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#rockbox log for 2004-07-03

00:15:31uski85145linus has done this back to 2002
00:17:53uski85145the serial mod for recorders
00:17:58uski85145i can't find any info on the website
00:18:07uski85145i found for platyers and FMs
00:18:13uski85145but nothing for recorders !!!
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00:29:00uski85145i have to dig into the SH1 hardware manual...
00:29:10uski85145i'll take shotys so people won't have to do that again !
00:29:13midkooh, tasty.
00:32:17scott666i might be the same for players and recorders
00:32:35scott666but im not really sure
00:33:07midkprobably more l ike fm==rec
00:33:20scott666fm and recs have totally different hardware
00:33:30midkactually no.
00:33:44midkthe player has a different mas, the fm and rec are the same
00:33:50midkthe player has a different lcd, the fm and rec are the same
00:33:59midkthe player has a different button layout, the fm and rec are the same
00:34:14scott666yeah but the shape and design are the same
00:34:26midksame hw.
00:34:41midkso they look similar.. they are very different.
00:40:25Jt740archos no longer make the recorders and players
00:42:02midknaw, really?
00:42:51Jt740im being serious
00:42:57Jt740they are no longer on the Archos website
00:43:06midki know
00:43:12midkthey stopped about a year ago
00:43:23midkso.. is this news or what?
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01:22:16uski85145i did it
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01:22:22uski85145i only have to find a level converter
01:22:29uski85145i'm sure i have some into my stuff
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01:33:15 Part amiconn
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02:43:47midkze ze
02:44:11 Join Nibbler [0] (
02:44:11midkhe talks
02:44:32midki just got the impulse to say something to ze.. sorry.
02:50:10midki miss your code.
02:50:15midkand your difference cloud renders
02:50:41zethe cloud was povray media
02:51:07zeit's a particle system with a 3-dimensional density map
02:51:18zebut i used an algorithm for the density map
02:51:20zeplus turbulence
02:51:25midkze i know 3d gfx too. particle systesms have no 3d density maps
02:52:10zewell it's not like a normal "particle system", that might not be the right term
02:52:20zeit's for clouds, fog, and whatever else you wanna use it for
02:52:43midkyou mean volumetric fog?
02:52:46zeyou can set various values for absorption, scattering, and emission
02:53:28zeyou have it globally (i think) for fog or whatever
02:53:35zeor you can have it contained in an object
02:53:49zeand then you can give it a 3D density map
02:53:54midkyeah whatever
02:53:58midkwhat program were you using
02:54:09zeeither pre-renedered in image slices like voxel sorta deal i guess
02:54:12zeor algorithmic
02:54:23midkyeah RIGHT
02:54:34midkgod. something stuck in my throat
02:54:37midkit wants to burst out
02:54:40midkit just might in a moment
02:55:01zei don't use photoshop at all
02:55:07zei use gimp for photoshop-type things
02:55:17zeanyway, my dinner's ready
02:55:46midkyou always use that excuse
02:55:56midkevery time i point out you're a phony, you have to go eat.
02:56:17zei can do renderings that show it's 3D-ness
02:56:26zein fact i have but you've got some lame excuse for not being able to see it
02:56:34midkOH RIgHT
02:56:37midkall i have to do
02:56:44midkis make some difference clouds
02:56:53midkoffset it a bit both left and right
02:56:55midkand call it 3d?
02:57:12zeyou won't get any depth
02:57:19zeit'll still be flat
02:57:21midki never did with your imitation3d pictures.
02:57:32zeit just might look like the whole flat surface is sunk in or standing out maybe
02:57:59zein mine, if you can see it right, you can see areas in the foreground and areas in the background and inbetween and whatnot
02:58:05zebut i'm hungry damnit bbl
02:58:09midkyou LIAR
02:58:13midkwell come back to irc
02:58:19midkwe can finish this discussin afterwards.
03:29:44midknow where were we
03:30:02zebackground{rgb 0}camera{location <0,0,-3>}sphere{0,20 hollow texture{pigment{rgbt 1}finish{ambient 0 diffuse 0}}interior{media{absorption 0 emission <0.37,0.65,1> intervals 7 density{function{1-min(1,sqrt((x*x*x)+(y*y*y)+(z*z*z)))}turbulence 0.9}}}}
03:30:15zethere's a condensed version of the POV-Ray source code that it's rendered with
03:30:29zeyou can see the 3D density map function
03:31:14zewhich, in the non-condensed version, is more clearly visible like
03:31:15ze density {
03:31:15ze function { 1.0-min(1, sqrt((x*x*x) + (y*y*y) + (z*z*z))) }
03:31:15ze turbulence 0.9
03:31:15ze }
03:31:30midkok fine.. it wasnt difference clouds
03:31:42midkbut i could have made the same effect with difference clouds
03:32:04zeyou could have made something with a gross superficially resemblance
03:32:21zebut it'd be distinguishable by any hypersensitive individual
03:32:42midklol.. well. that means you couldn't tell the difference.
03:33:43zeyes, i could
03:33:57zeapparently i'm hypersensitive
03:34:39midkfor the sake of the logs, i will not go into detail here but what i am thinking in general is "LOL"
03:34:47zethough personally i think sensitivity comes in vectors
03:35:03zeit's got not only magnitude but direction
03:35:30midki mean
03:35:32midksir smart!
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08:28:55Guest1hi there. I was looking for help with my archos player and rockbox. The songs play in alphabetical order even though they are by track in MY MUSIC. Any suggestions??
08:29:11midk01 - Track XX.mp3
08:29:17midk02 - Track YY.mp3
08:29:24midk03 - Track ZZ.mp3
08:30:01Guest1Ok, Im a total newbie. How do I do this.
08:31:44midkrename them
08:32:11Guest1Gotcha. Thanks
08:32:14 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
09:15:36 Join [konn] [0] (
09:15:56[konn]hi god damn :)
09:17:09[konn]well i have this locked Fujitsu MHK2060AT hdd and found something about it from rockbox mailing list
09:17:42[konn]just wanted to be sure, if i don't know the master password, is it hopelessly screwed then?
09:19:25midkthere is none if you read about it
09:19:27midktere shouldn't be
09:20:34[konn]none what?
09:20:49[konn]don't understand ya..
09:22:44midkthey say
09:22:47midkno password.
09:26:24[konn]if english is your first language, then i'm dumb
09:26:42[konn]if not, then it has to be the other way around :p
09:27:03[konn]i say i hawe this god damned disk
09:27:38[konn]and the page says i need master password to unlock it with a certain method
09:28:15[konn]but, what it doesn't say is if i don't have the god damned password, am i doomed or is there anything else i should try
09:29:42midklisten to me now
09:29:46midkyou don't need a password.
09:29:48midkit is empty.
09:30:00[konn]how do you know?
09:30:11midkit says that.
09:30:41[konn]well, if somebody set the password for example
09:30:47midkif you think that we lie when we say there is no password maybe i am lying now telling you that we are right...
09:30:47[konn]how can IT say?
09:31:04midkum... done talking... already told you what you need to know. good luck.
09:31:20midkunless you've got a real question that is.
09:31:40[konn]well this site is something about some firmware and stuff, ok, but this is not my case
09:31:51[konn]i just have this drive in my old laptop
09:32:08midknot a rockbox disk?
09:32:13[konn]and now this son of a bitch has locked itself
09:32:21[konn]no, no rockbox
09:32:29midkah. apologies. should have mentioned that
09:32:49midkyes, if you have no password (though there should be none) you're probably screwed.
09:33:02[konn]just that's the only site on earth that writes something about it
09:33:18[konn]btw, what is a rockbox?
09:33:21midkah, ok.. just be a bit clearer next time..
09:33:27midkfirmware for archos mp3 players
09:34:11[konn]mp3 players with 6GB ide disks?
09:34:14 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:34:29midkyes, up to 20gb.
09:34:47midknewer video players go up to 80gb
09:34:56[konn]interesting, never heared of anything like that
09:35:15[konn]so they use x86 arch too i suppose?
09:35:48midkmind's a bit numb atm.. what's x86 again?
09:36:02 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:36:40 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:37:26[konn]x86, like 686 and ibm pc architecture
09:37:37[konn]i mean, do they run linux or freebsd inside?
09:37:59midkjust a small "firmware" (operating system)
09:38:04midkno sort of power to run linux
09:38:07midkat least these machines
09:38:19[konn]well, if it decodes dvd
09:38:23midkthe newer archoses, av320,340,380 probably can
09:38:29midkand.. it does not decode dvd
09:38:32midkwhere did you hear that?
09:38:37midkit does mp3 only.
09:38:39[konn]ok, just mp3
09:39:58[konn]i've always wanted to build a dvd player using regular pc parts and linux on USB stick
09:40:02[konn]never got time
09:40:13midksounds cool..
09:40:17midkbut the usb stick idea made me laugh
09:40:46[konn]i run Damnsmallinux from usb right now
09:40:54[konn]wery fast and cool
09:42:04[konn]and this DVD player then could download movies from internet, have web interface for configuring and so on
09:42:36midksounds complicated
09:43:19[konn]and, it could even rip dvd-s, re-encode movies and burn them, all this could be driven by a imple IR remote
09:46:18[konn]well my great grandpa always sayd, what you can't do with windoze, you can do with linux :p
10:21:26[konn]this is most definitely not my day
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10:21:57[konn]it's just around 11 o'clock and i've already fryed 3 things
10:22:19[konn]two at90s1200-s
10:22:29[konn]and one VGA board
10:22:47[konn]gf4 mx440
10:22:52midkwoo.. sounds crummy
10:23:08midkwell go buy a new fx6800ultraprosupersilverchromeplated!
10:23:22[konn]i don't need this
10:23:50[konn]i need gpu power only for 2D acceleration and video filters
10:24:13[konn]and some 3d for quake3 sometimes :]
10:24:49midkyou need the ait 9800 pro.
10:24:55midkor the fx 6800 ultra pro.
10:25:09[konn]ati is shit itself
10:25:31[konn]even matrox has a better unix support
10:26:19[konn]indeed, when you compare it to ati, i would say gorgeous
10:27:22midkEXIT THE MATROX
10:28:50[konn]holy cow, there's new nvidia driver released and i knew nothing about it
10:29:20[konn]and see what the first line of changelog says
10:29:48midkha see.
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11:53:08 Join Mike_k [0] (
11:58:14Mike_kHi there, first time on IRC, I just made a really bad stupid newbie mistake... looking for help
11:58:37midk|sleepi may be able to..
12:00:32Mike_kThanks... I just flashed my rockbox. Followed the steps to flash the stable 2.2, no problem, everything went well... then I flashed BlueChip's custom build, because I like the audio controls. Next time I tried to turn off, the red LED came on, now the unit is totally frozen, I can't turn it off. It's a recorder V2. Any advice? Is there a way to reset this thing? It's totally unresponsive.
12:01:33midk|sleephold off for five seconds
12:02:00Mike_kOh, look at that, I just wasn't patient enough. Whew! Thanks.
12:02:26midk|sleepsure :)
12:02:30midk|sleeptime for my nick to take effect.
12:02:32midk|sleepnite all.
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12:30:55 Join minitrx [0] (
12:31:31minitrxany1 owns a archos jbr ?
12:32:30midk|sleepdare i respond?
12:33:18midk|sleepokay, yes i do
12:34:13minitrxhave you experienced that the jbr suddenly shuts down (power off) while you move/touch the case?
12:35:57minitrxmhh my jbr is ~2years old and this occured quite often recently
12:37:42minitrxi wondered wether the power supply contacts eased?
12:37:55midk|sleeptry posting to the mailing list
12:38:34minitrxi could do so, thx
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16:35:54uski85145anyone knows if [idc]dragon will come ?
17:01:18 Join BlueChip [0] (
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17:05:51uski85145anyone here has access to some C compiler for windows ?
17:06:02uski85145i would need to make a mod to joerg's uart_boot.exe
17:06:13uski85145there is a simple "true" to change to "false"
17:07:04BlueChipcould download the devkit?
17:07:17uski85145which devkit ?
17:07:26uski85145i need a windows compiler, to create windows .exe
17:07:28BlueChipthe one on my website for rockbox :)
17:07:34uski85145not a crosscompiler to compile code to the SH1 :)
17:07:49BlueChipthe UI simulator does not compile with the SH-1 tools
17:07:57uski85145hmm, can u give me the url ? :)
17:09:02BlueChip;) yw
17:14:23uski85145doesn't work ;)
17:14:32uski85145your installer (setup.bat) generates many errors
17:14:57BlueChipsuch as?
17:15:06BlueChipwhat os?
17:15:17uski85145"the system can't run the specified program" (translation from my french windows so it may be slightly different in an english windows)
17:15:19uski85145win xpo
17:16:23BlueChiphm, no complaints before - any idea which program is failing to run?
17:16:43uski85145i got aprox 30 lines like that before i "ctrl+c"ed it
17:16:59uski85145maybe a PATH problem
17:17:02uski85145i don't know
17:17:02BlueChipsounds like the path has failed to set correctly
17:17:25BlueChipSET PATH=..\bin;..\usr\bin;%windir%\command;%windir%\system32
17:17:40BlueChipmaybe "command" and "system32" are different in french?
17:18:05uski85145lemme try
17:18:36uski85145doesn't work better even when i set the PATH manually :\
17:19:05BlueChipcan you remove "@echo off" and see which command(s) is generating the error
17:19:25uski85145perhaps this system has a problemù, i don't usually use it, i'ts not really my computer (it's one of a relative, because i don't run windows anymore on my main box ;))
17:19:29uski85145yea wait
17:20:36uski85145(come ther, i don't want to flood #rockbox ;))
17:38:47 Quit uski85145 ()
17:49:40 Quit Ka_ ("* poof *")
17:56:33uskiif [idc]dragon comes, tell him i'll be back on 10mins (soldering work)
17:56:41 Join Ka_ [0] (
18:01:07BlueChipyou got it
18:19:05 Join uski85145 [0] (
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19:20:44[IDC]Dragonhey, so many uski's here
19:27:56uskiim there
19:28:00uskithe other one is on my "lab" ;)
19:28:13uskii have a strange problem with the UART boot on a recorder
19:28:23[IDC]Dragonwhich is?
19:28:27uskii have to pull the LCD lines down to get the box boot from ROM, right ?
19:28:49uskiand if it works, the red led will blink, right ?
19:28:57[IDC]Dragonbut don't pull too hard
19:29:11[IDC]Dragonit won't blink by itself
19:29:26[IDC]Dragonthe program has an option to do that
19:29:28uskilemme switch to the PC of the lab
19:29:37uskiok, i did sth strange
19:29:41uskiand it did blink by itself
19:29:49uskiwhen i saw your uart boot mod on your website
19:30:03uskii first thought that i should connect the pullXXX resistor network to some pin of the connector
19:30:09uskiactually the second one from the left row
19:30:15uski(check the pict)
19:30:18uskiand when i did that
19:30:23uskithe RED led did blink
19:30:42[IDC]Dragonslowly, please
19:30:50uskiok ;)
19:30:52[IDC]Dragonyou have a recorder?
19:31:01uskiwith BOOT ROM
19:31:10uskii did the UART boot mod
19:31:33uskiseeing the pict, i thought i should connect the common point of the resistor network to the second pin of the "big" connector
19:31:46uskii didn't see that your wire isn't connected there and is hidden by the connector itself
19:31:55uskibut then i understood i should connect it to GND
19:31:56[IDC]Dragonit's just passing under it
19:32:05uskiyea but when i did that
19:32:12uskithe red led did blink :)
19:32:27uskiperhaps the ROM firmware saw that the flash was garbled and blinked the led ?
19:32:30[IDC]Dragonwith an empty flash?
19:32:32uski[brb, switching PC]
19:32:38uskinot an emptyu one, a "garbaged" one
19:33:03[IDC]Dragonthe the uart mode wasn't detected
19:33:14uski85145so, i did it again
19:33:19uski85145connecting the wire to the chassis
19:33:33[IDC]Dragonif you normally switch on and the content is crap, the bootloader blinks
19:33:58uski85145ok "good"
19:34:02uski85145(at leadst it's alive)
19:34:08uski85145lemme try with a correct UART boot mod
19:34:17[IDC]Dragonand you have a boot ROM ;-)
19:34:22uski85145y ;)
19:34:28uski85145but i did check that (crc)
19:34:54[IDC]Dragonyou scratched that PCB trace apart?
19:35:09[IDC]Dragonbetween pullup and Vcc?
19:35:36uski85145now, if i launch uart_boot.exe like that:
19:35:41uski85145uart_boot -r -p COM1
19:35:43uski85145it says
19:35:46uski85145Downloading monitor...
19:35:47uski85145and that's all
19:35:52uski85145i checked with an oscilloscope
19:36:01[IDC]Dragondoes your box still blink?
19:36:03uski85145and it sends something (one or two bytes)
19:36:06uski85145and that's all
19:36:11uski85145nope, it doesn't blink anymore
19:36:18[IDC]Dragonno response?
19:36:19uski85145i.e. no reply from the recorder
19:36:32uski85145i am ont sure if i did the serial mod correctly
19:36:37uski85145as i was not able to find any pict of this
19:36:41uski85145for a recorder v1
19:36:47uski85145so i took the SH1 hardware manual
19:36:57uski85145and i connected a wire to the TX1 pin
19:37:07uski85145i checked your minimon.c file, it seems it's using UART1
19:37:13uski85145am i right ?
19:37:17[IDC]Dragonthere are 2 pinouts, use the second
19:37:26uski85145120 pins
19:37:39uski85145i checked it was the good one (the RXD1 pin was connectedx to the line in connector)
19:37:43[IDC]Dragon(I made a mistake once)
19:38:09[IDC]Dragonremote pin at ear, you mean?
19:38:43uski85145the eonly weird thing in my setup is the level converter
19:38:45[IDC]Dragonthere are 2 convenient vias near the CPU
19:38:54uski85145it's a ST232, i.e. RS232=>5V TTL
19:38:58uski85145but i added a resistor
19:39:05uski85145so the clamp diodes on the SH1 does everything
19:39:12uski85145yea, i used these
19:39:38[IDC]Dragonand close to where the green wires from the line in ends
19:39:41uski85145i would have liked to compile a uart_boot with bAck = false
19:39:45uski85145but i don't have a compiler
19:40:07uski85145there is also a small resistor network that pulls the TX line up or down, i don't remember
19:40:11[IDC]Dragonso you can go without transmit from the box
19:40:24uski85145yea biut i need a correct uart_boot for this
19:40:31uski85145and i do not have a C compiler for windows
19:40:46uski85145i checked your code, i only have to change bAck to false
19:40:50[IDC]Dragonit would be better to fix your TX
19:41:03[IDC]Dragonyes, I know
19:41:04uski85145why ? ;)
19:41:07uski85145the flash is garbled
19:41:09uski85145it doesn't matter
19:41:15uski85145if it flashes it badly, i'll reflash again
19:41:23[IDC]Dragonso you can read
19:41:44uski85145but i can't find the problem with the TX of the SH1 :\
19:41:50uski85145it doesn't send the data at bootup
19:41:57uski85145it should send %STARTUP% or so
19:42:06uski85145you know, the "hello" string after which u must send RCL\r or so
19:42:22[IDC]Dragonthat's not the bootloader
19:42:32uski85145it's the flash ?
19:42:33[IDC]Dragonthe Archos flash part does that
19:42:37uski85145ok i understand then ! :)
19:42:54uski85145lemme take the oscilloscope
19:42:55*[IDC]Dragon opens the project...
19:43:00uski85145(ty :))
19:47:26uski85145red led flashing
19:47:35uski85145[IDC]Dragon you're a wizard
19:47:37uski85145you come here
19:47:39uski85145and it works
19:47:42[IDC]Dragonwhat did I do?
19:47:49uski85145well, i don't know
19:47:52uski85145you went there
19:47:55[IDC]Dragonwhat did you do?
19:47:56uski85145i think it was enough LOL
19:47:59uski85145nothing !
19:48:13[IDC]Dragonnow go and flash it
19:48:25uski85145before, i download the flash content
19:48:29uski85145just to see what was on it ;)
19:48:34uski85145(it's a factory programmed flash)
19:48:44uski85145i hope that i don't have any shorts on the flash
19:48:55uski85145hot air soldering is a bit tricky, i'm not used to it
19:48:57[IDC]Dragonyes, like Andreas
19:49:10uski85145i did check each pin for short with the next pin
19:49:12[IDC]DragonI don't like that method
19:49:20[IDC]Dragon(hot air)
19:49:30uski85145do you know which file i should use for flashing ?
19:49:40uski85145well, when i got my hot air station iu found the method really... shitty
19:49:49uski85145but now, with more and more practice, i find it better each time
19:50:01[IDC]Dragonuse the .bin file
19:50:14uski85145the .bin file here ?
19:50:23uski85145ok ty
19:50:51uski85145going to the command prompt...
19:50:55uski85145may you confirm the command line ?
19:51:10[IDC]Dragonyou wanted to read first?
19:51:30uski85145i did it
19:51:33uski85145with -r moo.bin
19:51:35uski85145 -p COM2 -r -f firmware_rec.bin
19:51:38uski85145is that ok for flashing ?
19:51:47[IDC]Dragonlooks ok
19:51:56*uski85145 looks the red button
19:51:59*uski85145 FIRES !
19:52:41[IDC]Dragonah, I forgot, what hardware mask value do you have?
19:53:02[IDC]Dragonif it's different from mine, you need to patch it into the file idea
19:53:11uski85145i forgot to check
19:53:17uski85145is that a big problem ? :)
19:53:18[IDC]Dragondo you have a dump from your firmware
19:53:29uski85145yea but it's on the 2.5" HDD
19:53:45uski85145i have a small ide adapter
19:53:45BlueChipmy web site?
19:53:48uski85145to connect it to my PC
19:53:54[IDC]Dragonthen we need to try
19:53:56uski85145is it REALLY important ?
19:54:09[IDC]Dragonno danger
19:54:30uski85145then i simply start it
19:54:35uski85145and i'l see
19:54:42uski85145what may happen if it is the wrong mask ?
19:54:48[IDC]Dragonbut it can give you wrong LCD contrast, wrong polarity for a signal
19:55:19uski85145now im checking the flash content
19:55:25uski85145to see if i have any short
19:55:26[IDC]Dragonreading it back?
19:55:44uski85145i dunno how i'll compare..
19:55:50uski85145i don't have any tools on this win32 box
19:55:54[IDC]Dragonit always does 512 KB
19:56:03uski85145i need to compare byte per byte
19:56:07[IDC]Dragontakes a while
19:56:17uski85145yea, if i don't have the required software
19:56:26[IDC]Dragonyou can use TotalCommander
19:56:26uski85145lemme download some md5sum for windows or so
19:56:46[IDC]Dragonno, that won't help, since the dump is longer
19:57:24uski85145oh ok
19:57:35uski85145so i compare only the first bytes of the dump
19:57:51uski85145i.e. if the flash file is 1000 bytes long, then i compare the first 1000 bytes of the dump
19:57:56uski85145ok ? (of course it's longer than 1000 bytes ;))
19:57:57[IDC]Dragonhow about just starting it?
19:58:17uski85145(i should really add a small switch for the uart boot)
19:58:26[IDC]Dragonthat's what I did
19:58:40uski85145i salveged some _very_ thin switched from a CD player
19:58:42uski85145i should use one
19:58:45uski85145wait i do this
19:58:51[IDC]Dragonbut since flashing is stable, I never used it any more
19:59:18[IDC]DragonTV prime time starts now, I'm off
20:01:57uski85145ty :)
20:02:13uski85145red led flashes
20:02:59uski85145firmware dump is "empty"
20:04:23*uski85145 is powering up the hot air station......
20:22:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:28:27[IDC]Dragoncan't help you now, will check back later
20:28:36 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
20:36:34 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:41:44 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
20:58:25 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:18:37 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
21:27:01 Join cam1 [0] (
21:28:53cam1hello, are there any upgrades that will allow a Jukebox Studio 20 to record from the line input?
21:30:54webmind_cam1, the studia doesn't have the hardware for that
21:31:10midkwebmind speaks!
21:31:15webmind_midk, owh.. sorry
21:31:32*webmind_ shuts up again :)
21:31:36 Nick webmind_ is now known as webmind (
21:31:42cam1ok, I figured so, just making sure
21:31:43midkhaha. no.
21:32:04cam1time to find one that records
21:32:17midkrecorder 20.
21:32:21midkor v2..
21:33:43cam1what about the gmini 120
21:34:01midkno open source for it
21:34:15midkthe recorders have a good lcd, so there are all sorts of rockbox games and demos and graphics for it
21:34:19midkeven a video player..
21:34:28cam1ah, okm, they still make the jukebox 20 recorder?
21:35:45midkyou can probably find it at amazon..
21:36:11cam1there are some on ebay, too
21:36:42midkoh.. not at amazon.. discontinued,
21:36:46midkyes, ebay could work
21:39:43 Join scott666_ [0] (
21:39:43 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:39:51midkgo scott.;
21:41:54 Quit cam1 ("Leaving")
22:22:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:37:57 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
22:39:41 Join midk [0] (
22:40:13midkyo bc
22:41:49 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:52:24 Quit BlueChip ("For The Latest Rockbox DevKit AND Advanced Plugins Visit")
22:57:10 Join BlueChip [0] (
22:58:16midkwb bc
23:01:47 Join AciD [0] (
23:17:12 Join dstar5 [0] (
23:17:12 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:17:35dstar5yo midk
23:17:47midkhey dids!
23:17:48dstar5and BlueChip
23:18:25*dstar5 is in mississippi
23:19:08webmindmy condoleances ?
23:19:20midkhe speaks!
23:19:30webmindowh shit
23:19:53dstar5webmind, hi
23:20:01webmindyeah... high :)
23:20:30dstar5must be...
23:20:51*webmind should actually fix his player.. it's been broken for weeks now
23:21:01*dstar5 loves fireworks
23:21:02uski85145what's the problem ?
23:21:09webmindloose contact...
23:21:20*uski85145 is currently broking his player
23:21:26webmindjust need to do some soldering, and aply some more permanent presure
23:21:29*dstar5 will be back later
23:21:32webmindbreaking ?
23:21:39*dstar5 waves by, and kisses midk
23:21:42uski85145oops yea, brEAking ;)
23:21:43midkk dids
23:21:44webmindbye day star
23:21:46midkum no.
23:21:55 Quit dstar5 ("Client exiting")
23:21:55midki will accept a hug tho
23:21:58uski85145(i thought there was a spelling error somewhere but i couldn't catch it ;))
23:22:29webmindso what are you doing to it ?
23:22:33uski85145i replaced my non flashable chip by a flashable one
23:22:36midkat least webmind has returned.
23:22:38uski85145the problem is.. it doesn't work
23:22:41midkuski did that go well?
23:22:49midkwhat do you mean?
23:22:51uski85145and i'm afraid it will not work anymore when i'll put back the original chip, if i abandon
23:23:04midkwait. doesn't work as in... what?
23:23:04uski85145i can't program the flash
23:23:07webminderr.. the chip on the player was flashable wasn't it ?
23:23:17midkwebmind: not all are
23:23:21webmindaah fok
23:23:22uski85145yes, it was a SST37VF020, those damn unflashable chips
23:23:33uski85145so i put a SST39VF020, the "good" chip
23:23:35uski85145a new blank one
23:23:36midkuski: well.. followed intstructions?
23:23:46uski85145but, with the uart boot and the serial mod... no luck
23:23:48uski85145of course ;)
23:23:55uski85145i was with [idc]dragon a few hours ago
23:23:59webminddamn... I should kill those people in that bell tower
23:24:04uski85145we tried to debug my setup with no luck
23:24:07webmindfokking ringing bells at 23.00
23:24:52webminduski85145, and placing the old back won't work you think ?
23:24:57uski85145i'ts too bad they don't manufacture the recorders anymore
23:25:10uski85145webmind, i'm afraid of trying ;) and i'd like to succeed with this mod
23:25:17webmindnot sure i've i'll buy an archos next time
23:25:22webminduski85145, hmk
23:25:25uski85145i bought an archos only for rockbox
23:25:29uski85145that's the _only_ reason
23:25:43webmindwhen i bought it was actually the best hd player
23:25:43uski85145and i'll drop a note to archos
23:25:53uski85145it wasn't when i bought it
23:25:58uski85145i could have bought a creative zen or so
23:25:59uski85145much better
23:26:14uski85145i.e. the case isn't as shitty as the recorder's
23:26:15webmindi've recently looked at the rio karma thuogh.. but that's no mass storage device.. ergo crap
23:26:36webmindthe zen doesn't play ogg
23:26:39uski85145im thinking of designing my own mp3 player
23:26:45webmindsounds like fun
23:26:57uski85145i have the skills, only time may be lacking
23:27:10*webmind 'll be buying a zaurus sl-6000 which would do nicely as mp3 player aswell
23:27:17uski85145hmm :)
23:27:27uski85145power consumption will be ... how to say... ;)
23:27:38webmindnot really
23:27:39uski85145"cool i can listen to 1 hour of music !"
23:27:49webmindzaurus is quite efficient...
23:27:56uski85145"and the volume gradually descresas, so it protects my ears !"
23:27:58webmindand with some battery modding :)
23:28:10uski85145%$£@#&! im bored of this shitty archos
23:28:24webmindshould've gotten a recorder :)
23:28:24uski85145if there wasn't rockbox i would have dropped it away
23:28:28midkdid you run my clock update before you killed it
23:28:36uski85145midk: ?
23:28:39midkbtw if you dont want it i'll take it :D
23:28:43uski85145it's not killed..... yet
23:28:44webmindmidk, clock updat for player ?
23:28:50midkno.. recorder only, sorry
23:28:52webminddamn my typos :)
23:28:54uski85145(i do have a _recorder_ not a player)
23:28:59webmindaaah ok
23:29:05midkmy clock is recorder only
23:29:14midki could maybe add a small player clock for it.
23:29:26uski85145midk: ? a clock on players ?
23:29:29webmindi thought player didn't have the hardware for it ?
23:29:30uski85145will be quite hard: no RTC
23:29:36midki knew that
23:29:39midkI KNEW THAT
23:29:43midki was just testing you
23:29:45uski85145so it will work only when the player is switched on
23:29:45webmindyeah yeah
23:29:55BlueChipcould possibly still do a stopwatch though
23:29:56webmindorr add an rtc :)
23:29:57uski85145now it's time for us to test you :P
23:30:00midkgo bcbc.
23:30:03uski85145BlueChip yea
23:30:12uski85145but it would be quite expensive for a stopwatch
23:30:23uski85145adding a RTC wouldn't be very hard i think
23:30:33uski85145just some 4-5 wires to solder, not more
23:30:38webminduski85145, add a counter :)
23:30:43BlueChipjust add a small dughter board to the i2c bus i would guess
23:30:52uski85145but. now, my problem is to get back my recorder to life
23:31:01uski85145"dr carter !! hurry !"
23:31:11uski85145"is dr green away ?"
23:31:29uski85145hmm, no reactions ? nobody knows this tv thingy ?
23:31:50uski85145i think that the english name is "emergencies"
23:32:02uski85145doh ?
23:32:10uski85145DONT LET ME ALONE
23:32:12webmindnot a clue
23:32:40uski85145%$£@#& fuckin damn player shitty hardware !!!!!!!
23:32:51uski85145i don't understand why they stopped making it
23:33:00uski85145they must have made 65487858585$ of benefits with that shit
23:33:37uski85145gtg to bed
23:33:40webminduski85145, i thought you had a recorder ?
23:33:48uski85145i mean
23:33:56uski85145player = mp3 player
23:34:02uski85145for me, a recorder is a player ;)
23:34:07webmindno no
23:34:11webmindthat's confusing :)
23:34:14uski85145yea right lol
23:34:31uski85145hmmm i'd like to phone archos
23:34:32*webmind has a player which is not a recorder
23:34:39uski85145"i wnna buy a main board for my archos recorder 20"
23:34:51uski85145just to see how they'll react
23:34:56webmindtry it
23:35:13uski85145they will surely tell me, like a stupid robot would do, "send it back and we will exchange it"
23:35:21uski85145whatever i say, they'll answer that
23:35:34uski85145i'll say
23:36:50uski85145maybe i'll buy/make a yammp7
23:36:58uski85145at least it's opensource
23:37:05uski85145but there is only 16kB for the firmware
23:37:22webmindthey might be nice
23:37:25BlueChipthat's the real solution - those of us who can pull together and make our own unit
23:37:29webmindjust don't call the helpdesk
23:37:58uski85145i think an even better solution would be to reengineer an unit like the recorders
23:38:06uski85145i.e. with a real CPU, some _external_ flash and ram
23:38:22uski85145sth like 1mbyte of flash and 16mbytes of dram or so ;)
23:38:37webmindwould be bigger though
23:38:57BlueChip1mb of flash - cool - you could write really bloaty crap firmware with that much rom
23:39:17webmindand you don't want that
23:39:25webmindyou want to get efficient stuff
23:39:31webmindefficiency is good
23:39:40midk512kb of flash may be good.
23:39:45midkwell actually
23:39:49midkwithhout the archos fw
23:39:52midk256kb would even do
23:39:57 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:40:05uski85145it would be easy to replace the 020 chip with a 040 onje
23:40:08uski85145giving 512kb of flash
23:40:11uski85145idc !!!
23:40:12uski85145my hero
23:40:28uski85145do u have an idea of what may be failing ? everything from the flash reads 00
23:40:30webmind[IDC]Dragon, run! while you still can!
23:40:43*[IDC]Dragon still reads the log
23:40:49uski85145Downloading monitor done.
23:40:49uski85145Manufacturer ID = 0x00, Device ID = 0x00
23:41:03uski85145then you'll see me swearing against archos
23:41:14[IDC]Dragonit wasn't Archos
23:41:31[IDC]Dragonthis man/ID looks no good
23:41:50uski85145really ? ;)
23:42:05uski85145and the flash dump is full of 0x00
23:42:24webmindlooks empty ?
23:42:27uski85145i tried exchanging the chip with a new SST39 with no luck
23:42:36uski85145maybe it does not program it properly
23:42:42uski85145it's a -70 version, maybe that counts ?
23:42:43[IDC]Dragoneither you picked the wrong chip, or the soldering is no ggod
23:42:56[IDC]Dragon-70 is fine
23:42:56uski85145then the soldering is no good :\
23:43:01[IDC]DragonI have that, too
23:43:12[IDC]Dragonmaybe the chip is fried?
23:43:12uski85145i added my small switch
23:43:15uski85145i think i'll need it
23:43:18uski85145i tried with another one
23:43:20uski85145and it's the same
23:43:24uski85145i won't try 20 chips lol
23:43:31uski85145i think the problem is not this
23:43:41[IDC]DragonI wonder how your PCB is still alive
23:43:48uski85145hot air dude, hot air
23:44:05[IDC]Dragonhot air hars everything around
23:44:13uski85145not with a correct nozzel
23:44:21[IDC]Dragonharms, grr
23:44:39[IDC]Dragonwell then
23:44:54[IDC]Dragondid you solder it upside down or so?
23:44:54uski85145i really can't find the problem
23:45:15uski85145the pin 1 is at the opposite side from the connector
23:45:20uski85145i checked on picts from your website, it's ok
23:45:30[IDC]Dragoncontent 0x00 is strange
23:45:34uski85145also on picts from rockbox website and it's ok too
23:45:41[IDC]Dragonerased it would be FF
23:45:44uski851450xFF would have been more logical
23:45:55uski85145it's like a communication problem
23:46:00uski85145between the flash and the cpu
23:46:01[IDC]Dragonand the IDs have to come out
23:46:13uski85145perhaps some latch is fried ?
23:46:26[IDC]Dragonthere's none
23:46:28uski85145i don't have the schemlatics so i can't tell but it's full of 74xx245/373 or so
23:46:35[IDC]Dragonyou can check the chip select
23:46:43uski85145i have to find it first :)
23:46:55[IDC]Dragonfrom the schematics
23:47:25[IDC]DragonI mean the Archos schematics
23:47:45uski85145butn what to check ?
23:47:54uski85145with an oscilloscope, if it goes up/down?
23:48:07[IDC]Dragonread the flash via uart, measure the CS pin
23:48:40[IDC]Dragonto comfort you, you can download Rockbox via uart, if you like
23:49:30uski85145i tried
23:49:33uski85145but i didn't succeed
23:49:37uski85145but i'd like to try again
23:49:39uski85145how to do it ?
23:49:50[IDC]Dragonuse rockbox.bin
23:49:56uski85145ok, where to find it ?
23:50:09[IDC]Dragonit gets build when you compile
23:50:40[IDC]Dragonbefore being scrambled into ajbrec.ajz
23:50:56[IDC]Dragonor you unscramble that to get it back
23:51:27uski85145i'll do that
23:52:03uski85145just have to find the descramble.exe
23:52:13[IDC]DragonDunno if if will fully work, because it will read a mask value of 0x0000 from your flash
23:52:25[IDC]Dragonif it
23:52:53uski85145i just wanna try
23:55:51uski85145"starting program done"
23:55:54uski85145but i don't see anything
23:56:35uski85145(i use -exec right ?)
23:57:15uski85145ok, doesn't work
23:57:20uski85145im a bit tired with that
23:57:40uski85145i think i'll put back my original sst37
23:57:41webmindget some sleep ?
23:57:58uski85145won't help much with that annoying flash chip
23:58:14uski85145i hope i didn't fry sth
23:58:20uski85145if i did i can't return it for warranty lol
23:58:22uski85145too muc modded

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