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#rockbox log for 2004-07-28

00:05:07amiconn../../../../../../gcc-3.3.4/newlib/libc/stdlib/abs.c:40: error: parse error before '(' token
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00:11:16dstar5fix it :)
00:11:47LinusNamiconn: do you have binutils in the path?
00:13:10amiconnJust trying to build 3.3.1 that way - will still take a while
00:13:33LinusN186012 bytes for the current fm recorder ajbrec.ajz
00:14:32amiconnArgh, forgot to symlink newlib within the gcc-3.3.1 source dir...
00:14:41amiconnAnd yes, binutils are in the path
00:23:10LinusNtime to sleep
00:23:13LinusNnite all
00:23:16amiconnLinusN: current fm recorder ajbrec.ajz is 186052 bytes compiled with gcc 3.3.1 (Eric Lassauge)
00:23:27LinusNI WON!!!!!!!!
00:23:40amiconnI wonder why it's different...
00:24:15LinusNgotta go, nite
00:24:25 Part LinusN
00:25:50amiconnGrr, I think I should try that another time. Trying to build gcc 3.3.1 gave the same error as 3.3.4 :-((
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01:27:46thing1hello, I was just wondering where a good place to get replacement batteries for the jukebox recorder?
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05:05:54Frag4Christwondering if anyone here knows about moded or hacked firmware for the iriver ihp120
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08:09:16unionpeakanyone here active
08:10:04unionpeakhey i gotta question for come on the recorder v2 when you have the volume up 95 or higher the sound gets real distorted is that hardware or headphones
08:10:11unionpeakbecause ive tried with a couple pairs
08:10:23midkcheck your bass / bass boost settings
08:10:25midkand loudness.
08:10:35unionpeakwhat should they be around
08:10:48midkbass is usually 6-8db for me
08:11:09midkloudness and bass boost set both to 0 and change until it sounds good really
08:11:50midkback in an hour or so.
08:11:56unionpeakok also is there anything you can to to prevent skipping
08:12:06midkthere is an anti-shock protection
08:12:14midki believe under general settings, playback
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08:17:28LinusNunionpeak: still there?
08:18:56unionpeakwhats up
08:21:18LinusNjust wanted to explain your problem
08:21:49LinusNthe audio chip (the MAS3587F) does all EQ stuff
08:22:26LinusNand it poses some restrictions on the settings, which Rockbox frankly doesn't care about
08:23:16LinusNmax(bass, treble) + Loudness + Volume <= 0dB
08:23:36LinusNvolume is in percent in Rockbox, but 92% os 0dB
08:24:00LinusNso any volume above 0dB *might* overflow the DSP
08:24:37LinusNand if you add bass, treble and loudness, you will be way off limits
08:24:49unionpeakyeah i understand any way of getting around that
08:25:21LinusNmany MP3:s are encoded with a pretty low gain, so there is often a quite big margin for overflow
08:25:53LinusNi am planning to add a warning when the settings are above the limit
08:26:17unionpeakok yeah thats probably a good idea
08:26:27LinusN(been planning that for a long time, but things always get in the way :-)
08:27:19 Join midk [0] (
08:28:23unionpeakas for the skip protection i set it at 7 seconds now is that decent enough to run with in a pocket
08:28:51midkit should be fine even without it. but it could help
08:28:58midki can't say for sure. you have to try it
08:29:23unionpeakyeah cuz that thing will just stop and not start playing again i have to turn off then on again
08:29:36midkred led dead?
08:29:46midkthat's not fixable really..
08:30:01unionpeakyeah is it worth it to put the extra buffer memory in
08:30:10LinusNunionpeak: which version or rockbox are you using?
08:30:23LinusNunionpeak: it has nothing to do with buffer memory
08:30:50unionpeakhmm cvs0407025
08:31:06LinusNdoes it hang often?
08:31:50LinusNbtw, using a hard drive based player for running is a really bad idea
08:31:55unionpeakwhenever im running sometimes when i walk
08:31:58unionpeakyeah i realize that
08:32:06unionpeaknot my main use
08:32:30 Join NibbIer [0] (
08:32:31LinusNyou could do a test for me if you wish
08:33:01LinusNi'll compile a special version of today's daily and put it up for download
08:33:09LinusNhang on
08:33:55unionpeakya know what i hate to tell you but my friend is borrowing my cord today ill try it tomarrow and post results though
08:35:02LinusNdon't worry
08:35:10LinusNi'll give you the link in a minute
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08:36:46LinusNthis special build turns off the ATA driver optimizations
08:37:51LinusNit won't be a noticeable difference in speed
08:39:34unionpeakok cool ill try it tomarrow
08:39:44unionpeakand this may help with the skipping
08:39:54unionpeakor stopping i guess would be a better word
08:39:58LinusNit could help
08:40:04LinusNbut not necessarily
08:40:16LinusNthe main problem is your hard drive
08:40:38LinusNyou probably have a DK23DA or DK23CA drive in your jukebox
08:40:40unionpeakyeah well i guess any hd bumping around in my pocket would have problems
08:40:56LinusNdo you have it in front of you?
08:41:45LinusNmenu->info->debug->disk info
08:42:35LinusNhow did i know? :-)
08:42:36unionpeakdamn you know your stuff
08:43:10LinusNyou're not the only one with this problem
08:43:11unionpeakwell i guess theres nothing i can really do about that though
08:43:22LinusNyou can of course replace the hard drive
08:43:46LinusNunfortunately, it takes some soldering skills on the v2 recorder
08:44:03unionpeaki can solder but what kind of hd is that small
08:44:19LinusNno, the soldering is only to remove the casing
08:44:44LinusNthe chassis is soldered to the PCB for grounding
08:44:51unionpeakno i know but what kind of hd would i have to get
08:44:51LinusNso it's fairly easy
08:45:16LinusNas slow rotation speed as possible
08:45:25LinusNlike 4000 rpm
08:45:32LinusN9.5mm thick
08:45:53LinusNany laptop hard drive will do
08:46:04LinusNi recommend toshiba
08:46:39LinusNbe aware, there are 12mm thick drives too, and they won't fit
08:49:01unionpeaki dunno maybe ill give it a shot
08:49:29unionpeakthanks alot for all the help though man
08:49:58LinusNyou're welcome
08:55:14 Join amiconn [0] (
08:55:30amiconnhi all
08:56:28amiconnI just saw a new case of a maybe-problem with optimized ata & dreaded Hitachi DK23DA in the logs :-(
08:59:37amiconnLinusN: I found a bug in the handling of .lng files
09:00:02 Quit midk ("Leaving")
09:00:13 Quit gromit`` ("Leaving")
09:00:42amiconnIf you start with the built-in language string and then load a .lng file (no matter whether it contains all strings or not), all is fine
09:00:56amiconn(displaying the bu
09:01:03 Quit unionpeak ("(i was using polaris irc) webpage:[]")
09:01:23amiconn(displaying the built-in strings for those not contained in the .lng file)
09:03:31amiconnBut: If you first load a complete .lng file (already updated english.lng in my case) and afterwards load an incomplete .lng file (not yet updated deutsch.lng) whose strings also take more space, the menu entries using the strings not contained in the secong .lng file show garbage
09:03:41LinusNyeah i know
09:04:09amiconnIt's of course clear _why_ that occurs, but I'm not sure whether we should fix that
09:04:32amiconn...since it would occupy more memory
09:05:09 Join midk [0] (
09:06:49amiconn(not for rombox, but for normal ram-based execution)
09:10:10LinusNthe obvious fix is of course to keep a copy of the language_strings[] array
09:10:39LinusNand restore it before loading a new language
09:11:49amiconnYes of course; this is what would require more memory
09:12:40LinusN...but the bug will only appear when you have a "soft" language already loaded
09:12:57LinusNso i don't see this as much of a problem
09:13:08LinusNi agree with you
09:14:13LinusN374 strings times 4 bytes...
09:14:35LinusNthere goes the v2 rombox again :-)
09:15:00amiconnAs I said, this is no problem for rombox
09:15:22LinusNwhy not?
09:15:54amiconnCurrently, the .lang string pointers are in the .data section, therefore contained in the firmware file and copied to ram on boot
09:16:05LinusNon boot, yes
09:16:39amiconnIf we would keep a copy, this one would of course go into .rodata (still contained in the binary, but not copied by crt0.S)
09:16:59amiconnThe copy would _only_ exist in ram, being part of the .bss section
09:17:07LinusNah, you mean it's not a problem with flash memory space
09:17:30LinusNi thought you mean that the bug didn't exist
09:17:32amiconnYes, and also not with ram consumption (for rombox)
09:18:11amiconnI meant the fix wouldn't require more memory when running from rom
09:18:16LinusNi see
09:24:18amiconnWhile being no problem with normal use of rockbox, it may hit if someone tries out several .lng files in sequence (and does not look very professional)
09:24:40amiconnMany languages are incomplete today, having no active maintainer(s)
09:27:14LinusNso we should probably keep a copy in rodata then...
09:33:09amiconnOk, I'll see if I can do that (iiuc this requires modifying the genlang script)
09:33:43amiconnDifferent topic: I found some quirks with the simulator builds
09:34:16amiconn(1) For the Win32 sims, "make clean" doesn't remove libplugin.a
09:35:03amiconn(2) For the X11 sim, "make clean" doesn't remove rockboxui.exe (cygwin)
09:35:22amiconn(3) The X11 sim currently doesn't build, at least under cygwin:
09:37:19amiconn†/home/Administrator/rb-patched/uisimulator/x11/../x11/screenhack.c:480: variable '_XtShellStrings' can't be auto-imported. Please read the documentation for ld's −−enable-auto-import for details.
09:38:11amiconnThis repeats many times with several other lines in screenhack.c, and ends in
09:38:12amiconncollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
09:38:12amiconnmake[1]: *** [/home/Administrator/rb-patched/x11sim-recorder/rockboxui] Error 1
09:38:12DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
09:38:12amiconnmake: *** [sim] Error 2
09:38:43LinusN1) is fixed now
09:39:53 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
09:40:10midkit's the nick stealer!
09:40:13LinusNhi phil
09:40:50kurzhaarrockerhi LinusN! I just received your mail
09:41:17kurzhaarrockerbut now I didn't steal any 'mid' , midk :)
09:41:52kurzhaarrockerOf course I would be honored to have the split editor included in the rockbox cvs
09:41:58LinusNamiconn: 2) is fixed
09:42:27LinusNkurzhaarrocker: nice!
09:42:46LinusNi'm currently looking at the volume trigger
09:42:56kurzhaarrockerBut unfortunately the code is extremly alpha, it extends the plugin api which is unnecessary with the mp3 api extension by [IDC]Dragon
09:42:57midkkurz: :)
09:43:07kurzhaarrockerLinusN: Do you have my trigger code?
09:43:15LinusNi have the old patch
09:43:26LinusNin the tracker
09:43:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:43:42*kurzhaarrocker glimpses at the tracker
09:43:46LinusNi'd like to discuss the peak meter code
09:44:21LinusNit currently has a lot of settings
09:44:38LinusNthe first i'd like to remove is probably the performance setting
09:44:46LinusNi know you agree with that
09:45:00LinusNbut is there anything else we can simplify?
09:45:08kurzhaarrockerI do agree with that as long as it is the 'high performance' that remains :)
09:45:13LinusNof course
09:45:56kurzhaarrockerI hardly ever adjust the maximum value. I think we could tie it to 0db / 100% fixed.
09:46:15LinusNnot even in the split editor?
09:47:03kurzhaarrockerIn that editor it proved surprisingly efficiant to toggle db / % display. If that doesn't help adjusting the max doesn't help much either.
09:47:50LinusNi remember that we were discussing the resolution of the retro buffer
09:48:09kurzhaarrockerTalking about trigger? :)
09:49:34kurzhaarrockerDo you want to change that resolution?
09:50:06LinusNno, i remember that we wanted to increase the resolution to make it easier for the trigger to backtrack
09:51:48kurzhaarrockerAh yes, I think the goal was to make it happen on frame boundaries.
09:52:16LinusNyes, and you were having problems with the split points
09:52:31LinusNdue to the latency in the trigger
09:53:26kurzhaarrockerYes, that triggers something in my mind. I haven't seen my code for many months...
09:53:27kurzhaarrockerDo you have ideas for fixing that?
09:54:20LinusNas of now, the split points will have a 1s resolution
09:54:48LinusNand i vaguely remember that this was a problem
09:54:51kurzhaarrocker(btw: if you have tried that patch from the patch-tracker: does it show traffic light symbol in the recording screen when the trigger is active?)
09:55:36LinusNi haven't tried it, but from looking at the code it doesn't
09:57:10LinusNand it doesn't change anything in mpeg.c
09:57:55LinusNamiconn: issue 3) is totally unknown to me
09:58:11kurzhaarrockerThat code should reside somwhere in recording.c (?) Where the recording screen is implemented.
09:59:25kurzhaarrockerConcerning trigger: it was that I had quite a noticable 'random' factor in the trigger which I could not explain and which was to big to be explained by mp3 frame boundaries.
10:01:01LinusNi remember now
10:01:50LinusNin the patch, it displays messages, not symbols
10:02:12kurzhaarrockerIt was not the granularity of the prebuffer, the problem was finding the correct frame that is closest to the desired trigger point.
10:02:33LinusNyeah, and i also remember that we found out what it was...
10:02:46kurzhaarrockerLinusN: you're god! :)
10:02:53LinusNbut i can't see it being addressed in the tracker patch
10:02:53kurzhaarrocker(I don't remember)
10:03:36LinusNin fact, the patch doesn't even try to find a closer point
10:03:53kurzhaarrockerI obvioulsy haven't submitted my latest code to the tracker.
10:12:48kurzhaarrocker:( Seems even the patch in is not up to date. But it at least contains that function mpeg_get_file_pos.
10:13:07webmind_hm, can't the irc log be blocked for google ?
10:13:21LinusNwebmind_: my would we want that?
10:13:51kurzhaarrockerwebmind_ that's easy: just kick logbot :)
10:15:48webmind_no ops
10:15:54 Nick webmind_ is now known as webmind (
10:16:18LinusNwebmind: we want the logs to be indexed
10:16:30LinusNwhy don't you want it?
10:17:04webmindbecause my nick keeps turning up on google.. for unrelated topics.. just because I've mentioned them in here
10:17:53LinusNtough luck
10:17:54webmindyou could just add a search function to the site no ?
10:18:16LinusNwe use google for searching the site
10:18:24webmindI got that
10:18:38webmindbut do you need it for searching the logs?
10:18:41LinusNthe search function on the front page uses the "site:" feature of google
10:19:09LinusNwe could just as well use our own search engine
10:19:39webmindso why not ?
10:19:48kurzhaarrocker... and let google investigate that search engine? :)
10:19:49LinusNwe like when google finds us
10:20:11LinusNopenness is one of rockbox main virtues
10:20:38webmindyeah... that true
10:21:06webmindbut now when you search for unrelated topics the site still turns up because of the logs
10:21:07kurzhaarrockerAnd it's a way for attention seeking nerds to gain publicity..
10:21:08LinusNthe irc logs are of course a problem for google
10:21:49webmindI'm not pro blocking the site completely for google btw.. just the logs
10:21:52LinusNbecause they contain much "unrelated" stuff
10:22:56LinusNi'll discuss it with the rest of the crew
10:23:16webmindcool, thanks
10:23:27LinusNbut don't hold your breath
10:24:02webmindgood enough anyway
10:24:34LinusNsearching for "webmind irc" rates the rockbox irc logs first :-)
10:25:28LinusNkurzhaarrocker: care to send me the latest stuff?
10:25:56kurzhaarrockerI'm @ work right now, the code is @ home. I'll mail you tonight.
10:28:38kurzhaarrockerConcerning the split editor: it nearly needs a rewrite due to [IDC]Dragon's mp3 api extensions
10:30:54webmindLinusN, yeah.. so does webmind and zaurus
10:32:26kurzhaarrockerIs there anybody (LinusN) willing to do that rewrite? :)
10:32:51amiconnLinusN: I tried building the X11 sim again, after a fresh configure. Still the same problem
10:36:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:36:57amiconnI can send you the output of make (make >file 2>&1)
10:43:28LinusNamiconn: issue 3)?
10:43:41LinusNkurzhaarrocker: i'll do the rewrite
10:43:56kurzhaarrockeryou're a masochist, LinusN
10:44:07LinusNis it that much different?
10:44:27LinusNah, you don't use the "raw" playback api
10:44:38kurzhaarrockernot a single bit of it :(
10:45:01kurzhaarrockerthe split editor was before the raw playback
10:45:03LinusNthen how do you loop?
10:45:35LinusNi see now
10:45:43LinusNbut does it need a rewrite for that?
10:45:45kurzhaarrockerugly he? :)
10:47:10LinusNyou don't split at frame boundaries, do you?
10:47:27kurzhaarrockerI'd like to avoid the plugin api extension that were required for that
10:48:01kurzhaarrockeryes frameboundaries were still a todo.
10:48:22LinusNok, so it would be better to rewrite it with the raw api
10:48:36LinusNthen we could have the entire loop in memory
10:49:10LinusNand it would be easy to find the split points
10:49:20LinusNframe boundaries, i mean
10:49:39kurzhaarrockerdo we have a function that finds frame boundaries in bitswapped data yet?
10:49:54LinusNjŲrg wrote one
10:50:00amiconnLinusN: Yes, issue 3
10:50:10kurzhaarrockerSo that should be a peace of cake then :9
10:50:12LinusNamiconn: i have no idea what it is
10:50:25LinusNkurzhaarrocker: it's done in a coffee break
10:51:36LinusNamiconn: we still have problems with files being created with the wrong umask on cygwin, if the are created with open(O_CREAT)
10:52:43*kurzhaarrocker decorates LinusN's cake with some extra cream. He deserves it.
10:53:59midkthat sounded a little wrong there kurz.. ;]
10:54:31kurzhaarrocker? Did I unwillingly make a pun I don't understand?
10:55:13midki guess so.
11:00:47LinusNamiconn: regarding issue 3, is it really a problem? who uses the x11 sim in cygwin?
11:01:03LinusNor did you just try it for "fun"?
11:03:49amiconnJust tested if building that still works. Plus, it is a bit more user-friendly than the Win32 sim. For instance, the Win32 sim uses a window that does neither show up in the task bar nor is accessible via alt+tab
11:04:24LinusNamiconn: in the current cvs build as well? i thought i fixed that!
11:05:11LinusNi mean the win32sim taskbar thing
11:06:09amiconnAh ok. Didn't notice that. It works for current cvs. Still, the X11 sim has the advantage to enlarge the screen image
11:06:31LinusNthe win32 sim does that too
11:06:43amiconnAnd it does not use that Photo background, which is misleading for fm, v2 and player
11:06:48LinusNyou just have to drag it far enough
11:07:00LinusN'yeah i really dislike the image
11:07:38LinusNbut we have left it there, because so many people prefer eye candy before usability
11:08:25kurzhaarrockerI remember someone wrote a demo for an icon ui for rockbox. I liked that.
11:08:36LinusNbluechip added an option in his sim fix, that toggles the background
11:08:55LinusNdwihno did that iirc
11:09:10amiconnThe idea behind using the image isn't that bad, but imho doing it properly would require some changes:
11:09:14LinusNwe discussed that on the latest devcon
11:09:45LinusNlike different images for different targets
11:10:09amiconn(1) The image can be clipped to only contain the display and buttons, everyting outside that area is clutter
11:10:33amiconn(2) There should be different images for a) player, b) recorder, c) v2/fm
11:10:34LinusNi think it should be a virtual image, with symbolic buttons instead of a picture
11:10:47LinusNjust to show the layout
11:11:10amiconn(3) The buttons in the image should be clickable buttons
11:11:12LinusNand they should be clickable
11:11:43LinusNi wish some clever windows coder could help us with that
11:11:57LinusNbut do they exist? :-)
11:12:11*LinusN ducks
11:12:16kurzhaarrockeryou could record the click sound with the internal mic of the recorder and play that back when clicking the virtual button...
11:12:30amiconnUnfortunately I'm not that clever in Windows coding, only did use VB so far
11:12:58LinusNclever people don't write windows code :-)
11:13:01*LinusN hides
11:13:29kurzhaarrocker<- stupid
11:16:57 Quit midk (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:20:51kurzhaarrockerDo you need any info from me now, LinusN?
11:21:07 Join midk [0] (
11:23:54LinusNkurzhaarrocker: i don't think i need more, just send me the code when you get home
11:24:05kurzhaarrockerok. cu.
11:24:10 Part kurzhaarrocker
11:24:11LinusNi'll remove the performance and top level options
11:25:02midkLinusN, you should replace performance with an FPS menu.
11:25:22LinusNthat won't help us much would it?
11:25:43LinusNthe point of the exercice it to reduce the number of options
11:26:16midkyes.. why?
11:26:21midkto save space?
11:26:39LinusNbecause there are an overwhelming number of options in rockbox
11:27:20midkthat's what i like about it, you can fine tune things - example, you can set the scroll step and speed, and delay, instead of just "Scroll slow" or "scroll fast"
11:27:44midki think a good idea is an FPS menu instead of the performance menu. but that's just me
11:27:46LinusNyes, but do you?
11:28:04midkdo i set the settings? yes.
11:28:36midkspeaking of which, i think you should up the maximum scroll speed in hz from 10 to 20 or 25
11:29:44LinusNdoesn't the lcd get completely blurred at that speed?
11:29:51 Join Tunsnask [0] (
11:30:08midknot for i.. depends on the contrast, the font etc
11:30:27midkwith my font and contrast it looks fine. i like 1px step and about 20hz speed..
11:30:44midkthere is a small blur but that's definitely ok to me
11:34:16midknite evb
11:34:21 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleeping (
11:44:23 Join Tobi [0] (
11:45:32TobiI have an idea to decrease the rombox size
11:46:00TobiCan you move the rename file feature into a plugin?
11:46:28LinusNof course, but that wouldn't save us much space would it?
11:46:46TobiI don't know how large it is
11:46:57LinusNit's unfortunately very small
11:47:03Tobiok, bad idea
11:47:19LinusNbetter luck next time :-)
11:47:45LinusNbut there might be other things we can convert to plugins
12:04:21LinusNlunch time
12:04:21 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:36:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:35:41 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
13:36:08kurzhaarrockermidk|sleeping do you really sleep?
13:38:56*kurzhaarrocker empties a bucket of ice cold water over midk|sleeping
13:39:42kurzhaarrockerok. He's not sleeping, he's dead.
13:46:37kurzhaarrockerLinusN in case you run out of arguments against an fps setting in the peakmeter: It doesn't really improve anything. With 20 fps the thing looks smooth enough and for increasing the reliability of the peak detection the readouts / sec is the critical parameter. Fps and readouts / sec are independent.
13:46:56LinusNi'm aware of that
13:48:03 Part kurzhaarrocker
13:48:27 Join NibbIer [0] (
13:53:16 Quit Tunsnask (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:02:14 Quit Tobi ("Trillian (")
14:14:41 Quit c0utta (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
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15:14:00amiconnLinusN: I still wonder what the build problem with the X11 sim on cygwin is. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I updated my cygwin installation 2 days ago?
15:18:54LinusNi have no idea
15:35:25 Join AciD [0] (
15:39:50 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:58:25amiconnLinusN: Found the cause. Obviously the binutils installed with my latest cygwin update had a bug. There was now a new version available, which lets me compile the X11 sim without errors.
15:59:13amiconnIt still throws some messages prefixed with Info: on stderr though
16:00:05amiconnInfo: resolving _XtShellStrings by linking to __imp__XtShellStrings (auto-import)
16:00:06amiconnInfo: resolving _XtStrings by linking to __imp__XtStrings (auto-import)
16:00:06amiconnInfo: resolving _topLevelShellWidgetClass by linking to __imp__topLevelShellWidgetClass (auto-import)
16:00:35amiconnThe compiled simulator does work.
16:08:03 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:08:10 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:36:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:40:20 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
16:51:45 Part LinusN
16:54:53 Join Ericgoh [0] (
17:00:16 Quit Ericgoh ()
17:00:27 Join Ericgoh [0] (
17:01:03 Quit Ericgoh (Client Quit)
17:01:06 Join Ericgoh [0] (
17:01:27 Join dstar5 [0] (
17:04:18 Quit Ericgoh (Client Quit)
17:28:42 Join maedhros_ [0] (
17:35:10maedhros_I hate partitioning new drives.
17:35:39maedhros_I never know how much space I'll need on the different partitions
17:39:56 Join AciD [0] (
17:41:24maedhros_Can the archos really handle more than 32 GB of music? Since it requires fat32, I mean?
17:48:44 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
17:48:53dstar5maedhros_: yes
17:49:03dstar5fat32 does not matter
17:49:03kurzhaarrockerInstallations with 60 GB drives have bee reported, maedhros_
17:49:17dstar5i have heard reports of 80gb
17:49:50maedhros_you can't have a fat32 partition bigger than 32gigs, can you?
17:52:54kurzhaarrockerhm personally I don't remember wether I ever had a partition > 32 GB.
17:59:05dstar5i have a 160 gb NTFS partition :)
17:59:31dstar5maedhros_: yes you can
18:00:20kurzhaarrockermy biggest drive is 40 GB. Seems I'm becoming old...
18:02:07maedhros_HOw do you do that? In XP, once the partition is more that 32768 MB's, the option to format to FAT32 disappears...
18:04:39kurzhaarrockerYou could try other tools. e.g. knoppix. Though I don't know whether that can handle bigger partitions.
18:10:31amiconnmaedhros_: You _can_ have fat32 partitions larger than 32 GB, only braindead XP doesn't allow you to create one (but if created by other means, it will happily handle it)
18:10:45elinenbekurzhaarrocker: hey there... long time no see!
18:10:56elinenbebut I liked langhaarrocker better
18:11:03dstar5you can use partition magic
18:11:35kurzhaarrockerwell, elinenbe I need a barber soon or I'll be langhaarrocker soon again :)
18:11:50amiconnI upgraded my Jukebox to 80 GB (single partition). I created the partition with Win98, which doesn't have such a limitation
18:13:35amiconnIirc fat32 allows partitions up to 128 TB.
18:15:52kurzhaarrockerAt a rate of 128 kBit how long will the party last with 128 TB? ;)
18:16:29amiconnkurzhaarrocker: Imho not really long, since 128 kbps isn't fun to listen to with most music
18:17:15kurzhaarrockerWith the archos hardware 128kBit is not the weak link in the signal chain.
18:17:23 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC rocks! -> <-")
18:18:57amiconnkurzhaarrocker: I can definitely hear the difference between 128 kbps and 160 kbps (and depending on the music, even between 160 kbps and higher values) when using the archos as a source when using e.g. decent headphones
18:20:38kurzhaarrockeramiconn maybe your ears are damaged. Then it's easier to hear the differences.
18:21:41dstar5i recomend 192
18:21:45amiconnI don't think my ears are damaged.
18:22:52amiconnI usually encode my stuff with lame −−preset standard, which comes out at ~210 kbps on average
18:28:49 Join LinusN [200] (
18:30:05LinusNkurzhaarrocker: i don't believe you ever had long hair, you have short hair on all the pics on your site
18:30:21kurzhaarrockerHave a look at the comic
18:32:08LinusNi zoomed around in your studio, and for a moment i thought you have saved my day
18:32:23LinusNi thought you had a tascam 234 recorder
18:32:49kurzhaarrockerSorry no. We started with hd recording directly :)
18:33:04LinusNyou spoiled kids :-)
18:33:27kurzhaarrockerWell one of our guitar players tries to sell his old 4-track
18:33:51LinusNif it's a tascam 234, i'll buy it
18:34:19*LinusN has lots of old studio recordings he wants to save
18:34:48kurzhaarrockerAre you still active as musician?
18:35:48kurzhaarrockerLet me guess: Family eats all the time and is even mad at rockbox? ;)
18:36:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:36:31LinusNgood guess, but i stopped playing even before i started a family
18:36:44kurzhaarrockerThat's a clever move.
18:36:56kurzhaarrockerBtw: has your wife experienced any improvements?
18:37:08LinusNunfortunately not
18:37:35kurzhaarrockerGosh, that's a tough destiny.
18:38:07LinusNsomehow, in an odd way, you get used to it
18:38:27kurzhaarrockerUsually I like odd ways - but not always.
18:38:31LinusNit's not like you have a choice
18:40:02LinusNbtw, could you send me the source code?
18:40:34kurzhaarrockerIf I was at home I could. But momentarily I'm still waiting for a collegue to commit some stuff...
18:42:32kurzhaarrockerI'll be on vacation next week. And I really need it. I've started dreaming in Java again.
18:43:16LinusNmy vacation starts next week too
18:43:39kurzhaarrockerDo you travel somewhere?
18:44:21LinusNi'll go to the west coast of sweden, my inlaws have a house on an island there
18:44:37LinusNlots of fishing
18:45:18kurzhaarrockerAnd lots of mitches (or how do you spell those nasty insects?)?
18:46:01kurzhaarrockerah yes.
18:47:04kurzhaarrocker<- plans a trip to Austria. I haven't been paragliding all the year. What a shame.
18:54:06dstar5my archos is here
18:54:56kurzhaarrockerand did you flash it already? :)
18:56:16 Join Smooth [0] (
18:56:24dstar5it was someything else
18:56:31dstar5i got excited when i saw the UPS
19:10:28 Quit kurzhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
19:37:25 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:34 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
20:09:54 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:19:18 Join AciD [0] (
20:27:50 Join Bilob [0] (
20:28:08BilobHi @all!!!
20:29:28BilobI'm a newby here in rockbox! Got an Archos since yesterday!
20:31:34BilobIs this an only english speakin channel?
20:33:47BilobNo Problem!
20:34:01BilobWhich Archos do you have?
20:34:16LinusNi have two studios, one v1 recorder and one fm recorder
20:35:07BilobI have Jukebox recorfer v2
20:36:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:36:24BilobI was first thinking about buying an Apple iPod but then i heard about the possibility to flash, and i took the archos!
20:36:33LinusNgood choice
20:38:37BilobNow i will have to inform myself a bit about rockbox on the page!
20:38:42LinusNdo so
20:57:21BilobDoes the V2 charge while being in USB and working?
20:59:01LinusNbut if the hard drive is working constantly, the charging current won't be enough
20:59:09LinusNso it will still drain the batteries
21:01:16maedhros_Let's say I've got two drained out batteries, and two fuully charged. Will the jbr notice, and start charging?
21:02:15LinusNmaedhros_: yes
21:02:29LinusNbut why do you have batteries with different charge?
21:03:34maedhros_I've used two of them for som othe purpose
21:04:27Smoothwheres the sort by id3 tag in the latest build?
21:04:32BilobHave to leave now! By!
21:04:36 Quit Bilob ()
21:04:56LinusNSmooth: which sort by id3 tag?
21:05:11SmoothNew option, ID3 tag order
21:05:39LinusNyes, you can choose which tag is loaded first, V1 or V2
21:05:47LinusNin the WPS
21:05:58LinusNhas nothing to do with sorting
21:20:13 Join NibbIer [0] (
21:34:30Smoothwho has a gmini here?
22:09:45 Join fin [0] (
22:15:33 Quit fin ("Leaving")
22:28:00 Nick midk|sleeping is now known as midk (
22:30:49 Join hld [0] (
22:36:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:39hlddo you know where to get the recorder 2 models in germany? (cheap) :)
22:37:20 Nick midk is now known as midk|bbiab (
22:37:51hldhmmm, there aren't much old recorders... they just sell new ones (V2)
22:38:09LinusNmidk|bbiab: bbiab? Be Back In A ... Balloon?
22:38:38LinusNah :-)
22:38:59hldis 199§ a good deal?
22:39:22-->"seen bagder" received from dstar5 (
22:39:25LinusNfor a new one, well, ok i guess
22:39:53-->"seen LinusN" received from dstar5 (
22:39:56hldi hope it's the one with digi-in/out
22:40:11LinusNonly V1 has both in and out
22:40:33LinusNV2/FM has only in
22:41:32hldyep, i want a V1
22:43:50hldamazon only has v2 ;(
22:54:19 Quit hld ("Verlassend")
23:01:48 Quit Smooth (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:06:59 Join zeekoe [0] (
23:25:10 Join jackopha [0] (~e@
23:28:02 Part LinusN
23:34:07zeekoeanyone here knowing how to scandisk my jukebox drive?
23:34:18zeekoeyesterday the batteries passed out while writing a file
23:34:30zeekoei don't know if everything is fine
23:34:39maedhros_start scandisk normally? with the jukebox plugged in?
23:35:02zeekoeit just says "Disk Check complete"
23:35:08zeekoeafter about one second
23:35:41maedhros_if you got win98, you could just crash windows
23:35:50maedhros_that should do the trick
23:35:56zeekoeand then have it scan the next time it boots?
23:35:59zeekoei have xp
23:36:28zeekoeso it should just work?
23:36:36maedhros_i don't even remember how to start scandisk. haven't used it in a loong time
23:36:58zeekoeyou can't just start scandisk on winxp like in win98
23:37:17zeekoeview properties of the disk drive, and press check now
23:38:15maedhros_I don't think I've ever used scandisk in windows XP!
23:38:36zeekoelet's check if it does the same thing for C:\ ...
23:38:51maedhros_probably a good idea
23:38:58zeekoenope, that one does work
23:39:18zeekoei can of course install windows xp on the jukebox and then swap disks :P
23:39:24maedhros_and the archos is plugged and works normally?
23:39:41zeekoeyep, it does work fine
23:39:54maedhros_or you could just NOT use scandisk...
23:40:07zeekoethe size of the partial file looks fine too, so i guess i just delete it
23:40:24zeekoeand then see what happens
23:40:57zeekoei really need to get a good adapter plug for my jukebox
23:47:59 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|thirsty (
23:50:22maedhros_Argh. I ruined the HDD of my JBR. I bought a new one today, but I lost all my files and settings!
23:52:17 Nick zeekoe|thirsty is now known as zeekoe (
23:53:49 Join Guest [0] (
23:53:54zeekoehow did you do that?
23:56:27zeekoedo a scandisk :P

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