection alive?
13:53:16AlcyoneI'm using Mirc
13:54:27uskisimply let mirc opened
13:54:36Alcyoneokay, thanks
13:54:39uskiif you need to close it, the connection will be closed, but you can connect again
13:56:04Alcyoneokay. thanks again. Cya!
13:57:15uskicya ;)
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15:51:11Master_Ofhellllllllooooooooo !
15:51:19Master_Ofplease i reallllyyy need your help !
15:51:27Master_Ofmy father 's gonna kill me !
15:51:31Master_Ofpleaaaaaaaaase !
15:51:34Master_Ofit's about archos
15:51:39Master_Ofarchos av340
15:51:50Master_Ofplease please please someooooone !
15:52:55Master_Ofi'm sure it's not so hard to repair
15:53:09Master_Ofbut i need a someone who know more than me about it !
15:53:16Master_Ofpleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !
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19:23:22scott666hey BC
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23:19:29Bagderevening LinusN
23:19:57BagderI don't see libplugin being used when building with the x11 sim
23:20:00Bagderyou tried that?
23:22:17LinusNyou don't remember?
23:22:26Bagderremember what?
23:22:36LinusNwe discussed this the other day when i described my problems with it
23:22:37dstarhey guys
23:22:44dstarlong time no see
23:22:51LinusNdstar: hi
23:23:11BagderLinusN: I didn't realize it was that we discussed
23:23:23LinusNi had problems creating a static library with no unresolved symbols
23:23:59Bagdersince libs are allowed to have unresolved symbols
23:24:36BagderI don't think its our job to prevent that
23:24:55LinusNwell, the rocks are static libraries
23:25:31Bagderso? making libplugin work adds no new problems
23:25:42Bagderdoes it?
23:25:43LinusNnot really, no
23:26:51 Join Doehni [0] (
23:27:07 Part Doehni
23:28:11BagderI guess we could link a fake target to check for unresolved symbols
23:28:20Bagderusing the libs
23:29:55Bagderanyway, I was more surprised that it works in the win32 sim
23:31:20LinusNembarrassing isn't it? :-)
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