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#rockbox log for 2004-06-21

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00:05:25dstargoota go guys
00:05:28dstarsee you
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02:03:22BCanyone in with CVS access?
02:03:35BC(commit that is)
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02:09:38midkbc trying to slip in a quick update?
02:09:46BCno, got a cvs question - lol
02:10:16BCyes, i can see how that could be misconstrued - lol
02:10:54BCI've got a feeling that only SOME cvs changes make it as far as the rockbox page
02:11:07BC*web page
02:16:31midk*bc hands amiconn a few bucks
02:16:36midk"hey, do me a favor.."
02:17:05BCthere was a "cash for questions" political scandal in the UK a while back
02:17:12BC this is "cash for commits" - lol
02:17:41BCthe problem is that the sim libplugin support is in quite a state of flux at the moment
02:17:56midkamiconn's commit request line is now open
02:18:14midkmidk> oh oh! clock update! $10!
02:18:24midkbc> audio 3587! L15!!
02:18:29midkl with line thing
02:18:56BCi with the line thing??
02:19:01midkthpound sign
02:19:07midkpounds right?
02:19:13midki don
02:19:14BCoh right - I thought it was a fancy L
02:19:23midki don't know the... thing code thing
02:19:24BCany historians in?
02:19:31midkme me!
02:19:35midkpick me
02:19:53BCShrek 2 out next week :)
02:19:57midklol.. now you say "hmm.. you'll do"
02:20:46BCDonkey IS your role model - LOL
02:20:46BChmm... you'll do
02:20:46midkit was out last month
02:20:46midkwasnt it?
02:20:46midkhmm, more on this issue as it develops.
02:21:01BCbeing british sux
02:21:34BCit's why there is so much piracy over here - they wont let us watch the films until the US audience says "it's good"
02:22:22amiconnSOmebody's talking about me, hmm
02:23:01midkdon't worry bc, you'll see it sooner or later
02:23:04midkjust after me..
02:23:17BChey, ami, do all CVS commits get announced on the web page?
02:23:20midkthey just want to make sure it's not to violent or mature for you
02:23:23BCkey word being *ALL"
02:23:24midkLOL bc
02:23:32midkbc> no? no you say?
02:23:41midk*bc slips amiconn a twenty
02:23:45amiconnBC: yes (if there is no bug in the scripts)
02:23:56midk*bc slips amiconn a fifty to mess up the scrips
02:24:40BCamiconn: 've having a shit of a time getting my libraries compiling under todays CVS, but there seem to be no changes for that area of the code logged!
02:24:44amiconnThe key thing is that they appear on the web page with a delay - every time a "bleeding edge" compile finishes
02:25:09BCI tried to sub to a cvs mailing list, but have yet to receive anything from it
02:25:34amiconnIirc, the scripts check every 20 minutes (at 00, 20 and 40) if anything within cvs changed, then compile
02:26:05BCso 20mins worst case...
02:26:39BCahaaaaa - and there it is - thank you :)
02:26:51amiconn(I didn't write those scripts, so this is guessed from observed behaviour)
02:26:55 Join billytwowilly [0] (
02:26:56midkthat is not all bc wants i think
02:27:08BCamiconn: i like your mind ;)
02:27:16midkBC, you forgot to ask about merging audio 3587!!
02:27:18billytwowillyanyone know if there is a way to access an archos jukebox 6000 via an ibook? ie OSX?
02:27:42BCbillytwowilly: afaik it is a standard usb hard drive device
02:28:03billytwowillyBC: I think you need a special driver in linux written by the guy who started rockbox
02:28:08amiconnajb 6000 is not standard iirc
02:28:41billytwowillyI'm considering an ibook favourably, but if I can't get at my newly upgraded archos jukebox 6000...
02:28:47BCamiconn: 22:00 changes only just showed up, so I think 20mins is wrong
02:29:19BCbillytwowilly: nothing in the drivers download area?
02:29:25midk22:00 would be on the 20 minute mark
02:29:38billytwowillyBC: all for windows. That's why I'm asking here. Google has been unhelpful as well.
02:29:44amiconnIin fact, all jukebox models with usb 1.1 use the isd-200 usb bridge, which needs special drivers. isd-200 is considered "unusual device" by the linux kernel usb driver developers
02:30:24BCbillytwowilly: uid: drivers pwd: all
02:30:31amiconnHowever, all jukebox models with usb 2.0 use the isd-300 usb bridge, which is usb mass storage compliant
02:31:43billytwowillyI suppose that's what I get for buying in early;)
02:32:15BCno luck at driverguide either :(
02:32:22billytwowillybc: seems to only have windows drivers.
02:33:08BCgeez - I'm starting to remember why I don't own a mac drivers is a high price to pay for the priviledge of running NextStep
02:33:31billytwowillyheh, I run linux on my desktop, but ibooks are more price competitive.
02:33:39billytwowillyaka OSX
02:33:41amiconnbillytwowilly: It _may_ be that os x does include an isd-200 driver, though
02:33:54billytwowillyamiconn, hopefully I can try before I buy.
02:34:07BCtell the salesman his commission depends on it
02:34:17billytwowillyamiconn, I'll just bring it into the store to test;) Thanks guys.
02:34:34billytwowillyI appreciate the help even though it confirms that there is no info out there on my problem.
02:35:00BCyeah, sorry, but as you say, nice to know where you stand ;)
02:35:16billytwowillywell, I gotta go to work. cheers
02:35:18 Quit billytwowilly ("Leaving")
02:35:37midkAKA, "thanks a lot for giving me no information - bye now"
02:37:21BCwell, if ever comes back ;)
02:37:45amiconnHe simply should have taken a look at - there are ajb drivers for os x available
02:38:15*BC smashes his head against libplugin again
02:38:27*BC ...and cries a little
02:38:47amiconnBC: Don't do this, just tell me what's wrong with it. I don't have any problem compiling, though
02:39:07BCgrab my graphics lib off my page ...and try to compile it
02:39:26BCyou will need to remove the botch at the bottom of bc_gfx.h
02:39:38BCas this has JUST been fixed
02:41:56amiconnI get "bc_types.h: no such file or directory" ...
02:42:09BCyou will need to download that also from my page
02:42:19BCjust below the gfx lib
02:43:48amiconnNow it does compile without warning...
02:43:57BCfor simulator?
02:44:33amiconnNo. I don't build for the sim often, since most of my stuff doesn't work on it. I'll try it now
02:44:49BCcuppa T ...bRb
02:49:10BCany luck?
02:49:49amiconnUnfortunately not. "Blablabla ... sim_icons.h: No such file or directory" a few more
02:50:04BCthat's the tip of the iceberg
02:50:43 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:51:06 Join elinenbe [0] (
02:51:22amiconnI guess you'll have to ask Bagder why this broke... this is makefile magic
02:51:45BCyeah, but that means waiting another day
02:52:14BCI'm all up for the quick botch - especially as there is no point in me bothing to solve core problems any more
02:53:56BCi was hoping to finish klondike tonight, but i can't even compile any more
02:54:26amiconnIt looks like some paths are not included if building for the sim
02:55:04BCsadly my makefile knowledge is weak :(
02:57:55amiconnYour gfx lib reminds me that i should split the grayscale lib as well
02:58:10midkgo go bcbc
02:59:08BCyou will call everthing grey_blah, yes?
02:59:39amiconnNo, to stay with my own convention it will be gray_blah
03:00:07BCI have #define SPEAK_AMERICAN in Audio-3587
03:00:45amiconnFor another area: today I did some preliminary measurement of "yield() round trip time" distribution, with 0.1 ms accuracy
03:01:12*BC gets all eager
03:01:34BCis it worth the code overhead to only do it every-so-often?
03:01:49amiconnIt should be possible to do a light organ by using a thread :)
03:02:02BCI ran Starfield again today, I was amazed at how quick it runs
03:02:26BCOh coooooooooool
03:02:47midki want to try starfield
03:02:55BCthen download it!
03:03:48BCARGH -dir.h is killing me!
03:04:53amiconnRound trip time distribution (measured without display changes): 0.1 ms - 32%, 0.2 ms - 65%, 0.3 ms - 2%, 0.4 and more - << 0.1%
03:05:25amiconnLongest time measured within a ~15 min cycle: 66.5 ms
03:06:16amiconnAnyway, tts
03:06:48midktalk to you soon.
03:06:58amiconntime to sleep
03:06:58BCaha - ok ami, l8rz dude
03:07:01midkoh yeah
03:07:14amiconnalready 3:07 am here
03:07:21BC2.07 here
03:07:31 Part amiconn
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03:08:32midkhi bc
03:10:24midkhow u.
03:12:42BClibplugin & sim
03:15:05midkits ok bc
03:15:16midki mean
03:15:20midki would cry if i were you
03:15:25midkbut i'm a lout tougher and
03:15:29midkand smarter
03:15:32midkso it's ok
03:15:37midki forgive you
03:15:53BCahhhhh, he cares :)
03:16:04midkyah i do
03:16:50BCit makes all the difference
03:16:54BC no, really
03:16:58BCit just compiled
03:19:35BCwell, one step closer anyway
03:20:30midk"no, really"
03:20:39midkwow −− i realize just how important i am here
03:20:42midkthanks for your help bc
03:21:27midki realize where i lie in this path of life
03:21:34midki am the cockroach under the camel shit
03:21:41midkhmm, maybe dung beetle
03:21:47BCand what shape IS that path?
03:21:48 Join Fushen [0] (
03:22:00BCooohhh - I feel a question coming on
03:22:05midklong and... sort of curved
03:22:07BChello Fushen
03:22:19Fusheni should.... just... go, huh? >_<
03:22:40BCno dude, just me being pretentious
03:23:04midkFushen, he's always like that
03:23:07Fusheni was just wondering if it's possible to run the jukebox without having the cd... forgot it at home...
03:23:14Fushenis ok ;P i'm just a slow typer ;P
03:23:22midkrun the jukebox?
03:23:24BCyou mean transfer files?
03:23:36Fusheni mean, to connect it witohouet
03:23:43BCwhat OS?
03:23:46BCwhat jukebox?
03:23:52Fushenstudio 20
03:24:00BCyes, just connect
03:24:04BCand *bing*
03:24:20Fushenbuy.. it says i need the cd =i
03:24:24midkyou mean
03:24:30midkthat's the noise ut makes
03:24:38midkpress automatically find a driver
03:24:43midkit will go itself, it should
03:24:50BChmmm, I wonder if this device is also an isd-200
03:25:03BCif so, there are drivers on downloads
03:25:03Fushenno an "hey we discovered something in your usb.. now you gotta install it with the cd" pops up
03:25:05midk20's are usb2 aren't they
03:25:22midkum, there is an option to automatically search i thought
03:25:42Fushenoh ok, so i'll just go and dl it from they're homepage then ^^
03:25:50Fushenno usb1
03:26:03BCi'd like to know for my own records too
03:33:52Fushenyaay, it worked, thanks a million guys!
03:34:01BCbrilliant :)
03:35:34BCsomk, did you try the new bcbuild - lol
03:36:09midk*lightning shoots from tips of fingers
03:37:12midk*shoots lightning at bc
03:37:16midkflee, kind sir.
03:38:04midkas in, run away now
03:38:20BCnot flea as in bite your ankle then?
03:39:36midk*shoots lightning at bc
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04:53:55Fushenwell, thanks again guys and good night
04:54:09 Quit Fushen ()
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06:58:32midkhi bcbc
07:49:51 Join Nibbler [0] (
07:51:11BChi, i seem to have no flashy box, and no timestamping on! HM
07:53:09midkhi bcbc
08:03:48midkseeya all later
08:03:51 Quit midk ("sudden death, yo?")
08:03:52BCnite dude
08:03:59LinusNah. missed him :-)
08:04:06BClol - "sudden death"
08:04:19BChe got us both
08:04:34 Join AciD [0] (
08:04:43BCfinally got around to reworking the klondike code - :)
08:05:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:05:17BCcard game engine en route :)
08:06:57BChope bagder can fix the last of the libplugin issues :)
08:09:05LinusNi didn't really see what the problem was...
08:09:26BCsome weird #define makefile stuff
08:09:42BCcan't #include "plugin.h" from a libplugin
08:10:26BCmanaged to botch it and posted my results to the ml
08:10:27LinusNwhat happens if you do?
08:10:42BCerrrr, from memory....
08:11:06BCdir.h fails to define DIR
08:11:33BCyou can see it for yoursefl if you donwload the starfield code and the libs
08:13:36BCas it stands it should compile, but if you look in bc_gfx.h you will see a big fat botch at the top of the file
08:14:17BCyou will need the latest cvs :)
08:14:25BC(your words have been heeded)
08:14:58BC...and may I thank you once again for the time you took to help me with that - I hope the transcript is as valuable to others
08:15:24BCI added heading on the version on my hompage - please feel free to take a copy of it, as you wish
08:55:26 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
08:55:26 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
08:56:31[IDC]Dragon'morning folks!
08:58:41 Join Strath [0] (
08:59:17adi|homelinus is there anyway to have the CVS/Root files get overwritten? some of mine are still pointing to sourceforge..
08:59:28adi|homeor am i better off to just do a clean pull from haxx?
08:59:43[IDC]Dragonclean sounds good
09:03:29adi|homeumm.. next stupid question :)
09:03:49adi|homei was added as a CVS account.. but i dont have a password.. is there some default that is set?
09:03:57LinusNadi|home: change the CVS/Root file in every dir
09:04:22[IDC]Dragonah, yes, that's what I did, too
09:04:29adi|homeyeah... i looked at that.. i was too lazy.. just doing a clean pull
09:04:46LinusNdid björn give you a cvs account on rockbox.haxx se?
09:05:13LinusNyou should have given him a password when he did
09:05:16[IDC]Dragonyes, you'd need a grep and replace tool, by hand it's too tedious
09:05:22 Join Bagder [241] (
09:05:38adi|homehehe failure on communicaiton there then :)
09:05:46adi|homei asked to maintain access.. he said sure..
09:06:04adi|homeill drop him an emil.. no immediate rush
09:07:25LinusNhe's here now, looking it up
09:08:29 Join midk [0] (
09:08:35 Join scott666 [0] (
09:08:47midkyay i beat scott by 5 seconds
09:09:02DBUGSent KICK scott666 to server
09:09:03Kick(#rockbox scott666 :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!~bjst@
09:09:13midkLinusN or bagder, as for the clock document, i can update that, correct?
09:09:20midkeven if somebody else wrote it?
09:09:26Bagdermidk: you can update anything in the wiki
09:09:40midkecksellent<e with a line over it>
09:10:23 Join scott666 [0] (
09:10:24 Join Zagor [242] (
09:10:29midkgo zagor, scott!
09:10:36Zagorhi guys
09:10:41DBUGSent KICK scott666 to server
09:10:41Kick(#rockbox scott666 :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!~bjst@
09:10:53adi|homeid loose my head if it wasn't connected
09:10:55 Join scott666 [0] (
09:11:00adi|homeso... far... behind..
09:11:05Zagorscott666: logbot doesn't like colors
09:11:05midkwhy is logbot opped
09:11:05[IDC]Dragonstrike: scott66 did it again
09:11:09midkhi strath
09:11:25Strathhey mid
09:11:25scott666i changed it but didnt hit 'apply'
09:12:32*scott666 is in france
09:12:54*Zagor is in shorts
09:13:05*Bagder is insane
09:13:11[IDC]Dragonsince we have full core competence here:
09:13:14[IDC]DragonIs everybody happy with my proposed directory sorting?
09:13:15midk*can't picture Zagor in shorts
09:13:22midk*pushes image out of head and gets back to surfing
09:13:42[IDC]Dragon(sorry for being too sane today)
09:13:58Zagor[IDC]Dragon: it looks fine to me
09:14:27midkwhere do i read about the proposed dir sorting?
09:14:46[IDC]DragonI was wondering if sorting by type would be a good default
09:15:00[IDC]Dragonmidk: in the mailing list
09:15:01adi|homeand thats about as 'stamp of approval' as anything gets :)
09:15:05midki like name
09:15:25[IDC]Dragonsame types will still be sorted by name
09:15:46[IDC]Dragonbut you're right, I'll leave it, to not cause confusion
09:15:59midkso my rocks are seperate
09:16:03midkand mp3's
09:16:27Zagormidk: it's an option
09:16:37[IDC]Dragononly if you like. (why don't you?)
09:16:38midkyes, but default i think should be name
09:16:42midkjust input, zagor
09:16:48[IDC]Dragonfine then
09:16:58Zagormidk: i agree, don't change default
09:17:14[IDC]Dragonare the dynamic file types also handled by the attr highbyte?
09:18:43LinusNmidk: logbot is opped so he can kick people who use color codes
09:19:07midki know
09:19:14midkbut he usually isn't
09:19:16*midk suspects who opped him
09:20:06midkwhere's Stevie-O? i miss him and his autoreply
09:20:11Zagor[IDC]Dragon: yes
09:22:44[IDC]DragonZagor: so it count them up, one more for each type?
09:28:02adi|homeisn't it chanserv that has the channel information/settings?
09:29:09LinusN[IDC]Dragon: has your setting code caused any .cfg file incompatibility?
09:30:34[IDC]DragonLinusN: I hope not
09:30:48[IDC]Dragonat least certainly not intentional
09:31:07[IDC]Dragonanything reported?
09:32:59BC[IDC]Dragon: what's happneing with meg_next_track(), imho it has stepped the plugin interface
09:33:31[IDC]DragonBC: see my posting
09:33:56[IDC]DragonI removed, eh replaced it, thought nobody would use it
09:34:00BC[IDC]Dragon: you did not mention stepping, only the trisk of conflict with tsr's
09:34:18BCirony said it had to happen within hours of the change
09:34:26[IDC]DragonBC: oh sorry, I was on the wrong function
09:34:56[IDC]DragonI thought you meant mpeg_track_has_changed()
09:35:07[IDC]Dragon(or however it's called)
09:35:14scott666hey BC
09:35:16BChang on let me check, im also confused now...
09:36:45[IDC]DragonLinusN: you mean the latest posting from Carsten?
09:40:38[IDC]DragonBC: yes, that's the one. Maybe we can bring it back for non-TSR use,
09:41:18BCmight be nice to step-back in cvs so the interface is not 'broken'
09:41:31Zagoradd a comment next to it in plugin.h
09:42:22[IDC]Dragonlike: not for TSR background use! ?
09:46:45[IDC]Dragonwe don't know yet if it's doing no harm in the foreground
09:47:19[IDC]Dragonlike, if returning to the WPS, the WPS not updating because the flag was reset elsewhere
09:48:29Zagori don't think there is a problem. when wps starts, it always uses whatever id3 data is there.
09:48:45Zagorbut your point is valid, it should be verified
09:49:56LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yes i mean Carsten's posting
09:50:27[IDC]DragonI'll check. Right now my sim environment doesn'r work
10:04:49[IDC]DragonLinusN: feel free to remove val2phys/phys2val now. ;-)
10:05:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:05:24LinusNi'm working on it as we speak
10:05:48LinusNbut it doesn't work :-(
10:05:58LinusNit loads silly values
10:08:42[IDC]Dragonyou did hemove my back and forth conversion, too?
10:09:03[IDC]Dragonremove, fourth
10:09:38LinusNi'll let you know when i find the bg
10:13:42 Quit scott666 ("Trillian (")
10:25:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:32:25 Join amiconn [0] (
10:32:37amiconnhi all
10:37:08amiconnfull house ;)
10:37:56[IDC]Dragon5 musketiers
10:48:12amiconn[IDC]Dragon: As you did as earlier if the .cfg change didn't cause incompatibilities: I've compared a settings file written with the new code with the one I loaded, written by the old code.
10:48:27amiconnI couldn't find missing or wrong settings
10:48:44amiconnThe order is sometimes a bit strange though
10:49:37amiconnHowever, I had a problem that _might_ be related to the new .cfg stuff (also to my hd upgrade as well)
10:50:22amiconnI reloaded all my settings from a .cfg file I saved before the upgrade
10:51:32amiconnThe peakmeter settings did somehow not reload properly: It was set to linear instead of logarithmic, and both the minimum and maximum values were at their minimal settings
10:52:16amiconn(Don't know what these are in linear mode, as I discovered this after resetting to logarithmic, then both settings were at -89 dB)
10:55:55amiconnLinusN: Did you read the logs of friday? I reported that there is still a problem with rockbox started from flash if the hd is completely empty (very rare condition, though)
10:56:31LinusNoh, i missed that
10:57:34amiconnFriday, 21.28.29 # <amiconn> btw: The bug in Rockbox (booting from flash) when the drive is completely empty is still there - it says "panic! disk: null" and USB is not usable.
10:58:02Zagorhmm, shouldn't panic
10:58:39Zagorah, on players it panics
10:58:55Zagorno, i'm silly
10:59:15LinusNwe know
10:59:48Bagderit goes in the family
11:00:10Zagorah, we panic if there is no valid boot sector. booo.
11:01:22[IDC]Dragoncan we perhaps go to USB mode before mounting the disk?
11:04:00[IDC]Dragonmaybe even before ata_init()?
11:04:48Zagorpossibly, but the tests in ata_init are useful
11:06:42[IDC]Dragonon a different subject: there are many postings about flaky button detection
11:07:14amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I guess this is because of how the button groups work
11:07:26[IDC]Dragonfrom the code it looks like the ADC is ampled only once to qualify a button
11:07:35amiconnI would suggest a different detection scheme
11:08:02amiconnCurrently, it check if the voltage is below some minimum, from high to low values
11:08:08[IDC]Dragononly qulify the button if the reading is stable several times
11:08:55amiconnI'd change this to be valid only if the voltage is within some "window" to be qualified as a valid button press
11:09:21Zagorpersonally, i think the button errors are purely mechanical. it's very easy to force an f2 by pressing on the side of "up"
11:09:28[IDC]Dragonyes, this is another condition
11:10:02[IDC]DragonZagor: but if we check for stable values, it should be possible to avoid that
11:10:35[IDC]Dragonright now, we may sample the analog input at whatever transition
11:11:02[IDC]Dragonand immediately make a button reading from it
11:11:04LinusNfor this, we need to sample the A/D more often
11:11:07Zagorwe can't avoid it. the f2 button is physically pressed
11:12:48LinusN<Zagor> personally, i think the button errors are purely mechanical. it's very easy to force an f2 by pressing on the side of "up"
11:13:19[IDC]Dragonthen it's because of a switch making bad contact.
11:13:47[IDC]Dragonthe voltage moves wildly, you may sample whatever reding if you look only once
11:13:49Zagoryes. those are hard to fix in software :)
11:14:22[IDC]Dragonthink about voltage levels moving from one plateau to another
11:14:50Zagorthose are pretty fast transitions, but yeah theoretically it could happen
11:15:01ZagorI don't think we are getting it though
11:15:15[IDC]Dragonin the intermediate, they may cross another valid step, but won't stay there
11:15:38Zagorand if you implement multisampling, how will you know it fixes a problem? :)
11:16:03[IDC]Dragonby releasing it into the wild?
11:16:21[IDC]Dragonand let people report if it improved?
11:16:22Zagorthat's not very reliable testing
11:17:17Zagorif they can't repeat it reliably now, they can't say if it fixed anything either.
11:17:19[IDC]Dragonwhat do you suggest?
11:18:32Zagori claim we don't have a sampling problem, and thus don't need to fix it
11:19:02[IDC]DragonIf Archos software seems to be better, it can be improved
11:19:39Zagorno, only if Archos software *is* better.
11:19:42[IDC]Dragonand sampling only once makes me wonder how this code works in the firstplace
11:20:37[IDC]Dragon(no offense)
11:20:57Zagorit works because the transitions are short enough to be irrelevant, i guess
11:21:15[IDC]Dragonpure chance, because nothing prevents an edge being taken as a button level
11:21:53Zagorchance and statistics are related, but not the same :)
11:23:13Zagorhow many bad button events have you ever seen?
11:23:41[IDC]Dragonon my unit, a few
11:23:52amiconnImho my suggestion to count only values within some window as valid may also improve it, with less overhead
11:24:17Zagoramiconn: isn't that what we are doing today?
11:24:30[IDC]DragonI don't want to argue, but button debouncing sounds like pretty much standard to me
11:25:37amiconnZagor: Iirc not. The current code simply checks if the value is above some threshold for every button of a group, from highest to lowest
11:26:15Zagoramiconn: ...which in effect is a range check for each button. what am I missing?
11:26:45Zagor[IDC]Dragon: debounce is used for interrupt-controlled buttons, to avoid multiple presses. we don't have that problem since we poll.
11:26:51amiconnThis kind of "range checking" does not have gaps between valid readings...
11:26:58Zagoramiconn: ah, right
11:27:45Zagorall I'm saying is I am not convinced we have a problem. show me we do, and I'm all ears for a solution.
11:28:11ZagorI personally have never seen a report that cannot be explained by simple mechanics
11:28:25Zagorlunch, see you later
11:28:27 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:29:00[IDC]Dragonhmm, escaping it? ;-)
11:49:57 Join lImbus [0] (
11:49:57 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:50:09 Part lImbus
11:50:16 Join lImbus [0] (
11:53:09lImbusHey Strath, there was somebody asking for Gemini -"support" on saturday (19.). His nick was Batman420.
12:05:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:07:39Strathwhat kind of "support", rockbox, or "i have a problem, how do i fix it"?
12:08:29Strathnm... i'll check the logs
12:19:35 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
12:20:20lImbusStrath: he was asking if rockbox would run on his Gemini (I think he had a 220)
12:25:49LinusNRockbox only runs on the older Jukebox series
12:26:20Zagoreveryone in here knows that :)
12:27:32Strathya... *we* know, any anyone who reads a bit would, but....
12:32:24LinusN[IDC]Dragon: u there?
12:35:56lImbusSorry Strath, I thought I remembered you were working on a Gemini. Havn't you sent me the jog ?
12:36:53 Join Doehni [0] (
12:39:07Strathya, i am working on the Gmini, though other issues took priority causing progress on the Gmini to slow
12:40:02 Join pfavr [0] (
12:43:33lImbusStrath: I don#t think this is a problem, we'd tell him.
12:48:07LinusNBagder: donw with ircnicks?
12:50:23amiconnLinusN: There is a typo in 'dwihno'
12:51:18amiconn(I know I should register with the wiki)
12:51:39BCLinusN: did you have any luck with that weird libplugin thing?
12:51:54Bagderits not that weird ;-)
12:52:01*[IDC]Dragon is back from lunch
12:55:12dwihnoLinusN: Remember the talk about the setting menu revamp we talked about?
12:55:19dwihnoTalk about a talk ;D
12:58:17 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|meeting (
13:01:36dwihnoBoooring ;)
13:29:07 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:30:32 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
13:31:17 Join pfavr [0] (
13:32:10 Quit BC ("For The Latest Rockbox DevKit AND Advanced Plugins Visit")
13:40:26 Join Salokyn [0] (~Nicolas@
13:40:29 Part Salokyn
13:42:45 Join BC [0] (
14:05:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:15:26 Nick Zagor|meeting is now known as Zagor (
14:17:37LinusNdwihno: setting revamp, yes?
14:18:48dwihnoLinusN: Did we have any takers on that?
14:19:05dwihno(you, that is) ;)
14:21:00LinusNi am working on it in my head :-)
14:26:57[IDC]DragonLinusN: you were asking for me?
14:27:22LinusNi was wondering how we want to store the recording gain...
14:27:51LinusNit's in the range -3..19.5dB for line in
14:28:12LinusNwe could store it in .1dB units
14:28:29LinusNi.e -30 .. 195
14:29:05[IDC]Dragonhow is it stored in global_settings currently?
14:29:09LinusNtoday we store the raw register value
14:29:35LinusNthat works
14:29:48[IDC]Dragonand in a .cfg file?
14:30:42[IDC]Dragonthen how about 0-15? ;-)
14:31:30LinusNfine with me
14:32:19LinusNi'll commit my setting changes in a minute or two
14:32:28LinusNtwo issues arise with this
14:32:44LinusN1) the balance is set in 1% steps instead of 2%
14:32:56LinusN2) The bass boost is set in 1% steps instead of 10%
14:33:13LinusNas a result of the val2phys removal
14:33:27LinusNthe next step is to do the scaling in sound_menu.c
14:33:42LinusNbut i'll commit this change first
14:33:53[IDC]Dragonyou mean, we need more bits for the content?
14:34:11*BC lets out a wry smile and goes off to make a cup of tea
14:35:23LinusNsome of the sound parameters require more bits now, yes
14:35:50[IDC]DragonI thought you'd adjust everything to "API range"
14:36:34LinusNi changed the api in the process
14:37:11[IDC]DragonI meant UI range, sorry
14:38:12LinusNi did, but unfortunately, there was inherent scaling in the val2phys/phys2val system as well
14:38:22[IDC]Dragonsuch that the global_settings content matches the values going into a .cfg file, and to the UI, without conversion
14:38:39LinusNthat hasn't changed
14:39:11[IDC]DragonI know. So you were not happy with the resolution loss at that interface?
14:39:58LinusNi want to get rid of the conversion/scaling in the mpeg API
14:40:07LinusNand do that in the application instead
14:40:44[IDC]DragonI guess I was thinking quite the opposite
14:41:28[IDC]Dragonwork wiith the UI/.cfg values everywhere, and only the driver call converts it to register values
14:43:05LinusNi think we both want the same thing, we just have different ideas on how to solve it
14:44:50[IDC]Dragonthe setting code has the requirement that it plain dumps the values in .cfg/RTC, can do no conversion
14:45:30[IDC]Dragonso whatever you want to appear there has to be the global_settings member range
14:46:01[IDC]Dragonif we want the old .cfg files to be compatible, these are our numbers
14:47:03[IDC]Dragonif you break .cfg compatibility, you're free to increase the resolution to better match the hardware
14:51:05 Quit pfavr (
14:51:05 Quit Bagder (
14:51:05 Quit biomass (
14:51:05 Quit Hadaka (
14:51:05 Quit lImbus (
14:51:05 Quit LinusN (
14:51:05 Quit Hes (
14:51:05 Quit dwihno (
14:51:05 Quit Ka_ (
14:51:05 Quit ze (
14:51:05 Quit BC (
14:51:05 Quit Doehni (
14:51:05 Quit AciD (
14:51:05 Quit tom-sleep (
14:51:05 Quit c0utta (
14:51:05 Quit julia (
14:51:30 Quit webmind (Remote closed the connection)
14:51:55 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
14:52:34#>>"split" by Zagor (
14:53:17[IDC]Dragona split goes through your office?
14:54:43Zagorno, we're just connected to different irc servers is a round-robin dns, so you get different servers every time
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15:02:39 Join julia_ [0] (
15:02:39BCthe alternatives (as I see it) are # user-friendly scaling code between the cfg & rtc # mke the user enter the mas register value
15:02:39[IDC]Dragonwelcome back
15:03:23 Nick webmind_ is now known as webmind (
15:03:37LinusNweee, nice splits
15:03:54Bagdersplitters R us
15:04:18BCwhat will you do with the volume scale?
15:04:18BCI think if you can solve that, the rest of the answers will follow
15:04:18BC127 values, 100 user scale
15:04:18 Quit julia (Dead socket)
15:04:18BCI must say, I am mighty pleased with the scaling algorithm people voted for
15:04:22BCand it is not at all what I had written originally
15:04:22BC...a LOT simpler too
15:04:41LinusNpersonally, i don't like %
15:04:52 Join tom-sleep [0] (~kaboofa@
15:05:01LinusNbut i understand that people like it
15:05:47[IDC]DragonI'm afraid I missed something
15:06:13LinusNwe're talking about storing .1dB values in RTC
15:07:14[IDC]Dragonwhoo,that needs many bits
15:07:16LinusNfor volume/bass/treble/loudness
15:07:23LinusNor having individual scaling for each parameter
15:08:19[IDC]Dragondon't we have that now?
15:10:45BChmmm, but it is a nice user thing, I think "db" would scare most
15:16:11LinusNi think db should be the "native" scale
15:16:47LinusNand the percent usage would be a db<->percent conversion
15:17:15LinusNi.e we store volume in db
15:17:22LinusNnot % as we do today
15:17:54BCyes, that is the method I settled on
15:17:58LinusNwe could add an option for %/db values
15:18:05LinusNin the ui
15:18:14BChave you played with audio-3587?
15:18:27LinusN(blushes) no...
15:18:36BCrighty, it does all of this ;)
15:19:15BCit's storage system (.vol) is sloppy, but as I have to spin up the disk and read 4K anyway, it made little odds really
15:19:48BCread 4k => use 1 sector
15:21:07LinusN4k->1 sector? i don't get it
15:21:58BCfat32 allocates 4K at a time (mostly), so long as my .vol file was <1 sector, it made no difference to storage, so I was sloppy about not packing my bits in my .vol file
15:22:30BCbut it does hold things like currently selected display scale and register values etc.
15:22:39LinusNah, you mean s/sector/cluster/
15:23:07BCah yes, sorry, my mistake
15:23:15LinusNi get it now
15:23:21*BC blushes
15:25:44ZagorBC: it doesn't read 4k just because a cluster is that big
15:26:06BCyes, I realised that bit as I types and thought I had escaped it being spotted - LOL
15:26:37*LinusN ignored it out of kindness
15:29:15BCAnyway, feel free to hack through the audio-3587 code, I twigged the other day what one concern may have been - so i state here that all information required to fully and comprehensively understand (and/or reproduce) everything that code does is based in either basic wave theory or the datasheet pdf I downloaded from the Rockbox site - so there is zero risk of "tainting"
15:29:51LinusNno rocket science there
15:30:48BCnope, just a full (and dare I add, sexy) interface to the basic registers
15:35:44BCdid you know we can achieve a volume accuracy of greater than 0...2^20 steps from -115dB to +12dB ?
15:36:11BCyou can do some crazy things with that chip with a bit of lateral thinking
15:37:38LinusNby not reading the "not used, must be set to 0" text? :-)
15:37:58BCno, haven't even been down that road yet - LOL
15:37:59LinusNor by fiddling with the channel mixer?
15:38:24BCmainly fiddling in the channel mixer
15:38:37BCI reckon I can get stereo mixing out of it ;)
15:39:27BClloooaaddss of lateral thinking :D
15:42:11 Join mattzz [0] (
15:42:54LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i committed my changes, please review them if you have the time
15:43:38[IDC]DragonI'll do
15:43:58LinusNmy next idea is to move the sound settings to sound.c
15:44:47BCMakes sense - I will argue 150% that the sound is the singularly most important thing my unit does
15:45:40LinusNmy plan is to enhance the sound settings
15:45:59[IDC]DragonLinusN: you should have bumped CONFIG_BLOCK_VERSION
15:46:03LinusNmaybe not to the "extreme" level of your audio plugin, but a lot closer
15:46:11LinusNme fix
15:47:08BCWell, it would be nice if you leave an appropriate place for a plugin to hook that point
15:47:34LinusNi'm not sure i want a hook
15:48:03LinusNhowever, when the configurable menus arrive, one can easily use your plugin instead of the regular
15:48:20 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|busy (
15:48:24LinusNalong with an "autoexec" to load the settings at boot
15:48:44BCsame overall effect :)
15:49:29BCI think it would be very simple to user definable hooks all over the code if you wanted
15:49:38LinusNi just hope i didn't break anything with my latest changes...
15:49:59LinusNBC: perhaps
15:50:10[IDC]Dragonyou broke .cfg file compatibility, or?
15:50:21LinusNi shouldn't have
15:50:59LinusNnot intentionally :-)
15:51:11[IDC]DragonI thought some range has changed
15:51:36LinusNonly in the rtc
15:51:53[IDC]DragonOK, sorry for aking
15:51:57LinusNthe config file used the full range
15:52:14BChave a generic functoin called "hook(char* tail)" which gets a "hookname" passed to it ...that will load hookname.bat and process it accordingly
15:52:32LinusNwe will probably break the .cfg file compatibility soon anyway... :-)
15:52:46 Join ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
15:53:07LinusNBC: but it isn't trivial to run the hooks just like that
15:53:18[IDC]Dragonhave you summed the RTC bits?
15:53:26LinusN[IDC]Dragon: no :-)
15:53:47LinusNi thought there was plenty of space left
15:53:55BCLinusN: I'm sure we could work out the specifics if we want that feature
15:54:08[IDC]Dragonshould be enough, yes
15:54:17LinusNi think i added 1 bit
15:55:19LinusNwell, i have to go now
15:55:24LinusNcu l8r d00dz
15:55:35 Part LinusN
16:05:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:08:46 Quit mattzz|busy ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:41:34elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: you here?
16:41:34 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:41:56elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: this is about the new sorting settings... is there any way to access them?
16:50:58[IDC]Dragonnot yet
16:51:17[IDC]Dragonhave to write the UI for it
16:55:24*dwihno got some UI ideas
16:55:29dwihnoUI UI!
16:59:25[IDC]Dragoncu guys
16:59:27 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make")
17:00:14 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
17:08:24 Part Bagder
17:15:00 Join adi|work [0] (~jirc@
17:22:01 Part Zagor
17:27:55adi|workcould someone tell me what 'pending delete' and 'hold' means?
17:28:51BCsadly my ISP friend is not online atm
17:29:33BCbut the registration is paid up until next year
17:31:35BCbut it has no dns entry
17:38:18adi|work688$ min to purchase the domain
17:38:57 Join xam [0] (
17:52:56 Nick julia_ is now known as Julia (
18:00:53 Quit adi|work ("Leaving")
18:05:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:21:18 Part xam
18:24:07 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:24:17 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:25:24 Join scott666 [0] (
18:31:29 Quit Julia ("leaving")
18:40:37 Join julia [0] (
19:02:32 Join RobbieVox [0] (
19:02:58RobbieVoxne1 here ?
19:03:02scott666i am
19:03:18RobbieVox:) hello
19:03:30scott666whats up?
19:03:51RobbieVoxam trying to download the compiler
19:04:01scott666which one?
19:04:10midkget bc's
19:04:24scott666BC's is way nice
19:04:30scott666and easy
19:04:35RobbieVoxill settle for owt at minute
19:04:41scott666almost idiot-proof
19:04:45RobbieVoxgood :)
19:04:58RobbieVoxonly prob is needs to be for win32
19:05:31scott666wheres the demand for an idiot-proof linux installer?
19:05:56scott666i thought linux users LIKED doing it the hard way
19:06:29RobbieVoxhave found the remote function of ajb and need to build up a ver with the patch on it
19:06:50RobbieVoxso ok i need a diff compiler, where can i find it ?
19:07:09BCa diff compiler - ooohhh - do you mean patch.exe?
19:08:16scott666RobbieVox: for .diff files?
19:08:48scott666or does diff=different
19:09:43RobbieVoxyes fro diff file
19:10:32BCit's called patch.exe
19:10:47RobbieVoxbut dont i need to recompile the patched soure after ?
19:11:24RobbieVoxlol so i need the compiler then
19:11:57scott666what OS are you using§
19:12:08scott666stupid §
19:12:14scott666useless character...
19:12:23BClol - keyboard killing you
19:12:30RobbieVoxthe apple symbol ?
19:12:52scott666BC: yes, stupid azerty
19:13:40BCho ho ho
19:13:58scott666merry x-mas§
19:14:21BCthat should be in red on green
19:15:00RobbieVoxso BC borland c ? for the sh cpu
19:15:13 Nick BC is now known as BlueChip (
19:15:23BlueChipnah, feeling lazy when I typed my nick in earlier
19:17:22BlueChipyou can laugh satan boy
19:17:43scott666oh, i will
19:17:55*BlueChip braces for hot poker
19:18:24BlueChipanyway, RobbieVox, I was summonsed here to help you ....have I done so yet?
19:18:43RobbieVoxer no
19:18:58BlueChipask me of that which troubles you
19:19:31scott666who 'summoned' you?
19:19:43BlueChipaha, I have my spies
19:19:55scott666what are you, a fire golem?
19:19:55RobbieVoxgetting the compiler, done the 1st cygwin install but it wont load the files from eric mirror site
19:20:03BlueChipAnd it wasn't Trisha McMillan
19:20:16scott666trillian to you
19:23:10BlueChipRobbieVox, if you ask I will help, else I am off back to my code
19:23:33RobbieVoxhow do i get the bloody compiler to dwonload
19:23:39RobbieVoxor can i get it elsewhere ?
19:24:01BlueChipi have no idea where you are currently failing to get it from
19:24:23RobbieVox << point 3
19:24:40BlueChipoh f' that, just download the one-step installer from my site
19:24:53RobbieVox:) gimmie link
19:25:51scott666and then
19:26:10BlueChiperrr, the cvs doc
19:26:26midkscott the link doesn't work
19:26:27BlueChipand maybe the new librarires, if he's hacking
19:26:49BlueChippossibl the audio-3587 code so he can compile it in if required?
19:26:58midklol bc
19:27:04midki doubt it.
19:27:28RobbieVoxdont spose u familiar with the gnunilink interface?
19:27:45BlueChipscott666, seriously, do you think my site is confusing enought to need direct links, if so, how can I improve it?
19:28:04midkbc calm down a bit
19:28:15BlueChipRobbieVox: sorry no - but i recall info on the ml about it
19:29:27BlueChipmk: did you note the fact that it was a serious question?
19:30:40scott666did your site suddenly die§
19:31:10scott666there it goes
19:31:53RobbieVoxwight am go try your compiler
19:31:57scott666its a little confusing for first time users, especially if they only want rockbox stuff
19:31:57RobbieVoxright even
19:32:38BlueChipbig image ... thing that looks like a rockbox screenshot?
19:32:54BlueChiphow could I make it simpler/
19:33:49scott666not re
19:34:06scott666not really much to do besides provide a direct link
19:36:30scott666its not really confusing, but theres no possibility of confusion if theres a direct link
19:36:31BlueChipthen you are restricted to only one file
19:36:45scott666i mean a direct link to the rockbox page
19:37:11BlueChipi kinda think that anyone who can't make it past a big logo might not be up to the job of programming - LOL
19:37:17scott666thats not something youd want to type though
19:37:40scott666im talking about hte rock downloaders too
19:37:45BlueChipyou can leave the rockbox.htm off the end - and remember it IS case SenSiTive
19:37:57scott666i just copy-paste
19:38:16BlueChipi could set up an alias
19:39:15scott666audio3587b2 came out??
19:39:30BlueChipoh yes, see what you miss when you skip the html
19:40:01scott666its cause i still have 70 rockbox emails left to read
19:40:21BlueChipyou read the m ALL
19:40:33scott666and B2 is in the name of all of the files
19:40:41scott666i at least skim them
19:40:43BlueChipanyway, how comes you're not out chatting up some froggy chick?
19:41:15scott666cause i dont think my french is quite good enough to chat up anyone
19:41:35DBUGSent KICK BlueChip to server
19:41:35BlueChip% of communication is language
19:41:35Kick(#rockbox BlueChip :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!~bjst@
19:41:36 Join BlueChip [0] (
19:41:44scott666'chat up'...crazy brits...
19:42:11scott666logbot strikes with a vengence
19:42:12BlueChipcor lgobot's keen today
19:42:32scott666i got booted twice yesterday
19:42:45scott666while setting up trillian on this comp
19:42:57BlueChipi typed in the wrong window and pasted it across
19:43:14scott666but the window closed before i got a chance to read the error message
19:43:40BlueChipi just guessed what happened
19:43:42scott666[19:41] *** BlueChip has been kicked off channel #rockbox by logbot (Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!)
19:44:01BlueChipoh righty
19:44:24scott666they muck up the log
19:44:40BlueChipcod the log filter is dodgy - lol
19:47:20scott666at least logbot doesnt ban
19:48:03midkhe does after 3 times
19:48:08midkor like if you go
19:48:11DBUGSent KICK midk to server
19:48:11Kick(#rockbox midk :No flooding!) by logbot!~bjst@
19:48:11 Join midk [0] (
19:51:02midkOH WAIT
19:51:17midklets get logbot to talk 3 times
19:51:38midkwho can make him respond to seen?
19:51:41*scott666 gasps
19:51:47midklogbot seen LinusN
19:52:27midkhi logbot?
19:52:30BlueChipanyway, seems RobbieVox is all sorted now - so I'm back to my code & whiskey
19:52:37scott666if 3 people flooded at the exact same time...
19:52:46lImbusmidk: slash msg before
19:52:50midki know
19:52:53midkbut i mean directly
19:53:01midkzagor can just say "logbot seen XX"
19:53:03lImbusbut I suppose he has to respond to the channel
19:53:54lImbuslogbotThe following commands are available to you:
19:54:21midkbut we need someone who can get him to respond from and to the channel
19:54:31scott666just to
19:54:42scott666doesnt have to be from
19:54:44midksomeone who can ask from the channel
19:54:49midkand he can respond to the channel*
19:54:59lImbuswhat do these [P] and [PS] mean ?
19:55:22midknot sure
19:55:50*lImbus shrugs
19:56:24scott666heh, i love that
19:56:33scott666-> *logbot* explain badger
19:56:33scott666-logbot- 'Badger' An anmial. Frequently misspelled Bagder.
19:56:35scott666-> *logbot* explain bagder
19:56:35scott666-logbot- 'Bagder' Sorry, that thing can't be explained. It's against my nature.
19:57:06midk>logbot< explain ata
19:57:06midk-logbot- 'ATA' Short for "Advanced Technology Attachment".
19:57:49scott666-logbot- 'Zagor' The dark overlord of the Rockbox cult. Certified Code Police. Scares little children.
19:58:29midk>logbot< explain logbot
19:58:29midk-logbot- 'logbot' I am me
19:59:05BlueChiplogbot explain logbot
19:59:30midk>logbot< explain quelsaruk
19:59:30midk-logbot- 'quelsaruk' Crazy spanish person. Techno priest. Known to sacrifice goats at midnight to please the debugger gods.
20:00:12scott666no entry for BC
20:00:21midkcos bc sucks?
20:00:28midkbecause zagor is bc!
20:00:31amiconnscott666: /msg logbox explain *
20:00:47amiconnThen yoiu get a list what he knows
20:00:56midk>logbot< explain oogabooga
20:00:56midk-logbot- 'oogabooga' The secret Rockbox salute
20:01:06midk>logbot< explain 2.0
20:01:31scott666he didnt like explain *
20:01:50scott666i coped and pasted
20:03:00midki want to be in the explain thing.
20:03:21midk"explain midk"
20:03:31midki wonder what i shall make him say
20:03:31scott666'annoying furry creature. partial to clocks.
20:04:33midkscott666, is your archos there?
20:04:36amiconnrockCLOX ?
20:04:40scott666oh course
20:04:43midklol ami
20:04:49midkwould you like to try latest
20:04:55midkmode selector screen; binary mode
20:04:57scott666link me
20:05:18scott666lucky i can charge via USB
20:05:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:05:28scott666otherwise id be screwed
20:05:46BlueChipthought your french wasn;t good enough
20:06:08midk -> to usb charging
20:07:11scott666incompatible version
20:07:24midkit's compiled with 6/18/04
20:07:40midkwhat's your version?
20:08:29BlueChipit's still debatable whether the plugin interface was broken last nnight
20:08:42scott666Explorateur Windows
20:10:41midkjust a moment scotteh
20:10:51midki make you compatible ajz.
20:10:54scott666on va manger
20:11:04 Quit scott666 ("Trillian (")
20:15:45 Join AciD [0] (
20:18:23midkhi ze
20:41:35 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
20:50:07 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:53:29 Join scott666 [0] (
20:53:45midkscotty! yay.
20:54:12midkget that to run clock.
20:56:25scott666daily build works
21:01:32 Quit adi|home (Connection timed out)
21:51:36 Quit scott666 ("Trillian (")
22:05:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:11:42 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:11:43 Quit Doehni (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:18:27 Join RobbieVox [0] (
22:24:57 Quit lImbus (Remote closed the connection)
22:25:11 Join lImbus [0] (
22:38:20 Join wiler [0] (
22:39:09wilerjust wondering if anyone knows of a source for a supported player, retailers do not seem to have them
22:39:47midkyou can get a v2 for like $150 or $130
22:39:47wilerlooking for one with recording features as well so jukebox and fm i suppose, really
22:40:10wileramazon out of stock
22:40:41midklook around.. surely someone has them online
22:40:44wileri'll have a look thanks for the tips
22:40:55midkgood luck
22:41:01midkmake sure it's a recorder, not a player
22:46:52 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:49:05 Join Strath [0] (
23:01:33 Quit wiler (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:02:44 Join top_bloke [0] (~ekolb_pot@
23:20:09 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:37:01 Join RobbieVox [0] (
23:37:58midki mena
23:38:02RobbieVoxlo again
23:39:12RobbieVoxcan i ask another compiling / patching q ?
23:39:48RobbieVoxi downloaded the 2.2 source, some patch sw, and my patch
23:39:57midkno no, get a daily build
23:39:59RobbieVoxoh and the compiler
23:40:24RobbieVoxwill it be better tho or lots of thing in beta ?
23:40:39midknothing usually beta
23:40:40RobbieVoxand will the patch work with a daily build ?
23:40:45midkit has to
23:40:51RobbieVoxok lol
23:40:53midkif it's compiled against 2.2 it won't be accepted
23:40:58midki doubt it would be
23:41:19RobbieVoxthought a patch wasnt compiled
23:41:20midkaccepted if it were compiled with 2.2
23:41:40midkoh, talking about plugins
23:41:43midki mean
23:41:55midkif your changes affect 2.2, they probably won't work with the daily build
23:42:03midkbecause lots has changed since
23:42:07RobbieVoxk, i want to use the tx use on remote pin patch
23:44:19RobbieVoxok i just got newest daily build
23:47:09 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:47:28 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:48:29 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
23:50:06RobbieVoxok so i got a daily build tarball
23:51:42 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:52:36RobbieVoxstill not sure on how to patch, how do i tell which files need patching
23:53:33midkwhat do you want to patch?
23:55:55RobbieVoxer the kernal - remote pin tx
23:56:03 Join usaswang [0] (

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