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#rockbox log for 2004-07-16

00:00:12zeekoethe FM + v2 recorders already have LiIon
00:00:21zeekoeand JBMM20, AVxx0
00:00:32Smoothdon't think Li-ion lasts as long as NiMH
00:00:36zeekoethat's why i like recorder
00:00:46zeekoeLi-ion lasts longer for same weight/size
00:00:54zeekoethat is, on one battery load
00:00:55Smoothget 10 hours on normal 2100Mah cells
00:01:10zeekoei think overall LiIon dies earlier, in 2 years or so
00:01:24Smooththats the problem that plagues the Ipod
00:02:01Smoothbut i must admit, the ipod does look great
00:02:14zeekoebut it's really expensive
00:02:18zeekoeand no rockbox
00:02:27Smoothi think you are paying for the kudos of owning one
00:02:38zeekoejust mp3 (or aac, whatever) player
00:02:40Smoothslap an Archos badge on an Ipod and I bet it will be much cheaper
00:02:47Smoothmp3, aac, wav
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00:03:06Smoothaac sounds great
00:03:21Smoothmeans, privelige, prestige, status
00:03:23Smooththat sort of thing
00:03:41zeekoei saw a test once, it said mp3 @128k was better than aac
00:03:48zeekoebut only a really small bit better
00:03:53zeekoeand wma sucked
00:04:08zeekoebut that was at 128k
00:04:08SmoothAAC sounds better at lower bitrates than MP3
00:04:24kaboofabut i use 224->320 vbr anyway
00:04:26kaboofaso heheeh
00:04:28Smoothmost of my mp3s are all 192kbs
00:04:35zeekoemost of mine too
00:04:42zeekoei already said bedtime 2 times...
00:04:51kaboofazeekoe: what time zone are you in?
00:04:59zeekoeit's just friday here :)
00:05:07kaboofait's uh..
00:05:09kaboofathursday here
00:05:10zeekoe+2 including gmt
00:05:12Smoothits 23:05 here in UK
00:05:16Smoothgmt that is
00:05:19zeekoei mean
00:05:21zeekoeincluding dst
00:05:28zeekoecya tomorrow
00:05:29kaboofa18:05 here
00:05:33Smoothnite nite
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02:56:51IcedDoggot a problem...I just upgraded my AJB hard drive from a 20GB to a 40GB...and I formatted the drive with Partition Magic to FAT32...but I when I try to boot up, I still get an error.."no valid FAT16/32" filesystem found
02:58:19IcedDogany suggestions?
02:58:33midkformat with winxp..
02:58:35midkmy computer.
02:59:33IcedDogtried to...the only option it gives me is to format with NTFS
03:00:26IcedDogbefore I "formatted" with Partition Magic...the drive wasn't even showing in My Computer
03:00:48midkwell try one more time
03:00:51midkdon't let it prepare for the OS
03:00:57midkif that was an option
03:01:57StealtheRare you trying to format a regular IDE HD?
03:03:18scott666you cant format fat32 with xp
03:03:31scott666after a certain number of GB
03:03:42midkdie, scott.
03:03:55scott666you die
03:04:13scott666IcedDog: got a win98 install you can use? shows up in My Computer as a FAT32 HD
03:04:19StealtheRyes you can format fat32 with xp
03:04:32DBUGEnqueued KICK scott666
03:04:32scott666<scott666> after a certain number of GB
03:04:35IcedDogno Win98
03:04:51StealtheRunder Partition Magic
03:04:54StealtheRright click on the drive
03:05:01StealtheRselect the format you want
03:05:12StealtheRdo a full clean format
03:05:21StealtheRwhich will erase everything to prevent recovery
03:05:27StealtheRyou should be gewd after that man
03:05:38IcedDogdid that too...I'll try it again
03:06:00StealtheRso it did format
03:06:03StealtheRbut right after you reboot
03:06:06IcedDoghey, does it matter if it's a logical or primary partition?
03:06:08StealtheRthe drive fawked up right?
03:06:27StealtheRwell one drive must be master
03:06:31StealtheRthe other one must be slave
03:06:38StealtheRso set the drive with OS as master
03:06:48StealtheRthe one youre trying to use as back up data or watever is slave
03:07:21scott666StealtheR: hes formatting an archos HD
03:07:48StealtheRthrough usb rite
03:08:11StealtheRdamn its so cold in my room...i better go turn down the ac
03:08:48IcedDogyeah USB...same thing...still doesn't work
03:10:03StealtheRtry another usb cable
03:10:05StealtheRsee what's up
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03:13:05DBUGEnqueued KICK StealtheR
03:13:05*StealtheR - Disk Information: Total Disk Space: (.63GB/.62GB - .9% Free - Drives) works!!!!
03:16:31IcedDogI reformatted it with as a primary partition...the logical wouldn't work
03:17:08IcedDogman...I feel much I just need to slap Rockbox on there
03:17:15IcedDogthanks for the help fellas
03:17:36StealtheRnow what's your address?
03:17:47IcedDogyou want my old drive?
03:17:58StealtheRi'll send you the bill. i take cash/money order only :) no cc/check
03:18:09tpelliottWhat size drive did you upgrade to?
03:18:20IcedDogfrom 20GB to 40GB
03:18:27StealtheRIceDog: i don't have a mp3 right now
03:18:45IcedDogno player?
03:18:48StealtheR:) i got here couple of days ago to ask for opions on a jukebox which i planned to buy
03:18:56tpelliottI upgraded my V1 recorder to 60 (55) GB
03:18:59StealtheRbut fellas in here told me it was a bad one
03:19:03StealtheRso i dropped :)
03:19:08StealtheRand station here since
03:19:12StealtheRhahaha my new irc home
03:19:29IcedDogArchos is nice can't beat having an open source community backing your product
03:19:43IcedDogBTW, those rubber bumpers were a bitch to maneuver around
03:20:15StealtheRi was gonna buy the jukebox studio 20GB
03:20:22StealtheRbut someone said it ain't gewd
03:20:31tpelliottI would love to find a good case for my recorder and leave off those bumpers.
03:20:55IcedDogwhat capacity HD did your v1 come with?
03:21:20IcedDognice upgrade ;)
03:21:45tpelliottIs it true that those drives now go to 100GB?
03:22:12StealtheRwish i got one
03:22:16StealtheReven its 5G
03:22:24IcedDognot sure
03:23:06IcedDogwhen i took mine apart, a little piece of wire fell out...that was not reassuring
03:23:11StealtheRwho knows lots about laptop in here?
03:23:19tpelliottI love the V1 recorder because you can change the batteries.
03:23:26IcedDogturns out it wasn't anything important...maybe some piece of loose solder
03:24:02IcedDogI like the fact that I don't have to take my batteries out to charge them
03:24:24IcedDogbut the green batteries that came with the unit were terrible...they would get really hot when charging
03:24:38IcedDogthought my player was gonna melt
03:25:04IcedDogbought some fresh name brand chargeables, and it's been all good
03:25:26tpelliottEnergizer 2300mah batteries are great, and cheap.
03:25:55IcedDoghmmm, might have to try those...using 1850 right now
03:26:05StealtheRuse 2000mah
03:26:27tpelliottSame package, just updated capacity.
03:27:34tpelliottIf you have 2 sets of batteries, charge time is irrelivent.
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03:27:48*StealtheR echo "IceDog can you hear me now?";
03:28:24tpelliottAnyone try Linus' safe shutoff patch?
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03:43:57IcedDogeven with USB 2.0, it still takes a while to transfer 12GB of music ;)
03:46:46StealtheRbut be glad its 2.0
03:46:57StealtheR1.1 slower than grandmom
03:47:02IcedDogno shit lol
03:54:55*dstar5 had a reocrder 20 with usb2, but no usb 2 card in computer
03:58:35StealtheRsend to me
03:58:37StealtheRi got usb2
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04:22:38dstar5can someone help me?
04:26:57dstar5yay scott666!
04:42:25 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
05:16:02StealtheRsup dstar5
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05:33:48 Part tpelliott
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11:39:14lImbusLinusN: you make me flashing all week long :-)
12:15:21midklImbus, at that rate your flash chip could wear out in a few hundred years.. :[
12:15:24midk*feels sad for lImbus
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12:35:11midkgoodbye linusn.
12:35:18midkthat reminds me, i have to fix that clock bug.
12:35:23lImbusmidk: I hope my children (and they) get better toys.
12:35:37*midk glances at clock - 3:35am - and decides, "ugh, tomorrow"
12:35:50midktoys than..?
12:36:16midkbetter than*...
12:45:56lImbussorry for not beeing native speaker !?!
12:46:17midkhm? i mean, better toys than what
12:46:52lImbusenglish is actually my fourth language (german, french, dutch, english. few words latin and russian do not count, eh ?)
12:46:59lImbusbetter toys that a archos.
12:47:02midkhaha, i guess not.
12:47:10lImbusjust for the case my flash-chips wears out.
12:47:14midklImbus, the archos is a good toy if my click in installed.
12:47:25midkit takes 100,000 flashes for it to wear out.
12:47:29lImbusyou really ought go to bed ;-)
12:47:32midkor was it 1,000,000
12:47:36midkit's only 3:45.. :p
12:47:37lImbuslImbus, at that rate your flash chip could wear out in a few hundred years.. :[
12:47:47*lImbus kills opera !
12:48:00lImbusmidk said: lImbus, at that rate your flash chip could wear out in a few hundred years.. :[
12:48:11midkthat means..
12:48:33midkwell.. you get 100,000 flashes out of it
12:50:34 Join Nibbler [0] (
12:50:46midklImbus, assuming you flash once a day it will last you about 273 years,
12:51:14midkbut that's not typically true, for one you archos will probably only last a few years - you'd have to flash constantly to get it to fail within the archos' lifetime
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13:04:12midkhi linusn
13:04:36 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:05:54LinusNjust stumbled over my USB cable and wrecked the USb port on the computer :-(
13:06:14lImbusuhaaa. following to german security rules, this may never have happened.
13:06:14LinusNbut i got a new 2.0 PCI card from the office :-)
13:06:45midk*spots LinusN stealing hardware late at night
13:06:47LinusNonly took me an hour to fix
13:06:48lImbusok, that wouldn't have happened in germany neither
13:07:06lImbusand a reboot, if I see right :-/
13:08:40LinusNno pci hotplug :-(
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14:23:15[IDC]DragonLinusN: are you reading?
14:26:10 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
14:29:47*midk|sleep is away: SLEEEEPYING NERD!!
14:30:35lImbusmidk|sleep: it's now 6:30 for you, sleep well
14:30:45LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i'm here
14:32:30[IDC]Dragonhi there
14:33:15[IDC]DragonI was wondering if it would simplify flashing if the initial file contains no Rockbox
14:33:29[IDC]Dragonbut Archos
14:34:02[IDC]Dragonso, basically, after initial flashing everything feels still the same
14:34:24[IDC]Dragon(a bit faster already, because of my boot loader)
14:34:45LinusNsounds fair
14:34:52[IDC]Dragonthen the user can upgrade to the Rockbox version of his/her liking
14:35:10[IDC]Dragonno messing with 2 versions, incompatible plugins, etc.
14:35:53[IDC]Dragonand I don't have to maintain that image
14:36:26LinusNsounds good to me
14:36:53LinusNdo you have to update the boot loader to recognize an empty rockbox image?
14:37:09[IDC]DragonI don't think so
14:37:35[IDC]Dragonwithout second image, it should boot the first
14:38:11[IDC]Dragonso I can even make a file with only Archos image, saves bandwidth
14:38:44[IDC]Dragondunno if I ever tried, have to counter-check
14:40:19[IDC]DragonIf amiconn succeeds with running from ROM, the old topic of replacing the first image with a .ajz loader comes back
14:41:23LinusNis it really worth the hassle to run from ROM?
14:41:38[IDC]Dragonnot for me 8MB user
14:42:12LinusNwe gain 200kb or mp3 buffer
14:44:03[IDC]Dragonanother view at it: it could be a good exercise for portability
14:45:07[IDC]Dragonthe neo guys must have met this requirement
14:46:28[IDC]Dragonbut they only run a fraction of rockbox anyway
14:46:52LinusNnowadays, yes
15:04:01 Join jfab [0] (~jirc@
15:05:01jfabanyone familiar with jukebox hardware?
15:05:14[IDC]Dragonguess so
15:05:19LinusNi know my fair share
15:05:26[IDC]Dragonyou bet
15:06:44jfabI accidentally dropped mine and when I go to turn it on the screen is blank with the back light on
15:06:54LinusNplayer or recorder?
15:07:04jfabplayer, sorry
15:07:12LinusNtry this:
15:07:29LinusNpush the display when you start it up
15:07:32jfabI took off the battery cover and when I take the battery out and push it back in, but not all the way it turns on no problem
15:08:16LinusNdo you hear the disk spin up?
15:08:43jfabtried that didnt do anything different
15:08:52[IDC]Dragonis USB working?
15:09:14jfabafter I remove, re-insert the battery to turn it on then turn it off it does the same thing
15:10:08jfabwhen I remove the battery it looks like there is a switch on one side not sure if that has anything to do with it
15:10:37jfabit only seems to turn on when the battery just barely touches the connections
15:10:51[IDC]Dragonthere is no switch
15:11:08[IDC]Dragonbut it turns on by default as soon as getting power
15:12:48[IDC]Dragonis the box generally working, with just the screen being blank?
15:13:55 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:14:15LinusNgotta go now, cu around
15:14:26 Part LinusN
15:23:02*[IDC]Dragon says bye, too
15:24:15jfabwhen you hold the power button down the backlight lights up and the disk spins and thats it
15:24:25 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (EOF)")
15:24:31jfaband when you let go of the power button it stops and turns off
15:27:09 Quit jfab ("Leaving")
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17:11:28 Join wiler [0] (
17:12:53wilermy archos recorder seems to be powering off emediately after i turn it on, any recommendations?
17:13:05wilerevenw hen i plug it in
17:27:47 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:36:49wileri think the hard disk seems to be powering off each time i turn on the unit
17:37:27lImbushi wiler
17:37:38lImbusit may be some drained batteries
17:37:54lImbushave you any chance to charge the batteries outside of your unit ?
17:39:17lImbusit may be worn out contacts too. try to push the rubber bumpers together so the squeeze the batteries a small bit.
17:40:04wilerwell i have only had the unit for about a week, i do have an externel charger
17:40:33wileraccording to the website the unit was new as well so
17:43:09lImbuswhat kind of unit btw ?
17:43:27lImbusrecoder, recoderv2 or player (as well as studio )?
17:45:33wileri did not flash the unit only copied the files on and then removed them because of osme problems, is there anyway to make sure that we are infact loading the archos fermware?
17:46:42lImbuswell, if you did not flash, you did not change anything on the hardware, and if you deleted the archos.ajb (or whatever it's called) you can be pretty sure you "uninstalled rockbox"
17:47:21lImbusif it took approx 10 seconds to "boot" before it was ready, you can be sure you did not flash
17:53:00 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:10:15lImbuswiler: did that work ? or can you be happy without rockbox ?
18:10:47wilerwell, it seems that i need to charge it
18:11:03wilerits hard to tell whats happening and no i will not be happy with out rockbox as i am one of your totally blind users
18:11:23wilerand archos just doesn't fit the bill
18:11:37wileranyway i have it working on another recorder and its beautiful
18:12:25wileri just want this one to work as well
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18:19:20lImbusso you take out the batts and charge them externally, right ?
18:19:54wileryep thats what i am going to do
18:20:02wilertake forever but ahh well
18:20:38wilerdid binaural recordings on my other recorder and they are absolutely beautiful
18:21:02lImbusnice. I like binaural
18:21:08*lImbus is gaming now
18:21:40wilernot sure what independant frames are though in the recording submenu, and i couldn't find anything about it in documentation
18:21:47wilerahh k
18:40:17 Join AciD [0] (
18:54:59 Join zeekoe [0] (
19:11:33 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
19:14:42*lImbus is back from shootin and fraggin
19:15:11*midk is back (gone 04:45:24)
19:15:39wilerso what are independant frames?
19:16:24midkiirc, helps for editing but results in a bit larger filesizes.
19:17:31zeekoecan one cut mp3's with jukebox btw?
19:18:44zeekoebtw, if you want easy mp3 cutting without needind to reencode and stuff: get this
19:19:04zeekoeit roolz, and is just 91kb
19:29:53 Quit wiler ("BitchX: now Y2K compatible!")
19:31:56 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
19:32:03 Join midk [0] (
19:32:39 Quit midk (Client Quit)
19:35:15 Join midk [0] (
20:09:31lImbuslol. the bleeding edge compile status matrix reminds me of pong :->
20:16:09 Join scott666 [0] (
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20:18:10 Join Smooth [0] (
20:30:51zeekoehey smooth!
20:31:20zeekoei think it's not easy to put the statusbar on or off in different screens
20:31:31zeekoebut hey, i dont know that much aout rockbox
20:31:37zeekoeand have to drink tea now :)
20:31:47midkzeekoe, you can remove the statusbar() calls..
20:50:53 Nick midk is now known as midk|shower (
21:01:23Smoothhey Zeekoe
21:01:38Smoothwhats up dude?
21:04:27 Nick midk|shower is now known as midk\ (
21:04:30 Nick midk\ is now known as midk (
21:06:38midkassuming you meant "midk", 'yo'
21:10:01 Part lImbus
21:10:49zeekoeback again
21:10:57Smoothhi Zeeko
21:11:17zeekoeanyone else using xchat here?
21:11:31Smoothusing leafchat myself
21:11:37midkleafchat sucks.
21:11:45zeekoeFLAMEWAR! wheeeee
21:12:06zeekoehow can i see the time before each message?
21:12:07Smoothleafchat does the job
21:12:11zeekoedo you know?
21:12:19midksettings -> preferences
21:12:29midkcheck "timestamp text"
21:12:34midkas for the timestamp format box put
21:12:50zeekoethe check
21:13:28zeekoeit already was H:M
21:13:34midkput H:M:S
21:13:39zeekoei have, now
21:14:18zeekoewhat's cool
21:14:29Smoothenglish weather
21:14:31Smoothshould be hot
21:14:40zeekoesame here in holland
21:14:41Smoothmy archos gets very warm after constant use
21:14:53Smooththe metal body must act as a heatsink
21:15:02zeekoethere's your weather
21:15:17zeekoeit's just the hard drive
21:15:36zeekoein my notebook i have a 60GB, it's 50 degrees celcius at the moment
21:15:47*midk watches two 'uber-smart' enthusiasts argue amongst themselves
21:16:04zeekoemidk: keep watching, if you like
21:16:20Smoothyea but in the notebook the drive rotation is constant, in the archos it "spins down" on a regular basis
21:16:22zeekoei want temperature monitoring in rockbox
21:16:30zeekoeSmooth: you got a point
21:16:30Smoothgood one
21:16:35Smoothoutside temperature gauge
21:16:42zeekoecan't be that hard; other monitoring things are already there
21:17:05Smoothyea but you need hardware to physically detect the temperature
21:17:05midkzeekoe: how do you measure a temperature.. with no temperature measuring device?
21:17:13midkthe archos doesn't have a thermometer inside..
21:17:23Smoothwrite a software thermometer
21:17:23zeekoemidk: the hard disk does
21:17:27zeekoewell, i think
21:17:35zeekoewhy not?
21:17:38midkit just doesn't
21:17:38zeekoewhat a lame hard drive
21:17:44midkwhy aren't you smart?
21:17:46midkyou just aren't.
21:17:54zeekoesmart like S.M.A.R.T?
21:18:03zeekoeand i am smart
21:18:21zeekoeEVERY good harddisk has SMART, including temp sensor
21:18:23Smootheach to their own I suppose
21:18:24midkah, it is apparent/
21:18:32zeekoeeven some lame old 20 GB seagate thing i have
21:18:36zeekoewell, not lame
21:18:48midkyou're right - i bow down to your huge brain
21:18:52 Nick midk is now known as midk|move (
21:19:09Smoothnever trust anyone who's name starts with the letters mi
21:19:21midk|movewhose, you mean.
21:19:38zeekoemommy, my archos talks to me, what should i do?
21:22:41Smoothtell it to shut up zeekoe
21:22:49Smoothor turn the voice off in the menus somewhere
21:23:05zeekoei like it
21:23:49Smoothyou should be able to change the voice
21:23:57Smoothor even better, use your own vioce
21:24:44*midk|move is away: i, robot
21:24:46 Nick midk|move is now known as midk|movie (
21:25:46zeekoehmm... i can use my own voice
21:25:52zeekoebut it uses lots of time
21:26:02*zeekoe weird
21:26:22zeekoei meant: it _takes_ lots of time to record all the stuff
21:26:54zeekoeand i'll almost never hear it, since it isn't being played when music is on
21:27:01zeekoeanyway, midk lies :)
21:27:22zeekoethe HITACHI_DK23DA-20 does support temperature reading
21:28:17Smoothmy archose uses the hitachi drive
21:28:24zeekoemine too
21:28:39zeekoewhere's the debug -> hard disk in the source? ;)
21:28:43Smoothsome use the Fujitsu drive or even the early Toshiba drives
21:28:50zeekoethey do?
21:29:03SmoothEarly Archo's used the unreliable Toshiba drive
21:29:24Smoothso they switched to the more reliable Hitachi and Fujisu drives
21:31:00zeekoeso i have a good drive :)
21:31:08zeekoewhat was bad about the toshiba's?
21:32:09Smoothhad a habit of freezing and skipping
21:32:13Smoothduring song playback
21:36:26zeekoehmm... i don't think i'm gonna change something in the hard disk stuff
21:36:35zeekoei cant see where to change something
21:37:46 Quit kaboofa ("leaving")
21:38:54 Join kaboofa [0] (
21:39:04 Part kaboofa
21:39:30 Join kaboofa [0] (
21:42:51zeekoesent message to the rockbox mailing list :)
21:43:20 Quit AciD (SendQ exceeded)
21:43:45 Quit zeekoe ("Bezig met verlaten")
21:44:47 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:44:56kaboofahar har
21:45:02zeekoe /exit doesn't do what i expected
21:45:05kaboofaich bin apfel
21:45:09zeekoeich bin peer
21:45:12kaboofado you mean /quit ?
21:45:17kaboofaich liebe apfels!
21:45:23 Quit Smooth ("leafChat IRC client:")
21:45:24zeekoei did /exit in #rockboxtrivia
21:45:38zeekoeit closed the connection and i was unjoined from everything
21:45:40kaboofaI want to play video games
21:45:48zeekoedownload them
21:45:49zeekoehar har
21:45:53zeekoe(polish humor)
21:46:00kaboofaHar har har, polish humor.
21:46:13zeekoewhat's ^5?
21:47:21kaboofahigh five
21:47:28kaboofasomething stupid american people do
21:47:30kaboofanow i play video game.
21:48:52zeekoei know high five
21:48:58zeekoejust dunno the abbreviation
21:49:04zeekoewhat video game?
21:50:28zeekoedunno about that
21:50:41 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|drinkin (
21:50:50 Nick zeekoe|drinkin is now known as zeekoe|drinking (
22:17:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:29:14 Join Bagder [0] (
22:36:26 Join Smooth [0] (
22:36:36Smoothhi zeekoe
22:37:23Smoothi think that would be a great feature, an option to kill the status bar in the WPS and show it in the file browser
22:37:50Smoothwhat does everyone else think?
22:44:21kaboofai eat babies.
22:44:58Smoothi wonder what mas the Gmini 220 uses
22:45:36Bagderthe same as the recorder, iirc
22:46:03Smoothyea but the Gmini can play WMA and WAV, which the existing recorders can't
22:46:20Bagderdoes it even use a MAS then?
22:47:04Smoothit might
22:47:09Smoothmaybe just a different one
22:48:12Smoothor even it may use a Strongarm processor
22:51:32Smoothon the flashed boxes is there a way to make the charging instantaneous when plugging the charger in like the archos fw?
22:52:24scott666no. there is currently a bug in the charging algorithm that makes rockbox wait 1 cycle before charging
22:53:09Smoothive found a way to "trick" the archos on the flashed boxes to charge via the Archos fw if the batteries are stone-dead
22:53:31scott666yup, f1 is the work-around
22:53:49Smoothyea, you hit f1+on, then quickly stick the charger in before the screen appears
22:54:18scott666you can hold f1 and plug in the charger
22:54:34scott666no on pressing involved
22:54:39SmoothI wondered if you can "de-flash" the box if required
22:54:55scott666assuming you backed up your original flash content
22:55:01Smoothjust wondered
22:55:16scott666but why would you do that??
22:55:39Smoothin case u needed to fix the archos under warrenty
22:57:27 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:58:26[IDC]DragonSmooth: yes, you can un.flash, see the documentation.
23:00:12Smoothill check it out
23:01:02SmoothSeems like all the new Archos devices have their fw on a flash chip rather than the HD
23:01:38[IDC]Dragonthey all have a firmware, yes
23:01:50kaboofaexcept one that isn't flashable
23:01:52kaboofathe uh
23:01:56[IDC]Dragon(have to, who should read the disk?)
23:01:58kaboofageneric archos one
23:02:10kaboofadisregard all my text
23:02:28 Quit zeekoe|drinking (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:03:11Smoothwhat does Screendump do in Debug?
23:03:52 Join BC [0] (
23:04:10[IDC]Dragonit creates a screen dump bmp each time you plug USB
23:05:03BCAnyone interested in a keypad driver bug?
23:05:59[IDC]Dragonpatch tracker is...
23:06:35BCit was just an informal thing
23:07:03BCSmooth, a new face ...hi
23:07:07Smoothive enabled screendump wheres the bmps?
23:07:45[IDC]Dragonplug the usb where you want to create one
23:08:07[IDC]Dragonthen it doesn't go into USB mode, but creates a file on disk.
23:08:35[IDC]DragonThis is a developer feature, for documentation.
23:08:46Smooththe files are on the root of the HD?
23:08:59[IDC]Dragonguess so, dunno
23:09:20Smoothits alright i can see them
23:09:44Smoothvery very clever
23:10:39 Quit Smooth ("leafChat IRC client:")
23:13:47 Join lodesi [0] (
23:14:50lodesidoes anyone know the size limitation for a plugin in rockbox?
23:15:41lodesii'm not talking about the size of the buffer we use from a plugin
23:15:48BCthe latest gcc compiler is pretty good if you are getting close - gave me about 8% size reduction
23:15:49lodesibut about the plugin itself :)
23:15:56Bagderlodesi: 32k
23:16:24lodesiand the clock.rock ?
23:16:39lodesi75408 byte
23:16:48BCthat'll be the sim build at a guess?
23:17:00lodesimh.. yes
23:17:08Bagderthe sim has no limit
23:17:48Bagderit wouldn't make sense anyway
23:17:49lodesibagder: that's a good news
23:18:23lodesii thaught it could be my problem since my plugin is about 200k
23:18:58BCdo a make in the target dir and look at the size of the .rock
23:19:10BCif you are using my devkit, "dir" will help there
23:19:23BC(does ls -l)
23:19:47lodesibc: i did 'ls -l'
23:20:25BCi have for bash and ls.bat for dos - lol
23:21:08lodesiwell, but i'm not using your devkit :)
23:21:35BChee hee
23:22:11lodesiso if the size doesn't matter ;), my problem are with the directory fonction
23:22:40BCsize will matter when you do a target build
23:23:00lodesino problem to compile, but i get segfault on them (unresolved symbols...)
23:23:13lodesibc: size will matter later :)
23:24:41lodesiso do you have any idea?
23:25:30BCdoes it segfault in compile or execution?
23:25:44Bagderunresolved symbols?
23:25:53Bagderthen you're using functions rockbox doesn't provide
23:26:08lodesibut they are in the plugin api
23:26:13BCi dont understand how you could get that error at execution
23:26:27Bagderlodesi: then access them with rb->XXXX() style
23:26:30lodesii neither understand :)
23:26:38Bagderthen you don't get unresolved symbols
23:26:54BCwhere does the error display?
23:27:03Bagderlodesi: you're using linux, don't you?
23:27:40lodesiyes with the rb-> i have compilation problems
23:27:54Bagderthen sort them out
23:28:04lodesistructure has no member named `MYDIR'
23:28:18BCare you writing libs?
23:28:28lodesiat the declaration of a rb->DIR type variable
23:28:38lodesibc: trying to port sarien
23:29:01BClodesi: are you writing main/plugin/lib code?
23:29:34BCokay, cos that is one of the long-standing bugs with lib development
23:29:38lodesiwith latest cvs source of course :)
23:30:00 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
23:30:38 Join wiler [0] (
23:30:47Bagderlodesi: but you can build all the existing plugins?
23:30:56Bagderso why is DIR a problem in your?
23:31:38lodesibadger: yes but no plugin already use dir fonctions
23:31:48wileri plan on upgrading the drive in my recorder are the instructions still appropriate for that as well?
23:33:07BClodesi: maybe you have hit the same problem as the libplugin code - take a look at my mail "more libplugin blues" I wouldn't wonder if the work-around may help you?
23:34:20Bagderok, I understand the problem now
23:36:42Bagderthere's a somewhat silly work-around possible
23:36:52Bagderlike this: dir = (rb->opendir)("/");
23:37:57lodesibagder:still the same error
23:38:03Bagderwhat error?
23:38:20lodesistructure has no member named 'MYDIR'
23:38:30Bagderon what line?
23:38:46lodesion line 2609 from my plugin :)
23:38:52Bagdershow me the line
23:39:05lodesi(rb->DIR) *d;
23:39:26Bagderwhat'd that supposed to do?
23:39:40lodesiit's declaration , no?
23:39:54Bagderno, it should be just "DIR *d"
23:41:20lodesicompilation is ok now
23:41:35lodesibut i still ahve:
23:41:37lodesiundefined symbol: sim_opendir
23:42:32lodesiduring the execution
23:43:24Bagderthat function is in uisimulator/common/io.c
23:43:37 Quit BC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:50:30lodesibagder:ok, thanks, i'll continue to search
23:50:50 Quit lodesi ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
23:56:06 Join BC [0] (
23:58:31 Quit wiler ("BitchX: the un-Cola")

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