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#rockbox log for 2004-07-25

00:00:17Pano-Manix6gillette mach3
00:00:34Pano-Manix6i use it once a year
00:00:54Smoothget an epilator
00:00:59Smooththey remove the hair at the root
00:01:46Smooth"Away, in the shower, brb"
00:01:59tpelliottYou wander why the Eilady company went bankrupt.
00:03:30Pano-Manix6je vais dodo ^^
00:05:02 Part tpelliott
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00:22:36zeekoedid some testing with recording again
00:22:41zeekoefresh batteries
00:22:53zeekoemic recording worked one time
00:23:19zeekoeline never worked, not even using a radio as input
00:23:43zeekoeall files that didnt work are reported to have different playing lengths in winamp
00:23:47zeekoebut they're all 5.49 kb
00:24:25zeekoethat is, 5626 bytes
00:24:50zeekoeanyone else having troubles to record using rombox?
00:25:11LinusNi haven't tried
00:27:32zeekoejust tried recording when ROLO'ed into the normal rockbox
00:28:58zeekoesignal-to-noise is about 1:10 (signal=1, noise=10)
00:29:02zeekoebut it does recording
00:29:12zeekoei think rombox broke recording somehow
00:30:23 Quit Smooth ("leafChat IRC client:")
00:30:54zeekoeit's cvs-21 july btw
00:31:27 Part Saloky1
00:31:44zeekoeand while recording the size stuck at '30'
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00:34:01BC|codingLinus - how easy would be to add a "terminate_the_plugin_now" function?
00:35:17BC|codingit's a real pain to have "if usb-connected return up a level" everywhere
00:35:47BC|codingI'd love to have my GetKey routine take care of it all
00:35:47LinusNit's not easy at all
00:36:02LinusNthe plugin runs in the main thread
00:36:12BC|codingoh! bugger
00:36:32LinusNyou could try setjmp(), but i doubt it would work
00:36:47BC|codingcould we not just clean the stack ot a known point and return?
00:37:23BC|codingwouldn't that leave a big horrible mess on the stack?
00:37:43LinusNafaik, it saves the stack pointer too
00:41:06BC|codinglol - any ideas how to use it?
00:43:00LinusNlook here:
00:46:15BC|coding(what a well wiiten doc)
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00:48:05*zeekoe >bed
00:48:08LinusNgoogle is my friend
00:48:17LinusNnite zeekoe
00:48:20zeekoemy precious :)
00:48:24BC|codingnite dude
00:48:33BC|codingis this some standard C thing that I have just never used before?
00:48:56zeekoehappy coding :-P
00:49:03LinusNzeekoe: always
00:49:04BC|codingAHA! ...thought it was a Rockbox invention at first
00:49:10 Quit zeekoe ("Quit...")
00:49:30LinusNhowever, i'm not sure it will work in a plugin
00:50:04LinusNbecause they are not linked with the C library
00:50:49BC|codingone way to find out you suspect it may fail to compile or fail to work properly?
00:51:01LinusNfail to compile
00:51:11LinusN(or link, rather)
00:51:19BC|coding(yes, indeed)
00:51:46*BC|coding loads helloworld.c
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01:11:18scott666hey Guest
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01:14:46Guesthi all
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01:17:50bc|busyhi guest
01:17:59midka little late, bc./
01:22:16bc|busyLinusN: hmmm, well off to a bad start ...we have no setjmp.h
01:24:37Thresholdcan anyone tell me how to convert flash video files ? I have a bunch of videos from and would like to convert them to use on my rockbox...thanks
01:25:13LinusNThreshold: again?
01:26:03bc|busyLinusN: ok, your guess is correct, setjmp.s is not linked in with plugins
01:26:19Thresholdheh, I never got an answer
01:26:48LinusNThreshold: did you find a flash to avi converter?
01:27:16ThresholdI'll look now
01:28:05bc|busyLinusN: having been there today, do you know how I can update the makefile?
01:28:29LinusNupdate the makefile?
01:28:34bc|busyto link setjmp
01:29:15LinusNtry adding -lc to the linker command
01:29:23LinusNor -lgcc, i don't remember
01:29:37bc|busy /apps/plugins/makefile ?
01:30:22LinusNdid you find setjmp.h?
01:30:48bc|busyno, although I just thought, I only checked the rockbox-devel dir
01:32:39Thresholdit's converting them to bmpfiles
01:33:27LinusNwhen i think of it, setjmp() is probably a libc function, and we don't have libc
01:34:05bc|busyaccording to c docs, 'include <setjmp.h>
01:34:38LinusNThreshold: i see tons of flash to avi converters when i search with google
01:34:46bc|busyok, now I feel thick, which line specifies the link command?
01:34:57LinusNbc|busy: i think you can stop looking
01:35:23LinusNsetjmp is path of the libc library, and we don't have it
01:35:45LinusNyou'll have to cook your own
01:35:48bc|busywhat is setjmp.S then?
01:35:54LinusNwhere is it?
01:36:32bc|busy $Id: setjmp.S,v 1.1 2003/05/17 00:31:50 linusnielsen Exp $
01:37:25LinusNthat was a loooooong time ago
01:37:27bc|busythat's definitely mips code
01:37:48LinusNmips? why?
01:38:13bc|busysorry, i retract that, i just hallucinated a third pram on each line
01:38:45LinusNok, we have setjmp, but not in the rockbox firmware
01:38:46bc|busysaw r1, r2, r3 and flashed back to my mips days
01:39:59bc|busyso, is the setjmp() in GDB of no use?
01:40:21LinusNit's used in the gdb stub
01:40:42bc|busybut I can link it in to the plugin surely?
01:40:46LinusNbut the gdb stub is standalone
01:41:21LinusNyes, you can copy the file and compile it in the plugin library
01:41:39LinusNbut the current makefile currently doesn't build .S files
01:42:25bc|busyhmmm, I'm sure I'm smart enough to find a suitable line in another makefile and steal it (the way I've always written makefiles - lol)
01:43:25LinusNalso, i'm not sure how the simulators should deal with this
01:43:47bc|busyoh! now that is a mighty fine point!
01:44:15bc|busy#ifdef sim in the lib and redirect the setjmp to the pc lib
01:44:25LinusNof course
01:44:44LinusNi'll se how the sim can do it...
01:51:14bc|busy(kettle) brb
01:53:21LinusNtried it in the x11 simulator
01:53:39LinusNSegmentation fault
01:55:16LinusNbetter leave that idea... :-)
01:56:08bc|busytell me it has not defeated you! ;)
01:58:01LinusNwell, i don't have much personal interest in it :-)
01:59:01bc|busyI think I may also move it to the bottom of the pile - after all how often will you connect the USB while playing a game
01:59:50bc| ...and if some anal retentive wants to complain ...he can code it :)
02:01:28LinusNjust googled a little more
02:01:47LinusNsetjmp()/longjmp() doesn't work in shared libraries
02:02:05LinusNand plugins are libraries in the x11 sim
02:02:27bc|busythat would definitely explain the segmentation fault
02:02:35LinusNprobably :-)
02:03:10bc|busyI guess terminating a library is fairly easy though
02:04:47LinusN"terminate a library"?
02:04:57LinusNa library is just code
02:06:05bc|busymaybe we are referring to different lib structures
02:06:11LinusNhehe, i just compiled rockbox on my OS X machine
02:06:12bc|busyi dont know the x11 sim at all
02:06:24bc|busyOS X - sweet OS
02:06:36LinusNi think you have the same problem everywhere
02:06:37 Join gromit`` [0] (
02:07:00LinusNyou are running the code inside the library, so how are you supposed to "termnate it"?
02:07:57LinusNit's not like it's running in a separate thread
02:08:26bc|busydepends how its executed
02:08:40bc|busymaybe it is dynamically linked?
02:08:59bc|busyif so, the dynamic linker can offer the finctionality
02:09:15LinusNyes, but what about the stack?
02:09:32bc|busyrestore it to it's last known state
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02:09:41LinusNwith what? setjmp()?
02:10:22bc|busyyes, perhaps the implementation required would not meet the limitations required to be called setjmp()
02:11:01LinusNlet's rename the old function
02:11:23LinusNsleep time
02:11:33LinusNcu around, d00d
02:11:34bc|busysleep well dear friend
02:11:44 Part LinusN
02:16:03bc|busynite guys
02:16:17 Part bc|busy
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07:28:05 Join j3fk9vbiv [0] (
07:28:31j3fk9vbivcan anyone help me with my jukebox studio 10?
07:30:03midkfirst you've got to state the problem.. :)
07:30:27j3fk9vbivok well i cant get my comp to recognize it and add it as a drive
07:30:32j3fk9vbivso that i can transfer files
07:30:39j3fk9vbivi have winXP
07:30:49midkdid you install the drivers?
07:31:06j3fk9vbivnot sure friend got it off eBay and it just came with the player and usb cable
07:32:28j3fk9vbivok i extracted that to a folder on my desktop called "driver"
07:33:02midknow you have to tell windows to install the driver.
07:33:19midkhold the windows key on your keyboard and press Pause/Break to open system properties
07:33:27midkclick the hardware tab, choose device manager
07:33:32midkmake sure it's plugged in and in usb mode
07:33:43midkit should appear as an unknown device
07:34:03midkdouble click it, and choose update driver or install driver (may have to click "driver" tab first)
07:34:17midkpress next, point it to the "driver" folder and press next again.
07:34:23midkthen finish when it finishes.
07:35:13j3fk9vbivok says its done
07:35:21j3fk9vbivu lovely person
07:35:24midkand it should work
07:35:34j3fk9vbivthanks so much dude
07:35:35j3fk9vbivu rock
07:35:37midkyou may hug me, in a non-homosexual way
07:35:50midkhave fun
07:35:51CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 10 minutes and 9 seconds at the last flood
07:35:51*j3fk9vbiv slaps midk around a bit with a large trout
07:35:54j3fk9vbiv:-D thanks
07:35:56 Quit j3fk9vbiv ()
07:36:01midkWTF :[
07:46:08 Join tpelliott [0] (
07:52:23 Part tpelliott
08:06:32 Join Guest [0] (
08:07:32GuestDoes anyone have the "[ 698941 ] Add current playing track to 1 of 10 files" plugin by "David L. Reis - bu88a1" working? All I get is "incompatible version" when I try it.
08:08:58midkyou need the corresponding build
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08:12:21GuestI kindof guessed that, it seems like the last build that it worked on was on 8-19-03.
08:12:44midksounds good
08:13:08GuestThere was a binary available, but it was deleted on 12-10-03 for some reason.
08:13:11GuestAny ideas????
08:13:43midki could compile it against current cvs in a small bit
08:16:56GuestThat would be great! I just started thinking about getting a development environment up and running, but it's non-trivial...
08:18:18midkin windows it's fairly easy with bc's devkit
08:19:34GuestI was starting with Eric Lassauge's stuff (
08:21:00 Quit midk ("Leaving")
08:21:24 Join midk [0] (
08:21:35GuestAny idea why the "add track to playlist 1-10" option hasn't been added into the regular builds? Seems like a good feature, could be used to compile ratings lists like the (pardon the reference) iPod...
08:22:59midki don't really see how it could be used to compile ratings lists..
08:23:35GuestI really want to develop a way to categorize music on the fly. I listen to lots of stuff that I d/l
08:24:09midkyou can make playlists on the fly.. not good enough?
08:25:19GuestI was thinking that I could have say 5 lists corresponding to 1 star to 5 stars. I could then write a quick app on the PC that would grab the playlists and update the ID3 tags of the MP3 files.
08:26:46GuestI'd also have a list that I could use to flag files that need to be recatagorized by genre... nothing like listening to hard rock and have some Enya pop up (or worse yet, vice-versa). Both are good, but each has it's time and place...
08:27:44 Quit midk ("Leaving")
08:28:10 Join midk [0] (
08:34:58GuestI was thinking that it might be possible to add a function to the F2 key for rating and then use the other buttons to quickly add it. For instance, I could assign 1 star through 5 stars to the left, up, right, down, and play buttons. You'd press F2, up, and then one of the nav buttons to assign a rating. Just one idea−−- I want to review the work being done in the user interface proposal before I commit to a design.
08:36:19midkthat sounds interesting
08:36:20GuestIn the meantime, I figured that David's playlists would be a reasonable interim approach.
08:36:21midkand simple.
08:36:47midkcase BUTTON_UP: [add to /.rockbox/one-star.m3u];
08:40:20GuestYep. You like the idea?
08:40:57midki think the button scheme sounds iffy, but otherwise yeah
08:43:22midkhm. problems making rockbox.. maybe raincheck? come back tomorrow?
08:45:15GuestI can do that - just in case, my email address is bbqpanther at yahoo dot com - I really appreciate the help!
08:45:42midkno problem.. actually i will try some more tonight
08:46:45GuestThanks. See what I mean - a bit non-trivial !!!
08:47:58GuestI'll check back in a little while - I'm switching back and forth beween machines. If I lose you, have a good night - talk to you soon.
08:48:23midknite then
08:52:48midkreboot, brb.
08:52:49 Quit midk ("Leaving")
09:07:12 Join midk [0] (
09:07:34midkGuest, still around?
09:12:05GuestYep, still here
09:12:23midkcompiled against today's 7-25-04 cvs.
09:12:30GuestI take it the PC survived the reboot!
09:12:40midkyes, i had to head back into windows
09:16:59GuestWorks like a charm!
09:17:16GuestHow the heck did you do that so fast?!!!!
09:23:49midki just compiled ot
09:23:59midkbut npo
09:24:00GuestHave you ever seen what the "[ 917264 ] Allow alternate destination in favorites.rock" plugin does? it seem like that would be the ideal companion, but I've never found a reference to the "user defined F2 menu" he speaks of.
09:24:33midki dunno, read the description..
09:24:44midkad for the menu, that was a patch at one point, but never got far (iirc)
09:24:56midkit was sort of like a wps for the f2 screen
09:25:34GuestThanks much - without a dev environment setup, getting the thing compiled would have been a bunch of work. Gotta work on getting the build environment running.
09:25:50midkno problem.
09:26:53GuestThink I'm going to have to purse doing at least the F2-up to call the add_track plugin. Sound like it should be too hard once I've got the environment going.
09:27:22midkthat would actually only require 3 lines of code in the right space :)
09:27:43midkbut .. displaying text for it etc
09:27:47midkprobably more like 25
09:33:59GuestSeems like a worthwhile task. Could probably make it read from a config file to provide a basic user-configurable button or two. Config could be like "F2=add_track\nF3=clock". It would make use of the unused up buttons on each of the F2/F3 screens. I know... feature creep. For now, I'll be happy to get the add_track hardcoded into the F2 button with or without text !!!!
09:35:25midkGuest, it wouldn't be considered - the UP buttons aren't used in Fx screens for a reason
09:35:45GuestWhy's that?
09:36:10midkyou can't hold Fx and at the same time press up - nothing will happen
09:36:23midkhowever if you hold Fx and press down or left or right the changes will take effect at that time
09:36:29midkhardware issue
09:37:00midkimagine F1, F2, F3 and UP as Group A. Left, Right, Play, Down, On, and Off are Group B
09:37:12midkyou can't use any key from group A in tandem with group B
09:38:55midkwith any key from group B*
09:39:39GuestOK, such is life. Good to know. But I was actually thinking multiple keystrokes, just add the new option to the F2 where left=shuffle, right=repeat, and down-show files
09:40:00GuestF2 then up would be add_track
09:41:23midkright. but it wouldn't be considered because it's inconsistent and some people like to hold Fx while tapping the arrow keys - this wouldn't work.
09:41:31midkbut i'm not positive about it not being considered..
09:47:54GuestI'm open to suggestions. I like the concept of some user-defined buttons but I'm not particularly attached to any specific method of doing it. Like I said before, I want to review the work that's being done on the new interface before suggesting any general solution. For me, I'm just looking for a quick fix to ease what would become a case of iPod envy.
09:48:19GuestNothing, nothing beats having open source like Rockbox.
09:48:26midkf2, play -> add_track.rock, maybe?
09:48:52midki once did a patch that utilized play in the f2/f3 screens... you can have a look at it
09:48:58midki then did an f2 redesign
09:49:32GuestCan't wait to show my office mate (and his iPod) how quickly the Rockbox community addressed a feature request. See if he can get Apple to do that!!!
09:50:00GuestI'd really like to see the stuff you did - where is it?
09:50:59midkwell my clock is already in cvs
09:51:17midki did some work on the fm screen a while back
09:51:25midkand the rest is at the patches page..
09:52:11midk"Keyboard makeover", "Utilize "PLAY" in F2/F3 quick-screens.", and "Improved F2 Screen"
09:52:17midki also did quite a bit of work on the vu meter.
09:52:19GuestAre you Zakk?
09:53:22GuestYep. Good guess on my part!
09:54:13midkyes i am.
09:54:15GuestI'm up against the same problem, until I get my dev environment built, I can't play with patches and stuff. Gotta learn how to fish...
09:55:06midkyeah. and people like me never update their patches so you have to do it manually really
09:55:11GuestI've played with the clock since it's in the standard build - really nice.
09:55:24midki'm soon merging a fuzzy clock mode.
09:55:40midkie "Ten past five", or "Quarter 'til eight"
09:56:22GuestFuzzy clock - oh, I thougt that was one that said "lunchtime" all morning and "time to go home" all afternoon :)
09:57:19midkhaha! :)
09:57:56midki will include a fuzziness setting, though. very fuzzy will just say, "x o'clock" and "half past x"
09:58:10midkmost fuzzy will say that
09:58:29midkvery fuzzy will be,, o'clock, quarter after, half past, quarter 'til
09:58:55midkand somewhat fuzzy will be every five minutes
09:59:12midko'clock, five past, ten past, quarter after, twenty past.. etc.
09:59:47midka custom fuzzy mode actually sounds great.
09:59:47GuestKinda kool - will it speak?
09:59:58midknope, sorry
10:00:07midkyou could write a file, ie fuzzymode.txt..
10:00:20midkand use the format XX:XX "TEXT"
10:00:35midkso... ie: 12:15 "Lunch time!"
10:00:57midk15:00 "Time to go home"
10:01:16midkthat'll take some work.. but it sounds nifty
10:01:16GuestCould be like a DJ - wait for the current song to end, then annouce "It's a quarter past two and you're listening to AJB radio, where you really do get to pick the music"
10:01:37midkmore like "Quarter past 2, listening to AJB, pick music"
10:01:40midkit's all we have room for :)
10:02:27Guest"Quarter past 2, Zakk says hi"
10:02:37midksounds fun!
10:02:40midkbut.. no.
10:06:44GuestYou really should get your patches put into the standard build - they sound really good. Can't look at them 'cause your don't keep your compiles up to date, though... ;)
10:07:04midki could code them a lot better now, and in a few minutes
10:09:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:12:19GuestIsn't it amazing how you can always look back at what you've done and what you've learned from it? Everything always gets easier and you learn even better ways of doing them.
10:12:55GuestOf course, not wasting time on silly things like maintaining updates helps too. ;)
10:12:59midki recall when i had slow clock drawing problems because all my code was in this for loop
10:13:22GuestTa dum..
10:13:40midkand when the clock wouldn't update right.. because i wasn't constantly updating the time
10:14:07GuestYou fixed it, obviously....
10:14:09midkand when there were trails behind the hands because i had no idea wtf "lcd_clear_display()" was
10:14:35GuestI would have thought that would have produced flicker, though
10:15:06midki've learned it's quite efficient
10:15:31midki call it.. 10 times a second iirc
10:15:36midkas well as draw and update
10:17:45GuestNot bad. The AJB is a good piece of H/W and the Rockbox team has really done a good job.
10:18:17GuestCan't think of many consumer products other than TiVo that have had similar success.
10:20:43midksimilar success as in?
10:25:09GuestSolid user community that has produced software that exceeds what the manufacturer anticipated for the product. TiVo didn't replace the s/w, just augmented it, but to me the concept's similar. I bought both products only because of the features provided by the user community. The stock products just didn't cut it.
10:25:40midkah, yeah.. i wasn't aware there was anything special for the tivo
10:26:17zewell the tivo runs linux to start with
10:26:21zeso it's a good canidate for hax0ring
10:26:39midkah, nice!
10:27:49midkreboot, brb.
10:27:50 Quit midk ("Leaving")
10:42:20GuestYou back?
10:43:22GuestWell, I'm east coast, almost 5am - time for bed.
10:43:44GuestThanks for the help - I'll stop back here tomorrow night - see if I can catch ya.
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12:21:25*zeekoe going to make soup now
12:21:32zeekoecya later
12:21:40zeekoetasteful water
12:21:49 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|soup (
12:21:50midkdie water
12:21:59midkzeekoe|tastelessfuckingwater sounds better to me
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12:36:50 Join uski [0] (
12:39:13midkyo. :]
12:39:31 Join Strath [0] (
12:39:31uskiwaza ? ;)
12:39:53 Part Strath
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12:58:04midk|teh-bedgood nitey.
13:21:52 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
13:22:04[IDC]Dragonhi uski
13:26:05 Join NibbIer [0] (
13:28:02 Join hermes [0] (~ju@
13:30:11uskihi [IDC]Dragon
13:43:17[IDC]Dragonsorry, later
13:43:27[IDC]Dragoni wanted to ask about your flash
13:43:31[IDC]Dragonbut later
13:43:34 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
14:00:15midk|teh-beddie, zeekoe|soup
14:00:23 Nick zeekoe|soup is now known as midk (
14:00:30 Nick midk is now known as zeekoe (
14:01:00zeekoeman, it's 5 AM, go to sleep
14:01:08midk|teh-bedeh. got to play quake 3 some more
14:03:17 Join bc|busy [0] (
14:05:02midk|teh-bednite all then.
14:05:13 Nick bc|busy is now known as bc|coding (
14:05:30*midk|teh-bed is away: sleep
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14:14:29 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
14:15:54[IDC]Dragonhi again uski
14:16:05[IDC]Dragonbetter time now
14:16:46uskiwell, it still does not work
14:17:02uskiand i don't think it would be a good idea to try replacing the flash chip again (it would kill the pcb i think)
14:17:11uskithe problem is somewhere else but i can't find it
14:18:19zeekoeuski: you replaced the flash and now your unit doesn't work anymore?
14:18:34uskizeekoe, right
14:19:12uskiit's like the databus of the µC is fucked up, or sth like that
14:19:14uskireally ? ;)
14:19:40zeekoecan you unfuck it down again, you think?
14:20:11uskino idea
14:20:23uskii didn't find out what is the problem yet
14:20:23[IDC]Dragonare you running it with the old chip now?
14:20:29uski[IDC]Dragon, yea
14:20:34[IDC]Dragonor not running?
14:20:36uskiso the flash content is ok
14:20:38uskiah, well
14:20:43uskithe flash chip is here
14:20:47uskibut it does not work
14:21:00uskiit is really strange
14:21:17*[IDC]Dragon whishes he had a programming socket
14:21:29uskii am always extremely cautious when replacing chips, and it is very rare i kill something while replacing a chip
14:21:33uskilol, it costs much much money
14:21:36uskiapprox 150 euros
14:21:47bc|coding shows a list of the last few cvs changes can I see the full list?
14:22:08[IDC]Dragonthat would be cheap for TSOP
14:22:35uskiw8 i check the exact price
14:22:37[IDC]Dragonbc|coding: with your cvs client
14:23:02[IDC]Dragonbut don't ask me for details
14:23:04bc|coding[IDC]Dragon: lol ...time to get a cvs client then I suppose
14:23:30bc|codingsomething has broken the speech in audio-3587, and I have no idea what it could be :(
14:24:02uski[IDC]Dragon, TSOP28 adapter = 159,10 ¤ (VAT included)
14:24:14uskiTSOP32 = same price
14:24:21[IDC]Dragonnot bad
14:24:48uskii can't afford one ;)
14:24:57uskimaybe it's ok for a company but it is not for me :)=
14:25:10[IDC]DragonI woudn't buy one either
14:25:33uskiit's in french
14:25:37uskibut you can see how it looks like
14:27:02uski(TTC = VAT inluded)
14:27:08uski(HT = w/o VAT)
14:27:21[IDC]Dragonlooks perfect, the 12,4 mm kind
14:27:46uskilooks perfect until you see the price ;)
14:27:59uskiif it were 30 ¤ i would have bought one, but 150 ¤...
14:28:56*[IDC]Dragon still wonders why it didn't work in-circuit
14:29:12[IDC]Dragonwhat was the problem again?
14:29:20uskimy problem ?
14:29:23bc|codingfound a client ... :)
14:29:31uskiminimon reads the flash as 00000000000000000000000...
14:29:35[IDC]Dragonah, I remember, it didn't react at all
14:29:36uskilike if it was programmed with zeroes
14:29:50uskiit's like a /CS problem
14:29:58[IDC]Dragondoes it read yours now?
14:30:00uskibut i checked and it seemed to be OK
14:30:05uskistill the same problem
14:30:18uskii'd like to have some way to test my DRAM using minimpm
14:30:26[IDC]Dragonwhat? whit you original chip back in
14:30:35[IDC]Dragonand everything working?
14:30:37uskiso i see if the databus if fucked up, or if it's just a /CS problem
14:30:45uskiwith the original chip back, it still doesn't work
14:30:48uskithe problem is somewhere else
14:31:05[IDC]Dragonoh, your box is toast?
14:31:32[IDC]Dragonuh oh
14:31:35*uski toasted his box while trying to improve rockbox
14:31:38uskibad isn't it ? ;)
14:31:48uskii wanted to have a flashable chip to be able to do my color lcd mod
14:31:55[IDC]Dragonwhile trying to improve your box, that is
14:32:01uskinope ;)
14:32:12uskia color lcd would have been very interesting
14:32:15uskifor videos, and so on
14:32:25uskii was ready to prepare "color LCD kits" for interested users
14:32:34uskiwith a compatible connector (ribbon), and so on
14:32:39uski"plug and play"..
14:32:40[IDC]Dragondo you have one with SPI bus and similar dimensions?
14:33:00uskiand i can have it in low or high quantities
14:33:03uskifor a quite low price
14:33:12uskibut this stupid flash problem killed my project
14:33:17[IDC]DragonI can't imagine how that fits into place
14:33:54[IDC]Dragonwith a pin-compatible flex strip? ;-)
14:34:55uskii am able to find flex strips
14:35:08uskior this one:
14:35:12uskiboth are using a 3.3v SPI
14:35:27uski9 bits: D/C 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
14:35:45[IDC]DragonSPI is serial
14:35:58uskibut it's serial 9 data bits
14:36:05uskii send first "Data/Command"
14:36:08uskithen bit 7
14:36:09uskithen 6
14:36:17[IDC]DragonOK, the usual
14:36:28uskithat's one thing i have done with this LCD
14:36:33uski(the second one)
14:36:37uskivery easy to program
14:36:45uskiand it looks really good
14:36:53[IDC]Dragonhow about size, depth?
14:37:02[IDC]Dragonand connecting it?
14:37:06uski4096 colors (RGB 5 6 5)
14:37:18uskisecond LCD = integrated backlight, needs 6.5v approx @ 15mA
14:37:27[IDC]Dragon565 is 64K colors
14:37:27uskisecond LCD has a resolution of 131*131
14:37:37uskifirst LCD = no backlight, have to add one; resolution 98*67
14:37:42uski4096 colors too
14:37:49uskiboth LCd can also be used in a 256 colors mode
14:37:55uskithat's how i used it
14:38:16uskiwhen you send a byte, it looks for the color in a LookUp table and internally converts the index to a RGB 5 6 5 data
14:38:18uskisee what i mean ?
14:38:23[IDC]Dragonah, yes
14:38:54uskithat's the available colors
14:39:11uskithese LCd would be perfect for small movies...
14:39:15uskiin 256 colors mode
14:39:22uskicolor conversion would be done on the PC
14:39:30uskithen we send the data "as fast as we can"
14:39:41[IDC]Dragonexcept that we bon't have the bandwidth to transfer them
14:39:54uskiwhat's our bandwidth ?
14:40:07uski411864 bytes/sec is enough
14:40:24[IDC]Dragoncurrently, we can do ~120 fps on our 1-bit display
14:40:37uskiwe need only 24fps here
14:40:49uski8 bits per pixel
14:40:50[IDC]Dragonif you use 8 bit, it's down to 15 fps
14:40:57uskiit's ok then
14:40:59[IDC]Dragonon 112*64
14:41:10uskiyes but we won't be able to use all the 131*131 pixels screen
14:41:13uskibecause of the aspect ratio
14:41:15[IDC]Dragonbut no CPU left for ATA, mp3
14:41:49[IDC]Dragonthe rvf player does 67 fps by default, iirc
14:42:19[IDC]Dragonwe need some CPU bandwith to load from disk
14:42:34uskii think that the movei woulod be "ok" even with 10 fps
14:42:48uskibecause of the LCD reaction time
14:42:58[IDC]Dragonafk for a minute
14:44:43zeekoecool :)
14:45:02zeekoebut the rvfs are 67fps greyscale, arent they?
14:45:45zeekoeor is it just 67fps b&w
14:46:32uski67fps b&w
14:46:43uskiso as to create a "grayscale illusion"
14:46:52uskihere, the color LCDs directly support grayscales/colors
14:47:03uskiso there is no need to create the colors by quickly flickering the pixels
14:48:21[IDC]DragonI know
14:49:07[IDC]Dragona parallel i/f would be good for out poor CPU, but needs more h/w fiddling
14:49:28uskii/f ?
14:49:33uskiinput frontend ? lol
14:49:49uskifor the LCd, a hardware SPI would have been very interesting
14:50:08[IDC]DragonI don't know if we have a /CS capable pin free
14:50:10hermeshe prodigy
14:52:06 Part hermes
14:53:47[IDC]Dragonthe /WAIT signal could become a /CS
14:54:00uskii don't understand what you want to do ?
14:54:16[IDC]Dragonconnect the LCD to the bus
14:54:30[IDC]Dragonan 8 bit parallel one
14:55:11uskihard to do
14:55:17uskiwe have to find a place where we have D0-7
14:55:27uskiit will be hard to connect
14:55:38uskiactually i tihnk i'll make my own mp3 player if i can't repair my archos
14:55:42uski=> big flash
14:55:46uski=> big dram
14:55:53uski=> color lcd ;)
14:56:10bc|codingreal usb
14:56:27uskinot sur if it would be really usefull
14:56:49uskii want a mp3 player, not a card reader or a digital camera storage device
14:57:08uskiwhen i buy a cellphone, i don't care if it has a digital camera or not
14:57:20uskia mp3 player is a mp3 player, that's all
14:57:29bc|codingnot a for-sale thing then
14:58:20[IDC]Dragondo you need some minimon DRAM test code?
14:58:35zeekoeuski: yeah, an mp3 player is an mp3 player, we dont need things like color lcd's, flashable firmware, ...
14:58:36uski[IDC]Dragon, it would be really a good feature
14:58:45[IDC]Dragonwhat should it do?
14:58:49uskisomething simple, like "write 00 11 22 33.." then read back
14:58:54uskiand if it does not match, display "error" :)
14:59:13bc|codinglol ...but it will play full colour mp3s :)
14:59:14uskizeekoe, color lcd and flashable firmware are usefull features
14:59:28uskimaster usb is not a usefull feature
15:00:03zeekoeyou might want to see this (if you've not already seen it)
15:00:12uskii know this project by heart ;)
15:00:17uskibut i don't like it :\
15:00:24uskionly 16kB of flash
15:00:26[IDC]Dragonuski: you can't compile uart_boot, correct?
15:00:53uski[IDC]Dragon, don't spend too much time on this, i think my box is dead anyway
15:00:55[IDC]Dragonthe command line version of the MS compiler is free
15:01:31uskiyea but i can't install it on the computer i have because it's not mine... and i don't want to annoy you because of these constrainsts
15:04:02uskimy last option is to abuse the warranty...
15:04:05uskibut i don't like that
15:04:47 Quit bc|coding (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:07:37[IDC]Dragonuski: you can get the compiler here:
15:09:32[IDC]Dragonbut I can make a primitive memtest
15:11:11[IDC]Dragonhave you checked /CS and /RD during the flash read?
15:17:51[IDC]Dragon(which is called /CE and /OE at the flash chip itself)
15:25:59uskiy, it seems to be ok
15:26:08uskii have to check that again but i can't do it now
15:26:22uski(i don't have access to the windows computer currently)
15:32:33 Join AciD [0] (
15:59:18 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:04:47 Join bc|busy [0] (
16:08:47 Join Pano-Manix6 [0] (
16:08:54 Quit AciD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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16:10:25 Quit Pano-Manix6 ("(i was using Mikata-script 1.2 <<--->>)")
16:21:49 Part bc|busy
16:37:26 Join mrtn [0] (
16:37:40 Part mrtn
16:55:47 Join dstar5 [0] (
16:59:51 Join haate [0] (
17:03:25haatehi there everyone. bit of a noob question here, but i figured i'd best check w/ people in the know before i do anything stupid. i've jukebox recorder 20 w/ the rom flashed and the most recent version of rockbox on it, and, due to some issues i've had with it, i'm gong to have to reformat it. i'm wondering what i'll have to do to..well...make sure that i don't fuck it up moreso when i format it. i'm familiar w/ the process enough, i'm just wond
17:04:38dstar5should not bother anything
17:04:43dstar5infact it won't
17:05:10haateok, cool. that was all i was wondering about :) thanks much!
17:05:13dstar5jjust format, and install rockbox back on the disk
17:05:20dstar5welcome :)
17:05:33 Part haate
17:19:50 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
17:29:14 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
17:43:48 Join NibbIer [0] (
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18:26:34 Join LinusN [200] (
18:29:31 Join bc|busy [0] (
18:30:13 Nick bc|busy is now known as BlueChip (
18:31:41LinusNBlueChip: you have not subscribed to the cvs mailing list
18:32:00BlueChipaha ...thanks for checking ..I shall try again
18:32:43LinusNmaybe you subscribed to the sourceforge list?
18:33:00BlueChipahh, yes that's very possible - it was quite some time back now
18:33:53BlueChipomg ...t'would seem to be related to my inability to type - LOL
18:34:38LinusNi have added you to the list
18:34:53BlueChip:-) nice one, thanks dude :)
18:36:16BlueChip"Welcome to the mailing list!" success :-) ...where would I be without you
18:40:32 Join hermes [0] (~ju@
18:41:46 Quit boofa^A^D ("Lost terminal")
18:44:06BlueChiptime to go party - thanks for your help linus - later all :)
18:44:43 Quit BlueChip ("For The Latest Rockbox DevKit AND Advanced Plugins Visit")
18:55:18 Join AciD [0] (
18:57:15 Join dstar5 [0] (
18:57:52dstar5LinusN: the player sim has a compile error
18:58:11dstar5build-playersimwin32/tree.o: In function `dirbrowse':
18:58:11dstar5uisimulator/win32/../../apps/tree.c:1027: undefined reference to `shutdown_screen'
18:58:37dstar5should just need a #ifndef SIMULATOR i think
19:01:50LinusNfunny, the target build should fail too...
19:04:01LinusNnow i
19:04:33LinusNthe call to shutdown_screen is removed by the optimizer
19:04:43LinusNin the player target build
19:04:51dstar5i see
19:04:53LinusNsilly mistake by me
19:05:10dstar5i never knew the opimizer removed code like that
19:05:45LinusNyou see the code in tree.c?
19:06:12LinusNthe "case BUTTON_OFF|BUTTON_REL" line is not there in the player build
19:06:24LinusNso the entire code block ends up after the "break"
19:06:37LinusNthus, it is never executed, and can be removed
19:07:17LinusNthe sim build is built with the -g flag, so it isn't optimized
19:07:46dstar5why not have it optimized?
19:08:38LinusNbecause the sole purpose for the simulator is to debug it
19:08:58LinusNand debugging optimized code is harder
19:09:38dstar5also one question.. how do i build the simulator in MSVC++?
19:09:46LinusNi don't know
19:10:01LinusNhardeep has done it, iirc, and jörg
19:10:27dstar5humm there is makefile.vc6 maybe if i point namke to it...
19:11:10LinusNthat makefile hasn't been updated for 17 months :-)
19:11:35dstar5lots of errors
19:12:13LinusNmy guess is that hardeep doesn't use that makefile
19:12:17dstar5most of the errors say inconsistent dll linkage
19:12:58LinusNand the vcproj file is 2 years old...
19:13:17LinusNthere is a rockbox.dsp file
19:13:30LinusNthat one should work
19:13:39dstar5how do you use those?
19:13:51LinusN.dsp is a Developer Studio Project
19:14:03LinusNload it in developer studio
19:14:21LinusNthe build (is it F7?)
19:14:46LinusNhaven't used dev studio for ages
19:17:45dstar5NMAKE : fatal error U1052: file 'rockbox.mak' not found
19:18:25LinusNyou'd have to ask jörg or hardeep
19:18:57LinusNi have limited knowledge about windows stuff
19:23:12LinusNdstar5: you use the player sim?
19:25:54dstar5i jsutnotived the red on the build log
19:26:16 Quit Ka_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:26:31LinusNjust curious, very few people develop for the player nowadays
19:26:36dstar5LinusN: do you know what the "Export Makefile" command is?
19:26:55dstar5LinusN: i do use it every now and then... i did own a player a long time ago lol
19:26:59LinusNit creates a makefile, maybe that's what you need?
19:27:15dstar5yes i think so where do i find it though?
19:27:24LinusNthe makefile?
19:27:45dstar5no the export makefile command
19:27:57LinusNsomewhere in the project menu i guess
19:32:11 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:37:16 Part LinusN
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19:48:22 Quit hermes (Client Quit)
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20:27:34 Join uski [0] (~uski@2001:7a8:3bb9:0:0:0:defa:ced)
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20:57:55 Join Strath [0] (
20:58:10 Part Strath
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22:20:36 Join unionpeak [0] (
22:20:41unionpeakhey anyone here
22:20:50unionpeakhow do you use the search function on recorder v2
22:24:23 Join lImbus [0] (
22:24:27lImbushi all
22:25:33 Nick midk|teh-bed is now known as midk (
22:44:28 Nick midk is now known as midk|quake3 (
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23:31:22 Quit zeekoe ("aAA44AArrgGGHhh... my computer just did something _really_ REALLY wrong... cu later")
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