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#rockbox log for 2004-07-23

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01:07:54BoD[]so what's uppppppp with rockbox
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01:23:10tpelliottCould someone help me? I want to get ROMbox and Safe Poweroff into a single build. Both work great on my V1 recorder.
01:29:32midktpelliott, no...
01:29:41midktpelliott, ROMbox is provided as an AJZ
01:29:46midkno patches cna be applied
01:34:48scott666midk: isnt it a ucl?
01:35:14midkstill, the point was you can't modify it
01:39:25BoD[]i go to bed
01:39:28BoD[]see you
01:39:30midkhey bod
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03:18:57dstar5anyone know if the asm constraints for gcc 3.4 been figured out?
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03:23:31dstar5ohh no.
03:32:28scott666do you read the list
03:32:41scott666i thought someone mentioned a fix a while ago
03:41:46dstar5i do read some
03:41:54*dstar5 searches his gmail
03:42:10dstar5i love being able to search
03:44:40dstar5scott666: my recorder is shipping :)
03:50:00scott666you dont happen to have any gmail invite, do you?
03:51:26dstar5humm gmail has not given my any in like the 6 weeks i have had it
03:51:36dstar5i will be happy to send you one when i can
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04:30:15iSheepHi folks
04:31:11iSheepI have a question about Archos/Rockbox. I have an FM 20GB recorder, and I was wondering how (if it's possible) to make the Archos be seen in DOS as a drive letter
04:31:19iSheepBasically a hard drive in DOS
04:31:46midkplug it in, turn it on..
04:31:58iSheep:-\ Tried that
04:32:09midkin a command prompt under windows, or running DOS itself
04:32:12iSheepArchos turns on, but it's not a drive letter
04:32:21iSheepJust DOS itself
04:32:30scott666you might need a special driver
04:32:33scott666or something
04:32:36midkyou could plug the hard drive right into your pc//
04:32:37scott666have you googled?
04:32:49scott666im pretty sure its possible, but i think theres a trick to it
04:32:57iSheepscott666: Nope. Do you know what I would look for?
04:33:29scott666id start with dos usb harddrive and go from there
04:34:01iSheepoh okay.. I guess the Archos is similar to any other USB hard drive, huh?
04:34:14iSheepmakes sense
04:34:40iSheepThanks for the help. I'll go surf around
04:34:47scott666midk: did you see this:
04:41:13midkyes i did
04:41:15midki fixed it
04:41:25midkbut i need to finish fuzzy mode before i merge it
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06:18:05midknite sir
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07:46:30midkhey LinusN
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07:54:29LinusNhola midk
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08:56:21LinusNmidk: how's the button code going?
08:57:16midkfor.. tetris?
08:57:24midkor breakout?
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09:05:06[IDC]Dragongood morning!
09:06:20midkmorning idc
09:06:43LinusNmidk: anything, really, just wondering if you managed to make use of the raw button reading
09:06:43midkLinusN, as far as breakout goes, i haven't really picked up where i left off yet
09:07:00midkstill a lot to (re)do
09:07:11midki still have grayscale code right in the plugin
09:07:14midkthat's how old it is
09:08:00LinusNmidk: have you looked at my new cfg file saving stuff?
09:08:36midkanything in particular that should interest me?
09:08:37LinusNnice for persistent storage of settings
09:08:44LinusNwith version control
09:08:49LinusNfor plugins
09:09:04midkthat reminds me - i (need/want) to implement different settings file loader
09:09:17midkhmm, sounds neat, i will indeed have a look
09:09:31LinusNyou want to load settings from different files?
09:10:49midkfor example, car settings and home settings?
09:11:00midkwell it was just an idea really - i hadn't yet formulated a reason for it.
09:11:37LinusNtalk about bloat
09:11:46midk*scratches idea off list
09:12:07midkas far as bloat goes - i'm going to need to add in quite a few bitmaps for fuzzy mode
09:13:37LinusNwhatever is necessary
09:13:47LinusNwhat bitmaps btw?
09:15:23midki'm going to need,,, "Five" "Ten" "Quarter" "Twenty" "Twenty-five" "Half" "past" "til" "o'clock" "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6" "7" "8" "9"
09:15:29midki believe that's all
09:15:55midkwhich is actually quite a few..
09:16:31LinusNwhy not just use normal text?
09:16:58midkthat's the thing -sysfixed is quite small
09:17:50LinusNyou could use the user-selected font
09:17:57LinusNthen the user gets to decide
09:19:02midkat some points some wouldn't fit on the lcd
09:24:10LinusNi know, just a suggestion
09:24:43LinusNthat's why the recording screen uses the internal font
09:24:54LinusNtoo damn hard to adapt to the user font
09:25:22midkthat's why i'm sort of stuck,
09:25:35midknot only is that a lot of bitmaps to do but it takes up a lot of space
09:25:55LinusNlose the logos then
09:26:20midkyeah, i probably will
09:26:25midkdid you see my "time's up" logo?
09:26:27midker, bitmap
09:26:29LinusNat least all but one
09:26:38midkyeah, the used one
09:26:47midkand the logo selection code
09:26:55LinusNletting the user select a startup logo is so useless
09:27:31midki'm attached.
09:27:45midkit's a credit roll logo too
09:27:50midkand you see it when you exit.
09:28:06LinusNyes, but how important is it really?
09:28:11midknot at all
09:28:35LinusNi like your setting menus
09:28:38midki *will* remove it
09:28:46midkthank you
09:29:59LinusNsometimes the checkbox is confusing when it's a multiple-choice setting, but ontherwise, they're very neat
09:30:27LinusNwhich reminds me, we should export the menu code to the plugins
09:30:40midki asked for that LONG time ago
09:30:45midkfor the beginning of the clock
09:30:51[IDC]DragonLinusN: wait a little with that
09:30:55midkthat was when it was functional at 800 bytes, mind you.
09:31:11LinusN[IDC]Dragon: ?
09:31:32[IDC]DragonI'm massaging the structures
09:31:37LinusNfor the lang id fixes?
09:32:03LinusNwhat's your approach?
09:32:35[IDC]Dragonhmm, I think I'd go for that "virtual pointer" in case it's an ID
09:32:50[IDC]Dragoncan be done withoun any nasty cast
09:34:16LinusNi'd like to review it before you commit it
09:34:27[IDC]DragonI can check if it's in the "virtual" range, then say id = ptr - virt_base
09:35:13[IDC]Dragonvirt_base can be set to a dummy array for the sim, just to have a safe range
09:35:37[IDC]Dragon(but that's details)
09:36:42[IDC]Dragonlike I said yesterday, having those tables cost saves >6KB
09:36:55[IDC]Dragonbut you weren't terribly impressed
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09:52:01LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i was just joking
09:52:28LinusNif we save lots of code space, i'm for it
09:52:33[IDC]Dragon6 KB is what the settings code saved, too
09:52:40LinusNand i consider 6k to be lots
09:52:48[IDC]Dragonnot exactly lots, but something
09:53:34LinusNregarding the random generator, i read bc:s docs a week ago, and also reacted on the 7kb claim, but i didn't care
09:53:54LinusNstill, i don't see a point of overkilling the randomness
09:54:17[IDC]Dragonthe random generator needs quite some RAM
09:54:20LinusNif bc:s generator is good enough, we could toss the mersenne twister
09:54:26[IDC]Dragoncode space is OK
09:54:46[IDC]DragonI thought there is some property of it which we need?
09:55:10LinusNin the dawn of rockbox, we had a lengthy discussion about randomness
09:55:23LinusNand the then-current generator sucked
09:56:06LinusNso Hadaka (i believe) investigated a little, and found the twister
09:56:42LinusNwe could probably easily measure the distribution of both generators and decide which to use
09:57:46LinusNbc:s is probably a lot faster
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10:12:56[IDC]Dragonsoory, I was dragged afk
10:13:09[IDC]Dragonif you just need a generator, there should be plenty of well-analized solutions
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10:27:26lImbushi all
10:27:36[IDC]Dragonhi there
10:28:16lImbusi read in Q13 of the battery faq there is a switch in the dc-in-socket for any recorder ?
10:28:27lImbusdefinitely can't confirm that for my v1
10:28:29LinusNlImbus: switch?
10:28:38[IDC]DragonI doubt a switch
10:28:41lImbuslImbus, A13: There is a switch in the DC IN jack of the Jukebox - when a charger (or whatever) is plugged in, the unit is powered on, even if the charger is not plugged in a mains outlet.
10:28:49lImbusargl. LinusN that was :-/
10:29:34LinusNwell, it's not a physical switch
10:29:54lImbusit says "even if the charger is not plugged in a mains outlet"
10:30:02lImbuswhich is definitely wrong
10:30:22[IDC]DragonI can't plug mine any more :-(
10:30:33LinusN[IDC]Dragon: so damaged?
10:31:06[IDC]Dragonbut I'll get a replacement jack, don't worry too much
10:31:10lImbusIf I power on the charger (without connected unit) for 3 seconds, it has enough power in coil to start the archos ONCE.
10:31:31lImbusdoes everybody agree now ? I would edit the twiki then
10:32:29[IDC]DragonLinusN: do you happen to have D. E. Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming?
10:33:22[IDC]DragonI don't, it says, there is a chapter about random generator algorithms
10:33:30lImbus[IDC]Dragon: he's already editing twiki
10:33:59LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i don't
10:34:11LinusNlImbus: i have changed it now, and released the lock
10:34:43LinusNthanks for the heads up
10:35:13lImbusthanks for correcting ;-)
10:36:57lImbus[IDC]Dragon: maybe I got the eBook at work
10:47:09[IDC]Dragon"The recent invention of the Mersenne twister algorithm, by Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura in 1997, avoids most of these problems. It has a colossal period of 219937-1 iterations, is proven to be equidistributed in 623 dimensions (for 32-bit values), and runs faster than all but the least statistically desirable generators. It is now becoming increasingly accepted as the random number generator of choice for all statistical simulations and
10:47:55[IDC]DragonSo, we have a real high-end randomness for our playlists
10:48:30lImbusit's implemented within boost, if I remember correctly. but I have experienced bewing slow
10:49:01[IDC]Dragonthe layout got lost, it's period of 2^(19937-1)
10:49:21zeyou sure in'ts not (2^19937)-1?
10:49:33[IDC]Dragonah, yes
10:49:38lImbusit's excellent for cryptography, but overkill for playlists
10:49:44LinusNi agree
10:50:23[IDC]DragonNo, we could do better: ;-)
10:50:28[IDC]Dragon"However, it is possible to efficiently analyze the output of the Mersenne Twister and recognize the numbers as being non-random (see the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm or an extension from it, like the Reed-Sloane algorithm). A PRNG that appears to avoid this problem is called a cryptographically secure PRNG (CSPRNG). "
10:50:46lImbusafter the library I use at work changed to mersenne, I wrote my own rand() because it was so slow.
10:51:01LinusNand since we use a simple modulo for the range, we skew the distribution anyway
10:52:35[IDC]Dragonlet's just use BC's generator, I doubt anybody would have reasons to complain
10:53:32LinusNagreed, i'll just check with björn first, he's been reluctant to replace the twister earlier
10:54:22[IDC]Dragonbut it doesn't gain us the ~4KB missing to make an FM ROMbox
10:54:31[IDC]Dragonany other ideas?
10:54:48LinusNyes, the bookmarking code can be trimmed some
10:56:11LinusNwe can ditch some debugging code
10:56:29[IDC]Dragonah yes, there's some legacy
10:58:17[IDC]Dragonmaybe some of it can be moved to a plugin
10:58:17LinusNi just removed the sound debugging screen
10:58:46LinusNgood idea, but i don't want to clutter the api
10:59:38[IDC]Dragonno, only the ones which can live on their own
11:00:30LinusNdbg_mas_info() can be moved
11:01:36LinusNor we can just kill it, i haven't had use for it in ages
11:03:28LinusNbut that won't help the fm, since it's Player-only
11:04:02*midk suggests removing fm functionality
11:04:14[IDC]Dragonbut cleanup is always good
11:04:34midki was just going to say, this seems to have initiated a code cleanup!
11:05:09LinusNstill, we'd have to clean up a lot to have some kind of a margin for rombox
11:05:56LinusNwe can trim 6k, but future enhancements will probably grow over the limit in no time
11:06:20lImbuswhat about oursourcing big const data to files to be read from harddisk ?
11:07:05lImbusI suppose we still can use ram in rombox, eh ?
11:07:45LinusNlImbus: i don't like it, too much work for too little gain imho
11:08:12[IDC]Dragonand a more complicated installation
11:08:47lImbusok, I thought we had big data blobs. if it's code that kill's it, it's not a solution anyways
11:08:54[IDC]Dragonwe don't have much const data anyway
11:09:12LinusNexcept for the strings and fonts, but we must have them in rom anyway
11:09:23[IDC]Dragonthe big ones are the font, the strings, start and USB logo
11:09:39lImbusid3-tag-genres ?
11:10:01[IDC]Dragonyes, but this is not much
11:10:21LinusNwe can always ditch the start logo for rombox builds
11:10:38[IDC]Dragonor compress it ;-)
11:10:46LinusNhow big is it?
11:11:04lImbuscould be vetorized :-)
11:11:13lImbusvectorized that is
11:11:23[IDC]Dragonmaybe 700 bytes or so
11:11:35LinusNnot worth it then
11:13:49[IDC]Dragonthe ucl unpack code is about that size, too
11:29:03[IDC]Dragonas a drastic way, FM users could flash their box into a V2
11:29:51[IDC]Dragondiscarding the radio for the Archos image, but having it back in Rockbox
11:30:10LinusNinteresting idea
11:30:29[IDC]Dragonthis works, I have tried it
11:30:41[IDC]Dragon(not with ROMbox, though)
11:31:00[IDC]Dragonbut when I verified V2 flashing
11:31:28midknite all
11:31:32 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
11:34:04[IDC]Dragoncurrently, the safety checks prevent "regular" users to do so
11:40:02LinusNlunch time
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12:12:16lImbus[IDC]Dragon: had a lot of eBooks. It's down atm, but you may be lucky later maybe.
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15:47:33tpelliottI love your safe poweroff patch Linus. Now I want to try that patch in ROMbox. which also runs great on my V1 recorder.
15:56:46tpelliottDo we have access to the rombox source?
15:57:02LinusNno, unfortunately not yet
15:57:43LinusNtpelliott: btw, have you tried the very latest patch
15:57:55tpelliottI guess Jens wants to make sure it's safe.
15:58:11tpelliottI tried the patch from a few days ago.
15:59:27LinusNjust wanted to know if my latest changes were satisfactory
16:00:19tpelliottThe only thing I noticed is that poweroff will initialize from the browser screen whether or not music is playing.
16:03:08 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
16:03:29tpelliottI love the patch as is. Scrolling titles still scrolls through the poweroff text box (instead of under it)
16:03:43[IDC]Dragontpelliott: there is no ROMbox source, it's just a different likage file.
16:04:57tpelliottCan we add the safe poweroff patch to that?
16:05:21[IDC]Dragoncan you compile?
16:06:17LinusNtpelliott: the scroll bug is fixed
16:06:37tpelliottI'm new at it. I tried applying a patch but must have been in the wrong dir. I was able to compile
16:06:57tpelliottI'll try the new version.
16:07:13[IDC]Dragoncygwin or linux?
16:07:46tpelliottI have Blue Chip's Windows dev. kit on Windows XP.
16:08:23[IDC]Dragonyou'd better have the latest gcc for rombox, it produces smaller code
16:08:36[IDC]Dragonwhich I don't have, too
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16:09:10tpelliottI guess I'll have to wait.
16:09:30[IDC]Dragonif you can come up with the patience, yes
16:09:50[IDC]Dragonrombox still has to prove it's useful
16:10:14[IDC]Dragonno runtime results known, at least to me
16:12:30tpelliottTrue. The larger buffer looks nice on the screen. I don't have the 8MB upgrade.
16:13:18[IDC]DragonLinusN: which was the best latest gcc again?
16:14:20[IDC]DragonI'm facing a 3.3.1 here
16:25:40LinusN[IDC]Dragon: hmmm, i think that *might* work
16:25:49LinusNcheck the irq logs
16:26:09[IDC]Dragonjust did, yes
16:26:34[IDC]Dragonnow doewnloaded it, I fail to unpack it
16:28:13[IDC]Dragoncan you unpack this tar:?
16:28:34 Join Doensen [0] (
16:30:34LinusN[IDC]Dragon: why not just use the cygwin installer?
16:30:59LinusNbunzip2 is your friend
16:31:02[IDC]DragonI can try when at home, but never really liked that
16:31:21[IDC]Dragonah, it's a bz2, ok
16:33:18[IDC]Dragonsomebody said you've tried gcc 3.4 and had problems with it?
16:33:43tpelliottI just tried the latest safe poweroff. Works perfect here! Can we get it in the daily builds?
16:34:13 Quit gromit`` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:34:27 Join gromit`` [0] (
16:36:06LinusNyes, the inline asm syntax has changed
16:39:45 Join AciD [0] (
16:40:03 Nick AciD is now known as AciD` (
16:40:25[IDC]Dragonis it worth #ifdef'ing it?
16:47:17LinusNyou mean for gcc version?
16:52:12tpelliottI have run "daily rockbox-daily-20040723.tar.gz" from within cygwin to decompress the tarbal. Where do I put the .diff files to properly patch them?
16:52:55LinusNcd rockbox
16:52:55[IDC]Dragongotta go
16:53:01 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make")
16:53:09LinusNpatch -p0 < safe_poweroff.diff
16:53:59tpelliottok. Just put the file in /rockbox-daily-20040723?
16:54:26tpelliottok. Thanks.
16:54:30LinusNthen cd rockbox-daily-20040723
16:57:35tpelliottHold on...
16:59:42tpelliottWorked fine.
17:01:36tpelliottIf I get the prompt "File to patch:" That means it couldn't find the file I specified on the command kine?
17:02:46tpelliottHow do I get out of the patch app if it's not successful?
17:03:31 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
17:03:39 Part Doensen
17:03:52LinusNdid you use the -p0 switch to the patch command?
17:04:54tpelliottyes. The poweroff patch worked correctly.
17:05:03tpelliottI'm trying another patch.
17:05:19tpelliottit's giving me the prompt.
17:05:31LinusNwhich patch?
17:06:31tpelliott935682 Configure PLAY and/or RIGHT button
17:07:02LinusNmaybe the patch file has a different base
17:07:18LinusNmany people have problems generating good patch files
17:07:35tpelliottok. How do I get out of the patch prompt?
17:07:49LinusNi told you
17:08:05tpelliottok. I missed that. Sorry.
17:10:16tpelliottI tried the play button patch before. I had a couple of problems with it. It worked ok but wouldn't queue a folder. Also it would queue all the tracks in a playlist instead of just playing it.
17:10:42LinusNit's not that mature, no
17:11:17tpelliottI haven't tried it lately.
17:14:26LinusNi gotta go home now, cu later
17:14:49LinusNcheck out my latest plugin...
17:14:49 Quit AciD` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:15:07LinusNin the bleeding edge build, "sort.rock"
17:15:54tpelliottok. Thanks.
17:16:18tpelliottI'm "make"ing it now.
17:16:41 Join AciD [0] (
17:16:48tpelliottWhat's -p0 in the patch command?
17:17:32LinusNthe -pX switch tells you to remove X levels in the search path in the patch file
17:18:05LinusNhowever, if the path in the patch file is relative, you still need the -p command, with 0 as an argument
17:18:24tpelliottok. I'll get the hang of this yet.
17:18:48 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:19:05tpelliottI read that but didn't realize I needed -p0
17:19:30LinusNbtw, to install your newly created rockbox:
17:19:33LinusNmake zip
17:19:41LinusNunzip -d x:
17:20:06LinusN(x: is your jukebox drive letter)
17:20:14tpelliottEverything worked fine. I shouldn't need a zip file.
17:20:24tpelliottI can just copy fht files over.
17:20:48LinusNi advice you to use the zip method
17:21:04LinusNthere are many files, and they go to different places
17:21:15tpelliottok. I'll do that.
17:21:24LinusNgotta go, cu around
17:21:36 Part LinusN
17:50:15 Part tpelliott
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18:30:17 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:02:48 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
19:20:48 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:33 Quit midk|sleep (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:57:40 Join scott666_ [0] (
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20:11:43 Join NibbIer [0] (
20:28:43 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:35:16 Part lImbus
21:08:21 Join LinusN [200] (
21:08:23 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:46:54 Join lImbus [0] (
21:57:47 Join NibbIer [0] (
21:58:43 Join midk [0] (
22:07:07 Join Strath [0] (
22:07:23 Part Strath
22:08:51 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
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22:09:11[IDC]Dragonhi again!
22:09:16midkhi hi hio
22:13:27[IDC]Dragongcc 3.1.1 didn't work out of the box. It seems to be incompatible with my cygwin version.
22:16:01[IDC]Dragongcc 3.3.1, that is
22:19:32LinusNwhat happened?
22:20:36[IDC]Dragongcc complains that it can't find a specific entry point in the cygwin dll
22:20:49[IDC]Dragonmust be a mismatch
22:20:56 Join AciD [0] (
22:21:17[IDC]DragonI'm not feeling like reinstalling cygwin
22:21:34[IDC]Dragonmy success quota on this is no good
22:22:19[IDC]Dragonup to today I didn't manage to get a compiling system on my business PC
22:22:43LinusNwhat's wrong with your pc?
22:22:53[IDC]DragonI don't know
22:23:14[IDC]Dragontook my home cywin tree there, didn't work
22:23:33[IDC]Dragondid a clean net reinstall, also no go
22:24:00[IDC]Dragonmaybe some policies are against it
22:24:36LinusNdefine "no go"
22:24:54[IDC]Dragonfrankly, I don't remember
22:25:24[IDC]Dragonit's not that important, as long as it works here
22:26:06[IDC]Dragoncvs won't work, either, only http+ftp port open
22:27:19LinusNnot even https?
22:27:34[IDC]Dragonah, yes
22:28:11LinusNthen you can use a corkscrew tunnel
22:28:25[IDC]Dragonthen I'd get in serious trouble
22:28:39LinusNparanoid employer?
22:28:49[IDC]Dragonseems so
22:30:17[IDC]Dragonit's counter-productive. e.g. we try to do something with the RealNetworks Helix stuff, and can't access their vcs.
22:30:36lImbushe. I'm in the same position too.
22:30:44[IDC]Dragonso the involved guy has to work from home
22:30:46lImbusonly 80, 443 and ftp is working.
22:31:55lImbusyup. or install a http-tunnel for irc
22:33:07lImbuswhich falls of all the time
22:33:11 Join Hydronic [0] (
22:35:23HydronicWith the default archos system, if i was running and it skipped i could stop running and hold the jukebox parallel to the ground and it would start playing again, but with rockbox, it wont start playing again and i have to turn it off then back on.. any ideas?
22:37:09LinusNHydronic: you probably have a hitachi hard drive, right?
22:38:06Hydronici dont know
22:38:20Hydronicdo hdd's differ from jukebox to jukebox?
22:38:29Hydronichow would i tell?
22:38:32Hydronicis it on the back?
22:38:34LinusNgo to info->debug->disk info
22:38:43LinusNin rockbox
22:39:45LinusN(how dod i know?)
22:40:38LinusNi'd like you to try this test build:
22:41:01LinusNand tell me if it is better
22:41:50Hydronicim running today so ill let you know..
22:41:59Hydronicwhat about all those builds on the website?
22:42:10LinusNwhat about them?
22:42:29Hydronicdo they have anything worth installing?
22:42:42 Nick midk is now known as midk|movie (
22:42:52LinusNwe build the current rockbox development version every morning Sweden time
22:43:01LinusNcalled "daily build"
22:43:13LinusNlots and lots of improvements from 2.2
22:43:28HydronicThese are automated daily builds of the code in CVS.
22:43:49Hydroniccan i still install them if i didnt write my own code?
22:44:02LinusNi don't get it
22:44:10LinusNof course you can
22:44:13Hydronicyeah i dont either
22:44:25Hydronicsorry not too famaliar with code or anything
22:44:37LinusNyou didn't have to write your own code to install 2.2, did you?
22:44:48LinusNsame thing here
22:44:57LinusNit's a complete installation package
22:45:18Hydronicit said please look at the documentation for the do-it-yourselfers and i thought that meant the people who were writing their own code
22:45:18LinusNwe even have a Windows installer executable
22:45:49LinusNyou must have been looking at the source code .tar files
22:46:11Hydronicwhat player is the windows installer for?
22:46:16LinusNall of them
22:46:42Hydronicthe top line has all the builds from the lines below it?
22:47:09LinusNthe top line is the latest
22:47:18LinusNbelow that is yesterdays build etc
22:47:36Hydronicand last question - will your build interfere with the latest build on the website?
22:47:59LinusNit is a few days old, so the latest plugins won't work on it
22:48:08LinusNbut everything is included in my build
22:48:17LinusNso all you lose is your settings
22:48:31Hydronicwell thanks a lot..ill let you know how it works
22:48:54 Quit Hydronic ("ircN 7.27 + 7.0 for mIRC (2002/01/10 00.00)")
22:50:58lImbusLinusN: what's about that harddrive ? is it just weepy ?
22:51:27LinusNvery shock sensitive, and is allergic to ATA driver optimizations
22:51:56lImbushhmm. so your build does not optimize, so it recovers ?
22:53:40lImbusI suppose those driver optimizations are where the specs are a small bit unclear about implementation.
22:54:24LinusNnot really
22:54:36LinusNthe specs are clear
22:55:09LinusNhowever, some hardware versions of the jukebox have bad ATA bus timing, and the hitachi drives don't like it
22:55:45lImbuschicken :-)
22:59:01LinusNi wish i had one of those jukeboxes so i could measure the timing
23:00:04[IDC]Dragonmy FM has such a disk
23:00:54[IDC]Dragonfirmware 00J2A0A1, if that means anything
23:01:22[IDC]Dragon240/120 ns
23:03:26LinusNi'm more interested in the 0102 mask jukeboxes
23:04:29 Quit gromit`` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:24 Join gromit`` [0] (
23:06:11lImbusLinusN: how can I identify such a jukebox ? the hardware mask ?
23:06:21LinusNthat's the theory
23:06:45lImbussi I'll check the disk info too. my collegues got some
23:07:08lImbusthey could (if you are intrested) run a special build that logs timing/response
23:07:28LinusNhmmm, i think we ditched that theory
23:07:50lImbusso why do you wish you got one ?
23:08:09LinusNwe had a theory that it only happened on machines with hw mask 0x0102, but it has happened on 0x0302 as well...
23:08:44LinusNi rephrase: i wish i had a machine that had the error
23:09:00elinenbeTHIS is retarted
23:09:26elinenbethe Zen Touch provides industry-leading audio quality and broad compatibility with download services supporting WMA and MP3 music for enjoyment of up to 10,000 songs (WMA, 64kbps).
23:09:35elinenbeZen Touch incorporates a patented technology that significantly extends its battery life up to 32 hours (based on MP3 48Kbps compression rate).
23:10:03elinenbeif they are using 48Kbps for one thing and 64 for another why not really push the limits and use 32kbps for everything
23:10:33elinenbeour player holds 500,000 32kbps 10 second long songs!!! BEAT THAT!
23:11:12LinusNwoooooow, what a technology breakthrough!
23:11:21 Join mecraw___ [0] (~lmarlow@
23:13:20LinusNhmmm, we should be able to load a ctype array with the languages
23:18:36 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:44:06[IDC]Dragonctype array with the languages?
23:44:39LinusNi believe some languages have different character maps, and sort differently
23:45:12[IDC]Dragonperhaps, yes
23:45:35LinusNhmmm, not sure the ctype array is used for strcmp() anyway...
23:52:38 Nick tomSleep is now known as kaboofa (
23:53:32kaboofawould it be possible to make a pda->pci adapter?
23:53:39kaboofai have this really awesome keyboard for my palm
23:54:14LinusNa what???
23:54:22kaboofaa keyboard for my pda
23:54:34kaboofai'm retarded.
23:54:38kaboofaby pci, i mean ps2
23:54:44LinusNnow i get it
23:54:48kaboofasorry about that.
23:54:59LinusNbut what is "pda" in this context?
23:55:06kaboofapalm style
23:55:14kaboofato be exact, palm i705
23:55:26LinusNmy guess is that it is a ps/2 compatible serial stream

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