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#rockbox log for 2004-07-22

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00:25:17Tunsnaskwhen i try to use search.rock my recorder says plugin returned error any knows how to fix this?
00:26:35midktry updating your rockbox
00:26:41midkthe whole daily build package
00:30:58Tunsnaskit diden't work :-/
00:35:08Tunsnaskgot any other ideas?
00:38:38midkhmm, nope..
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02:21:53fin118118hello all
02:23:14fin118118i am just looking into getting an archos and putting rockbox on it.... am i in the right place??
02:24:20fin118118which one do you recommend - from what I read, I am better with a recorder then I can flash it... are the newer ones much better than the older ones????
02:24:58midker,, you can't flash old ones
02:25:05midki'd suggest a recorder v1, which is the old recorder
02:25:48fin118118ok.... which hd sizes does that come in??????
02:26:08midk5, 10, 15, 20gb iirc
02:26:14midkthe 20gb model also has usb2.0
02:26:26midkif you have a usb2.0 card or want fast transfers, i'd suggest the 20
02:26:48midkif you don't have a usb2.0 card or ports you can get a card, and the recorder 20 will work with it
02:27:55fin118118yes, I have usb 2.0 so that version is probably best. do you know how i distinguish a 1.1 against a 2.0 version ???? (I am going to have to buy from ebay....)
02:28:44midkyou have to get a 20gb model
02:28:50midkall 20gb models have usb2
02:28:56midk15, 10 and 5 have usb1
02:29:32fin118118fantastic, thanks for that. why do you say the older version is better than the newer one - any reason in particular????
02:30:00midkthe newer versions have buttons prone to breaking..
02:30:09midkactually, a newer one is ok
02:30:12midkthat's about all..
02:31:08fin118118great. actually, I have just read something which you may be able to answer.....
02:31:53fin118118I am (eventually) planning to connect the archos up to my BMW via the ibus interface. I believe for this that I need remote control functionality - does only the older version have this???
02:32:13midkthe older version has the remote control functionality, yes
02:32:17midkthe newer ones don't.
02:32:29fin118118well that's made my mind up for me!
02:33:19fin118118is the usb 1.1 interface much slower than 2.0 then when transferring MP3's???
02:33:33midkquite a bit slower, yeah
02:34:32fin118118looks like I will be going on ebay looking for a v1 20gb then....
02:36:08fin118118so is it fairly easy to install all the rockbox stuff then, it looks ok from the docs....
02:36:45midkyep, unzip a file to it
02:37:03midkflashing is a wee bit more compilicated, but still quite simple
02:37:16midkit's considered "dangerous" but there have been very few problems
02:38:09fin118118so how does a normal install work then?? Is the new app stored in RAM somewhere on the device???
02:38:22midkhard drive, then loaded into RAM
02:38:49midkamiconn and idc-dragon are working on running from ROM, giving more buffer for mp3 and, thus, longer runtime
02:39:27fin118118ok.... so how big is the internal ram???
02:44:34fin118118does the hard disk spin up and down then when filling the buffer to conserve power?
02:45:02midkrockbox is smart about that - if you're playing a song it spuns up, reloads, and then right away spins back down
02:45:33fin118118sounds like a top idea..... so is the hd noise noticeable???
02:46:09midkit's faily quiet, and you can feel a small "rumble" when it spins up
02:46:50fin118118ok.... is the remote control we mentioned earlier an optional extra, or is it included in the recorder v1's????
02:47:59midkactually you may have to scour ebay for one
02:48:19scott666_or make your own ;-)
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02:48:52fin118118are there any tutorials on diy remote controls????
02:49:05midkshoo scott :)
02:49:12midkfin118118, not that i recall
02:50:36fin118118so i take it that there is some kind of socket on there that this plugs into????
02:51:31scott666(one '?' is sufficient)
02:51:39fin118118cheers scott, but that looks a little complicated for me !!!
02:51:57fin118118sorry :( get a bit carried away with my punctuation.
02:52:17scott666indeed :-)
02:53:45fin118118so is rockbox still under heavy development, or are most of the features done now?
02:54:04midkit'll continue until they give up i guess..
02:54:15midkthere's not really an end date set
02:54:52fin118118i am just thinking that eventually there won't be much left to do, and it looks pretty damn good already.
02:55:16midkat that point i guess it will be "over"
02:55:20midkbut that's not a set date
02:55:30midki'm sure there's always something you could add
02:56:57fin118118anyway, cheers for the help guys, i will try and get myself a bargain v1 20gb from ebay. i may pop back here when i have rockbox up and running.
02:57:17midkno problem..
02:57:22midkhope to see you soon
02:57:37midkbye bye now.
02:57:43 Part fin118118
02:59:24midkreboot. BEE ARE BEE
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04:03:10dstar5bye yo!
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06:40:47midkhi LinusN
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06:53:42midkjust by the way, i discovered recently - CTRL+Q exits xchat :)
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07:05:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:05:23*midkay officially hates routers
07:06:38LinusNlike you would be better off without one... :-)
07:06:55midkayi probably would.. :D
07:07:07midkayseriously. why can't they leave the firewalling to software?
07:07:13midkayat least then it'd be shutoffable
07:07:22*scott666_ 's router isnt a firewall
07:07:32LinusNthat's exactly the main problem with software firewalls
07:07:49*midkay 's has a firewall built in that allows him to sit there for a while trying to configure it so that someone can connect to his quake3 game
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07:28:44volhey i got my jukebox reading dirs, but it isnt reading in the same voice that the menus are read in
07:28:47volany way to fix that?
07:28:59LinusNof course
07:29:11LinusNgenerate the .talk files with the same voice
07:29:30volso i have to edit the script?
07:29:39LinusNguess so
07:30:12*LinusN haven't generated any voice files himself
07:32:08volah ok, its a very nice feature
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08:17:20LinusNmidk: any luck with the new button code?
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09:48:02[IDC]Dragonhey LinusN, do you read?
09:48:52[IDC]DragonI did a hack to see how much static const menu structures aresaving us
09:50:28[IDC]DragonI gain 3128 bytes
09:50:55midki noticed today when overwriting my few-day-old ajbrec.ajz it was ~7kb smaller
09:51:44[IDC]Dragonmidk: hmm? this should not be, then it must be before the settings table
09:52:31midkwell yes, all of your optimizations overall
09:52:33LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i have another interesting thing to discuss
09:53:05[IDC]Dragonwhich is?
09:53:19LinusNthe coldstart check in ata_init() fails when started from the archos charging screen
09:54:29*[IDC]Dragon checks...
09:55:11[IDC]Dragonhow do you start from the charging screen?
09:55:41[IDC]Dragonholding on, I see
09:55:52[IDC]Dragondidn't know that this is possible
09:56:25[IDC]DragonI thought that screen is a dead end
09:56:34LinusNamateur :-)
09:57:01[IDC]DragonHow should I know Archos has a feature? ;-)
09:57:01LinusNi assume this coldstart check is a time saver only, yes?
09:57:39 Join NibbIer [0] (
09:58:10[IDC]Dragonno, this way I determine if we should do a charging screen
09:58:25[IDC]Dragonwhen DC is present
09:59:01LinusNhow is ata_init() involved with the charging?
09:59:17[IDC]Dragonah, that one, sorry
09:59:32[IDC]DragonI thought you meant in main.c
10:00:36LinusNseems like the reboot from the archos charging screen must be treated as a cold start as well
10:01:00[IDC]Dragonyes, then we need a different way of finding that out
10:03:10[IDC]Dragonfor the init() flow however, the behaviour is correct, we don't want a 2nd charging screen
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10:14:37[IDC]DragonLinusN: static const options saves us another 3096 bytes
10:15:25[IDC]Dragonso in potal, a potential of well over 6 KB
10:16:05midki knew it.
10:20:58LinusNwow! that's over 0.3s audio in 128kbit/s!!! :-)
10:21:52[IDC]Dragonno, it doesn't save any RAM, this is not my point
10:22:03LinusNi know, just teasing you
10:22:06[IDC]Dragonit saves Rockbox' size
10:22:29LinusNit may help us fit rockbox into the v2 flash
10:22:38[IDC]Dragonfor example, yes
10:27:23[IDC]Dragonand to stay away from the 200KB barrier
10:29:12[IDC]Dragonoh no! I just got my foot into the DC cord, cranking the jack!
10:29:36[IDC]Dragonmy AJB looks very bad there now!
10:35:11[IDC]Dragonthis charging screen business was very unhealthy for my poor box
10:36:15*[IDC]Dragon feels left alone with his broken box
10:36:36midki still love you. in a non-gay way that is..
10:37:54[IDC]Dragonhmm, thanks
10:38:03midkand i love your box
10:39:52webminddragon, what's broken ?
10:40:30[IDC]Dragonmy DC jack, and the case is bent
10:41:13webmindowh, that should be fixable
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10:47:16hernestcan we put a 16mo DRAM in the recorder?
10:48:21hernestdoes rockbox write more and more on it?
10:48:38hernestand can we compile a 16mo firmware?
10:51:35[IDC]Dragonhernest: we could, if sucha chip would exist
10:51:57[IDC]Dragongotta leave for 20 min
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10:58:15zemm tastey
10:59:03zebread doesn't get much fresher than this
10:59:09zemaybe if you grew your own wheat
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11:01:27zei got like 3lbs of whole wheat berries today
11:01:32zeand then a little while ago
11:01:38zei ground some up into flour
11:01:44zeand immediately made bread from it
11:01:51zeand it just got done baking and cooling a bit
11:10:09LinusNtalk about DIY
11:10:36 Join hernest [0] (
11:12:37zei may get out the double boiler, oils, butters, and beeswax, and make myself some chapstick too-
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12:05:49[IDC]Dragonlunch time
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19:24:25katzhey, where might i find the windows installer talked about on the main page?
19:38:55 Quit katz ("Leaving")
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22:42:20zeekoeno, it's "zeker"
22:42:27 Nick midk is now known as midk|bbs (
22:42:28zeekoethat's dutch for "sure"
22:42:45midk|bbsi mean...
22:43:25zeekoebbs == be back soon?
22:47:05 Join maikeul [0] (
22:48:08scott666_zeekoe: yes
22:48:13 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
22:52:07 Join zeekoe2 [0] (
22:52:29scott666how will we tell them apart?!
22:53:46 Quit gromit`` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:56:33scott666zeekoe, zeekoe2
22:57:10 Nick midk|bbs is now known as midk (
22:59:24zeekoe2zeekoe is dead
22:59:34zeekoe2it's just freenode doesn't know it yet
22:59:50zeekoe2my father pulled the network plug, then he put it back in
22:59:54zeekoe2so i lost connection
23:00:04zeekoe2but freenode didnt
23:00:12midkif you register the nick you can ghost it.
23:00:35 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:03:27 Nick zeekoe2 is now known as zeekoe (
23:03:32midkregister it.
23:03:36zeekoei did
23:03:39midkthen you can kill it if that ever happens
23:03:50midkwith... /ns ghost zeekoe password
23:04:22zeekoe /ns is quite a bit faster typing than /msg nickserv :P
23:04:30zeekoelet's try...
23:04:32midkyup.. so is /cs and /ms
23:04:39midkgo unplug the network :D
23:05:22 Join zeekoe2 [0] (
23:05:42 Quit zeekoe (Nick collision from services.)
23:05:48zeekoe2whee :)
23:06:00zeekoe2-NickServ- [zeekoe] has been killed
23:06:02zeekoe2oh no
23:06:33zeekoe2freenode is slow while logging in... anything to do about that?
23:07:24midkit sits at "connecting" for ~30s?
23:07:35zeekoe2something like that
23:07:50midkyour router isn't configured to let irc run then
23:07:54zeekoe2*** Checking ident
23:07:58zeekoe2that's where it hangs
23:08:10midkyou could fix it by finding your internal IP and then turning on the DMZ server for that address.
23:08:18midk(most likely)
23:08:19zeekoe2dont think my router has dms
23:08:25midki bet it does..
23:08:31midkwhat's the model?
23:09:03zeekoe2thomson speedtouch 510
23:09:46midkahh... hm
23:10:10zeekoe2would opening port 6667 be enough?
23:10:58midkthat would work too - but you can never say for sure, routers are tricky.. pieces of shit.
23:11:09midki should say, TECHINCALLY it would work.
23:11:12zeekoe2don't tell me...
23:11:26zeekoe2(i'm working at a helpdesk, remember :-P)
23:11:42 Join AciD [0] (
23:11:59midkyes sir.
23:12:23midkis this it?
23:12:49 Join zeekoe [0] (
23:12:57zeekoe2it isnt really faster
23:13:09 Quit zeekoe (Client Quit)
23:13:27zeekoe2let's brush some teeth
23:13:40 Nick zeekoe2 is now known as zeekoe (
23:14:06zeekoelet's brush some teeth!
23:14:06webmindyou have fun now
23:14:10midkok then
23:14:12 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|toothbrus (
23:14:25midkok brb
23:17:05 Nick zeekoe|toothbrus is now known as zeekoe (
23:17:18zeekoe-NickServ- If this is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>
23:17:24zeekoegrrr... it still doesn't know
23:17:56zeekoewhy does port 6667 need to be open for irc to run faster?
23:18:02zeekoedoesnt make much sense
23:18:35zeeh? 6667 is the irc server port
23:18:40zethe client shouldn't need it open
23:18:58midkze: routers typically have built-in firewalls.
23:19:21zeirc the client connects to the server
23:19:24midkthey need to be bypassed.
23:19:39zeas long as NAT's working as it should, there should be no problem irc'ing behind a firewall afaik
23:19:40midkze, do you have a router?
23:19:57zeyou only need to forward the port if you wanna run the server on a box behind the firewall
23:20:02midki take that as a no
23:20:05midkso then, stfu.
23:20:19zeyes actually i admin the one for our home network
23:20:24zei'm ircing from it
23:20:24midki take that back.
23:20:39midksaksaksaksa. bbs/l
23:20:52 Quit midk ("Leaving")
23:20:54zebut it's a linux router, not a dedicated hardware one
23:21:05zesame principles still apply
23:21:18zeit does NAT and acts as a firewall
23:21:54 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|toilet (
23:25:24 Nick zeekoe|toilet is now known as zeekoe (
23:31:57 Join midk [0] (
23:33:46zeekoesorry :P
23:34:00zeekoei was just trying some /ms stuff
23:34:52midkok die.
23:35:01zeekoewho dies?
23:39:40 Quit midk ("Leaving")

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