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#rockbox log for 2004-07-08

00:00:02Kinlongbut amiconn told me about i
00:00:13KinlongCan i get th at at Radio Shack or something?
00:01:27scott666not sure
00:01:55KinlongWell anyway, let's say i did get it
00:03:23KinlongWhere can i connect the adapter to the mp3 harddrive?
00:03:23 Join hermes [0] (~ju@
00:03:31hermeswait here
00:05:00Kinlong Does anyone know how I can link my harddrive to the mp3 harddrive with the adapter?
00:06:20scott666you need to buy an IDE adapter and plug it into your computer
00:06:26KinlongOnce that's done
00:06:34KinlongHow do i connect it to the mp3 player's harddrive
00:06:46scott666you just plug it in...?
00:08:40hermestell me
00:08:45hermesip and port
00:12:19scott666hermes: what?
00:13:00KinlongHmm, i'm not familiar with the mp3 player's hard drive
00:13:05Kinlongis there a slot for me to plug it in?
00:13:09Kinlongand where is it located?
00:13:15scott666its under the PCB
00:13:26scott666you cant miss it
00:13:31scott666its the biggest thing in the case
00:13:59Kinlongso i'd have to sodder it apart first
00:14:13Kinlongalso, once i connect my computer to my mp3 hard drive
00:14:16Kinlongwhat do i do after wards?
00:14:24Kinlongshould i run the disk check from the computer?
00:14:42midkbyea scott.
00:14:43Kinlongalright, thanks a lot dude
00:14:51Kinlongreally appreciate it
00:14:58Kinlongwhat should the scan disk tell me if there are problems?
00:15:14Kinlongdoes it actually fix the problem, cuz i've never used it before
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00:23:54dstar5bye everyone
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00:24:11midkbye didstar
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00:30:26pfavrMDB settings (on the wiki): cool!
00:35:01 Join midk [0] (
00:35:35KinlongI just opened up my jukebox
00:35:43KinlongDoes anyone have a v2/FM jukebox?
00:35:51KinlongOr is familiar with th einterior design?
00:35:51pfavrnot me
00:35:53midkdidn't you just get help?
00:35:59 Quit midk (Client Quit)
00:36:00 Join midk [0] (
00:36:05Kinlongbut i just opened it now =P
00:36:12 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
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00:36:13Kinlongso there's two parts, the circuit board
00:36:16Kinlongand the harddrive
00:36:30Kinlongthe detachable part is the hard drive
00:36:35 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
00:36:56Kinlongnow, does anyone know where ic an get this 2.5" to 3.5" adapter?
00:37:15pfavrI have one in my drawer (at home)
00:37:24Kinlongcan u mail it over =D
00:37:27KinlongI'll return it =D
00:37:30Kinlongjk jk
00:37:32Kinlonghow did u get yours?
00:37:38midkgot a Fry's around?
00:37:40midkthey sell them there..
00:37:53pfavrthen I need to go get it first - it's 680 km from here ;-)
00:38:21KinlongI just have a radio shack
00:38:26Kinlonga wal and K mart
00:39:12KinlongBlast, i've never heard of this Fry before
00:39:29midkfry's electronics
00:39:48pfavrI missed the first part - why do you need to connect it using a 2.5" -> 3.5" adapter?
00:40:20KinlongI'm going to access my mp3 player's hard drive
00:40:22Kinlongwith my computer
00:40:34Kinlongmy software won't allow me to boot up
00:40:46Kinlongso amiconn told me to access it directly
00:40:57KinlongI took out the hard drive
00:41:03Kinlongthe harddrive has a lot of "needles"
00:41:23KinlongI looked at this 2.5" - 3.5" adapter
00:41:43KinlongThe white part, where do i connec that?
00:42:00Kinlongit seems very small and is half the width of my mp3 hard drive
00:42:00pfavruhm, do you have a link?
00:42:17hermesdoes jukebox charge with usb?
00:42:21Kinlongisn't the laptop hard drive to desktop adapter the like?
00:42:31Kinlongthe link*
00:42:38KinlongThe USB does charge my jukebox
00:42:56Kinlongi've taken out the hard drive
00:43:01Kinlongjust now
00:43:11hermeswhen dd does not turn
00:43:16hermesjuke charge?
00:43:49Kinlongwait, repeat that again?
00:43:53KinlongI'm confused, sorry
00:44:14 Part amiconn
00:44:43hermesdoes juke charge with usb pluged?
00:45:04pfavrI think not
00:45:09pfavr(but not sre)
00:45:29pfavrKinlong, is this the one
00:45:48Kinlongyes, i'm looking at that one
00:45:54Kinlongi don't have it yet, but i plan on getting it somehow
00:46:09 Nick midk is now known as midk|game (
00:46:15Kinlongall i know is that my jukebox v2/FM turns on by itself when i plug in the USB
00:46:22pfavrok, the white thingy at the end of the cable is the power connector - so you just connect it like a normal 3.5" harddrive
00:46:23Kinlongso i figure it's charging it
00:46:32Kinlongwhich is the computer's
00:47:31pfavrI have the JBR20 (old model) and it is not charged when connected to USB - in fact it drains more power than the power adapter can deliver so it runs out of power after some hours if I leave it connected
00:47:48Kinlongmy brother has that
00:47:53Kinlongit does that for him too
00:47:55KinlongI have the newer model
00:48:12KinlongI'm looking at the adapter
00:48:17scott666pfavr: the v1 recorders cant charge from usb
00:48:29scott666only the v2/fmrs
00:48:41pfavr(thanks for educating me)
00:48:47scott666cause of the LiIon batteries
00:49:01KinlongThe adapter, the white end, the 3.5" part, connects to the back of the computer tower?
00:49:08Kinlongwhich accesses the HD
00:49:14Kinlongor do i have to crack open my computer tower to access it
00:49:23pfavrKinlong, when you connect the adapter, if there is a LED in the package just leave it unconnected - I had a problem with that once. It is only for looking cool so leave it out
00:49:48Kinlongi'm not sure, because i don't have it, yet
00:50:00Kinlongif there is an LED, i'll leave it be =)
00:50:30Kinlongi've never connected the adapter to my computer before, so i'm unsure of what to do
00:50:46pfavrconnecting the adapter is done like this: connect it to you harddrive - connect the pins end to the harddrive cable of your PC (yes you need to open the case for that), connect the white thingy to the power of the large PC
00:51:25Kinlongwould the PC's harddrive have someting connected to it already?
00:51:26pfavrit is just like connecting a normal 3.5 harddrive - it "transforms" your 2.5" hardrive into a 3.5" one
00:51:46Kinlongoh i see
00:51:54pfavrthere would normally be a cable with two connectors - one is used by the current hardrive in your PC
00:51:59KinlongSo there will be a slot available
00:52:01Kinlongoh great
00:52:14Kinlongi figure it'd be pointless if there was only oneslot
00:52:18pfavrmaybe the other is used for the CDROM, or there willl maybe be two cables (4 connectors in total)
00:52:35pfavra normal PC has two IDE controllers
00:52:46pfavreach carry a cable with two connectors
00:52:54Kinlongoh i see
00:52:59pfavrbut some PCs ship with only a single cable
00:53:04pfavr(to save money)
00:53:43pfavrif you only have a single cable you can do two things: buy another (not very expensive and they always come in handy) or disconnect your CDROM momentarily
00:54:00pfavrthen there is this thing about master/slave
00:54:25pfavrthere can only be one master on each cable
00:54:44pfavrthis is selected using jumpers
00:55:02Kinlongone of the 3.5" on each cable?
00:55:04pfavryes - one drive will be in charge for who can communicate
00:55:12KinlongI think i have multiple
00:55:24Kinlongbecause i have 2 cd-rom drives, a hard disk drive
00:55:26pfavrone cable - two harddrives - #1 master #2 slave
00:55:29Kinlongand one extra slot left in my tower
00:55:42Kinlongfrom what i can tell, by looking at the front
00:55:42pfavrthe other cable just the same
00:56:01pfavrnumber of slots is irrelevant (unless you want to mount it there permanently)
00:56:09Kinlongoh ok
00:56:26Kinlongworse comes to worse
00:56:34Kinlongi'm pretty sur ei can disconnect my cd-rom momentarily
00:56:42Kinlongit won't mess up any software will it?
00:56:44pfavrjust put it on the table next to the computer or on the top - but be careful to put something insulating in between the drive and the metal case - e.g. a newspaper
00:56:57Kinlongor any running computer functions
00:57:06Kinlongdoes it get extremely hot?
00:57:08pfavrI can't guarantee that
00:57:16pfavrno - electricity
00:57:16Kinlonghmm ok
00:57:18pfavrnot heat
00:57:29Kinlongoh i see
00:57:46Kinlongthen i'd have to be really careful
00:57:53pfavrif you've never opened a computer case before it might be a little risky - don't you know someone that can help you out (and show you how to do it)?
00:58:04Kinlongyeah, i have people that can
00:58:30pfavrI wouldn't say that it is dangerous - just don't want to get you into trouble
00:59:01Kinlonglol, yea, most importantly that
00:59:46KinlongThese slots, they're IDE controllers?
00:59:58Kinlongthats their general name right?
01:00:15pfavrtwo connectors at your mainboard - yes they're IDE controllers
01:01:18Kinlongbtw, the scan disk function on my computer
01:01:24Kinlongis it supposed to "fix" the problem?
01:01:26Kinlongor detect problems?
01:02:00pfavrit depends on what problem you're having with your jukebox
01:02:18KinlongI have XP, how do i access this scan disk function?
01:02:23 Quit edx ()
01:03:27pfavrKinlong, I can't help you there, I don't run win XP (only linux)
01:03:58pfavrbut why did your rockbox stop working in the first place?
01:06:44Kinlongwhen i dropped it, i pplugged it into my HD
01:06:49Kinlongand everything seemed to work fine
01:06:54Kinlongplugged in via USB
01:06:57scott666try programs>accessories>system utils
01:07:03Kinlongafter a while, it stopped
01:07:05Kinlongthanks scott
01:07:28Kinlongdisk cleanup right?
01:07:37pfavrKinlong, are you sure it is charged fully?
01:07:49Kinlongyeah, i'm sure it's been charged fully
01:07:58scott666thats just a stupid wizard to help you delete files
01:08:11scott666you want scandisk
01:08:24Kinlongoh i see
01:09:01Kinlongi don't see this scan disk in my system tools
01:09:50scott666go to explorer
01:11:39Kinlongis it Error checking, btw?
01:14:34 Quit Kinlong ("Leaving")
01:14:50 Join KinLong [0] (
01:15:02KinLongis ne1 here
01:15:06pfavrhi again
01:15:18KinLongwhere's that scott
01:16:01KinLongi must say, thank you for informing me about all the HD stuff, pfavr
01:16:30pfavryou're welcome - good luck
01:16:57KinLongoh, btw one last question
01:17:10KinLongthat 2.5 - 3.5 adapter
01:17:17KinLongi'm looking at the picture
01:17:37KinLongwhere's the part that connects from the adapter to the needles of the mp3 HD
01:18:05pfavrit is a lblack connector that sits at the opposite end
01:18:13KinLongoooh i see
01:18:15pfavrat the picture it is mounted at the harddrive
01:18:24KinLongI can't see the black connectors
01:18:30KinLongon the opposite side are needles right?
01:18:46KinLonggreat, makes sense now!
01:19:43 Quit KinLong (Client Quit)
01:19:59 Join KinLong [0] (
01:20:09KinLongStupid IE, it keeps opening a new window in my chat
01:45:05scott666so use firefox
01:48:32 Join Thomas1 [0] (
01:53:04Thomas1Hello together, just one question. I flashed my Recorder long time ago with v2.2 of the firmware. Now i want to update it, but can't found a firmware_rec.bin with a newer version than v2.2. Does anybody has an idea where to find a new bin file or do i have to create my own one?
01:55:19 Join blufrog [0] (BlueFrog19@DIALUP-151-146.TNKNO2.USIT.NET)
02:04:48blufrogmmm bop
02:05:03 Quit Thomas1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:07:19blufrogi have a question
02:09:56 Join Thomas1 [0] (
02:11:43blufrogdoes still have the page with hardware upgrades?
02:18:44 Quit corbell ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
02:18:53pfavrThomas1, I believe the daily builds also have the .bin file
02:20:34pfavrre hardware upgrades - have you looked at the wiki?
02:21:08blufrogi dont understand what a wiki is
02:21:30pfavra wiki is just web pages that everybody can edit
02:21:57pfavrthe last link must be the one you're looking for?
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02:38:01blufrogstill a bit unclear to me though
02:40:54pfavrblufrog, what?
02:42:59blufrogwell i have put a new HD in the recorder20
02:43:08blufrogand then i started it up and it said i needed to make a partition
02:43:30blufrog...i was told i could use the USB and partition it that way, without using an adaptor
02:43:35pfavrnever tried it
02:43:47pfavrah - I think you should be able to do that yes
02:44:02pfavrI'm sure I could do it that way using linux
02:44:21pfavrso it must be possible using windows as well :-)
02:46:43pfavrso - have you tried connecting it using USB?
02:47:08blufrogyeah i connected it using a usb, and the windows2000 said it was looking for a device driver
02:47:17blufrogi think if it finds it, it can format my drive right?
02:47:21pfavrdid it find one?
02:47:37pfavrformat: yes I think so
02:47:49blufrogi havent tried it again, i have to use the computer at th office
02:47:58blufrogcaiuse im running windows98 at home
02:49:33pfavryou can use windows 98 also I think - maybe you need the right driver for it - but I think that is included in win98SE?
02:49:56blufrognot that i know of
02:49:57pfavr(at least I've tried it using my win98 laptop)
02:50:17pfavr(running scandisk on JBR20 that is)
02:50:46blufrogbut it has to find the USB removable storage device driver
02:50:54 Nick midk|game is now known as midk (
02:51:23pfavryes - I really can't remember how I did it - I think I just plugged it in
02:51:34blufrogyo have upgraded the HD too?
02:51:56pfavrno - I mean to run scandisk on win98 laptop I just connected the JBR20
02:52:07pfavrI think it had the driver already
02:52:35pfavrbut maybe it is not standard on win98 - think I might have installed some usb stuff sometime
02:54:53blufrogi have an adaptor
02:55:05blufrogi think though, i hooked it up wrong once and destroyed a HD
02:56:44 Join aagha [0] (
02:57:08 Quit Thomas1 ("Leaving")
02:57:27 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC rocks! -> <-")
02:58:23aaghaHi. Newbie to RockBox. Works great, but I have a prob I need a bit of help with.
02:58:36pfavrblufrog, good luck - I'm of to bed
02:58:40 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040704]")
02:58:51blufrogbye p
02:59:36aaghaMy problem is that in the demos section (I think) I selected a viewer, and now all I have on the screen is four dots arranged like a diamond; I can't seem to break out of this and get back to the menu.
02:59:49aaghaThe FAQ didn't help.
03:00:17midkturn off
03:00:17midkand back on.
03:01:24aaghaTried that. I have a Studio 20. Holding down the stop doesn't make a diff.
03:01:44midkhold it longer
03:01:52aaghaI tried 20 seconds.
03:01:56aaghaLonger than that?
03:02:00midkhmm. no.
03:02:09midktry removing batts and putting back in
03:02:19midkholding stop should shut it off no matter what..
03:02:26aaghaHolding it down makes the diamond blink.
03:02:44midkoh, is it plugged in?
03:03:08midkunplug it, then hold OFF
03:03:13midkthen you can plug it back in again
03:03:15aaghagot it!
03:03:21aaghathat worked
03:03:21midkyou can
03:03:28midkcan't shut it off with the charger plugged in
03:03:34midkhave to take it out to reboot it.
03:03:38aaghaah... learn something new every day
03:03:43midkhardware issue.
03:05:17 Quit aagha ("Leaving")
03:08:41 Quit KinLong ("Leaving")
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03:39:02 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:39:08 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
03:56:32 Join dstar5 [0] (
03:56:56dstar5hey midknight2k3
03:57:31midknight2k3ho dids
03:57:46 Quit blufrog (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
03:57:47dstar5got some q's done?
03:58:16midknight2k3nope, sorry...
04:07:36 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
04:10:20 Join Gazel [0] (
04:13:06 Join Guest [0] (
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05:03:44 Join dids [0] (
05:04:26 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
05:04:57midkYO DIDS
05:04:59midkwtf is u.
05:05:06 Nick dids is now known as dstar5 (
05:07:23midkdids? why do you hate me?
05:09:18 Join Nibbler [0] (
05:09:45dstar5who says me hate you>
05:13:03dstar5me go to setup rockbox trivia
05:13:17 Part dstar5
05:18:58 Quit Gazel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:19:26 Join dstar5 [0] (
05:26:28dstar5everyone join #rockbox-trivia !!!!!
06:22:02 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:22:23gromit``gnite !
06:23:11 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
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06:26:50 Join LinusN [200] (
07:01:15dstar5hey LinusN
07:01:21dstar5gyess what
07:02:09dstar5LinusN, join #rockbox-trivia
07:07:42 Join BlueChip [0] (~bluechip@
07:08:11dstar5hey BlueChip
07:08:16midkyo bcf.
07:27:15 Join Nibbler [0] (
07:28:21dstar5yo nib
07:33:12BlueChipwhat colours were finally decided for the prt-scr?
07:34:36BlueChipis that backlight on or off?
07:35:14LinusNeh, on i guess, do we simulate backlight?
07:35:31LinusNthe screendump function doesn't care about the backlight
07:35:44BlueChipit does here :)
07:36:02LinusNi thought that would be annoying
07:36:07BlueChipalso supports invert, contrast, and if when I find the buffer grey-scale too
07:36:29BlueChipI've got a bit carried away with this sim thing
07:37:07midkbut it won't be merged will it.
07:37:29BlueChipI'm sure the ideas can be ported by those who might enjoy the new look
07:37:47BlueChipnothing proprietary in it
07:38:20BlueChipi worked it out ...if my code is GPL by proxy, then it is free to be nicked and placed in Rockbox ...I can't stop it :-)
07:39:14dstar5i think the rockbox configure script should be updated a bit
07:39:32dstar5like ask if you want sim or a target first
07:39:45BlueChipI made it all pretty for new users a while back, but lost it :(
07:41:09LinusNdstar5: why?
07:41:26LinusNBlueChip: do you still get read-only files with the sim?
07:41:56dstar5LinusN, well there are targets that are useless for sim, like 8 mb build, and the fm/v2 would be the same thing on sim
07:42:08LinusNdstar5: ah
07:42:12dstar5so if you organize it differnt, you remove useless options
07:42:34LinusNactually, all recorders are the same in the sim
07:42:41BlueChipLinusN: I've not tried since before I found that email ...the example it solved was in uisw32.c
07:43:25LinusNuisw32.c doesn't open any files
07:44:33BlueChipahh, no, it does now, (I've got an ovekill prt-screen) ...I think I nicked the file open line from misc.c
07:46:43LinusNit is correct in misc.c
07:47:09LinusNthe rockbox creat() function uses the *nix flags
07:47:31BlueChiphmmm, I didn't update for a couple of weeks, maybe things changed then?
07:47:39LinusNhowever, the win32 simulator code changes the flags
07:48:14LinusNthe creat() bug should have been fixed on jun 10 when i reworked the file sandbox
07:48:36LinusNhaven't updated for weeks? i though you used cvs?
07:48:59BlueChipendless collisions all the time, put me off
07:49:19BlueChipquicker to keep careful tabs on my work and port it over
07:50:01LinusNanyway, your post to the list made me look over the code, so i found another bug, introduced by hardeep and daniel
07:50:24BlueChipsorry if it was misleading - glad it paid off though :)
07:56:18LinusNwe have a major sim issue with the recorder
07:56:32BlueChipoh yes?
07:56:35LinusNit uses the Player settings
07:57:05BlueChipouch! ...that's gonna be buried in the core somewhere :(
07:57:32LinusNwell, the mas stuff is poorly simulated
07:57:45LinusNso we fake it on a hugh level
07:57:58BlueChipDid you see what I did?
07:58:11LinusNthe simulated mas_() functions?
07:58:24BlueChipand just pointed it at a big array
07:58:35LinusNyeah, i had the same idea
07:58:37dstar5does that simulat the presence of a mas?
07:58:44LinusNdstar5: yes
07:58:45BlueChipit works perfectly for sim purposes
07:58:57LinusNwe should do that
07:59:24BlueChipand of course, memory is of no concern at sim time - so just blat a giant array :)
07:59:47LinusNsloppy pc programmers! :-)
08:00:18BlueChipI concur :)
08:01:02BlueChip...this is not what I did in audio-3587, but it would be future-proof as a generic MAS emulation thing for the code as a whole
08:02:31LinusNjust like i did for the fm radio simulator
08:02:41BlueChipLOL :-)
08:03:08LinusNa full emulation :-)
08:03:09*dstar5 tunes to 99.4 on rockbox simualor
08:03:50LinusNdstar5: yeah, the reception is bad in the fm simulation, only 99.4 works :-)
08:05:05dstar5can wifi cards pick up fm radio frequency ranges?
08:05:26LinusNi seriously doubt it
08:24:26***No seen item changed, no save performed.
08:32:25 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
09:00:55 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:04:50 Join Zagor [242] (
09:05:56dstar5hi Zagor
09:06:20dstar5Zagor, i have made a little rockbox trivia in #rockbox-trivia
09:14:16 Join gromit`zzZZ` [0] (~gromit`
09:19:26 Part BlueChip
09:31:36 Join BlueChip [0] (~bluechip@
09:34:03 Quit gromit`zzZZ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:07:23dstar5me going to bed good nite
10:07:31BlueChipnite dude
10:08:12midkbc doesn't get it
10:08:22midkinside joke
10:08:23midkHA HA HAHAHA
10:08:26midkor maybe he does get it...
10:08:28midk*runs away
10:08:32 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
10:08:48BlueChipi was there, remember?
10:09:07midkoh.. riight
10:09:49BlueChipyour clock was damn handy for debugging the timer in the sim :)
10:09:56midkthank you bc
10:09:59midkdid you fix it?
10:10:10BlueChipof course i did!
10:10:21midkwow... i SERIOUSLY bow down!
10:10:35midki would
10:10:38midkif i had the energy
10:10:50BlueChipthe cpu counts all the clock edges since it was powered, did it that way
10:10:58midki seriously acknowledge you in my brain
10:11:14BlueChipwhat a mind fk
10:11:32midki'm so dirty.
10:12:33midkbc you should write a simple trivia engine...
10:12:44midkdisplays Q on maybe 3 lines, and then 4 options below
10:12:57midkthen you could write a trivia plugin
10:13:01BlueChipdid you not play it?
10:13:09midkplay what...
10:13:24midkfor rockbox?
10:13:32BlueChipuh huh
10:13:49BlueChipdunno someone spammed it to me - sure it was in the audio-3587 pack
10:14:29LinusN"name that tune" is a cool thing
10:15:08BlueChipI was amazed at how poorly I knew my own music collection
10:15:26BlueChipdid jorg ever put the plugin interface back again
10:15:46BlueChiphe "broke" it, but did not bump the version
10:16:02BlueChipreplaced the function that namethattune used
10:16:40LinusNhow did that plugin select the candidates?
10:17:07BlueChipactive playlist iirc, it was just a proof of concept, crappy interface, but it worked!
10:17:19BlueChipcrappy -> basic
10:20:15LinusNi mean, it would be best if it selected the 3 candidates from the same genre
10:20:16BlueChipI reckon I can get grey scale going in the uisim fairly easily, left lots of doors open for it :)
10:20:45BlueChipOh yes, there was tonnes of room for improvement ...but isn't there always? LOL
10:21:25LinusNwas it the track change function that was the problem?
10:21:27BlueChipI would certainly give greyscale stuff more consideration, if I didn't have to keep abusing my usb socket
10:21:47midkjust play 10s of the track
10:21:50LinusNBlueChip: for the screenshots?
10:21:50midkthat's the point
10:21:58midk10s of a random part of the track
10:22:03BlueChipjorg replaced it as no plugin used it ...literally hours after I got the first lugin that uses it
10:24:23BlueChipI see his point about the race condition, but it was not relevant with ths plugin
10:24:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:25:32LinusNi don't remember the discussion
10:26:03LinusNmpeg_has_changed_track() is a one-shot function, toght?
10:26:46LinusNyes it is
10:27:08BlueChipyes, and the wps uses it too
10:28:55LinusNand it would be a problem if the plugin was a TSR
10:29:40BlueChipcertainly true, but namethattune is neither
10:30:07LinusNi think it's time to reintroduce mpeg_has_changed_track() in the API
10:30:13 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
10:30:51[IDC]Dragonyay, blame me
10:31:04BlueChipmornin' squire :)
10:31:31[IDC]Dragonwe can put that function back, if it is needed.
10:33:30[IDC]Dragonthe TSR argument is not a good one. There are probably many functions a TSR should not mess with while the other things are running.
10:33:52 Quit Ka_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:41:48BlueChipLinusN, what should I be using to output text to the console window - printf complains of "no func prototype"
10:42:43 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:44:23BlueChipcheers :)
10:46:03BlueChipLOL ....and what do I have to include to get it defined :)
10:48:11BlueChipyup - gotit :)
10:58:14midkhaha - i was just changing the volume control and for some reason every time i changed it i heard a beep
10:58:16midkso i was like
10:58:30midkIRCMSG!! *JUMPS ON "X-Chat" button
10:58:35midkthen nothing there...
10:58:53midki only now realize after about 4 times of adjusting it that it plays a beep when you let off the mouse.
11:08:34 Join amiconn [0] (
11:09:31amiconnhi all
11:11:12amiconnLinusN: Is it possible to draw bitmaps directly in X?
11:12:04amiconnIf yes, it would help adding grayscale to the sim if the X11 sim would use this instead of drawing single pixels
11:12:25amiconn(and possibly this approach is also faster...)
11:12:54BlueChipare you plannig to flash the pixels?
11:13:07[IDC]Dragongrayscale on the sim would require an API whicht the "real" Rockbox doesn't have...
11:13:38[IDC]Dragonor you flicker the pixels like in reality
11:13:59BlueChipthe sim should look at the grey-map and sort it the same as mono
11:14:19amiconnBlueChip: No, I want to use a real grayscale bitmap. However, this is not possible with the current implementation of the X11 sim...
11:14:43BlueChipas speed is not relevant, just write your own loop?
11:14:59amiconn...because it calculates the difference between the currently set pixels and the new pixelmap, and sets/resets individual pixels based on that
11:16:09amiconnIt would be relatively easy to implement for the Win32 sim, since this one uses a bitmap
11:16:35BlueChipi've left gaps for it in my new sim code :)
11:17:13amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I think this api is indeed required, because flickering the pixels would have to be synchronized to the refresh rate of the monitor
11:18:33amiconn...which may vary much, is not easily available in a system independent way, and sometimes even not at all (when remoting the gui via network)
11:20:33amiconnIn addition it would require a high-precision timer (the simple WM_TIMER wouldn't do)
11:21:04BlueChipgood luck
11:21:14BlueChipall i can find is docs on how impossible it is
11:22:12amiconnBlueChip: That's why I don't want to go this way, but use a real grayscale bitmap. Hence my question concerning bitmaps on X
11:23:39amiconnOn the other hand, the flicker-the-pixels approach would enable simulation of Jrg's video plugin as well
11:24:22BlueChipI imagine direct-x is the cure for windows
11:24:38amiconn(No that this makes much sense, since there is no mp3 playback anyway)
11:25:07BlueChipI'm sure if mad has been done for x, then it can be done for win
11:28:36Zagori never understood why we would want mp3 playback in the simulator
11:28:51LinusNmp3 playback is completely unnecessary in the sims imho
11:29:09BlueChipThe old adage, he who wants it will code it?
11:29:26LinusNyes, but why do you want it?
11:29:36BlueChipme personally?
11:29:46BlueChipfor the programming challenge
11:29:53LinusNof course
11:29:56Zagoralso, if it makes the simulator code more complex or large it's not enough if just someone wants it
11:30:25Zagoramiconn: i will personally whack you if you implement flickering in the simulator :)
11:31:00[IDC]DragonI was thinking about this sim business in another way
11:31:02BlueChipI think it would be a damned impressive bit of code
11:31:02Zagorproper grayscale is the way to go
11:31:24[IDC]Dragonwe wantto be able to port Rockbox in the long run
11:31:46BlueChipZagor: what is the issue with memory hungry sim code?
11:31:46amiconnZagor: Yes, that's also what I think and why I asked about the possibility of displaying bitmaps in X
11:31:54[IDC]Dragonso, a "major" cleanup and dependency split would be necessary
11:32:08ZagorBlueChip: i didn't know we had such an issue
11:32:15BlueChipthe sim integration is a mess throughout
11:32:23Zagoralthough I haven't looked either
11:32:24DBUGEnqueued KICK BlueChip
11:32:24BlueChip[10:29] <Zagor> also, if it makes the simulator code more complex or large it's not enough if just someone wants it
11:32:24[IDC]Dragonso, why not "port" Rockbox to a PC as the first exercise?
11:32:55LinusN[IDC]Dragon: what is "a pc"?
11:33:00BlueChipcos all my work will be binned, and I have no personal interest in the challenge
11:33:03[IDC]Dragonand with porting, I mean all the features
11:33:17ZagorBlueChip: I mean it's not worth it making the simulator more complex (or add lots of mp3 player code) for playing mp3
11:33:22[IDC]DragonPC = Windows or Linux, as you like
11:33:46BlueChipZagor: it's already been done!?
11:34:07Zagor[IDC]Dragon: yeah, that could be a fun excercise. but it's quite separate from making the simulator play mp3
11:34:08BlueChipZagor: does mad not run with rockbox/x11 ?
11:34:18Zagorit can be made to run
11:34:24Zagorthe cvs code does not
11:34:29BlueChipwhat is crippling it?
11:35:03BlueChipwhat is stopping the mad code from working?
11:35:10Zagorit's not in cvs
11:35:18BlueChipthat's your territory
11:35:32LinusNwe can add mp3 playback, but how does it improve anything?
11:35:34Zagoryeah, and i'm saying i don't think the sim needs to play mp3
11:35:54BlueChipthen rockbox should have that feature crippled long term
11:36:14LinusNthe sim is a tool mainly for developing UI stuff
11:36:27Zagorhence the name: uisimulator
11:36:34BlueChipi suppose it really depends on whether you three want it or not
11:36:52LinusNBlueChip: again: what good does it do?
11:36:54BlueChipobviously others want it or it would not be written
11:36:59amiconnLinusN: You forgot to bump PLUGIN_API_VERSION when adding mpeg_has_changed_track()
11:37:13LinusNamiconn: why should i?
11:37:21Zagordragon's idea about a "proper" port is the better way to go if you want rockbox on a pc, i think
11:37:23BlueChipLinusN: for you, me, or the guy who wrote it?
11:37:33LinusNi though i didn't need that when i added it last in the struct
11:37:42LinusNBlueChip: for rockbox
11:37:42BlueChipZagor: why start doing things properly now - lol ;)
11:37:52ZagorLinusN: the plugins who use it must know if it exists
11:38:46ZagorBlueChip: because the uisimulator was never intended to emulate an archos. if someone wants to do that, expanding the simulator is not the way to go
11:39:10Zagori.e. we've been doing it properly since day one
11:39:27amiconnLinusN: IIuc, if you add functions at the end, you should bump PLUGIN_API_VERSION to avoid running new plugins with an old rockbox core that doesn't provide these functions, while when changing the structure in an incompatible way, you should bump PLUGIN_MIN_API_VERSION as well
11:39:31BlueChipLinusN: how will rockbox improve if the simulator is improved - depends on whether you care or not ...personally I can see advantages ...what is the problem with accepting this guys work?
11:39:39LinusNamiconn: understood
11:40:12BlueChipI can see no reason to NOT include it
11:40:16LinusNBlueChip: what would be the advantage, in your opinion?
11:40:17Zagoreach thing has a place. just cramming everything where it can be fitted does not make good software
11:40:28Zagori'm off for lunch, see you later
11:40:32BlueChipLinusN: what is the problem?
11:40:36LinusNBlueChip: what would be the advantage, in your opinion?
11:40:47BlueChipLOL touch
11:42:27LinusNone reason to not include eric's patch is that it *requires* libmad to compile
11:42:32BlueChipit seems the eschelons have decided against it, and I have no plans to try to change their minds - the last time was not pretty for any of us :(
11:43:03BlueChipI am merely offering my thoughts
11:43:47BlueChipI would like to see a slick product - and one thing that means to me is a simulator as good as we can make it
11:43:50LinusNi would happily include libmad playback if it makes the rockbox ui development easier
11:44:19BlueChipI see no reason to pass over work that has already been done, just because I do not use it personally
11:44:54BlueChipdebugging vu meter
11:45:02BlueChiptesting oscillograph
11:45:09BlueChipchecking the wps
11:45:10LinusNif i include the libmad patch, it would make the simulator development *harder*, since the developer would have to download and install libmad, for no benefit at all
11:45:17BlueChiptesting namethattune
11:45:46BlueChipsending to your mates to show off your latest thing if they dont own a jukebox
11:45:53LinusNwhy would the vu meter benefit from unsynchronized sound in the pc soeakers?
11:46:22LinusNthe wps works very well without libmad
11:47:06BlueChipi wonder also how many of the mas features can be emulated
11:47:22LinusNthat's a completely different thing
11:47:46BlueChipmaybe, maybe closely related or even linked
11:47:47LinusNsimulating the mas could give benefits
11:48:11LinusNi still don't understand why hearing the sound makes the development so much easier
11:48:23midkwhat did i miss? :)
11:48:59BlueChipI'm amazed that you are unable to find benefits to this scenario as a whole ...if some of the core elements elude you, surely you haven't missed the big picture
11:49:19LinusNi must have
11:50:23LinusNi hve developed rockbox for four years now, and i haven't needed sound in the simulator once
11:51:07LinusNespecially since the simulator isn't real time, and the playback is
11:51:28BlueChipI am sure during the recent unpleasantries you also received a number of personal/private emails ...Mine were all "i feel sorry for you" and "lie to them for god sake" the former category were a number of coders who have quit because their work was rejected because "the big cheese didn't like it"
11:51:32LinusN(your tick fix may remedy this to some extent though)
11:51:58BlueChipit is simple enough to make the ui run on a real-time thread
11:52:37BlueChipquote: "Please note though, that although the timer updates at the right speed it does not tick at the right period (windows limitation)
11:52:38BlueChip" ..."This limitation can be over-come by creating a real-time thread, but it seemed harsh to cripple windows just to get the right period in the Rockbox UI sim."
11:52:58LinusNyes, we can make the simulator behave much more like the real target, but is it really worth the effort?
11:53:14BlueChipthe effort has ALREADY been put in
11:53:21BlueChipthat is not in question
11:53:28LinusNwhich effort?
11:53:41LinusNthe synchronisation of mp3 playback
11:53:52BlueChiphave we changed topics?
11:54:24LinusNthe libmad patch is unsynchronized
11:54:44BlueChipso it's a botch
11:55:14BlueChipdoesn't sych with the playbar?
11:56:08LinusNstill, what the heck, the code is there...
11:56:15BlueChipoh! that's poo :( ...hmmm, not much use for debugging the current playback problems then!
11:56:57BlueChipI think anybody prepared to put in that much effort, might be a good man to get on the team, as as it will do no harm, there is a zero-cost benefit
11:59:04BlueChipand of course, then the windows guys will want to out-do it ....and maybe we get code tight enough to help with playback issues
12:02:53LinusNi seriously doubt that we can solve playback issues with it
12:03:17LinusNsince most issues have to do with MAS communication, disk spinup times, and mp3 buffering
12:03:49BlueChiprighty, you've already found the source ...that's good ...I always panic when I hit play and hear nothing
12:08:15BlueChipwhat's your next big thing?
12:09:06LinusNbig thing?
12:10:10BlueChipwell, for me klondike & the new card engine are pretty much done, just need to be dusted ....I like the idea of getting greyscale going in the sim so I can get busy with it
12:10:28LinusNthat would be cool
12:10:54BlueChipi have a friend who write mobile phone games and he keeps giving all the little insider secretst :)
12:11:12BlueChipI reckon a racing sim is WELL within reach
12:11:39BlueChipI've gotta get him to help me finish the 3d code for my maze game
12:12:08BlueChipruns well, but looks poo
12:13:00BlueChipthanks nelson ;)
12:13:42LinusNi have now committed the libmad patch
12:13:46LinusNlunch time
12:13:52BlueChipl8rz :)
12:14:57LinusNbtw, you're right, we added libmad playback years ago, so if someone makes it work again, why should we stop it?
12:15:02midkseeya LinusN
12:17:12 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
12:17:18 Join midk [0] (
12:17:37BlueChipare you aware of your sign off message
12:18:25midkinside joke? heh heh..
12:24:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:25:21 Quit webmind ("leaving")
12:55:28[IDC]Dragonan *option* for a solid progress bar, sigh...
12:56:19BlueChipperhaps this type of thing could be put in the "overkill features" menu? :)
12:56:34 Join webmind [0] (
12:59:32LinusNpersonally, i don't care how it looks
13:01:16LinusNif i remove the option, we will soon have a new feature request or even a patch that either reverts it to the old style or adds the option again
13:01:39LinusNand it will sit in the tracker and collect dust
13:01:51Zagori was actually wondering when we first introduced it why <whoever> decided to *not* use a filled progress bar
13:02:14LinusNso i'll remove the option, ok?
13:02:33LinusNmuch easier to see the solid bar imho
13:02:34midkhey linux woo
13:03:27LinusNi'll remove the option and make it solid for good
13:03:47CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:03:47*LinusN is awaiting the NOOOOOOO!!!! scream
13:04:03BlueChipI'd love to care that much, sorry :(
13:04:04midkoh come on
13:04:16midk*sets autoreplace
13:04:17LinusNSOLD to the guy in the corner!
13:04:32midkwow, free
13:04:35midki didn't even bid.
13:04:40LinusNyou blinked
13:04:48midkthat's fine, it's still free
13:04:52midk...isn't it?
13:05:11midkwhat did i purchase anyways? :)
13:05:20LinusNa load of old shit
13:06:01Zagoryeah, I agree to go solid. it'll be interesting to see if anyone liked the old way better :)
13:06:18midki don't want it
13:06:25midkgoing three times
13:06:27midkSOLD TO BCBC!!
13:06:37midk*hands it over on a rusty, old platter
13:10:37LinusNthe progress bar is now solid for good
13:10:56LinusNis there any other use for the slidebar widget?
13:11:12Zagoryeah, in the file browser
13:11:52LinusNfunny, the scroll bar in the file browser is a slide bar
13:13:40LinusNme silly
13:14:03Zagorgosh, why do we have three different widgets for that?
13:14:52LinusNthe slide bar is only used by the video plugin
13:15:11Zagorthose three should be merged to one, imho
13:15:12midkand progressbar
13:15:25midkwps progress bar*
13:15:31midkum.. did anyone notice the new patch
13:15:38midkslidebar or progressbar for the wps?
13:15:53Zagormidk: go look in cvs
13:15:56LinusNnoticed it too now
13:16:09midkoh. neet!
13:16:09Zagoror just 20 lines up here :)
13:16:18dwihnoI was about to check out the CVS stuff... What is needed for simulator? And where is the CVS nowadays? :)
13:16:34 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
13:16:53Zagordwihno: :)
13:17:08dwihnobah ;D
13:18:10BlueChipAND fonts
13:18:49BlueChipcvs co rockbox-devel
13:19:14BlueChipcd rockbox-devel
13:19:28BlueChipcvs co fonts
13:20:10LinusNi will remove the progressbar() and slidebar() functions
13:21:16BlueChipmy devkit has that (and a number of other things) as scripts ...above was "cvsget"
13:21:55LinusNi think such scripts do more harm than good, imho
13:22:08BlueChipgotta bear in mind my target audience
13:22:08 Quit AciD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:22:17BlueChipALWAYS consider your audience
13:22:55BlueChipin the devkit, you then hit f3 and end up with a sim
13:22:58LinusNmy approach is that the audience should take every chance to learn something
13:23:12BlueChipstay out of the entertainment industry
13:23:40dwihnoLinusN: Just a quickie... I'll put my menu framework in separate files. My "slider-progress-thingy", should it be placed in widgets?
13:23:42LinusN(since when did C development become entertainment industry :-))
13:23:43BlueChipmy was is not the right way for everybody
13:24:05LinusNmenu framework?
13:24:19BlueChipoh geez dude, is this your gui?
13:24:21dwihnoLinusN: Well, GUI shit :)
13:24:50BlueChipi was impressed while it was still crashing
13:25:16midkwhat are you talking about. lol
13:25:24Zagordwihno: you should use the slider we have, not add another
13:25:47dwihnoZagor: I want a pretty slider deluxe! :D
13:26:04Zagoris it much bigger than the one we have?
13:26:05BlueChipcould this slider replace the old one?
13:26:21midkwhat about a checkered one?
13:26:24*BlueChip mutters something about random number generators
13:26:36*midk ignores BlueChip
13:27:07dwihnoZagor: Dunno, haven't seen it, I guess...
13:28:31Zagormy point is the same as BCs: if your slider is better in all aspects we should simply replace the old one.
13:30:27LinusNmidk: you use progressbar() in your clock plugin, which progress bar are you referring to?
13:30:44midkthe progress bar, the one that fills up.
13:30:52midkthe one that is now at the wps
13:31:33midkslidebar makes a small rect at the current level, progressbar fills up as the level increases, and scrollbar resizes a small rect at the current level.
13:31:37midkdon't you know your OWN CODE?
13:32:13LinusNi am stupid
13:32:23midki noticed... that you aren't
13:32:23LinusNi confused you with dwihno
13:32:26midki mean
13:32:29midkdid i mean that?
13:32:39midkwhatever. i have no comment on the 'stupid' statement.
13:32:51LinusNdwihno: yes, put the deluxe slider in widgets.c
13:35:29 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
13:36:02Zagorwhy do we want an ugly slider if dwinho has written a pretty one?
13:36:35dwihnoMy slider is huge
13:36:45dwihnoIt fits ~ 3 sliders per page
13:36:51midkresize it.
13:36:57midkwhat's so fancy about it?
13:36:58dwihnoIt will look ugly
13:37:09dwihnoit has text, progress bar and percentage display
13:37:14midkoh, cool!
13:37:21Zagorwhat are you writing?
13:37:41midk{====4:22[]73% }
13:38:18midkyou can pack the sysfixed font in and keep it 7px high probably
13:38:20LinusNzagor: new sound settings
13:38:25midktops of letters will be cut off, but...
13:39:25BlueChipdown with audio-3587 - lol
13:39:41midki like the mdb screen
13:40:12BlueChipi've got some crazy stereo-sep settings saved on mine - you can do some real groovy stuff with that
13:43:57 Join AciD [0] (
13:54:51midkoh boy am i tired... it's 5 am.
13:54:56midkokay, maybe sleep time?
13:55:00 Nick midk is now known as midk|bed (
14:24:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:26:17 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
14:42:52 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:47:06amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I just saw a v2 recorder at the local Saturn market
14:48:37*LinusN wants a recorder for his wife
14:48:59BlueChipsounds like a fair deal
14:49:13*webmind only has a player, sorry
14:49:15amiconnThey sell it for 199...
14:49:30BlueChipweb: you may get one of his children for that
14:51:28webmindthat could be fun
14:54:30ZagorLinusN: hey, you have two already. don't hoard them all for yourself :)
14:54:55BlueChipTWO WIVES!!! :O
14:55:38BlueChipno wonder he's willing to trade one for an mp3 player is bad enough
14:56:43LinusNi need my recorders for developing purposes
14:57:25Zagorwell it's not like she's living in another town ;)
14:59:03LinusNit's for travelling, silly :-)
15:01:08LinusN[IDC]Dragon: u there?
15:03:19 Join Christi-S [0] (
15:03:59LinusNhi Christi-S
15:04:08LinusNthe daily build worked!
15:04:26BlueChipgotta go now - l8rz all :)
15:04:30LinusNBlueChip: cu
15:04:38 Part BlueChip
15:04:48Christi-SCool. Nice to see the patch go in too. I did think about suggesting just making it the default, but I don't like to change default behaviour.
15:05:49LinusNisn't it wonderful to have to make a new screenshot of the wps? :-)
15:06:40Christi-SWas the consensus that pretty much everyone preferred the new bar then?
15:06:56LinusNwe didn't ask around that much
15:07:12Zagorwe prefer to just change stuff and listen to the screams ;)
15:07:48Christi-SI guess if there's huge complaints, you can always add the option again.
15:07:59Christi-SBut somehow I doubt there will be.
15:08:04LinusNme too
15:09:05amiconnPersonally I don't care much about the exact look of the progressbar
15:09:12LinusNsame here
15:09:24LinusNalthough i think i like the solid one better
15:10:16*Christi-S is of the same opinion. It was just a nice easy thing to do for a first patch.
15:10:47Christi-SThere's always a learning curve with someone else's code. I prefer to climb slowly.
15:11:00LinusNi think you did it very well
15:11:23LinusNi can't remember any first patch with correct LANG ID's and correct settings code
15:12:01*Christi-S grins. I was writing C for IBM 12 years ago. They tend to teach good programming practice.
15:12:32Christi-SWell, and that you must pseudocode everything, but no-one's *always* right. ;)
15:13:42amiconnLinusN: But then the settings code was simplified by Jrg recently
15:15:14*Christi-S is thinking about how to make saving and loading settings work better. I plug my JB in to several sound systems depending on where I am, and it's a bit fiddly to maintain umpteen different config files and drop to a menu 5 levels down if I want to change.
15:15:56Christi-SI also finally bit the bullet and set up a proper linux dev. environment. It was a lot less painful than I'd thought.
15:16:17Christi-SBut I will finish the sodding manual before writing any more patches.
15:16:34amiconnLinusN: Is the mp3 playback in the X11 sim supposed to work under cygwin also?
15:17:49LinusNi have absolutely no idea
15:18:08amiconnChristi-S: I store my config files in the drive's root to have quick access
15:18:34amiconnLinusN: Btw, got my question concerning bitmaps under X11?
15:18:50LinusNyeah, i think it can be done with bitmaps as well
15:18:57LinusNbut i am no x11 ninja
15:19:11*Christi-S nods. I suppose you can just play them from there. But don't they have to be in .rockbox for the settings to be remembered over poweroffs.
15:20:10amiconnChristi-S: You can play them from anywhere. The permanent settings are not stored in these files, but in a special sector of the hd and in the RTC (recorders only)
15:20:56amiconnThe only files that have to be under .rockbox to be used permanently are .wps, .lng (and of course .voice)
15:21:46*amiconn looks if cygwin does provide libmad...
15:23:10Christi-SFair enough. Can you delete all the settings you want the config file to leave alone from the .cfg file safely?
15:23:39Christi-SThat just about solves every problem I have then.
15:24:57LinusNi think it would be nice to have a "save sound settings" feature
15:25:10LinusNsave a .cfg file with only sound settings
15:26:31amiconnNo libmad for cygwin, at least in the official distribution :(
15:27:18amiconnHowever, the X11 sim does compile without it
15:28:06LinusNyes, you have to enable libmad in the makefile to use it
15:29:58LinusNmake HAVE_MPEG_PLAY=1
15:30:34 Join Christi-S- [0] (
15:30:39Christi-S-Hmm I wonder if it's worth implementing a "default" config file and saving other files as diffs to the default, or is that just unnecessarily complex?
15:31:02LinusNwhy would you want that?
15:31:11amiconnAway again.
15:32:14Christi-S-Well for the situation where you plug in your box to multiple setups and want different configs for each, but a lot of the options (UI, for example) are probably going to stay the same.
15:33:11Christi-S-Maybe this is something most people don't do. But I plug my JB into headphones, PC, stereo, etc depending on where I am,
15:33:57LinusNthat's what i thought my "save sound settings" proposal would solve
15:34:52Zagoreither that, or trim the config files manually
15:34:59*Christi-S- nods. Not seen the proposal, but it sounds like it might. Except that for in car use, you probably want to change font and wps too.
15:35:12 Join blufrog [0] (BlueFrog19@DIALUP-147-227.TNKNO2.USIT.NET)
15:35:42ZagorChristi-S-: an "incomplete" (not all options present) config file will act as a diff
15:35:43LinusNChristi-S-: i proposed it 15:25 in this very channel :-)
15:35:46blufrogwhy is there a D&D channel on here
15:35:57Zagorblufrog: this is not a d&d channel
15:35:58LinusNblufrog: ?????
15:36:06*Christi-S- is happy to trim manually. However, it'd be nice if it didn't require 'l33t haX0r 5k1ll5" to do that sort of thing.
15:36:31Zagorwell, cutting lines from a text file isn't particularly difficult
15:36:33*Christi-S- wonders if it's worth starting to include a library of premade WPS screens as well.
15:36:44blufroglinus i can explain.
15:36:55LinusNChristi-S-: <LinusN> i think it would be nice to have a "save sound settings" feature
15:36:55LinusN<LinusN> save a .cfg file with only sound settings
15:36:56Zagori think the wiki wps gallery is good enough
15:37:09Zagormost people who download rockbox have internet access :)
15:37:15*Christi-S- nods to Linus. It's a good idea.
15:37:47Christi-S-True, Zagor, but we provide a whole bunch of fonts by default, why not do the same for WPS files. They're hardly huge.
15:38:11Zagorcan't hurt, i guess
15:38:18blufrogdo you have any good WPS files
15:39:54blufrogim sorry guys but you have to have the file size in there somewhere
15:40:07blufroguntil you do, your WPS will always be inferior to mine
15:40:38Christi-S-That's the point of configurable WPS. You get the display *you* want.
15:40:56blufrogahhh christi, and thus you have answered your own question
15:41:04Christi-S-But I imagine other users not up to making their own might like a choice of styles.
15:41:07blufrogthats why fonts are included in teh download, and wps are not
15:41:32*Christi-S- pulls a face at blufrog and points at the second part of her statement.
15:41:46blufrogchristis is nice cause it has battery life
15:42:08blufrogholy crap how come it says 19h battery life??
15:42:31Christi-S-I think that's a lie. But I have higher cap LIons in my machine.
15:42:55blufrogoh its v2 recorder with LIon batteries?
15:43:19 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:43:32Christi-S-I also record everything at 256Kbps, so my battery runs down faster. ;)
15:43:35blufrogsorry im so stupid guys. i want to apologize for it now
15:43:48blufrogi know i talk a lot, but i learn so much here
15:44:07blufrogyou encode at vbr ... that would be better i think
15:44:18blufroglike about 190 vbr
15:44:58blufrogjust curious ... what programs and encoders does everyone use to encode with
15:45:34Christi-S-I've actually switched to 256 with the new style of VBR whose name I forget but which averages out to the bit rate you specify.
15:46:00Christi-S-I did sound tests when I first started ripping and decided that I was certain I could hear no degredation at 256.
15:46:08Christi-S-Not true at 192, sadly.
15:46:31Christi-S-Exact Audio Copy (but I used CDex for a long time)
15:46:47blufrogi use audiograbber with the lame encoder
15:46:52 Join Ka_ [0] (
15:47:13blufrogmmm roger water mp3s.
15:47:18blufrogdid you encode that yourself?
15:47:35blufrogdo you have that cd of his with the bird on the cover
15:47:49Christi-S-Erm, possibly. Is that Amused to Death?
15:47:58blufrogyep. thats it. can i borrow it?
15:48:08*Christi-S- hardly ever sees the covers.
15:48:12blufrogthere was a time i looked everywhere for that, but couldnt find it
15:48:20LinusNi have to go
15:48:22LinusNcu folx
15:48:24Zagorall my cds are in a box on the attic
15:48:29 Part LinusN
15:48:31Christi-S-Sorry, no. I don't lend CDs.
15:48:40blufrogbut christi... but...
15:48:52blufrogi will let you borrow my kate bush cds
15:49:12Christi-S-That's but I have enough Kate Bush. ;)
15:49:32blufrogyou can never have enough kate bush, until you have all kate bush
15:49:55blufrogi have a serious question though, maybe someone can help.
15:50:21Christi-S-There you go, Blufrog, under 6 UK pounds.
15:50:37blufrogi think it would weigh the same in the US wouldnt it
15:50:45Zagordoesn't look like a bird to me ;)
15:50:59Christi-S-Search on rather than for US prices.
15:51:06 Join scott666 [0] (
15:51:26blufrogits a tortoise! how did it change to a tortoise?
15:51:46Christi-S-I think it's actually an ape.
15:51:46blufrogor as we say in portuguese... tortuga
15:51:56*Zagor agrees with Christi-S-
15:52:29blufrogno, tortuga translates to tortoise, im pretty sure
15:53:22Zagoryeah, but there's no tortoise in that image
15:53:45blufroghey, roger waters stuff is expensive in the us
15:54:11Christi-S-Never trust eBay for prices. People pay stupid money on there sometimes.
15:54:35blufrogi sold a sparkelhorse cd for about 15 bucks
15:55:43blufrogmy serious question is this...
15:56:32blufrogis it possible to use windows2000 or windowsME or windoes98 to format/partitiion a 40gb harddrive after it has already been installed in an archos?
15:57:08blufrogbecause i installed an unformatted drive in my archos, but i havent partitiioned it yet FAT32
15:57:29blufrogand im sure its got to be possible to do via USB, but i havent read or seen anything about anyone doing it, anywhere
15:59:06Christi-S-If you have a choice, try Windows ME. 2k/XP is fussy about creating large FAT32 partitions.
15:59:26blufrogoh k
15:59:42Christi-S-But it should just be a matter of plugging it in and selecting "format" on the drive.
15:59:57Christi-S-If not, then there's a tool on the website for formatting large fat disks.
16:00:15blufrogon the archos or rockbox site?
16:02:00blufrogso it isnt necessary to buy a 2.5 to 3.5 HD adapter?
16:03:38Christi-S-I don't believe so, although if that fails, they aren't exactly pricey.
16:04:21Christi-S-(Usual disclaimer - I am not a USB hard drive expert, etc. etc. etc.)
16:05:13blufrogchristi you have poor vision, that cracks me up
16:05:59blufrogChristiScarborough - 03 Jul 2004
16:05:59blufrogI don't see too well so I created a couple of WPSes that I think are a bit clearer
16:06:31*Christi-S- nods. I just don't understand why you think it's funny.
16:07:06blufrogi have a rare sense of humor
16:07:54blufrogcan i ask you a question christi?
16:08:24blufrogdo you think compact flash is more often spelt compactflash, or with a space?
16:08:36Christi-S-Erm, usually with a space.
16:09:11 Join AciD` [0] (
16:09:45blufrogyeah i would think so too
16:11:19blufrogwhat type of archos do you have
16:11:31Christi-S-FM recorder.
16:11:41blufrogohhh. 20gb?
16:12:29Christi-S-Upgraded to 60. I like carrying my entire CD collection round with me.
16:13:44blufrogoh my. do you have a list of your entire music list
16:14:19blufrog i used to post a list of all my mp3s on an undisclosed angelfire account, but i dont have a computer now
16:14:34 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
16:14:53blufrogim jealous of you
16:15:09Christi-S-Don't be. There's more to life than having a shiny MP3 player.
16:16:02*Christi-S- sighs - the UI simulator and VNC really don't seem to get on.
16:16:08blufrogis there really? certainly you dont believe that
16:16:16Zagorworks great in X11 over ssh
16:17:55*Christi-S- nods. Well technically I could just use the monitor switch box and do it on the console, but it's a pain to have to keep switching.
16:22:09blufrogtheres a room on this server called #D&D
16:23:16Zagoruh, yeah. there's an #a&a too. and #ai, #alx and 1860 others.
16:23:45blufrogi cast magic missle!
16:23:48*Christi-S- comes up with a solution. Install a VNC server on my Windows box too.
16:24:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:26:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:46:13blufrogbye everyone. thanks for helping me.
16:46:34blufrogand christi, you need to send me a DVD-R with all the roger waters MP3s on it!
16:47:04 Quit blufrog ()
16:52:44 Quit gromit`zzZZ` (Remote closed the connection)
16:52:53 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
17:02:47 Join edx [0] (
17:38:12 Join minitrx [0] (
17:38:12 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:39:10minitrxhi, any1 can help me flash my rom ?
17:41:29 Quit minitrx (Client Quit)
17:52:39 Join Christi-S [0] (
17:52:45Christi-SArgh - how, if at all, does one run plugins under the simulator?
17:55:34 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (Session timeout)")
17:55:58Zagorjust run them, as on the archos
17:56:20Christi-SAh. Browse plugins doesn't seem to work on the sim, but.
17:56:32 Quit Christi-S- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:10:28 Part Zagor
18:12:03 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:12:33 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
18:24:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:40:22 Join silencer [0] (
18:53:06 Quit silencer ("leaving")
18:58:02Christi-SRight, I've now updated all the screenshots in the manual, I think I'll call that enough for today.
19:03:24 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:33:56 Part scott666
19:33:57 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:40:21 Join zeekoe [0] (
19:45:45 Join Rob2222 [0] (
19:46:01zeekoeanyone here?
19:46:18Rob2222gooed evening
19:46:45zeekoegooed evening too
19:46:54zeekoewho is dogbert?
19:47:20Rob2222someone i thought he's here
19:48:25zeekoeguess he isnt :P
19:48:43zeekoei think he just hid before you came in :P
19:48:54Rob2222i think, too
19:50:08zeekoedo you know if it's possible to browse for music files while playing?
19:50:16zeekoein archos os it's possible
19:50:24zeekoebut i couldnt figure how to do it in rockbox
19:50:40Rob2222huh, sorry, i dont have an archos
19:51:26Rob2222im searching for dogbert
19:51:50Rob2222but he doesn't have an archos, too
19:52:51Rob2222we've Iriver players
19:52:55 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:54:59zeekoeare they good?
19:55:12zeekoedo they have rockbox? :P
19:56:21 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:09:11Rob2222zeekoe: maybe, we are on the way to get own code running on the iriver
20:09:43Rob2222hos os it's possible
20:09:43Rob2222[19:51:16] <zeekoe> but i co
20:20:11zeekoesorry, dont have an irc client which blinks on messages...
20:20:41zeekoei hope you'll have luck with the iriver
20:21:01zeekoeanyone listening here?
20:21:12*zeekoe having question :)
20:21:30zeekoecan't find the flashable rockbox on your site
20:24:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:33:09zeekoenobody who can find the flashable rockbox?
20:39:57 Nick midk|bed is now known as midk (
20:54:07midkcalm DOWN
20:54:12midki will find it for you, sir lazy.
20:55:04midkrec, fm or v2?
20:55:14 Join Christi-S [0] (
20:57:32 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:02:00 Quit Christi-S ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
21:02:02 Join Christi-S [0] (
21:02:26midkhey Christi-S, was that your slidebar patch?
21:02:59*Christi-S nods. Although they decided to just make the progress bar the new one rather than have it as an option.
21:03:15Christi-S(which means it's about 1 line of code that's actually mine. ;)
21:03:51midkyeah :) but still, the patch was good... must say, good job - i commented on it
21:04:01 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:04:07 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:04:09midki coded that once, you code stealer..
21:04:13midkzeekoe. what model
21:04:15midkfm, rec, v2?
21:07:10midkwhatever then
21:07:15midklook here.
21:09:14zeekoesorry, was going offline
21:09:20zeekoehad to drink tea and stuff
21:09:41midk:) np
21:10:11zeekoei have jukebox recorder 20
21:10:20zeekoeso that is
21:10:23zeekoei suppose
21:10:49zeekoewhich rockbox version is it?
21:11:20midkpretty old..
21:11:24midkprobably 2.2
21:11:31midkupdate when you finish
21:11:41zeekoei was using that until half an hour ago...
21:11:45zeekoeso it's old :P
21:11:56midkhaha :)
21:12:22zeekoehmm... i guess the rockbox also checks hard disc for ajbrec.ajz?
21:12:33midknope.. go ahead and take it out
21:12:41midki leave it out anyways.. it's not needed
21:12:47midkjust clutters up the root
21:12:50zeekoebut how can i use the newest firmware?
21:13:02midkflash first, then upgrade with a UCL
21:13:30zeekoei've read something about UCLs...
21:13:45midkget them in the daily build pack
21:13:56midkTO UPGRADE: ok unzip the whole pack to your archos.
21:14:01midkthe daily build
21:14:10midkROLO into the ajbrec.ajz file that will be in root.
21:14:31midkrun the rockbox.ucl that is in /.rockbox/ (/.rockbox/rockbox.ucl)
21:14:38midkpress F2 and let it flash
21:14:42midkreboot your box, will be ugpraded
21:14:47midkand you can delete the ajbrec
21:15:18zeekoei also got a AJBM.ajz, i guess it's also just cluttering up the root?
21:15:24zeekoe(bought the unit 2nd hand)
21:15:40midkcjbm.ajz you mean?
21:16:08midkwhatever it is, it can go.
21:16:13midkyou could try ROLOing it
21:16:16midksee if it's anything good..
21:17:29zeekoei already tried ROLOing it
21:17:37zeekoeit said corrupt file or so
21:17:46zeekoeAJBM.AJZ is it called
21:17:57zeekoewell... not anymore now :P
21:18:46zeekoeokay... now it is time...
21:19:02midkit can't fail during this flash
21:19:12midkif it does fail there is a very simple recovery method
21:20:43zeekoethe docs say it can
21:20:58zeekoethe simple method is opening the device, soldering a serial thing, etc? :P
21:21:23zeekoemy hardware mask is 0x0302 btw
21:21:39zeekoemaybe you'd like to know that :)
21:22:59midkthe first flash is the dangerous one...
21:23:14midkbut after the first flash it is foolproof really..
21:24:06zeekoe:( why do you say that now
21:24:11zeekoeit screwed up
21:24:19zeekoenah, just kidding :D
21:25:20zeekoeit's fast :):)
21:25:57zeekoehmm... my drive letters keep growing
21:26:04zeekoeit started at L: and now it's P:
21:26:20zeekoeanyway, thanks a lot!
21:26:27zeekoeit works :-D
21:27:31zeekoewell yeah, i have my hard disk a bit split up
21:27:45zeekoeit's c,d,f,g,h,i
21:27:46midkhow many partitions?
21:28:06midkholy hell.. i used to, including peripherals etc, be up to like J..
21:28:08zeekoenero fake cdrom=i,j
21:28:11midkbot wow
21:28:16midkbut wow*
21:28:33zeekoeand a ramdisk z, but that one never worked :P
21:28:40zeekoestill have to remove it sometime
21:30:17zeekoehave today's cvs inside
21:30:50midkwoo.... try the new features
21:31:03midki haven't updated for about a month now, maybe i better. :)
21:31:24zeekoei want voice menus!!! :)
21:31:35midkinstall them.
21:31:40zeekoethe video is still out of sync...
21:32:16midkhmmm not for me usually
21:33:25zeekoeyeah, allready got it
21:33:38zeekoeyou tries the windows installer?
21:33:43zeekoefor what
21:33:47midkfor archos.
21:33:57midkrockbox installer.
21:34:08midk"Windows installer"
21:34:24zeekoei saw it too
21:34:40midkyeah.. seems pretty nice.
21:35:07zeekoeheh funny
21:35:19zeekoedoes it check for archos device version?
21:35:29midkno, you specify
21:36:11zeekoeit's q now :-)
21:36:30 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:36:32midkthat's a lot.
21:36:45zeekoei wonder what it does after Y
21:36:54midkhmm, check!
21:38:02midkhmm, WTF.
21:38:07zeekoehmm... didnt put the voice into the right directory
21:38:10zeekoeso now its r
21:38:21zeekoewhats wrong?
21:39:02midkread the instructions..
21:39:12zeekoeyeah i know
21:39:16zeekoeim doing that :)
21:39:52zeekoethis rocks!
21:40:26midka fool and his voice clip is soon united. :)
21:41:43zeekoeso i'm a fool? ;)
21:42:21zeekoein holland we say something like "a child's hand is easily filled"
21:43:19midkhaha, that's pretty much what i meant :D
21:43:27zeekoei thought that
21:43:40zeekoethe jpeg viewer is cool too
21:44:05midkyeah... bit long to decode, but usable
21:44:13midkvideo, jpeg.. wow this thing has come far
21:44:50zeekoewhee... the new version has got vu-meter when playing!!!
21:46:11zeekoeyeah, but that one is not shown automatically when playing
21:46:18midkwhat vu meter then..
21:46:21midkthe peak meters?
21:46:36zeekoethe ones when you disable status bar
21:46:44zeekoeor did the old one have them too?
21:46:45midkdo you have a custom wps yet?
21:46:48midkmake a wps
21:46:49midkit's fun
21:46:56midkthen you can have what you want where you want
21:46:58zeekoei read stuff about wps
21:47:01zeekoeoh boy
21:47:02midkcustomize what it shows when playing a song
21:47:05zeekoerockbox really rocks
21:47:09midkPEAK METER
21:47:10midkPROGRESS BAR
21:47:11zeekoeI WANT THAT!!!
21:47:47zeekoei just got my recorder one day, still have lot to learn and read :)
21:48:00midkyeah.. :)
21:51:43midkalso have a look here.
21:52:29zeekoehey... that's cool too
21:52:49midkjust some that some have made
21:55:20 Join AciD [0] (
21:57:02zeekoei like the jensarnold wps
21:57:37midkya... just a suggestion for the font.. hebrew-bold
21:58:09amiconnzeekoe: That's me :)
21:58:38zeekoeamiconn: good work! :P
21:59:24midkamiconn i was going to mention something to you...
21:59:35midki forget now
21:59:48midkmust not be important :D
21:59:58zeekoewell, thanks guys!
22:00:19zeekoei'm going to do something else
22:00:51zeekoethis becomes cooler everytime :-D whee
22:00:59midkPICK HEBREW BOLD!
22:01:01midkYEAH WOOO
22:02:49 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:04:59 Join Christi-S [0] (
22:05:03Christi-SAnyone got any idea what the DELETE option is for on the Player virtual keyboard?
22:05:38Christi-SNo, that's BACKSPACE
22:05:42Christi-SConfusing, eh?
22:05:57midkwell probably like delete on a regular keyboard them
22:06:05midkerases a letter in front of the cursor.
22:06:40 Join NibbIer [0] (
22:08:10 Join _aLF [0] (
22:08:19midkChristi-S, is that it?
22:08:53Christi-SYeah. The simulator doesn't show a cursor, so I couldn't figure out how to navigate within the filename.
22:09:00Christi-SBut sorted now.
22:09:14_aLFIs it possible to use two fonts in WPS ? or use another font that in others screens ?
22:09:26amiconn_aLF: no
22:10:42_aLFeven system font and another ?
22:11:21Christi-SHmm - no way to move about within the name on the recorder that I can find.
22:12:16midkchristi_s - on+left/right
22:12:36midkchristi-s* sorry.
22:16:00 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:16:01 Nick NibbIer is now known as Nibbler (
22:17:42Christi-SDon't be sorry. I'm trying to document it. That's why I'm asking.
22:18:16midki meant sorry for spelling your name wrong.
22:18:36midkbut the keys are "on" + "right" or "left".
22:24:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:03 Join zeekoe [0] (
22:27:13zeekoethere and back again...
22:27:25midka nerd's tale.
22:27:33zeekoe:P indeed
22:27:36zeekoehebrew bold you said?
22:27:53midkmost like atadore.. but i like hebrew-bold
22:27:55midkOR atadore.
22:28:50zeekoei just use the "recommended" one, rockfont-8
22:28:53zeekoei like it
22:29:02midkhmm, usuck.
22:29:11midkhaha, rockfont-8 is the same really as hebrew bold.
22:29:16midkjust bold is bolder.
22:29:29midkthat means there is a bit longer to scroll a whole line of text, but..
22:30:47zeekoewith rockfont-8 scrolling is not needed
22:31:03zeekoethat's one reason why i like it
22:31:11midkheh, it's all right.
22:31:16midk*cries and walks away
22:32:03zeekoedoes one need to turn on the shock buffer to prevent the hard disk spinning up often?
22:34:44 Quit Christi-S ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
22:34:48 Join Christi-S [0] (
22:37:25zeekoei wouldnt ask dumb questions again :)
22:37:29zeekoealready found it
22:39:49midkyou should leave it off...
22:45:32zeekoethe chip8 emulator is fun too
22:46:34zeekoebut the archos is a bit too fast :-)
22:48:52 Join Gazel [0] (
22:51:39 Join Strath [0] (
22:51:39zeekoeChristi-S: the DEL key just does backspace
22:51:51*Christi-S nods.
22:51:52zeekoeChristi-S: well, in the rename menu anyway
22:52:05Christi-SYeah. I noticed.
22:52:18Christi-SOn the player it's different. (And bloody confusing actually.)
22:53:27Christi-SMaybe a bit, but you do the best you can. Doing a keyboard in 2x8 can't be easy.
22:53:43zeekoenope, that's right
22:53:52zeekoehow did they do that?
22:53:58zeekoedo you have some screenshots?
22:54:19zeekoeor is that just what you're trying to do now? :)
22:56:21zeekoehow evil
22:56:32zeekoethe hard drive letter sticks at V:\
22:57:01zeekoeit's the same now, three times in a row
23:01:25midkthree Vs?
23:02:02amiconnzeekoe: WinXP?
23:02:21zeekoeall the old drive letters leave
23:02:38zeekoebut when replugged in, the new drive letter changes everytime
23:02:41zeekoeuntil V:
23:05:27zeekoeamiconn: yes, winxp
23:05:48amiconnThis is one of the numerous Explorer bugs;
23:06:04amiconnif that occurs, close the explorer and reopen it
23:06:26amiconnif it still didn't go away, there might be a hung explorer process
23:06:26zeekoeif i then replugin my archos, it should be J again?
23:06:53zeekoelet's try
23:07:37amiconnNo, though it should be always the same letter, and no duplicates should be displayed
23:07:55zeekoebut there weren't any duplicates displayed
23:08:03zeekoejust the letter changed from time to time
23:13:22 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:13:28midkyo amiconn woo.
23:13:44amiconn_Grr, Router crashed
23:14:07 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:14:07 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:15:03midkgood thinking.
23:16:20 Part zeekoe
23:16:24 Join zeekoe [0] (
23:17:44zeekoewhat kind of router do you have?
23:18:16midkOH PICK ME
23:18:18midkPICK ME!!
23:19:23amiconnzeekoe: SMC 7004VBR
23:19:42midkooh vbr
23:19:51midkwow, how true
23:21:14zeekoemidk: are you a donkey or so?
23:21:38midkoh yes
23:21:43midk*makes donky noises
23:21:49zeekoeyou always say PICK ME
23:21:56midkno i?
23:21:59midkdo i*?
23:22:07zeekoemidk: yes
23:22:07midki only recall saying it once.. or twice
23:22:29zeekoeamiconn: i could've told you that it would be bad... pick E-Tech routers ;)
23:22:44midkso um
23:22:47midkpick... me...?
23:23:26amiconnzeekoe: This occured for the first time ever here (have that router for over a year)
23:23:54midkamiconn: died, meaning, it came unplugged or what?
23:24:18amiconnIt just died - no more network traffic
23:25:04zeekoeif you'd have E-Tech you would be mailing to their helpdesk now and I would be reading your email tomorrow :P
23:25:28zeekoebut i think their stuff is only available in holland
23:25:35amiconnMaybe it's related to the fact that we have a little thunderstorm here (but all my equipment is connected to an ups)
23:25:41midkcool... and you would say YO AHAHAHA I KNOW THIS GUY ON IRC!!
23:27:20zeekoei would say PICK ME PICK ME
23:27:56midkand.. amiconn would say "just help me" and you would say "yes sir"
23:28:37midk*zeekoe leans over to other nerd and whispers, "Hey, I know this guy from IRC, isn't that great? GHUHUHUH!!"
23:32:56zeekoehmm... bed time here...
23:33:01_aLFis there a tool to help making WPS file ?
23:33:03zeekoegood night :)
23:33:15zeekoe_aLF: just download standard WPS file :)
23:33:24midk_aLF, no..
23:33:40zeekoethe jensarnold rules, isnt it, amiconn :)
23:34:01 Quit zeekoe ()
23:34:27_aLFthis line doesn't work %t5%pc/%pt;t5%pp/%pe;%t2%fbkBit %?fv<avg|> , I don't know why
23:36:44_aLFfor "Alternating Sublines"
23:37:44midkmaybe because your %t5 is first in the line.
23:37:52midkit should be after the first..
23:40:32 Nick midk is now known as midk|gone (
23:40:34midk|goneseeya later.
23:42:13 Join gromit`` [0] (~gromit`
23:42:44 Quit Christi-S ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
23:45:07 Quit gromit` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:55:55 Quit Gazel ("Leaving")

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