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#rockbox log for 2004-07-02

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05:00:11adi|homeanyone awake?
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08:43:54[IDC]DragonHi Strath, how's the Gmini coming along?
08:58:59Strathi got CalmShine to generate a map file for the bootload segment of the firmware as well as stdlib function listings
09:03:50[IDC]DragonI'm not that far with you...
09:04:00[IDC]Dragonwhat's CalmShine?
09:04:38Stratha closed source comercial IDE for the gmini's CPU
09:05:14[IDC]Dragon(I think I once found that, deep in the web)
09:05:34Strath(which is a custom chip with a samsung CalmRISC16 core)
09:06:17[IDC]Dragonand what was that about a map file? For the disasebly?
09:06:21Strathya... i've had it since january, but never really got very far into it
09:08:09Strathi created a project with options set to link the bootload objects and wrote a .c which has calls to almost every function in stdlib
09:08:50[IDC]Dragonand you expect thelayout to be identical to the Archos image?
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09:13:05Strathi expect the asembly listings to assist me in maping the functions in the firmware image
09:13:29Straththough the bootload object code appears to match
09:13:53Strath(calmshine is what i suspect archos used)
09:14:14[IDC]Dragonvery likely, if it matches
09:14:19Strathbeing that it's the only compiler offered for the chip
09:14:45[IDC]Dragondidn't you dig into gcc porting?
09:14:48Strathso, mostly it's just filling in the blanks
09:14:54Stratha bit...
09:15:15Straththere is suposedly as backend written already
09:15:28StratheCos seems to use it
09:15:31[IDC]Dragonthat university project?
09:15:50Straththough i can't find any information about the toolchain
09:16:05Strathrelated i think
09:17:16[IDC]Dragonmaybe you can ask Redhat?
09:18:29Strathi'm not into email
09:18:53Strathi should have...
09:20:01Strathhell... there's people emailing me with questions and offers of help, but i don't get replies sent in a timly manner
09:20:24[IDC]Dragonok, I'll stop bothering.
09:20:35Strathno bother...
09:20:52Strathjust adding map file support to the disassembler
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09:55:19*LinusN likes the WPS gallery in wiki
09:55:57Zagorthe screenshot feature paid off quickly :)
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13:16:41amiconnLinusN: As you said on Wednesday, a screendump feature in the grayscale api may be nice to have too.
13:17:00*Bagder agrees
13:17:28amiconnHowever, this is a bit more complex than the b&w screenshot feature for several reasons.
13:17:46amiconnI think I will implement it, but it may take some days
13:18:28mattzzIs grayscale in the simulator yet?
13:18:29amiconn(1) The bmp header is not constant, since different bit depths can be used
13:19:06Zagoralways use max possible depth. it's not like the files become huge anyway...
13:19:22amiconn(2) The pixels are not stored as gray values, but converted to bitplanes, so this process has to be reversed for bmp storing
13:19:43amiconn(3) because of (1) the palette varies too
13:20:18amiconn(4) Grayscale may cover only a part of the screen, so it has to be merged with possible b&w content
13:20:38amiconnmattzz: No, since I don't know how to do that
13:20:39Bagderit sounds complicated ;-)
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13:25:35mattzzargh, this irc-gateway kills me
13:28:01amiconnmattzz: Maybe you should use a real client ;)
13:52:15Bagderare we gonna cross the 1000000 bytes tarball limit tonight?
13:52:30*Bagder makes a drumroll
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14:01:45Zagormmm... cake...
14:01:50Bagdercake time!
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15:35:20*Bagder does his vacation countdown tap dance
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15:57:29elinenbeBagder: what's happening?
15:59:19BagderI'm off for vacation in... 10 minuts
16:01:05Zagoryeah yeah, just rub it in
16:02:17 Part Bagder
16:09:28elinenbeZagor: where did he head?
16:09:42Zagorwell, home i guess
16:10:24Zagori don't know if he's planning anything special. since he has a <1year daughter, i doubt it
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16:40:23mo1ei had a question about playlists
16:40:55mo1ecan i make my own seperate playlist?
16:41:23mo1eso, if i'm listening to a song and i want to add it to a playlist, let's say in the root directory, can i do this?
16:42:53Zagorno, but you can do it the other way around.
16:43:05Zagori.e. if you are listening to a playlist, you can add files to it
16:45:15mo1eactually i think there is a way to do what i was talking about
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16:47:23mo1ei turn my v2 on and before i play anything, i go to a song, hit on+play
16:47:28mo1ethen i select playlists
16:47:34mo1eand i then select insert
16:48:15mo1enext, i hit F1, go to playlist options
16:48:21mo1eand select save current playlist
16:48:39mo1eso, after that, everytime you insert a song into a playlist, it goes to that one
16:48:43mo1edoes it work for you?
16:48:53Zagori don't think that's how it works
16:49:04Zagorit will overwrite the filelist you had there
16:49:19Zagorbasically what happens is you create a new empty playlist, and you add files to it
16:49:26Zagorif that is what you wanted, then ok
16:50:08mo1eyes, i wanted to be able to create a playlist on my archos and add songs of my choosing to it
16:50:23Zagorok, i misunderstood you
16:50:52mo1ewhat did you think i meant?
16:51:13mo1ei know my explanation was worded a little funny
16:51:43Zagori thought you meant you were listening to some song, and then you wanted to add it to another playlist than what you were listening to
16:53:12Zagorgotta go
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17:42:54Nibblerlo other guy
17:43:59That_Other_Guysorry to be a bother, but can someone tell me the voltage and orientation (center positive or negative) of the Archos Jukebox (recorder, if important) charger? I lost mine (think it was stolen).
17:44:21Nibbleri can look up...
17:44:31Nibblerbut should be 4.8V?
17:44:33Nibblerlets see
17:45:04Nibbler9V 600mA
17:45:18That_Other_Guywhat about orientation?
17:45:36Nibbler+ in the center
17:45:40Nibbler- surrounding
17:45:44That_Other_Guysweet, thanks!!
17:45:48Nibbler...i hope this was my archos adaptor ;-)
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21:58:54Scorphey guys my Jukebox Studio 20 won't boot beyond the Jukebox ver : 5.08 screen
21:59:11scott666_are the batteries charged?
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21:59:25Scorpthey are
21:59:51scott666can you access it over USB?
22:00:05ScorpI just plugged it into USB and nothing popped up
22:00:12Scorpthe player does say "USB ACtive" though
22:00:32scott666that doesnt sound good
22:00:39Scorpit does make a clicking noise while it's on though
22:00:52Scorpis it completely dead or what?
22:01:04scott666you rebooted it a few times, right?
22:01:21scott666this sounds farmiliar, but i cant remember the solution
22:01:32Scorphard drive?
22:01:33scott666you could try searching on the rockbox page for stuff in the archives
22:01:35scott666could be
22:01:56scott666if you think its dead you could take the HD out and hook it up to a computer
22:02:05midkprobably a dead harddrive if it clicks.
22:02:24scott666id seach and maybe ask the list first
22:02:39midkit's a common problem
22:02:57Scorpdo the harddrives die because of hte fact that we keep carrying them around?
22:03:06midkonly good option is probably taking it out and popping it in a pc or usb2 enclodure and testing it
22:03:18midkno.. they wouldn't sell if that were the case
22:03:57Scorpis taking it out hard?
22:04:10Scorpit's a laptop harddrive right?
22:04:44Scorpactually it now says USB Storage Adapter V2 (TPP) in Unplug or Eject Hardware but it has a yellow ! icon next to it
22:06:31scott666what does it say?
22:06:46ScorpThis device cannot start. (Code 10)
22:06:46ScorpClick Troubleshooter to start the troubleshooter for this device.
22:07:13scott666yeah, that sounds like a bad drive
22:07:54ScorpI have a laptop drive with Mac OS X on it, would I be able to insert that in there just to test it with out runing what's on the drive?
22:08:37midkwell umm
22:08:37scott666no, it has to be formatted with fat32
22:08:50midkyou'd have to consider that you couldn't boot osx without your OSX harddrive.
22:09:01scott666but you could see if the archos drive works in the laptop
22:09:09scott666if it doesnt its definitely a dead drive
22:09:15midkno you can't - it won't boot, so what can you tell
22:09:23midkoh, you mean see if it recognizes it.
22:09:29midkwell.. yeah
22:10:22scott666heres instructions on how to get the drive out:
22:10:23 Join prof3ta [0] (~daprof3t@
22:10:56Scorpwait the powerbook won't boot with the jukebox harddrive but it might tell me if it atleast saw the harddrive?
22:11:14scott666how many harddrive bays do you have?
22:12:54scott666you can also get a 2.5" to 3.5" HD adapter cable and just plug it into your computer
22:12:58Scorpwait I can plug this harddrive into a regular IDE port?
22:13:00midkyour archos harddrive does not have osx on it.
22:13:10Scorpoh nevermind
22:13:11midkand your osx laptop needs a harddrive with osx on it to boot osx.
22:13:13Scorpmidk no
22:13:18Scorpmidk yes
22:13:28scott666if it has 2 bays you could just plug it in
22:13:31midkit doesn't
22:13:36midklaptops always have one
22:13:39midkunless i am stupid.
22:13:40scott666not always
22:13:43scott666youre stupid
22:13:45midki mean
22:13:48midkunless scott is stupid
22:13:49Scorpthis one does
22:13:53midkoh darn i guess you har.
22:14:51scott666id just get a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter cable
22:14:54scott666theyre fairly cheap
22:15:12Scorpwhatever I'll just use the laptop
22:15:21midkback in a bit.
22:15:28 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:15:28scott666that works
22:15:35Scorpif I plug the laptop harddrive into the archos and try to access over USB and it works, then can I be sure that it's the harddrive?
22:16:23scott666assuming hte computer recognizes whatever format type OSX uses
22:16:31scott666the archos definitely wont run
22:16:41Scorpoh right
22:16:48scott666it should say 'format drive' or similar
22:17:08Scorpbut it'll see it?
22:17:11scott666i think so
22:19:02ScorpI don't want to even open the archos or the laptop
22:19:55scott666well unless you have a warranty its useless otherwise
22:20:01scott666unless you want to sell it on ebay as-is
22:20:35Scorphow much is a 6 gig laptop harddrive on the streets?'
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22:21:44Scorpbetter: question, what harddrive is best for a player on the move?
22:21:56scott666depends on how much its moving
22:22:01scott666a solid state one is ideal
22:22:15scott666but you get less capacity usually
22:22:20Scorpsolid state?
22:22:25scott666but if you only need 6GB there might be some available
22:22:29Scorpand at a 300x the price? or arre the prices nice?
22:22:33scott666like the flash based player
22:22:58Scorphmm where can I find one that sounds good
22:23:04scott666the ones that have like 128 or 256MB or ram
22:23:29scott666but they make some solid state drives that can fit in a laptop bay
22:24:02Scorpbut I still want like 6-20 gigs (6 at least)
22:24:26scott666then you have to go with a regular laptop harddrive
22:24:45Scorpdamn this player
22:25:57scott666pricewatch has 20GB drives for $65
22:26:41Scorpthat's outta my league :-/
22:27:27scott6666GB drives start at $84
22:28:21scott66610GB for $50
22:29:06scott666if you cant afford that all you can really do is wait for prices to come down or sell it on ebay
22:29:20scott666you might be able to make enough from ebay to get a new solid-state player
22:29:29scott666but i dont know how much broken studios go for
22:30:41Scorpoh well
22:30:46Scorpit's back to CD Players for me
22:30:53Scorpthey go at about $10 now
22:31:16Scorpthanks for the help
22:31:20Scorpsee you guys later
22:31:24 Quit Scorp ("Client exiting")
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22:40:00prof3taok i just got a brand new unopened archos 6000
22:40:15prof3tais there anything i need to know before i install the rocbox?
22:40:21prof3taits charging as i speak
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23:49:15uski85145is there anyone here who knows how to make line in a two way serial port _for a recorder_ ?
23:49:26uski85145i am upgrading the flash chip of my recorder now, and i need the uart boot mod
23:49:39uski85145i did change the pullups to pulldown (or pulldown to pullups, i dunno) on the LCD lines
23:49:46uski85145but, i don't know where is the UART TX pin
23:49:52uski85145perhaps someone may help ?
23:49:57uski85145i didn't find it on the website :\

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