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#rockbox log for 2004-07-15

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00:56:43iXiCan anybody help with broken JBRv2 voltage regulator !?
00:57:29iXiI think that charger that I used broke my ARCHOS JBRV2?
00:58:09iXiI have to change the voltage regulator is there any solution to get original part or something?
00:58:48iXiany help will be apreciated/
00:59:30midka correction is fine, restating the text with the correction is place is a little overboard..
00:59:36midkin place*
01:05:43iXiany help?
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01:05:43mattzzis it only me or is CVS build broken again?
01:05:43mattzzdrivers/adc.c: In function `adc_tick':
01:05:43mattzzdrivers/adc.c:36: Internal error: Segmentation fault
01:05:43midkmattzz, check the daily builds page?
01:05:43midklooks OK..
01:05:43DBUGEnqueued KICK mattzz
01:05:43mattzzno error for recorder 20
01:06:25mattzzI am using sh-elf-gcc 3.0.4 on linux as suggested
01:06:25midknot sure then..
01:06:25midkis this your first time compiling?
01:06:25mattzzbut I did a proper "make clean", configure, yadayada....
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01:16:21D0gbertis it me or is GDB broken in the latest cygwin version?
01:17:50D0gbertit breaks on kernel32!IsBadWritePtr() which doesn't obviously make sense
01:20:19CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:20:19*scott666 has no idea
01:20:55*T^JulioVega neither ^^
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01:23:42scott666hey midk
01:23:54midk2k3yo ox.
01:24:00midk2k3yo scott
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01:40:16T^JulioVegadoes anyone here have a good tutorial for irc remote scripting?
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02:01:03midkDAHA HA HAHAHA HA!
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03:28:37scott666doom 3 comes out on august 5th...whens the rockbox port due?
03:28:58midkhm, september neverth, never?
03:36:37tom`idlescott666: it's on my todo list. right after 'die'
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09:54:00lImbushi LinusN
09:54:44lImbusconcerning the car adapter mode-stuff: I am running (flashed) a cvs version a week ago or something like that, and everything is fine, including the special case you stated.
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10:00:24LinusNlImbus: good to hear
10:00:45LinusNthe special case is this:
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10:01:36LinusN- insert the car charger before starting the car, with the jukebox off
10:01:57LinusNstart the car, and the jukebox starts, resuming the playback
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10:02:12LinusN- stop the car, and the jukebox won't stop playing
10:02:30LinusN(it will, with the latest daily build)
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10:06:48LinusNhowever, in some cars, the power may come and go when cranking the starter engine, and the bug may not be visible
10:08:36lImbusLinusN, I simulated with my AC-DC-supply. Will redo in a second
10:10:06lImbusI suppose there is no switch in the power socket of a recorder v1, so I plug it in and out there, it that ok ?
10:10:40lImbusJukebox switched off since a few hours, pluggin in power.
10:11:00lImbusTakes 2 seconds to resume (quite fast hdd).
10:11:14lImbusPluggin off power, pauses immediately
10:11:41lImbuspluggin in resumes after 2 seconds (I modified the code a small bit, was 5 before)
10:11:52LinusNwhat was the mod?
10:11:58lImbuspluggin out pauses immediately again
10:12:09lImbusHZ*5 => HZ*2
10:13:31LinusNhmmm, i wonder if there's a difference if you have resume=ask?
10:13:53lImbusI have resume always, err, called yes.
10:13:59lImbusI gonna check that.
10:14:48lImbusthe precise version info is: 040711-2207 (and I always do cvs up -Pd before making)
10:15:51lImbusright LinusN, with resume=Ask I can reproduce your problem. strange, can't figure out the correlation
10:15:59LinusNi can
10:16:07lImbuserr, wait.
10:16:17LinusNthe car adapter mode is a hack in that respect
10:16:53lImbuspluggin in, rockbox starts, asks for resuming. I say yes, it does. pluggin off, pauses.
10:17:05lImbusdunno what happaned the first time
10:17:42lImbusfurther plugin- and plugouts work fine too. ???!??
10:19:04lImbusI GOT IT: It does not go to pause if the disk is spinning.
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10:20:29LinusNit has nothing to do with the spinning disk
10:20:49lImbusI see the difference.
10:21:06lImbusmy status-bar shows me the ata_is_active()
10:21:17LinusNit has to do with you starting the playback manually (in the resume dialog) before the 5s timeout has expired
10:22:04lImbus5 seconds timeout ? the one I changed to 2 ?
10:22:31LinusNit is even more complicated than that...
10:22:56lImbusand in fact, futher tries to plugin and plugout work fine again, even if resume=ask
10:23:25lImbuswell, if it's more complicated, I should rely you fixed it ;-)
10:24:06LinusNfurther plugins/plugouts will work, since the bug only had to do with the initial state of the car adapter mode
10:24:30lImbusok, that's what I concur. I saw you made that bitch static
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10:25:13lImbusjust two other things: somebody mixed us both up and talked to me in irc yesterday evening like if I was you or one of the other main developers. You should read the logs about 23:04 (where I joined).
10:25:27lImbusbefore beeing blamed to forget what people talk to you.
10:25:54lImbusit was Smooth
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10:26:18*[IDC]Dragon also doesn't understand car adapter mode resume issues
10:26:25[IDC]DragonHi Christi-S !#
10:26:41lImbusI didn't either
10:26:43lImbushi both
10:26:48[IDC]Dragonoops, I wasn't cursing
10:27:19[IDC]DragonChristi-S: my deepest appreciation for the manual!
10:27:23lImbus[IDC]Dragon: it's only with Resume=Ask and only the first time you unplug, or if you unplug withing the 5 seconds after rockbox starts up.
10:27:27Christi-SSure you weren't invoking a satanic shell script?
10:27:29LinusNlImbus: saw it. grayscale is only for plugins atm
10:27:30Christi-SYou're welcome.
10:27:40lImbusahh, ok
10:27:55[IDC]Dragonno, # and return are just close together
10:27:56*lImbus thinks he should read that new glorious manual.
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10:28:16LinusNi don't like the car adapter mode implementation...
10:28:19Christi-SWell, it's already out of date. ;)
10:28:38lImbusbut it works fine. that's why i bought a second rockbox, flashable
10:28:46[IDC]DragonChristi-S: I found only little details, and my own doc shortcomings (jpeg, video)
10:28:47LinusNi think we should send the old Snake game to the land of the forgotten
10:28:48lImbusor however that word should be written
10:29:05lImbusisn't Snake maybe a legal issue to Nokia ?
10:29:09lImbusI mean the NAME
10:29:11[IDC]DragonLinusN: agreed
10:29:20LinusNi'm on the hunt for another recorder
10:29:26Christi-SWhich reminds me ... Linus - are you intending to do a feature freeze at some point before 2.3?
10:29:34LinusNChristi-S: yes
10:29:39[IDC]Dragonwe sure are
10:30:10Christi-Sllimbus: Nope. I played snake on the Vic20. Nokia'd have a hard time arguing that one.
10:30:36Christi-SBut snake is a bit shit, really.
10:30:41[IDC]DragonChristi-S: one thing: the video doesn't need to be .avi before conversion, it could be anything playable
10:30:52Christi-SI didn't include a screen shot because it looks awful.
10:30:56lImbusok. else I would recommend the name "nibbles" like the Qbasic-demo game
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10:31:27Christi-S[IDC]Dragon - mail me please. Otherwise I'll forget.
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10:31:42Christi-SI'm going to sit on the manual for a bit until we enter feature freeze.
10:31:49Christi-SThen I'll play catch up. ;)
10:31:52LinusNof course
10:31:54midksrya bout that.
10:32:32[IDC]Dragonthe player screenshots look pretty bad, with strong artefacts.
10:32:35LinusNChristi-S: do you want to do all changes yourself, or are you willing to share the OO file?
10:32:49LinusN[IDC]Dragon: indeed
10:33:16[IDC]Dragonjpeg is no good choice, gif would be better
10:33:25LinusNare they jpegs????
10:33:37[IDC]Dragonat least they look like
10:33:42Christi-SLinusN - because we don't have differential version control, it's probably going to be easier if I make the changes myself.
10:34:12LinusNChristi-S: and OO doesn't have the nice Correction mode like Word has...?
10:34:45*Christi-S thinks OO does have change control, yes. But I'm not sure how it copes with having the master on the Net.
10:34:50Christi-SI'll read up on it.
10:35:30LinusNChristi-S: no big deal, just wanted to make sure your work doesn't get lost if you suddenly lost interest, or something happened to you
10:35:39*Christi-S nods.
10:36:29Christi-SI've got an offsite backup. I can put a copy of the current source file anywhere you'd like too though.
10:37:23Christi-SI'd rather not make it public till it's finalised though.
10:38:48LinusNi understand that
10:39:04LinusNjust leave me a copy, for the sake of backup
10:39:11Christi-SNo problem. Email?
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10:40:57lImbusmy last question before I go to work: If I want to build up a power-supply for my car, am I right a simple 9V stabilizer (1A) should be ok. no capacitor, no hassle? I suppose there is another 6V stabilizer with regulator/capacitors inside the archos, either the debug screen would not say 6V on external power, isn't it ?
10:41:58LinusNwhen do you read 6V?
10:54:28LinusNChristi-S: .7z?
10:54:51Christi-S7-zip - newish format.
10:55:17LinusNgot it
10:55:38Christi-S(smaller hence quicker for me to upload. If I'd realised I was going to send it to someone else, I'd have used bz2.
10:56:37lImbusLinusN: Debug->battery, down one page. external 5,31 (changing)
10:57:08LinusNlImbus: see it now, seems like there's a bug in the scaling
10:57:33LinusNthere is no regulator before the charging circuit, to my knowledge
10:57:51lImbusaha ? so the display should be something around 9V ?
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10:58:25lImbusso I should include stabilizer, regulator, capacitors in my adapter
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10:59:00LinusNlImbus: not necessarily, but you should probably include some sort of spike protection
10:59:22LinusNthe jukebox can handle voltages up to 12V
10:59:38lImbuswell, then I need no big regulator ?
10:59:41LinusN(the V1 recorder and the studio, that is)
10:59:53LinusNi don't think so
11:00:19LinusNthe original charger is unregulated
11:00:33lImbuswhich is the minimum required to run ? should test that with my lab-supply
11:00:45LinusNhang on
11:01:23lImbusI am surprised that the archos eats unregulated power WITHOUT having cleaning circuits is
11:01:36lImbusf*ck. IN
11:02:04lImbusthat looks like a nice piece of docu ,-)
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11:04:31Christi-SWhy *do* people want to change the pitch they play back MP3s at?
11:04:48[IDC]Dragonhave to quit, c u later
11:04:53 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make")
11:06:16LinusNChristi-S: some people use it to slow down the tempo, to be able to hear/play along tricky parts of solos etc
11:06:44LinusNthe ideal thing would be to slow down without changing the pitch, but we don't know how to do that
11:06:46Christi-SAh. Right.
11:06:57LinusNsince the MAS documentation os secret
11:07:38LinusNactually, we do have the programmer's manual for the 3507
11:07:46Christi-SWell, wouldn't it require recoding anyway?
11:07:56LinusNnot necessarily
11:08:22LinusNwe can apply the algorithm on the decompressed audio, before sending to the DAC
11:08:43LinusNthat has to be done inside the MAS, naturally
11:09:11LinusNproblem is, we don't have access to the MP3 decoding source code
11:09:35lImbusthanks LinusN, i'm goin to work now. will thing about my car power-supply
11:09:42LinusNand the ROM in the MAS is execute-only (Harvard architecture)
11:10:26 Quit lImbus (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
11:14:29*Christi-S wonders if pitch change ought to be better documented. At the moment it's mentioned in the key summary for the WPS but not really explained.
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11:18:39midknite all
11:18:55midkbtw did anyone notice the ON+L/R = -/+ 10s patch?
11:19:03midkwith the side effect of pitch under sound settings..
11:19:36midkhm, should have a look - sounded interesting... nite
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11:25:32 Quit Christi-S ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
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11:46:39LinusNlunch time
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12:20:13*Christi-S wonders why people keep wanting to make the Rockbox UI even more confusing.
12:20:38LinusNyou are referring to...?
12:20:58Christi-SWell, the stop patch and now this whole "multiple actions on play" thing.
12:21:13Christi-SSorry, software off, rather than stop.
12:21:15LinusNwhich stop patch? mine?
12:21:46LinusNsoftware off may be a Good Thing if implemented correctly
12:22:10Christi-SI'd agree, but I think having something modal is not a good way.
12:22:24Christi-SThere's just too much potential for confusion.
12:22:44LinusNmaybe a "Shut off" menu option, last in the main menu
12:23:03LinusNthen you shut it off with menu->up->play
12:23:45*Christi-S nods. Or a global chorded key combo. F1+F3 say.
12:23:54*LinusN doesn't like combos
12:24:15LinusNi tend to operate the jukebox with one hand
12:24:31Christi-SUnderstandable, but I think this is one example where it's appropriate, since you don't want OFF being pressed by accident.
12:24:54Christi-SDo you just not use ON+PLAY then?
12:25:21LinusNi hate the on+play combo, since it forces me to use both hands
12:25:50LinusNso i rarely enqueue songs for that reason
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12:26:33LinusNthe context-sensitive menus will remedy that, i hope
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12:27:27*Christi-S nods. You could replace it with long hold on PLAY.
12:27:49LinusNlong holds are bad too, imho
12:27:56LinusNsince it slows down operation
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12:28:12Christi-SIt's kind of a limitation of having few buttons.
12:28:35LinusNhowever, i'd choose long holds before combos
12:28:53Christi-SDouble clicks is about your only other option.
12:29:08LinusNor menus
12:29:20Christi-SYou could free up a button by sticking F2/F3 on the same screen with UP to toggle between then.
12:30:45Christi-SThere are a million and one things you could do, I suppose.
12:30:47LinusNi'd rather go for the planned NEWKEYS approach
12:31:08LinusNf3 -> context menu
12:31:13LinusNf2 -> custom menu
12:31:55LinusNstill, we could of course allow both ON+Play and long-Play
12:32:54*Christi-S nods.
12:33:14Christi-SI like the Newkeys approach. Rockbox badly needs more consistency in the UI.
12:33:23Christi-SBut I'd guess that's a 3.0 feature.
12:34:42Christi-SOh, if you add a "null maze" to Snake 2 doesn't it become a superset of Snake 1?
12:35:31LinusN<LinusN> i think we should send the old Snake game to the land of the forgotten
12:36:30*Christi-S nods. That was in relation to that comment.
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22:43:16 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
22:48:31 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
22:50:13 Join midk [0] (
23:09:41 Join mother [0] (
23:09:58 Nick mother is now known as mother_of_zeekoe (
23:10:55mother_of_zeekoewhat did you do to my son!!??
23:11:15midk*looks around for logbot*
23:11:18midk*spots logbot*, nothing
23:11:29mother_of_zeekoehe's totally depressed now
23:11:38midktell him i said, die die die
23:11:54mother_of_zeekoewhy do you do such things??
23:12:02mother_of_zeekoedo you think it's fun or so?
23:12:25 Nick mother_of_zeekoe is now known as zeekoe (
23:12:46midkwow, you totally had me fooled.
23:12:57zeekoeyeah, i already though i would
23:12:58kaboofawhat did you do you asshat
23:13:09zeekoeor midk?
23:13:15midkwhat did i do?
23:13:19kaboofai don't know
23:13:20midki can't say.
23:13:23kaboofa16:11 < mother_of_zeekoe> he's totally depressed now
23:13:27kaboofaback to porn.
23:13:33midkooh, what kind
23:13:44kaboofaQUICK!! TELL ME ALL YOU KNOW ABOUT THE WORD 'const'
23:13:46kaboofahar har har
23:13:49kaboofaHar har har, polish humor.
23:13:55zeekoe<midk|gone> die die die.
23:14:02zeekoe22.38.59 # <midk|gone> die die die.
23:14:02zeekoe22.39.32 Quit zeekoe ()
23:14:04kaboofazeekoe: don't kill yourself, kill other people.
23:14:05zeekoeyou were there
23:14:19kaboofaprobably, but it's also probably 50 pages up from "xxxxx parts, xxxx joins"
23:14:27zeekoekaboofa: who should i kill first?
23:14:38kaboofai don't know :P
23:16:22zeekoeanyway, does rockbox support gonio functions?
23:16:25zeekoelike sin, cos?
23:16:38 Nick kaboofa is now known as littlecake (
23:16:55zeekoefor my 5up3r1337 raycasting engine
23:17:01zeekoeand what's excellent?
23:17:18littlecake/nick littlecake
23:17:20 Nick littlecake is now known as kaboofa (
23:17:33 Nick zeekoe is now known as bigcake (
23:18:00bigcakeso, does rockbox support sin+cos functions?
23:18:03 Nick bigcake is now known as zeekoe (
23:18:14midkno, die.
23:18:22kaboofacode it yerself :D
23:18:26midkget the tables or whatever..
23:18:37zeekoeyeah, i think i'll have to try that
23:18:54zeekoewhee... i can make a huuuuge sin/cos/tan table
23:19:03zeekoestill have 15 GB spare room :P
23:19:03midkLOOK at CALCULATOR.C
23:19:04kaboofayes you can
23:19:24kaboofadon't look at rpncalc-2.c
23:19:28kaboofabecause 1: it's not done
23:19:32kaboofa2: it's not commited
23:19:35kaboofa3:i coded it
23:19:35zeekoehey cool
23:19:44zeekoecalculator already supports sin+cos
23:19:53midkzeekoe: YES./
23:20:07zeekoe4: because it uses ghetto_snprintf
23:20:20midkyou mean
23:22:15zeekoeokay... so the calculator.c uses some weird table
23:22:21zeekoeguess i have to study that
23:23:34zeekoemidk: have you seen my 5up3r1337 etchasketch program?
23:24:03 Join gromit [0] (
23:24:09 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:25:04zeekoekaboofa you did see my 5up3r1337 etchasketch, last night, didn't you?
23:25:54 Join midk [0] (
23:26:24midksomeone say my name?
23:29:59zeekoei did
23:30:08zeekoe<zeekoe> midk: have you seen my 5up3r1337 etchasketch program?
23:32:12midkcan't atm
23:32:14 Nick midk is now known as midk|game (
23:32:19kaboofahar har
23:32:23kaboofatime for sleep
23:33:45 Nick kaboofa is now known as Boofa`drawing (
23:38:07zeekoetime for sleep indeed
23:38:19zeekoei'm becoming slower and slower
23:42:32 Join Smooth [0] (
23:42:55SmoothIs there a way to make the status bar come on in the browser and make it go when returning to the WPS?
23:46:45 Quit midk|game (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:47:07 Join midk|game [0] (
23:47:13zeekoethere is an option for status bar in wps, isnt it?
23:47:26Smoothit would be useful to kill the status bar in the WPS and make it appear in the file browser
23:47:38zeekoeyou can code it yourself :P
23:47:52Smoothif i knew how to I would
23:48:14Smoothbut I do like the new progress bar that fills up like on the Ipod
23:48:24midk|game*track alert
23:48:37zeekoeDIE DIE
23:48:55Smoothwhat archos u have zeekoe?
23:49:05midk|gamelarger track alert
23:49:17zeekoesince about 8 days now, i have an archos recorder 20
23:49:25Smooth<−− recorder 10
23:49:31zeekoeusb 1.1?
23:49:39Smoothdoes the job
23:49:45Smoothlike to get a gmini 220
23:49:45zeekoethat's true
23:49:53zeekoedo they have rockbox?
23:50:06midk|gamedie, idiot.
23:50:06Smoothnot yet, but they seem to have some features found in rockbox
23:50:11Smoothlike a jpeg viewer
23:50:16zeekoefun :)
23:50:23Smooth& multi-band eq
23:50:35zeekoebut they don't have nice blue bumpers
23:50:47Smoothno, instead it has a black rubber surround
23:50:53Smoothand its smaller than a floppy disk
23:50:54zeekoedoes it
23:51:17lImbuszeekoe: NICE BLUE BUMPERS ? never seen a device uglyier
23:51:20zeekoei see
23:51:26lImbusor however that writes
23:51:38 Join gromit`` [0] (
23:51:39Smoothsaw a gmini in the shop
23:52:02lImbusthose apple devices are by far the nicest ever existing
23:52:02zeekoelImbus: i like them... but mine are not really blue. more like black, or like the color of the FM recorder things
23:52:14lImbusmine are black too
23:52:24lImbussome kind of dark grey
23:52:27Smooththe gmini has a nice large blue-backlit greyscale LCD
23:52:28zeekoeSmooth: they're real small indeed, i see
23:53:01Smoothmaybe they are using microdrives for the HDs
23:53:08zeekoedon't think so]
23:53:11midk|gameuh, yeah, that's it.
23:53:16zeekoenot like CF microdrives
23:53:29zeekoethey're 20 GB aren't they?
23:53:33zeekoeperhaps 1.8 inch
23:53:36midk|game20 and 40iirc
23:53:40Smoothi think they use the small Toshiba drive
23:53:52zeekoei think so too
23:54:00Smooththe same drive in the ipod mini
23:54:01zeekoeCapacity: 20 GB(1) 1.8" Hard Drive (300 hours* MP3 at 128 kbps, 700 hours* of voice recording at 64 kbps, 200 000 photos* or 20 GB of data); *on average
23:54:16midk|gamewhy the hell did you ask then
23:54:16midk|gameif it's right there?
23:54:43Smoothshame archos discontinued the existing players/recorders
23:55:01zeekoemidk|game: DIE... i just didnt look
23:55:10zeekoethey did?
23:55:20Smoothyou can no longer buy them from their website
23:55:23zeekoeyou can still buy them here
23:55:29zeekoefor about Eur. 290
23:55:31Smoothwell, perhaps just existing stock
23:55:38zeekoei got mine for Eur 199 2nd hand
23:55:54zeekoeand i'm glad i bought it
23:56:01SmoothI don't really like the new Superbass settings
23:56:09Smoothtoo fiddly to set
23:56:13zeekoei never use superbass anyway
23:56:16Smoothprefer the older simpler bass-boost setting
23:56:36zeekoejust turn the superbass on, and you get the same effect
23:56:51zeekoedon't touch the other options
23:56:55zeekoebut i dont like psycho-acoustic stuff
23:57:02zeekoeso i have it always off
23:57:20Smoothbut what i really like is an option to kill the S.B. in the WPS and show it in the file browser
23:57:28Smoothautomatically that is
23:57:33zeekoesubmit a request ;-)
23:57:34Smoothrather than using F3
23:57:46zeekoemaybe even i can code it now
23:57:50zeekoewell, not now
23:57:56zeekoeit's reeaally bed time now
23:58:00Smoothnot urgent or anything
23:58:11Smooththe new Archo's can play WAV and WMA
23:58:14Smoothas well as MP3
23:58:29zeekoeand AVI
23:58:37Smoothnot a fan of WMA though
23:58:38zeekoeyou mean the 400?
23:58:41Smooththe sound is dreadful
23:58:42zeekoenope, me neither
23:58:48Smooththe Gmini can play WMA
23:58:51zeekoeand it's DRM

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