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#rockbox log for 2004-07-11

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09:06:54IcedDoghas anyone upgraded their AJB hard drive? Thinking of replacing my 20GB with a 40GB
09:07:02IcedDoggetting kinda full ;)
09:16:38midkyes, you can
09:16:55midkit's on the rockbox page.
09:17:32IcedDogI figured I'd use that tutorial...
09:18:09IcedDogbeen searching for a replacement HD...think I found a suitable one
09:19:14IcedDogHitachi DK23DA-40F...not sure if it's FAT32 though
09:19:29IcedDogdo most of those drives come as NTFS?
09:20:12midkno, they come 'unformatted'
09:21:02IcedDogI see...what's the best way to format it?
09:22:57IcedDogmore details please...bit of a newb when it comes to this ;)
09:23:44IcedDogdo I have to open up my desktop and connect the HD somehow?
09:24:33midkok no, here's what you do
09:24:44midkpurchase the hard drive... then you have to put it in the archos
09:24:50midkthere are numerous tutorials on the web for it
09:24:59midkwhen it's all installed you plug in USB and then power on
09:25:11midkyou can go to usb from archos f/w, and you can format it from there
09:25:59IcedDogahh...ok...I thought I had to format it before I installed
09:26:18IcedDogso it will at least boot up without being formatted then?
09:27:57midkit should, if you plug in usb first.
09:28:36IcedDognice...thanks for the info bro!
09:35:29IcedDogI'll let you know how it turns
09:37:05midkcome back soon
09:38:25IcedDogwill do..laters
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09:52:10scott666wait. he's not capable of installing a HD in his 'desktop' but he IS capable of installing it in his archos?
09:52:34midkthat's because laptop hdds are smaller
09:52:56scott666well yeah but theres adapters
09:53:32scott666he kind of lost my benefit of doubt by asking if drives come NFTS
09:53:50midkhaha.. i was sort of thinking the same thing
09:54:55scott666also youd think that if he didnt know how to FORMAT a drive, he wouldnt be able to install one in an archos
09:56:21midkcalm down scottey
10:13:08 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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10:56:07webmindNibbIer, you got an eye in you nick
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13:50:20midk|sleeeepienite, sirs.
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16:06:23oxygen77is the rtc chip from St used in rockbox?
16:07:09lImbuslet's see the high-res-pictures
16:07:32lImbusoh well, you mean if the chip is used by the software ?
16:07:35lImbusyes, it is.
16:08:22lImbusit's used for time-purposes as well as storing some settings (resuming for example, as it changes a lot and quickly)
16:08:48lImbusthen, if you modify the hardware a small bit, you can let you wake up
16:09:01oxygen77k, I'm working on avos project
16:09:12oxygen77and we have the same chip in it
16:09:19oxygen77do you know how it is accessed
16:10:22 Join blufrog [0] (BlueFrog19@DIALUP-145-139.TNKNO2.USIT.NET)
16:10:27lImbusmaybe you can check the code. settings.c may be a good starting point, then gooing deeper
16:10:53oxygen77do you know if there is some kind of i2c driver in rockbox?
16:11:44lImbusno idea
16:11:59lImbusI suppose there has to be, but I don't know
16:12:13oxygen77thx anyway
16:12:40lImbusnp. looking if there is a i2c.c somewhere
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16:16:50lImbusoxygen77, there is:*checkout*/firmware/drivers/i2c.c?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain
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16:17:54oxygen77it seems to be related to MAS
16:18:37oxygen77I've seen that the communication with the MAS is done by i2c
16:18:58oxygen77what is strange is that on the av you also have access to battery metter and rtc using i2c
16:18:59lImbussorry, I'm not that hardware-techie to understand those details :-/
16:19:09oxygen77same from me
16:19:23oxygen77but as I'm almost alone on the project ...
16:19:52*lImbus mental notes that nick
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17:36:31lImbusany cvs-write-access-guy in ?
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18:38:36NeoBoyhi there, is anyone alive here this time of day
18:38:47wilerokay so i am using a v1 recorder have the quality set to 5, source is microphone and it worked for the firs tfile but when i tried to record a second file it appeared to work but then when i stopped the recording no file was generated on the drive
18:39:10wileri am using july10 version
18:39:28wileryeah i am
18:39:51BConly thing I can think of, is if you powered it off before it had a chance to close the file?
18:40:30NeoBoyMaybe you guys can help me - my recorder seems to completely discharge the batteries during the charge cycle, instead of charging them...
18:40:46NeoBoydoes this sound like anything common? I just used brand new batteries
18:40:49wilerwell the only thing i am doing is stopping recording, then i am plugging into usb to move the file off
18:41:01BCare you charging with Archos of Rockbox firmware?
18:41:27NeoBoyI can't get rockbox firmware up because i can't get a full charge at this point :( I have archos 1.29d
18:41:33BCwiler: sorry dude, not really my area :(
18:41:35wilerand it seems i need to hit the poweroff button to stop recording
18:41:55wilerahhh okay
18:42:00BChitting and holding power off are two different things
18:42:19BCi read this on the mailing list once
18:42:21wilerright if i just touch poweroff recording stops
18:42:45BCthen wait until the hdd spins down to be on the (overly) safe side
18:43:08BCwiler: if you can come up with a set of direction that will make my unit do the same thing we could be on to a winner
18:43:37BCNeoBoy: if the archos f/w is draining the battery then it is not a rockbox problem
18:44:00BCdo you swap batteries often/
18:44:12 Join scott666 [0] (
18:44:15NeoBoyYou think it's the firmware? I think it may be something w/hardware, because I am unable to charge period
18:44:39NeoBoyIt sits at "charging" screen, and never charges fully. When i take batteries out they are completely drained
18:45:18NeoBoyis there anything you thinik i can look at?
18:45:42scott666you could try an external charger
18:45:45DBUGEnqueued KICK BC
18:45:45BC[17:44] <BC> do you swap batteries often? ...why do people ask for help and then ignore the questions they are asked?
18:46:09NeoBoySorry missed it, no this is first time I swapped batteries in 1.5 years
18:46:52NeoBoyI don't have ext charger, but I don't think archos will take the beating from swapping batteries every day, the covers seem very fragile\
18:46:57BChmm, the spring (-) battery connector is JUST soldered on, but it should survive a nuber of changes before dying
18:47:05BChave you connected a non-archos charger?
18:47:14NeoBoyno only used archos charger
18:47:31BCdoes the unit power up if it is OFF when you plug it in?
18:47:58NeoBoyarchos started up and was playing on the new batteries before i decided to charge them since the store said the weren't charged
18:48:13NeoBoyIt powers up on the adapter, but then goes into HD error
18:48:26BCnew batteries need several "cycles" to get them kick-started
18:48:34BCdo you have an external charger?
18:49:13NeoBoyno i don't - but do you think it's the "cycles" issue? because archos charger seemed to drain then completely, stripping them of whatever little juice they had brand new
18:50:04BCto be honest this is a new one on me, it's weird
18:50:07NeoBoyrockbox site has a document about broken solder joints near the ends, but I don't know if this is it since my unit played befoe I started charging
18:50:24NeoBoyand probably would still play if i inserted charged batts
18:51:13BCyou can pop the back off and check the solder joints?
18:52:07NeoBoyShould I? I may not have all the screwdrivers, but i will do it if there's nothing else to check
18:52:35BCthe unit ONLY runs off batteries
18:52:47BCif ti powers with the mains, then the batteries must be in the circuit
18:52:55BCwhy did you replace the batteries?
18:53:24NeoBoybecause they showed signs of being over used, like the lcd screen started flickering during playback and the unit would reboot
18:53:43scott666after being charged for how long?
18:53:51BCwere they holding a charge better than the new ones?
18:54:20NeoBoythe new ones never got charged
18:54:21NeoBoyI tried the second pair of archos batteries, charging process discharged them completely. I thought that's because they weren't used for 1.5 years, so i went out and got a new set, same thing happened
18:55:14DBUGEnqueued KICK scott666
18:55:14scott666<scott666> after being charged for how long?
18:55:16NeoBoyi left the charger on for 13 hours. it never shoewed "fully charged" so i stopped and try to power on the unit. turned out the batteries drained completely
18:55:36scott666oops...good thing logbot isnt an op
18:55:53scott666was deep discharge on?
18:56:06NeoBoyscott it's archos firmware 1.29d
18:56:27NeoBoyi can't switch it to anything else until i get some power
18:56:43BC"fully charged" is only displayed for a few minutes until the unit drains enough with the light to start charging again have to be looking at the right time to see it (bad huh?)
18:56:47scott666id say get an external charger
18:57:03scott666if that works you know somethings wrong with the charging circuit
18:57:09NeoBoyBC yeah i know... that's why I stopped at 13h
18:57:22NeoBoyBC if the joints were broken, woudl the unit still run on fresh batteries?
18:57:47BCfresh batteries are NOT a good test
18:57:58BCfresh batteries need conditioning
18:58:12BC3x full charge/full drain
18:58:43NeoBoybut the SOBs don't get charged , they get drained :(
18:59:10NeoBoyI opened compartments, no evidence of extra heat or burned contacts or anything
18:59:35NeoBoyDoes the brand of NIMHs matter for archos charger?
19:01:07BCtry the old batteries, I know it is not a long-term fix, but it may help work out what is happening
19:01:16 Quit wiler ("Killed by frash (Requested by panasync)")
19:01:17BCbe gentle swapping bateries
19:02:05NeoBoyok i am gonna give it a try. at least i know it was working before, although playback was bad. at least if they charge, i will know it's not the charging unit
19:03:01BCif the solder is broken, it may not be obvious to the untrained eye - what you are looking for is a hairline crack where the solder thouches the board (iirc)
19:03:40NeoBoybut wouldnt this break the circuit so there's no power even on fresh cells?
19:04:03BCit may may the circuit weak, and tempramental until it goes completely
19:05:30NeoBoyI see. the new batteries i am trying now are 2000mah from radio shack. i was told they are standard NiMH cells, could it be however that they are made to work with a specific charger, or is it unlikely?
19:06:28BCno, nimh is nimh
19:06:36BC[17:59] <NeoBoy> Does the brand of NIMHs matter for archos charger?
19:06:36BC[18:00] <scott666> no
19:07:23NeoBoyOkay guys, that's very much for your help :)
19:07:49NeoBoyI am gonna try to get the tools and see if i can spot anything with the solder joints
19:08:20NeoBoyhopefully the archos will revive somehow
19:08:35NeoBoy"that's very much" - thanks very much
19:09:06BCplease come back with more Q's or you findings :)
19:09:53NeoBoywill do
19:09:59 Quit NeoBoy ()
19:15:26scott666BC: lol
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19:16:05*scott666 is learning CVS
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19:18:15BCdid you read the cvs doc on the cyborg systems page?
19:18:31BCyou'll laugh, I sound like a real idiot in it :)
19:18:55scott666yeah, i did
19:19:11BCi have some bash scripts to do it for you if you like
19:20:51scott666there was a t-shirt contest?
19:21:08scott666i made the mistake of getting rockbox-all
19:21:25scott666theres all kinds of weird stuff in the www section
19:21:44BCyou need rockbox-devel and fonts
19:26:34BCt-shirt - LOL
19:31:13dstar5i submitted a tshirt in that contest...
19:31:19dstar5mine sucked though lol
19:31:23dstar5i think it got one vote
19:31:52dstar5i wish i knew about photoshop that time
19:31:57dstar5i think i made it in paint
19:33:20scott666which ones yours?
19:33:34dstar5i think it was the first one submited
19:34:35dstar5(1) Lee Pilgrim
19:34:45dstar5crapy huh?
19:35:16dstar5heh that was so long ago....
19:35:23dstar5i forgot it used to be that
19:35:59BCmy god dude ..that's awful - LOL :)
19:36:20dstar5i think the adress changed right about then
19:36:35 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
19:36:48dstar5my fave was (15) Magnus Íman
19:38:01dstar518 also by Magnus was good
19:38:03scott66618 is good too
19:38:14midkHAHA dids
19:38:15dstar5i wonder where Magnus is... i have not seen him in forever
19:38:19midkyour text isn't aligned
19:38:32BC5 is the clear winner imho
19:39:25dstar5i wanted a t-shiort, but they never made enough to sell
19:39:51 Quit Gazel ("Leaving")
19:41:25scott666midk: whatever happened to the redzone
19:41:39 Nick BC is now known as BC|feeding (
19:41:39DBUGEnqueued KICK BC|feeding
19:41:44midkhmm whuh... i worked on it a bit and ended up with a menu for configuration but
19:41:55midkLOL feeding hahaa that always gets me
19:49:07 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:58:52dstar5see you midk and BC|feeding
19:59:04 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
19:59:52midki almost got a high score
20:15:32scott666midk: what happened to the f2 screen?
20:15:33 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:15:40scott666that was a good patch
20:15:58scott666the thing that combined f2 and f3
20:15:58midkoh, dunno
20:16:11midkyah, *shrugs
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21:09:17 Part Jt740
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21:45:03lImbusBC|feeding, still doing so ? do you live on a farm or what ?
21:45:30midkhe's been idle for 30 minutes..
21:45:50lImbushis nickchange was 2 hours ago
21:45:59Kaboofahar har.
21:45:59midkso he's been around lately.
21:46:21Kaboofai know this is a stupid question, but is there any sprintf implementation since i last asked?
21:46:24Kaboofasup midk?
21:46:35midkKaboofa, we have snprintf..
21:46:38midkwhy do you need sprintf?
21:46:50Kaboofawhat's the difference between snprintf and sprintf?
21:46:56Kaboofai'm making a calculator program.
21:47:03Kaboofawell, going to continue work on my old one
21:47:16Kaboofaexcept i'm going to make it into Reverse polish notation.
21:47:22KaboofaBecause RPN kicks ass.
21:47:33midkbut snprintf is better.
21:47:39Kaboofaok, so snprintf works?
21:47:54Kaboofai need float->string
21:47:57Kaboofaor char
21:48:00lImbusKaboofa, snprintf has one argument more to limitate buffer write length
21:48:02Kaboofawhatever floats your boat.
21:48:27lImbusbut pay attention: if you write the max to your buffer, the terminating 0 is missing.
21:48:35Kaboofaroger that.
21:48:55lImbusso either ALWAYS snprintf(buffer, (sizeof buffer)-1, ...)
21:49:11 Nick Kaboofa is now known as boofCodes (
21:49:16boofCodeswe shall have RPN!
21:49:18lImbuswith fully zeroed buffer indeed
21:49:38boofCodesi'm going to store my stack in an array.
21:49:51lImbusor either ALWAYS buffer[(sizeof buffer)-1] = 0; AFTER your snprintf
21:50:24lImbusiirc, snprintf returns the count of chars written, so it's pretty easy to write your own "snprintfSave()"
21:50:29lImbusI did several times
21:52:29lImbusmidk, with which sdk do you develop rockbox ?
21:52:41midki use a full cygwin
21:54:08oxygen77what about your mdk10 ?
21:54:19midki am not on mdk10 at the moment
21:54:26midki don't recall being able to compile on mandrake either
21:54:28lImbuson windows, in a standard cmd-shell ?
21:54:39midklImbus, cygwin..
21:54:42oxygen77yeah I know you're on yeti :)
21:54:45midklike a cmd shell yes
21:58:06lImbusmidk, with cygwin, you are most probably using the bash. are you starting it from cmd or another (better) shell ?
21:58:25midki use a BASH prompt, yes
21:58:40midkjust run cygwin.bat - which is like running it from cmd
21:58:53lImbusI start the bash from a 4NT-shell
21:59:15lImbusthis allows you to resize the window and to copy and paste with the usual keytrokes for example
21:59:26boofCodesmy old code is gone.
21:59:28boofCodestime to start anew
22:00:14midkaww wtf.
22:00:23midklImbus, i'll check that out
22:00:26boofCodesfound it on tape.
22:00:31 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:00:33midktape drive?
22:00:34boofCodesare you guys SURE snprintf works on rockbox now?
22:00:37boofCodesmidk: yeah
22:00:46boofCodesbecause when i was writing my version it only worked on the uisim
22:00:55midkbut WAIT
22:00:56boofCodesi guess i need to update my dsk
22:01:00midkone more thing...
22:01:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:01:01*boofCodes waiting
22:01:14midki think you need to add two more to your buffer than you actually use...
22:01:26lImbusI am not sure about s(n)printf, never used in rockbox
22:01:33midkif your snprintf is 4 long, make it 6.. amiconn did something to the function
22:01:54midkchar x[6]; rb->snprintf(x, 6, "4444");
22:02:25boofCodesrgr that.
22:02:42midkif you are unsure of usage check midk's clock,
22:02:45midkit's all new.
22:02:58midki have answers if you have questions!
22:03:03midk*hopes bc doesn't return soon
22:03:10 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:03:42lImbusdoesn't ?
22:03:46lImbusdon't get that
22:03:53midkhe'll be like
22:03:54midkMIDK IS WRONG
22:03:58boofCodesstatic void ghetto_sprintf(double d, char *buff)
22:03:59midkhe'll bust my scam
22:04:16midkyou mean ghetto_snprintf
22:04:16 Join AciD [0] (
22:04:16midkoh, wait
22:04:16DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
22:04:16midknever mind
22:04:20midkyou're trying to imitate sprintf?
22:04:21boofCodesmidk: i was implementing it before it was included.
22:04:30boofCodesnow snprintf works, i'll just use that.
22:05:52boofCodesi need to make an array holding the stack stuff.
22:05:56boofCodesthen i need to idsplay it
22:06:49boofCodesyou guys have seen rpn, right?
22:07:31midkokay then back to 3ds
22:07:35lImbusyes. reverse polish notation
22:07:43boofCodes+60pts for lImbus
22:08:28midkyou just said it a few lines ago
22:08:43midk<Kaboofa> except i'm going to make it into Reverse polish notation.
22:08:50midki could have had those 60 points
22:09:21lImbusok, I'll share 30
22:10:02midkno, share 45
22:10:41midkjust give me it all
22:10:43boofCodesi mean
22:10:48midk*takes lImbus' 60 points
22:10:49boofCodesas in, you know how to use it
22:10:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:10:53*boofCodes sets midk on fore
22:10:58boofCodesyou burn. the flames are justice.
22:11:08midkthey are not
22:11:12boofCodesyes they are!
22:11:28lImbuslet's solve your problem, boofCodes
22:11:57*midk sets boofCodes on fire
22:12:08midkhmm.. what do i say again?
22:12:17midkyou're on fire. that's justice.
22:13:04*scott666 wonders what the hell Reverse Polish Notation is
22:14:12midkdid you want me to revive my patch
22:14:23lImbusscott666: (2, 4, +) = 6
22:15:11midkthat's dumb
22:15:13midkLET ME TRY
22:15:19midk(%, 2, +) = 7
22:15:23midk5, 2, +*
22:15:40boofCodes5,5,+ == 10
22:15:53boofCodesscott666: did that help at all?
22:15:59boofCodesit's a 'better' way to enter numbers
22:16:03boofCodesso you don't need parenthasees
22:16:06midkno, it's shitty
22:16:09midkwhat if you need to put in
22:16:11midk50, 6, +
22:16:13midkYOU CANT
22:16:18boofCodes.. yes you can
22:16:19boofCodesyou get 56
22:16:35boofCodeswell, you can on a hp49g+
22:16:51midkSTFU MORON
22:17:43boofCodeseat babies!
22:17:50boofCodescode better than human interaction.
22:18:07midkeat babies?
22:18:16boofCodescode better than human interaction!
22:19:09scott666can you do something like 2*5+3 == 13?
22:20:05scott666how is 2,5,* better than 2,*,5?
22:21:01midkit's annoyign
22:21:07scott666youre annoying
22:25:09lImbusscott666, you don't need to type the parathesis for example. furthermore, it's easy to porgram: all stack based. I believe there is an exercise in kerningham and richie
22:26:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:39scott666so it ignores order of operations then?
22:27:51scott6663,5,+,2,* != 3+5*2 ?
22:29:04lImbusright. in that case you
22:29:11lImbusboofCodes: HELP
22:29:16lImbuswhat in that case ?
22:29:35lImbusI think you should swap it, so it fits better in your mind too.
22:30:47lImbuswait, in that example there above, it's (3+5)*2, right ?
22:31:14scott666for the RPN one
22:31:20lImbusso you type 3,5,+,2,* and it's fully ok
22:31:35lImbusmidk, then 5,2,*,3,Ř
22:31:59scott6663,5,+,2,* = 16?
22:32:12scott6663+5*2 = 13
22:32:56lImbusyes, that's it. for the last example, YOU have to swap it, because if you would calculate that in mind, you would do either
22:33:27midkscrew this polish... notation whatever
22:33:29lImbus3+5*2 == 5*2+5
22:33:34midkit's boring
22:33:43lImbusmidk, it's not at all.
22:34:35lImbusit's even helpful sometimes. you math prof must be a noob he was not able to learn you the benefit
22:34:57scott666noe of my math teachers have even mentioned it
22:35:40scott666maybe it has something to do with our relative distances to poland?
22:36:22*scott666 is in the US
22:36:34*midk is in the.. scott place
22:37:06boofCodesscott666: if you're an engineer and you like asm programming you're likely to use it.
22:37:09midkyay, boofCodes is back.
22:37:29boofCodesback from poopin.
22:37:34boofCodesand reading battle royal.
22:37:36midk*runs away
22:38:13scott666well as im not an engineer and ive never used asm...
22:39:01scott666i remember reading something once that argued assembly should be kept around solely for the possibility of the file name 'org.asm'
22:39:35midk*taps teeth
22:43:52*boofCodes codes.
22:44:20midkhmm, why aren't you 'beefcodes'
22:44:49*lImbus wonders why he's not able to compile his rockbox anymore with BC|feeding's new devkit. ../apps/plugin.h:49:21: widgets.h: No such file or directory
22:45:22midkcheck for apps/recorder/widgets.h
22:45:29lImbusit is there
22:45:43midkhmm, DIE DIE DIE
22:45:50lImbuswho, I ?
22:45:53lImbusah, ok
22:45:57midki just said, compiler.
22:46:18midkwe all love lImbus
22:46:40lImbusyup, I wasn't fast enough predicting what you were typing
22:46:52midkbut we all still love lImbus
22:47:04*lImbus feels better
22:48:13scott666so do you have apps/recorder/widgets.h?
22:50:08midki just said that scott
22:50:12midkkeep up sir.
22:50:38scott666i know you did
22:50:42scott666he didnt answer
22:50:59midk<lImbus> it is there
22:52:47boofCodesi need to find the latest win32 sdk before i can compile
22:54:24 Join dstar5 [0] (
22:57:08boofCodesty scott666
22:57:51lImbussorry, was afk, am back now, scott666
22:58:36lImbusboofCodes, if this compiles with current cvs-checkout, I do something wrong
22:59:58dstar5humm BC made some changes to .bachrc and etc to make it where you can just press like f3 to configure, and then f5 to build
23:00:04dstar5it was very simple and easy
23:00:20dstar5he should put those in the devkit
23:00:55boofCodesalias corb="/rockbox/path/configure"
23:01:04scott666hes working on a new release iirc
23:01:15boofCodesalias comprb="make /rockbox/path/make"
23:01:25boofCodesi hate cvs...
23:01:28boofCodesso i'll code this first
23:01:30boofCodesthen install everything
23:02:19lImbusdstar5, it's not that I don't know how to type "make" I try (and I try hard :) but it wont compile that plugin.h
23:04:37boofCodesi need to modify my makefile to include rpncalc.c :(
23:05:02boofCodesi don't compile on unix-like environments too often.
23:05:08boofCodesbecause i hate gcc with a fucking passion
23:05:09lImbusnot needed.
23:05:25scott666lImbus: <scott666> so do you have apps/recorder/widgets.h?
23:05:26boofCodesit just goes 'whee! new plugin detected' and compiles?
23:05:35lImbusif your rpncalc.c is within /apps/plugins, it will be compiled automagically
23:06:06lImbusscott666, yes, I have
23:06:26lImbusand it looks pretty good, not a not compileable mess I first thought
23:08:11 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:11:04lImbus@all: my problem is pretty well my own problem
23:11:15*lImbus under shame
23:11:15boofCodesany of you have feature requests?
23:12:21lImbusmidk: forget what I told about 4NT, the cmd-shell and the clipboard: it's all possible if you activate it...
23:15:05 Part oxygen77 ("Cho")
23:17:15scott666boofCodes: in the dir browser, make the function of 'play' changable to 'insert'
23:18:34lImbusdefault "enque" instead of discarding the old playlist. yeah, I changed that on winamp too.
23:19:00boofCodesi mean for calculator
23:19:56lImbushehe, I was not sure, but then scotty cam up with that brilliant idea
23:20:20boofCodeswe have...
23:20:22boofCodessquare roots
23:20:24boofCodestrig function
23:20:34boofCodesand base conversions
23:20:36boofCodesfor requests
23:21:12boofCodessigh, i need a better ide.
23:21:59scott666do we have y^x?
23:22:08boofCodesgood idea
23:23:14lImbusare the main functions (+-*/) easier to access/type than all those overkill (trig, base, power) unlike in the current calculator.c ?
23:24:12lImbusI miss half of my calculations because of that.
23:32:35 Nick midk is now known as midkizzt0r (
23:32:35DBUGEnqueued KICK midkizzt0r
23:34:29boofCodesi havn't updtaed in a long time
23:34:40boofCodesi have +,-,*,/
23:34:49boofCodesand yes, it's easier to get to then the trig stuff
23:35:05boofCodesyou have to press right more times.
23:35:12lImbusin the calculator.c you have one hardware.key (I think f2) for those all, you have to toggle trough
23:36:57boofCodesi havn't seen calculator.c ;(
23:37:05boofCodesyou have left and right
23:37:07boofCodesand play
23:37:23boofCodesthen if you want to hit the 'advanced' functions you tap f2
23:37:55lImbusah yes.
23:37:55boofCodesif you want to clear, you press up, to push the stack you press down
23:38:11lImbushow do I enter "5" ?
23:38:18boofCodesleft x4
23:38:23boofCodesassuming you started from 0
23:38:46lImbusah, ok.
23:39:14lImbusI found the way calculator.c uses to enter numbers pretty much convenient
23:39:53boofCodesagain, i havn't seen it yet
23:39:55boofCodesi'm on sdk 2.2
23:39:58boofCodesor, rockbox 2k2
23:40:42boofCodessomeone requested multiple memories on the mailing list a while back
23:40:46boofCodesNOW YOU HAVE SIX OF THEM!!!
23:40:50boofCodesand they can be easily added
23:40:58boofCodes6 was an arbitrary number i picked.
23:43:50 Join Strath [0] (
23:47:00 Quit midkizzt0r (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:47:06 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:48:28 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midkizzt0r (

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