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#rockbox log for 2004-06-25

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06:11:10SnipRhey yall
06:11:24BlueChiphey hey
06:12:06SnipRcan yall see what i type
06:12:18DBUGEnqueued KICK BlueChip
06:12:18BlueChip[05:12] <SnipR> can yall see what i type
06:12:38SnipRi was wondrin cuz i keep getting a message
06:12:46SnipRlike unregisterd copy
06:13:13BlueChipuse a free irc client, such as trillian or Mirc
06:13:47SnipRim gonna get 1 i was just cheking out the room
06:14:37BlueChipthis is a support group for MP3 player firmware called RockBox
06:15:22SnipRyea i put it on my fm rec 20
06:15:45BlueChipkewl - did you get the 2.2 release or a daily build?
06:15:57SnipR2.2 on
06:16:10BlueChipget a daily build, 2.2 is ancient now :(
06:16:11SnipRbut dailybuild in a folder
06:16:30SnipRthrough ROLO
06:17:18BlueChipfrom my early expereinces here, you are unlikely to get any support for old builds will always be told "run the latest and tell us if we have already fixed <whatever>"
06:18:40SnipRi understad
06:39:10BlueChipborra da
06:42:56SnipRis there a place to find rockbox video files
06:43:35BlueChippeople post news of their uploads on the mailing list, but there is no central resource :(
06:44:05SnipRwe need a central recorce like on yahoo groups
06:44:43BlueChipfeel free to set one up, but understand that you will have to debate where you stand on the copyright issue
06:46:53SnipRthats tru i didnt think about that
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09:22:45BlueChipGood morning amiconn, guru of all things C much begging might it be appropriate for me to undertake by means of a request of you help in the area of pointer-to-function
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09:32:21amiconnBlueChip: Not really a guru imho... but anyway, what's your problem?
09:33:05BlueChipcoverting my card engine to a lib - I need to pass ptr-to-fn, and I just can't suss ?SOMETHING? about the syntax
09:33:46BlueChipthe best way I can think to show the problem may be to send you what won't compile atm
09:34:42amiconnHave a look at my grayscale lib (esp. gray_pixelfuncs.c, gray_blocksfuncs.c and others using the functions defined therein). I'm using function pointers there
09:35:23BlueChipah dammit! is it in you pre-split code?
09:36:01amiconnyes it is
09:36:05BlueChip(need to cvsup, but don't fancy all the breaks right this min)
09:37:19amiconnThe split version is the same as the pre-split one except for two constant definitions used within asm - these are duplicated in the split verison
09:37:29BlueChiphmmm, is there a fn() where you pass the pointer between functions?
09:38:21BlueChipi need to pass the fn() pointer to my init routine, so deeper funcs can refer back up
09:38:23amiconnNo, I'm not passing function pointers, but use an array of function pointers.
09:39:11amiconnThe syntax for callback fn pointers is not different to other uses of fn pointers
09:39:34BlueChipI just can't see what I've got wrong - been through four tutorials so far
09:41:28amiconnSorry, gotta hurry now, bbiaw
09:41:37BlueChipcheers dude - l8rz
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09:45:35mattzzyesterday's daily build crashed greyscale stuff
09:45:45BlueChipami's just left
09:45:46mattzzis there anything known to you?
09:46:13BlueChipit was converted to a lib yesterday - maybe half of it missed the daily biuld?
09:47:17mattzzhm, I will do a new compile
09:47:40BlueChiplatest cvs might help?
09:49:07mattzzI have no CVS access here @ work - latest daily tarball will do hopefully
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09:52:06midkhey bcbc
09:52:28mattzzjpeg and mandelbrot are "no go"
09:52:41BlueChipin what way?
09:53:11BlueChip...did you do a make clean?
09:53:20mattzzIllInstr stuff or plain hang
09:53:33BlueChipso it compiles okay, and then crashes - hmmm
09:53:37mattzzwith yesterday's build
09:53:47mattzzjust checking the 20040625 tarball
09:54:05BlueChiplatest is essential
10:03:19mattzzlatest tarball gives blinking red LED for Mandelbrot...
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10:04:53 Part BlueChip
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10:21:12mattzzamiconn: u there?
10:30:55Lynxhmm, i have a directory called 'users
10:31:14 Join BlueChip [0] (
10:31:16Lynxon my box that I can't read or delete
10:31:42BlueChipjust checked the latest CVS, and grayscale *IS* broken :(
10:31:44LynxIs 'users' a windows system folder, like the recycled?
10:32:42mattzzBlueChip: 20040625 tarball should be identical to latest CVS. Same result here.
10:35:06mattzzMandbrot crashes after drawing the first gray_drawgraymap
10:45:26BlueChipgreydemo dies immeditately and then does loads of weird and interesting stuff if you keep pressing the ON button
10:49:39mattzzAnother thing: A colleague of mine was asking me if there was a chance of looping/repeating a mp3 without any pause between?
10:50:15BlueChipi think there's an repeat z-b patch on source forge
10:51:21mattzzand repeating a whole mp3 always pauses for a short time, right?
10:51:35mattzzdue to reloading the buffer/disk access I guess
10:51:40BlueChipnot sure how it deals with loading the next mp3
10:52:23mattzzI want that "repeat a-b" patch!
10:53:49mattzz...but the patch is broken...
10:54:24BlueChipmost are - they get rejected - people stop maintaining them
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11:09:53amiconnBlueChip: Grayscale *is not* broken. You have to "make clean" before "make" though.
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11:20:34mattzzamiconn: I did a fresh compile from the daily build tar file
11:21:07mattzz(with cygwin)
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11:35:24amiconnmattzz: Then check the following: (1) do "make clean", (2) look into your build dir if there is a "gray.o" left over -> delete it
11:35:41BlueChiptried from a clean cvs already
11:36:06BlueChipmatzz tried from a clean daily tarball
11:40:23mattzzno gray.o after make clean
11:43:24amiconnThis is strange - it works perfectly for me (tested all grayscale plugins, including a test plugin of mine)
11:44:31BlueChipdid you also try a clean cvs?
11:50:25mattzzAnd no gray.o before "make clean"
11:51:07amiconnNot yet, since I usually work off my local cvs copy.
11:51:47BlueChipaha - this may be the source of the confusion?
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11:52:18*amiconn is downloading the latest daily tarball
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11:54:02BlueChipthanks for the bug report limbus - noted and fixed - new release asap
11:54:22lImbuswas I the first one to mention that ?
11:54:26BlueChipyep :)
11:55:04lImbusso I should REALLY take in consideration to check it with windows2003
11:55:26BlueChipwhich bit?
11:55:53lImbusit, the devkit
11:56:12lImbusthis was only winXP up to now.
11:56:13BlueChiptake ?? into consideration, sorry
11:56:46BlueChipyou listed a few points, got my head full of cooking breakfast and card library atm
11:57:19lImbusok, no problem. sit down, relax. cup of green tea, chillin music
11:57:51BlueChipdo you want the updated stuff?
11:58:20lImbusif that cygwin-username-thing is fixed, I can distribute it.
11:58:38BlueChipthe docs are updated to tell you that you are guest
11:58:41lImbusI got 4 new archos recorders yesterday, and my coworkers (all developers) are keen on hacking
12:00:11lImbusthe devices are not for me. I ordered them to save shipping costs. those mates are getting them all, but one. I needed so hard to get a flasheable with USB2 ;-)
12:00:34BlueChip;) devious!
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12:01:45RV|WRKmay i ask cvs q pls BlueChip
12:02:02BlueChipv quick - about to cook breakfast
12:03:05RV|WRK:) using midk's cygwin setup in windows, trying to download a certain build via cvs, syntax cvs -D:builddate then normal -d:logoninfo ?
12:04:33RV|WRKAnonymous read-only checkout
12:04:33RV|WRKIf you are not a registered developer, use this method. When asked for a password, just press enter:
12:04:33RV|WRKcvs login
12:04:33DBUGEnqueued KICK RV|WRK
12:04:33RV|WRKcvs -z3 co rockbox
12:04:33RV|WRKA "rockbox" directory will be created in your current directory, and all the directories and source files go there.
12:04:48BlueChipmidk's cygwin??? didn't know he had started maintaining one!
12:05:20RV|WRKhmm sur eit was he who gave me a link to a website with it on#
12:05:21BlueChipthere is a full doc on my web page
12:05:45BlueChipright at the bottom of that doc is probably the summary you seek
12:05:47RV|WRKlol my apologies, it was you
12:06:06RV|WRKahh was talkin to him b4 u came in i think
12:06:28BlueChipWhen I get back from breakfast, I will upload v3.02 which has a "cvsget" script
12:06:53RV|WRKahh sounds usefull
12:07:10BlueChipand also loads of little things like DELETE key works, etc.
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12:07:31BC|eatingc u in a while :)
12:08:28lImbusBC|eating: I'll take and distribute that package. here at work dcc won't work anyway. btw: enjoy your meal.
12:09:30RV|WRKlol @ delete key , just found that :)
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13:01:20BC|eatingdevkit 302 will be up in a few minutes...
13:01:41 Nick BC|eating is now known as BluChip (
13:10:21RV|WRKhmm can cvs be used to get other versions other than the newest build then ?
13:13:36BluChipi guess so, but no idea how
13:13:58RV|WRKlol ok
13:14:18BluChipcvs −−help ? LOL
13:14:38BluChipgoogle for "man cvs" ?
13:14:44RV|WRKthink its to do with the cvd -D date flag
13:15:01BluChipnot done on version numbers?
13:15:44lImbusyou shoudl (both) install WinCVS then
13:15:50lImbusshould, indeed
13:16:00lImbusit eases up your life a LOT
13:16:47lImbuseven if you are comfortable with commandline-tools.
13:16:58RV|WRKcan i get a specific date build with it
13:19:32lImbusmhmm. let's try
13:20:07lImbusohh, yes of course.
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13:20:11*lImbus feels dumb
13:20:15lImbussticky options.
13:22:11*RV|WRK is grabbing
14:06:47mattzzany news regarding the grayscale problem?
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14:09:12amiconnmattzz: Tried compilation with the latest daily tarball and a fresh build dir - the compiled plugins are byte-by-byte identical to my other compilation, which runs just fine
14:10:27BluChiphmm, not good
14:10:38mattzzcould that have something to do with the cygwin environment?
14:10:45BluChipcan you ad32 your .rock
14:11:51BluChipmark adler's (he of gzip) answer to crc
14:12:14BluChipi suppose md5 is a more modern choice
14:13:18mattzz395d93640556023d46be0adb11eff26f *gray_core.o
14:13:28 Quit RV|WRK ("no im not bloody mindless so stop asking")
14:13:53BluChipwhat about the .rock is that which crashes the target
14:14:06mattzzargh, sorry
14:14:39mattzzde1e9c9c921308c31ccbf10658a65e08 *mandelbrot.rock
14:15:11mattzz39c67cc5fe3ae6999af305a8676baffa *jpeg.rock
14:15:46BluChipidentical here for madelbrot
14:17:36mattzzmadel is bavarian german for girl ;-)
14:18:29BluChiplet's hope that brot is bavarian for "willing" :)
14:20:04 Join AciD [0] (
14:21:00mattzzBluChip: errrrrm, not exactly (brot -> bread).... tasty though.
14:21:44BluChipyummy, my favourite, girl-bread :)
14:22:17BluChipI shall resist the CheeseCake joke
14:22:27mattzzgotta be away for a few minutes..
14:22:34 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
14:23:39 Join Quest [0] (
14:25:31QuestHey all
14:41:54 Join c0utta [0] (
14:49:17QuestSomeone: In , FAQ item 9 has a broken link in it
14:49:43amiconnmattzz|away, BluChip: 83930af513e3425133c8cdf08fe59772 *mandelbrot.rock
14:50:01BluChipthere's the problem
14:50:11amiconn84f6a0f3f31f6f0b809d6f3dab1c3416 *jpeg.rock
14:50:36amiconn(md5sum values) mandelbrot.rock is 3612 bytes, jpeg.rock is 26700 bytes
14:57:53BluChipwe have different results
15:01:05amiconnThis is when building for recorder v1, from rockbox-daily-20040625, with a clean build directory
15:01:38amiconnThe same result when buildung from my usual cvs directory
15:01:44BluChipoh well
15:07:09 Nick BluChip is now known as bc|bbl (
15:19:22 Nick mattzz|away is now known as mattzz (
15:19:47mattzz$ gcc −−version
15:19:48mattzzgcc (GCC) 3.3.1 (cygming special)
15:19:59mattzz$ gcc −−version
15:19:59mattzzgcc (GCC) 3.3.1 (cygming special)
15:20:13bc|bblas specified by Linus
15:20:13mattzzoops, sorry, didn't ment to paste twice
15:22:58lImbusgeeeeez. I just wasted a few hours on a baaad mistake: I opened my old and my new recorder to swap the large hard drive (40GB) to the new unit. it took approx 1 hour, I was almost done when following happened:
15:23:12lImbusI was just about to put back in place those tiny black screws.
15:24:24lImbusfor easier handling, I stand up the recorder on the table, on his front to get it easier. then, one of the black screws dropped from my magnetic screwdriver, fell in the line-in-socket and dissapeared.
15:25:09lImbusI had to REOPEN the complete unit and separate the "core" which I never did before to get that $%&%& screw back
15:25:44lImbuslesson: never ever stand up the device when reassembling.
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15:31:46intQuestSorry, I D/C'ed (This is Quest)
15:44:15 Quit Quest (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:51:03 Quit intQuest ("Trillian (")
15:54:24lImbusno applause ?
15:55:20*bc|bbl is p**ed off cos he cant get his new lib to compile
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19:06:23dstar5bc|bbl, there?
19:06:29midkHI DIDS
19:06:34 Nick bc|bbl is now known as BC (
19:06:38midkyay bcbc
19:09:57dstar5BC: got that devkit :)
19:10:06dstar5i have no cygwin at all atm, so i can test :)
19:10:24BCcool - good luck :)
19:10:48dstar5where is the kit?
19:11:11BCon my site
19:11:54*dstar5 has the song Little Red Riding Hood by Rolling Stones stuck in his head
19:13:15dstar5i can never remember it
19:13:25dstar5i will bookmark it this time :)
19:16:25dstar5your starfield looks awsome dude
19:17:41dstar5your the best coder rockbox ever had :)
19:17:51dstar5but you are not vredited... and your work gets removed
19:18:08BClol - c'est la vie
19:18:58dstar5what was with the blind stuff in the mailing list i did not look at that well
19:19:01dstar5are you blind?
19:19:34BCthat'd be impressive - lol, blind guy writes othelo
19:20:09dstar5you could be in the world records!
19:20:18dstar5first person to code othelo BLIND!
19:21:21midkalthough i think "first blind person to code for open source mp3 jukebox firmware" sounds a bit more impressive
19:22:42 Nick midk is now known as midk|shower (
19:24:04BConly dirty people wash
19:24:20BC...and obsessive compulsives
19:24:44midk|showerbc we already talked about what shower means for midk
19:32:18dstar5HA! : What You Are About To See Here
19:32:18dstar5Might Help You Win A Lot of Mon£y
19:37:47midk|showerribbon spread run and close = wowww
19:39:58BClol - fancy a game of cards?
19:40:23midk|showerno ty.
19:40:27dstar5yes i do
19:42:49dstar5i am playing internet spades now
19:43:02midk|showerWOW COOOOOOOOL
19:43:17dstar5i know!
20:05:13 Nick midk|shower is now known as midk (
20:07:29***No seen item changed, no save performed.
20:14:55dstar5midk, you took your puter into the shower?
20:19:42dstar5i need t go take a shower i am going some place for lunch
20:19:48dstar5see you :)
20:20:46BCbye whoever
20:21:07 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
20:27:08amiconnBC: Did you get grayscale to behave in the meantime? I compared my compilations with the official daily build - all 3 plugins deliver equal md5sums
20:27:39BCi got a feeling its the new sh-1 compiler I was told to use :(
20:28:07BCbut smashing my head against gcc bugs atm
20:28:28BCstructure packing is f***ed is you extern a struct with a bool in
20:28:52BCyou can but guess how long THAT took to find
20:29:35amiconnsh-elf-gcc -v −−> gcc version 3.0.4
20:29:58BCgcc version 3.3.1 (cygming special)
20:31:24BCthink we need to chat to the dude who maintains the sh-1 compiler
20:31:29amiconnWhy are you using 3.3.1? Did I miss something, is this the new official rockbox compiler version?
20:31:30BCsome french bloke
20:32:03BCif you follow the rockbox cygwin instructions - that is the version you will run - specified to get from a specific site
20:32:51BCi notice none of the big boys have been in today
20:33:22amiconnHmm. I did follow the instructions some time ago - there was a binary package to download, which contained version 3.0.4
20:34:15amiconnIt seems that this is the version that is still used for the official compilations, since my binaries are identical to the official ones
20:40:38amiconnBC: Do rockbox and other plugins work correctly if compiled with sh-gcc 3.3.1?
20:42:20amiconnHmm. I'll setup a test environment with cygwin/sh-gcc 3.3.1 and see what I can do.
20:44:25BCI'm just doing the same the other way around here
20:45:08 Join zaser [0] (jirc@
20:45:25BCexport/kernel.h:44: parse error before "__builtin_isgreater"
20:46:33midkhi sir!!!
20:46:44zaseri got some questions about my recorder v2
20:47:10BCwe can tell ;)
20:47:14zasercan someone help me out
20:47:28BCreally depends on what the problems are
20:47:52zaserfor some reason, my recorder won't play
20:48:09BCdoes it work with archos firmware?
20:49:22zaseri choose one of my mp3s and all it does is take 15sec jumps on the song until it goes to the other song
20:49:46zaserbut you can't hear a thing
20:50:08zasermy original problem was that is wouldn't boot up at all
20:51:04zaserwhen it was working, i had rockbox on. Then i tried plugging some speakers into it and it started giving me problems
20:51:38zaserfirst it would do the same thing it's doing right now, skip through out the song
20:51:47BCdoes it work with archos firmware?
20:51:57zaserso that's when i decided to take rockbox out
20:52:33zaserafter i did, it didn't get past the half point on the loading bar with the original archos firmware
20:52:46BCso that;s a no?
20:53:16BCso it's a yes?
20:53:18zaserwith the original archos firmware, it wouldnt even boot all the way
20:53:28BCthen you have h/w problems
20:53:37BCdid you say v2/fm?
20:54:08zaseri got it as a v2, but the board says it's a JBR-FM v2.2
20:54:21BCi reckon the battery needs re-seating
20:54:31zasertried that so many times
20:54:33BCespecially if you have had it apart
20:54:58zaserwhen you say re-seating, what do you mean
20:55:20zaserright now, i put rockbox back on
20:55:33BCremove battery, degrease everything, ensure good connection when replaced
20:55:47BCdoes it make any difference if you sqeeze the sides?
20:55:55zaserthis time it boots all the way to the point where i can browse through my mp3s, but it takes a long ass time
20:56:29BChmm, sorry, if it's more major than the battery, it's beyond me :(
20:56:35zaseri can do everything it's supposed to do, except play music
20:56:58zaserat this moment, i got it plug into my computer through the usb
20:57:26zaseri can play music off of it through the computer, so the HDD works
20:57:46zaserand i doubt it being the hardware since it's on USB right now
20:58:42BCbut the archos firmware fails?
20:58:57BCif their f/w fails, then I'd really have to say hardware
20:59:14zaseri downloaded it twice off of the archos website
20:59:36BCyes, more indicators that the firmware is good
21:01:11zaserso what could be the problem
21:01:42BCsadly, if it's more major than the battery, it's beyond me :(
21:02:55zaserany suggestions
21:03:36BClook for dry solder joints & bad connections - degrease everything - make sure it is together properly
21:14:01zaserother than that
21:15:34BCsadly, if it's more major than the battery, it's beyond me :(
21:16:05BCsorry dude, I went out of my way to buy a V1
21:19:52midkhey bcbc
21:20:11*BC needs fodd
21:20:13amiconnBC: Did the grayscale plugins compiled with gcc 3.3.1 work before my library split?
21:20:27BCsorry mate, no idea
21:27:41 Nick BC is now known as bc|feeding (
21:34:03 Quit zaser (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:45:34amiconnjeez - gcc 3.3.1 is da space-saver
21:47:28midkno swearing or being "da cool" amiconn.
21:47:30midk:D hk
21:57:18 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
22:01:42 Join dstar5 [0] (
22:07:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:14:22 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
22:19:02amiconnBC: u there?
22:22:53midki am
22:23:23bc|feedingjust back
22:23:32 Nick bc|feeding is now known as BC (
22:23:44amiconnIt seems I found the problem why grayscale doesn't work anymore with gcc 3.3.1
22:23:52BCoh yes?
22:24:16amiconnObviously gcc 3.3.1 does some more optimizations than gcc 3.0.4:
22:24:38BCit's arguing with your assembler?
22:24:59amiconnGcc 3.0.4 used to always push the pr register onto the stack at the beginning of every function, and restore it at the end.
22:25:34amiconnGcc 3.3.1 optimizes this away if (it thinks that) no other function is called from this one.
22:25:54BCwhat do you cosider to be the correct solution to this predicament?
22:25:56amiconnBummer - my asm calls a subroutine without gcc noticing!
22:26:09amiconnI try to verify this atm
22:26:31BCcast the call to a pointer-to-function?
22:27:02BCeffective do_nothing, that indicates the secret function
22:27:06amiconnNo, it calls a subroutine directly from asm (via jsr)
22:27:21BCas in (void)unused_pram
22:31:29amiconnI'm currently adding the push/pop of pr to the asm routines, this should fix it on 3.3.1. It shouldn't hurt on 3.0.4 other than it adds 4 instructions (8 bytes) in total.
22:32:14BCno #if version==3.3.1 ?
22:32:54amiconnI don't know with which version of gcc this optimization was introduced...
22:33:33 Join top_bloke [0] (
22:33:39BC /* somwhere between 304 and 331 you need this... */
22:34:31amiconnImho this optimization by the new gcc is A Good Thing (tm), and adding the push/pop of pr is cleaner coding anyway
22:36:55BCcool :)
22:37:18amiconnWith the added instructions all grayscale plugins do work now when compiled with gcc 3.3.1
22:37:42BChope this doesn't hit anywhere else
22:37:48amiconnWhy the grayscale demo is ~2.5% slower is beyond me..
22:38:13BChmmm, that's not good
22:38:52amiconnHowever, this does not come from adding these instructions, because I only re-added what the new gcc hit away
22:40:07BCis it your fn()s are slower, or the rest of the system?
22:42:27amiconnIt seems to be that it has a cause within the plugin itself - it doesn't change if I run the gcc331-compiled plugin with gcc304-compiled rockbox
22:43:34BCwell, given the choice, I consider that option to be the better news
22:45:09 Join dstar5 [0] (
22:58:32 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
23:03:53amiconnBC: fix committed.
23:31:03 Nick midk is now known as midk|movie (
23:55:29 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:58:38 Join iSheep [0] (
23:58:51iSheephi guys

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