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#rockbox log for 2004-06-29

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00:49:20midkhey amiconn, are you around?
00:49:45midkyou suggested the european date mode for the clock, correct?
00:49:52midkwhich was DD.MM.YYYY?
00:50:15amiconnyes, correct.
00:50:35midkis it still a "correct" european date if it's DD.MM.YY?
00:50:59midkor is DD.MM.YYYY more correct?
00:51:16amiconnYes it is (short date), although I don't like it (personally)
00:51:32midkwhat about on two lines
00:51:52midkthat is the best way i can make it work in the clock
00:51:53amiconnShould be ok.
00:51:58midkexcellent, thanks
00:55:56midkdammit. i hate these bugs.
00:56:13midk24h time readout: 31:57:49
00:57:04amiconnBtw: your old clock doesn't show the seconds correctly since I fixed snprintf()
00:57:06midk12 is 19:57:xx
00:57:18midkyes, i am releasing the final update today..
00:57:27midkif i can fix this bug
00:57:53amiconnPlease define "today" ... damn time zones
00:58:11midkwithin the next 6 hours probably
00:58:24midkup to 8 hours.. that's when i start getting sloppy :)
01:05:45midkAHAHAHAHa i am good.
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02:55:47yeftoh dear...
02:55:52yeftanyone here
02:57:20midkthe GRAMMAR BOT
02:57:32yefthahah i got a soldering iron
02:57:34yeftand i soldered
02:57:41yeftand i dont think it worked
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03:21:55midkany coders around?
03:46:31hardeepcoding gives you cancer
03:46:44midkdarn - i must be dead :)
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06:16:15midkoh lol
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06:54:40midkheya linux
06:56:15midkworking on a very intuitive help screen.
06:56:24midkthen, *rubs hands together*, my CLOCK WILL BE COMPLETE
07:01:45LinusNyou've been saying that for the last 4 months :-)
07:01:55midki said before july :D
07:02:37midkyay my help screen will rock.
07:02:51midksure, they have to go through a few paragraphs on a small lcd.. but who cares
07:02:53midkit's just the USER.
07:03:16midkwow.. just text displaying is expanding my clock significantly
07:04:09midktacking on 40 lines of text bumped it from 17.7kb to 18.5kb.
07:04:20midksounds sort of weird..
07:06:44midk*decides not to include a "how to read binary" tutorial
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07:36:19yeftmy fmr is in front of me
07:36:22yeftand in pieces
07:36:25yeftand im desparate
07:36:41yeftmy first soldering attempt failed...
07:37:40yefti fixed it
07:37:44yeftand not in the mood hahaha
07:38:05midksorry yeft, no more from grammarbot.
07:38:37LinusNyeft: what are you soldering?
07:39:00yeftthe luggs
07:39:06yeftthe tabs conencted to the pcb
07:39:13LinusNshouldn't be too hard
07:39:36yeftit isnt...
07:39:38yeftbut it didnt work
07:39:56LinusNcan you see if the battery connectors make good contact to the battery?
07:40:44LinusNif not, bend them slightly towards the battery
07:41:04LinusNand clean them, and the battery
07:42:27LinusNsome alcohol, maybe
07:42:47yefthaha soap wont do?
07:42:53LinusNhehe, no
07:44:11midk*watches yeft use soap anyways
07:45:11midkLinusN, clock.c has moved into its last 100 builds.
07:45:14midkwhat a touching moment.
07:46:45LinusNmake sure that both battery connectors make contact
07:47:36LinusNdid you figure out how to put the battery lid back on?
07:47:59yeftbattery lid?
07:48:23yeftoh yeah that bar...
07:48:33LinusNthat "bar" is vital
07:48:44yeftyes i have it ,,,
07:50:00yeftboth make contact
07:50:08yeftand i have the lid, and cna put it back on
07:50:44LinusNand it still doesn't work?
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07:53:41yeft2do i have to resolder to see if it works?
07:54:16yeft2: /
07:55:41midki mean
07:55:42midkgood luck
07:55:52midki never really resoldered my points on my old fm
07:57:36LinusNold fm? you have a new one?
07:57:50midkno, i have no more fm
07:57:56midkon the fm i used to have.
07:58:01yeft2what do you have now?
07:58:20midkwoohoo i am like finished coding
07:58:23midknow for the boring part
07:58:25midkTESTING it.
07:58:47yeft2im assuming 15 watts
07:59:08midkwas that directed at me?
07:59:10yeft2soldering iron
07:59:19yeft2it was directed to the room
07:59:33midkwell why would i know
07:59:37midki'm just the GRAMMAR BOT
07:59:38yeft2cause anyone can input
08:00:15midkhm LinusN, will you pretend to be an end user and betatest my clock?
08:00:36LinusNupload it to the patch tracker
08:01:34midkjust a moment
08:01:40midki think i will add in some default values
08:01:55midkif there is no settings file or there is an old settings file it just sort of picks random settings
08:05:23yeft2heheh it loaded
08:05:27yeft2but thats happened before
08:05:39yeft2and then ive put it back together ..and pooooooo
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08:10:37yeft2see now its all back together and i cant get past the first rockbox screen
08:11:35yeft2remind me to start the archos hate club, once i stop buying their products
08:11:46midkhahahahahahahahaha. ha.
08:12:34LinusNyeft2: are you sure you don't have a short to ground somewhere?
08:13:14yeft2ahhahah...and in yeft terms
08:13:15LinusNfor example, does it work without the cover?
08:13:26yeft2well it did
08:14:17midkmy reset_settings function WORKS
08:14:23midkthat will teach you.
08:14:24yeft2haha it works better without the cover, i get the back light
08:16:21LinusNinteresting, the fm recorder has a much lower headphone amplification, haven't noticed that until now...
08:16:48yeft2at 5400000000000000000
08:17:14yeft2hahah im typn with my left hand holding the cover on the battery
08:17:28midktape it.
08:18:00yeft2your assuming i have tap
08:18:05midkyou don't?
08:18:09yeft2haha i do
08:18:13midkoh lol
08:18:52LinusNyeft2: the chassis should not make contact with the edges of the pcb
08:19:32LinusNonly the tabs should make contact to their respective pad
08:19:35yeft2ohh got lots of pretty error messages
08:19:50yeft2thats a lot better...
08:20:08yeft2hey what if i use border the chasis and the pcb
08:23:23yeft2oh my word
08:23:28yeft2its alive!!!
08:23:59yeft2and its dead
08:24:21LinusNpraise the lord! :-)
08:25:15dwihnoPraise pepsi!
08:25:23LinusNyou should be able to find a pressure sensitive spot on the pcb
08:26:27midkPRESS THINGS
08:26:28midkUNTIL IT WORKS
08:26:56yeft2hehehe were back to the original error message!
08:27:23LinusNbtw, look closely at the solder pads to see if any of them are loose
08:28:11LinusNmy fm had a solder pad that was broken off the PCB
08:28:25LinusN(after my not-so-mild treatment)
08:28:43midkdid you fix it LinusN?
08:28:50LinusNdisassembled it quite a lot back then
08:28:53LinusNyes i fixed it
08:29:21LinusNhad to replace all the radio wires as well :-)
08:29:48midki'd have to consider your actions 'molestation' in that case :)
08:29:48LinusNthe insulation melted when i unsoldered the top cover of the radio
08:30:07LinusNthat cover was a bitch to remove
08:30:11yeft2where is the radio
08:30:19midkoh, the golden cover?
08:30:25LinusNit's inside, below the lcd
08:30:29midki recall it gold.
08:30:47midklinusn is an FMR molester!
08:30:49midk*posts to the list
08:31:04midkyeft2, your fm is not safe.
08:31:28LinusNwell, my fm still works :-)
08:31:30yeft2my fm is about alive as the pope
08:31:43LinusNoh, that dead, eh?
08:31:51midkLinusN, who's to say you won't take your escapades further on unknowing yeft2's poor fm?
08:32:28yeft2and then it becomes necrofelia
08:32:48LinusNmidk: face it, you will never finish the clock plugin
08:32:56midk*jumps on the code
08:32:59midkAHAHA!!! I HAVE FIXED IT!!!
08:33:19midki think my checkboxes are a bit too wide?
08:33:25midk*taps fingers momentarily
08:33:38midkor maybe i should do away with the mode selector.. :D
08:33:42yeft2i shoulda taken newmp3technology up on their offer when they offered like 50 bucks for the thing
08:34:00midkCOSMETIC ERROR!!!!
08:34:04midk*jumps on the code
08:34:27yeft2so how much is my harddrive worth any of you
08:34:45midk*offers $10
08:34:50midkyeft2> sold!!
08:34:59midkexcellent, i will email you details on address
08:35:19midkyou pay shipping.
08:35:41yeft2oh jeez
08:36:08yeft2ill package you...a 20 and a 6
08:36:13yeft2howse that sound
08:36:30midkyeft2> sold!
08:36:38yeft2who can guess what genius manufacturing company landed me witha 20gb and a 6gb harddrive???
08:36:40LinusNyeft2: quitter!
08:36:49yeft2i am!
08:36:59midkship it to me i'll fix it for ya.
08:37:07yeft2hahah ... will ya now?
08:37:14yeft2youll make fun of what it looks like...haha
08:37:15midkwe haven't yet defined 'fix'
08:37:16yeft2its a mess
08:37:17midkbut yes,
08:37:32midklet's see a photo,.
08:37:37yeft2hahah ok 1 sec
08:37:54midkyou know what ..
08:37:59midki am going to create a bullet time archos,.
08:38:09midkwith an ipod shooting at it
08:38:12midkAHAHHAHAHa. ha.
08:39:27yeft2it looks normal in the pic
08:39:27midkok LinusN, if i haven't mentioned that i have uploaded my clock within about 20 minutes, let me know.
08:39:30midkHadaka, sure.
08:39:41midkha , sure.
08:41:40LinusNyeft2: given up on repairing it?
08:41:51yeft2basically yes
08:41:58LinusNcome on...
08:42:12midkhe's a quitter.
08:42:41midkdern. my counter is a bit slow...
08:42:50midki wonder if anyone notices
08:42:52yeft2i wont quit
08:43:04yeft2if you can tell me what s goin on with this screen
08:43:11yeft2it says PADR:8A7F
08:43:24midkit loses about 2 seconds a minute
08:43:34LinusNtry to push the solder pads, one at a time, to see if anything happens
08:43:49midkLinusN, is it ok if i include an inaccurate timer in my clock?
08:43:55LinusNyeft2: those figures aren't interesting at this point
08:44:05LinusNmidk: inaccurate timer?
08:44:17midka counter.. press f2 to start/stop, hold to reset
08:44:25LinusNa stopwatch?
08:44:28midkit loses 5 seconds per 2 minutes
08:44:29midksort of
08:44:36midkjust a small counter if needed
08:44:39midkto time i guess...
08:44:41yeft2any idea what those numbers are
08:44:46LinusNyeft2: yes i have
08:44:48midki want to implement maybe a countdown feature for it.
08:45:01yeft2may i be enlightened please :)
08:45:06LinusNmidk: an alarm clock feature maybe?
08:45:11yeft2holy god
08:45:14yeft2it loaded again
08:45:28LinusNyeft2: those are values from the digital and analog ports of the cpu
08:45:30midkLinusN: like?
08:45:44LinusNlike "wake me up at 08:00"
08:45:50midkyes but.. how to wake up?
08:45:52midkwith a sound?
08:45:59LinusNa sound, or some music
08:46:34yeft2linus, im listening to my music...
08:46:36yeft2this is good
08:46:39midkwas the alarm plugin ever merged?
08:46:56LinusNalarm plugin?
08:47:00midkit could be cool to combine them
08:47:08yeft2but im afraid this probablly wont last
08:47:36LinusNyeft2: squeeze the device on various places
08:47:53yeft2to see what happen
08:48:29yeft2heh i squeezed
08:48:31yeft2and it died
08:48:42LinusNso find out where the "sweet spot" is
08:49:03yeft2my archos just loaded twice in a row
08:49:07yeft2a miracle has happened here
08:49:17midkno, LinusN has happened here.
08:49:31yeft2that too
08:50:09yeft2ok i got my sweet spot
08:51:57midkfix it.
08:52:23yeft2do i get time mk??
08:55:53midkgee, thanks, LinusN - now i feel like i can't release the clock without an alarm feature :)
08:56:36LinusNmidk: i can't see why you are so fixated with this "release"
08:56:50LinusNwe have daily builds and CVS for a reason
08:57:05LinusNwe develop things incrementally
08:57:09yeft2oh yeah
08:58:13midki do it all at once.
08:58:35midkyeft2, i like the way you focused the camera on the box in the bg
08:58:38LinusNyeft2: that's a helluva blurry picture
08:58:42midkHA ITS UGLY
08:59:18midkLinusN.. i may have a solution.
08:59:37midkinstead of an alarm, a countdown function implemented into the counter would do it
08:59:52LinusNmidk: leave that for the next version
08:59:55midkie.. oh its 12:30, need to be up at 7... *does math... *sets timer for 6:30:00
09:00:12LinusNyeft2: i hope you don't run it without the bumpers
09:00:21midkno, i already have the counter engine.. even though it would probably wake you up at like 6:45
09:00:26yeft2oh jessus why
09:00:37LinusNbecause they also work as insulators
09:00:46yeft2oh my word
09:01:17yeft2i just got an error that said DEADBEEF
09:01:21yeft2this thing is making fun of me
09:01:27LinusNmidk: this counter, how come you don't base it on the clock?
09:01:39midkLMAO did it say DEADBEEF?
09:01:45midkLinusN, but *how*?
09:01:50yeft2it said deadbeef
09:01:55midkTAKE PICTYURE
09:01:57midktoo late?
09:02:00yeft2maybe if i get it again
09:02:02LinusNDEADBEEF is the hex value I fill the stack with to detect stack overflow
09:02:03midkdamn you.
09:03:14LinusNdamn me?
09:03:40midkLinusN, may you elaborate on your clock-based counter?
09:03:48midkfairly interested in a counter that doesn't lose 2 seconds a minute
09:04:06midkthat's 2 minutes an hour
09:04:22midk12 minutes for 6 hours
09:04:33midki was right.. it would lose about 15 minutes for 6 1/2 hours.
09:04:37LinusNmidk: how is the resolution of you counter?
09:04:55midkbutton scans at HZ/8
09:05:04midkso i just do ++ and then divide that number by 8
09:05:10midkwhich ends up with about a second per second
09:05:19midkyet.. it's nowhere near perfect or accurrate
09:05:23LinusNbut you update the clock every second, right?
09:06:31yeft2ok now
09:06:37yeft2reasons to give up...
09:06:44midk1) NONE
09:06:46yeft21) its three in the morning
09:06:56yeft22) it barely works SOMETIMES out of the case
09:06:56 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:07:11yeft23) i need it to be usable on an airplane
09:07:13 Join midk [0] (
09:07:47yeft2(for 8 hours nonetheless(
09:07:51midkanyways did i miss anything?
09:08:06yeft24) ive been looking for an excuse for a PVP anyway
09:08:20yeft25) ive solder these tabs into retardation
09:09:03yeft2reasons to not quit...
09:09:24midkso you send it ot me
09:10:01yeft2hahah i may never come back to this IRC if i send it to you
09:10:13midkwho cares, you never come around anyways, :(
09:11:17yeft2nnot till i had a serious problem :)
09:11:36midkyou just USE us
09:12:14yeft2you would make so much fun of me for the way these tabs look
09:12:23midki dont care i want it bad.
09:13:48midk$5 then
09:14:35 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:14:52yeft2just found out something really coo
09:15:54midkLinusN are you around?
09:16:16LinusNi am
09:16:25midki demand help
09:16:31LinusNyeft2: you could donate it to the rockbox project :-)
09:16:36midkNO DONATE IT TO ME
09:16:43midki am fmrless
09:17:09yeft2then linus will make fun of me!
09:17:23midkhe already did with his DEADBEEF code D:
09:17:23LinusNmidk: there is some code that checks if the clock has changed, right?
09:17:26yeft2ill buy my taz and never come around these parts again'
09:17:38midkLinusN, no... i just display current_time->tmsec
09:17:50LinusNah, ok
09:17:50midk second = current_time->tm_sec;
09:18:10LinusNso you update the entire screen every 1/8 sec
09:25:50yeft2you know what helps me when im stuck on something
09:32:07yeft2going to the bathroom
09:32:21midki have no use for the bathroom right now
09:32:38midkLinusN were you coming up with some idea or should I just try and finish it up?
09:38:57 Join scott666 [0] (
09:39:04LinusNmidk: you should base the counter either on the tick counter or the clock itself
09:39:17midki have no preference
09:39:21midkhow would i base it on the tick counter?
09:48:49midk*clicks teeth
09:48:53midkmay be on clock 2.3 then
09:52:13*LinusN is in a meeting
09:52:26midkok.. sry..
09:52:44LinusNmidk: when you start the counter, save the current tick value
09:53:18LinusNthe counter is then (current_tick - saved_tick) / HZ
09:53:30midkYAY TYTY
10:00:31 Join Bagder [241] (
10:01:03midkhey Bagder
10:01:13midkLinusN, if you come around: there is probably no way to pause it, mm?
10:03:06Zagormidk: pause time? hmm, not easily no :)
10:03:22midkhey Zagor
10:03:30midk:) ... hmm.. i need some way to pause it.
10:04:49LinusNmidk: when you pause, save the current tick again
10:05:35LinusNwhen you resume, recalculate the saved_tick again, compensating for the paused time
10:05:56LinusNessentially: saved_tick = saved_tick + paused_time
10:06:32midkso.. save the current tick to "saved_tick" for example when paused, then resave it again when unpaused?
10:08:36midkwell i figured out how to reset it... :)
10:09:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:12:32midkok resetting is now out of the way.. still not sure how to pause
10:12:51midkyou want to say like
10:13:01midksave current tick to saved_tick when paused
10:13:10midksave current tick to saved_tick_2 when resumed
10:13:18midkcalculate the difference; store in paused_time
10:13:28midkthen continue with the counter, just -= paused_time?
10:20:26LinusNhave a start_tick and a pause_tick
10:20:44LinusNstart_tick is set when you start the counter
10:20:52LinusNpause_tick is set when you pause
10:21:06LinusNwhen you resume:
10:21:31LinusNstart_tick = start_tick + (current_tick - pause_tick)
10:24:07LinusNyou then only update the displayed counter if pause == false
10:25:59LinusNyeft2: any progress?
10:26:09midkok linus, i think i've got it
10:27:52midk*head is mixing up.
10:28:21yeft2did find a nice panasonic mp3 cd player
10:28:24yeft2for the temporary
10:28:55yeft2well im gonna clearn up and go to sleep
10:29:06yeft2night all...and RIP my AJB6000 and FMR
10:29:50 Quit yeft2 ("Leaving")
10:31:11midkhmm, not working
10:31:28midkwell actually.
10:31:33midksort of
10:32:20midkit starts up sort of weird
10:32:27midkit shows 0:00:-2
10:32:32midkresetting it to 0 works...
10:32:48midkthen from there counting, pausing and unpausing works flawlessly
10:33:19midkoh there.
10:33:28midkoh there again!
10:33:31midksee look
10:33:41midki start the clock - counting is false
10:33:47midkshows up as 0:00:00 just fine
10:33:56midkstarting the counter then shows 0:00:-2
10:34:06midkresetting it shows 0:00:00 again
10:34:17midkbut starting the counter once more has it count correctly, etc
10:35:52 Join amiconn [0] (
10:36:18midkhi amiconn
10:36:35amiconnhi all
10:37:57midkhey LinusN...
10:38:34 Join oxygen77 [0] (
10:38:43midkhey oxy :)
10:38:50oxygen77hey midk
10:39:05oxygen77what are you doing here ;)
10:39:13midklol - rockboxing :D
10:39:48LinusNmidk: you'll have to think for yourself a little
10:39:59midki am.. it's not coming to me.
10:40:02LinusNcurrent_tick is updated 100 times a second
10:40:15midkwhat is the value of HZ?
10:40:15LinusNthink about how you can use it
10:40:19LinusNHZ is 100
10:41:42midkoh.. well...
10:41:42midkjust a sec
10:42:02midkpossibly need to calculate pause tick at startup because it it paused right away?
10:42:18LinusNstopped and paused is not the same thing
10:42:36midkoh, that must be where we are mixed up then
10:42:39LinusNit could be, of course
10:42:42midkwhat do you define, stopped?
10:42:45LinusNit depends on your code
10:42:53LinusNstopped is "not running"
10:42:57midki have either counting or not counting.
10:43:02LinusNpaused is "running, but paused"
10:43:11midkyou could say not counting is paused or you could say it is stipped
10:43:25LinusNstill, you can recalculate pause_tick
10:43:30midkpause isn't a good definition
10:44:09midkyou can't define "paused" as "running but paused"
10:44:11LinusNif you treat paused and stopped the same, you will not know when and how to recalculate pause_tick
10:44:30midki have bool counting! that is all i know!
10:44:47LinusNthen deal with it
10:45:09midkwould you say that not counting is paused or it is stopped?
10:45:28LinusNnot counting is "not counting" in your choice of implementation
10:45:38midkyou've not yet defined 'paused'.
10:46:28LinusNfirst of all, if you want it to be accurate, you can't treat it as a "counter"
10:46:52midkwhat would you suggest then?
10:47:00LinusNit it supposed to act as a stopwatch?
10:47:07midki suppose so.
10:48:33LinusNthink of it as an accumulator, to where you add the passed time between "start" and "stop"
10:49:14midkadd the passed time?
10:49:18midkdo you mean subtract?
10:49:28LinusNno, the acc starts at 0
10:50:08LinusNwhen you start it, you display the acc + the current passed time since the start
10:52:28LinusNwhen you stop, you update the acc
10:55:44midkwell i'm really tired. maybe we should take out the counter for this release.. i've got no idea how to do what needs to be done
10:56:36LinusNmidk: repeat after me: "incremental development...incremental development"
10:56:50 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
10:56:55midkif you've got a solution i hope you can let me know, taking out the counter involves changing all sorts of help texts
10:56:58*Bagder joins in the chant
10:57:14Bagdernow, isn't that a song? ;-P
10:57:18LinusNmidk: the acc approach is really simple
10:57:19[IDC]Dragonhey, full house again!
10:57:36midkLinusN, i think i get what you were saying, but i don't see how ti applies to a stopwatch or timer
10:57:57LinusNthe acc starts at 0
10:58:06midklike a stopwatch.
10:58:14LinusNwhen you start, you set start_tick = current_tick
10:58:34LinusNnow, the passed time since start is (current_tick - start_tick)
10:59:02midki think the reason it's confusing is because i have differently named variables.
10:59:08LinusNon the screen, you display (acc + passed_time)
10:59:27LinusNwhen you stop, acc += passed_time
10:59:51LinusNwhen you reset, acc = 0
11:00:21LinusNyou only add passed_time to the displayed value if running==true
11:01:19LinusNdisplayed_value = acc
11:02:04LinusNpassed_time = current_tick - start_tick
11:02:10LinusNpassed_time = 0
11:02:16LinusNyour choice
11:02:23midkok so just a moment here
11:03:02midki have the ints... start_tick, passed_time, acc, and displayed_value?
11:03:36LinusNsounds like a way to go
11:03:57LinusN"acc" could very well be "counter"
11:04:24midkok then
11:04:25midkcounter it is
11:04:34midki have bool counting as well
11:04:39midkshould that become bool running?
11:04:55LinusNrunning or counting, whatever
11:05:06midkok, i'll keep it at counting.
11:05:32LinusNso, "reset" will be: counter = 0;
11:05:50LinusNsame as you have it now, i guess
11:05:55midk case BUTTON_F2 | BUTTON_REPEAT: /* reset counter */
11:05:55midk counter = 0;
11:06:36*Bagder asks no questions
11:06:43LinusNstart counter:
11:06:47midkyou better stay silent.
11:06:50LinusNcounting = true;
11:07:00LinusNstart_tick = current_tick;
11:07:07*[IDC]Dragon wonders which lesson this is
11:07:10midkhaha that's exactly what i've got
11:07:25midknow just for displaying it right?
11:07:33LinusNstop counter:
11:07:34midkwait, what happens when we stop it?
11:07:49LinusNcounter += passed_time;
11:07:55LinusNcounting= false;
11:08:15midkwe haven't calculated passed_time yet though
11:08:19midkor i haven't.
11:08:32LinusNwe do that all the time
11:08:44midknot in my code.. i must've neglected something
11:09:43LinusNas often as you can, do:
11:10:08LinusN passed_time = current_tick - start_tick;
11:10:14LinusN passed_time = 0;
11:10:36LinusNdisplayed_value = counter + passed_time;
11:12:13LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i'm implementing the MDB finetuning
11:12:52LinusNtwo parameters are a frequency, 30-300Hz and 50-300Hz respectively
11:13:05LinusNin 10Hz steps
11:13:48LinusNthe current settings code does not permit scaling, so we waste some bits in the rtc
11:14:16 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
11:15:11midkLinusN, just one last thing, looks like somewhere we forgot to divide the result or somesuch... looks like it needs to be divided by ten
11:16:28midk / 100.
11:17:19LinusNmidk: of course, the counter is counting 1/HZ seconds
11:17:53LinusNso seconds = displayed_value / HZ;
11:18:16midkvoid show_counter(void)
11:18:16DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
11:18:16midkpassed_time = *rb->current_tick - start_tick;
11:18:17***Alert Mode level 1
11:18:23midkpassed_time = 0;
11:18:25midk displayed_value = counter + passed_time;
11:18:27midk count_s = displayed_value / HZ;
11:18:43LinusNlooks ok
11:18:50midkone last thing...
11:18:53midkoh lol
11:18:54LinusNexcept for the insane indentation
11:18:57midki just said one last thing.
11:19:22midkdoesn't really look like that.. some reason it looks different in xchat.
11:19:33midkanyways... VERY last thing.. dividing into minutes and seconds
11:19:35LinusNyou use TAB characters, right?
11:19:41midki replace them
11:19:49midkis this better?
11:19:50midkvoid show_counter(void)
11:19:50***Alert Mode level 2
11:19:50midk if(counting)
11:19:50***Alert Mode level 3
11:19:50midk {
11:19:51***Alert Mode level 4
11:19:51midk passed_time = *rb->current_tick - start_tick;
11:19:53midk }
11:19:55midk else
11:19:57midk passed_time = 0;
11:19:59midk displayed_value = counter + passed_time;
11:20:01midk count_s = displayed_value / HZ;
11:20:03midkyes, it is.
11:20:12midki wrote a simple macro that will replace tabs with four spaces to save you the time. :D
11:20:41LinusNmidk: would be better to make the editor not use TAB's at all, don't you think?
11:20:55Bagdertabs are pure evil
11:20:56midkanyways.. i have count_s, count_m, and count_h which end up in char count_text like this
11:20:56midk rb->snprintf(count_text, sizeof(count_text), "%d:%02d:%02d", count_h, count_m, count_s);
11:20:59midkand no, can't fix that
11:21:15LinusNlame editor indeed
11:21:39Bagderemacs is your friend
11:21:45LinusNmidk: i'll leave the hour and minute calculation as an exercise for you
11:21:48midklater later.
11:21:55midkLinusN, i've got it worked out
11:21:58midkjust one problem i'm having
11:22:10midkwhich value do i subtract from to reduce seconds
11:22:15midkseems like "passed_time"?
11:22:31LinusNyou only work on displayed_value
11:22:50midkwe work on passed_time when we reset it..
11:23:05LinusNdisplayed_value is the value to display on screen
11:23:10midkok, so..
11:23:11midk if(count_s >= 60)
11:23:11midk {
11:23:11***Alert Mode level 5
11:23:11midk displayed_value -= 60;
11:23:11***Alert Mode level 6
11:23:11midk count_m += 1;
11:23:11***Alert Mode level 7
11:23:11midk }
11:23:22LinusNno, no, no
11:24:12LinusNdisplayed_value is the total number of ticks since you last reset the counter
11:24:21midkoh yeah
11:24:27midkthen its
11:24:36midkdisplayed_value -= (60*HZ)
11:24:54LinusNdon't change displayed_value
11:25:02midkchange count_s?
11:25:11midkcount_s -= 60.
11:25:52LinusNhours = displayed_value / TICKS_PER_HOUR;
11:26:16midk*clicks teeth
11:26:33midki calculate how many ticks per hour?
11:26:53BagderHZ * 3600
11:27:26LinusNyou seem to think that count_m and count_h are counters themselves
11:27:38LinusNthey shouldn't be
11:27:42midkwell ok so we have hour and minute taken care of
11:27:50midkwhat about taking away from second every 60 then?
11:28:28LinusNdisplayed_value is the only thing you need
11:28:46LinusNit tells you how many ticks have passed since you started counting
11:29:36LinusNall you need now, is to calculate how manu hours, minutes and seconds that is
11:30:11midki thought that's what i had earlier
11:30:15midkbut you say this is more correct?
11:30:16midk count_s = displayed_value / HZ;
11:30:16midk count_m = displayed_value / (HZ*60)
11:30:16***Alert Mode level 8
11:30:16midk count_h = displayed_value / (HZ*3600)
11:30:20midkexcept for count_s.
11:30:43midkif(count_s >= 60) count_s -= 60;
11:30:55LinusNwhat you had earlier was an attempt to have an "hour" counter
11:31:28LinusNor rather, three separate counters
11:31:38LinusNcount_s, count_m and count_h
11:32:11LinusNmy approach is to have one single counter, in this case "displayed_value"
11:32:40LinusNfrom that you can calculate how many hours, minutes and seconds that represents
11:32:44midkso remove count_s, -m, -h?
11:32:51LinusNkeep them
11:32:55LinusNand do this:
11:33:27LinusNcount_h = displayed_value / (HZ*3600);
11:34:20midki just posted tjat.
11:35:52midkok so that takes care of hours
11:36:07midk count_m = displayed_value / (HZ*60)
11:36:37midkoh wait
11:37:10midkha HA
11:37:11midk count_m = (displayed_value / (HZ*60)) - (count_h * 60);
11:37:18midkLinusN is that good or what
11:38:16LinusNshould be count_h * HZ*3600, shouldn't it?
11:38:40midkoh, forgot we were dealing with ticks
11:39:00midk count_m = (displayed_value / (HZ*60)) - (count_h * HZ*3600);.
11:39:53midk count_s = (displayed_value / HZ) - (count_m * HZ*60);
11:40:17***Alert Mode OFF
11:42:55midkwas working well until it hit 1 minute
11:43:02midkthen it turned into 0:01:-5
11:45:55LinusNeasy approach:
11:46:10LinusNdisplayed_value = displayed_value / HZ
11:46:18 Join lImbus [0] (
11:46:25midkbut then it will count past 60 won't it?
11:46:38LinusNcount_h = displayed_value / 3600;
11:46:48midk360000 you mean?
11:46:56LinusNcount_m = displayed_value % 3600 / 60
11:47:09LinusNcount_s = displayed_value % 60
11:47:21midkare you sure about that 3600 is all
11:47:33LinusNmidk: no, 3600, since i just divided displayed_value by HZ
11:47:33midk3600*HZ = 360000
11:48:49LinusN11.46.10 # <LinusN> displayed_value = displayed_value / HZ
11:49:05midkohh okay
11:49:32midkvoid show_counter(void)
11:49:32midk if(counting)
11:49:32midk {
11:49:32midk passed_time = *rb->current_tick - start_tick;
11:49:33***Alert Mode level 1
11:49:33midk }
11:49:35midk else
11:49:47midk passed_time = 0;
11:49:49midk displayed_value = counter + passed_time;
11:49:53midk displayed_value = displayed_value / HZ;
11:49:55midk count_s = displayed_value % 60;
11:49:57midk count_m = displayed_value % 3600 / 60;
11:49:59midk count_h = displayed_value / 3600;
11:50:01midk rb->snprintf(count_text, sizeof(count_text), "%d:%02d:%02d", count_h, count_m, count_s);
11:50:03midkthat should do.
11:52:29LinusNtry it
11:53:10midkgo linusn!!!
11:53:17midk*falls asleep now
11:53:34midknow all i have to do is fix the reset code
11:53:43midkoh, moment.
11:55:51midkit is READY for RELEASE!!
11:56:12midkeven excellenter.. it counts even while at help or mode selector
11:56:48midkwell linus, extra thanks again
11:56:52midktime to release and go to bed
11:57:23LinusNsleep tight
11:59:34***Alert Mode OFF
12:02:10midkok LinusN, uploaded
12:03:19midkin the morning I *may* end up coding a count-up or -down screen, you will see it on the patch tracker at about 18:30 - 20:30 your time..
12:03:51midkso please don't merge anything until 20:30-ish has passed.. if i have updated it i will upload it, if there is no update that means i have not coded it and you can merge the latest 6/29/04.
12:04:02midkthanks for your help again, and good night.
12:04:06 Nick midk is now known as midk|zZz (
12:04:06DBUGEnqueued KICK midk|zZz
12:06:51LinusNlunch time
12:09:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:24:31CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 45 minutes and 50 seconds at the last flood
12:24:31*oxygen77 is away: chui pas l
12:41:22*oxygen77 is back (gone 00:16:51)
12:41:22 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:43:33 Part oxygen77 ("Cho")
12:56:40 Nick mbr_ is now known as mbr (
13:57:55 Join Christi-S [0] (
13:58:59*Christi-S waves.
14:00:20Christi-SUpdated my firmware today (using the Windows installer ;) ) now that I have a working display again and it tells me I'm not running the latest Rolo. What's changed, and does one have to go through all the palava of flashing 2.2 then updating again?
14:05:32LinusNjust rolo the firmware file in the root
14:06:10Christi-SOh. Thought I'd done that. Weird.
14:07:01Bagderwhat does it say exactly?
14:07:35LinusN[IDC]Dragon: u there?
14:08:22Christi-SHint: You're not using the latest bootloader. A reflash is recommended but not required.
14:08:39Christi-SThat's when you play the .UCL file
14:08:39Zagori have that too. never bothered me :)
14:09:00Bagderthat's when you've flashed with the older bootloader
14:09:02Zagori don't remember exactly what the change is
14:09:29LinusNZagor: the older boot loader can't boot with a flat battery
14:09:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:10:11Christi-SSo does one have to download the bootloader packages and drop back to 2.2 for a bit to fix it then?
14:11:40Bagderwine is a pretty big thing
14:11:58Bagderthe source tarball is 10MB
14:12:02Christi-SYeah, that it is.
14:12:13Christi-SDon't you have a package of some kind you can install?
14:12:23Christi-SISTR in't about 6MB compiled.
14:12:32Bagderbut it'll put my in upgrade hell
14:12:35Bagderput me
14:12:45Christi-SAh, right. What you running?
14:12:54Bagderredhat 7.2 in this case
14:13:07Christi-SAh, no idea how to solve this for redhat.
14:13:15BagderI go the tarball route
14:14:06Bagderwe'll see where that'll take me ;-)
14:14:53Christi-SHopefully it's not too hideous.
14:15:14 Join scott666 [0] (
14:15:28Christi-SIf it were Debian I'd suggest using the latest Debian build script to make a backport package for yourself. No idea how you'd do that in Redhat.
14:15:47Bagderif it were debian, it would be easy ;-)
14:16:43[IDC]DragonLinusN: I'm here
14:17:42Christi-SWell true. I just googled for a backported Wine and installed the latest one I could find (which wasn't all that recent, but did the job).
14:19:05[IDC]DragonChristi-S: feel free to ask me about flashing
14:19:08LinusN[IDC]Dragon: was just wondering if you know how much room there is for a 1206 LED soldered on the side
14:19:34[IDC]DragonLinusN: Jens rather recommended 0805
14:19:57[IDC]DragonI thought 1206 would fit, but haven't really tried
14:20:30Christi-S[IDC]Dragon - I wanted to know if one had to use the 2.2 firmware flash packages in order to update to the latest Rolo (which doesn't appear to be the one on my disk).
14:20:37[IDC]Dragonit may be very fragile, because the sideways mounting makes it stick out pretty far
14:21:06[IDC]DragonChristi-S: not rolo, but the flash loader
14:21:44Christi-SSorry - thought they were mostly the same code. Excuse my ignorance.
14:21:53[IDC]Dragonrolo is a feature of Rockbox which enables it to "play" .ajz
14:22:15 Part Bagder
14:23:18[IDC]Dragonthe flash loader has nothing to do with that, it unpacks the .ucl into RAM
14:23:46Christi-SThey're both in some sense firmware loaders, hence the confusion. But anyway - do I need to use the firmware flash packages in order to update the flash loader?
14:24:10[IDC]Dragonyes please.
14:24:37 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:24:45[IDC]Dragonyou can update to a daily build .ucl straight away
14:25:10[IDC]Dragonjust place the .bin file(s) from the pack in your root
14:25:45*Christi-S nods. You going to update the version of the firmware flash packages at some point?
14:26:08[IDC]Dragonyes, with every "stable" release
14:26:17Christi-SAh, right.
14:26:31Christi-SWhich is still waiting for me to get off my arse and do something with the manual.
14:26:38Christi-SCan I claim I got distracted?
14:27:13[IDC]DragonI always enjoy distracting myself when facing certain work
14:29:10Christi-SYou don't mention where the images are in FlashingRockbox. Is that deliberate?
14:29:54Christi-SOn the wiki. The guide to flashing doesn't tell you where to get the files.
14:30:41Christi-SFortunately I appear to have put the details in BlindFAQ. Go me. ;)
14:30:42[IDC]Dragonthe more simple and up to date documentation is this:
14:31:22Christi-S(Probably copied from your post of BlindFlashing to the list a while back.)
14:31:41[IDC]Dragonyes, Linus was so kind.
14:34:04[IDC]DragonChristi-S: I dont's see the links in FlashingRockbox either, must have happened whil wiki-ing the article
14:38:04[IDC]Dragon Then it's not bound to a certain Rockbox version.
14:38:04[IDC]DragonMaybe I should release the flash image with 2 copies of Archos software.
14:38:27[IDC]DragonAnybody can play the .ucl he/she likes thereafter.
14:39:05[IDC]Dragon(oops, above two lines got swapped)
14:40:05LinusN[IDC]Dragon: btw, can i extract the original archos firmware from the flash? (lost my backup)
14:40:25[IDC]Dragonlooks good, how much is a CHF?
14:40:32Christi-SThere's a bunch of original firmwares on BlueChip's site.
14:41:14LinusN 100 CHF (Switzerland Franc) = 63.434 EUR (European Currency Units Euro)
14:41:20[IDC]DragonLinusN: you woudn't need a backup if the content is still in your flash
14:41:33LinusNi want to upgrade my boot loader
14:41:46 Join Bagder_ [241] (
14:41:51Zagorwe should try to not have to distribute the archos firmware. we're not allowed to.
14:41:52scott666archos .bins arent allowed to be posted on the rockbox site, right?\
14:42:07scott666damn you zagor
14:42:08[IDC]DragonOK, flash the full image
14:42:39Christi-S[IDC]Dragon - I'd stick with a one rockbox image, particularly if has has speech support. (Once speech support for plugins is done, it'll be perfect because then flashing should become pretty much as easy for a blind person as for a sighted.)
14:43:07[IDC]Dragonthat wasn't my point
14:43:28LinusN[IDC]Dragon: the full flash image contains the archos fw?
14:43:53[IDC]DragonI mean, if I distribuste a flash image and twice Archos software in it, it's independent of any Rockbox version.
14:44:10[IDC]DragonLinusN: yes, in the front part.
14:44:40LinusNbadness, i don't think we're allowed to do that
14:45:00LinusNwhich version btw?
14:45:06[IDC]DragonI got Archos' blessing from ther chief developer
14:45:13LinusNaha, ok then
14:45:52[IDC]Dragonfor all the models, it's the latest I could get hold of
14:46:05[IDC]Dragonfor recorder, it's 1.28
14:46:28[IDC]Dragonbut there once was somebody posting he had 1.29
14:46:46[IDC]Dragonunfortunately he had not kept a backup
14:48:07Christi-SWeird - I get "Wrong plugin" when I try to run firmware_flash.
14:48:54[IDC]Dragonmake sure you have a consistent version, including plugins
14:49:21[IDC]Dragonrolo into it, or start with F+On
14:49:22Christi-SIt *ought* to be.
14:49:31Christi-SI'll clean up + reinstall.
14:52:06*Christi-S wonders if perhaps it's a bug in the Windows installer. Is firmware_flash different for different recorders?
14:52:52[IDC]Dragonwell, I think
14:54:37Christi-SSeems likely. Arse. I'll have to special case it - the installer assumes that plugins are consistent over the recorder models. Hopefully this is true for all other plugins.
14:54:59Christi-SHmm - what about rockbox_flash?
14:54:59[IDC]Dragonwhy do you assume that?
14:55:13Christi-SSeemed like a good idea at the time?
14:55:39Christi-SPlus reduces the size of the archive if you're not carrying around three copies of the same code.
14:56:07Christi-SSeems to work for other plugins.
14:56:17[IDC]Dragonfirmware_flash has a model check, to protect you from flashing the wrong image
14:56:54 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
14:56:56[IDC]Dragonrockbox_flash is not so critical, since it only updates the second copy.
14:57:06[IDC]DragonNo checks there.
14:57:08Christi-SIt must be the same code though - I've already successfully run the recorderv1 plugin on my FM.
14:57:44[IDC]Dragonyou're probably right, the plugin API is the same.
14:58:08[IDC]Dragon"normal" plugins should only be interested in that API.
14:58:19Christi-SThat's what I'd have thought. So what's the machine dependency in rockbox_flash?
14:58:42[IDC]DragonAs I said, to protect you.
14:59:02[IDC]Dragonfirmware_flash I mean, sorry.
14:59:23*[IDC]Dragon opens up the code
14:59:55Christi-SI meant firmware_flash, sorry.
15:00:04Christi-SBah, now I'm confusing myself.
15:00:31Christi-SRight. I'll just confirm this.
15:00:36[IDC]DragonI should have giveen them more distinct names
15:04:55Bagder"Please ensure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly."
15:05:09Christi-SAnnoying, isn't it.
15:05:25Christi-SEspecially as all the output of ISCC is on the command line.
15:05:32 Join AciD [0] (
15:06:05Bagder... and I'm on a windows box far away, logged in over ssh ...
15:06:33*LinusN has now reflashed with the new boot loader
15:06:47dwihnoa new boot loader(?)
15:06:59LinusN[IDC]Dragon: spelling mistake: it's "sure", not "shure"
15:07:10LinusNin firmware_flash.c
15:07:16[IDC]DragonLinusN: I do that all the time
15:07:19Christi-S[IDC]Dragon - any reason why the firmware_flash can't just check that the firmware image is appropriate for your archetecture, or does it actually need different code for different architectures (ie is the flashing procedure different on a v1 and an FM)?
15:07:25[IDC]Dragonhard to shake
15:08:20[IDC]DragonLinusN: feel free to fix, I have no cvs possibility here
15:08:55Christi-Sbagder: vnc? You might be able to leave a minimal X server running with that without needing a connection.
15:08:58[IDC]DragonChristi-S: The image file is different for the models
15:09:33BagderChristi-S: I have an xserver on my cygwin here too
15:09:51Bagderbut I'll try more later on anyway
15:10:21Christi-S[IDC]Dragon: Do you mean the .bin files?
15:10:36Christi-SOr something actually in firmware_flash.rock
15:11:03[IDC]Dragonnot really
15:11:29*Christi-S nods. So theoretically, firmware_flash from the v1 should run on the fm, right?
15:12:15LinusN[IDC]Dragon: committed
15:12:29Christi-S(It doesn't.)
15:13:09[IDC]DragonChristi-S: I'm just paranoid. There is no good way to check the model the plugin is running on.
15:13:41[IDC]DragonSo I stamp it at compile time.
15:13:58Christi-SAh - well it would mean I'd have to special case firmware_flash in the installer. Any chance you'd consider taking that out?
15:14:29[IDC]Dragonsor safety, no.
15:14:53[IDC]Dragonah, and the filename it uses is different per model
15:15:19Christi-SOK - never mind. Probably a good idea to have support for architecture specific plugins anyway, in case anyone writes a plugin for the radio, say.
15:16:01[IDC]Dragonthe player has a different set of plugins anyway
15:16:17[IDC]Dragonthe API is a lot different there
15:16:18Christi-SSupports there for the player already.
15:16:37[IDC]Dragonso you have a second set
15:17:14*Christi-S nods. I don't want to duplicate all of the recorder plugins three times though.
15:17:50[IDC]Dragonmaybe the packing can be done in a smart way, by the script(s)
15:18:24[IDC]Dragonlike, if there are identical plugins, use a link
15:18:36Christi-SYeah, that's what I'll have to do. I'm trying to build in as few dependencies as possible though, because I don't want every upgrade breaking the install scripts.
15:18:50Christi-SHardcoding file names was something I've managed to avoid till now.
15:19:04Bagderthen check for binary diffing files
15:19:13Christi-SOh, ISWYM.
15:19:31Christi-SBagder - good plan. I can always md5sum each plugin.
15:19:35[IDC]Dragonthat's what I meant, yes
15:20:01*Christi-S sighs. Oh, but writing that in sh is going to be fun. I *knew* I should have used Perl.
15:20:44[IDC]Dragonyou can use Perl in sh...
15:21:08Bagdermd5sum -c checks the checksum
15:21:13Bagderit isn't that hard to do in sh
15:21:28*Christi-S nods. I just like to bitch.
15:21:37Bagderalthough I think going perl will be easier in the long run
15:21:59[IDC]Dragonso many script languages to choose from...
15:22:14[IDC]Dragonhow about Ruby? ;-)
15:23:21Christi-SWell, the idea was to keep it as lightweight as possible so as not to use too much resources.
15:23:30Christi-SThat's why I originally went for sh rather than perl.
15:23:45lImbusperl is not a resource ;-)
15:24:44dwihnoperl \o/
15:25:53Christi-SOh, f***, I'm still getting a "you're not using the latest bootloader" error message after rerunning firmware_flash.
15:26:38*Bagder washes Christi-S's mouth with soap ;-)
15:26:38*dwihno never did ruby
15:26:45*dwihno never did Ruby Wax ;)
15:26:51dwihnoSOAP? :)
15:27:14[IDC]Dragonare you sure you got the 2.2 image from my webspace?
15:27:42LinusNChristi-S: i just updated my boot loader and it worked for me
15:27:57Christi-SJust making certain now.
15:28:57Christi-SNo, appears I didn't. Weird - I'm sure I opened it from Mozilla.
15:29:40Christi-SNo, I tell a lie. It's definitely filestamped today.
15:29:53Christi-SLinus - what model JB do you have?
15:31:21LinusNi have a recorder v1
15:31:24Christi-SOK - that's unconvincing. The firmware-fm.bin timestamp is March.
15:31:39 Join mroizo [0] (
15:31:48[IDC]Dragondid I goof?
15:31:58Christi-S[IDC]Dragon - it's possible, yes.
15:32:02Christi-SCould you check?
15:32:13[IDC]Dragonnot until tonight
15:32:27Christi-SEither that or something bloody weird is happening with caches.
15:33:28[IDC]Dragontimestampt is march 12th for all of them
15:34:03Christi-SOK - this is getting weirder.
15:34:33Christi-SSo I *do* have the most recent firmware loader installed but rockbox_flash claims I haven't?
15:34:40[IDC]Dragon2.2 was released march 11th, so this is plausible
15:34:59Christi-SAha - unless rockbox_flash is architecture dependent too.
15:35:28*[IDC]Dragon feels a clue
15:36:15*Christi-S sighs. I'm glad I found this rather than a user. ;) Would've been hell to debug via someone else.
15:36:58[IDC]Dragonrockbox_flash is architecture dependent too.
15:37:14[IDC]Dragonfor the sole reason to chech the bootloader.
15:38:06[IDC]Dragonso you got the wrong one, not for your model
15:39:29 Join Rachael-hispo- [0] (
15:40:40 Nick Rachael-hispo- is now known as Christi-S- (
15:40:57Christi-S-Bah - I detest dialup.
15:42:07Christi-S-Right. All fixed. Now I just need to figure out how to rewrite the installer.
15:53:37 Quit mroizo ("Chatzilla 0.9.64a [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040614]")
15:56:50 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:58:55 Part LinusN
16:05:02 Part Bagder
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16:11:00 Quit ka__ ("Leaving")
16:20:19 Quit Christi-S- ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
16:20:33 Join ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
16:55:17 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (EOF)")
16:55:31 Join mo1e [0] (~aarruda@
16:55:52mo1ehello everyone
16:56:14mo1ei'm a bit confused on flashing my v2
16:56:25mo1ei can't seem to find where to get the BIN file...
16:58:45 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:19:08 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:21:50 Part Zagor
17:23:22 Join dstar5 [0] (
17:35:10 Quit c0utta (
17:35:10 Quit dwihno (
17:35:10 Quit tomMeditates (
17:36:22NJoinc0utta [0] (
17:36:22NJoindwihno [0] (~dw@
17:36:22NJointomMeditates [0] (~kaboofa@
17:42:32mo1ei'm a bit confused on flashing my v2
17:42:34mo1ei can't seem to find where to get the BIN file...
17:44:48 Join top_bloke [0] (
17:49:36dstar5are you talking about the bin file you flash?
17:50:12dstar5it is in the zip file you download
17:50:52mo1ei downloaded the daily build...
17:51:31mo1eit's not in there...
17:51:33dstar5no, it is in the zip file you flash with
17:51:39dstar5hold on, ill give you a link
17:53:23dstar5humm.. wher is that link
17:54:11dstar5are you updating your flash? or have you already flashed rockbox?
17:54:38mo1eshouldn't the how to include a link or something
17:55:14dstar5ohh, then what you do is look for a .ucl file
17:55:20dstar5and just "play" it
17:55:33dstar5(it is in the daily build)
17:55:59mo1eohhh ok
17:56:05mo1eso the bin is really just the bootloader?
17:57:17mo1ei was always a bit confused
17:57:20mo1ebut now i understand
17:58:52mo1ehow come the newer versions have that bar on the bottom that tell you what the F keys do?
17:58:58mo1ecan that be disabled?
17:59:17dstar5yes, look in the settings
17:59:33dstar5some people wanted it, i find it annoying myself
17:59:43mo1ei guess the selected font isn't written to saved config files
18:01:10mo1eor maybe it is...
18:01:26mo1ethere are more settings since version 2.2
18:01:55dstar5i recommend almost always to use daily builds
18:03:15mo1ei've just been hesitant due to bugs, but it seems like rockbox is pretty solid
18:03:39dstar5bugs are nothing to really worry about
18:03:56dstar5they do happen somtimes, but usualy, you want even notice them
18:04:07dstar5and if you do, they will not harm your unit
18:04:17mo1ethe Anti-Skip buffer....what does this setting actually do?
18:04:47dstar5it starts the disk buffering early, incase it will have trouble loading
18:06:34mo1edoes voice work automatically or is there something i have to do....
18:09:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:19:12 Join pfavr [0] (
18:25:09 Quit lImbus ()
18:27:20dstar5voice? you need to download voicefonts
18:27:23dstar5hi pfavr
18:27:39pfavrhi dstar5
18:40:03 Quit midk|zZz (
18:40:03 Quit Hadaka (
18:40:03 Quit Ka_ (
18:41:20NJoinmidk|zZz [0] (
18:41:20NJoinKa_ [0] (
18:41:20NJoinHadaka [0] (
18:58:27 Join AciD [0] (
18:58:51 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:04:17 Nick midk|zZz is now known as midk (
19:04:17DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
19:17:42dstar5bye pfavr
19:17:46dstar5thanks for your hel0p
19:18:02dstar5bye mids
19:18:05 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
19:28:31 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
19:30:32 Join midk [0] (
19:33:58 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040624]")
19:49:37 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:49:43 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
19:51:49 Join midk [0] (
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21:27:53 Join Strath [0] (
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21:34:21 Join dstar5 [0] (
21:35:02 Quit dstar5 (Client Quit)
21:59:02 Part amiconn
21:59:38 Join amiconn [0] (
22:09:39 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:09:44 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
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22:11:22 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
22:11:22 Quit mo1e (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:24:52 Join kagami [0] (
22:25:06kagamihello I have a small question
22:25:28midkperhaps if you ask it will be answered
22:25:55kagamihow do you get rid of the *panic* screen it seems like my jukebox is frozen up
22:26:03midkhold your off button
22:26:05kagamiis there a restart button?
22:26:09midkwhat model?
22:26:42kagamioh hah dang it was that simple
22:26:56kagamiI guess you have to hold it for like 5 seconds instead of 3
22:27:05kagamiwell thanks anyway
22:27:10midkhold 5 to reset
22:27:18midk3 will turn it off if it isnt locked up
22:27:20midkor more like 2..
22:27:20kagamiyou are an incredibly smart man
22:27:25midkhaha :)
22:27:33midki read the manual. :D
22:29:02kagamihmm I also have nother question
22:29:26 Join dstar [0] (
22:29:31midkDSTAR DSTAR
22:29:32kagamihow do I get windows to recognize my USB device, when it says nothings plugged in you know?
22:29:51midkis it on and plugged in and at usb screen?
22:30:08kagamiyeah it has a big ol USB icon on the screen
22:30:21kagamibut windows says theres no external device
22:30:32kagamilike no new harddrive to play with man
22:30:45midkum.. maybe <windows><break>
22:30:57midkdevice manager
22:30:59kagamiwhat the
22:31:03midksee if it's under Unknown Devices
22:31:12kagamihow do i get there?
22:31:18midkhold windows, press pause/break
22:31:22midklike alt+f4
22:31:23kagamiwindows xp
22:31:29kagamino its not
22:31:31midkwindows key next to ctrl.
22:31:41midkpause next to scroll lock and num lock
22:32:09kagamioh right
22:32:11midkplug it in btw.
22:32:23midkmake sure your batteries aren't low
22:32:25kagamiman that says thats controlled only under the system administrator
22:32:42kagamithey arent low man
22:32:55kagamithis isnt my computer
22:32:57midkso nothing happens when you plug it in?
22:33:00kagamiits my boss's
22:33:01midkno daDA sound?
22:33:10kagamihe doesnt know I'm in here now
22:33:24kagaminot as far as windows is concerned
22:33:50kagamistupid thing
22:33:59midkbut it probably works on your computer, right?
22:34:14kagamihey is archos charging when its hooked up to the USB?
22:34:15amiconnmidk: U versioning me?
22:34:19midkyes it is
22:34:20kagamidoes that work to charge too?
22:34:24midkamiconn: ... *looks away
22:34:28midki did, yes.
22:34:33kagamioh, cuzz it looked like it
22:34:45kagamiyeah it works on my computer
22:35:01midkvery weird then
22:35:08midktry a different usb port?
22:36:26kagamiman stupid thing
22:37:04kagamiit is being a pain in the butt
22:37:26kagamido you think he will be mad if I destroy his computer?
22:37:53kagamior maybe drop it out the window?
22:38:05kagamicuzz it deserves it.
22:38:37kagamihow sure of this are you?
22:39:15midkabout... 100% sure
22:39:20kagamihey I got nother question
22:39:41kagamiis theres a version of tetris that is vertical, not horizontal for Rockbox
22:39:57midkno.. but i was trying to code it earlier..
22:40:09midki'll probably work on it today since i've finished my clock update
22:40:29kagamicuzz tetris blocks dont normally fall horizontally
22:40:42kagamiok man
22:40:48kagamiyou can do it I know you can
22:41:03amiconnmidk: What happened to breakout btw?
22:41:27midkamiconn: nothing... i need linusn to merge a function that allows me to speed up keypress repeat rate
22:41:38midki have no idea on the status of that.
22:42:11amiconnAhh, the keypress thingy...
22:52:20 Quit kagami ()
23:12:33 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:12:53 Quit midk (Nick collision from services.)
23:12:55 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
23:13:41dstarhi midk
23:14:04midkyo dids.
23:24:27 Join LinusN [200] (
23:24:37amiconnHi LinusN
23:25:10amiconnDid you read the reports on my ata test 2?
23:25:18LinusNmidk: tetris is rotated 90 degrees for a very good reason
23:25:29LinusNamiconn: yes, looks promising
23:25:36amiconnEspecially Pedro's reply is promising...
23:25:39midkLinusN: yes...
23:25:43midkbut it COULD be vertical, no?
23:26:04LinusNof course it can, but it will be smaller
23:26:21LinusNwe rotated it (and the buttons) to use the screen better
23:26:22amiconnLinusN: A question - could you look up if some special people are still subscribed to the ml?
23:26:23midki think people are willing to sacrifice a bit of block size for verticalness
23:26:27midkwell i will have an option for it,.
23:26:45LinusNmidk: the wjole point is that you should rotate the jukebox
23:27:05midkbut if you don't want to?
23:27:12midki don't like placing my hand(s) on the right
23:27:24midk*i* prefer playing it horizontal without rotating it
23:27:30midkbut.. i am very different from most.
23:27:40LinusNmaybe an upside-down option?
23:28:04midklet's just have normal, rotated 90, 180 and 270 options.
23:28:04LinusNfor lefties
23:28:12midki use both hands
23:28:44LinusNamiconn: who are you looking for?
23:32:00amiconnI have a theory about these corruptions (I had them back in March already, but Jrg though that it is unlikely)
23:32:12midkLinusN, if i code a vertical option, would it be rejected?
23:33:54 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:34:08LinusNmidk: no
23:34:31LinusNamiconn: tell me
23:35:21amiconnThe corruption occurs with Hitachi DK23CA disks, but _only_ on v1 Recorders with mask 0x0102.
23:35:23LinusNmidk: is the clock ready to merge?
23:37:31amiconnAlthough the single different bit to the more widespread 0x0302 is the lcd bias, I think because 0x0102 is definitely a different hardware revision, the ata delay circuits may be a bit different also.
23:38:05LinusNamiconn: doesn't sound too unlikely
23:42:13 Part LinusN
23:42:15 Join LinusN [200] (
23:42:39 Join silencer [0] (
23:42:56amiconnLinusN: Furthermore, either one of the facts that the writing is now optimized also, the reading is different (and even faster) than back in Feb, or some other change in ata.c makes it work now for 0x0102 masked recorders
23:44:13amiconnLinusN: There are a number: You changes to the ata_reset behaviour (to bash the rld problem), my no-spindown-by-the-disk change...
23:44:36LinusNah, of course
23:54:53amiconnLinusN: My theory is backed by the fact that 2 of the 3 reporters of fs corruption happen to have a v1 Recorder with mask 0x0102 and Hitachi DK23CA (of the 3rd I don't know the mask)
23:55:34amiconnAnother user (from Sweden :)) happens to have the same disk with a 0x0302 masked recorder, and reported noo problems.
23:55:52LinusNhenrik backe, no?
23:56:27LinusNso, if your theory is correct, we can adapt by checking the mask
23:56:31LinusNif needed
23:56:41amiconnif needed, yes
23:57:15amiconnI asked Pedro to check with real use for a while if he dares...
23:57:25LinusNyeah, saw that

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