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#rockbox log for 2004-07-05

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00:19:56Dlhdo the new gmini products have digital in and out?
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00:23:00bOiNkmy FM Recorder has some problems while startup :/
00:23:16BlueChipDlh: sorry, no idea
00:24:01bOiNkthe LED only flashes for a second while pushing "ON"
00:24:19BlueChipdoes it help to squeeze the sides?
00:24:21bOiNkit only starts loadin the firmware after a few tries
00:24:25BlueChipis it mains connected?
00:25:07bOiNknope, nothing connected
00:25:28Dlhhmmm, any idea of where to get the normal recorder models in germany? i only get the new av or gmini at ebay ;(
00:26:01BlueChipyou will want a Version 1
00:26:01bOiNk199€ for FM Recorder
00:26:24BlueChipno digi out
00:27:33bOiNkany1 heard about issues with turning on the jukebox ?
00:27:51bOiNkdon't know if it's a hardware problem
00:28:01BlueChipdid you answer my two questins?
00:28:38Dlhyep blue, i need one with digital out
00:29:22BlueChiphmm, think there is cross talk ...dlh: you will need a v1 recorder that takes AA batteries
00:29:47BlueChipbOiNk: two Q's, 1: Sqeezing? 2: main power?
00:30:22BlueChipDlh: I have a felling that you could put the digi out back in the fm with a hardware mod
00:30:57bOiNkit's a bit difficult right now, 'cause if it has started once, it will turn on more regularly
00:31:10bOiNkso maybe squeezing helps a bit
00:31:17Dlhi'm not very good at soldering ;/
00:31:27bOiNkbut it's not connected to main pwer
00:31:57BlueChipbOiNk: my money says you are suffering the ever popular - "battery isn't in properly" problem
00:32:23BlueChipDlh: then tracking down a V1 it is (far better in all but sizre and weight)
00:32:40bOiNkwell, display & both lamps are flashing the whole time
00:32:56bOiNkbut firmware doesn't load
00:33:00Dlhhmmm, or do you got any papers on how to do that mod? won't be easy but at least i can try
00:33:12bOiNkso it has power
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00:33:43BlueChipDlh: sorry, not me, the man you need to speak to is not here right now - i would post to the mailing list if I were you
00:34:26BlueChipbOiNk: now you say it works and everything flashes? hmmmm
00:34:49Dlhwhos the man? :)
00:34:50BlueChipbOiNk: and in what way does sqeezing change this?
00:35:21bOiNkhehe... i guess i should make a movie of that :D
00:35:30BlueChipDlh: if you post openly to the ml, that is my idea ....if I had to name one person with the knowledge, it will be [idc]dragon
00:36:08BlueChipbOiNk: why not, remotely debugging a hardware fault that either keeps changing or is only partially reported one bit at a time, is nigh impossible
00:36:33Dlhhmmm, i think i wait sometime in here... i don't have to get this thing tomorrow ;)
00:37:12BlueChipDlh: your call, maybe you know something I don't ;) hee hee
00:38:24Dlhbtw nice plugins...
00:38:51BlueChipDlh: cheers dude, just finishing off the Klondike right now - all new singing and dancing card game engine :)
00:39:45BlueChipdo you code?
00:40:10Dlhi used some time ago... i have to start from the beginning again
00:40:43Dlhi coded in mid-class c some years ago... but now i first wanted to learn pascal and then jump over
00:41:16BlueChipi would say forget pascal, it is (sadly) a dead language :(
00:41:17bOiNki'll try a second description : i hold "ON", both lamps are lit up the whole time, Display flashes up shortly in an intervall of a few seconds, and just after a few tries the firmware loads up
00:42:05BlueChipbOiNk: when it fails, is it about when the hdd spins up?
00:42:30bOiNki think so
00:42:55Dlhyeah but pascal is nice for a "jump-in" since i don't have so much time atm
00:43:03BlueChipbOiNk: I really am betting on it being a dodgy contact problem - these units are renouned for it
00:43:33Dlhhmmm, the new a/v devices are looking nice
00:44:13BlueChipbOiNk: the hdd is what sucks all the power ..if it dies with the hdd, a bad contact can be the cause of reduced power ...I dont own one, but I understand sqeezing the sides will help if this is the problem
00:44:46BlueChipDlh: yes, but I only go for hackable kit personally
00:45:22bOiNkthe weird thing is, when it has started finally i don't have any problems with power/HDD
00:46:16Dlhthose aren't hackable?
00:46:26BlueChipbOiNk: try sqeezing and twisting to get it to shut off again (obviously dont actually twist it so hard you break it! :))
00:46:47BlueChipDlh: well, there is no current hack scene I know of ...the av units have a scene
00:48:13bOiNkwell thx so far, gotta go now, bye
00:48:53BlueChipbOiNk: come back if you get closer and need more help :)
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01:08:48scott666Dlh: [idc]dragon is definitely the man to talk to about changing the FMRs digital i to o
01:09:18scott666ive heard him talking about how its not very hard to do at some point, but i dont know any of hte details
01:09:35Dlhhmmm, that sounds good
01:09:51BlueChipthe electronics are DEFINITLEY there
01:09:52scott666but just getting a V1 recorder will make things a lot simpler in the end
01:10:03BlueChip(complete with typo)
01:10:09Dlhi just search a device with digital out, hd which is cheap
01:10:12BlueChipno battery problems
01:10:54BlueChiphey scotty, you developing at the moment/
01:11:15BlueChipdoing rockbox coding?
01:11:31scott666at the moment? no
01:11:47scott666im alt-tabbed from warcraft to look around and see if im missing anything
01:12:15scott666if the answer is no i go play another game, if its yes i hang around until theres nothing better to do
01:13:14BlueChiprighty, well you may be missing ...i had fun with the ui last night :)
01:13:15scott666i saw your comment about the new signing dancing card enguine
01:13:30BlueChipjust doing the klondike end of game sequence right now
01:13:46scott666im not sure why that word seems like it needs a 'u'
01:14:06BlueChipthat's the french in you :)
01:14:17scott666there isnt any french in me...
01:14:19BlueChipyou are infected!
01:14:39scott666that could be
01:14:43BlueChipthat french beef will be in your colon for the rest of your life now!
01:15:16scott666like how mushrooms stay in your brain?
01:15:40BlueChipit's not the mushrooms that kill your brain, it's what they're grown in - bwaaahahahahahaha
01:16:39scott666cow poop?
01:16:55BlueChipyummy, my favourite :)
01:16:58Dlhgood night...
01:17:03BlueChipnite Dlh
01:17:23scott666bah! damn your brittish spelling
01:20:01BlueChipI honour the favour that you imply with vigour and such colourful words, it is nay your demise.
01:20:39BlueChip(i prezume you do the Z-thing with "demise")
01:21:22BlueChipoh well, pick a word where the s and been converted into a z
01:21:25scott666what is this "Z-thing" of which you speak?
01:21:46BlueChipwould you z that word?
01:22:09BlueChipyeah, that's what I meant ...realise :)
01:22:22BlueChipno, prize is okay
01:22:35scott666realize it is then
01:23:02BlueChipI realize the favour that you imply with vigour and such colourful words.
01:23:16BlueChipI realise the favour that you imply with vigour and such colourful words.
01:23:50BlueChipI didn't include W*nk*r or Queue
01:24:08scott666or check
01:24:17BlueChipnext time ;)
01:25:52scott666i like the idea that this wont be the last time i curse your brittish spelling
01:31:09scott666can i be first in line to test the new klondike?
01:39:43BlueChipnothing new to see until you win
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07:15:12BlueChipLinus, any idea how I get the win32sim to call WM_TIMER more frequently
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07:16:04LinusNBlueChip: not sure, i'm not that much into win32 progrmaming
07:16:41LinusNbit wm_timer is a windows message, isn't it?
07:16:56BlueChipyes, but it is not called frequently enough :(
07:17:06BlueChipcan't find the source of the call!
07:17:14LinusNyou mean it isn't called for every WM_TIMER msg?
07:17:51LinusNlook in uisw32.c
07:17:54BlueChipno, it is called about 1/6th of the frequency than which it should
07:18:10LinusN case WM_TIMER:
07:18:10LinusN current_tick++;
07:18:23BlueChipthat's the destination ...but what calls it?
07:18:36LinusNwindows does
07:18:40BlueChipi currently have tick+=6 as a half-botch
07:18:58LinusNW_TIMER is called 18 times a second iirc
07:19:05LinusNcalled == sent
07:19:11BlueChipohhhhhh right!
07:19:19BlueChipthat makes sense
07:19:29LinusNif you want a faster time, start one
07:19:48BlueChipno idea how - windoze programming is not my area either
07:20:19LinusNi did that once, many years ago
07:20:34BlueChipwell, if you ever find the code ... :)
07:23:50BlueChiphmmm, msdn has some bits
07:23:52LinusNjust checked, seems it's in the land of the Lost Sources
07:23:54*BlueChip goes a hackin'
07:24:05BlueChipthanks for checkin' dude :)
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09:02:06BlueChipWell, I've got the timer ticking at the right speed, but cannot achieve an accuracy better than "about" 4.55 ticks
09:02:36BlueChipi cannot fire off a timer event every HZ seconds
09:02:44BlueChipHZ times per Secons
09:03:55BlueChipaccording to all the msdn docs SetTimer(hWnd, TIMER_EVENT, 1000/HZ, NULL); should work ....but doens't
09:04:45 Join Zagor [242] (
09:06:31LinusNBlueChip: so it doesn't send TIMER_EVENT in the rate you asked for?
09:07:51BlueChipI can set it to say 3 seconds, but no faster than about 18.2/S
09:08:26BlueChipSo I've bodged it all with RDTSC
09:09:00LinusNi remember having to use some special (DirectX) ninja timer...
09:11:20BlueChip"waitable timer objects"??
09:12:13LinusNdoh, i just found my (pacman) sources
09:18:43BlueChipdoes it have the desired feature?
09:25:16LinusNBlueChip: my sources use another approach
09:25:27LinusNnot very usable
09:25:37LinusNcheck the multimedia timers instead
09:25:43BlueChiphey, thanks for the link - I will try those :)
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10:01:05midkhey linusn
10:01:16midki've figured out a simple way to do a countdown feature for the counter...
10:12:30midkoh, just sent values for temp_hour/min/second and then do a simpel computation to check the time remaining till you get there
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10:24:56amiconnhi all
10:25:15midkhey amiconn
10:25:34amiconnNo Linus here?
10:26:13BlueChiphe's about
10:27:09BlueChiphe got batch signed off just now
10:27:33midkit's called a netsplit.
10:27:37midkhi bc.
10:28:01amiconnYup, looks like a netsplit (from the logs)
10:28:07BlueChiphey mk
10:28:36midkcant remember what i was gonna do with a plane with so many segments.
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10:30:15amiconnHi Jörg
10:30:25[IDC]Dragonhello Jens
10:30:43[IDC]Dragonitching to enable fast ATA?
10:31:01amiconnI hate netsplits...
10:31:19[IDC]DragonLinus is on "the other side"
10:32:36[IDC]DragonI wonder why net splits happen so frequently, I don't find other internet services so unreliable
10:32:41amiconnThe round robin sometimes does strange things... at least *I* got connected to a swedish server
10:33:33midkhi, can someone do me a favor...
10:33:47midki need to know the server for the 'new irc chit chat' sticky topic
10:34:43Zagorit says in the link you posted:
10:34:59midktahnk you
10:35:04midki was banned form the forum for a week..
10:35:12midki'm not a bad person!
10:35:34midk"rogue" admin
10:36:00[IDC]Dragonprobably you've asked too much about rio clock features
10:36:13midkhaha, no.. they have no good click
10:36:15midkjust a statusbar one
10:36:40*Zagor added an IriverInfo wiki page
10:37:21midkit's iRiver, not Iriver.
10:37:35Zagoryeah but wiki topics must be spelled that way
10:37:42ZagoriKnow ;)
10:38:11[IDC]DragonZagor: I begin to be fascinated by that iRiver
10:38:15midk*doesn't like people who say Ipod instead of iPod
10:38:19midkIpods suck btw
10:38:37Zagorhow can you tell caps in speech?
10:38:44[IDC]Dragonlooks more promising that the Xclef
10:39:09midki mean
10:39:16midkpeople who textify Ipod isntead of iPod
10:39:40Zagor[IDC]Dragon: yeah, esp the 320 looks nice and has gotten rid of the annoying "knob" navigation interface
10:40:00midki tried the knob once.. it feels sort of chintzy
10:40:12Zagorseems like pretty much the same hardware though
10:40:31[IDC]DragonI was rathe eying at the iHP140
10:40:38Zagorboth based on Motorolas 5249 reference design
10:40:56midk"[New Product] Craft 2 and it''s review on"
10:41:00midkITS not IT'S
10:41:14midkthat is another thing that bugs me.. but.. i'll stop talking about that now.
10:41:18Zagormidk: they are both valid, just different meanings
10:41:25[IDC]Dragonreference design about what?
10:41:36midkyes but in that sentence it should be its
10:41:43midk"it is on it's way"
10:43:51Zagor[IDC]Dragon: motorola 5249 reference design / evaluation board
10:44:25[IDC]Dragonyes, but for general purpose or foe an audio player?
10:45:32Zagorfor audio player
10:46:10[IDC]Dragondo the 3 iRiver folks know that?
10:46:22Zagorthe 5249 is targetted for these types of devices
10:46:29Zagori would guess so
10:46:59[IDC]Dragonthe 320 is a 120 with color display?
10:47:12midkdid anyone see this?
10:47:37Zagorthere are more hardware changes too, new button layout and dual usb ports are the ones visible from the outside
10:47:40[IDC]Dragonlooks like a useless CD player
10:48:21midkwith a 2" color lcd.
10:48:29[IDC]DragonZagor: and it put on weight
10:48:33amiconnIirc Motorola 5249 is Coldfire, and Coldfire is a bit similar to m68k... interesting
10:49:04Zagorboth xlef and iriver use the same cpu, ram and flash. i would say if we port to one we could support the other easily
10:49:13Zagor[IDC]Dragon: right
10:49:25[IDC]Dragon"easily" ;-)
10:49:35Zagorwell, everything is relative :)
10:50:13[IDC]Dragonhave you seen my discussion with 2 of the folks yesterday afternoon?
10:50:37[IDC]Dragonwe happened to meet here
10:51:00Zagoryes, i saw that in the log
10:54:00[IDC]Dragondo you have more info about that reference design?
10:54:51*[IDC]Dragon googles
10:55:20midkjust curious, on the sourceforge page what does "RFE" mean
10:55:24Zagori found a pdf in
10:55:25midkpatches, bugs etc
10:55:29midki know it is feature request..
10:55:36midkbut what does it stand for?
10:55:41Zagormidk: request for enhancement
10:55:50midkthank you
10:55:55midkthat has bugged me a few years now
10:56:15midk"requestead feature e...?"
10:56:48midki'm slow tonight.. i forget why i was going to patches in the first place.
10:56:53midkor no wait
10:56:57midki was going to irc
10:56:59amiconnmidk: Request For Enhancement
10:57:00midkwhy did i click patches?
10:57:06midkthanks amiconn, zagor just answered
10:57:15amiconn(oops, too slow)
10:58:00amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Porting to iRiver means H1 / H300 series, right?
11:01:56 Join bipak [0] (
11:02:13[IDC]Dragonamiconn: yes
11:02:38[IDC]Dragondon't know if the 3x0 is out yet
11:03:49[IDC]DragonI don't like color displays
11:04:05[IDC]Dragonyou don't see anything without backlight
11:04:26[IDC]Dragon(at least on the ones I've seen)
11:05:53amiconnI don't like these small color lcds either...
11:06:20amiconn..for the same reason as you, and additionally the colors are not very natural
11:06:58amiconnBut for some people the "USB on the go" function could be very useful
11:07:04[IDC]Dragonand it doesn't help a music player
11:07:19[IDC]DragonI'm AFK now
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11:08:48midk|sleepsleep now.
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12:31:25amiconnhi LinusN
12:31:25amiconnback from the split ;-)
12:31:25Dlhgood morning
12:45:13[IDC]DragonHi again
12:46:35amiconn[IDC]Dragon: To add something to the color lcd theme: such lcd is definitely nice to have when you are going to implement video playback ;-)
12:47:02[IDC]Dragontoo much data then
12:47:38[IDC]Dragonhow boring, doing video on a display which is video-capable
12:48:32amiconnThe original iRiver firmware does not support video playback iirc
12:50:06[IDC]Dragondoes anybody know the resulution of the iRiver H320 display?
12:54:56Dlhhmmm, iRiver or archos? what's the better way? :)
12:56:39[IDC]Dragonfor what?
12:56:46Dlhto buy now :)
12:57:09Zagorif you want rockbox, buy an archos
12:57:13[IDC]Dragonwhile you still can, buy an old-model Archos
12:57:28[IDC]Dragonwe're talkin about the time after
12:57:32Dlhhm, where? got about 200euros
12:57:59Dlhwould be nice if it's got a digi out
12:58:20[IDC]Dragonit boes
12:58:25amiconnI found an offer for a v1 Recorder (new, 20 GB) for € 199,- last week by googling around
12:58:56[IDC]Dragonso prices are going up again
12:59:45Dlhthis is the one with 2mb ram right?
13:01:18amiconnDlh: Yes (all archos models supported by Rockbox have 2 MB of RAM factory-installed)
13:06:23Dlhhmmm, mal sehen, dann geb ich meinen gleich mal beim mediamarkt ab und hoffe dass ich die 100 euro zurückbekomme *g*
13:12:33amiconnWhoops, this is the "special edition" aka v2. The picture is obviously wrong.
13:27:30amiconnThere was another offer of a real v1 Recorder (at but it seems that it is gone...
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13:51:35amiconnGrr. Didn't I say I _hate_ netsplits?
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14:40:36amiconnLinusN: Are you around?
14:47:57LinusNamiconn: i'm here
14:48:50amiconnI wonder if we should enable the fast ata routines in the official builds.
14:49:59amiconnWhile we do have reports by one user only, it seems that the problems leading to file system corruption are fixed now.
14:50:10LinusNi'm ok with it, just let me check with björn as well
14:51:48amiconnThe latest report by Andreas (groovingandi) seems to support my theory about the mask/ disk combination that caused the problem back then.
14:52:45LinusNgive me a few minutes to confirm with björn, he's in a meeting right now
14:58:38Zagorhow many people that failed the last test has done the new one?
15:01:34elinenbeso, is anyone going to "check out" the ihp 120?
15:03:03amiconnZagor: The problem with my first test (that did only read) was that did not fail for anyone.
15:03:27amiconnBack in February, 3 people reported problems with file system corruption.
15:04:13amiconnAll 3 people did my first test, and reported no problems.
15:04:38Zagorelinenbe: it seems a couple of german guys are working a bit on it. the hardware is not very strange, it's basically Motorola's 5246 evaluation board. someone just needs to do the basic gruntwork like flash code
15:04:58amiconnZagor: The new test was done by several people. No one reported problems with it.
15:05:18Zagoramiconn: was there ever a test that identified a problem?
15:05:41elinenbeZagor: that sounds nice −− that is a gorgeous piece of hardware...
15:06:23amiconnZagor: What makes me a bit hesitant about enabling fast ata is that only one of the 3 people reporting file system corruption back then did the new test
15:07:11amiconnZagor: The new test is not a synthetic test, but a real world test (stock Rockbox compiled with and without enabled fast disk reading and/or writing)
15:09:31amiconnI did also compile a version from cvs 2004-02-01, and this one still produced file system errors on Pedro's box, different from my test version with both fast reading & writing enabled.
15:10:44amiconnHowever, he observed a somewhat different behaviour about the boot/ rolo sequence it takes to reproduce the errors.
15:11:37amiconnImho all results from my tests lead to 2 conclusions:
15:13:07amiconn(1) The file system corruption with the 2004-02-01 code does only occur on recorders with the combination of hw mask 0x0102 and hd Hitachi DK23CA
15:14:11amiconn(2) The problem was fixed by one of the numerous changes to the ata reset/ set features routines that were committed in thea meantime.
15:15:09amiconn(Although I don't know exactly by which one.. this would require that one of us developers has the mentioned hw combination available for extensive testing)
15:16:02Zagori think i have a dk23ca somewhere, but I can't say I feel like doing extensive testing :)
15:16:30amiconnThe thing is that you would also need a recorder v1 with hw mask 0x0102...
15:16:44Zagori do
15:16:59Zagorwell, the worst case is someone is reminded why he should be doing backups of his archos :) i say check it in.
15:27:36 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:31:02LinusNi agree, commit it
15:45:09 Join AciD [0] (
15:45:32amiconnZagor, LinusN: committed.
15:54:59 Join Christi-S [0] (
15:56:04*Christi-S is looking for the runes to turn a modified source dir (with the changed files copied to foo.orig first) into a patch.
15:56:11 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:56:22*Christi-S dipped her toe in the vicious waters of the actual source.
15:56:46LinusNcvs diff -u > filename.patch
15:57:10Christi-SAh, I didn't check it out from CVS - just downloaded the daily build source.
15:57:16Christi-SCVS makes my brain ache.
15:58:42Christi-SI do wonder if anyone other than me wanted a progress bar that filled in as the song progressed, but it seemed like a good first hack.
15:59:56LinusNChristi-S: do yourself a favor and try to learn cvs
16:00:26*Christi-S nods. For a big project like this it's pretty essential, unfortunately.
16:01:00LinusNand you learn something too
16:04:26Christi-SOh, BlueChip the Windows dev kit is desperately in need of grep and vi in my opinion. ;)
16:06:18*Christi-S waits for the tree to checkout. How I detest dialup.
16:07:57LinusNChristi-S: why not use the real thing instead?
16:08:12LinusNi mean cygwin+sh tools
16:11:21LinusNah, dialup...
16:11:32Christi-SWell, if I were going to do that, I'd build on the Linux box.
16:11:51Christi-SBut I don't really fancy installing the cross-compiler on the Debian box.
16:15:10Christi-SI remember reading the instructions for installing GCC as a cross compiler a few years back. The memory is not a pleasant one.
16:15:20Christi-SIt's probably improved a great deal by now.
16:15:56LinusNextremely easy
16:21:36 Join Christi-S- [0] (
16:21:39 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:21:47 Nick Christi-S- is now known as Christi-S (
16:22:19Christi-SI mentioned hating dialup, right:
16:23:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:27:41 Join scott666 [0] (
16:33:43LinusNtime to go home
16:33:45LinusNcu around
16:33:50amiconnLinusN: I just saw that there is work for me to do...
16:34:15amiconn..syncing deutsch.lang and re-building voice files
16:34:30LinusNdon't bother
16:34:43LinusNthe radio stuff can't be voiced anyway
16:35:00LinusNthe mas is in recording mode
16:35:16amiconnAh. Why are the voice entries not empty in this case then?
16:35:39LinusNhmmm, because i'm silly?
16:36:32LinusNi should remove the voice entries for all fm strings
16:36:37LinusNgotta go, cu
16:36:40 Part LinusN
16:41:50 Join dstar5 [0] (
16:48:02 Quit midk|sleep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:52:51dstar5BlueChip, i have a problem with your devkit
16:53:39Christi-SI feel all grown up - my first Rockbox patch. :)
16:53:47Christi-SI don't think he's around.
16:54:21dstar5what patch?
16:56:22Christi-SMakes the progress bar optionally fill in rather than sliding along.
16:56:28Christi-SA small thing, but mine own.
16:57:53dstar5neat :)
16:58:02dstar5good idea really
16:58:24Christi-SWell, I prefer it, and it was actually very easy to do. The widgets already support it.
17:00:55dstar5if not, that is easy code yo write
17:01:18dstar5just dont have it remove those pixles behind the bar
17:01:43dstar5well n/m, it is a bit more compilcted...
17:03:32dstar5arghh i need you BlueChip
17:04:11Christi-SNot quite sure what you mean - it's a patch for the recorder rather than the player.
17:04:27dstar5i know
17:04:33Christi-SWhat's the problem. I might be able to help.
17:05:18dstar5umm well no command is found (gcc, ls, etc etc)
17:05:34dstar5i tried export PATH=/bin:$PATH
17:05:41Christi-SHave you run the setup batch file?
17:05:41dstar5but that did not wrk either
17:06:08dstar5although i will run regedit, and make sure those are right reg enteries
17:08:54Christi-SHave you moved the devkit dir since you ran setup?
17:10:19dstar5just installed a few minutes ago
17:10:35dstar5i am not at home, i am at someone elses puter
17:10:46dstar5so thats why i am using the kit
17:12:29Christi-SRight. On my system I ran C:\Program Files\RockBox-DevKit_v3\setup\setup.bat
17:12:43Christi-SThat seemed to make everything work.
17:13:04dstar5i generaly use root (C: or actaullt D; on my home system)
17:13:11dstar5because cygwin uses that
17:13:15dstar5(by default)
17:15:39dstar5weird, i jusr re extracted the kit, it works fine now
17:21:11 Quit Dlh (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:21:24 Part Zagor
17:37:41BlueChipstill need me dude?
17:40:14Christi-SI think he reinstalled and the problem went away.
17:41:23BlueChip<phew> ..someone else had trouble the other day, so even if it's not the fault of the devkit - it seems to not be idiot proof
17:42:37Christi-SVery few things are.
17:43:38BlueChipI see you've moved into the wonderful world of patching :) ....I must upload my new BASH macros and uisw32.c soon
17:46:26*Christi-S nods.
17:46:36Christi-SI'm still avoiding attacking the manual properly.
17:48:31BlueChipI don't know why people don't document as they go ...I've always believed "if people cannot easily use your software, then your software is difficult and unfriendly to use"
17:49:46Christi-SThe UI on rockbox is not the greatest. Probably because it evolved rather than was designed.
17:51:42BlueChipI agree, there has been talk for at least a year now to revamp it, but nobody can make any decisions on precisely which way to go, so afaik nothing has happened ....dwhino started a lovely GUI interface
17:52:17Christi-Sclassic problem with cat-herding. ;)
17:53:16Christi-SAnd the fact that your patches might just get left out anyway doesn't exactly encourage one to do major development work.
17:53:43Christi-SThe list of patches just sitting around on SourceForge is depressingly long.
17:54:15BlueChipWhen all that crap kicked off a while back, several people approached me privately and practically begged me fork ...seems you are not alone in your views
17:55:00BlueChipWOO HOO - finally got ticks wokring as close to correctly as windows will allow :)
17:55:35BlueChipI can actually test my timed routines now :)
17:56:43BlueChipstill got no idea how to set up a 10mS timer - seems there are hundreds of articles on why it is so difficult, but none on how to work around it!
17:56:52 Join AciD [0] (
17:57:49 Quit dstar5 ("Client exiting")
17:58:48*Christi-S is actually vaguely tempted by the idea of developing for a new platform, but I hardly have a proven track record.
17:59:04Christi-SAnd I certainly can't afford to buy hardware myself.
17:59:22 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (Session timeout)")
17:59:38BlueChipWell, when my Jukebox dies and I can't replace it .... :)
17:59:57*Christi-S nods.
18:00:10Christi-SI am terrified of this. I hate being JBless.
18:02:54Christi-SI never saw the GUI interface. Any pics anywhere?
18:03:07BlueChipno, i may have a demo somewhere
18:04:00Christi-SArgh - cat on keyboard. sneezes
18:04:14*BlueChip sneezes
18:04:31Christi-SNo sneezing on my cat.
18:04:49BlueChipI feel a "Mrs Slocombes Pussy" joke coming on
18:05:05Christi-SOh dear.
18:05:31BlueChipno, sorry, no archive od the gui - speak to dwhino, it was is work
18:06:01Christi-SWhy'd he stop?
18:06:13*BlueChip bites tongue
18:06:31Christi-SAh, never mind.
18:06:37BlueChipguess he lost interest for reasons of which I should not speculate
18:07:22*Christi-S wonders why no-one has considered porting Rockbox to the iPod.
18:07:27BlueChipMaybe drawing a picture that meant "scrooling initial startup in mS" just friend his brain - LOL
18:07:50BlueChipipod's dac is uber-secret
18:07:50Christi-SYeah, that'd be the hard thing about a gui.
18:07:57Christi-SAh, right.
18:08:18BlueChipthe ipod cpu is not up to the job of playing mp3s
18:08:21Christi-SShame, really - port to the iPod and you'd really go mainstream.
18:08:41BlueChipIt is singularly the only thing which stops me owning an ipod
18:09:01Christi-SPersonally I think they're way too expensive for what they are.
18:09:10BlueChippaying for quality
18:09:31BlueChipsince the battery scandal was sorted out ...I have read ZERO bad things about ipod
18:09:33Christi-SWell, there is that. The Archos build quality leaves much to be desired, it's true.
18:10:43BlueChipThe new archos units are awesome, but i wouldn't like to comment on build - I can;t believe that they know how to make something of quality
18:10:55scott666bad thing about ipod: you cant just copy mp3s over from explorer and expect them to play
18:11:24amiconnChristi-S: The problem with porting anything actually useful to the iPod is that iirc the iPod uses the "Portalplayer" chip
18:11:32Christi-SI wonder what the feasibility of designing an open hardware jukebox would be.
18:11:47scott666the rockbox guys are convinced its impossible
18:11:51BlueChipbeen done a dozen times
18:12:28scott666the main problem is the extremely small user base, which means an even smaller developer base
18:12:34*Christi-S nods.
18:12:47Christi-SThe thing is once it was done, anyone could build one.
18:13:35scott666was that on slashdot a few months ago?
18:13:35BlueChipyou can't use smt, because nobody can work with smt (except the elite)
18:13:39scott666looks farmiliar
18:13:42BlueChipscott666: no idea
18:14:22scott666yes, smt is a pain in the ass
18:14:37scott666and smt ICs are damn near impossible
18:14:41Christi-SCat is licking my keyboard cable. Weird feline.
18:14:45scott666(with my shitty soldering iron anyway)
18:14:53BlueChipmainboard $150 ...LCD $42, Backlight $77 ....IDE cable $9 ....simm $30 ....hdd $whatever ...and no guarantee that it'll work
18:15:18Christi-SCheaper to buy an Archos at the moment.
18:15:23 Nick BlueChip is now known as bc|brb (
18:15:23scott666HD will be at least 100
18:17:57scott666i want my next mp3 player to have a ridiculous amount of ram
18:18:22Christi-SI know what you mean, but that pushes up battery usage, of course.
18:18:32scott666not neccessarily
18:18:44scott666it would have to load that data anyway, it would just do it over time instead
18:18:55scott666saves the battery cost of spin-ups and spin-downs
18:19:05amiconnActually more ram should improve battery runtime
18:19:07Christi-SThe essential problem is that by the time someone's ported Rockbox to a platform, the platform is obsolete.
18:19:50Christi-SAnd while the JBFM w/ Rockbox does everything I want from an MP3 player - doesn't do me much good if it dies and I can't replace it.
18:19:55scott666shame archos wont cooperate
18:20:26scott666if theyd produce a new rockboxable player with no new features but better build quaility i bet itd sell well
18:21:05 Part scott666
18:21:11 Join scott666 [0] (
18:22:48 Join Christi-S- [0] (~christi@
18:22:52 Nick bc|brb is now known as BC (
18:22:53 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
18:23:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:29:37 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:30:00 Join dstar5 [0] (
18:33:24dstar5hey BC
18:33:29BChey d5
18:33:45BC"no disassemble diddy 5"
18:36:34 Join pfavr [0] (
18:57:40 Quit gromit` ("leaving")
18:58:25 Quit pfavr (Remote closed the connection)
19:00:49BCI wish to write win32sim functions to handle backlight_on() and backlight_off() does anyone know how I am supposed to hook these functions properly?
19:02:55BCfriend just turned up ....l8rz :)
19:02:59 Nick BC is now known as BC|bbl (
19:07:52 Quit dstar5 ("Client exiting")
19:30:01 Join Guest57 [0] (
19:30:01 Quit Guest57 (Remote closed the connection)
19:31:23 Join Guest578 [0] (
19:33:04Guest578hi all
19:33:34Guest578I m looking for the file firmware_rec.bin ?? where is it ??
19:34:05Guest578it is written in the doc that it is in the distribution ?? is it the zip in the download section?
19:34:27Guest578because this one does not contain this file? so if someone could help me
19:44:38 Join mattzz [0] (
19:50:22 Quit Guest578 ("Leaving")
19:53:53mattzzamiconn: r u reading?
19:54:32mattzzanybody with cvs-access online?
19:54:35mattzzahh good
19:54:45mattzzwe have a no-go situation ;-)
19:55:06mattzzmay I paste a patch here?
19:55:55amiconnWhat's the problem? I didn't get any problems compiling current cvs..
19:56:37amiconn..hmm, another change by Linus I did not yet try out. Just a moment...
19:56:42mattzzsettings.c, line 223
19:57:03mattzzifdef HAVE_FMRADIO is missing
19:59:37amiconnI wonder why it compiles for Rec Sim Win32, see cvs compile status on the daily build page
20:00:48mattzzgood question!
20:01:30mattzzcould you please commit the #ifdef / #endif lines in settings.c?
20:02:47amiconnYes, after testing compilation for the main platforms
20:02:58mattzzthanks a bunch!
20:03:22mattzzIs there something like a regression script for tasks like that?
20:05:00 Join AciD [0] (
20:05:50amiconnmattzz: I usually test my changes by compiling for recorder, player, recorder sim and player sim before committing
20:06:04amiconnAnd no, I do not use a script for that
20:06:27*mattzz is soo lazy
20:06:40mattzzI vote for script slavery!
20:07:00amiconnShould be relative easy to write a script for that.
20:07:50amiconnI usually compile with "make >make.log", so I only see stuff written to stderr on the screen.
20:07:53Christi-S-Does anyone here know what the RTC hardware mod does that the Wakeup Alarm feature doesn't?
20:08:40mattzzChristi-S-: Sorry, I don't know.
20:08:50amiconnChristi-S-: Iirc, the RTC hardware mod is only necessary for v1 recorders to get wakeup alarm working.
20:09:05Christi-S-Oh, right. So it works on v2 anyway?
20:09:22amiconnIt should work on v2/fm without modification.
20:10:21*Christi-S- goes to look at the source again.
20:13:57scott666Christi-S-: i have an FMR, and the wake-up alarm works with no mod
20:14:12Christi-S-Yes, I noticed that too.
20:14:33Christi-S-It's just that the source looks to have different code which isn't enabled or something.
20:14:38scott666i was confused when i first saw that because i didnt think it would apply to recorders and not FMs
20:14:46Christi-S-I'm still trying to get my head around it properly.
20:15:41scott666do you happen to have a pre-compiled ajz with your progress bar patch?
20:16:53 Join LinusN [200] (
20:17:06amiconnhi LinusN
20:17:46LinusNhi amiconn
20:17:50LinusN<Christi-S> And the fact that your patches might just get left out anyway doesn't exactly encourage one to do major development work.
20:18:13*mattzz asks himself if his checkbox patch will ever make it into cvs...
20:18:15amiconnYou just fixed what wanted to fix. Cvs gave me a strange message because of this :-/
20:18:41amiconns/what wanted/what I wanted/
20:19:23LinusNmattzz: i thought i committed your checkbox
20:19:46amiconnLinusN: Did you also change english.lang?
20:19:55LinusN<Christi-S> And the fact that your patches might just get left out anyway doesn't exactly encourage one to do major development work.
20:19:58LinusNvoid checkbox(int x, int y, int width, int height, bool checked)
20:20:03Christi-S-I appreciate why you're sighing Linus, but I'm afraid it's true. I don't want to be maintaining my own source tree.
20:20:05LinusNamiconn: i did
20:20:06mattzzLinusN: only the widget, not the application for boolean setting dialogs
20:20:19LinusNamiconn: ah, no i didn't remove the voice
20:21:32LinusNmattzz: we (i, daniel and bj?rn) were not convinced that replacing the yes/no strings with a checkbox was that much of a benefit
20:21:42Christi-S-So if I do some work and it doesn't make it in, then it's time wasted as far as I'm concerned.
20:22:12mattzzLinusN: I accept that. :-|
20:22:28LinusNChristi-S-: you can't expect everything to automatically be accepted into the main cvs tree
20:23:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:23:16Christi-S-I am more than a little worried that all that work I did on the installer is going to fall into that category, for example.
20:23:23 Join Christi-S [0] (
20:23:34Christi-SI am more than a little worried that all that work I did on the installer is going to fall into that category, for example.
20:23:43amiconnChristi-S-: If a patch doesn't make it in the offcial distribution, it may still have some benefits doing it: (1) you can use it for yourself, (2) you may have learned something while implementing it, (3) others that are able to compile their own builds may use it too
20:24:11LinusNChristi-S-: the installer requires a wine installation, right?
20:24:19*Christi-S nods. Afraid so.
20:24:20 Quit Christi-S- (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:24:58LinusNChristi-S: that forces us to install wine on our hopelessly outdated redhat box
20:25:16LinusNus=i, zagor or daniel
20:25:29Christi-SIf I could do it without Wine, I would.
20:25:37LinusNi know
20:26:18Christi-SBut I've done everything I can to make it as easy to install as possible. There's simply nothing I can do that will make it any easier, unfortunately.
20:26:23amiconnLinusN: I wonder if there would be some way to set up a box with Windows to manage those parts of an automated build that cannot be done (easily) with Linix
20:26:51LinusNamiconn: that's of course one option
20:27:19amiconn(Building voice files is one such thing, and the installer is another one)
20:27:20Christi-SWell, as Daniel points out, they don't have to run on the Rockbox site.
20:27:36Christi-SI can run them quite happily here, but I can't automate things.
20:27:44LinusNwhy not?
20:27:45Christi-SDue to being stuck on dialup.
20:28:00Christi-S(I live in the middle of nowhere.)
20:28:28LinusNthe sad part is that the servers are located at our office, and we are not there very often
20:28:48LinusNremote administration of windows machines is a joke imho
20:29:25Christi-SThis is why a Linux build system is a good thing. It is, at least, easily automated.
20:29:26amiconnIn fact, I think remote administration of Windows is much easier than with Linux..
20:29:45LinusNChristi-S: how come you need wine?
20:29:56Christi-SSpeaking as someone who's spend 4 years working as a Linux/Windows sysadmin, I strongly disagree.
20:30:03LinusNamiconn: really?
20:30:32*LinusN is a windows cl00b
20:30:42Christi-Slinus - the program that builds the executables (InnoSetup) is a Windows binary and tied to the Windows API.
20:30:43amiconnYes, imho this is true, at least with Win 2000 Server and Win XP Pro/ Windows Server 2003
20:30:50LinusNChristi-S: :-(
20:31:44LinusNamiconn: you obviously know more about windows that i do
20:31:54amiconnSimply use the RDP protocol: It provides a fully graphical interface, is encrypted (128 bit) and relatively lightweight.
20:32:08LinusNamiconn: i don't want a graphical interface :-)
20:32:25amiconnIt even works with reasonable speed over an ISDN or Modem connection
20:33:06amiconn(unless you want to do heavy graphics operations)
20:33:50LinusNNote The Windows Installer does not permit installations from a Remote Desktop Connection.
20:34:00amiconnIt is _much_ faster than VNC or any other remote control software I've seen.
20:34:18Christi-Sssh is my preferred remote control software.
20:35:04amiconn(Talking about windows and _graphical_ remote control here ... remoting windows without graphical interface would be indeed difficult)
20:35:35LinusNwell, if you can't install applications remotely... :-(
20:35:59amiconnLinusN: In spite of this official note, most setups _do_ work from a RDP connection :)
20:36:31LinusNi guess those "want to reboot again?" dialogs make it tricky in some circumstances
20:36:54amiconnRDP is the way I usually administer our servers at work (we have a number of them)
20:36:56*Christi-S swears at OpenOffice. I never dreamed that a program could have worse list handling than Office.
20:38:04amiconn..and I'm really missing a similar way of access to our Linux servers (yes, we do have such as well)
20:41:01amiconnLinusN: The more modern Windows variants don't have to be rebooted that much. Btw, when speaking about Windows, I explicitly exclude all Win 9x variants and NT4.0 as well.
20:41:56dwihnoI was just checking the CVS logs...
20:42:04dwihnoHas the assembly disk stuff been fixed?
20:42:31LinusNdwihno: seems so, the latest test show no problems
20:43:23LinusNamiconn: i agree that the reboot rate is much lower nowadays
20:43:40dwihnoLinusN: Great news indeed!
20:43:53LinusNdwihno: try it NOW!
20:44:45dwihnoLinusN: Bad news, I'm on holiday, my unit is out of juice, and the charger is still at home :/
20:44:46amiconnLinusN: My laptop was last rebooted 8 days ago... I usually put it into suspend-to-disk when I don't need it.
20:46:48LinusNdwihno: darkness indeed
20:47:14LinusNamiconn: same here, the "uptime" of my xp laptop is quite good
20:48:07dwihnoLinusN: However... With a couple of days of dead time this weekend, I was thinking about implementing the GUI sliders and the menu stuff we've talked about earlier...
20:48:26LinusNdwihno: nicers!
20:49:37*LinusN is afk for a while
20:50:16dwihnoLinusN: I'll do some initial patchwork and let you have a check when it's done.
20:50:30*dwihno returns to vacationism for a while or two
20:51:48mattzzmattzz@darkstar:~$ uptime
20:51:48mattzz 20:54:07 up 291 days, 47 min, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
20:52:24*mattzz is a bit childish today
21:00:10scott666Christi-S: the solid progress bar patch is awesome
21:03:20mattzz[x] send pics
21:05:55 Join dstar5 [0] (
21:06:01elinenbeyawn! I think I am going to buy myself an iriver....
21:06:23 Part bipak
21:06:33dstar5atleast it's not an ipod
21:07:10*dstar5 goes to grab a coke
21:07:13elinenbewhat's wrong with an ipod?
21:07:43elinenbethe ipod has some nice (okay) open source firmware... and it is built very nicely.
21:08:19scott666the database system sucks though (this goes for a lot of players out there though)\
21:08:29scott666i want to just be able to copy files and play them
21:08:41dstar5i agrea with that, but the ipod is mostly just a ripoff (imho)
21:08:51scott666yeah, way overpriced
21:09:16 Join corbell [0] (
21:09:28dstar5same with apple's computers
21:09:44corbellwhat with apple computers? :)
21:09:48*corbell waves
21:09:58scott666its paying for the shinyness
21:10:12 Join uski [0] (
21:10:19*corbell is more for lead acid than lithium ion :P
21:10:21corbellthat's my personality
21:10:45corbellgive me something brutally utilitarian and powerful, and I'll muster the strength to use it :P
21:11:10corbellthe G5 is too pretty, anyways
21:11:33dstar5you can only have 1 optical drive in a G5
21:11:36mattzzChristi-S: yup, I agree - solid p-bar looks nice
21:11:41dstar5unless you do a ton of modding on that case...
21:11:58corbelldstar5: external drives.
21:12:09corbellI like the idea of a modular computer.
21:12:21corbellBut I mean, I wouldn't pay for a full sized machine if it didn't have an expandable case.
21:12:33dstar5i dont like externals
21:12:45corbellthey've got big disadvantages in performance and price.
21:12:53*corbell has a laptop :P
21:12:57corbellI've already made my trade off
21:13:08corbellI've got my desktop for insane storage
21:13:30dstar5how much?
21:14:00corbelloh, I've got around 200 gigs. :p
21:14:11scott666thats not insane!
21:14:13corbellI should say, what was insane storage a year ago.
21:14:19corbellI haven't upgraded it in a long time.
21:14:38corbellI've got 70$ in uh, gifts certificates for some reason
21:14:42scott666im not sure that was insane a year ago either
21:14:43corbellI suppose I could pickup a new hard drive
21:14:52corbellyou're probably right.
21:14:56dstar5i have a 160gb at home + another 40gb hd + my jb hd 20gb
21:15:04dstar5=220 :)
21:15:08scott666its sufficient for most use though
21:15:12corbellyeah, that's how I am right now, dstar5
21:15:13elinenbethe thing with the ipod, is as you get a larger and larger device, a database is nice.
21:15:21corbell120 + 80 + 20
21:15:27scott666this computers almost a year old and i havnt filled up my 120GB yet
21:15:33scott666well...i have, but then i uninstalled some games
21:15:37*corbell wants to buy an old recorder 10 :P
21:15:46corbellI've got a creative nomad jukebox zen xtra
21:15:50corbellit's *okay*
21:15:52elinenbeI do like being able to just copy "stuff" onto my mp3 player, but I would also like to be able to browse and search by database...
21:15:56dstar5corbell, ill take it!
21:15:56corbellit is the most reliable jukebox I've owned though
21:16:08corbellI've bashed it up pretty bad too
21:16:11corbelland it's still in great shape
21:16:15corbellIt's a machine built for me :P
21:16:28corbellI destroyed a Rio Karma pretty quickly
21:16:31corbellthose things are pieces :p
21:16:39corbellthe hard drive completely failed
21:16:55dstar5you still have your karma?
21:17:10dstar5ohh well
21:17:20 Join CGI972 [0] (
21:17:22dstar5i have a nice jb that was in my jb sitting here.
21:17:31dstar5not jb, hd
21:17:34corbellI want to fix my recorder FM
21:17:40corbellit's missing a battery plate on the top
21:17:47corbellI lent it to my brother
21:17:49corbellhe took it apart
21:17:56corbelland somehow broke the battery contacts :P
21:18:02dstar5ill take that :)
21:18:10corbellYeah, if you want to buy it.
21:18:15dstar5how much?
21:18:15 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
21:18:16corbellI'm trying to get a replacement battery cover.
21:18:25corbellsince it doesn't work without one.
21:18:33corbelland Archos has been of no use
21:18:43scott666does the rest of it work?
21:18:48corbellof course
21:18:50 Quit CGI972 (Client Quit)
21:19:01corbellit's had about a year and half of abuse from me
21:19:03corbellthe paint is all off
21:19:06corbellscratched up
21:19:11dstar5how much would you want for it without the HD?
21:19:13Christi-SCool - people like my patch. ;)
21:19:13corbellI love it muchly
21:19:18corbellI don't want to sell it :P
21:19:30corbellI want to fix it
21:19:38corbellI'll give it to my sister or something
21:19:44corbellor maybe my father.
21:19:46*scott666 has a broken fmr
21:19:58corbellI've got a few 20 gig laptop drives sitting around now :P
21:20:02dstar5i need someone that will sell me a archos without a hd for really cheap
21:20:05*scott666 needs to find a headphone jack for it and then get it into it
21:20:16corbellI should do a brain transplant and switch the 40 gig out of my Nomad
21:20:26corbellsince it doesn't *need* it :P
21:20:42corbellI also want to redo the paint on the recorder FM
21:20:49scott666that would be nice
21:21:05scott666if you have luck with some really durable paint post something to the list
21:21:19corbellYeah, I'd probably borrow some masking tape
21:21:26corbelland jack some military paint
21:21:34 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
21:21:39corbellgo go olive drab
21:22:15scott666ive thought about covering mine in duct tape
21:22:21corbellif it can stay on a humvee like a 5 o' clock shadow, it'll stay on the player
21:22:30corbellThat's a great idea, and I thought of that myself, actually :p
21:22:31corbellit's ugly
21:22:33corbellbut extremely durable
21:22:48scott666its not ugly, its stylistic
21:22:54corbellugly is a style
21:23:16corbellhas anyone messed with headphone amps?
21:24:25corbelljust about every review I've read on the airhead said it was overkill and unneccessary, I'm inclined to think for 140$ they're correct.
21:25:38scott666headphone amps?
21:25:59scott666to make your headphone REALLY loud?
21:26:01corbellYes, like headroom's products, the Airhead
21:26:45corbellyou can boost a signal without using the built in amp
21:26:51corbellsaving battery life and all
21:26:55corbelland improving audio quality
21:27:06corbellline-out, I should say
21:32:01corbellhas anyone had an experience with external battery packs for their mp3 players?
21:39:28 Join scott666_ [0] (
21:39:28 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:39:41 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
21:56:21 Quit tomMeditates (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:03:14 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
22:09:39*corbell has some NiMH batteries
22:09:55corbellwhenever my external battery pack thing arrives, I can have some fun with this thing :P
22:10:53corbelleight 1800 mAH NiMH batteries hooked up to my poor old creative nomad
22:11:09corbellnow I just need a case for the gaggle
22:11:12 Join edx [0] (
22:11:42uskimake your own
22:11:49uskior buy one
22:11:55uskiit's not really a problem is it ? :)
22:12:13corbellbuying one, yes
22:12:18uskiyou may make a 8 batteries socket using two 4 batteries sockets made on a PC board
22:12:20corbellthat's my solution
22:12:25uskiwith holders for PC boards
22:12:37corbellyeahm that's what this thing is :P
22:12:39uskithen you screw the two PCB together, with a small gap between those
22:12:40corbellit's really very simple
22:12:49uskiand you put it in the box :)
22:12:56corbellbut I haven't seen anything like it out there
22:12:57uskidone as this, it should be very clean
22:13:03corbellthat doesn't involve idiotic converters
22:13:35corbellthis current little thing should be more than enough
22:13:43corbellI mean, the internal battery is suck
22:13:51corbellI've got a Creative Nomad Zen Xtra
22:14:00corbelland it uses the same battery as the Muvo 2
22:23:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:01:11 Join Christi-S- [0] (
23:03:51 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:05:34[IDC]Dragonuski, how is it going?
23:05:52elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: how are you duing?
23:06:13[IDC]DragonI'm duing fine ;-)
23:06:25elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I saw you posted on the german iriver board... are you going to take up the ihp?
23:06:40uski[IDC]Dragon, i haven't looked at it until our last conversation
23:06:40[IDC]Dragonno, can't afford the time
23:06:46uskiother thing to do
23:06:51uskii'm thinking of sending it back
23:06:53[IDC]Dragonbut I'd relly like to
23:07:13elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I'd really like you to do it too ;) I think I am going to pick up an ihp 140
23:07:17[IDC]Dragonuski: no, play fair, fix it
23:07:27uskii'll try... but it doesn't sound promising
23:07:51[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: my favorite, too, even with the 3x0 models
23:08:28*Christi-S- sighs as someone tries to compile Solaris binaries for Rockbox.
23:08:29[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: can you read german?
23:08:54elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: the 3x0 models are nice as it can be used as a host device (and a removable battery)
23:08:54[IDC]Dragonsolaris on Rockbox, cool!
23:09:49[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: but they are a bit thicker and more heavy, no S/PDIF, the remote has no LCD any more
23:10:05 Join Dogger [0] (
23:10:13[IDC]Dragonhi there
23:10:30elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: since you can read the german better (being german) what is the progress on the iriver player so far?
23:10:38Doggeryou any good with mencoder?
23:10:53elinenbeDogger: hello there.
23:10:53DoggerI cant get any video to play on windows media player :(
23:11:11[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: see the IRC log of yesterday afternoon, I chatted with them here.
23:11:20elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: will do.
23:11:33elinenbealso, the Neruos looks like it actually may be going open...
23:11:46[IDC]Dragonwhat's in that one?
23:12:45[IDC]Dragonuh, that's the big bulky one
23:12:48elinenbehold on...
23:12:52elinenbeI have a URL for you.
23:12:58elinenbethe hardware is VERY ugly though...
23:13:57Doggerall I need to find is some options to give mencoder that produce a file you can play on windows media player :((
23:14:05Doggerhave tried tons though
23:14:09Doggernone work propperly
23:14:15Doggerany ideas where to look?
23:14:18elinenbeDogger: what is the video?
23:14:30elinenbewhy don't you make it an mpg?
23:14:36Doggertried that
23:14:40Doggermpeg1 almost works
23:14:55Doggerif you save it first
23:15:05Doggerif you just click on it wmp only plays the first second
23:15:32[IDC]DragonDogger: what's the CPU of the AV3x0?
23:15:43Doggerarm7 core
23:15:47 Part LinusN
23:16:03elinenbethe mpes work here in wmp.
23:16:11[IDC]DragonNeuros uses TMS320DA150
23:16:17elinenbethe av400 looks like a very nice piece of hardware...
23:16:18Doggerif you just click on them in IE?
23:16:33DoggerI'm trying on win98, with wmp9
23:16:34elinenbeDogger: I right-click and do a "save as"
23:16:41elinenbesave it locally first
23:16:56Doggerthe 640x480 had video garbage on mine
23:17:07elinenbeI love the portable tivo functionality
23:17:43elinenbealso, I like that the one model has extra batteries... although it would be nice if they had the larger hard drive with replaceable batteries too...
23:18:41Doggeryeah the lower res's work ok.... 640 has crap tho dammit
23:18:48Doggerav400 looks nice hardware,
23:18:52Doggerbut no host usb,
23:18:56Doggerno touchscreen,
23:19:01Doggerand still crappy archos firmware
23:19:14Christi-S-Port Rockbox to it then. ;)
23:19:23 Join Mansoor [0] (
23:19:29Doggerwell I'm more likely to port avos to it :)
23:19:34Mansoorhi i am trying to compile rockbox
23:20:03Mansoori get following errors: make[2]: Entering directory `/home/machatha/FYDP/rockbox/rockbox/tools'
23:20:19elinenbeDogger: the 300 doesn't have host usb or a touchscreen either!
23:20:29Doggerwell of course
23:20:34Doggerbut the av500 is roumoured to
23:20:35elinenbeDogger: are you still working on hacking the hardware any more?
23:20:36Mansoorcan anyone help me compile rockbox?
23:20:41Doggerno point buying the av400 IMHO
23:20:48elinenbeDogger: the av500 is rumored to run linux with qtopia...
23:20:59Doggeryeah I'm doubtful about that ;)
23:21:02elinenbeDogger: the tivo functionality seems nice to me...
23:21:14Doggeryeah I like the IR sender
23:21:21Christi-S-mansoor - have you seen - that might help.
23:21:37Mansoorthanks christi
23:21:53Doggerelinenbe: so do you like my animation? It's supposed to be me
23:22:00 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:22:17elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: see I think the iriver standard firmware is quite nice (much better than archos) −− although I would REALLY miss the queue/insert/etc. features...
23:22:27elinenbeDogger: it looks good so far, although a little slow...
23:22:35elinenbeDogger: yes it looks IDENTICAL to you
23:22:40Doggeryeah? hrm... should be 10 fps
23:22:45elinenbeDogger: have you been watching the tour at all?
23:22:47Doggerabout as ugly
23:22:58elinenbetour de france?
23:23:03elinenbeI thought you were in France?
23:23:07Doggerah nah not big here
23:23:12elinenbemaybe you don't care about it...
23:23:13Doggercalifornia atm
23:23:18elinenbeoh −− forget it then.
23:23:28DoggerI watch it sometimes when I'm in the UK though
23:23:38Doggeramericans only care about america tho
23:23:48Doggerso you don't get anything much from outside
23:25:48elinenbeif you have cable −− the tour is on OLN 24 hours a day...
23:25:51elinenbewell, maybe about 20.
23:26:31Doggeroh ok,
23:28:14elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I am readign the log... it looks like they are decently far along...
23:28:28elinenbemuch more so then the 'vaporware' xclef open source project...
23:28:52elinenbeanyone know the URL of the xclef open source project?
23:29:18[IDC]DragonIt may be in the posting from that guy
23:29:55elinenbethe iriver has a HUGE flash and HUGE RAM
23:30:04 Quit Mansoor ("Leaving")
23:30:15elinenbewow! talk about caching databases and directories and voice clips, etc...
23:30:35[IDC]Dragonyes, plenty of resources
23:31:00uskihow much ram/flash ?
23:31:02[IDC]DragonI'm surprised that it has such a good runtime, too, with all that to supply
23:31:17[IDC]Dragon32 MB RAM, 2 MB Flash
23:31:35uskimb... mbytes or mbits ?
23:31:43uskiloool ok
23:31:58uskiwhat cpu is running this??
23:32:04uskia 32 bit thingy or... ?
23:32:15[IDC]Dragonmotorola coldfire
23:32:24[IDC]Dragon(32 bit)
23:32:43[IDC]Dragonwith cache and internalRAM, too
23:32:53[IDC]Dragon120 MHz
23:33:21uskiare they doing MP3 decoding with this ?
23:33:37[IDC]Dragonyes, everything.
23:33:43uskipretty cool
23:33:46uskiallows plenty of codecs
23:33:50uskiOGG, ...
23:34:01[IDC]Dragonthey have ogg already
23:34:14uskimp3 plusv then
23:34:40elinenbeyeah −− there already a bunch of codecs built in...
23:35:27elinenbeeven the new archos have wma in them...
23:35:32amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Linus added some new fm radio screen entries to english.lang today
23:36:28amiconnHe did add them with the voice: entries filled in, but when I said that there is work for me (updating the voice files) he said that the fm radio screen can't be voiced anyway.
23:37:20amiconnAs I want to sync deutsch.lang, I'd like to correct this first, and so I ask if these entries really can't be voiced
23:38:04amiconnI wonder about this because 2 of the old LANG_ entries belonging to the fm screen do have voice: entries as well.
23:38:37[IDC]Dragonyou can grep if they are used in a voice context
23:39:57[IDC]Dragonserch for the ID
23:40:14[IDC]Dragonwhich entries?
23:40:59Doggergod windows media player help lol
23:41:04Dogger'cannot play file'
23:41:09 Quit Christi-S- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:41:19Dogger'Notes: to play dvds you must have a dvd drive'
23:41:22Doggerno kidding!
23:41:22amiconn[IDC]Dragon: the former I cannot find at all...
23:41:47 Part BC|bbl
23:42:07 Join dstar5 [0] (
23:42:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon: ...the latter is used in radio.c, and not voiced iiuc.
23:44:12[IDC]Dragonyes, they are probably wrong
23:45:00amiconnRemoving these (at least the voice: entries) would save space in the .voice files
23:46:12[IDC]Dragonconfirmed, they are unnecessary
23:46:42dstar5have those asm constraints in gcc 3.4 been figured out?
23:46:51[IDC]Dragonmaybe the voice got in by just symmetry
23:50:47amiconnvoice_id = -1 means no voice clip, right?
23:52:20[IDC]Dragonyes, why?
23:52:37amiconnBecause this occurs (once) in radio.c
23:54:07[IDC]Dragonwhere a dynamic menu is built, yes.
23:57:33[IDC]Dragonuski: you must have shorted some vital control line of the bus.
23:57:58uskiyea... on my TODO list: check the CS lines, if they arrive correctly to the flash chip
23:58:04[IDC]Dragonhave to leave now.
23:58:09uskialso, i would be bery happy if you could implement some external memory test in minimom
23:58:24uskiso i could see if the external mem is working...
23:58:46[IDC]DragonI think the MSDEV is free available now

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