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#rockbox log for 2004-07-06

00:00:22[IDC]Dragondunno how those got it
00:00:31amiconnI'll remove 'em
00:01:05[IDC]Dragonuski: I can add some stuff, but not tonight
00:01:16 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:05:11 Join pfavr [0] (
00:05:22dstar5hey pfavr
00:06:06amiconnargh... deutsch.lng is too large now
00:08:08 Join Christi-S [0] (
00:20:05 Join LinusN [200] (
00:20:48uskihi LinusN
00:20:53uskiwaza :)
00:20:53amiconnre LinusN
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00:23:48Christi-SHi Linus. Am I right in thinking that the wake on alarm and RTC wakeup code are two essentially different things?
00:23:48 Part scott666
00:24:28uskiwake on alarm = a feature
00:24:37uskiRTC wake up code = low level thiny
00:24:50uskiit's related (i think =))
00:25:37Christi-SI *think* the code is more or less distinct. But I'm thinking about having a go at implementing timed radio recording and wondering what the best approach would be.
00:26:40uskiyou can't rely on the RTC interrupt
00:27:00uskibecause there is a mod that disconnects it from the CPU and connects it to the on button
00:27:18uskimaybe you can add some hook in the code that updates the display of the hour on the screen ?
00:28:09 Join scott666 [0] (
00:28:13*Christi-S nods. But for the FMR, going down the wake on alarm route might work if they're different enough.
00:29:47 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:30:03LinusNmy thinking is this:
00:30:05 Join Gazel [0] (
00:30:43LinusNwe constantly check the current time against the next "event"
00:30:51LinusNevery minute or so
00:31:03LinusNkind of a "soft alarm"
00:31:28uskithat's approximately what i suggested to implement
00:31:32LinusNwe could use the RTC alarm for that
00:31:51uskiusing the interrupt ? remember of the auto power-on mod
00:32:00LinusNwe set the alarm and check the RTC alarm bit if it has triggered
00:32:10LinusNthere is no RTC interrupt
00:32:27uskii thought there was one
00:32:55LinusNthe nice thing about using the RTC alarm is that the recorder will wake up if it is an FM/V2 or has the alarm mod
00:33:23Christi-SDo you have to turn the JB off once the alarm is set?
00:34:01LinusNhowever, it is hard to turn off the recorder if the alarm has triggered
00:34:11Christi-SThat's good (although having to interrupt playback to start recording might get confusing/.
00:34:16LinusNso we must be careful to clear the alarm once it has triggered
00:34:24*Christi-S nods.
00:34:38amiconnVoice files rebuilt. As there were only removed entries, the new files are a bit smaller, but apart from that don't give an additional benefit.
00:34:47LinusNamiconn: good
00:35:16Christi-SNever mind, there'll be a new entry soon if the progress bar patch makes it in. ;)
00:35:19amiconnI'll upload them anyway (no problem with a flatrate :) )
00:35:36*LinusN checks out the progress bar patch
00:35:49 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040704]")
00:38:46LinusNChristi-S: i must say that i'm impressed that you got so many things right in the first patch
00:39:20Christi-SThank you.
00:40:27LinusNone tiny thing: i'll use an ordinary "if" instead of the ?: operator in wps-display.c
00:41:01Christi-SFine by me.
00:41:02 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:41:06LinusNno point in using ?: since it isn't an rvalue
00:42:50LinusNi wonder if it would be better to select slider/scrollbar using wps %-options instead?
00:43:37Christi-SI considered it, but I thought that would actually be more confusing.
00:43:50Christi-SAnd you'd never want both.
00:44:04 Quit hardeep ("[BX] I see your BitchX is as big as mine!")
00:44:37LinusNit's just that the number of options are overwhelming... :-)
00:45:00Christi-SMight want to put it in the status and scrollbar submenu instead of directly in display.
00:45:07Christi-SI know what you mean.
00:46:12 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:46:13amiconnLinusN: I saw that you did put the yes/no directly behind the Force mono: menu entry in the fm preset menu. I think thins is more straightforward than in all other menus...
00:46:30Christi-SThere has to be a way to reduce the confusion somehow.
00:47:59LinusNamiconn: yes, but it may make it harder for long entries
00:49:00Christi-SPossibly you could move some of the less common config options to an "advanced settings menu" or better still, hide them unless the user selects "show advanced settings".
00:49:11amiconnNot if the right part of the screen (containing the selected value) would stay while only the left part would scroll for long options.
00:49:55LinusNamiconn: that works if the font is small, and the "yes/no" is short
00:50:07 Join AciD [0] (
00:50:19Christi-SWould be nasty on some of the high visibility setups.
00:50:22LinusNfor boolean options, i'd go for mattz's checkbox
00:50:24amiconnThis "tabular" approach would save space if mattzz' checkbox would be used...
00:50:52LinusNhowever, for enums, it is a little trickier
00:51:14amiconnHow about that:
00:51:37amiconn(1) All options are displayed across the whole length of the line, except
00:51:57amiconn(2) The current line uses the "split" approach
00:52:58*LinusN is waiting for (3)
00:53:51amiconnFor enums with long value names, this could still be tricky though...
00:54:17Christi-Show about sacrificing one line as a status line indicating the value of the selected option?
00:54:23LinusNi'm concerned about the "channel configuration: karaoke" setting (for example)
00:55:07amiconnI'd say the enum type settings should stick with the current system, using a separate screen.
00:55:11Christi-SOh, that's something I've always wondered, what the hell is the difference between stereo, stereo wide, and stereo narrow.
00:55:29amiconnIn the right column this could be indicated with a ">" symbol
00:56:25LinusNamiconn: i still want all settings on the same screen...
00:56:37Christi-SPopup on hover is another possibility.
00:56:37amiconnImho this would be slightly more intuitive if this "value screen" would rather be something like an overlay window
00:58:11LinusNone option is to always use 2 lines per setting
00:58:33LinusNfirst line is the name, and second line is value/enum/slider
01:00:44 Quit uski ("Leaving")
01:04:01amiconnLinusN: 2 lines per setting wouldn't look too intuitive imho
01:04:17 Join silencer [0] (
01:04:58LinusNi know, one line would be nicer, but i want to be able to see the settings without entering another screen
01:06:02amiconnI just had a look at the settings menu of my cellphone; their approach is indeed similar to the current Rockbox menus
01:06:44amiconn... with the difference that the "value screen" shows the whole list of possible values for enum type settings along with radio buttons.
01:08:28amiconn..even for boolean settings.
01:09:29amiconnThere are some boolean settings that use a checkbox though
01:14:17amiconnThere is a nice feature that rockbox does not yet have (can be disabled): If you stay a bit on a particular setting, a help windows pops up.
01:16:23amiconn..and finally, it has context menus, and the context menu button calls a user configurable menu when used from the topmost level
01:17:16Christi-SNot easy to implement with variable screen size.
01:18:37amiconnChristi-S: Why? All of those menus can be scrolled/ scroll automatically (help text) if they don't fit on the screen.
01:19:19Christi-SSuppose so. Not sure it wouldn't be a bit confusing though.
01:19:40amiconnOf course, the whole value list would be not so helpful with only 2 lines of text (players).
01:20:43*corbell comes back
01:20:47corbellbought a new nimh charger
01:20:54corbelland some sony ear buds
01:20:58corbellthe weird in canal ones :p
01:21:15corbellI had a pair a year ago, but the wire fizzled out so I had sound on only one side
01:21:19Christi-SI had a pair of those.
01:21:30Christi-SI hated them. Really quiet and they never stayed in.
01:21:32corbellI've got about 6 different little noise making headphone things
01:21:37corbellI'm already half deaf
01:21:41corbellI'm trying to preserve my hearing
01:21:57corbellthese things have good isolation
01:22:01corbelland my mp3 player has a good amp
01:22:23*Christi-S used it with a Studio 20, which didn't.
01:22:28corbellYeah, I remember
01:22:29corbellI had one :)
01:22:32corbellThen I had a recorder FM
01:22:40corbellthen I had a rio karma
01:22:53corbellnow I have a creative nomad jukebox zen xtra
01:23:09Christi-SI almost got one of those - then I discovered Rockbox.
01:23:22Christi-SAnd since the JBFM did everything I wanted ...
01:23:47corbellmy jbfm is in bad shape
01:24:14corbellI bought the nomad as a final hope
01:24:19corbellthe thing is reliable as all heck
01:24:23corbellI tend to break anything I own
01:24:33corbellthe belt clip and hard case are nice.
01:24:51corbellI hate the UI
01:25:02corbellthe rockbox UI is far superior
01:25:08corbellbut I do make good use of the database aspect of this thing
01:25:10corbelli.e. genres and all that
01:25:27corbellthe sound really is great on this one, though
01:25:36corbellI didn't even think about it when I bought it, but it has a lot of neat features.
01:25:41corbellEAX bullcrap :)
01:26:48*Christi-S nods.
01:27:31corbellbattery life is a problem
01:27:42corbellbut I have an external 8 AA battery pack
01:27:48corbellwhich alleviates that problem.
01:28:21Christi-SKind of screws the portability aspect though.
01:28:31corbellI'm used to uh, carrying stuff on me :p
01:28:48corbellthe battery pack is rather compact regardless
01:29:07Christi-SWell, that's what handbags are for, but I did being able to slip the JBR into a jeans pocket.
01:30:07corbellI attach things to my belt
01:31:36Christi-SAnyway, I think I'll head off to bed.
01:32:11corbellstarcraft time here.
01:32:30 Quit Christi-S ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
01:32:50 Quit silencer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:33:14amiconnI'll follow that example. Night.
01:33:22corbellI'm kind of tired myself
01:33:27 Part amiconn
01:49:31 Part LinusN
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02:55:18 Join Gazel [0] (
03:03:23 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
03:51:16Gazeldoes anyone have any idea of how to repair the little usb female plug of my archos fm recorder ? the inner plastic part is broken :(
04:03:07 Quit Gazel ("Leaving")
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04:27:12 Nick gromit` is now known as gromit`DODO (~gromit`
04:27:25 Nick gromit`DODO is now known as gromit`aw (~gromit`
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04:53:21 Quit AciD ("")
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04:59:51 Part victorres
05:14:47 Join dstar5 [0] (
05:14:58dstar5midk2k3: hi
05:23:00 Join Strath [0] (
05:23:42dstar5hi Strath
05:24:51Strathhello :)
05:31:54*dstar5 is going to have an all nighter
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06:17:47 Nick BC|bbl is now known as BC (
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06:48:47 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
06:56:34 Join LinusN [200] (
07:03:14dstar5hey LinusN
07:03:21dstar5good morning!
07:15:48 Join gorz125 [0] (
07:15:58gorz125hi foljs
07:16:01gorz125hi folks
07:16:10gorz125anyone have an iriver - here's a question ...what is the maximum value for contrast?
07:16:43BCgorz125: not me
07:17:59LinusNgorz125: me neither
07:18:04LinusNBC: 64
07:18:11BCcheers :)
07:18:16LinusNor 32, it depends
07:18:32gorz125Here's my question: for the iriver community to do what rockbox has done, does this require any cooperation from iriver itself?
07:18:54gorz125did archos cooperate at all with rockbox?
07:19:13LinusNnot at all
07:19:33gorz125it was all ground up guessing from the hardware?
07:19:34LinusNBC: the player contrast is 0-31, recorder is 0-63
07:19:51LinusNgorz125: yes, plus a tiny bit of disassembling the firmware
07:19:57BCthanks ...went to check on the unit, and of course you can;t read it off - LOL
07:20:03gorz125is disassembling legal?
07:20:16LinusNgorz125: where i live, yes
07:20:25gorz125(firmware, not hardware)
07:20:32gorz125in USA?
07:21:02LinusNi believe so, if there are no mechanisms that tries to prevent you from doing it
07:21:14LinusNlike an encryption or the like
07:21:20LinusNIANAL of course
07:21:51LinusNthen it's a matter of DMCA, iirc
07:22:32 Quit adi|home (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:24:05dstar5ha I ANAL
07:26:59gorz125are there good freeware programs that you recommend for getting started with a .hex file
07:27:13 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
07:27:28gorz125to disassmble it and see if it makes any sense
07:27:34dstar5gorz125, a hex editor
07:27:48LinusNgorz125: a coldfire disassembler
07:27:49dstar5i like textpad
07:28:13LinusN(i think iriver has a coldfire cpu)
07:30:51LinusNgorz125: i believe the iriver firmware is encrypted, isn't it?
07:38:12 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
07:40:15gorz125LinusN: I wish I even knew how to check if the firmware was encrypted.
07:40:34[IDC]Dragongorz125: it is XORed
07:40:48LinusNgorz125: then i think reverse engineering the iriver is not for you
07:41:29[IDC]Dragon(I think so, too...)
07:43:57gorz125I have lots of programming experience. I'd like to get into this reverse engineering, but kind of don't know where to start.
07:44:19LinusNdecrypt the firmware and start disassembling
07:44:50 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:45:04 Join midk [0] (
07:45:10 Join elinenbe [0] (
07:45:11LinusNpick up your favourite multimeter and your favourite CAD program and start drawing schematics
07:45:30LinusNread up on the datasheets of all the chips on board
07:45:48LinusNstudy the Motorola reference design (if it is a coldfire, that is)
07:47:53midkhey all
07:47:54midkLinusN, for?
07:48:44dstar5hey midk
07:48:46LinusNmidk: reverse engineering the iriver
07:54:57gorz125thanks for the info people
07:55:31 Quit gorz125 ()
07:56:52 Quit midk (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:00:37 Join midk [0] (
08:05:43 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
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08:24:25 Join midk [0] (
08:44:40 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
08:54:30 Join midkay [0] (
08:55:03 Quit midk (Connection reset by peer)
08:55:15 Quit midknight2k3 (Connection reset by peer)
08:56:16 Nick midkay is now known as midk (
08:56:22 Join Christi-S [0] (
08:59:02LinusNhi Christi-S
08:59:28*Christi-S is attempting to beat OpenOffice into submission.
08:59:33Christi-SBloody manual. :(
09:01:29*LinusN is trying to get Christi-S's blood installer to work
09:02:00Christi-SUrk. Still having problems with wine?
09:02:51Christi-SRight. You need the Xvfb server installed.
09:03:12Christi-SI have a sneaking suspicion this may require XFree86 4.
09:03:42LinusNi have Xvfb, but no xvfb-run
09:03:58Christi-SWeird. Let me have a look at it.
09:05:05LinusN[ISPP] Undeclared identifier: "AppVersion"
09:05:43Christi-SAre you running update-dailybuild?
09:06:17midkLinusN: sorry to interrupt, I think you may not have gotten my last message: are you really going to port rockbox to the iRiver?
09:07:36Christi-Sxvfbrun is part of the 4.2.1 Xvfb package on Debian.
09:07:38LinusNmidk: no
09:08:00LinusNmidk: we are looking into the iriver hardware
09:08:00midkoh, what are you doing then?
09:08:06Christi-SIt's actually just a sh wrapper.
09:08:11midkyes... for what?
09:08:15Christi-SI can probably mail it to you.
09:08:18LinusNChristi-S: where should r: point to?
09:08:26Christi-SYour workdir.
09:08:36Christi-SThat needs to be configured in wine.
09:09:04LinusNyes, but what exactly is a "workdir" in your world?
09:09:06Christi-SThe root of the installer tree. ie one level above src/ and bin/
09:09:44Christi-SYou want me to mail you xvfbrun?
09:10:04 Join Zagor [242] (
09:10:28LinusNSuccessful compile (6.267 sec). Resulting Setup program filename is:
09:10:37midkhey zagor
09:10:46 Join gromit`aw` [0] (~gromit`
09:10:50Christi-SArgh, I said woot! Kill me now.
09:11:30LinusN /msg hitmansrv kill Christi-S
09:11:55Christi-SNow that's what I call a fully featured IRC network.
09:12:16 Join gromit`aw`` [0] (~gromit`
09:13:19*LinusN is running his newly created installer
09:13:42[IDC]Dragoncu later
09:13:46midklater idc
09:13:46 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
09:14:34 Join amiconn [0] (
09:14:53amiconnhi all
09:15:04LinusNChristi-S: please email me the xvfb-run script, linus at
09:15:08LinusNamiconn: hi
09:15:18LinusNthe installer worked, btw
09:15:31dstar5hi ami
09:16:20Christi-SCool. I'm glad. As long as the build structure doesn't change it should continue to work just fine.
09:16:39Christi-SIt even detects which plugins are different between recorder models.
09:16:57Christi-S(firmware_flash and rockbox_flash as it happens at the moment.)
09:17:22Christi-SSent, Linus.
09:25:15Christi-SAha. OpenOffice duly subdued!
09:27:03 Quit gromit`aw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:30:47 Quit gromit`aw` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:37:05*corbell wakes up
09:41:01 Join Bagder [0] (
09:41:12midkhey bagder
09:41:23midkrebooting.. back in 3-50 minutes :)
09:41:58 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
09:45:58 Join midk [0] (
09:46:07corbellhello again
09:46:55midkhey hey.
09:50:23dstar5hi bag
09:57:24amiconnLinusN: While removing the superfluous voice: entries and syncing deutsch.lang, I found an entry in english.lang that is most probably not used anymore.
09:57:59amiconnPerhaps it is a good idea to check all entries in english.lang if they are still used?
09:58:47*dstar5 liks that idea
09:59:07Bagderthere was a cool script posted to the list a while ago that did it
09:59:22*midk thinks that dstar5 is in agreement for other reasons
09:59:24Bagderactually, there were two, but my version was quite lame compared to the other
09:59:48amiconnBagder: Do you remember the time frame?
10:00:07BagderI'll dig and see...
10:00:56 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
10:03:33BagderAlex Pleiner wrote it
10:03:41amiconn-> Internal server error :(
10:04:01Zagorme fix
10:04:06Bagder .pl extension
10:04:14amiconnPerhaps it tries to execute the script...
10:06:10corbellnot that I'm trying to detract from the writing of fine firmware
10:06:21corbellbut does anyone have any mp3s they want to donate to me? :)
10:07:36dstar5corbell, i have no high speed or all mymusic atm
10:12:21amiconnBagder: On a related topic, the "uplang" script has a big bug - for non-english languages, it replaces all the already-translated voice: entries with their english equivalents :(
10:12:58CtcpVersion from dstar5!
10:20:33amiconnBagder: Found both your unusedlangids and the scripts in the archive, but can't download the latter...
10:21:35Bagderamiconn: Zagor is working on the server setup to fix it
10:23:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:23:45*Zagor is very confused why his .htaccess magic doesn't work
10:27:44dstar5time for me to get a little sleep it 3:27 andi have toget up at 6:00
10:27:47 Join midk [0] (
10:27:48dstar5bye :)
10:27:59Bagdernighty nighty dstar5
10:34:24LinusNwe'll see tomorrow if the daily build script works...
10:34:56LinusNthe 20040706 installer was added by hand
10:35:03Bagderhow big are those files? maybe we should start adding that info
10:35:21Zagorcut "EXE" from the description imho
10:35:25BagderI agree
10:35:40amiconnZagor: your old unusedlangids script is no more reliable :( It outputs some langids that are definitely still used. For the VOICE_ entries which are used by index, this is obvious, but for some others I don't understand why this is...
10:35:49LinusNthe exe file is 872544 bytes :-)
10:35:55amiconnErm, this was directed to Bagder
10:36:33Bagderamiconn: I'm on vacation now, don't expect me to do much
10:40:41amiconnIf someone wants to have a look at the full list (the script runs for several minutes):
10:41:07amiconnOf course this does also contain those langids which are already marked as deprecated.
10:41:29midknite everyone. must sleep now.
10:41:36 Quit midk ("Leaving")
10:41:36amiconnnite midk
10:42:26Bagderhere's that other script:
10:42:51LinusN gives me a 404
10:43:07 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:43:52amiconnLinusN: Just wait some minutes (I shouldn't have posteed the link that fast) - the T-Online upload server is sometimes slow with syncing to the web server :/
10:43:52 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
10:44:07LinusNamiconn: ok
10:44:15amiconnLinusN: Now it is there
10:47:45amiconnBagder: Thanks (But the first line should start with #! , not only # )
10:48:15BagderI only extracted that old attachment
10:48:31LinusNsilly of me to forget to remove LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_EDIT
10:51:22amiconnLinusN: This is the one I thought that it is actually used...
10:51:28 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:52:10amiconnThe script does not output any of the VOICE_ langids
10:53:28LinusNwhy should it?
10:53:48amiconnI thought so because you just added it yesterday
10:54:09LinusNi mean the voice id:s
10:54:13 Join elinenbe [0] (
10:55:19amiconnLinusN: Perhaps because the VOICE_ ids are similar to LANG_ ids (only that they are voice only, and to complicate it a bit they are sometimes used by index)
10:57:47LinusNah, so it's complicated to find unused voice id:s
11:09:51amiconnMy suggestion to that: The voice id's that are used by index always cover fixed ranges (0..19, A..Z etc.). So if all VOICE_xx strings within that range are put into a comment near the function that uses them, they wouldn't longer be detected as unused
11:10:11 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:10:21 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
11:10:27*amiconn is away now
11:36:21 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:36:23 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
11:45:39 Quit corbell ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
12:12:20 Join hernest [0] (
12:12:23 Join Nibbler [0] (
12:15:40hernestca we edit file in txt?
12:15:58hernestdel a line?
12:23:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:27:09LinusNhernest: in rockbox? no
12:37:29 Join pfavr [0] (
12:46:59 Join Christi-S [0] (
12:47:39Christi-SLinus - thanks for sorting the installer - gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to see it up on the site. ;)
12:48:07LinusNthank *you* for your work on it
12:48:14Christi-S(You know there's an installer for vanilla 2.2 sitting on my website, right?)
12:48:26LinusNwe have yet to see if the automatic build works tomorrow :-)
12:48:46LinusNChristi-S: i know
12:48:48Christi-SYou're welcome. Thank my obsessive anal retentive hacker streak. ;)
12:49:25Christi-SI'm bashing away at the manual now so we can do a 2.3 release.
12:50:05Christi-SI look forward to seeing it work. ;)
12:51:53amiconnI hope to find some time to implement a screendump function for grayscale these days
12:55:55 Join Christi-S- [0] (
12:55:55 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:56:05 Nick Christi-S- is now known as Christi-S (
13:27:23hernestcan we pu a file in playlist when play
13:31:30Zagorhernest: yes, hold ON and press PLAY on the file, then choose "playlist" and "insert"
14:08:32 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040704]")
14:16:23 Join silencer [0] (
14:23:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:23:38Christi-SRight - I'm finally getting this manual into some sort of shape I'm happy with.
14:24:30LinusN...just as i commit 6 new sound parameters :-)
14:29:29Christi-SAh, don't worry - not got as far as configuration yet.
14:29:52Christi-SMostly I've been re-organising so things start simple and get more complex.
14:30:09Christi-SWhich involved adding a Getting Started section at the beginning.
14:30:45Christi-SActually I should pull down the latest source and build simulators so I can do screenshots.
14:33:27LinusNyou don't need the simulator do do screenshots of the recorder
14:33:51LinusNplayer screenshots still need the simulator
14:35:58Christi-STrue, but it's less faff to do Screendumps from the simulator.
14:36:38LinusNi have made it easier even on the simulator, read the wiki page
14:37:40*Christi-S nods. Already have done. ;)
14:37:51 Quit hernest (
14:37:51 Quit adi|home (
14:37:51 Quit webmind (
14:39:21Christi-SWhat's the module name for the simulator?
14:39:21LinusNsome things aren't visible in the simulator, like the recorder sound parameters
14:39:31 Nick midk2k3 is now known as midk (
14:39:42Christi-SI'll do them on the JBFM.
14:39:49Christi-SPlayer users will lose out, but there's not much I can do, not having a player.
14:39:57 Join Gazel [0] (
14:40:44LinusNi suggest you do the dumps the Wiki way, for consistency
14:41:22midkYAY, i can now code the countdown feature
14:41:53midkat 5:41am.
14:41:53Christi-SI'm intending to. Makes life much easier.
14:42:14NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
14:42:28NJoinwebmind [0] (
14:43:17Christi-SHmm - not good. When compiling the UI sim FM build:
14:43:20Christi-Sence to `_settings_parseline'
14:43:20Christi-S reference to `_settings_parseline'
14:43:32Christi-SThat didn't really work, did it?
14:43:58NJoinhernest [0] (
14:44:04LinusNhave you updated the other modules too?
14:44:18Christi-SJust rockbox. Is there something else I need?
14:44:39LinusNmake clean
14:46:55Christi-SSeems to have fixed it.
15:01:02Zagorthe av400 has a keyboard port!
15:01:20 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:01:20 Quit silencer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:01:53midkooh what
15:02:30Zagorand an internal speaker
15:02:44Zagorand a cf slot
15:02:55Zagorlooks like sweet hardware, as usual :)
15:03:07LinusNit doesn't say what type of k/b though
15:03:12midkwow. wtf. i want one.
15:03:21midkit uses a 1/8" jack obviously
15:03:26midkarchos proprietary again.
15:04:14Zagorit appears to be a beefed up dsp from the av300 series. it can play much larger movies.
15:04:26midk720x480 30fps?
15:04:30midkplease say yes.
15:04:43Zagor704x480 says the review
15:04:55LinusNthe av400 really looks like something i may want
15:05:27Zagorheck, I'm almost a collector by now :)
15:05:27midki can get my av300 swapped out for it should you ever hack it.
15:05:38midkno, i'll swap it asap.
15:05:52 Join ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
15:06:00midki like having large, smooth playback - watchable on TV.. yes.
15:07:30midkthat looks really cool actually
15:07:39Zagorotoh I have never really felt much need for carrying films around. it's not the same thing as music.
15:08:51midkwell you can carry around a few dvd-quality videos..
15:09:36LinusNtime to go, cu folx
15:09:49midkseeya linux
15:09:51Zagoryes, but films are captive entertainment in two-hour chunks. music is background entertainment i 5-minute chunks.
15:09:55midki always do that.
15:10:04LinusNme too :-)
15:10:08 Part LinusN
15:10:12midki watch films once in a while.. it's sort of fun. try it.
15:10:32 Join Christi-S [0] (
15:10:41Christi-SDamn - the sim doesn't seem able to dump the splash screen.
15:10:49Zagormidk: yeah me too. but I watch them at home in my sofa or in the cinema. not out on the town.
15:11:05Zagori'm not sure i feel a great desire to view films "on the go".
15:11:14Zagorcall me conservative :)
15:11:16midktrue.. that's what it's good for really... on the sofa or just sitting around
15:11:26midkviewing films while you drive might be fun.
15:11:36midkgo try it and tell me the results if you still walk this earth
15:11:43midkand are not a ghost to come and haunt me
15:11:44Zagormidk: at home I already have a computer connected for playing divx films
15:12:20midkwell...................... the av400 does that in a package 1/50th the size and complexity
15:12:26midkthat is, combining size and complexity.
15:12:45midktheir remote thing, is uglu
15:12:53midkugly* - that's all i have to say about it
15:13:35Christi-SOh that reminds me - the Archos remote doesn't work with the FM recorder supposedly. Is that also true for Rockbox running on the FM?
15:14:03midkhaha - it looks like they attempted to make it look classy and stylish and it ended up being an odd color and tacky at the same time :)
15:14:13midkChristi-S, fm incompatible
15:14:23midkno way to fix it really.. unless maybe you solder in a new headphone jack
15:14:30Christi-SThought that might be the case. Shame.
15:14:45midkyeah... i wouldn't have minded an FM remote when i had my FM
15:28:28*Christi-S swears profusely at OpenOffice and the Windows UI sim.
15:29:28midksucky, and suckier. :)
15:29:49midkwhat's the problem?
15:29:59Christi-SI noticed.
15:30:00midki have vast technical noledge
15:30:28Christi-SBet you still can't explain why all the images have disappeared from my copy of the manual.
15:30:30midkanything you need, i can fix. unless it involves.. like.. fixing anything
15:30:42midkyes i can!
15:30:47midkhere's the answer: openoffice sucks and it discarded them
15:30:54midkthat's $5 please.
15:31:16Christi-SCome here and collect it. I have a little something extra for you.,
15:31:36midkpaypal is fine, thanks.
15:31:55midkon second thought.. keep the cash.
15:32:40Christi-SSmart man. ;)
15:33:08midkhaha. :)
15:33:14midkhey elinenbe
15:33:53midkyes, looks sort of, um. sweet?
15:34:00midkiriver in general appears to be ahead of the game
15:34:23midkniice pictures.
15:34:25amiconnChristi-S: If you want a screenshot of the splash screen & the sim isn't able to do that, I'd try to increase the splash screen timeout (to a minute or so), recompile the sim and use an arbitrary Windows screenshot program.
15:34:48midktry going to version and when the logo shows press "0"
15:35:00Zagorexcept i agree with [idc]dragon's comment about colour screens. it's very annoying that they are completely black unless the backlight is on.
15:35:33Christi-SWell, I'd really need a screenshot of the release anyway, and since the release won't happen until the manual is done ...
15:35:40 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:35:53midkzagor: then i am sure the backlights are meant to be on 24/7
15:36:30midkthe real point of a backlight adjustment on a color screen is for music playing - ie, shut off backlight after 30s of idle so you can hear the music but not waste battery
15:36:41midkbut backlight stays on during videos because you need to see the lcd for that.
15:38:27midkokay, is this allowed as far as declaring variables in the middle of code goes?
15:38:28midkvoid counter_screen(void)
15:38:28DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
15:38:28midk int cursorpos = 0;
15:38:28midk char target_time[15];
15:38:28***Alert Mode level 1
15:38:28midk done = false;
15:38:34midkthen onto the code..
15:48:29***Alert Mode OFF
15:54:15amiconnmidk: Although I would avoid declaring variables in the middle of code - if "done" is declared elsewhere, this looks like valid code.
15:54:37midkyes, it is declared elsewhere
15:54:42midkjust have to ensure it is false.
15:55:15 Join pfavr [0] (
15:58:27midkomgz YAY
16:10:14Christi-SAh bollocks. I have reached my tolerance with OpenOffice. That's enough for today.
16:23:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:23:57 Join scott666 [0] (
16:24:11midkyo scott.
16:24:35scott666did your clock get added yet?
16:24:38ZagorChristi-S: open office is not a requirement. if you prefer something else, use that instead
16:25:14 Part hernest
16:25:15midkscott.. yes...
16:25:18midkcoding on it right now
16:25:20Christi-SWell, I can't help but feel that Word would be just as bad. And it's probably best to keep everything changeable with free tools too.
16:25:52midkChristi-S, did you consider adobe reader? that's what it was intended for.
16:26:21Christi-SAFAIK you can't write for Adobe Reader. PDF is just a format you convert to when you're done.
16:26:48Zagoryeah. you can write in postscript though ;)
16:27:14Christi-SGee, thanks.
16:27:29Christi-SMy sister does that from time to time, but she's weird.
16:28:00Zagorsome people like tex for writing books/manuals, but I have never tried it myself
16:28:34Christi-SIt'd probably be better than OO, but given that the manual's already in OO, it'd be a lot more work to start again.
16:29:48midksorry to interrupt... sysfixed font's character width is 5?
16:30:00midk6 right>
16:41:38 Quit Gazel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:59:23 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:59:24 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:59:33 Join Christi-S [0] (
17:04:59 Part Zagor
17:11:00 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
17:11:25 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:11:56 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
17:14:53 Join edx [0] (
17:19:03midkreboot brb
17:19:05 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
17:20:47 Join midk [0] (
17:25:33midkback n an our or so
17:25:52 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
17:45:14 Join midk [0] (
17:46:56 Join gromit`aw``` [0] (~gromit`
17:52:06 Quit midk ("Leaving")
17:52:35 Quit gromit`aw`` (Remote closed the connection)
17:54:07 Join midk [0] (
17:54:25 Join bipak [0] (
17:57:24 Quit |fUNky| (
17:57:24 Quit mbr (
17:57:24 Quit Hes (
17:57:26NJoinmbr [0] (
17:58:05 Quit pfavr (
17:58:05 Quit webmind (
17:58:05 Quit Ka_ (
17:58:35NJoinwebmind [0] (
17:58:44NJoinpfavr [0] (
17:58:51NJoinKa_ [0] (
18:00:25NJoin|fUNky| [0] (
18:19:21 Quit midk ("Leaving")
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18:27:20 Join midk [0] (
18:34:54 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040704]")
18:40:41 Nick gromit`aw``` is now known as gromit` (~gromit`
18:43:16 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:45:12 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
18:46:47 Join midk [0] (
18:54:36 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
18:57:33 Join midk [0] (
18:59:37 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:03:31 Join uski [0] (
19:03:45uskihi all
19:03:47uskiis there a native US english speaker out there ?
19:06:26 Quit uski (Client Quit)
19:28:22 Join chixofnix [0] (
19:28:27chixofnixhey is anyone around?
19:29:20chixofnixhey i wanted to see if anyone could throw an opinion at me
19:29:39chixofnix... see i spilled some hot espresso on my jukebox recorder
19:29:52chixofnix... and while it's got this great coffee=smell now...
19:29:59chixofnixit doesn't work anymore -)
19:30:17BCyou want some guesses on getting it back to life?
19:30:19chixofnixi'm thinking of getting a new mp3 player
19:30:42chixofnixoh and whether i can salvage anything to "enhance" a new jukebox, if possible
19:30:48midktry the rio karma is good..
19:30:58midkvery good.
19:31:05midkseeya ijn a bit
19:31:07 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
19:31:39BCif it were me, I would rip the thing apart, clean it, and hope
19:32:10chixofnixyea that's on my list for sure... gotta find the time after this exam i got tommorrow morining i guess
19:32:17BCbut you've likely powered it up a few times since making it wet - and that's never good :(
19:32:21chixofnixget out ma toothbrush and stuff :D
19:32:27chixofnixwell the thing is
19:32:31chixofnixit wouldn't turn OFF!
19:32:44chixofnixonce it was wet
19:33:04chixofnixi pulled the batteries eventually as the screen flickered in pain at me
19:33:13BCthere is a LOT of debate on the "next platform", I've got a soft spot for the av4000, but who can tell where the future will be
19:33:31BCif it was still working at all when wet, that holds out promise
19:33:31chixofnixyea it's a hard call i think
19:33:46chixofnixwe'll see
19:33:51BCnick some IPA from the chemmy labs
19:33:51chixofnixi'll give it a good cleaning...
19:34:13 Join Strath [0] (
19:35:27chixofnixdo you think there's any worthwhile component in there worth keeping for something else? (assuming said valuable part is in working order)
19:36:46Strathit what? :)
19:36:50Strather.. in what
19:37:09chixofnix... um... in another jukebox recorder?? hehe don't know
19:37:52Strathi just got here... what device broke that you could use for part
19:38:36BCoh yes, that a damn good point - gfor god sake don't bin the unit even if it is dead - the worst you could make from it would be a couple of new friends
19:39:09chixofnixit's a jukebox recorder... 15gb
19:39:18chixofnixwith a nice espresso smell :D
19:39:30Strathand what "broke" in it?
19:39:43chixofnixnot sure yet...
19:40:09chixofnixi assume anything with espresso in it?? actually i do know that the off button isn't responsive
19:40:16chixofnixbut that's all right now
19:40:25chixofnixstill drying ;)
19:40:46Strathbah, it's just the off button... who uses that
19:41:14chixofnixhehe... well i'll see what the extent of the damage is in a day... gotta start studying soon....
19:41:29Strathgood luck :)
19:41:54chixofnixwhile i'm still here, does anyone else have a suggestion for a replacement mp3 player, should it come to that?
19:42:22chixofnixthat rio karma is fancy looking, but looks really scratchable... biig clear window...
19:42:54chixofnixthough i'd probably end up scratching whatever i choose... is there anything out there with a glass lcd cover?
19:44:03BCleave the protective plastci sheet on??
19:44:22BCtake the perspex to the local glass cutter?
19:44:32chixofnixthat's an idea
19:44:48Strathuntil it falls off or you get anoid by it
19:45:03BCtoughened glass will shatter
19:45:07chixofnixmy g/f leaves the little protector on hers, but you can barely see what's behind it now...
19:45:42chixofnixall i know is i desperately don't want an iPod
19:46:09chixofnixis that a smart thing?
19:46:29Strathhas it been hacked?
19:46:58BCipod is awesome, but they dac is unhacked
19:47:19Straththen yes...don't get one
19:47:38BCthe cpu is no powerful enough to play mp3 :(
19:49:48chixofnixi really have grown fond of rockbox as its been growing up though
19:50:01chixofnixso i might head back around to archos again
19:50:41BCno guarantee that rockbox will be ported to another archos unit
19:51:39chixofnixyea i know... might try the Archos Jukebox FM Recorder tho
19:51:50chixofnixalways thought the radio option was a neat idea
19:52:03chixofnixthough i never used the mic on my recorder
19:56:32 Join corbell [0] (
19:56:59corbellgood day
19:58:49chixofnixhey i gtg now
19:58:55chixofnixthx for the help fellas
19:59:04 Quit chixofnix ()
20:02:02 Join Hes [0] (
20:23:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:35:47 Join midk [0] (
20:35:47 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:37:45 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
20:50:19 Part BC
20:51:45 Join Christi-S [0] (
21:18:21 Quit midk ("Leaving")
21:18:30 Join midk [0] (
21:22:01 Part bipak
21:25:24 Join AciD [0] (
21:33:03 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:34:54zeekoehi, it's me again, wanting to ask you guys their head off about the archos devices :)
21:35:01zeekoeanyone here? :)
21:35:46zeekoecool! :P
21:36:03zeekoei think i'm going to buy a archos jukebox tomorrow!!!
21:36:09zeekoei think it's a recorder
21:36:12corbellwhich model?
21:36:16corbellrecorder 20?
21:36:20corbellor recorder FM?
21:36:31zeekoemy guess is recorder 20
21:36:43zeekoeit has digital in/out and 4 nimh, the guy says
21:37:00corbellGood model.
21:37:05corbellI want to purchase one myself
21:37:09corbellbut I don't really need one :P
21:37:19CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:37:19*corbell has a Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, 40 gig
21:37:32corbellI'm trying to get a replacement part for my old Recorder FM
21:37:56zeekoewhich part?
21:38:25corbellthe top battery cover
21:38:29corbellit has the contacts
21:38:31corbellso it won't work without it
21:38:59zeekoewell, i can repair such things ;)
21:39:15zeekoeit doesnt look very pretty after that, that's the only problem...
21:39:25zeekoew00t... it has USB 2.0!?
21:39:26corbellit doesn't look pretty right now
21:39:37corbellthe paint and all that is chipped off
21:40:02corbellI wish I had a decent replacement chassis for it
21:40:08corbellwithout the bumpers and all that :P
21:40:19zeekoecan't you make one yourself?
21:40:31corbellI'm not a machinist.
21:40:59zeekoedo you know of which things i should take special notice when purchasing the recorder?
21:41:22corbellis it new?
21:41:39zeekoeit's like new
21:41:42corbellhave you seen it real life?
21:41:50zeekoenot yet
21:42:01zeekoei'm going to take a train tomorrow
21:42:04corbellbuy at your own risk
21:42:19corbelljust look for major scratching
21:42:20zeekoeit's about 3 hours toward him, and 3 hours back :)
21:42:31corbelland see how easy it is to get the thing to 'die'
21:42:38zeekoeby pressing it?
21:42:41corbelli.e. if minor movements can kill it
21:42:47zeekoei'll do that
21:42:47corbellI had an old studio 20 that did that
21:43:01corbellmy nomad is rock steady
21:43:01zeekoebut it could be easily repaired i heard
21:43:03corbellthe UI sucks
21:43:17corbellThe thing, in the state it is now, could not be 'easily repaired'
21:43:18zeekoedoes it suck when using rockbox?
21:43:27corbellNo, it doesn't *use* rockbox
21:43:41corbellThe thing is pretty much unstoppable, though
21:43:52corbellI mean, no amount of physical abuse so far has disturbed it
21:43:54zeekoehmm... are you talking about your studio 20 which is in a state so it cant be easily repaired?
21:43:55corbellI've dropped it repeatedly
21:44:00corbellthe Studio 20 is dead
21:44:05corbellI've already took it apart
21:44:14corbellI've got a Recorder FM 20 that is pretty good
21:44:28corbellAssuming I could find the replacement contact + cover
21:44:42zeekoewhere do you live?
21:45:04corbellpretty far from the netherlands :P
21:45:08zeekoecan't get there easily :P
21:45:21zeekoehow do you know btw?
21:45:50zeekoehmm of course :|
21:46:39corbellthe big thing I like about the creative Nomad is how solid it is.
21:46:42corbellit was pretty cheap
21:46:53corbellbut it's really quite firm
21:46:55zeekoebut i don't have much money
21:47:05corbellheh, yeah, how much are you buying the Recorder 20 for?
21:47:18zeekoethis one costs Eur 200 and that's pretty much the most i can give for an mp3 player
21:47:33*corbell paid around 240$ for his
21:47:43corbellcame with a case, and all that
21:47:49corbellThe packaged earbuds suck
21:47:59corbellSo I have a few pairs of headphones
21:48:01zeekoethis one is even with charger+4x2300mAh
21:48:10corbellthe charger is normal ;p
21:48:19corbellbut the batteries are higher capacity than normal
21:48:20zeekoehmm... ok
21:48:35zeekoei already bought better earphones too
21:48:38corbellbut they could be heavily used
21:48:44zeekoecould be
21:48:49*corbell has sony ear canal ear buds
21:48:51zeekoewell, not really
21:48:59corbellfor travel, and some sennheiser headphones
21:49:02zeekoe2300 mAh is about the newest you can get
21:49:13zeekoei got some phillips earphones
21:49:34corbellyou have broadband?
21:49:48zeekoeyes :)
21:49:53corbellgive me mp3s
21:49:57zeekoelike broadband internet?
21:50:07corbellwe could trade.
21:50:08corbellTrading is good.
21:50:09zeekoeit's illegal!!!
21:50:20zeekoehow late is it in minnesota?
21:50:24corbell3 PM.
21:50:32corbellIn approximately 10 minutes.
21:50:53zeekoehere it's 21:50
21:50:57zeekoeso 9:50 pm
21:51:42corbelldo europeans usually use military notation for time?
21:51:57zeekoeis that military notation?
21:52:03corbell24 hour time.
21:52:13zeekoehere it's the normal time format
21:52:34corbellA peaceful country with military time :)
21:52:51 Nick midk is now known as midk|away (
21:52:55corbellwhat kind of music do you have?
21:53:07zeekoeyeah, trying to open a better irc program
21:53:13zeekoenow irc'ing from opera
21:53:15 Join zeekoe2 [0] (
21:53:19zeekoeit's fine,
21:53:34zeekoebut cant use advanced irc stuff
21:53:37corbellheh, my nomad is about half of the weight of the archos recorder FM
21:53:42 Part zeekoe
21:54:19zeekoe2well, i dont care about weight that much
21:54:23corbellheh, Neither do I
21:54:30zeekoe2i now have a lennox power 1 mp3-cd player
21:54:33corbellI have an eight AA external battery pack for it
21:54:44zeekoe2payed the equivalent of 150-160 euros for it some years ago
21:54:48corbelleight 1800 nimh batteries
21:54:52zeekoe2for the lennox?
21:54:57corbellno, my Nomad
21:55:03corbellI just have a 5Volt power pack
21:55:09corbellhome made by some australian dude :p
21:55:14corbellworks pretty well.
21:55:25zeekoe2okay... music i have
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