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#rockbox log for 2004-06-27

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00:55:08BlueChipu using devkit 3?
00:55:34midkfull cygwin, remember?
00:55:40midkyou made me, sir.
00:56:25BlueChipwant some cool keyboard macros?
00:56:30midkooh like
00:56:35midk*presses P
00:57:23midkwhuh do i doo
00:57:33BlueChipplace both files in your home directory and press ^x ^r
00:58:05BlueChipthen press f1
00:58:31midkwhuh to dooo
01:01:14midkdoesnt woooork
01:01:25BlueChipwhere did you put the two files?
01:02:08BlueChip /home/username
01:02:35midkjust forget it, bcbc.
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01:12:30lImbusHi BlueChip, i am back ;-)
01:12:35BlueChiphey dude
01:12:41BlueChiphow did it all go :)
01:13:01BlueChipI've got some fine-n-dandy keyboard macros to add to the devkit :)
01:13:28BlueChipJust debugging the lcd functions in the card engine
01:13:37BlueChipwanna try the kbd macros?
01:13:58lImbusok. I havn't had a look at the lcd-stuff yet
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01:14:44BlueChipslap 'em in the guest directory
01:14:49lImbusyou could also add the VisualProject2003-File I assembled for editing rockbox. needs a custom build step still
01:15:06lImbusbut for the ones that do not like eclipse
01:15:29BlueChipno use to me, but if it is of use to others, I would happily append it :)
01:16:15lImbusthere is just one spoiler: it can't add automatically files that have been added to the directory
01:16:37BlueChipauto-script thingie?
01:17:21lImbusdon't think so. I'm not keen on writing some either
01:18:00lImbusLet me know if you get feedback for the vcproj-file so I can learn and improve.
01:18:12lImbusthe file has to be saved to the ~ simply
01:18:30lImbususes relative paths from there. does not compile yet.
01:18:33BlueChipit's all in text - shouldn't be too hard to put together a updater program
01:19:18lImbusehh, of course. but don't think you could save on one of the empty xml-thingies. VS.NET hates such optimisations.
01:20:10lImbusyeah, it's a bummer. it then just fails to open the project. can't recover from any dustcorn
01:20:32BlueChipdoes the srouce need to be in a specific directory?
01:22:40lImbusehh ? which source ? the relative paths written in the .vcproj are relative to the location of the .vcproj
01:23:09lImbusI have rockbox.vcproj in ~/ and then ~/apps and so on
01:23:30BlueChipoh right! you work like that - ouch!
01:24:02lImbusouch ? what hurt you ?
01:24:04BlueChipthat'll be confusing to anyone who followed the directions
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01:24:55lImbusok, if you got it like your devkit-direction, it has to lay in ~/tarball/ (aka /cygwin/home/guest/tarball/
01:25:30lImbusi am still using the OLD devkit on my laptop here at home. got that devkit 302 only at work
01:25:44BlueChipold dev kit said the same thing :P
01:26:02BlueChipnice try ;)
01:26:17BlueChipi believe the rockbox directions also say the same
01:26:27lImbusi must have been to handy with cygwin and cvs to read any directions. does that count ?
01:26:57BlueChiphow did you get cvs to check out rockbox-devel without creating the rockbox-devel directory?
01:27:23LinusN'cvs co rockbox-devel'
01:27:51lImbusmhmm. most probably with cvs update -dP
01:28:04lImbusIN my ~ of course
01:28:26BlueChipI shall try that later
01:28:46BlueChipstill, different is good too
01:29:05lImbuscvs is such a fun if you know how to use.
01:29:29lImbusi'm just writing a cvs-blamer based on 'cvs annotate'
01:29:31BlueChipI'll stick to porn & beer thanks ;)
01:29:54lImbusi actually got a beer myself too here
01:30:05 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
01:30:06BlueChipit is :)
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01:33:39Danny_from_frHello everybody
01:33:51Danny_from_frI have RED LED bug
01:33:55Danny_from_fron my JFM
01:34:01lImbusbad. bot
01:34:21Danny_from_frDo you have some solutions?
01:34:32LinusNDanny_from_fr: try the latest daily build
01:34:32Danny_from_frI use only daily builds
01:34:37Danny_from_frI tryed
01:34:46lImbusI don't like the FM after all I heard.
01:34:50LinusNDanny_from_fr: it is a hardware problem
01:34:57Danny_from_frHDD problem?
01:34:59LinusNyour hard drive is sensitive to shock
01:35:12Danny_from_frI Heard about DK23DA incompatibility?
01:35:28Danny_from_frso what can I do?
01:35:34dstar5my unit has that hd
01:35:36LinusNeven the original firmware has problems
01:35:39dstar5i have not had the bug
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01:36:09LinusNdstar5: lucky you
01:36:26Danny_from_frMaybe there some solutions?
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01:36:31Danny_from_frI like rockbox
01:36:46LinusNDanny_from_fr: i have heard of a firmware upgrade for the HD itself
01:37:14Danny_from_frwhere can i find it??
01:37:20LinusNi don't know
01:37:26Danny_from_frsorry for my english
01:37:33Danny_from_frI'm franco-russian
01:37:41LinusNyour english is perfectly understandable to me
01:38:13Danny_from_frSomebody knows where can I find the firmware for DK23DA?
01:38:34LinusNhitachi, perhaps?
01:38:51Danny_from_frperhaps? what is it?
01:38:58lImbuspeut etre
01:39:12Danny_from_frca serai tres cool
01:39:39lImbuslet's keep it english ;-) perhap means "peut-être"
01:39:47Danny_from_frok lol
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01:41:20dstar5Danny_from_fr, i think i have found a update
01:41:25dstar5hold on one sec
01:42:42dstar5this update says it supports that disk
01:43:54dstar5it takes 14 diskets for some weird reason...
01:44:03dstar5should just use a cd...
01:44:32Danny_from_fryes I see
01:44:42Danny_from_frI don't have any diskets
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01:45:06dstar5heh neither do I
01:45:41Guest1whenever i put rockbox on my jukebox it says something about the dir buffer full or something
01:45:45Guest1any help?
01:46:15BlueChipincrease buffer size in menu, or split files up over multiple directories :)
01:46:16lImbuslemme see. there is a dir buffer setting somewhere
01:46:59Guest1i increased the buffer size to 300 but after restarting it , it said 50 again
01:47:13Guest1and wouldnt let me see my files
01:47:20dstar5Guest1, try goign into a folder or something after you change the setting
01:47:34Guest1it doesnt even show my folders though
01:47:43BlueChiprun a plugin?
01:47:59BlueChipanything to make the disk spin up
01:48:11LinusNGuest1: you didn't install rockbox properly
01:48:21Guest1how should i install it
01:48:39LinusNunzip *the entire* zip file to the jukebox root dir
01:48:55LinusNyou installed 2.2, right?
01:49:13LinusNok, there is a bug in 2.2 that hits first-time installers
01:49:21Guest1all i did was download it then but the file onto the jukebox
01:49:22LinusNtry the latest daily build instead
01:49:32LinusN"put the file"?
01:49:47Guest1ya my bad
01:49:52Guest1*put the file
01:50:07LinusNi mean, did you unzip the entire zip file?
01:50:10Guest1will the daily build hurt it though cause of its bugs?
01:50:15Danny_from_frlook at this pliz
01:50:32LinusNGuest1: there are most likely more bugs in 2.2 than the daily build :-)
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01:52:01Guest1ill try the daily build
01:52:36LinusNGuest1: do so
01:53:53Guest1it works?
01:53:59Guest1i mean it works!
01:54:17Guest1any idea why the battery meter has a ? in it though
01:54:42LinusNyes, it doesn't know the battery status until after a minute or so
01:54:55Guest1o ok
01:56:49Guest1when i shut it off is it supposed to just shut off or is there a shutdown screen like on the archos os
01:57:12LinusNno, there is no shutdown screen in rockbox
01:57:21Guest1k just checking
01:58:03Guest1and my jukebox is fully charged but it only reads as half full
01:58:38Guest1also am i supposed to put a rickbox directory or something on to it?
01:58:50lImbusthen you may check if the configured battery capacity corresponds to the batteries used.
01:58:57LinusNGuest1: if you installed it correctly, the .rockbox folder will be there
01:59:41lImbusconcerning the .rockbox-directory: if you unpacked the archive, it will be there, but not shown, as directories starting with dots are hidden.
01:59:48Guest1i dragged the ajbrec.ajz into the jukebox
02:00:15lImbusGuest1, you REALLY should unpack the whole archive
02:00:16Guest1is that all i was supposed to do
02:00:16LinusNGuest1: why didn't you follow the instructions?
02:00:26lImbuseither viewer-plugins will not work
02:00:39Guest1well what should i do to fix it
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02:01:06Guest1i did it said to unzip the file but im not sure how to do that
02:01:12 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
02:01:52LinusNbut you managed to unzip the ajbrec.ajz file?
02:02:05LinusNso why didn't you unzip the rest as well?
02:02:20Guest1i dont know if i unzipped it all i know is that i put it into the jukebox i didnt do anything to it
02:02:55LinusNinstead of dragging the ajbrec.ajz file, you should have dragged all the files in the zip file
02:03:31LinusNor select "extract all" or whatever it may say in your GUI
02:03:51Guest1do i do anything with rockbox.ucl
02:04:09LinusNnope, not at this point
02:04:12lImbusGuest1, which operating system are you using ? did you install furter programs for archive handling ? (winrar does NOT rebuild the directories)
02:04:30BlueChipnite all
02:04:35 Part BlueChip
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02:08:15Guest1im relly confused on what im suppoesd to be doing, apparently i didnt have winzip so i just downloaded that and tried to unzip ir
02:08:32lImbusthat should be ok
02:08:50Guest1once i put it through winzip should i put it in the jukebox again?
02:08:55lImbusbut you only unzipped a part of it, not all
02:09:04Guest1how do i do all of it
02:09:24lImbuslet's try it in french offside the channel. pm
02:10:07Guest1i dont speak french
02:10:24lImbusohh sorry, I thought you was the guy speaking french
02:10:30Guest1its ok
02:10:42Guest1how do i unzip all of it
02:11:04lImbuswhat do you see on your box if it's connected to your pc. what's on that drive ?
02:11:35Guest1u mean what is my archos called if its connected?
02:12:09lImbuserr, ok, we can start with that either. I meant to list the files/directories already on the drive
02:12:54Guest1im relly not computer savvy so i have no idea how to anwser that
02:13:33Guest1hey thanks for helping but i gotta go
02:13:42lImbuseuh ?
02:13:47 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
02:13:54lImbuswell then. seems to be not so imporant
02:14:01dstar5i wish people knew about computers more
02:14:23lImbusI don't blame him. but it would be nice, of course
02:15:01lImbusquite embarassing I confused him with Danny_from_fr
02:15:44LinusNlImbus: nah, everytime someone joins the channel and asks stupid questions, we assume he's french :-)
02:16:37lImbusdstar5, french too ?
02:18:39 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:18:52lImbusoops. is it so embarassing ?
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03:02:08Danny_from_frCan I do something after bad flashing?
03:02:18Danny_from_frMy JB freezed
03:02:20Danny_from_frand now
03:02:25Danny_from_frI can't start it
03:06:50LinusNfm recorder?
03:07:07LinusNwhich rockbox version?
03:07:17Danny_from_frI just wanted flash back to archos firmware
03:07:20Danny_from_frwith a .bin file
03:07:33Danny_from_frand it freezed
03:07:37LinusNso it was flashed?
03:07:48LinusNand you wanted to revert it?
03:08:00LinusNwhen did it freeze?
03:08:29LinusNtry to hold F1 when you turn on the device
03:08:36Danny_from_frdon't work
03:08:54LinusNnot good
03:09:08LinusNi think you're in trouble
03:09:30Danny_from_frthere no solutions?
03:09:39 Quit lImbus (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:09:47LinusNwas this the bin file from the backup you made when flashing the first time?
03:10:28CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 hours and 28 minutes at the last flood
03:10:28*LinusN suspects that Jörg didn't try to flash the original file
03:10:56LinusNwell, if it doesn't start, you have to open it up and perform some surgery on it
03:11:09Danny_from_frwhat can i do?
03:11:18LinusNyou need to be somewhat skilled in electronics
03:11:27LinusNat least handy with a soldering iron
03:11:41Danny_from_frand u know what i have to do?
03:11:46LinusNyou will have to do the "UART boot mod"
03:11:56Danny_from_frwhat is it?
03:12:15LinusNit enables a special mode in the boot ROM, where you can program the flash via the serial port
03:12:38Danny_from_frand how it works?
03:12:46Danny_from_frIt's an USB
03:13:16LinusNthe CPU has a serial port (the same that is used for the remote control)
03:13:59LinusNbtw, why did you want to restore the flash?
03:15:57Danny_from_frbecause of red led ded
03:16:13Danny_from_frso i have to make a serial cable?
03:16:26LinusNwhich .bin file did you use when restoring?
03:16:50LinusNwas it "internal_rom_2000000-203FFFF.bin"?
03:17:02Danny_from_frI renamed it
03:17:13LinusNshould have worked...
03:17:31Danny_from_frSo as I undersatnd
03:17:38Danny_from_frI need to make a serial data cable
03:17:50LinusNyou have to make a serial cable, and perform the UART boot mod
03:18:25Danny_from_fris it difficult?
03:18:45LinusNif you haven't done anything like it before, it may be difficult
03:19:02Danny_from_frI did a lot of electronic before
03:19:15LinusNthen it shouldn't be too hard
03:19:24Danny_from_frI didn't find any schemas of the cable
03:20:04LinusNthe instructions in the link i gave you should help you
03:21:42Danny_from_frdid you do it?
03:23:37LinusNi designed the rs232 converter, yes
03:25:35Danny_from_frwell I'm gonna sleep right now
03:25:41LinusNsleep tight
03:25:47Danny_from_frthank you much
03:25:56LinusNyou're welcome
03:26:09Danny_from_frgood night
03:35:56LinusNtime to sleep
03:35:58LinusNnite all
03:36:00 Part LinusN
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09:28:55 Join adi|ems [0] (
09:29:25adi|emsdamn.. was hoping to ask linus how he got on the open neo mailing list
09:30:05midkadi|home was in xchat screenshot.
09:30:36midktwo, actually.
09:31:06adi|emsshould i ask?
09:31:21adi|emsand where is this xchat screen shot?
09:31:29adi|emslike for the xchat website?
09:31:42midkofficial screenshots
09:31:54midkadiamas and adi|home
09:32:32adi|emshehe hehe funny you noticed :)
09:33:04midkyeh, someone mentioned a difference in 2.0.9 −− wanted to see if there were any visual differences and saw you at the top of the list
09:33:13midk*changes nick to "aaaaaa" and joins #xchat and #redhat
09:33:52adi|emsso i take if your developing for xchat?
09:36:13 Join Danny_from_fr [0] (
09:36:57adi|emsk :)
09:37:13midkthis is *the* adi, right? :)
09:37:25midk*hopes he hasn't got someone else confused with adi
09:37:31adi|emsas far as any adi can be the adi :)
09:37:45adi|emsadiamas adi|home adi|work (owner of the room) adi :)
09:37:47adi|emsthats me
09:37:49midkare you or are you not adi
09:37:54midkare you or are you notlol
09:38:04adi|emsused to be faq maintainer but got real lazy adi.. thats me..
09:38:20midkOH YEAH
09:38:31midkthe ollitrop guy
09:38:40midkadi was hassled by ollitrop hahah
09:41:29midkyeah here
09:41:32midk08.54.46 # <adi|home> not trying to be a jerk.. but being the maintainer of the FAQ.. answering the same quesitons over and over gets tiresome
09:41:32midk08.56.57 # <ollitrop> well thanks assfuck! i hope you feel better, Mr. I'm so smart and i talk down to people on a computer because in real life they could kick my ass. Go ahead hide behind your PC. If I missed that part then it was my bad but you dont have to talk to people that way you fucking pissant. And dont apoligize now, faqs are a bitch to maintain, dont tell people to come here if you arent willing to put up with stupid quest
09:41:32midkions, ASSHOLE JERK FUCK!
09:42:48adi|emsyup.. that was him...
09:42:59adi|emsand on that note.. i need to head home and get some sleep...
09:43:03adi|emsso long
09:43:04 Quit adi|ems ()
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09:44:36 Quit midk (Nick collision from services.)
09:44:37 Nick midk2k3 is now known as midk (
09:44:43midkhm wtf.
09:48:15 Quit midk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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09:48:47 Nick midk2k3 is now known as midk (
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12:34:11 Quit Danny_from_fr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:34:48zeekoeany opinions about the jukebox studio 20?
12:35:07zeekoei may be able to buy one for ¤100
12:39:32 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
12:40:35[IDC]DragonHmm, I missed Danny_from_fr
12:40:45[IDC]Dragon(the mis-flasher)
12:43:15zeekoehe mis-flashed his archos thing?
12:43:24[IDC]Dragonafaik, yes
12:43:39[IDC]Dragon(from reading the log)
12:43:39LinusNhe tried to revert to the original
12:43:50[IDC]Dragonwhich is OK
12:43:59LinusNzeekoe: the studio is the oldest model
12:44:45LinusNthe sound is inferior to the recorder, and the LCD is character-only, as opposed to the bitmap display of the recorder
12:45:24LinusNthe studio has USB1.1, the recorder has USB2.0 (at least the modern models)
12:45:42LinusNi wouldn't buy a studio
12:49:11[IDC]DragonLinusN: how do you like the patch for talk clips on any files?
12:49:31LinusNi think it's good
12:49:37[IDC]Dragonme too
12:49:44LinusNhaven't looked at the code, but i like the idea
12:49:48[IDC]Dragonhow many you do is up to the user
12:49:58[IDC]Dragonit's just an option
12:50:04LinusNand it can't hurt, since it works like before if there are no .talk clips
12:50:28[IDC]Dragonscripts for generation are a different issue
12:50:52zeekoeLinusN: the sound is inferior?
12:50:57LinusNone easy thing to add to the scripts is to generate clips for playlists
12:50:59zeekoein what way?
12:51:15[IDC]Dragonif there are no clips, it needs a delay and a spinup, that's the drawback if enabled
12:51:26LinusN1) the headphone amp is not very powerful
12:51:55LinusN2) the MP3 chip is the older MAS3507, without Loudness and Dynamic Bass
12:52:11LinusN[IDC]Dragon: true
12:52:48LinusNzeekoe: 1) can be fixed with a hardware modification
12:52:51zeekoeLinusN: hmm... dynamic bass was just a weird trick to improve bass, wasn't it?
12:53:02zeekoeLinusN: that's kewl
12:53:13LinusNzeekoe: yes, a psycho acoustic trick, but it works very well
12:53:19zeekoe:P ok
12:53:29zeekoeis it really needed?
12:53:33 Join amiconn [0] (~jens@
12:53:35LinusNso if you can get hold of a recorder, it is a much better choice
12:53:47zeekoeyeah, but recorders are much more expensive...
12:53:51amiconnhi all
12:53:56LinusNzeekoe: no, the dynamic bass isn't needed
12:54:01LinusNamiconn: yo yo yo
12:54:38zeekoewhat about the durability (is this the correct word?) of the studio?
12:54:43LinusNzeekoe: i'm not trying to talk you out of the studio, i'm just answering your question
12:54:54zeekoeyeah, ok
12:54:59zeekoei get it
12:55:12LinusNin general, the archos hardware quality has a lot to wish for
12:55:19amiconnLinusN: Could you please enlighten me why the Makefile in /apps set -DPLUGIN=1 ? If I take this out, a debug build completes without error.
12:55:24zeekoeare there special points to take notice _if_ ;) i want to buy the studio?
12:55:34LinusNamiconn: plain stupidity?
12:55:48LinusNi forgot to commit my fix for that yesyerday
12:56:14LinusNzeekoe: you mean what to watch out for when you inspect it?
12:56:38amiconnAh ok. I wondered about that, because you committed other things, but no fix for that, so I assumed there must be a reason for it.
12:56:41zeekoeLinusN: yep, that's what i mean
12:57:28LinusNzeekoe: squeeze the bumpers in the direction of the batteries, if it reboots you will need to repair it (a simple procedure)
12:58:06zeekoebtw, the guy says it broke after a firmware upgrade
12:58:13zeekoeit only boots when connected to pc
12:58:42LinusNhehe, that's another sign of the same hardware problem i described
12:58:54LinusNhas nothing to do with the firmware
12:59:00zeekoeheh... okay
12:59:07zeekoeso it can be repaired?
12:59:26LinusNit can also be a bug in rockbox that we fixed a week ago
12:59:30zeekoeit's just that the battery doesn't make contact or so?
12:59:53LinusNzeekoe: yes, but you need to resolder the battery connectors
13:00:10zeekoethat can't be a big problem
13:00:42LinusNzeekoe: you don't have any friends with skills in electronic repairs?
13:00:58zeekoei can do some
13:01:12zeekoedoesn't look hard
13:01:17LinusNnot at all
13:01:36zeekoei fix anything, whether or not it's broke
13:01:44LinusNdid he mention what the studio does when it isn't connected to a pc?
13:02:16zeekoehe just says that it doesnt boot by itself
13:02:21zeekoeonly when connected to usb
13:02:40LinusNsounds like a battery/connector problem
13:03:14LinusNamiconn: want me to commit?
13:04:08zeekoethanks a lot :)
13:04:15zeekoei'll be reading the docs
13:04:15LinusNzeekoe: good luck
13:04:18amiconnLinusN: Either one of us should do so..
13:04:21zeekoefrom rockbox
13:04:23LinusNi just did :-)
13:04:52zeekoehmm... food is ready :)
13:04:58zeekoeanyway, thanks!
13:05:07*LinusN can't find the screws to reassemble his Studio :-)
13:05:24LinusNzeekoe: you're welcome
13:06:27amiconnLinusN: Nice change for the status bar - saves a bit of code size
13:07:31LinusNand there were so many places where we forget to update it, so it's much better if it updates itself
13:07:54amiconnTogether with Jörg's new settings code (and compiling with gcc 3.3.1) we do now have again some more room for improvement before hitting the 200 KB barrier :-)
13:08:13LinusNdoes it compile well with 3.3.1 now?
13:08:32amiconnYes, it does, and it does run just fine.
13:08:52amiconnajbrec.ajz (recorder v1) is now < 180 KB :-)
13:09:13[IDC]DragonFM is the worst case
13:09:27*amiconn is trying an fm build...
13:09:53[IDC]Dragonit doesn't have to, the charging code is not in
13:10:13LinusNbtw, have you tried with 2.4.0?
13:10:15[IDC]Dragonbut fact is that it's the largest
13:10:46amiconnSorry, no gcc 3.4.0 for cygwin (yet)
13:11:06LinusNi don't get it
13:11:23[IDC]Dragon3.4.0 is the latest and greatest?
13:11:29LinusNcygwin doesn't deliver a cross compiler for sh1, do they?
13:11:36LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yes
13:12:08LinusNso you could easily build a 3.4.0 cross compiler anyway
13:12:36amiconnajbrec.ajz compiled with 3.3.1 is just under 183 KB (with my short bitswap & optimized ata, that is)
13:16:27amiconnFor unmodified rockbox it's a little more (60 bytes) than 183 KB
13:17:40[IDC]Dragonflashing and 8MB rulez (no limits!)
13:17:42amiconnLinusN: For the debug builds no .ajz/.mod is generated. How are these supposed to load?
13:18:00[IDC]Dragonamiconn: you need the .elf
13:18:06LinusNthey are elf files, loaded via gdb
13:18:52[IDC]DragonI'm off
13:18:55LinusNdamn, i can't find a good source for 8M chips... :-(
13:19:08amiconnAh. Am I right on this: For the debug builds, you need the serial mod - both for loading the fw and interfacing it with gdb?
13:19:15[IDC]DragonI'll get you one, someday...
13:19:16LinusNamiconn: yes
13:19:21 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
13:20:06LinusNi'll reboot now, back in a sec
13:20:14 Part LinusN
13:22:24 Join LinusN [200] (
13:26:06amiconnInteresting - I just did the cvs update, and it didn't complain about a clash, although we both changed the same line
13:26:30amiconnObviously it detected that the change itself was identical...
13:30:22amiconnI would really try to get the ata issue sorted, and would build 3 test versions for that. However, I wonder if the compiler used ay also influence it...
13:31:33LinusNi don't think so
13:34:00amiconnSo I'll do the following:
13:34:46amiconn(1) Build rockbox 4 times for each architecture (without ata optimiziation, read opt. only, write opt., both opt.s)
13:35:20amiconn(2) make zip packages from these, containing the non-opt. version as default
13:35:37amiconn(3) upload these to my webspace
13:36:29amiconn(4) announce them on the ml with the invitation to do the tests, accompaned by some warnings (backup data etc..)
13:37:07amiconnI wonder if I should do that for all 4 models (probably yes)
13:38:27LinusNwhich disk was the problem child again?
13:39:09amiconnMost problematic is Hitachi DK23CA series (data corruption). Hitachi DK23DA is our main RLD candidate
13:41:57LinusNi have a DA, but not a CA
13:51:46 Join BlueChip [0] (
13:51:58LinusNhola BlueChip
13:52:11BlueChipHola Captain Linus :)
13:52:36BlueChipHave you been out on your own yet?
13:52:59LinusNseveral times before graduating :-)
13:53:03BlueChipI remember the first time I drove a car with nobody in it - such an amazing feeling of achievement :)
13:53:06LinusNbut not after
13:53:24LinusNwill go fishing in august
13:53:31BlueChipSounds more akin to a PPL then a Driving License
13:53:43LinusNit's very basic
13:54:00LinusNand sometimes not even required
13:54:22LinusNit depends on the size of the ship and where you go
13:54:39BlueChipBut you seem the kind of guy to do something properly or not at all
13:55:18LinusNsometimes, yes
13:55:55BlueChipwe all have our moments of weakness ...often when weighed against things like deadlines and wages
13:56:34LinusNamiconn: lots of asm constraint errors with 3.4.0
13:57:01amiconnHmm. In what modules?
13:57:37LinusNdrivers/ata.c:864: warning: asm operand 0 probably doesn't match constraints
13:57:48LinusNdrivers/ata.c:864: error: impossible constraint in `asm'
13:57:58LinusNBlueChip: gcc 3.4.0
13:58:14BlueChipah - cheers
13:59:52amiconnLinusN: Line 864 is a simple and_b(~0x02, &PADRH); ?!?
14:01:22LinusNso either the "I" or "z" contraint is deprecated
14:01:53BlueChip(whatever happened to backward-compatible)
14:03:48LinusNit's probably the z contraint
14:06:13amiconnTest builds prepared and packaged. Unfortunately I cannot upload them atm, this has to wait until the evening.
14:08:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:10:18 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:16:41amiconnLinusN: According to the gcc cvs the z constraint should still be valid imho
14:19:34LinusNi'm silly
14:21:43LinusNoperand 0 uses the "I" constraint
14:24:35amiconnWould you mind doing a quick test: Write "i" instead of "I" (only in one place for now) and re-try?
14:27:10LinusNgotta go now, cu around
14:27:32BlueChipl8rz LinusN
14:28:51amiconncu LinusN
14:29:18 Part LinusN
14:36:45 Join pfavr [0] (
14:49:49amiconnLinusN (if you read the logs): constraint "I" is now "I08" (both are signed 8-bit, so it is not correct to use them for 8 bit logical operations). For 8-bit logic operations, we should have used "L" in the first place (8 bit unsigned), which is now "K08"
14:50:14 Join AciD [0] (
14:52:24 Part amiconn
15:11:39 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:11:40 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:50:51 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040624]")
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16:52:30 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:05:46 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
17:07:45 Quit Neurosupherot (Client Quit)
17:08:09 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
17:08:39 Quit Neurosupherot (Client Quit)
17:08:41 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
17:08:53 Quit Neurosupherot (Client Quit)
17:08:56BlueChipanybody know how many "ticks" in a second?
17:11:38 Join AciD [0] (
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18:47:07 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:07 Quit BlueChip (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:57:00 Quit AciD (
18:57:00 Quit midknight2k3 (
18:57:30NJoinAciD [0] (
18:57:30NJoinmidknight2k3 [0] (
19:02:49 Join dstar5 [0] (
19:14:43dstar5anyone know where the linker script for the sh-elf binutils is?
20:08:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:21:38 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:35:42 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
20:55:42 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49:40 Join glytch [0] (
21:50:08glytchdoes anyone know the actual manufacturing price of the archos jukebox recorder ?
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22:17:14 Join zeekoe [0] (
22:40:44 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:44:40 Join sddsds [0] (
22:44:53 Join Bagder [0] (
22:45:03sddsdshello there i got an serious problem with my archos jukebox studio 20
22:45:58sddsdsi thinkn it is something with the firmware but i've tried everything
22:46:16sddsdsthe player doesn't boot
22:56:59 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
22:59:11 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:00:08sddsdsis there someone who can help me out ?
23:00:30Bagderwith what?
23:01:28sddsdswel i have a problem eith my jukebox i think it was the wrong firmware
23:01:39sddsdsi installed it and know it doesn't boot
23:01:45Bagderhow did you install it?
23:02:21sddsdsi installed the rockbox 2.2 recorder
23:02:37sddsdsbecause i have an Jukebox Studio 20
23:02:43 Join dstar5 [0] (
23:02:59Bagdersddsds: the remove the files again, and it'll work as before
23:03:18Bagderconnect the usb cable first, then power on
23:03:28sddsdsso i renamed the file asrjev.azj to archos.mod
23:04:08sddsdsno but i tried everything i formated it, checked the disk nothing works annymore
23:04:18Bagderthen that's not the problem
23:04:30Bagderthe archos boots on the internal firmware first
23:04:42Bagderand then checks the disk for an "upgrade"
23:04:48Bagderif there's no upgrade, it runs the internal
23:04:49sddsdsyeah i can stil plug it in the pc and he recognises it as an Hard Drive and i can still put things on
23:05:13sddsdshow do i do that ?
23:05:18Bagderdo what?
23:05:33sddsds check the archos boots on the internal firmware first
23:05:50Bagderit does that
23:05:55Bagderyou can't change that
23:06:08Bagderso if it doesn't boot
23:06:13sddsdsooh jeay i did that but then i get an HD error
23:06:14Bagderit has nothing to do with rockbox
23:07:04sddsdsi hold the on button for a couple of secconds and then i should the internal firmware from archos right?
23:08:00sddsdsyeah but it only says jukebox version 5.08 and then i get HD Error on the screen and then it turns off
23:08:16Bagderso, you have a hd error that the archos OS detects
23:08:45Bagderprobably because you did make any partitions on the disk or something
23:09:14sddsdsno i didn't make any partition on it
23:09:21Bagderyou should
23:09:31sddsdsyeah ?
23:09:40sddsdsi should split it ?
23:09:54Bagdermake one partition that occupies the whole disk
23:10:09sddsdsokay wait a minute
23:10:15sddsdsand what should i do the ?
23:10:24 Join LinusN [200] (
23:10:36LinusNsddsds: does the drive spin up?
23:10:50Bagdersince he can use it with usb, it better ;-)
23:11:13LinusNyes, but without
23:11:18sddsdsYeah because i can use it through usb
23:11:30LinusNdoes the drive spin up when you start it without usb?
23:11:40sddsdsit works fine until i unplug it and want to listen to some music though:P
23:11:50sddsdslet me check
23:12:30BagderLinusN: Mike Deliman actually is the Mars guy! ;-)
23:13:21sddsdsno it does not spin up
23:13:50sddsdsit only spins up when i plug it in the usb
23:14:32 Join amiconn [0] (
23:14:58amiconnhi all
23:15:04Bagderhi amiconn
23:15:09sddsdsso it's the batteries ?
23:15:42LinusNor the battery connectors
23:16:46amiconnLinusN: Got my comment (from the log) on the asm constraints for recent gcc?
23:17:37dstar5asm constraints: are those saying like something about 0?
23:18:07amiconndstar5: ???
23:18:57LinusNamiconn: K08 is a no-go
23:19:20amiconnWhat happens if you use it?
23:19:33LinusNsame error
23:19:40dstar5amiconn, i built binutils and gcc for sh-elf yesterday (gcc 3.4, binutils 1.15), and compiling gives me a weird error, i cant remember exactly what it was
23:20:22LinusNdstar5: perhaps this:
23:20:30LinusNdrivers/ata.c:864: warning: asm operand 0 probably doesn't match constraints
23:20:34dstar5thats it
23:20:47LinusNthat's what we're discussing
23:21:05amiconnLinusN: Tried I08?
23:22:30amiconn(I still wonder why the gcc team changed the syntax in this not backwards compatible way)
23:23:37LinusNhave to go, cu l8r
23:23:45 Part LinusN
23:39:20amiconnAny Linuxer here?
23:39:55amiconnWhat's the equivalent on Linux for Windows' Checkdisk/Scandisk, when checking FAT32?
23:40:18amiconn(I'm just preparing my eMail for the next ATA test round)
23:58:08sddsdshey i put in some new batteries and know it will boot up when i use the rom from acros but the red light is blinking
23:58:08 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

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