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#rockbox log for 2004-07-12

00:00:04boofCodesi see
00:00:08boofCodeswith rpn you have something different
00:00:14boofCodesi'll make a ascii representation
00:00:56boofCodes0123456789 +-*/
00:01:06boofCodesthe bolded thing is the inverted cursor
00:01:24boofCodesthe numbers go upto 6, but i didn't want to flod the irc.
00:02:03lImbusok, I see. thank god logbot is not a op, he would've kicked you for color/bold. it wrecks up the logfile
00:03:09boofCodeswell, anyone reading the log will get the just of it :X
00:03:50lImbusI don't mind. anyone will understand:
00:03:57lImbus<boofCodes> 0123456789 +-*/
00:04:11 Join Rob2222 [0] (
00:04:22lImbusthere is a square before and after the '0'
00:04:35lImbusdidn't know this can be copy&pasted and converted back
00:08:55boofCodesattention person reading the logs: the square means bold.
00:09:00boofCodesie: where the cursor is
00:26:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:31:30lImbusany1 here to help me ? I am about to flash my sweet rockbox the first time and I can't find the firmware_rec.bin
00:32:04boofCodesi thought you just needed th ajz file
00:32:07boofCodesbut i'm probably wrong
00:32:51lImbusthe ajz is one of the images. to start, (firmware_flash.rock) you need the bootloader. as far as I understood
00:59:53boofCodescvs is deciding not to compile
01:01:32lImbusboofCodes my one does ?!?
01:02:47 Quit gromit` ("Client exiting")
01:04:29boofCodesno no
01:04:34boofCodesi just checked out cvs
01:04:36boofCodeslike 10 minutes ago
01:05:01boofCodesand i tried to compile the uisim from cvs
01:05:04boofCodesand it kept erroring
01:05:06boofCodeson uh..
01:05:07boofCodesa tool
01:06:15lImbusok, I didn't make it through the sim yet.
01:06:53boofCodesi want to make my plugin on the sim before i do anything else.
01:07:02boofCodesi don't want to update my jukebox before i get my shit working
01:07:10boofCodessorry about shit
01:08:02boofCodesfreudian slip ;\
01:08:22lImbusrunning modified plugins on the reallife-box is no big danger.
01:08:31midkizzt0rno danger at all
01:08:45lImbusin the hardest case you have to take away one battery ;-)
01:08:45boofCodesbut i have to update my jukebox, reflash, etc
01:08:47boofCodesand i'm lazy.
01:08:52lImbusreflash ?
01:08:58boofCodesto update
01:09:05boofCodesi have my stuff flashed
01:09:14boofCodesi also have to find it.. etc
01:09:27lImbusjust copying the rpncalc.rock should be ok ?
01:09:46boofCodesbut my current one doesn't have snprintf?
01:09:47 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
01:09:58boofCodesi thought rock only works with the version it was compiled on.
01:10:55lImbusahh, well
01:11:12lImbusyour rockbox.version != sdk.version
01:20:09 Join gromit` [0] (
01:22:04boofCodesfiiiix myyy cee vee ess!
01:22:10boofCodesor i'll eat your kids :)
01:22:16midkizzt0rhaha. meany
01:22:53boofCodesyes. yes i am.
01:23:22lImbusI just made it through, and my sim builds just nicely
01:24:08boofCodesi'm getting errors with the tools
01:24:15boofCodeswhat are you using to compile?
01:24:17 Nick boofCodes is now known as kaboofa (
01:25:12lImbusbluechips (BC|feeding)'s last sdk (devkit 3.02)
01:26:04kaboofai'm using 3.02 with the latest cvs
01:26:19lImbusdid you checkout or update ?
01:26:26kaboofai checkedout
01:27:15kaboofait has a vc6 file
01:27:18kaboofawhy the fuck am i using gcc
01:27:41kaboofasorry i keep swearing :(
01:27:44lImbusvc6 is for the ide only, it does not compile
01:30:29scott666lImbus: did you figure out flashing?
01:31:25lImbusnot yet
01:31:31scott666want help
01:31:37lImbusthat file is 'missing'
01:31:39scott666or a nice link?
01:32:11lImbuscan't find it
01:32:15midkizzt0rILL GET IT
01:33:04scott666section 3 in my link
01:33:17lImbusok, i'll add these links to the twiki-article
01:33:19midkizzt0ri gave them a direct link.
01:39:22kaboofaconvdbf keeps giving me errors
01:39:32kaboofawhere is my knife.
01:41:38kaboofai just updated
01:41:52kaboofait appears the the source tree got modified between when i downloaded it and now.
01:41:58midkizzt0ri know what's wrong kaboofa with convbdf
01:42:07kaboofai'll make it again
01:42:21kaboofaand when/if i get 50,000 errors flying by, i'll let you know.
01:48:52kaboofa../../tools/convbdf error 2
01:50:20kaboofamake[225]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/rockbox-devel/uisimulator/win32'
01:50:22kaboofamake[224]: *** [sim] Error 2
01:50:22kaboofamake[224]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/rockbox-devel/tools'
01:50:22kaboofamake[223]: *** [../../tools/convbdf] Error 2
01:50:22DBUGEnqueued KICK kaboofa
01:50:22kaboofamake[223]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/rockbox-devel/uisimulator/win32'
01:50:24kaboofamake[222]: *** [sim] Error 2
01:50:26kaboofamake[222]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/rockbox-devel/tools'
01:50:29kaboofamake[221]: *** [../../tools/convbdf] Error 2
01:50:32kaboofathat is the error i keep getting
01:55:21 Nick BC|feeding is now known as BC (
01:55:21DBUGEnqueued KICK BC
01:55:27BCkaboofa: fixed it yet?
01:56:26BCwhy are you compiling with?
01:56:33midkizzt0rBC BC
01:56:36kaboofayour sdk
01:56:37BCfull install?
01:56:43BCdevkit 3.0
01:56:59BCmost weird
01:57:06BCit appears that convbdf has not compiled
01:57:26kaboofathat's what i'm using + latest cvs checkout
01:57:53BCdo you have directory DEVKIT/home/guest/mysource/buildfolder ?
01:58:29kaboofai have..
01:58:46BCthats good
01:58:55kaboofai called it "moo"
01:58:59BClook in devel/tools
01:59:03BCyep - moo is okay
01:59:05kaboofai have moo\.deps, Makefile, archos
01:59:17kaboofa+d .deps, archos
01:59:48BCdo you have convbdf.exe
01:59:57kaboofaunder tools?
02:00:05kaboofai have scramble.exe
02:00:07BCthat's the problem
02:00:12midkizzt0ryou need convbdf.exe under tools!
02:00:15kaboofahow do i build the tools?
02:00:22BCthey SHOULD build automatically
02:00:25kaboofajust cd \tools\make
02:00:29kaboofathey didn't, apparently
02:00:35BCbu, try type "make" while in the tools dir
02:00:45BCmaybe even
02:00:47BCmake clean
02:00:49BCmake all
02:00:51BCjust to be sure
02:01:22BCerror 2 is generally "command not found" in my experience
02:08:00kaboofai'm getting error 2 with convbdf even when i just run make in the rools dir.
02:08:06BCkaboofa, working?
02:08:16BCignore that
02:08:16kaboofacan i copy it over from my old sdk?
02:08:27BCoh hang on
02:08:34BCcopy what from what to where?
02:08:47BCjust the exe?
02:08:59BCto be honest, you're much better off finding the source of the problem
02:09:08kaboofawhat major though?
02:09:08 Part kaboofa
02:09:23lImbusouch. must have hurt.
02:09:45BC"what major"??
02:09:51 Join kaboofa [0] (
02:09:56kaboofawhat was that?
02:10:01kaboofai tapped ctrl+c a few times to kill make.
02:10:11kaboofai mean, what did you say
02:10:15BCbetter to use ctrl-break
02:10:41BCcygwin has problems with ^C sometimes
02:10:47kaboofai'm trying to kill make
02:11:06BCI think it must emulate ^\
02:11:16kaboofai still don't see why make needs to spawn make 250 times
02:11:32BCrockbox makefiles are not the best in the world
02:11:49kaboofai can gather that :(
02:13:02kaboofabluechip: do you have another version the sdk?
02:13:52BCI suppose technically I am using 3.03, but the mods are all cosmetic
02:14:17BCI assure you that 3.02 works fine for me and many others
02:14:44BCit is a cygwin install with about 250MB of unwanted crap removed
02:15:12BCthere is nothing special about it
02:17:05BCwhat happened when you did make in the tools dir (very difficult to debug some things without knowing what errors they give)
02:17:29kaboofaerror 2
02:17:30kaboofaa lot
02:17:43kaboofai'm going to try to just cc the one tool
02:18:36BCwhat does ~/../../version.bat
02:18:37BC say
02:19:09kaboofai just used gcc on it
02:19:11kaboofaand it compiled
02:19:33kaboofaThe system cannot find the path specified.
02:19:33kaboofaRockbox Devkit v3.02 - from
02:19:33DBUGEnqueued KICK kaboofa
02:19:33kaboofaCygwin v3.3.1 Package
02:19:33kaboofa'Source' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
02:19:36kaboofaoperable program or batch file.
02:19:38kaboofaSH-1 Toolkit
02:19:41kaboofa'Source' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
02:19:43kaboofaoperable program or batch file.
02:19:46kaboofaCygwin Installer available from
02:19:48kaboofa'ECH' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
02:19:51kaboofaoperable program or batch file.
02:20:30BCthat's interesting
02:20:35BCwhat is your path?
02:20:40kaboofadon't know
02:21:10BCah no, that's okay, I see, my mistake
02:21:34kaboofai just did /setup/SetPath.bat
02:21:40kaboofanow i'm going to try to remake
02:22:01BCI'll let you get on with it then ;)
02:23:30kaboofait works now
02:23:43lImbusscott666: I finally finished flashing my box. that's awsome, it takes about 1,5 seconds from off to resume. AWESOME
02:26:10midkizzt0rtell me too!
02:26:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:26:26midkizzt0rit's more like 3 seconds though... no?
02:26:33lImbusyup. I wonder why I was waiting so long.
02:26:39lImbusno, it's much faster.
02:27:06lImbusother harddisk: Toshiba MK4025GAS
02:27:35lImbusDebug->Disk info says spinup time = 0ms ?!?
02:27:43midkizzt0rmust spinup disk before it reads
02:27:48midkizzt0rgo into a dir first
02:28:12lImbuscycle times both 120 ms
02:28:44lImbusright spinup time 990 ms.
02:30:11kaboofarpncalc.c isn't being mad.e
02:31:48BCthe next devkit is coming with an MD5 file!!
02:32:26lImbustell us why
02:33:14BCgives people a nice simple way to test certain things
02:35:02BCthere is no reason what so ever why you should be having these problems
02:35:24BCi suspect you have the same problem some1 else had
02:35:30BCbad files
02:41:24kaboofawhy use 7zip though
02:41:27kaboofawhy not rar or .zip?
02:42:59AciD7zip is a better compressor
02:43:01AciDthat's all
02:43:26BCpersonally speaking, I'm not really a second-best kind of guy
02:45:02kaboofawhat about tar.gz ;)
02:45:11BCyou already said zip
02:45:24kaboofatar = tape archive, .gz = zip
02:45:26 Join T^JulioVega [0] (
02:45:32AciDkaboofa, go to 7zip website, there is a rating
02:45:35AciD+on it
02:45:46kaboofabut i don't want to use it
02:45:56lImbushi T^JulioVega
02:46:00T^JulioVegacan sombody help me?
02:46:15BCif you like zip, you should use 7-zip's multi-pass adaptive huffman table generator
02:46:25midkizzt0radaptive huffman? AHAHAHA
02:46:26kaboofaor continue using tar.bzip2 ;)
02:46:28kaboofaHAR HAR
02:46:33kaboofaback to my code.
02:47:19BCagain dude, I'm sure you can find loads of compressors that are suitable for "second-best" type people, you've not mentioned ARJ, ZOO or the elusive HA yet
02:47:33T^JulioVegacan someone tell me where i can download the right packet for my jukebox with the file "ajbrec.ajz" in it?
02:47:49kaboofabc: there is this thing called standard
02:47:57kaboofawhere a lot of people have it
02:48:10midkizzt0rT^JulioVega, um..
02:48:12kaboofaback to code.
02:48:15 Nick kaboofa is now known as kaboofa`code (
02:48:15DBUGEnqueued KICK kaboofa`code
02:48:23midkizzt0rfor flashing
02:48:31BCyes, what is the standard for self-extracting exe's nowdays?
02:48:32T^JulioVegakool thx
02:48:44BCyou saying i should use CAB?
02:48:48kaboofa`codei am
02:48:52BCyou are 100% weird - lol
02:48:55kaboofa`codei'm saying that i don't like self extracting anything
02:49:02T^JulioVegawhat type is the jukebox studio 20? is it a v2?
02:49:04kaboofa`codebecause i don't want to run any code that i don't know what it is
02:49:19midkizzt0rstudio! or player.
02:49:32kaboofa`codei mean, when you purchase retail, that's different, but downloading from some guy named 'blue chip' sounds shady.
02:49:35kaboofa`codeshady in the pants!
02:49:42BCthen I think you should not use anything modern - perhaps a full cygwin install would be better for yourself?
02:49:42kaboofa`codenow i code!~
02:49:44T^JulioVegaach du bist eh deutsch, wieso laber ich da englisch ^^
02:50:00kaboofa`codei'm usually on fbsd
02:50:05kaboofa`codebut i couldn't find sh1 stuff on ports.
02:50:26BCer, download the source and type make?
02:50:30lImbusT^JulioVega, studios cannot be flashed
02:50:40T^JulioVegaoch n
02:50:54kaboofa`codei would rather not install older gcc and sh1 stuff on my fbsd machine
02:51:09 Part kaboofa`code ("code. i don't want to argue with bc either.")
02:52:01lImbusYou need two things:
02:52:01lImbusThe first is a Recorder, FM Recorder or Recorder V2 model
02:52:33BC2. more luck than BC
02:52:36T^JulioVegaups ^^
02:52:58lImbusT^JulioVega, a recorder is a recorder or better, a player is a player or a studio (2 lines of char lcd)
02:53:59T^JulioVegawhat does this mean?
02:54:00T^JulioVegaPlayers can also be flashed, but Rockbox does not run cold-started on those, yet
02:55:32lImbusi am pretty sure players cannot be flashed
02:55:39lImbusat all
02:55:43midkizzt0rthey CAN'T\
02:55:51midkizzt0rthey can be flashed actually
02:55:54BCi think it is POSSIBLE, but not done
02:55:56midkizzt0rbut.. rockbox doesn't run in flash
03:01:26 Join wiler [0] (
03:03:00wilerusing recorder and want to know if it is possible to program buttons to start recording right away rather then having to go through menu? using v1 recorder
03:03:41midkizzt0rprogram - yes
03:03:46midkizzt0rbut you can't atm.
03:04:01lImbusit's something everybody wants to have (customizeable buttons), but nobody wants to implement
03:05:56BCit's quite easy just edit the menu system in the C code
03:06:17midkizzt0ryes, like i SAID, you can just PROGRAM IT, but it's not YET implemented.
03:06:43lImbusyeah, pretty easy to modify the code to suit wiler, but not to make it customizeable
03:08:00T^JulioVegawell guys, it's 3:00 in the morning here in beatiful germany and i have to go to school at 8:00, so i'd better go to bed now
03:08:18lImbushehe. ich muss auch morgen wieder raus.
03:08:36T^JulioVegamorgen? du meinst wohl heute ^^
03:08:45T^JulioVegaalso gn8@ll
03:08:57wilerhmmm, well i'll have a look at the code and see what i can do
03:09:02 Quit T^JulioVega ("Ich muss ins Gebsch...Die Arbeit ruft...")
03:09:14wileri don't know a ton about coding in c but why not
03:09:28lImbuswiler: good starting point. that's how open source works
03:10:03wilerso i assume i can download the latest source from somewhere?
03:10:50lImbuseither by cvs if you want to keep it up every day without fiddling in your changes every day, or a daily tarball if you plan to get the source once, then work in peace
03:11:40lImbus or
03:12:35lImbusah, well, of course
03:12:52BClinus put a lot of work into that
03:13:52lImbusI see
03:21:21lImbusok guys, I really have to go to bed now.
03:21:27BCnitey nite
03:21:35scott666night lImbus
03:21:50lImbusn8 all.
03:22:04BCcd ..
03:22:12lImbusopps. it's rather german
03:22:20BCoohh, wondered that went
03:22:20 Nick lImbus is now known as lImbus|ZzzzzZ (
03:22:35BCoh yes, n-acht
03:26:08 Quit wiler ("[BX] PARTYTIME! 5 seconds to the millenium! 4...3...2...1...EOF From client")
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04:29:26BCFor those interested, I have updated my PLUGINS section over at
04:29:43midkizzt0ryo yo yo
04:29:46midkizzt0r*checks it out
04:33:58BCklondike win sequence is sooooooo overkill :)
04:35:20midkizzt0roh damn, i need to learn how to play solitaire now.. :D
04:35:51BCi must be a minute or two long - LOL
04:36:12midkizzt0rhaha, updated archos..
04:36:15midkizzt0rtesitng starfield first.
04:36:21midkizzt0ryou say it is fast
04:36:24midkizzt0rholy HELL
04:36:55BCnew grafix lib :)
04:37:04midkizzt0rhey the twinklies work now!
04:37:09midkizzt0rnever saw them before.
04:37:53midkizzt0rok i am on a mission to beat solitaire...
04:37:59midkizzt0rIncompatible Version
04:38:11BCno! you are joking?
04:38:34BCwhat ajz you using?
04:38:51midkizzt0rthe one provided
04:39:18BCneeds latest cvs of audio-3587 release
04:39:21midkizzt0ror Klondike_solitaire_ALPHA
04:39:24BCof -> or
04:39:29midkizzt0rmust be my fault for keeping the old one
04:39:36midkizzt0rthe included is card_Klondike right
04:39:55BCdownload the release pack is probably easiest
04:40:03midkizzt0ri DID
04:40:09midkizzt0rmy mistake.. i have an old klondikein here too
04:40:21midkizzt0rhmm, jumpy "cyborg systems" logo introduction
04:40:40midkizzt0ri like the way the card goes fast to wipe and then slow to introduce the text
04:40:52midkizzt0ryes, it is blank, then the black box goes halfway
04:40:52midkizzt0rthen all the way
04:40:57midkizzt0rthen back down half way
04:40:57midkizzt0rthen disappears
04:41:23midkizzt0ri love it.
04:44:34midkizzt0ri have to commend you on solitaire bc.
04:45:26 Quit gromit` ("Client exiting")
04:45:52BCthank you
04:45:57BCjumpy log is a bug
04:46:14midkizzt0ri like it actually...
04:46:37BCweird - it works find in the sim!!
04:58:47BCwell, that's for another day, probably not this week - nite all :)
04:59:25 Quit BC ("For The Latest Rockbox DevKit AND Advanced Plugins Visit")
05:13:46 Quit midkizzt0r (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:13:50 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
05:13:53 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:15:09 Join midk [0] (
05:28:30 Nick midk is now known as midkizzt0r (
05:45:54 Nick midkizzt0r is now known as midjizzt0r (
05:45:55 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:46:02 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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05:54:41 Nick midkizzt0r is now known as midgamezt0r (
05:56:24 Nick midgamezt0r is now known as midkizzt0r (
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06:34:03 Join LinusN [200] (
06:34:37midkizzt0rhey LinusN
07:29:19 Join Nibbler [0] (
07:57:39 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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08:29:17 Join Christi-S [0] (
08:32:47 Join Hooth [0] (
08:33:01Hoothhello everyone, new user here
08:33:36Hoothanyone here?
08:33:55Hoothhey hows it goin
08:34:00midkizzt0rgood, you?
08:34:20Hoothdecent, i got a question for you guys
08:35:00LinusNHooth: shoot
08:35:08Hoothis it just me, or when the volume is turned up to 100% is it louder than the original archos firmware?
08:35:14LinusNyes it is
08:35:22LinusNplayer or recorder, btw?
08:35:24Hoothit is louder, or its just me?
08:35:31Hoothi have the studio 20
08:35:59LinusNi believe rockbox is louder on the player/studio as well
08:36:46LinusNwe have a different volume scaling algorithm than the original firmware
08:37:21Hoothyeah the reason i was wondering is because i recently bought a FM transmitter, yeah i know they suck haha, but anyways i had to turn up the volume so loud on my cars sterio because of how softly the archos firmware would play even at the loudest volume
08:37:40Christi-SRegarding the manual, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I've only plugins and advanced topics (flashing, WPS editing, etc) to do. The bad news is that I want to find everyone responsible for OpenOffice and repeatedly kick them in the head.
08:38:04Hoothso it caused my cars speakers to hiss because they were turned up so loud
08:38:06midkizzt0rhaha, good luck with that Christi-S :)
08:38:20LinusNHooth: but it is better with rockbox?
08:38:38LinusNChristi-S: openoffice isn't always pleasant to use
08:39:02LinusNChristi-S: you are free to send the bug reports and feature requests, though
08:39:09Hoothi havent got a chance to try it yet, i just got rockbox working 5 minutes ago, we'll see what happens tomorrow on the way to work, but I have a feeling it will definitly be better
08:39:10Christi-SIt's completely screwed up the section headings.
08:39:26Christi-SI'm going to try importing to AbiWord and see if that's any better.
08:39:39LinusNChristi-S: what exactly is the problem?
08:39:50Hoothdo any of you guys have it hooked up to your cars somehow?
08:40:13Christi-SThe sections don't get numbered consecutively. In fact, it keeps losing its place in the numbering scheme.
08:40:25LinusNHooth: i did in my old car, but not in my current one
08:40:40Hoothhow did you go about doing that?
08:40:55Christi-SHooth - I find one of those CD tape adapter things works fine.
08:40:58LinusNthe stereo in that car had an Aux input
08:41:10LinusNluxury, i know...
08:41:23Hoothi dont have a casette player in my car
08:41:48LinusNChristi-S: you should file a bug report to them
08:41:50Hoothlinus, did it have the aux input on the front, or did you have to wire it into the rear
08:42:06midkizzt0rfront, i'm sure..
08:42:19LinusNin the rear
08:42:24midkizzt0r..or rear :)
08:42:32Christi-Slinus - probably. But after spending the last 2 days trying to figure out why it wasn't working I'm now disinclined to spend further time on it.
08:42:57LinusNChristi-S: that's what i call a bad Open Source attitude
08:43:07Hoothhow did it sound feeding it directly from the headphone jack into the aux input?
08:43:21Hoothor did you wire it from the line out somehow
08:43:48LinusNHooth: i haven't tried the Player, but it sounded fine with my recorder
08:43:56CtcpIgnored 5 channel CTCP requests in 3 hours and 15 minutes at the last flood
08:43:56*Christi-S shrugs.
08:44:36Hoothawesome, i'm currently running it through a monster cable fm transmitter, but as with all fm transmitters its no where near cd quality
08:47:05LinusNChristi-S: i guess you already have tried the very latest OO release...
08:47:29Hoothok well thank you guys, i was so close to ditching this damn thing for an IPOD until i found the rockbox stuff, what a difference! thanks again!
08:47:54Christi-SNo. More bad attitude, and being on dialup. Plus I fundamentally don't like OpenOffice. It makes everything twice as hard as it ought to be.
08:48:48LinusNdialup is a good excuse for not trying other releases :-)
08:49:19Hoothnight, ya'll
08:49:39 Quit Hooth ("Leaving")
08:50:18scott666Christi-S: what do you prefer?
08:50:33Christi-STBH I've never found a WP I like.
08:50:37midkizzt0rhm, adobe acrobat as a suggestion..
08:51:08Christi-SBest to keep it editable using free tools.
08:51:47Christi-SI have a help request out on the openoffice forums, and I'll try AbiWord in the meantime.
08:52:07LinusNmidkizzt0r: acrobat is a format, not an editor
08:52:09Christi-SI will find a way around this - just venting my frustration.
08:52:22midkizzt0racrobat reader* SORRY
08:52:35LinusNmidkizzt0r: acrobat reader is a reader, not an editor
08:52:39scott666how do you plan on writing with a reder?
08:52:44midkizzt0ri mean
08:52:49midkizzt0racrobat editor?
08:52:53midkizzt0rheh .. heh..
08:53:30 Join hooth [0] (
08:53:43hoothaight guys one more thing i fogot to ask
08:54:13hoothis there any way you can browse through like the folders and whatnot while a song is playing
08:54:22scott666press on
08:54:41hoothi'm an idiot
08:54:45LinusNhooth: try the manual
08:54:49hoothi'm sure thats prob right in the insturctions
08:54:53hoothyeah i was just reading it
08:54:59scott666the faq is good too
08:55:06hoothmy bad, thanks for helpin a new guy
08:55:13LinusNhahahaaaa, he's reading the MANUAL, what a l00ser! :-)
08:55:23hoothha, i try my best
08:55:42hoothi'm just so pumped right now i dont have to put up with any more crackling noises durring all the songs
08:55:45midkizzt0rhaha LinusN :]
08:56:15LinusNhooth: you're in the car NOW?
08:56:18scott666LinusN: trying to be the polar opposite of the 'RTFM n00b' stereotype?
08:56:29hoothha, no listening with my headphones
08:56:44LinusNscott666: :-)
08:57:03hoothno one else had the problem where the song would start crackling and you would have to stop it and re start the song from the beginning?
08:57:24LinusNhooth: not that i can remember
08:57:42LinusNwith rockbox?
08:57:44Christi-SConsider yourself special.
08:58:03hoothno, with the standard archos firmware
08:58:21hoothnow that i've installed the rockbox no more crackling, thank god
08:59:44LinusNweird indeed
09:00:52scott666LinusN: this isnt a known problem? its the second feature on the list
09:00:55hoothi was literally gana go drop 300$ on an IPOD tomorrow, so i was reading ipod reviews and i decided for the hell of it i would look at some jikebox reviews and i saw the link to your guys site
09:01:52hoothit wasn't so much background noise
09:02:01hoothit was more like the song didnt load up right or something
09:03:13LinusNscott666: the feature on the list is another thing
09:03:32hoothhey all i can say is you guys saved me 300 bills
09:03:45LinusNit's a high frequency background noise
09:03:53LinusNhooth: glad to help :-)
09:03:55Christi-SI used to get skips a lot with the Archos firmware on my player.
09:04:06Christi-SNever used the Archos firmware on the recorder. ;)
09:04:21scott666i used the archos firmware on the car ride home...
09:04:33hoothhow do you guys have your songs organized?
09:04:46hoothi have 26 folders A-Z going by the artists name
09:05:05scott666genre/artist/year - album/00 - track name.mp3
09:05:41hoothi have a lot to learn
09:06:17scott666i didnt used to use genre folders, but now i have too much music to not use them
09:06:24scott666theres just too much scrolling involved otherwise
09:06:42hoothlike do you have subfolders in the genre folders
09:06:52hoothcuse i would have like 500 songs per genre
09:07:02scott666i might need some soon though
09:07:26scott666my Rock directory has almost 100 Artists
09:07:49hoothyeah thats what mine would be like too, maybe a few more
09:08:06scott666and then each of those has between 1 and 5 cds
09:08:12hooththe only complaint i have anymore about my jukebox is why did they make the faceplate thing purple
09:08:27hoothi mean purple of all colors
09:08:38midkizzt0ri suppose pink is better..
09:08:42midkizzt0ryou're completely right.
09:08:47scott666whats purple?
09:08:57midkizzt0r<hooth> the only complaint i have anymore about my jukebox is why did they make the faceplate thing purple
09:09:00midkizzt0rthe faceplate thing purple
09:09:00scott666oh, right, studio
09:09:04midkizzt0rfaceplate thin
09:09:05scott666i have an FMR
09:09:06Christi-SKind of a reddy blue
09:09:13Christi-S(Sorry, couldn't resist)
09:09:37hoothaight ya'll i got to be at work in 5 hours
09:09:39scott666'its not pink! its light red!!'
09:09:50scott666'they already have a color for light red....PINK'
09:09:52hoothso that means its bedtime, thanks again guys and girls
09:10:04LinusNhooth: you're welcome
09:10:06scott666RvB rules...
09:10:19 Quit hooth ("Leaving")
09:14:13scott666why dont we have FF/RW with sound? no ones coded it yet?
09:14:34scott666or is there some other more dissapointing reason?
09:15:11LinusNscott666: it's tricky
09:16:30scott666yeah...i suppose you would have to load mp3 data at some set interval, and with rockbox it accelerates
09:17:06scott666youd have to have the HD on the whole time, wouldnt you?
09:17:26scott666would you anyway?
09:17:51LinusNif it didn't accelerate?
09:18:09scott666no, i mean when theres no sound
09:18:22scott666(i dont FF very often, i was just looking at the features doc)
09:27:34*Christi-S sighs. Abiword can't even open it. Crashes.
09:27:53*Christi-S sets up OOo 1.1.2 to download and goes to get some more sleep.
09:30:03 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:31:03 Quit Christi-S ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
09:52:30 Join meshuga [0] (
09:52:31 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:04:49lImbus|ZzzzzZLinusN, are you on air ?
10:04:55 Nick lImbus|ZzzzzZ is now known as lImbus (
10:05:31LinusNi am
10:05:33midkizzt0rME TOO
10:06:18lImbusI just wanted to ask if someone may add following lines to stopwatch.c
10:06:31lImbus\//idle poweroff prevention
10:06:48lImbuscomment before code: /*idle poweroff prevention*/
10:07:17lImbusyou see ? it busted the kiddies laptime last week. they were not happy at all :-/
10:09:44lImbusLinusN, does "Aha" mean "nice, good idea, I'm gonna quickly do that" ?
10:10:15*lImbus is happy. first contribution that goes into code
10:11:10LinusNlImbus: committed
10:11:31lImbuscool. gonna fix that cvs-conflict now here :-)
10:13:01lImbusok, I did it right after stopwatch = prev_total + *rb->current_tick - start_at; to allow poweroff if it's NOT counting, but that's all fine with me
10:14:45 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
10:15:07lImbussorry, your does so, of course. * be dumb guy
10:17:02 Join Strath [0] (
10:22:57midkizzt0ryo strath
10:26:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:31:40lImbusl8ers, I am off for work. see you there
10:31:46 Quit lImbus (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
10:32:35 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
11:36:22 Nick midkizzt0r is now known as midgamet0r (
11:37:17 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:40:47 Nick midgamet0r is now known as midkizzt0r (
11:49:35scott666midk: wtf?
11:49:52scott666whats with the names
11:49:57midkizzt0ri am the new 'off the hizzle' midk.
11:50:46scott666well get back on the hizzle before i bludgeon you
11:50:51midkizzt0roh crap
11:50:53 Nick midkizzt0r is now known as midk (
11:51:06scott666thank you
11:51:15scott666isnt it past your bedtime?
11:51:23midkit's only 2:51am
11:51:33midklast night i stayed up until... hmm.. 5:25am-ish
11:51:52scott666you didnt answer my question
11:51:59midkit is not.
11:52:35scott666youre 2 hours behind me? where are you again? CA?
11:52:48scott666thats what i meant
11:52:55scott666theyre right next to each other
11:53:09midkpacific timezone, bee ahh tch.
11:53:25scott666|−−−−−−−−−−−−−−| <−−this far apart
11:53:33scott666(not to scale)
11:54:10midkyeah. that makes about as much sense as:
11:54:14midkmidk looks like this - :)
11:54:18midk(not quite)
11:54:56midkso it is the yawns0rs
11:54:58scott666you look EXACTLY like a colon and a close paren
11:58:31midkthere's a textpad 4.7.3 out and i'm using 4.7.2
11:58:33midkgod dammit :(
12:10:06 Join lImbus [0] (
12:13:49scott666hey lImbus
12:24:54 Join scott666_ [0] (
12:24:54 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:25:24 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
12:25:36*scott666 defeats the ghost
12:25:49midkgo scott
12:26:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:54:49lImbushey scott666, was afk, sorry, now off for meal
12:55:27midkscott666, talk to meh.
12:56:03LinusNcan anyone give me a reason to not remove the Mute feature?
13:00:17lImbusno. I was quite confused by this too.
13:01:08midkwell LinusN, we'd have very few useless features left to joke about.. :)
13:06:27scott666LinusN: kill it
13:06:58scott666midk: what other useless features do we have left?
13:07:12midk*does some quick thinking
13:07:17midkhmm, binary clock?
13:07:33midkOH i've got it...
13:07:39midkoh wait, i don't..
13:07:43scott666plugins dont count
13:07:50scott666cause theyre modular (thats the point)
13:07:55midkwell um
13:07:59midkthe um..
13:08:10midkright. have to go to bed now.. bye. :D
13:08:15midkhaha, not yet jk
13:08:24scott666not damn
13:08:40scott666common typo
13:08:55midkthe keys must be like right next to each other
13:08:56scott666midk: are you on XP?
13:09:15scott666do you have a file C:\.rnd?
13:09:39scott666im trying to figure out wtf it is
13:09:56midkdelete that b...lock of wasted space.
13:10:06midkwow, that was really quick thinking
13:10:19scott666wouldve been even quicker without the ...s
13:10:32scott666its less than 1k
13:11:25midkdelete it.
13:11:30midkwell VIEW IT
13:11:36midkwtf is in it
13:11:40midkdcc sucks
13:12:03scott666ahh! its exactly 1024 bytes
13:12:05scott666im scared
13:12:28midkwow, 1kb..
13:12:31midkdelete it.
13:13:14scott666theres a lot of ???s and one U right in the middle
13:13:28midkjust delete the bastard..
13:13:29scott666? = [][][]
13:13:42scott666but its so random!
13:13:56midkDEE LEEE TT
13:14:20scott666what if its important?
13:14:47scott666WHAT IF IT COMES BACK AND ITS 2^20 BYTES?!
13:15:01scott666and then 2^30!
13:15:08scott666where will the madness end midk?
13:15:16midk| |= _| () () [ /\ |\| |2 [- /\ |) + |-| | S, _| () () |\| [- [- |) + () |) [- |_ [- + [- .|2|\||)
13:16:31midkah, pointless ascii chars - fun!
13:16:32scott666whered you steal that from? bash?
13:16:44scott666definitely bash
13:16:46midki remember YOU made one a while ago.
13:16:59midkiff joo can read this joo need to get laid
13:17:08midki decided to.. modify it a bit
13:18:16scott666(i stole it from bash)
13:18:38midkall my respect for you.. gone
13:19:17scott666also happened today:
13:19:47midki finished the joke
13:19:54midk<scott666> common typo
13:19:54midk<midk> the keys must be like right next to each other
13:20:32scott666which was my conclusive proof that you stole the j00 thing from bash
13:20:42midkI DIDN'T STEAL IT
13:20:44midkYOU DID
13:20:49midkYEARS AG... well maybe months
13:20:54scott666thats what i forgot
13:22:57*scott666 gasps
13:23:10midkwho's tired?!
13:23:16scott666not i
13:23:17midk*looks out from behind blinds
13:23:23midkit's LIGHT OUT
13:23:23scott666and its 6:30 here
13:23:34scott666im going to summer school in an hour
13:23:41midkhave you been up all night?
13:23:51midkholy hell...
13:23:55midkdo you do this often?
13:24:01scott666it was the only way to be sure i would remember to go
13:24:02midkdo you fail summerschool?
13:24:05 Join c0utta [0] (
13:24:10scott666of course not
13:24:19midkdo you exit the classroom prior to the end of class?
13:24:31scott666prior to it? no
13:26:22scott666is partook a word? it sounds good even if it isnt
13:26:53midkpartook in = correct grammar.
13:49:37 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
13:49:54midk|sleepnite scott, lImbus, linus.
13:50:08scott666its not night
13:50:13scott666its more definitely morning
13:50:17midk|sleepoh.. yeah
13:50:23midk|sleephow to word this..
13:50:30midk|sleepgood morning. time for bed.
13:50:41scott666sounds good
13:51:00scott666even if 'good morning' is an oxy moron
13:51:03midk|sleepyawn. make sure you check out my render of the solar system before you go to school
13:51:06midk|sleepyou moron
13:51:16midk|sleepwtf am i still doing up.
13:51:20midk|sleepGOOD ... MORNING
14:11:51 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:26:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:28:10 Join AciD [0] (
14:30:44 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:31:01 Join AciD [0] (
14:34:43 Join AciD` [0] (
14:50:01lImbusscott666: sometimes I think you both (you and midk) need help ;-)
14:50:47 Quit AciD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:01:15 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
15:04:16webmindi really hope they're in a different timezone :)
15:05:47lImbusdifferent from what ?
15:32:44webmindutc aqtually
15:52:07 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:54:08 Part LinusN
16:26:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:43:43 Join AciD [0] (
16:48:49 Join Naked [0] (
16:49:58 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:50:04 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
16:56:50 Join dstar5 [0] (
16:57:18 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
16:58:24dstar5mecraw_: :)
17:02:02dstar5midk|sleep: wake up
17:12:12 Join kaboofa [0] (
17:19:12 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~lmarlow@
17:19:22mecrawdstart5: howdy
17:20:58dstar5can't use tab completion? lol
17:21:13mecrawit's been a rough morning
17:26:59dstar5mecraw: want to play rockbox-trivia?
17:41:27 Quit lImbus ()
17:41:44 Join lImbus [0] (
17:48:31kaboofancurses fo' rockbox
17:48:36kaboofaneed to code!
18:11:04 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:11:32 Join D0gbert [0] (
18:23:14 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:26:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:22:51 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:30:34dstar5bye bye
19:30:50 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
19:49:44 Join Rob2222 [0] (
19:57:05 Join oxygen77 [0] (
20:22:38 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
20:26:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:49:46 Join zeekoe [0] (
20:51:32zeekoei got my own program running on rockbox!!!!!
20:51:40scott666webmind: (delayed response) at the time it was 7am here and 5am for midk
20:51:54scott666zeekoe: whats it do?
20:52:29zeekoeit displays "Hello zeekoe!"
20:52:38zeekoei used this one:
20:52:54zeekoeit seems a bit old :)
20:53:48zeekoei kept my cygwin files because they're quite a bit newer, i had to change the cvs server from sourceforge to rockbox, i had to put the gcc-elf files to some other bin directory, and then it worked :)
20:54:24scott666i recomend trying the one on this page:
20:55:41zeekoei already tried that one some time ago
20:55:49scott666how long ago?
20:55:53zeekoei stuck and tried something else
20:55:55scott666and what happened?
20:55:58zeekoe2-3 days ago
20:56:06zeekoewell, it couldn't found stuff or so
20:56:11scott666how did you get stuck?
20:56:13zeekoebut i didnt dug deep into it or so
20:56:16zeekoelet's try again
20:56:20webmindscott666, ah ok
20:56:42scott666webmind: what time did you read it at?
20:56:48webmindscott666, my client (which is on utc) said 11.55
20:57:30webmindin what timezone are you btw?
20:58:30webmindcentral what? :)
20:58:38scott666GMT -6
20:59:01webmindah k
20:59:02scott666central america
20:59:03webmindus :)
20:59:16scott666but that doesnt sound right
20:59:26scott666cause im in minnesota and not panama
20:59:41webmindwhat tla is there for it ?
20:59:57webmindor 4 letters :)
21:00:15webmindthree letter acronym :)
21:00:48scott666CST or CDT i think
21:01:20scott666i checked the windows clock settings before i answered and it was completely useless
21:01:33scott666S-standard D-daylight
21:01:45scott666so whenever daylight savings time is its D
21:01:53scott666but i have no idea which is which
21:06:11zeekoei think it's D now.
21:06:13 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:06:21zeekoeanyway, i got the other devkit working :)
21:06:31 Join Jovanni1 [0] (
21:06:35zeekoejust copied the cvs updating thing from the old one
21:13:00 Quit lImbus ()
21:19:30zeekoeso... is there an easy way to put a custom bitmap for eg the usb connect in the firmware? :)
21:19:43zeekoei already found out i have to use screens.c
21:20:12zeekoeor should i insert hexadecimal codes by hand...
21:20:31scott666well, you find out where the usb image is, then replace it with yours
21:20:51scott666theres a nice app for converting a bmp to rockbox format, but i cant think of the name of it
21:20:58scott666someone'll say it
21:21:08scott666could be bmp2rb
21:21:15scott666that sounds right
21:21:22scott666search the rockbox site
21:21:24zeekoei found that one too
21:21:29zeekoelet's try what it does
21:25:20zeekoehmm... it says 256 bit bitmap
21:25:23zeekoebut it's mono
21:25:42zeekoeand on 24 bit it says 6144
21:30:28zeekoehmm... i guess it was badly precompiled or so
21:30:33zeekoei'll ask again sometime
21:30:53scott666it definitely requires mono
21:36:41zeekoeit has mono
21:36:46zeekoebut that doesnt work
21:37:30 Quit Jovanni1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:45:12scott666zeekoe: what program are you using?
21:45:35scott666to save the .bmps with that is
21:48:26zeekoepaint, paint shop pro, irfanview
21:48:35 Join dstar5 [0] (
21:48:36zeekoesame result, all of them
21:49:46dstar5midk|sleep, wake up dude
21:50:15 Join lImbus [0] (
21:50:33lImbusthere we are again.
21:50:49zeekoecool, lots of people online :P
21:50:50lImbusand look at midk|sleep, he must be tired
21:51:03zeekoemidk is always awake at this time
21:51:26zeekoein what timezone does he live?
21:51:30zeekoemidk|sleep signed on at 12-07-2004 05:15:08, and has been idle 7 hours, 59 minutes and 48 seconds
21:51:38lImbusyes, he was online all night long (HIS night, not mine). he is PST
21:51:59lImbusanyone here that uses the car adapter mode ?
21:52:18zeekoehe should be awake :P
21:52:30zeekoelImbus: hey i just saw a website about that :P
21:53:21zeekoebut you probably already know that one :)
21:53:57lImbusyes, I kno that page, but I am talking about something different.
21:54:04lImbusjust the feature / setting in menue.
21:54:18lImbusI flashed my archos yesterday (from cvs own build). with the car adapter mode on, the archos starts and resumes if I plug in power. fine
21:54:58lImbushe goes to pause (and idle poweroff) if I unplug it, like if the current would be interrupted because I switch of the engine.
21:55:19zeekoehmm... okay
21:55:21lImbusbut he does not resume if I plug it in before he went of.
21:55:40zeekoei suppose you already tried booting while pressing F1?
21:55:45lImbusthis is not as I would expect it, neither as it was explained in the manual when I read it.
21:56:38lImbussorry zeekoe, I've got no problem with flashing and all that. That's all pretty much fine. The car adapter mode just does not work as I would've expected in that special case
21:56:53lImbusgoing to warm up my food, then have a peek at the code.
21:57:03 Nick lImbus is now known as lImbus|eating (
21:57:12zeekoehmm no it should go to play mode
21:57:34zeekoei mean pause mode
21:58:14 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
21:58:41kaboofaanyone know if you can use nickel metal-hydride batteries on archos recorders?
21:58:57*kaboofa greps the faq
21:59:17zeekoekaboofa: guess what im doing right now :P
21:59:20 Nick midk is now known as midkizzt0r (
21:59:26kaboofazeekoe: yankin it?
21:59:29kaboofai don't know
21:59:40zeekoekaboofa: uh... yankin??
21:59:48kaboofaas in, cranking out a quick one
21:59:50kaboofatouching your penis
22:00:02kaboofawhy not just tell me?
22:00:22zeekoei'm using nimh batteries in my archos jukebox recorder 20
22:00:41zeekoeyou stupid sex-minded kaboofa :P
22:01:01kaboofawhat is nofi?
22:01:05zeekoeno flame intended
22:01:07midkizzt0rlol kaboofa that's not nice
22:01:34zeekoewho cares... we are all not nice, anyway
22:01:38kaboofai have 2000mAh nimh batteries now :D
22:01:46kaboofainstead of 1200mAh nicd
22:01:46zeekoei have 2300
22:01:54kaboofanickel cadium
22:02:08midkizzt0rcan i be 'not nice' too?
22:02:23zeekoeyeah, midkizzt0r, just say something evil
22:02:35kaboofai want to say stuff but i know everything here is logged
22:02:42kaboofaso i won't
22:02:42midkizzt0ryou idiot!
22:02:45kaboofato answer question
22:02:49kaboofawhat are you doing
22:02:51zeekoekaboofa: but i don't have an archos charger, so i dunno if that'll work, just charge the batteries outsode the unit
22:03:11kaboofaon my period.
22:04:20midkizzt0rkaboofa is having his period?
22:04:42zeekoei guess so
22:04:58midkizzt0rah, that explains it.
22:04:59 Join AciD [0] (
22:05:12lImbus|eatingnever seen rpn-calculatinig women
22:06:16kaboofayou should.
22:06:16midkizzt0rwho says he is a woman? :p
22:06:23kaboofanow fix my question on the mailing list :)
22:06:40kaboofathe rpnstack array is not being changed at all.
22:06:45kaboofaAT ALL
22:07:00kaboofaon my rpncalc program
22:07:01zeekoean rpn calculator on the rockbox?
22:07:08zeekoewhich mailing list?
22:07:15kaboofarockbox mailing list
22:07:19kaboofazeekoe: < zeekoe> kaboofa: guess what im doing right now :P
22:07:20zeekoei subscribed to 2-3 mailing lists but never get any mail
22:07:22kaboofawhat are you doing :(
22:07:38zeekoekaboofa: typing on a keyboard
22:07:50scott666midk: are you still subscribed to the list? did you see em talkin shit about clockbox?
22:08:04kaboofai thought it had something with relavance of the bot or myself :P
22:08:20kaboofathe bot for trivia, that is
22:08:54midkizzt0rscott: i have gmail dump all the rockbox mails into some folder somewhere,,
22:09:52midkizzt0rah .. DAMMIT
22:09:54midkizzt0ri HATE THAT BUG
22:10:09scott666which one?
22:10:23midkizzt0rthe time one
22:10:24zeekoemidkizzt0r: now you're not nice too
22:10:32zeekoemidkizzt0r: you're cursing
22:10:34midkizzt0rthe lcd one is easily fixable but i thought i just did
22:10:47*midkizzt0r contemplates saying fuck
22:12:36midkizzt0rwtf though
22:12:44midkizzt0ri like, just fixed those bugs..
22:12:50midkizzt0roh well, time to get coding
22:12:53scott666fix them...more?
22:12:53midkizzt0rafter i take a shower.
22:12:58midkizzt0rstfu scott
22:13:28lImbus|eatingguys, serious: whom old are you ?
22:14:01zeekoeyou're eating!
22:14:05midkizzt0rwait i know this
22:14:20scott666you cant eat and type at the same time?
22:14:26zeekoekeep your mouth shut while eating or you get all kinds of foody things out of your mouth
22:14:42lImbus|eatingsome kind of multitasking cant type with your mouth closed?? thats even worse
22:15:08zeekoeso you people don't type with your teeth?
22:15:10zeekoethat's odd
22:15:32kaboofai type with my fireman!
22:15:35kaboofaor fingers
22:15:36kaboofaeither way
22:15:42midkizzt0ri hope that doesn't mean what i think it means
22:15:49kaboofait means toes.
22:16:03midkizzt0rno it doesn't!
22:16:23 Nick midkizzt0r is now known as midk|shower (
22:16:34midk|showeras bc would say, only people who are dirty shower.
22:16:50midk|showerand as scott would know, i don't "really" shower... :D
22:17:20lImbus|eatingand my question stays unanswered...
22:17:50zeekoelImbus|eating: which question?
22:17:55zeekoeabout the car thingy?
22:18:06lImbus|eatingabout your AGE, guys
22:18:22zeekoei'm 18, live in holland, how old are you? :)
22:18:29kaboofai'm 17 i live in the united states
22:18:43lImbus|eatingI'm coming back from a 10 days camp with 8-14 years old guys and you behave worse
22:18:53lImbus|eating22, belgium, working in germany
22:19:13kaboofai'm just kidding around
22:19:14zeekoei don't believe kaboofa
22:19:15scott666im 17 in the US
22:19:24kaboofabut, i really need to fix this error
22:19:28midk|showerchange of plans.
22:19:29kaboofac99 doesn't like for loops.
22:19:30kaboofaat all.
22:19:31zeekoehow can a 17 year old say such mean things
22:19:32 Nick midk|shower is now known as midk|laundry (
22:19:37midk|laundryuh oh
22:19:49scott666wtf? did you chagne your mind?
22:19:54kaboofafirst it didn't like for(int i=0;.....
22:19:57midk|laundryscott i have no clean clothes
22:20:04 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|shredder (
22:20:05kaboofaso i made int i; for(i=0...
22:20:05midk|laundrywell i have a select few but
22:20:08midk|laundrynothing good...
22:20:12midk|laundrynone of my stuff is good.
22:20:14kaboofanow i don't think it's likeing my i−− in the index
22:20:33scott666<midk> oh wait! its not me thats dirty, its just the CLOTHES! midk: 1 shower: 0
22:20:36 Nick zeekoe|shredder is now known as zeekoe (
22:20:52midk|laundryi have been wearing these clothes for..
22:20:55midk|laundry*runs to do laundry
22:21:07zeekoemidk|laundry: i can smell you from here
22:21:07midk|laundryi'm going to take a shower after my clothes are clean
22:21:17midk|laundryzeekoe, i wouldn't be surprised
22:21:23scott666why not take a shower while theyre being washed...?
22:21:32midk|laundryoh yeah
22:21:40midk|laundryand walk around naked the last 1 hour of the cycle?
22:21:41zeekoeit's called multitasking
22:21:45lImbus|eatingthat would be some multithreading
22:21:58zeekoeinky pinky... well whatever
22:22:40midk|laundryok here's what i'll do.
22:22:42midk|laundrytake a shower now.
22:22:45midk|laundrythen start the laundry.
22:22:52 Nick midk|laundry is now known as midk|shower (
22:23:04scott666no, start the laundry first you dolt
22:23:04 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
22:23:21midk|showerhey hardeep
22:23:53midk|showerno, shower first.
22:23:56midk|showerbrb now
22:26:24scott666contrary to how it may appear, midk is not really talking on IRC while taking a shower...awesome as that would be
22:26:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:53 Nick lImbus|eating is now known as lImbus|dessert (
22:27:11dstar5looks like lImbus|dessert is using irc and eating at the same time...
22:27:23kaboofai'ts not that hard
22:28:10lImbus|dessertremember that multitasking-thingy we were talking about ?
22:28:22kaboofano; sorry :(
22:28:41kaboofauh oh
22:28:49kaboofai'm getting lang.h no such file or directory
22:28:50kaboofaa lot
22:28:55lImbus|dessertbrain volatile kaboofa = {0};
22:28:55kaboofaupdating dependencies
22:29:29scott666i think i got that error when i was in france
22:29:33dstar5kaboofa, maybe you need to get lang.h
22:29:36scott666only i wasnt coding anything
22:29:37kaboofaKaboofa.tactNuke( lImbus|dessert.getLocation() );
22:29:38scott666it sucked
22:29:45dstar5or the compiler is not searching right
22:29:45kaboofai keep getting error 2
22:29:50kaboofai think i'm going to cvsup again
22:29:58kaboofathat's what we call it on bsd
22:30:13kaboofathis is odd
22:30:20kaboofawhen i make a simulator for win32 it works fine
22:30:27kaboofawhen i make the real thing, it fails, miserably.
22:31:04*zeekoe tired
22:31:08zeekoecya tommorow
22:31:09zeekoeor so
22:31:39 Nick lImbus|dessert is now known as lImbus (
22:31:59kaboofayay bleeding edge!
22:32:52 Join Strath [0] (
22:33:03lImbuscurrent cvs with some small modifs works fine for me (win32 sim and ajz too)
22:34:38*dstar5 has not used a daily/bleeding edge in years
22:36:46scott666dstar5: years???
22:37:02dstar5atleast A year...
22:37:19scott666itd be hard for me to go from major version to major version
22:37:32scott666so many things change between releases
22:37:50scott666were due for 2.3 any time now that the voice ui has settled down
22:37:55lImbusscott666, would daily build to daily build not be ok for you ?
22:37:59 Nick midk|shower is now known as midkl (
22:38:02 Nick midkl is now known as midk (
22:40:52midkyeah, woo.
22:41:24scott666lImbus: no, daily build to daily build is the right way to do it
22:41:48scott666did i say something backwards?
22:42:36scott666there are too many changes between major versions to learn them all at once, therefore you have to keep up with the daily builds so you can deal with change one day at a time
22:42:38lImbusit looked like if you cold not work/live without cvs
22:42:56lImbus+u on 'cold'
22:43:03scott666no, not cvs
22:43:51scott666and i actually dont update my firmware all that often
22:43:59scott666only every time i use it
22:44:13scott666which isnt that frequent, as the headphone jack is dead
22:44:47lImbusoh yeah. nice.
22:45:10scott666yet i still read the mailing list
22:45:28scott666shame that the community is better than the hardware
22:46:07lImbuszeekoe: I know you're sleeping, but your client will tell you: The car adapter mode is working pretty fine, i was a bit too impatient:
22:47:21lImbusbooting my rockbox takes 1-2 seconds (I say MAX. 2 seconds from OFF to RESUME), and the resume after dc-off is only fired up after 5 seconds to let the engine crank.
22:47:33lImbusso I was a bit confused
22:53:25lImbusscott666: now that you say it: I think the windows-installer is a big help for simple minded people too and is another good component for 2.3
22:54:42 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:58:20scott666lImbus: i think its a great idea for releases, but it kind of seems like overkill for daily builds
22:58:41scott666if you cant unzip an archive you probably shouldnt be using a daily build
23:00:27lImbusthat's for sure. but when I see how many people on the list or on this channel fail to install 2.2 .
23:00:30scott666unrelatedly (is that a word?) 'windows installer' seems kind of redundant. as if there would be a linux installer
23:01:08lImbusmaybe one day ... :-)
23:03:43scott666if theres a rockbox installer for idiots using linux, i think it will probably be after rockbox is ported to another platform or 3
23:04:17dstar5anyone that can't install rockbox should not even be thinking about trying linux
23:05:02scott666unless were talking 10 years from now where linux usability has more than surpassed that of windows, even for idiots
23:05:32scott666but at that point i dont think there will be any rockboxable archoses alive
23:06:28dstar5except me
23:06:47scott666what if there was a Linux for Dummies distro?
23:07:02lImbuslindows ?
23:07:19scott666no i mean actually ___ for dummies
23:07:37scott666the official _____ for dummies linux distro
23:26:09zelast i checked that was like mandrake or something but i dunno by now
23:26:10 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:26:10 Quit D0gbert (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:26:42zei don't even use distros anymore, i run a linux from scratch system hehe
23:27:17lImbusI guess you have no problems to install rockbox too, eh ?
23:28:14zewell i dunno about that
23:28:23zenot having an archos anymore sorta presents a problem in that respect
23:28:43webmindarchos from scratch? :)
23:28:59zebut yeah i started compiling rockbox-related code and testing it on my archos before there was "rockbox"
23:29:17lImbusok, I understand. what is the exact cause you still hang around here ? the pain ?
23:29:30zeoh i dunno
23:29:45zei fancied i'd still contribute ideas and whatnot, which was really my main contribution before anyway
23:29:50zebut i haven't really done that
23:30:01zethere's also the people and occasional interesting conversation
23:30:29lImbusare you not keen on getting a new archos ?
23:30:48zei hang out in another on this network too, the activity there generally looks like:
23:30:51zeDay changed to 10 Jul 2004
23:30:53zeDay changed to 11 Jul 2004
23:30:55 Join T^JulioVega [0] (
23:30:56zeDay changed to 12 Jul 2004
23:31:02zei've got a rio karma now
23:31:24T^JulioVegacan somebody help me out again?
23:31:47lImbuslet's try it
23:31:55zevia bestbuy's service plan i went archos studio20->archos fm rec->creative nomad zen->rio karma
23:33:06T^JulioVegacan someone tell me ow i can change the startup cfg? or how i can make the player display the file/dir-icons even after i turned it off and on again?
23:34:51lImbusehh. should be it normally.
23:35:05lImbusit is saved somewhere in the hardware (rtc).
23:35:21lImbusbut it breaks with every new major firmware (hardware-mask)
23:36:11T^JulioVegaso how can i do something?
23:36:23T^JulioVegaor what can i do?
23:37:26hardeepT^JulioVega: your settings are not being saved after shutdown?
23:37:35hardeepor only when you update firmware?
23:37:51midksave to a config...
23:38:01T^JulioVeganope, every time i restart the box, it doesn't display the icons anymore
23:38:09hardeepwhat device do you have?
23:38:11midkmenu - general settings - system - manage settings - write cfg file
23:38:27T^JulioVegai have a studio 20
23:38:32hardeepah, okay
23:38:44T^JulioVegamidk: this option isn't saved in a cfg-file
23:38:51hardeepthe settings are only saved when there's hard disk activity
23:39:08hardeepafter changing your settings, browse into a directory or something so that the hard drive is started
23:39:15hardeepand then shutdown
23:39:23T^JulioVegai'll try
23:40:24T^JulioVegadoesn't work
23:41:42hardeephmmm, do you see any errors like "Save Failed" ?
23:42:47hardeepwhich rockbox version are you using?
23:43:17dstar5hey hardeep
23:43:23T^JulioVegathe daily build
23:45:10 Quit AciD ("Read error: 666 (Connection reset by Satan)")
23:45:33hardeepdid this start happening recently?
23:45:59T^JulioVegajup, it sems to be happening since i have this version
23:46:44T^JulioVegaacid seems to have used BitchX irc client ;)
23:47:54hardeepah, i see the bug
23:48:06hardeepwhich options aren't working. Just icons?
23:49:17T^JulioVegaseems so, i don't know another function that doesn't work
23:57:58T^JulioVegaso what can i do now? wait for the next version?
23:58:48hardeepI'm just about to commit the fix. The next bleeding edge build will have it. Or you can wait for the next daily build

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