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#rockbox log for 2004-07-13

00:06:28dstar5bye bye
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00:24:57T^JulioVegahey thx hardeep it works
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00:27:43lImbushey BC, I had a small change to show in the status bar if the disk is still spinning. intrest ?
00:28:32hardeepT^JulioVega: cool
00:29:36T^JulioVegaso, i have to go to bed now, it's 0:30 here and i got school, so: cya and gn8 guys
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00:30:12kaboofahar har
00:30:26kaboofacode = good
00:30:29kaboofabut my code = bad
00:30:32kaboofasad kaboofa
00:32:10lImbusewwww I'm tired. god opportunity to go to bed. so I will. good night mates.
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00:37:02kaboofahydraIRC -> <- I love my forced quit messages!
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01:27:33tpelliottAnyone try Linus' safe shutdown patch?
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05:30:15hoothwhats up homies
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05:52:05hoothhey guys i'm back with a question, anyone out there?
05:53:15midkyou have to be a little patient - not all of us are able to respond within... 1 minute and 54 seconds
05:53:38hoothok, i'll keep that in mind for future reference
05:53:59hoothanyways, i read in the FAQ that you can use winamp to create a playlist, which i did
05:54:10hoothso i put the playlist onto my jukebox
05:54:34hoothnow how do i get it to play the files? do the files have to be in the same directory or something
05:55:49midkplay the playlist?
05:56:14hoothyeah i created a playlist and saved it using winamp
05:56:34hoothits a .m3u
05:56:58midkso... play it? yeah.
05:57:13hoothits only 2kb so its not the files too
05:57:21hoothi dunno i'm so confused
05:57:22midkno, it's not
05:57:26midkPLAY the M3u!!
05:57:51hoothi did
05:58:19hoothit said loading
05:58:23hooththen end of list
05:58:27hoothand nothing played
05:58:32midkthat's better..
05:58:50midk*looks for playlist experts
05:58:53hoothsome idea of where i'm coming from now?
05:59:10midkdid you say, like..
05:59:17midkdid you create it off the archos?
05:59:30midkso the track listings point to the archos where they should be?
05:59:36hoothdamn, why didnt i think of that
05:59:40hoothhahahaha i'm so dumb
05:59:46hoothlet me try that and see what happens
05:59:47midkit may work..
05:59:51midkwhere did you make it off of
05:59:53midkyour c drive?
06:00:12midkis the dir structure the same?
06:00:26midkie, c:\music\rock -> f:\music\rock where f: is archos?
06:00:43hoothi honestly dont know
06:00:52midkyou have to check...
06:00:54hoothi'm gana try creating the playlist off of the archos
06:01:02midkend of list means there are no more songs playable in the list
06:01:15midkso that probably means it can find none of them in the playlist
06:01:25midkyour dir structure is not the same
06:01:35midkfor simplicity, create it right off the archos
06:02:10hoothsee i have all my songs in 26 differnt files
06:02:15midkthat's fine./
06:02:53hoothok well i'm gana take 5 min to try to create this
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06:10:58hoothit works!
06:11:23hoothi'm just an idiot for trying to create it off of the c drive
06:13:37hooththank you midk
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06:38:07midkhey LinusN
07:22:36 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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09:12:31midkyo idc..
09:12:51midkyay what?!
09:13:00[IDC]Dragonyay midk
09:29:21LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yo
09:30:02LinusN[IDC]Dragon: how about this bug report:
09:36:15[IDC]Dragonmoin LinusN!
09:37:18[IDC]Dragonthis is normal, ucl files have no hardware ID or such
09:45:14LinusNso this guy has deliberately tried to flash a .ucl compiled for a v2 platform
09:47:51midkHA! HA! sucker.
09:51:42[IDC]DragonI know it would be better if the files have an ID, but this would mean to patch something in an unused part of the ucl header (if any) after compression
09:52:31[IDC]DragonI'll reject and close that bug report, OK?
09:52:45midkreject that nerd.
09:54:55*midk feels powerfull
09:54:59midkdo what i say now..
09:55:57*[IDC]Dragon stiffly walks around, with a stale view
09:56:17midkok here's what you need to do
09:56:20midkidc, get to work on TV on the FM
09:56:32midkoh, and LinusN needs to code that 'software tuner' :)
09:56:45[IDC]Dragonthis was already done on April 1st
09:57:29midkhm, no, you hinted that you attempted to
09:57:31midkbut i say, do it.
09:57:41midkdon't question me, lowly fool.
10:00:23midktv on fm will be labeled: 'project: tv fm' - linus' software tuner as 'project: ST'
10:00:30midkso.. how's the status of project TV FM?
10:01:38[IDC]Dragon+op [IDC]Dragon, kick midk
10:01:53midkget back to work.
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10:35:41midkwb LinusN.
11:21:38webmindhmm, accoording to dict 'blah' is a word :)
11:22:28midkwow.. 'nerd' too
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11:45:03midkyo lImbus
11:45:49midki want to call you 'lim'
11:49:09[IDC]Dragonhi lImbus
11:50:21[IDC]Dragon(starting a nick with LI is not nice, I need to type 3 chars then before I can auto-complete to LinusN)
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11:54:04LinusNChristi-S: any luck with OO?
11:54:20*Christi-S nods. Yes, I finally beat it into submission.
11:54:39lImbus[IDC]Dragon: do you really want me to change the nick ?
11:55:35LinusNlImbus: ignore him, he's german
11:56:19lImbuspfew. What a chance I only WORK in german, I am belgian :-)
11:56:31[IDC]Dragonthen I need to be ignored
11:56:48Christi-SYeah, it turned out that you have to avoid using any of the list functions and make sure it's managed only by Outline Numbering.
11:57:05Christi-SOtherwise it loses its place.
11:57:25 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
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11:57:50[IDC]Dragonlunch time
11:58:00LinusNChristi-S: can i see a preview of the manual?
11:58:06midkyay, tasty food
11:58:34Christi-SSure, Linus. Although bear in mind that it's not done yet. I'll bung it up on the web.
11:59:38LinusNChristi-S: please make me a pdf, i don't have OO here
12:00:07Christi-SOK - can I email it to you, actually?
12:00:18LinusNsure, linus at
12:03:31Christi-SIt didn't go with the first mail.
12:03:35Christi-SI'll try again.
12:04:21LinusNgot it
12:04:36LinusNno attachment, though...
12:05:22Christi-SShould be on its way now.
12:05:35Christi-SA lot of the cross references are wrong.
12:06:01Christi-SThe basic usage stuff is pretty much complete though.
12:07:04*LinusN is still waiting for the email...
12:07:37Christi-SDialup, Linus. Patience is a virtue. So I've been told.
12:09:16Christi-SDoesn't help that it's actually sending it twice - once to my Sent box and once to you.
12:09:47Christi-SBut both copies go at the same time, so it slows things down.,
12:09:49midki doubt literally sending twice..
12:10:22Christi-SOnce via SMTP and once via IMAP.
12:13:09LinusNgot it, will read it over lunch
12:14:48Christi-SEnjoy. ;)
12:15:35Christi-SToday I shall try to finish the plugin docs.
12:19:46Christi-SHey, Linus, regarding intelligent shutdown - binding it to a key combo like F1+OFF say might make it work better than have it only work in the root.
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12:57:27LinusNChristi-S: that's an option, yes
12:58:05Rachael-hOh, have you added a viewers directory to the player dir structure, btw?
12:58:40 Nick Rachael-h is now known as Christi-S0 (
12:58:46 Nick Christi-S0 is now known as Christi-S- (
12:58:59Christi-S-(Housemate. Should ban her from the computer. ;) )
12:59:23Christi-S-Right, I think I need to fix the installer then.
12:59:36LinusNforgot about that
13:01:57Christi-S-'S a one line fix. I'll mail you the new iss file.
13:03:31Christi-S-Let me know if anything goes wrong.
13:04:31Christi-S-Doing an overhaul on the installer is on my list of things to do. I'd like to make so that people can use it to build standalone installers for custom builds as well.
13:04:42Christi-S-But I want to finish the manual first.
13:06:59 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:10:20Christi-S-Ooh - spotted a bug in clock. It's currently telling me it's AM, rather than PM.
13:12:24LinusNthe plugin?
13:12:31*Christi-S- nods.
13:12:39Christi-S-The pretty graphical one.
13:12:50Christi-S-The system clock is giving the right time.
13:13:09midkthat's my fault.. i was yelled at on the list about it :)
13:13:17midki have to see if i can fix that tomorrow morning.
13:13:23midki already did but.. :\
13:13:27midki mean, previously.
13:13:33midki get these kind of bugs once in a while
13:13:44Christi-S-Bad puppy. No biscuit.
13:13:54midkdie you fricking nerd.
13:17:19LinusNChristi-S-: change this in your iss file:
13:17:25LinusNName: recorderv1; Description: Jukebox Recorder 6, 10, 15, 20
13:17:38LinusN(15 is missing in your file)
13:17:53*Christi-S- nods. Thanks.
13:18:32Christi-S-I assume you can fix your copy
13:18:45LinusNalready fixed
13:19:31Christi-S-I don't get a biscuit either. Life is hard.
13:22:08midkoh, i suggested that.
13:22:13midki get credit right
13:22:51Christi-S-Maybe you get your biscuit after all.
13:26:27Christi-S-Shame the greyscale doesn't seem to be screendumping yet. It's such an impressive hack.
13:31:00 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
13:32:52 Join midk [0] (
13:35:40LinusNChristi-S-: the grayscale framework has a screendump feature, but the plugins don't use it yet
13:35:56*Christi-S- nods.
13:36:11Christi-S-I've grabbed shots for the mandelbrot and demo off the web.
13:36:27Christi-S-Would've been nice to show the JPEG viewer in action.
13:36:46midkwhy don't you do so
13:37:03LinusNi have some remarks on the manual, do you want them now?
13:39:33Christi-S-Sure. Bear in mind that if it's stylistic and I disagree with you, I won't change it.
13:41:34LinusNgeneral thing: it seems like the font size in the lists varies
13:41:59Christi-S-That's possible. I'll try to fix it so it's consistent.
13:42:36Christi-S-(I did fix it for the main text.)
13:42:37LinusNexample: 5 PLAYLIST OPTIONS
13:42:54LinusN(i miss the page numbers)
13:45:59Christi-S-There are no page numbers? shit.
13:46:26LinusNfirst page, "Getting more help": documenation -> documentation
13:46:50midknite all..
13:46:56 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
13:47:11LinusNfirst page, "welcome": "types of file" -> "file types" (?)
13:47:49LinusNi like the pictures of the different models
13:47:59Christi-S-Seemed like a good idea.
13:48:12LinusNthere is actually a feature request on it :-)
13:48:32LinusN2.3 PLAYLIST SUBMENU: the screenshots need updating
13:49:48LinusNanother font thing: section 3 WHILE PLAYING SCREEN:
13:50:07LinusNthe text "see part III, section 2... changes font size in the middle of the sentence
13:54:58LinusN3.3 ID3 VIEWER: scrren -> screen
13:55:39Christi-S-I'll spellcheck it once it's done..
13:55:52Christi-S-And fix references too.
13:56:00Christi-S-I said it was a work in progress.
13:56:20LinusNof course
13:57:03LinusN1 INTRODUCING THE MAIN MENU, second paragraph: strike the very last "immediately"
13:58:03LinusN2.2 RECORDING SETTINGS, description of Time Split: strike the second sentence ("the break between...")
13:58:50LinusNthe FM radio screen needs a rework since my last changes
14:00:01LinusN3 SOUND SETTINGS: in the Super Bass description, add "Only has effect when Loudness > 0dB."
14:00:58LinusNThe description of "Reset Settings": "recorded" -> "stored"
14:01:30LinusNno more remarks for now...
14:01:40Christi-S-I had missed the playlist submenu though. Thanks.
14:01:55LinusNyou are doing a great job
14:02:45Christi-S-I'll update everything like the FM screen to fit in with changes once the manual's done. Otherwise I spend a lot of time chasing a moving target.
14:11:30Christi-S-I think it's a lot easier to understand than the old manual, and hopefully the progression is a bit more logical.
14:11:52 Join Guest1 [0] (~jirc@
14:11:56Christi-S-I do wonder how many people found the old manual, noticed it started with the flashing procedure, then ran away screaming in terror.
14:18:49Christi-S-Thanks for the comments, you picked up on a fair bit I'd missed.
14:19:29LinusNi'd happily review it again, when you have worked som more on it
14:21:38Christi-S-Once I consider it done, I'll post it up publicly and let everyone have a look.
14:22:05Christi-S-I just didn't want a whole bunch of comments about things I've not got around to fixing yet.
14:22:56Christi-S-Oh, whereabouts on the player menus is the Line In setting. It's not in the sim.
14:23:27LinusNGeneral Settings->System->Line in
14:23:39LinusN"No" or "Yes"
14:23:45LinusNdefault is "No"
14:24:01LinusNsilly place to have it, btw
14:24:58*Christi-S- nods.
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14:32:29Christi-S-Oh, did the description of the various channel modes look OK? It's kind of hard to translate the MAS techie stuff into non-technical descriptions.
14:34:08LinusNah, forgot to check that
14:34:15LinusNno, there are errors
14:35:11Christi-S-Thought there might be.
14:35:20LinusN"Mono Left": plays the left channel in both ears
14:35:30LinusN"Mono Right": plays the right channel in both ears
14:36:33LinusNit's ok apart from that
14:36:54Christi-S-Ah, cool.
14:37:10Christi-S-Got the really easy part wrong, and the difficult stuff right. ;)
14:39:09 Join Christi-S [0] (
14:49:53Christi-SHmmm. Does the player have the full channels options?
14:57:49 Quit Christi-S- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:01:31 Join AciD [0] (
15:03:15LinusNChristi-S: yes
15:03:36Christi-SOh. Good.
15:08:38 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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15:41:44 Quit AciD (Success)
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16:26:06 Part LinusN
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18:58:06 Join mattzz [0] (
18:58:16mattzzholla muchachos
18:59:32lImbushola amigo
19:01:38mattzzwtf....?! CVS build complains rockbox-all/build-box/search.o(.text+0x1b8): undefined reference to `memcpy'
19:02:16*dstar5 investigates
19:03:01dstar5humm build log shows no errors
19:03:10dstar5letme get source and try
19:05:12dstar5is this a simulator or target build?
19:06:36dstar5mattzz: ???
19:08:59mattzzsorry, I was on the phone
19:09:26dstar5target or sim?
19:09:27 Join Strath [0] (
19:09:28mattzzerrmm, OK, this was a fresh CVS checkout, compiled for Recorder V2
19:13:45 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:16:47dstar5i do not understand why the compiler is complaining
19:16:48dstar5void* (*memcpy)(void *out, const void *in, size_t n);
19:16:58dstar5it is right in plugin API
19:17:19dstar5let me try for target
19:17:20mattzzI dont understand either. Other plugins use memcpy as well
19:17:36mattzzAnd there is no memcpy in search.c
19:17:43dstar5(my gcc is 3.4, and does not work right with sh-elf, so i need to get a wrking one)
19:18:06mattzzmattzz@scrat:~/archos/build/rockbox-all/build-box$ sh-elf-gcc −−version
19:18:41dstar5actaully... i have that devkit around by BC
19:18:43dstar5that will work
19:18:46dstar5give me a sec
19:21:41mattzzit compiles after having removed apps/plugins/search.c
19:24:39dstar5humm the devkit is trying to use the gcc in my real cygwin install
19:24:42dstar5stuiped ting
19:28:48dstar5me dot know
19:40:32lImbusdstar5, mattzz: works fine for me (target v1)
19:40:50lImbussh-elf-gcc −−version: 3.3.1 (BC's latest DevKit 3.02)
19:41:09dstar5mattzz: might just want to try and delete all your source, and your build dir, and start over
19:46:28lImbushow to ON+Play in simulator ?
19:47:06dstar5+ + 5
19:50:52lImbusok. I got it. It has to be NUMPAD5 which is hard to reach on my notebook :(
19:51:42dstar5notebooks have bad keyboards
19:55:58 Join scott666 [0] (
19:56:22 Join zeekoe [0] (
19:56:35scott666hey zeekoe
19:56:42zeekoeback again :)
19:57:00zeekoeis there a decent programming guide/api documentation for rockbox?
19:57:22scott666the source
19:57:36zeekoe(writing that stuff is probably the coolest thing in the whole world, so i guess somebody already did it ;))
19:57:46zeekoewas afraid of that :)
19:58:10 Join Christi-S [0] (
19:58:39scott666hey Christi-S
20:02:32 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|afk (
20:04:17Christi-SDamn - did I just spam myself off channel?
20:07:06 Join unionpeak [0] (
20:07:13unionpeakhey can someone here help me
20:07:45unionpeaki have put the daily build on my rockbox...they work fine but when i restart it reverts to an old version
20:07:51unionpeakhow can i flash the daily build
20:08:45Christi-SIf you've flashed rockbox in the past, just play the .UCL file in the .rockbox directoyry.
20:09:01Christi-SIf not - go read the flashing instructions on the web.
20:09:26*Christi-S rejoices, for there are 34 plugins, and I have documented all 34.
20:09:48dstar5i am adding a fuzzy clock :)
20:10:12dstar5althoughi doubt i will release it as a patch
20:10:14Christi-SA *fuzzy* clock?
20:10:17unionpeakok ill try
20:10:28dstar5yes you know, like "5 past ten"
20:10:29unionpeakalso how do i get patches uploaded on the box
20:10:30dstar5or so
20:10:42Christi-SOh, right.
20:10:53dstar5this will go into my "speical" rockbox
20:11:04Christi-SWhat's that then?
20:11:43lImbusunionpeak: that's much more complicated: get a developer kit (called sdk), get a daily tarball of sources, then patch the files
20:11:45Christi-SAs in what's special about it?
20:11:55dstar5my special rockbox, with many things i like, and have changed
20:12:11dstar5it will be very good :)
20:12:17unionpeakok where can i find the search patch that was just released
20:12:25*Christi-S is planning a release of the installer builder that can package a custom build.
20:12:27dstar5i have been working on it for weeks, but have not done a lot yet
20:14:01 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
20:16:31unionpeakcan someone help me with the patching stuff
20:19:07 Part zeekoe
20:22:31lImbusunionpeak: the search patch has just gone into the software and should be avaiable with tomorrow's daily build.
20:23:42lImbusif you want to install tomorrows daily build to flash, be sure to do the right procedure
20:24:00lImbuscopying it to the rockbox with the windows installer is the first step.
20:24:37lImbusthen you'll have to rolo into the new version, THEN flash it to the rom by "playing" the rockbox.ucl
20:27:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:30:21 Quit mattzz|afk ("Client exiting")
20:34:07 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
20:40:23midkreboot brb
20:40:25 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
20:42:49 Join midk [0] (
20:49:05Christi-SCan someone remember the tag for 'next song'?
20:50:44Christi-SI don't think it's on there. That's why I'm asking./
20:52:36Christi-SOh no, it is.
20:52:43Christi-SYeah just spotted it, thanks.
20:52:53Christi-SDo you have a cat on your keyboard?
21:01:19 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
21:02:52 Join midk [0] (
21:09:32*lImbus will be back in a few minutes, hew drives home
21:09:37 Quit lImbus ()
21:09:37midki mean
21:09:41 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:17:03zeekoe20.09.26 # * Christi-S rejoices, for there are 34 plugins, and I have documented all 34.
21:17:11zeekoelet's rejoice too
21:17:20Christi-SIf you like. ;)
21:17:36zeekoewhere are the docs?
21:17:45Christi-SNot public yet.
21:17:49Christi-SThis is for the 2.3 manual.
21:17:57zeekoeyou suck! booh!
21:18:18*Christi-S grumbles cause no-ones updated the config file documentation since 2.1
21:18:31 Quit unionpeak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:18:35zeekoewhen does 2.3 come out?
21:19:50 Quit kaboofa (Nick collision from services.)
21:19:51 Join kaboofa [0] (
21:20:06 Quit kaboofa (Nick collision from services.)
21:20:26 Join kaboofa [0] (
21:20:29kaboofaI FIGURED IT OUT!!!
21:20:46kaboofaI was using snprintf("%d", double); instead of %f
21:20:48kaboofai rock.
21:20:54kaboofanow it ALMOST works!
21:20:57kaboofaso i want cookies.
21:21:15midk%f == float
21:21:22midkwas it a float you needed to... snprintf?
21:21:43kaboofabut yea
21:23:54kaboofai'm getting off by 1 errors now
21:23:59kaboofabut now i have that MAJOR problem fixed
21:24:52 Join kaboofa_ [0] (
21:26:10kaboofaugh, java demons keep coming back trying to screw with me
21:26:33kaboofai typed "public static void printStacks(void)"
21:26:37Christi-SJust because I have taken pity on all you poor doc deprived types: −−-++Recorder specific settings (allowed values) [unit]
21:26:37Christi-S|*Setting*|*allowed values*|*unit*|
21:26:53kaboofaisntead of "static void print_stacks(void)"
21:28:39zeekoei got my browser back!
21:28:43kaboofacould someone tell me how snprintf works in relation to rockbox?
21:28:54zeekoeit took 8 minutes to delete 19322 emails
21:29:02zeekoe(sorry for interrupting)
21:29:04kaboofai'm trying to copy the value of floating point value "rpnstack[0]" to a string
21:29:24zeekoekaboofa: read the documentation ;-)
21:29:32kaboofado you have a link to it?
21:29:35kaboofai'm using this code:
21:29:37zeekoeoh sorry, there isn't any :P
21:29:41kaboofa rb->snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%f", rpnstack[i]);
21:29:43zeekoe(/me evil!)
21:29:49kaboofabut "f" is what ends up printed
21:30:08kaboofalooks like i'm going to end up hacking through someone's asm code...
21:30:47kaboofahese support %c %s %d and %x
21:30:49kaboofai'm retarded
21:30:52kaboofause %d
21:31:01kaboofafor snprintf, but %f for everything else?
21:31:57kaboofa:( it still won't work.
21:32:27midkok tell me what's wrong
21:33:25kaboofawhen i use snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%i:", i); for integer i, i get "0" printed out
21:33:31kaboofato the string buf
21:33:49kaboofawhen i use %d for double called rpnstack[0], i get NOTHING printed to string buf
21:34:17kaboofais my code.
21:36:56zeekoeCopyright (C) 2004 Tom Norris ?
21:37:05zeekoeyou're Tom Norris?
21:37:07kaboofayeah., or
21:37:29zeekoedoesn't sound like kaboofa at all ghehe :P
21:37:43kaboofamy shift functions are sorta broke too
21:38:09midkhey kaboofa
21:38:13midkdon't use %i for int
21:38:15midkuse %d.
21:38:21midk%d for decimal int.
21:38:28kaboofawhat for double then?
21:38:34kaboofa%f ?
21:38:42kaboofabut %f isn't supported by snprintf :(
21:39:19midk%s i think.
21:39:39midktry it.
21:40:19 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:40:52 Join LinusN [200] (
21:40:57midkhey LinusN
21:41:10LinusNkaboofa: we have no floating point support in rockbox
21:41:17midkyou can snprintf using %s for double right?
21:41:19LinusNyou have to roll your own code for that
21:41:28midkoh wait
21:41:29LinusN%s == string
21:41:38*midk has 'double' confused with 'long'
21:41:45kaboofayou guys have a calculator, so i'll look at that code.
21:41:53LinusNdo so
21:41:54LinusNcu l8r
21:41:56 Part LinusN
21:42:48midkin the calculator i believe the whole number portion is calculated and then the decimals..
21:42:58midkthen snprintf'd like %d.%d
21:44:46midkcalculate the whole value with decimals and all
21:44:53kaboofatime to e-mail isaac
21:44:55kaboofaor not
21:44:59midkthen try and split that float up into two longs.
21:45:12midkand snprint them back into a sort of a long.
21:46:21kaboofahow do you split the float into longs?
21:46:23kaboofafloat -> string
21:46:27kaboofathen search the string for .
21:46:46midkhm, not sure. :]
21:48:34 Join Christi-S [0] (
21:48:45zeekoeor just do the number *1000, then calculate, and then shift the dot... but you can't do big numbers this way...
21:49:04 Join LinusN [200] (
21:50:49kaboofathat's what i did before
21:50:58kaboofawith "ghetto_sprintf"
21:51:01kaboofaon my old calculator.c
21:51:09kaboofaghetto_sprintf > all
21:51:15zeekoeit's kinda bad solution...
21:51:17midkhaha, i love ghetto_sprintf
21:51:23kaboofabut it works... sorta
21:51:50kaboofai could try to roll my own, but i don't know that much about how everything is held in registers and all that fun stuff.
21:52:40 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:52:43LinusNyou can make it quite simple
21:53:07LinusNdamn! gotta go!
21:53:10 Part LinusN
21:53:48midk:[ we love you linyx
21:54:03zeekoewe loveD you :P
21:54:13midkyou hate linus now?
21:54:18midk*shoots zeekoe with an M16
21:54:29zeekoei can explain!!
21:54:41zeekoei don't think he'll survive
21:54:50zeekoethat's why i said loveD
21:55:01midkwhatever. you die now.
21:55:15zeekoewhat's an M16?
21:55:25kaboofaan assault rifle
21:55:30 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
21:55:39kaboofavariants are used by the united states military forces
21:55:54kaboofaalso known as a 'm4a1' if you play counterstrike
21:56:00zeekoehi mecraw! we were just talking about killing eachother with big guns and stuff!
21:56:09*kaboofa finds his 50cal
21:56:26*midk stabs zeekoe..
21:56:32midkwith the muzzle of his m16
21:56:35zeekoei tried playing cs when it was 1.5, didnt have much time
21:56:54mecrawis Doom finally functional on Rockbox? :)
21:57:10zeekoenow you got that steam stuff, but i dont have enough hard disk space on the drive i installed half life to
21:57:29zeekoeyeah, when is someone porting a FPS to the archos?
21:57:36zeekoecant be that hard
21:57:46midkgo ahead zeekoe.
21:58:01scott666whats jörg been doing lately? that seems like a good job for jörg
21:58:21midkdo you have 'FPS' on your 'beep' list
21:58:32scott666i dont have a beep lis
21:58:39zeekoeticalc only has 6 MHz and it has and
21:58:40scott666i dont have any beeps at all
21:59:53kaboofai'm guessing, but is that link to the fat engine?
21:59:54zeekoehmm... i may be able to create some simple raycasting stuff for archos...
22:00:09zeekoekaboofa: nope, it's GEMINI and Wolfenstein83
22:00:11kaboofawe need voxels
22:00:27kaboofati83 == useless :x
22:00:40zeekoeit has some cool games :)
22:00:45midka LOT.
22:00:48kaboofaonce you use an 89 or an hp49g+ you'll realize how useless it is
22:01:04*scott666 has a ti86
22:01:19 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
22:01:22zeekoebut they're expensive calcs...
22:01:46zeekoewhat more things can you do on a 89 or hp49g+?
22:02:00scott666the LCD is a lot nicer on the 89
22:02:08zeekoethats true
22:02:23kaboofai had this game on my 89
22:02:29kaboofayou can do multiplayer via a link cable
22:02:46kaboofaor some game
22:02:55kaboofathat was based on fat, you could go over a link cable
22:02:56kaboofait was fun times
22:02:58midkthat looks coool!
22:03:01 Join lImbus [0] (
22:03:12zeekoewhee that's kewl
22:03:22zeekoei guess it's written in c
22:03:30kaboofa <−− another favorite
22:03:33zeekoeso it should be easily portable :P
22:04:10kaboofaAfter the graphics from the screenshots of "ExciteBike 68k" got my attention, I immediately decided that I must try it out for myself. Initially, I thought "ExciteBike" was just a demonstration of how the 89 could support some pretty looking games. The shading and depth of the graphics was just absolutely amazing, coupled with a very smooth gameplay speed as well
22:04:17kaboofait's like the NES version - colors - sounds
22:04:51zeekoefat/src/examples/fatd3.c 21288
22:04:51zeekoefat/src/examples/fatd4.c 14753
22:04:51zeekoefat/src/examples/fatd5.c 21202
22:04:51DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe
22:04:51zeekoefat/src/examples/fatd6.c 12084
22:04:51zeekoefat/src/examples/fatd7.c 12785
22:04:52***Alert Mode level 1
22:04:52zeekoefat/src/examples/fatd8.c 26581
22:05:12zeekoedidnt mean to post that much
22:05:23zeekoeanyway, the fat engine seems to be at least partly in c
22:05:50zeekoenever heard of excitedbike...
22:06:04kaboofafor nintendo entertainment system
22:06:06zeekoewhatever :)
22:06:07kaboofait's kinda old
22:06:10zeekoedont have nes
22:06:11kaboofalike 87, 86 maybe
22:06:34zeekoejust lots of amiga's, a mac, and atari2600, and some "ibm compatibles"
22:06:42zeekoewell, not lots of amigas
22:06:47zeekoejust four or so
22:07:00zeekoeand a zx spectrum with broken membrane keyboard :/
22:08:32kaboofaalias mrpn="make;cp rpncalc-2.c ./archos/"
22:08:35kaboofawrong window
22:08:52kaboofawrong command too
22:10:43zeekoeno excited screams at the word "amiga"?
22:10:45kaboofathis could be a really bad thing(tm)
22:10:45zeekoethat's ba
22:10:53zeekoekaboofa: wy?
22:11:14 Nick midk is now known as midk|gone (
22:11:34kaboofai have NO IDEA what i was doing to this code
22:11:38kaboofawhen i was writing it
22:13:42zeekoeyou should smoke less weed
22:14:17kaboofai don't smoke weed
22:14:27kaboofai'm not a sterotypical american...
22:14:31kaboofai am, but not as bad
22:14:53***Alert Mode OFF
22:15:53kaboofai'm pretty sure it has something to do with my parents being immigrants
22:16:22kaboofai also like a lot of techno music
22:16:28kaboofawhich is weird
22:16:31zeekoeyep, it is
22:16:36kaboofabecause i live in a mostly rap music dominated area
22:16:58zeekoebut what does that have to do with you not understanding your own code?
22:18:58kaboofawell, you just have to remember the time you brought me out to the pond, and taught me how to fish.
22:19:04kaboofathen, you'll realize
22:19:11kaboofathat has NOTHING TO DO with what we were talking about.
22:19:12kaboofaHar har har, polish humor.
22:21:25zeekoei guess so
22:21:53kaboofaI just e-mailed the author of calculator.c because I'm too retarded to figure out his code
22:22:05kaboofanow i'm going to look through the snprintf sources, and see if i can port what i need
22:23:42zeekoewhat's THAT doing there...
22:24:02kaboofai made that for my friend Jen :)
22:24:17kaboofawith mspaint
22:25:06zeekoeshe was probably delighted ;)
22:25:12kaboofashe was
22:25:38zeekoenah, i'm not nice now
22:25:48kaboofait's alright.
22:25:50kaboofait's a poor drawing
22:25:53kaboofaso are all the other ones
22:26:25zeekoewell... i cant do it much better so i should keep my mouth shut...
22:27:07kaboofai could probably do this in asm
22:27:11kaboofabut that's against the rules :(
22:27:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:28:34zeekoecant you write a new c-instruction in asm?
22:28:40zeekoeor is that against the rules too
22:28:43kaboofai think it's against the rockbox rules
22:29:08Christi-SRejoice rejoice for the Advanced topics section is done. Only the appendices to go now.
22:30:23midk|gonei'm still here.
22:32:24zeekoewhy? your name says gone
22:32:27zeekoeyou liar
22:36:16midk|gonekaboofa: are you pretty stupid?
22:36:55kaboofai'm starting calculus in a week, and i'm 17
22:37:01kaboofaso by american standards i'm ok.
22:37:45midk|gonedie zeekoe
22:37:51zeekoeyeah yeah i know
22:37:55midk|gonewho uses linux?
22:37:57zeekoei'm dying already
22:37:59midk|goneDIE zeekoe
22:38:02kaboofai use freebsd and linux
22:38:03zeekoei use linux, sometimes
22:38:05kaboofaand windows
22:38:10midk|gonewho is ON linux.
22:38:22zeekoei'm dying now, see you tomorrow!
22:38:23 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
22:38:27midk|gonehere kaboofer.
22:38:30midk|gonedon't go zeekoe.
22:38:41kaboofa_what is it?
22:38:50zeekoesleep time\
22:38:51kaboofa_quicktime movie
22:38:55kaboofa_which i'm not equipped to run :(
22:38:59midk|gonedie die die.
22:39:32 Quit zeekoe ()
22:39:44midk|gonereally gone now, later
22:43:06 Join dstar5 [0] (
22:44:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:44:15*dstar5 is having problems
22:47:35dstar5a plug is saying can not find entry point
22:47:39dstar5(the clock i am wokring on)
22:48:04dstar5i know it shouldl od
22:48:15dstar5the only thing holding it is HAS_LCD_BITMAP
22:49:29 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
22:50:10dstar5hey hardeep
22:54:07Christi-SWoohoo! 85 pages of manual. I'm done.
22:54:15Christi-SOf course I have to tidy it up now.
22:54:18scott666dstar5: why are you writing a clock?
22:54:33scott666Christi-S: overcome the evils of OO?
22:54:34dstar5scott666: it is the one already in, i was editing it for myself
22:54:41scott666ahh, ok
22:55:14Christi-SFinally, yes.
22:55:31Christi-SNot completely, but enough to have a reasonably professional looking manual.
22:59:22kaboofado you guys have ftoa?
23:01:54kaboofa.. nope
23:01:56kaboofafloat to ascii
23:03:26kaboofai found ftoa.c
23:03:30kaboofabut i don't know how to make rockbox build it
23:10:48 Join tpelliott [0] (
23:12:01lImbuskaboofa, do you want to used ftoa in your plugin ?
23:12:09lImbusor even ftoa.c
23:12:23kaboofai need some soft of float -> ascii
23:12:33kaboofaand yes, i want to use ftoa in my plugin
23:13:47lImbusunless we have multifile-plugins, you need to rename it to ftoa.h and include it or either include by hand
23:14:32dstar5use the /lib
23:14:42 Quit tpelliott (Client Quit)
23:16:08lImbusof course, there is this /lib-stuff. But I would not use that unless I really want to share code between plugins
23:16:21lImbusI think the grayscale stuff has gone /lib.
23:16:27kaboofathis is...
23:16:28dstar5it has
23:16:34kaboofawhere do i stick my .h file then?
23:16:43dstar5anywhere :)
23:16:47lImbusBlueChip is still #including his stuff.
23:17:03dstar5but.. why not just stick all the code in that file into your source file?
23:17:05lImbuslay ftoa.h in /plugins or even /lib
23:17:12kaboofabecause i have no idea how it works.
23:17:13kaboofano idea
23:17:38lImbus#include does nothing else than copying the code into the file. so you can do "by hand"
23:18:21dstar5# is the preprocessor symbol
23:18:33dstar5the preprocessor runs before the actual compiling
23:19:14lImbussometimes I think c programming people should be forced to read Kerninghan&Richie
23:19:23dstar5it kinda just "edits" the file a bit before comiling, like if ytou have a #include, it will just bring all that code into the file, and make a "temp" file
23:19:23lImbusor similar
23:20:02lImbusand if the file you #include is itself #including another file, this will be done first, and so forth
23:21:51kaboofabut if you see this code
23:21:55kaboofait doens't have any function in it
23:21:58kaboofait's just a big listing
23:22:04kaboofaor i'm missing the curly brace or something
23:22:05kaboofahold on
23:22:19dstar5kaboofa some times you dont need functions :)
23:22:37kaboofahow the fuck do i call the function to convert float to ascii if i don't have a fucntion to call?
23:22:46kaboofano. because i do magick outside in my garden
23:23:29dstar5float val;
23:23:29DBUGEnqueued KICK dstar5
23:23:29dstar5int n, m;
23:23:29dstar5char *a;
23:23:45kaboofathat's what i thought.
23:24:57dstar5float val;
23:24:57dstar5int n, m;
23:24:57***Alert Mode level 1
23:24:57dstar5char *a;
23:24:57***Alert Mode level 2
23:25:03dstar5that IS the function
23:25:24dstar5so in your code where you want it, you are going to have something like this:
23:25:58dstar5int blah = ftoa(value, n, m, a)
23:26:16dstar5what those varibles are used for, i dont know
23:27:36kaboofafuck this
23:27:46scott666is it just me or does current CVS not compile?
23:27:50dstar5no you can do it :)
23:28:03dstar5scott666: works for me
23:28:32kaboofawhy does it return INT if it's float to ascii?
23:29:27scott666wtf is uname and why does it want to use the internet during 'make'
23:29:35kaboofauname does this:
23:29:37kaboofaFreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE #0: Mon Feb 23 20:45:55 GMT 2004 i386
23:29:59kaboofayour will say cygwin host.domain version whatever
23:30:19dstar5me get CYGWIN_NT-5.1
23:30:22scott666so should i let it access the internet?
23:30:43dstar5i don ot think mine went to the internet
23:31:01scott666it didnt pop up when i made it normally, but it did for the sim
23:33:13dstar5i have to go
23:33:17dstar5see you scott666
23:33:24dstar5hope you get that going
23:33:28dstar5thanks for your help
23:33:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:33:44*dstar5 was talking to scott666
23:33:48dstar5but to you also
23:34:10 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
23:34:58***Alert Mode OFF
23:41:54*scott666 is attemping to 'make' with a daily tarball instead
23:46:33lImbuskaboofa, it probably returns INT the count of characters it wrote in ascii. common use
23:46:55scott666make worked, but all of the plugins claim to be an incompatable version
23:47:54lImbusthe weird type of argument-declaration (after closing ')' and before '{') was common use some time ago tooo.
23:51:07 Join _aLF [0] (
23:52:44kaboofai have found another function
23:54:40lImbusplease do not - for your own pleasure - use functions where you can't limit the output
23:54:59lImbusin other words: use functions who want to know how big the buffer is.
23:55:49kaboofagoing to upload what i have to my site, and say 'fuckit
23:56:34lImbusif you knew what the n and m parameters are for in the standford ftoa(), it could be finde
23:56:59lImbusand if the code WAS commented, you could understand and rewrite your own

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