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#rockbox log for 2004-07-07

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05:11:57midkyo bc
05:12:13midkwhat's up?
05:12:39midkah. lol
05:12:54midksort of tired - four hours of sleep is all i got, 15 hours ago
05:13:17gromit`AWgnite :)
05:13:25gromit`AWi must have some sleep too :)
05:13:32BCnot likely to get much symapthy from an insomniac
05:13:34BCnit gromit`AW
05:14:10midkbcbc insomniac?
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05:24:00alien69hi guys
05:24:06alien69i need help!
05:24:11midkhey dids
05:24:21dstar5hey mids
05:24:44alien69rockbox is hung on my archos
05:24:52dstar5go on...
05:25:29alien69it's just stuck on the rockbox logo on the front whenever i turn it on
05:25:55alien69if it's off, and i plug in the usb cord, it connects using the regular os
05:26:03midkthen delete rockbox.
05:26:06alien69i did
05:26:16midkand it still happens?
05:26:16dstar5alien69, flashed?
05:26:19alien69and then it boots up fine into the old os
05:26:21midkof course not.
05:26:36alien69then i put on a new archos file from the zip of the site, and it happens again
05:26:42midkare you sure you got the right version of rockbox?
05:26:46alien69it's sittin on my desk now, with the rockbox logo just chillin
05:26:51midkmake sure you also get the whole zip, not just the ajbrec
05:26:55BCmy quick guess is wrong version of rockbox
05:27:07alien69it's been workin fine for the past month
05:27:16alien69it's version 2.2 for the v2 recorder which is what i got
05:27:28alien69to what?
05:27:33BC"daily build"
05:27:34dstar5getdaily much better
05:27:45BC2.2 is DEAD
05:27:47alien69is there a compiled one out there?
05:27:58dstar5alien69, yes look there
05:28:08alien69k, thanks
05:28:12alien69by the way, rockbox rules
05:28:15alien69you guys kick ass
05:28:22BCty :)
05:28:50BCyou can try my build with the all-new audio features if you like?
05:29:01alien69which one is it?
05:29:03BCit's not totally recent, but it is certainly more up to date than 2.2
05:29:19dstar5BC: your audio 3587 patch?
05:29:35dstar5BC: your source link for that is bad :(
05:29:46BCuntil you reported it
05:30:22alien69BC: does your build include a rom so i can flash mine?
05:30:33BCyep :)
05:31:15alien69firmware jbr-v2 ?
05:31:57midkBC, yours is the only site with the text "firmware jbr-v2" on it
05:32:08midkthe answer is yes
05:32:17alien69k, cool
05:34:53alien69it works!
05:34:58alien69thanks guys
05:35:16BCwelcome ;)
05:35:18alien69bc, where do i find flash file?
05:35:36BCit's the ucl file in the zip - same as rockbox builds (make with the rockbox daily build util)
05:35:44BCmake -> made
05:36:06alien69what's rockbox written in? straight c?
05:36:39BCmainly, some assembler where it matters
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05:36:53BCREAL C
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05:37:30alien69you guys work mostly on unix or windows?
05:37:40BCcygwin under windows
05:37:54dstar5most of the "leaders" USE LINUX
05:37:59BCthe core guys are mostly linux
05:37:59midki do
05:38:09midki feel important?
05:38:17midkno, because my screen is running at 60hz
05:38:20BClinus & dragon use windows iirx
05:38:27midkthat really steams my broccoli
05:38:30midklinus has a mc
05:38:32midkmac* too
05:39:03alien69got it
05:40:01alien69cool, i think i just messed up my rom
05:40:10BCF1 :)
05:40:27dstar5F1 + ON :)
05:40:54midkbc is so cryptic
05:41:06midkyou have to be a mind reader or you have to ask someone else for full details :)
05:41:23midkluckily dids was here to save you
05:41:23midkbut next time watch out
05:41:56alien69hasn't saved me yet
05:42:12alien69i tried running the ucl
05:42:14alien69bad idea
05:42:25midknot a bad idea
05:42:38alien69sorry, not usually probably
05:42:54midkwhat did you do unusually?
05:43:10alien69right arrow to run it
05:43:17alien69it said "no image file"
05:43:33alien69then it went back to the directory menu and it's stuck there
05:44:36dstar5hold off
05:44:37alien69no button response
05:44:40dstar5until it does
05:44:56dstar5it HAS to turn off
05:45:15midkcalm down
05:45:18midkyou could just say hold off.
05:45:23alien69you're right, i feel dumb
05:45:32midkno need to start yelling about "it HAS to, it HAS to!"
05:45:54*dstar5 entertains himself with a degauss
05:46:07alien69how old are you guys?
05:46:09BCthere is a h/w shutdown tied to a long press of OFF
05:46:13dstar5me? 14
05:46:16Strathdon't seem so sure alien :)
05:46:31alien69about what strath?
05:46:32Strathheh... damn 'lag'
05:47:00Strathwidwod was scroll locked at "sorry, not usually probably"
05:47:08Strather, window
05:48:37alien69so should i still follow the pdf document on the site as far as flashing the rom goes?
05:50:39Ka_midk! where the hell are ya man?
05:51:05midkum, here.. not there.
05:51:05alien69midk the answer man?
05:51:14midkalien69, ?
05:51:16Ka_midk: i can see that
05:51:21Ka_midk: one sec..
05:51:37midkka: ?
05:55:23alien69hey bc, i like the upside down option
05:55:25alien69thanks guys!
05:55:36 Part alien69
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06:08:12Thomas1ehh, hello, anybody here can help a guy who setted the contrast too high and sees nothing than black?
06:09:57BCsorry, did it myself last night
06:12:00Thomas1hey, thats great. I have a recorder v1 with Rockbox v2.2 - i just need the key combination to access the contrast settings
06:14:12BCsorry, dont run a version that old
06:15:07Thomas1does the menu changes that much?
06:15:08BCupgrading would probably solve the problem anyway
06:15:17BCim sure there was a complete reorg
06:15:33BCf1 up right up play left
06:15:39BCshould get voice menus going
06:15:54BCscrub that
06:15:58BCno voice in 2.2
06:17:16BCupgrade dude will be so worth it on so many levels
06:17:57Thomas1hmm, bad luck, ok, so i will try to upgrade that damn thing :-)
06:18:22BCevery1 here runs all the latest features :)
06:19:02BC(other than the weirdos who dont have units - lol)
06:19:21dstar5are you caliing me a weirdo?
06:19:30dstar5well i do havea unit, just not working
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06:24:38Thomas1hmm, just replacing the .rockbox and the ajbrec.ajz didn't resolve the problem. Any idea?
06:27:10dstar5press f1, down, down, right, down, down, right, down, down, right, down, down, down, right, (up/down)
06:28:22 Part BC
06:28:31Thomas1oh, THANKS a lot, you made my night :-)
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06:38:14midkyo linus!
06:38:22midkmy countdown code is 50% complete
06:38:28midkwell including bug testing, 10%
06:39:42BlueChipyou timer code can be tested with my ui updates
06:41:52BlueChipwow! never seen moasic before!!
06:43:31LinusNhi BlueChip
06:43:35BlueChiphey linus
06:43:55BlueChipdoes the thread system run under the ui dude?
06:44:28BlueChipwanted to add "press f12 to simulate usb connected" ...but the code is not up to the usual standard
06:47:23LinusNthe win32 simulator attempts to simulate the threading, but the usb thread is not simulated
06:48:08LinusNhowever, go to Menu->Info->USB (sim) to bring up the USB screen
06:49:00BlueChipThe usb hook back from plugins is a pain to implement well would be nice to be able to plug in the usb cable while testing a plugin
06:50:11BlueChipother than audio, there is nothing i can think of left to implement - backlight, invert, flip, resize, ontop, task-bar ...all done
06:50:19BlueChiptimer works
06:54:05LinusNi don't think simulating the usb is an easy thing to do
06:54:36BlueChipi dont think the core threading system runs, else I could just do it with that
06:54:54LinusNstill, just faking the USB_CONNECTED/DISCONNECTED events is probably fairly simple
06:55:35LinusNthe core threading doesn't run
06:55:42BlueChipi tried adding F12 as a keystrke which returned SYS_USB_CONNECTED ...but it didn't help :(
06:56:14LinusNthe plugin didn't get it?
06:56:25BlueChipi tried it from the browser
06:56:49LinusNtree.c has the usb code #ifdef SIMULATOR, afaik
06:57:08LinusNifndef of cource
06:57:17midkreboot brb
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06:59:59BlueChipno tree appears to use the keyboard feedback ..weirdness
07:03:01LinusNset a breakpoint
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07:04:54BlueChipfer sure - I will find it ;)
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07:21:51didsleave dstar5
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07:48:39dstar5nite night
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08:41:01amiconnLinusN: Is there a reason why the greenish shade used by the screenshot feature in Rockbox itself is different from that used in the simulator and the screenshots done with it?
08:47:00Strathcould it be because different devices display colours diferently?
08:47:55Strathand the simulator trys to simulate the colour of the device's output rather than the value used?
08:48:36amiconnStrath: I don't think so... the screenshot is the same kind of "fake" output as the simulator display
08:49:11Strathjust a guess :)
08:49:13BlueChipI presume this is the x11 sim?
08:49:49amiconnBlueChip:No, Win32
08:50:01BlueChipin which case, a couple of things....
08:50:22BlueChipfirst off I have just revamped the living b'jeezuz out of the win32sim
08:50:43BlueChipsecond, how are you obtaining your screen shots?
08:51:26amiconnI compared the screenshots done with the sim with those done with the screenshot feature in the wiki. The latter are significantly darker.
08:51:41amiconnWhile the sim uses #90EE90, the screenshot feature uses #80B080
08:51:48BlueChiphow do you "do" your screenshot with the sim?
08:52:40amiconnI think they were done that way, since back then there was no inbuilt screenshot feature.
08:52:56amiconnI'm not talking of doing them myself.
08:52:57BlueChipi did not know there was one now - I have not seen it!?
08:54:13amiconnI'ts in for a couple of days now (only for recorders & recorder sim - see
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08:54:45Christi-SMorning all.
08:55:41Christi-SLinus - screendump doesn't seem to work on the Windows player UI sim (but since the font is terrible, I'm probably better off using UNIX).
08:56:13amiconnBlueChip: I'm asking because I now implemented a screenshot function in the grayscale lib. I chose the sim's shade of green (looks better imho)
08:56:17Christi-SAnd the ability to dump the splash screen would also be cool if it's easy to do.
08:56:56amiconnBlueChip: There are already 2 screenshots of mandelbrot.rock done with it :)
08:57:34BlueChipdo you have a frame buffer with the 0..255 values anywhere so I can greyscale in the sim?
09:01:30amiconnNo ... this would take too much RAM if you want to run within the plugin memory.
09:01:50BlueChipthis is for the sim
09:02:14amiconnThere is no grayscale for the sim yet, because of this.
09:02:36BlueChipwhy not add a #ifdef SIM and slap in the required buffer?
09:02:52BlueChipyou must already have all the date?
09:03:00BlueChipd a t a
09:03:32BlueChipbut you take a 0..255 value for every pixel - do you just throw it away?
09:03:39Christi-SBah - you're all determined to make the life of poor manual writers difficult. ;)
09:04:17BlueChipnot me, my docs are ace <gloats> :)
09:04:54amiconnBlueChip:The 0..255 value is used to look up a bit pattern from a table. ALmost all graphics primitives use these patterns when calling the low level functions.
09:05:25BlueChipyes, but why not just throw it in an array - maybe i am underestimating the challenge this presents ?
09:06:27amiconnThis would require to implement almost everything in a different way
09:06:43BlueChipsurely just the plot primitive?
09:07:03BlueChipor maybe at the point when you do the lookup
09:07:08amiconnNo, every primitive, maybe except gray_drawgraymap()
09:07:57Christi-SDammit! Is running the latest daily build *supposed* to wipe all my settings?
09:08:06 Join Zagor [242] (
09:08:07BlueChipi fear so :(
09:08:19amiconnChristi-S: Yes, as the settings revision had to be bumped
09:08:52amiconnBlueChip: It could be done the same way the screenshot feature does work now: by reverse calculation of the gray value from the bitpattern in the low level functions
09:09:20Christi-SFortunately I have cfg files saved for this eventuality./
09:09:28BlueChipamiconn: sounds fair
09:09:43Christi-SOh, and the Windows installer daily build worked. Woo!
09:09:57Christi-S(See, I didn't say woot this time. I was good.)
09:10:17 Part LinusN
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09:10:29amiconnBlueChip: The other thing I don't know yet is how to access the graphics memory directly in the sim.
09:10:34amiconnre LinusN
09:11:07amiconnLinusN: got my question?
09:11:54LinusNreading the logs - my irc client f*cked up somehow
09:12:14amiconn[08:41:24] <amiconn> LinusN: Is there a reason why the greenish shade used by the screenshot feature in Rockbox itself is different from that used in the simulator and the screenshots done with it?
09:12:18LinusNChristi-S: the daily build didn't work, i made it by hand again...
09:12:33Christi-SOh, arse.
09:12:37Christi-SWhat went wrong?
09:13:00LinusNamiconn: simple - the bmp file generated by rockbox has its own color table
09:13:11 Join gromit`AW` [0] (~gromit`
09:13:23amiconnYes, of course, but is there a reson why?
09:13:28LinusNthe older screenshots are made by copying the window contents
09:13:51amiconn(The old shade of green looks better imho)
09:13:58LinusNno particular reason, i just used the color table that has been in the rockbox code since the dawn of time
09:14:12LinusNthe screenshot function is ooooold
09:14:22LinusNit just haven't been used for very long
09:14:42LinusNwe can brighten it up if we want
09:14:57amiconnAh ok. I chose the brighter shade for my implementation of the grayscale screenshot.
09:15:04LinusNi think the green tone in the sim is too, well, green :-)
09:15:12Christi-SLinus - it'd be helpful if it looked vaguely similar to the ones in the current manual.
09:15:22BlueChip#define UI_LCD_PAPER_R 97
09:15:22BlueChip#define UI_LCD_PAPER_G 173
09:15:22BlueChip#define UI_LCD_PAPER_B 102
09:15:27BlueChip#define UI_LCD_PAPERLIGHT_R 68
09:15:27BlueChip#define UI_LCD_PAPERLIGHT_G 212
09:15:27BlueChip#define UI_LCD_PAPERLIGHT_B 109
09:15:38BlueChipnew sim code
09:15:48amiconn[08:52:05] <amiconn> While the sim uses #90EE90, the screenshot feature uses #80B080
09:16:47amiconnLinusN: There are 2 "digital" screenshots of mandelbrot.rock now :)
09:17:16LinusNit should be 80d080
09:18:24amiconnUrgs... you're right. This is still different from #90EE90 though
09:20:06LinusNme fix
09:20:59LinusNis it 90ee90 on both sims?
09:21:56amiconnI checked the screenshots, both at and in the wiki
09:22:16 Quit gromit`AW (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:23:33amiconnYou see the difference if you compare the "PluginClock" screenshots with the others
09:25:43 Quit midk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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09:26:50Christi-SLinus - what does the Super Bass option in the new sound settings do? It seems to be distinct from the MAS settings.
09:27:09amiconnLinusN: Strange.. Win32 Sim apparently uses #44D46D
09:28:01amiconn(on the screen)
09:28:29LinusNnot strange at all
09:29:48LinusNChristi-S: it's a Loudness feature, sets the Constant Volume freq to 2kHz instead of 1kHz, only works if Loudness is >0dB
09:30:31*Christi-S never really understood the practical use of loudness. Surely you can just turn the volume up.
09:30:39amiconnLinusN: The X11 sim uses #90EE90
09:31:07LinusNyes, i'm not surprised that x11 and win32 have different colors
09:31:24BlueChipit rasies the upper and lower frequencies while leaving the mid-range alone ...the upshot is most-commonly an increase in music level and a decrease in vocals ....2KHz makes the world of (imho good) difference
09:31:57BlueChipit gives the audio more "punch" without becoming loud in the most easily heard range
09:32:26amiconnChristi-S: Loudness is related to psycho-acoustics. At lower volume, the human ear gets less sensitive to low and high frequencies than to the midrange. The loudness function corrects this.
09:32:35Christi-SI see what you mean.
09:32:44Zagorcompensates, rather ;)
09:32:47amiconnLinusN: Why is that?
09:32:52amiconnZagor: Yes.
09:33:50amiconnChristi-S: see e.g.
09:34:24LinusNamiconn: why the sims have different colors?
09:35:03LinusNyou seem to think that we care about how the simulators look
09:35:03*Christi-S experiments and decides loudness good, super bass bad. (But then I quite like to hear music the way the person who made it intended it to be.)
09:35:39ZagorLinusN: well someone did, or the winsim wouldn't have that huge archos photo :)
09:36:00LinusNif we cared aboput how they looked, we would have removed that picture :_)
09:36:10BlueChipI do, and have ;)
09:36:25amiconnLinusN: Not at top priority, but I think that the display should look consistent, in case it is used for taking screenshots.
09:36:49LinusNamiconn: why not use the new screenshot feature then?
09:36:59LinusNthey look consistenr regardless of platform
09:37:18Zagorwell it's naturally more convenient to take screenshots in the simulators
09:37:31Zagori agree they should look the same no matter how they were made
09:37:36LinusNZagor: the new screenshot feature works the same in the sims
09:37:38*Christi-S agrees actually. Saves on wear on the USB port too.
09:37:46ZagorLinusN: ah, ok
09:37:50LinusNread the wiki
09:38:08amiconnLinusN: Of course this can now be used, but I (and probably many others) didn't even know about this function until recently
09:38:22LinusNit is new
09:38:24Zagorso basically on sims we create a different color in the screenshot than is displayed on the screen?
09:38:57LinusNwe can of course decide on a different color if we don't like the current one
09:39:01Christi-SLinus - is there any sort of screendump features in the player sim, or do we do that the old way?
09:39:16LinusNChristi-S: that has to be done the old-fashioned way...
09:39:24amiconnLinusN: Is there a way to access the screen directly in the sims? (Thinking about making grayscale usable on the sim)
09:39:32LinusNand that's probably a good reason to synch the colors
09:40:07LinusNamiconn: not really, but anything is possible
09:41:33LinusNso, do we think the current BMP's are too dark?
09:42:09midkwhat did i miss.
09:42:19LinusNnothing, go back to bed :-)
09:42:30midkhehe :D
09:42:39midkbmps? gfx?
09:42:42midkYAY animations?
09:42:47midkgrayscaled icons?
09:42:53midk*dreams a good dream
09:44:43LinusNagain: do we want to change the color map in the screendump BMP's?
09:44:51Christi-SI vote for whatever means screenshots look the same as the ones in the current manual.
09:45:00amiconnLinusN: Imho the screenshots taken from the X11 sim look best, but then it's only my personal opinion
09:45:04Christi-SBut then I'm lazy.
09:45:08LinusNwhy are the old screenshots important?
09:45:16midkcan i vote?
09:45:28ZagorLinusN: so we can reuse them
09:45:36Christi-SAnyone can vote. It's just that no-one has to pay attention. ;)
09:45:45midkok i vote.. umm..
09:45:46Zagorenvironmentally friendly!
09:45:50midkwhat are we voting on again
09:46:11LinusNok, so i'll change to 90ee90 then?
09:46:20midkif i have four options i pick #3.
09:46:35Christi-SBecause I'd feel that if they were different I'd need to redo the ones that are in the current manual, whereas if they're the same, I only need to redo ones that have changed.
09:46:41amiconnmidk: You have 3 options ;)
09:46:48midkok #3!!
09:47:03Christi-S(Of course I may just be lazy and live with any difference.)
09:47:27LinusNare there that many screenshots that look the same?
09:47:47LinusNi have committed the color map change
09:48:25Christi-SThe file browse screen, the main settings menu.
09:48:55Christi-SHopefully others.
09:49:00Christi-SLike I said, I'm lazy.
09:49:07LinusNthe main settings menu has changed *a lot* since 2.2, iirc
09:49:25 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:49:32LinusNthe file browser is different too, since the button bar is default nowadays
09:49:51Christi-SAh, right.
09:50:12*Christi-S turns it off anyway.
09:50:29*amiconn turns it off too
09:50:38Christi-SAnother good reason for using the sims to do screen shots.
09:51:02LinusNthere is practically no reason at all to use the target for screenshots
09:51:35LinusNexcept for those screens that are different or not present in the sims
09:51:35Zagorthe debug screens
09:51:41midki dodn't even gt to tes it yet
09:51:47midkok time fo rme to sleep.
09:52:04LinusNthe recorder sound settings, the recording screen
09:53:19LinusNChristi-S: not that taking screenshots in the sims is as easy as pressing F5 in the win32 sim and 5 in the x11 sim
09:54:54Christi-SI know. I'm saying it's easier than doing them on the JB.
09:56:38amiconnLinusN: If the core screendump feature would have a function hook that is exposed at the plugin interface, I could make taking screenshots with grayscale plugins equally easy.
09:57:28amiconnThe hook should call the hooked function instead of the built-in one if it is "hooked"
09:57:44midkYAY I GOES TO SLEEP
09:57:47 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
09:57:55midk|sleepgood night, sirs and captain
09:58:17Christi-SSee people later, no doubt.
09:58:19 Quit Christi-S ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
09:58:20midk|sleephmm... does "midk|sleep" or "midk|asleep" sound better...
09:58:46midk|sleepthat is sort of creative
09:58:59midk|sleepyou have to be alert to pick up the z's
09:59:12midk|sleep*looks in #c for examples
09:59:52midk|sleepnm, sleep is fine.
10:00:20*amiconn is away now
10:11:14 Join corbell [0] (
10:11:22corbellmy personal channel has moved to this server
10:11:25corbellhow strange :P
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10:28:55 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:28:55 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:02:09 Quit corbell ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
11:27:49 Join gromit`AW`` [0] (~gromit`
11:27:58 Quit gromit`AW` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:28:49 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
12:04:52 Join Gazel [0] (
12:12:04 Join Nibbler [0] (
12:12:14 Part BlueChip
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12:49:16*LinusN is in search for a Tascam 234 4-track cassette recorder
12:58:16 Join c0utta [0] (
12:59:49 Join AciD [0] (
13:25:00 Quit Thomas1 ("Leaving")
13:28:30 Nick gromit`AW`` is now known as gromit` (~gromit`
13:37:59 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:16:14 Join AciD [0] (
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14:59:11 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:00:38 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:06:00 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:12:48 Join blufrog [0] (BlueFrog19@DIALUP-148-103.TNKNO2.USIT.NET)
15:12:51blufroganoyone here
15:14:25blufroghi how are you. do yo uwork on the site
15:14:58c0uttai'm doing fine. sometime..
15:16:17blufrogwhat is the Windows Installer file thats on the downlaod page?
15:17:22 Quit Gazel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:18:31blufrogi was wondering what it installs. cant digure it out. its on the dily builds page
15:18:37amiconnLinusN: Are you around?
15:19:39c0uttablufrog: on ?
15:21:06amiconnblufrog: It is a convenient way to install rockbox if you are a Windows user
15:21:45blufrogbut... what version does it install? i have a studio20 and a rec40
15:22:45amiconnIt contains all version, and probably presents a menu to select from (I didn't try it myslef, since I roll my own builds)
15:23:14blufroglast night, i took the 20gb drive form my v1 recorder and put a 40gb in the recorder
15:23:43*amiconn has a v1 Recorder with 80 GB :)
15:23:46blufroghave you ever used a AV340
15:24:02blufrogamicon v1 recorder is the best isnt it
15:25:33amiconnI'd like to have a radio as well, but then the v1 recorders seem to be more reliable than the fms
15:29:17blufrogyou have 80gb of mp3s? what do you listen o
15:31:22 Join corbell [0] (
15:33:31LinusNamiconn: i'm here
15:35:07amiconnLinusN: I had a look at the graphics operations for the sim.
15:35:39amiconnI should be able to implement direct access for rendering grayscale in the Win32 sim (this would require extending the color table and making it accessible via the plugin api)...
15:36:24amiconn...but I have no idea how this is supposed to work in the X11 sim.
15:36:24amiconn(1) It seems that every pixel is set individually in X11
15:36:24amiconn(2) I didn't find the place where the colour(s) are defined
15:36:48LinusNdo it in the win32 sim, and write stubs for the x11
15:37:48amiconnI think of doing the following:
15:37:55 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:38:45amiconn(1) The current implementation uses only 2 color entries. I would extend it to the full 256 and make the table accessible via the api
15:41:35amiconn(2) The gdi bitmap has to be exposed to the api as well (if the grayscale stuff should work self contained). However, this is Win32 specific, so I'd like to avoid it
15:41:35amiconn(3) The backlight switching could be a problem, maybe it requires a callback function.
15:41:47amiconnAny comments or ideas are welcome!
15:43:13LinusNmy thinking is this:
15:43:38LinusNdo whatever is necessary to make it work, and make the api platform independent
15:43:51LinusNand who cares about the backlight in the simulator?
15:45:24dwihnobacklight for the people!
15:46:15amiconnOf course I would want to make it platform independent, but there are two problems I cannot imagine how to solve.
15:46:47amiconn(1) I found no equivalent to the display bitmap used in the Win32 sim for X11
15:48:40amiconn(2) there is no (2). Obviously the X11 sim uses a difference approach to set/ reset individial pixels, without any display bitmap :(
15:49:00LinusNi understand
15:49:13LinusNi have to run now, we'll talk more some other time
15:49:16 Part LinusN
15:51:55 Quit webmind (Remote closed the connection)
15:51:56 Join webmind [0] (
15:59:47 Quit Zagor ("disconnecting from stoned server.")
16:02:29 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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16:02:29 Quit ze (
16:02:30 Quit amiconn (
16:02:30 Quit corbell (
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17:03:15 Join zeekoe2 [0] (
17:03:30 Join zeekoe [0] (
17:03:53 Quit zeekoe2 (Client Quit)
17:04:10*zeekoe proud owner of jukebox recorder 20
17:05:51webmindnow put rockbox on it
17:09:07zeekoei had the guy whom i bought it from do that
17:09:22zeekoei've only seen the original firmware for about 20 seconds :P
17:09:40zeekoenow i want to see movies :D
17:13:23 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
17:17:30 Join edx [0] (
17:19:31blufroghey man
17:19:44blufrogi just got my jukebox rec 20 and put a 40 gig in it last night
17:20:05blufrogcant wait to load up rockbox on it
17:20:20blufrogthen all my friends will want to be like me
17:21:36blufrogthen they will envy me and hate me, and leave me alone
17:27:39 Quit blufrog (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:26:16 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
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18:32:12 Join ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
18:34:48 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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18:54:54 Join elinenbe [0] (
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18:59:40 Join ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
19:24:16 Join Strath [0] (
19:51:10 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
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20:00:25 Join c0utta [0] (
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20:29:14midkbrb reboot
20:29:17 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
20:33:57 Join midk [0] (
20:37:04 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:13:41 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
21:31:16 Join Strath [0] (
21:38:54 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:46:51zeekoeanyone here?
21:47:55corbellbut going soon
21:48:55zeekoejust a question
21:49:15zeekoedoes rockbox already have S.M.A.R.T. temperature reading support?
21:49:48zeekoei noticed some hard drive features could be displayed
21:49:53zeekoebut didnt see the temp
21:49:59zeekoecant be that hard
21:56:39 Join m0ngOoS3 [0] (
21:56:40 Quit gromit` (Remote closed the connection)
21:56:40 Join silencer [0] (~silencer@
21:56:43m0ngOoS3hello all
21:56:58m0ngOoS3could somebody give me a hand?
21:57:47 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
21:58:11 Quit gromit` (Remote closed the connection)
21:58:19 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
21:59:33zeekoe*throws hand
22:01:36zeekoeis that enough?
22:01:42zeekoeor do you need something else :P
22:03:57m0ngOoS3i needed something else unfortunately
22:04:01m0ngOoS3though the hand helped :
22:04:05m0ngOoS3err :P
22:04:30m0ngOoS3my recorder 20 v2 was plugged into my comp through usb and it suddenly died
22:04:50zeekoeoh bad
22:05:13zeekoethe batteries were full?
22:05:59zeekoeand you cant get it on again?
22:06:01m0ngOoS3i believe so
22:06:17m0ngOoS3nope, when i hit the on button the green light flashes and the screen stays blank
22:06:34zeekoehmm... the recorder v2 is the one with the nonremovable batteries, isnt it?
22:06:47m0ngOoS3the batteries were around 70-80 something full
22:06:49m0ngOoS3yep i think so
22:06:58zeekoei guess you already tried it connected to the power adapter?
22:07:30m0ngOoS3i did, yes
22:07:46m0ngOoS3christ i dont get the green flash anymore either, bad, very bad
22:07:54m0ngOoS3now its just dead, dead as a doornail
22:08:07zeekoejust like marley...
22:08:22m0ngOoS3marley came back, maybe it will too :)
22:08:30zeekoei think so
22:09:15zeekoewell... i just got my recorder 20 v1 today, i'm afraid i cant be of much help
22:09:28m0ngOoS3thanks for trying
22:09:44m0ngOoS3gawd i really wish i had chipped in more for an ipod
22:10:01m0ngOoS3this thing makes strange noises and stuff even when it was working
22:11:25m0ngOoS3i dont mean to ruin your hopes, hope you have better luck with yours
22:11:29m0ngOoS3tnx again
22:11:38 Part m0ngOoS3
22:12:15 Join dstar5 [0] (
22:14:49midkyo dids
22:14:54midkback in about 20-30.
22:15:04 Nick midk is now known as midk|gone (
22:17:31 Quit ka__ ("Leaving")
22:22:59 Nick dstar5 is now known as diddystar5 (
22:24:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:33:06diddystar5anyone want to play trivia?
22:33:12 Quit silencer ("Lost terminal")
22:34:28amiconn5ratsyddid? ;)
22:35:15diddystar5trivia in #!nix :)
22:36:09webmindrockbox trivia?
22:36:21diddystar5general trivia
22:36:40webmindno thnx
22:36:51diddystar5although that could be a good idea
22:37:03*diddystar5 goes to make a rockbox trivia bot
22:41:38diddystar5anyone want to wotrk on questions?
22:44:28 Join Guest [0] (
22:44:42GuestIs anyone here?
22:49:42GuestIs anyone knowledgeable in Jukebox problems
22:50:01GuestI have this Panic Ata: -# problem
22:50:25 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
22:50:49 Join Kinlong [0] (
22:52:39KinlongAnyone here
22:53:39KinlongAnybody here ?
22:54:42KinlongAre you knowledgeable in Rockbox/Jukebox problems?
22:54:57Kinlongbasically is anyone here for Rockbox/Jukebox support?
22:55:52diddystar5we all help people if they so
22:56:00KinlongWell, I have this problem with my jukebox. I get this ATA Error -1 when i turn it on
22:56:09KinlongI have the Rockbox 2.2 software, i believe
22:56:25Kinlongand I've also added the Flash plugin that speeds up the upload
22:56:43KinlongIts been 3 weeks since i did that
22:56:58diddystar5humm -1
22:57:00Kinlongbut now, when i turn it on, it tells me ATA Error: -1, Press ON to Debug
22:57:19KinlongI've tried the F1 + On function
22:57:23diddystar5can you boot if you hold F! then press on?
22:57:31KinlongBut it freezes as it loads the original Jukebox software
22:57:42KinlongAs we speak now, its the jukebox is getting hotter and hotter
22:58:18diddystar5can you plug in usb?
22:58:40KinlongIf i plug it in...
22:58:53KinlongIt gives me the ATA errror: -1 with the option to Debug
22:59:11KinlongI've also tried the F1, and the bootup still freezes
23:00:05DBUGEnqueued KICK Kinlong
23:00:05KinlongYep, =/
23:00:16KinlongIt's been stressing me out lately, i haven't figured out how to fix it yet
23:00:17diddystar5amiconn, !
23:00:36KinlongMy brother has an older version of the rockbox i have
23:00:53Kinlongand he's had the same problem, but he'd always be able to reboot to the original software and do disk checks on it
23:01:02KinlongMine is the FM/Recorder version of Jukebox
23:01:11Kinlongand so far, I haven't been able to do anything with it
23:02:18KinlongI just wanted to know if this is a lost cause, and that i should just send it in
23:03:24KinlongI'll be here
23:03:31KinlongIf there's anyone that can help me, plz let me konw
23:03:36amiconnKinlong: I don't know much about the fm internals, since I don't own one, but most often ata errors are related to battery problems
23:03:45***Alert Mode level 1
23:03:54KinlongAlso, I've tried taking out the battery
23:04:00Kinlongand re-inserting it
23:04:05 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:04:20Kinlongapparently its supposed to reset something, but it stilld oesn't change anything
23:06:06***Alert Mode level 2
23:06:06Kinlongmy main concern is why the F1 + On bootup freezes
23:06:30amiconnSome fm users talked about "re-seating the battery" on the mailing list some time ago.
23:07:17amiconnKinlong: The Archos is mainly powered from the batteries, even if the charger (or usb for the v2/fm) is connected, so it doesn't run without.
23:07:52amiconnSo if the battery contacts don't make proper contact, all sorts of problems may arise.
23:08:35KinlongI'd like to open my jukebox, but it's the FM/Recorder, and opening it is very inconvienient
23:08:38amiconnThe other possibility would be that the hd has gone bad, but this isn't likely unless you would have dropped the unit recently
23:08:49KinlongYes, i dropped it
23:09:03KinlongI read that it might have been battery connectors
23:09:11Kinlongthat may have dislodged, and therefore i would have to resodder the unit
23:09:36Kinlongbut the jukebox is very user un-friendly in terms of opening it up
23:10:38amiconnThe "dislodged battery connectors" problem is only related to Player/Studio/Recorder v1 iirc
23:10:51KinlongHmm, okay
23:10:58 Nick midk|gone is now known as midk (
23:11:06KinlongThen i'm completely in the dark
23:11:25Kinlongfor your own information, my jukebox quickly heats up when i turn it on
23:12:10amiconnIn your case I would try to get hold of a 2,5"->3,5" hd adapter, open the Jukebox, connect the hd to a pc and check it with the tool from the manufacturer
23:12:56KinlongWhat is this hd adapter?
23:13:39amiconnIt is an adapter to connect 2,5" notebook hds to an ordinary 3,5" desktop hd connector
23:14:00KinlongThis notebook HD is in my jukebox right?
23:14:17Kinlongwhich connects it to my computer?
23:15:13KinlongWhat's this tool that you're talking about, from the Manufacturer
23:15:53amiconnAll major harddisk manufacturer have check tools specific to their products
23:16:07***Alert Mode OFF
23:16:21amiconnThey are usually freely available for download
23:16:33Kinlongoh okay
23:16:40KinlongIs there a specific name for this tool?
23:16:49Kinlongso i can search it
23:17:29amiconnFor IBM (now Hitachi Global Storage) it is called "Drive Fitness Test". Don't know about other manufacturers atm
23:18:12KinlongWhen u say manufacturer, are you speaking of the mp3 player manufacturer?
23:18:16Kinlongin this case it's Archos
23:18:32KinlongOr, the computer manufacturer?
23:19:10amiconnNo, I'm talking about the hd's manufacturer
23:20:11KinlongThere are two hard drives, the computer, and the mp3 player, i'm just confused which one
23:20:17Kinlongi apologize
23:20:52amiconnOf course the one from the mp3 player, since that's the one that you will want to check
23:21:12Kinlongok, i see
23:21:42Kinlongoh, btw
23:21:46Kinlongthis reminds me
23:22:17KinlongMy brother did something similar. He was able to boot his archos program, and through the USB, he was able to perform a disk check from the computer onto the harddrive
23:22:43KinlongThat's essentially what I'm doing, except since my software isn't booting, I need to access the hard drive directly?
23:24:27amiconnYes, maybe this is necessary, because if it isn't booting usb access is not possible
23:25:12KinlongIs there a convienient way to open my FM/Recorder, because with my old one, it was virutually impossible to open it without destroying it somewhat
23:25:40 Nick diddystar5 is now known as dstar5 (
23:26:47KinlongThe vinyl is essentially superglued to the shell
23:26:58Kinlongrubber corners, actually
23:27:54Kinlongoh never mind
23:28:00Kinlongthe bottom parts aren't glued
23:28:21amiconnKinlong: As I don't own an FM/V2, I can't help much with this. Unfortunately on the Rockbox there are descriptions site for Player and v1 Recorder only
23:29:19Kinlongyea =/ alright, thanks for your help
23:29:22Kinlongmuch appreciated
23:29:23amiconnI suggest you ask someone on the channel who owns a v2/fm and already opened it for help
23:32:33 Join scott666 [0] (
23:39:32 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
23:39:40 Join midk [0] (
23:50:22Kinlongalright thank you
23:50:41KinlongDoes anyone here own a v2/FM Archos Jukebox?
23:53:39dstar5midk does
23:54:24midkbut i can try my best
23:55:31KinlongWell first of all
23:55:52Kinlongthe amiconn guy, suggested i do sort of a disk check
23:56:06Kinlongusing an adapter between my comp's harddrive and my mp3 player's harddrive
23:56:25CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:56:25*scott666 has an fmr
23:56:48Kinlongi opened up my old v2/FM jukebox and removed the top shell
23:56:52Kinlongwhere the monitor is located
23:57:07scott666top 'shell'?
23:57:20Kinlongthere are two parts to the shell
23:57:21scott666the front case or the PCB?
23:57:30Kinlongfront case, i believe
23:57:31Kinlongwhat's PCB?
23:57:37scott666printed circuit board
23:57:44Kinlongyeah, the front case
23:57:54Kinlongi can't remove the bottom part of the shell
23:57:58scott666youll need a soldering iron
23:58:02Kinlongbecause its soddered to the circuit board
23:58:07Kinlongoh i see
23:58:18scott666theres seven points around the board
23:58:31scott666you just have to heat them up and pry the case away with a screwdriver
23:58:38scott666(thats what i did anyway)
23:58:47Kinlongoh okay, that makes sense

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