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#rockbox log for 2004-07-29

00:11:01jackophahey, when i'm browsing files the cursor goes below where i can see on the screen, how do i fix that?
00:14:10zeekoedo you get that all the time you browse?
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00:22:28jackophayes, time's there
00:22:53jackophaand browsing works fine in the settings menus
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00:38:41zeekoewhich version?
00:39:02zeekoei got mine inaccessible now, so can't test :-/
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00:43:56methyLcan someone please help me?
00:44:32methyLmy jukebox fm recorder just died on me, is there anyway to use the hard drive in some other device?
00:44:37methyLto retrieve my files?
00:45:03NibbIerits a normal harddisk 2.5" i guess
00:45:15NibbIerat least that is for the jukebox and jukebox studio
00:45:30methyLokay, so how could i use that in my normal computer?
00:45:43NibbIerif your normal computer is a laptop, then yes
00:45:49NibbIernormal desktops use 3.5" disks
00:46:06methyLokay lol, how could i use it for my laptop?
00:46:25zeekoejackopha: you're really still using 2.2???
00:46:35NibbIerthorw out your laptops hdd and put the jukebox' in
00:46:59NibbIerto retrieve the data, at best try to get some external 2.5" device....
00:47:07NibbIerto be connected via usb2.0 or firewire
00:47:45zeekoejackopha: you should _really_ try the newest daily build if you're still using 2.2... a world of new thingies is going to open :)
00:47:58jackophastill - i just found the OS today
00:48:28zeekoeor are you jkidder?
00:48:34jackophawhere do i get the newest version? 2.2 is what's posted on the site I'm on
00:48:52zeekoeyou can download it here ->
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00:49:20zeekoeit has a jpeg viewer, movie viewer, voice file support, etc
00:53:55jackophawow, that's awesome
00:54:25jackophaup until today i was still using the OS that came with it
00:54:38jackophai didn't even know there were alternatives out there
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01:12:03jackophathanks a lot guys
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05:30:35rynohi NibbIer
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07:08:14midkLinusN actually increased the limit.
07:09:42*midk pats LinusN on the back
07:09:46LinusNthe 10Hz limit is from the days without optimized LCD drivers
07:10:23midkthe only sad thing is that as the speed increases the visible change decreases
07:10:32midkcode a logarithmic scale for scroll speed! YEAH.
07:13:48LinusNyou know why?
07:14:02LinusNbecause the Hz settingis used like this:
07:14:22midkyep, i guessed so
07:16:05LinusNthat division will truncate the decimals, so many settings yield the same speed
07:16:32midkmaybe a better approach: Scroll Step Delay
07:17:02midkhow long is elapsed before the next "step" according to your scroll step setting will happen
07:20:47LinusNin ms?
07:20:50midkit'd take quite an algorithm to fit that to a number that'd work for sleep(hz/scroll_speed), or you'd have to use a table
07:21:05midkyeah, maybe 1ms-8ms in .5 steps?
07:21:14midksounds like an excellent idea imo
07:21:19LinusNbut sleep is in 1ms steps
07:21:38LinusNthat's the whole problem
07:23:14midkmaybe a special sleep could be written that would work the way needed=..
07:23:21midkthat's the only thing i can think of
07:26:34LinusNyes, it gets complicated and affects performance
07:27:14midkoh well
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08:11:32midki've got an idea for etch-a-sketch. YAY.
08:13:21LinusNi haven't tried the patch yet...
08:13:53midkegh, sounds a bit buggy
08:14:13midkbut i just had an idea for moving without drawing, something i've had trouble with before
08:14:22midk(i wrote an etch a sketch twice or three times)
08:15:16LinusNthe original etch-a-sketch doesn't have that feature
08:15:27midktrue, but..
08:15:29midkTRUE. :)
08:15:33LinusNthat's the challenge
08:15:54midki think the challenge should be optional so i can override it.
08:15:58LinusNhowever, the patch it may benefit from some boundary checks
08:16:26midk(not mine btw)
08:16:27LinusNwe could use the RLOD to our advantage here
08:16:34midkfairly simple to code though..
08:17:05LinusNwe can detect when the user shakes the jukebox, and clear the screen :-)
08:17:39LinusNtrue etch-a-sketch mode
08:17:55midkor we can crash as soon as the artwork gets good
08:18:20midk"rockbox is about to crash"
08:18:29midk"take a look at your nice art before it dies!"
08:19:50LinusNhow are thoings going with rockblox?
08:20:53midki haven't worked on it lately, as i just last night got the linux environment working
08:21:18midktomorrow shall be code day: maybe i can finish fuzzy clock mode and add that, and get rockblox a bit closer to done
08:21:32LinusNwhat is keeping you from committing what you have?
08:21:51midki just moved everything to the while-plugin-ok loop.
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09:13:26 Join Bagder [0] (
09:14:23midkhey Bagder
09:21:44LinusNhi Bagder
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10:11:37 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
10:19:34midknite evb
10:19:39 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
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11:48:56LinusNzeekoe: if you want me to add the etch-a-sketch plugin, you'd have to add boundary checks, and the possibility to clear the screen
11:49:09zeekoeyeah, bc told me
11:49:18zeekoetomorrow i have a day off
11:49:32zeekoei'll do it then
11:49:37LinusN(and maybe a save option :-)
11:49:54zeekoethat would be cool too :)
11:50:04zeekoeand not even that hard
11:50:17zeekoei can just grab the usb-plugin-screenshot code
11:50:27LinusNyeah, just look at the screendump code
11:51:50zeekoewell... let's have some food and then off to work :)
11:51:53zeekoesee you
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12:02:48LinusNlunch time
12:05:49 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
12:07:59 Join AciD [0] (
12:08:04kurzhaarrockertrigger finished, LinusN? :)
12:22:10LinusNoh, yes
12:22:20kurzhaarrocker?!? You're kidding!
12:22:21LinusNjust waiting for the right moment to commit it
12:24:54kurzhaarrockerMaybe you have noticed that I tried to unify the code that waits for a button while updating the peakmeter?
12:27:51LinusNi also see that you seek in the retro buffer in this patch
12:28:18kurzhaarrockerI think I just extracted existing code and wrapped it in a function.
12:29:28*kurzhaarrocker believes that the retro buffer is orange with yellow and brown circles, back to the 70's
12:30:14LinusNand really big, dark green flowers
12:35:15LinusNyour trigger code doesn't do clean splits
12:35:29LinusNit always stops and then starts again
12:35:44kurzhaarrockerI never claimed that it was finished :)
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12:37:23kurzhaarrockerI neglected the whole scenario that the trigger could be used as a splitter because that wasn't relevant to my needs...
12:38:06LinusNfair enough
12:54:38amiconnLinusN: Concerning the screenshot function, when I added that functionality to the grayscale lib, I considered adding a filename parameter to it. This would enable its use as a more generic "save image" function.
12:55:38amiconnMaybe this could be done to the core screenshot function as well, and exporting it to the plugin api would then e.g. be useful for that etch-a-sketch plugin
12:57:55amiconnIf you call the screenshot function with an empty string, it should still compose its own default filename
12:58:27kurzhaarrocker<- lunch
12:58:36 Part kurzhaarrocker
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13:49:18 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
13:49:34LinusNkurzhaarrocker: i'm having problems with your split editor
13:49:45LinusNthe patch is not complete
13:50:05LinusNthe plugin calls rb->mpeg_elapsing_frame_pos()
13:50:15LinusNwhich isn't part of your patch
13:57:45kurzhaarrockerI have no clue how that could have happened. Probably I made the patch against a wrong version. Again I'm at work and the source is at home. :(
13:58:34LinusNi guess that the point of that function is to find the closest frame boundary at that file position
14:02:07kurzhaarrockerSomehow I have the feeling that it might have been nothing but a dummy function. I can' t really remember to really have searched mp3 frame boundaries.
14:05:49kurzhaarrockerOn the other hand I wrote that code more than 2 days ago (I believe) so principially I should deny that I wrote it at all.
14:23:34amiconnLinusN: There are functions to search for frame headers in mp3data.c
14:23:54amiconnHowever, I wonder about another thing therein:
14:24:55amiconnA number of functions check if a buffer contains a specific byte sequence, but do this in a (imho) cumbersome way -
14:25:20amiconnThey compare byte by byte, instead of using memcmp.
14:25:50kurzhaarrockerIsnt the sh1 a 16 bit processor? It might be because of alignin
14:26:54amiconnkurzhaarrocker: (1) the sh1 is a 32 bit cpu. (2) memcmp takes care of alignment
14:27:09kurzhaarrocker<- shut's up again.
14:27:45amiconnSee firmware/common/memcmp.c
14:29:17LinusNamiconn: where does it compare byte by byte?
14:30:59amiconnmp3data.c: lines 401-404, 455-458, 520-523
14:31:49LinusNah, those functions, i thought you meant the frame searching functions
14:32:27LinusNdo you really think memcmp() will be faster?
14:33:32amiconnI don't think it will be faster (only if the strings are aligned by chance), but it might save some bytes of code
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14:37:53LinusNyou are welcome to fix it if you like
14:38:07amiconnHowever, the frame header search could be made faster by implementing Jörg's idea of first searching for sync bytes (0xFF), and only checking for a header at these positions
14:38:38amiconnThe search for sync bytes could be done by a memchr() function (not yet present in rockbox)
14:39:16amiconnmemchr() can be made real fast in assembler by utilizing a special instruction gcc never uses
14:42:39LinusNthat would be great
14:46:43amiconnI could implement memchr (although it would be great to have a C implementation from a standard library as a reference)
14:47:29amiconnThe problem is that I don't really understand how all these xxx_find_next_frame() functions are supposed to work together
14:48:39amiconnIt seems that all variants call __find_next_frame(), which in turn retrieves the area to check for a header byte by byte
14:49:06amiconnThis would have to be changed for Jörg's idea to work
14:58:25LinusNwell, it is supposed to get the mp3 data byte by byte from different sources
14:58:42LinusNeither from memory or from a file
15:00:00 Join NibbIer [0] (
15:00:07LinusNall of them work on non-swapped data
15:01:54amiconnSo I did understand correctly how all these functions use __find_next_frame()
15:01:54 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:04:04amiconnBut the byte by byte processing would have to be changed into block processing for speeding up the search by using memchr()
15:08:10LinusNthat will be a problem
15:08:37LinusNthe file search function doesn't have a buffer
15:08:45LinusNso it will be a lot of work
15:08:48LinusNto change it
15:32:33LinusNkurzhaarrocker: splitedit works fine now
15:33:09LinusNkurzhaarrocker: is it ok if i copy your docs to Wiki?
15:33:11kurzhaarrockerI don't believe it!
15:33:23kurzhaarrockerI'd feel honored!
15:33:48LinusNand it splits on frame boundaries as well! :-)
15:33:58*kurzhaarrocker falls off his chair
15:34:23kurzhaarrockerdoes it make coffe, too?
15:35:41kurzhaarrockerSo finally I can upgrade my rockbox from that ancient version and for the first time in my life play with voice ui!
15:36:06LinusNwell, the trigger isn't done yet
15:37:48kurzhaarrockerI'm surprised that you were so eager to include the split editor. I thought it would have to be improved a lot.
15:46:57 Join AciD [0] (
15:49:20LinusNi think it's a really cool plugin
15:49:26LinusNand damn useful
15:50:33kurzhaarrockerYes, I used it a lot already. But It would be twice as useful if it could truncate the files, too. Well someday it will...
15:50:40LinusNit can of course be improved, to use the buffering mp3play functions, but it works very well without them
15:50:46 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:51:17kurzhaarrockerEspecially when you zoom in depply I'd like the locator to snap to frame boundaries...
15:51:44LinusNwell, once it's in cvs we can start working on it for real
15:52:06kurzhaarrockerAnd it wouldn't be that much trouble to have serveral locators -> a cue editor is not that far away
15:52:55amiconnkurzhaarrocker: Iiuc the split editor is much like "mp3 direct cut", isn't it? I have to admit that I didn't check it out yet...
15:53:19kurzhaarrockeryes, mp3 directcut was the main inspiration :)
15:54:38kurzhaarrocker(what does liuc mean?)
15:55:33LinusNif i understand correctly?
15:55:59kurzhaarrockerah, yes, that makes sense.
16:00:24kurzhaarrockerLinusN have you had a chance to see that little traffic light symbol on the recording screen when the trigger is enabled?
16:00:48LinusNi have now committed the split editor to CVS
16:00:59LinusNthank a bunch for letting us have it
16:01:13kurzhaarrockerThanks a bunch for including it!
16:02:00kurzhaarrockerOr is this a race again? Something like bluechip vs rockbox?
16:04:06amiconnLinusN: Yes, iiuc = if I understand correctly
16:06:56kurzhaarrockerRace like who has the better rockbox, who gets the most cheers of users.
16:07:48kurzhaarrockerah, forget it.
16:14:54kurzhaarrockerNinja cool? lol!
16:16:30LinusNkurzhaarrocker: your dox are wrong on your page
16:16:39LinusNthe last loop icon is wrong
16:16:52LinusNi'll correct it in wiki
16:16:56 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:19:14elinenbecan I give a huge word up! to LinusN and kurzhaarrocker for the fashizzy'ist of all the plugins?
16:20:30LinusNelinenbe: kurzhaarrocker is the one to thank
16:20:47kurzhaarrockerfashizzyist? No, I won't try to speak that aloud, it would drown my keyboard...
16:21:11*kurzhaarrocker bows and becomes red behind his ears
16:21:49kurzhaarrockerBut without LinusN it would have taken at least another month before it was released...
16:26:07*kurzhaarrocker is crying
16:26:19kurzhaarrockerall that effort finally turned out to be useful!
16:26:38LinusNtoo bad it took so long
16:26:46LinusNfor us to include it in rockbox
16:27:49kurzhaarrockerLet's not blame ourselves, let's enjoy the result!
16:27:49*kurzhaarrocker passes beer around</BODY></HTML>
16:28:27LinusNhmmm, the timing indicator doesn't care about the playback speed...
16:28:34elinenbekurzhaarrocker: now you just have to add the changes you wanted :)
16:28:45elinenbemerging files, etc!
16:29:46kurzhaarrockeryes, LinusN, I know... Many improvements are possible :)
16:31:08kurzhaarrockerelinenbe that was always the problem: I just had to program the functionality I wanted...
16:31:51elinenbekurzhaarrocker: I am going to add a "random split" feature that will just cut up a song into x random sized parts
16:32:21kurzhaarrockerAnd the code is gpl -> I can't prevent him doing that.
16:35:38LinusNthe next step would probably be to rewrite it to use the mp3play functions, to enable more accurate editing
16:35:47LinusNand truncating :-)
16:36:29kurzhaarrockeryes, but truncating is a different beast as that requires to handle the id3 tag information which my quickhack ignores completely
16:36:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:37:22LinusNwell, to snip off the end of a file is easy
16:37:42LinusNand you don't have to care about the id3 tag
16:38:01LinusNthe id3 api handles that nicely
16:38:20LinusNlook at the vbrfix plugin
16:39:00LinusNall of the id3 functions are not exported, but that's quicly done
16:40:05elinenbequick question: the splitedit.rock −− should it go in the viewers dir, or the rocks dir?
16:41:21LinusNit works on the currently playing mp3
16:41:38LinusNit may very well be a viewer later on
16:41:48LinusNbut not as it works now
16:41:59kurzhaarrockeronce it isnt a spit editor but a cue editor...
16:42:24LinusNin fact, converting it to a viewer is easy
16:42:38LinusNbut you would have to add playback control to the plugin
16:44:16LinusNhmm, all it takes is mpeg_play(argument);
16:44:35LinusNand maybe a more sophisticated ff/rew mechanism
16:44:53LinusNi think i'll do that soonish
16:45:01kurzhaarrockerActually it is quite important that you can just hit the pause button while playback and use the split editor to finetune only
16:45:35LinusNyeah, it makes it easy to find the spot
16:46:11LinusNit an of course be done both ways
16:46:37LinusNeither use the currently playing file, or the file you select in the browser
16:46:41kurzhaarrockerI thought in a different way: let's save the volume info to disk while playback or recording and so that the entire volume curve available.
16:47:25kurzhaarrockerIf you have the entire volume curve available the split editor would be boosted to another dimension.
16:47:46LinusNi have to go now
16:47:51LinusNcu later guys
16:48:00kurzhaarrockerThanx again, LinusN
16:48:13LinusNthank *you*
16:48:16 Part LinusN
16:50:47 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
16:55:29 Part kurzhaarrocker
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18:11:42 Join WheatPuppet [0] (
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18:12:06 Join Bilob [0] (
18:12:06 Join WheatPuppet [0] (
18:13:03*WheatPuppet is made happy by Rockbox.
18:13:04BilobFine! And you?
18:13:21Bilobme too!!!
18:14:30WheatPuppetHow is it that the open source software, written based off of no documentation, is so much better than the default ARCHOS ware?
18:14:57BilobI got the jukebox recorder v2! An AV-Cable was included. Does it mean that it is able to play video???
18:15:47WheatPuppetYou mean a headphone jack that turns into a red+black cable?
18:16:09WheatPuppetB/C that's just for interfacing with a stereo or the like.
18:18:19BilobNo, I have a cable that has a stereojack with 3 rings and red, white and yellow chinch
18:19:11WheatPuppetEh? Does it say anything in the manual about playing videos?
18:20:54BilobNo, in the manual it say nothing about that!
18:21:59WheatPuppetMaybe an error in packaging? I always thought the Recorder V2 was like the FM Recorder with better recording capabilities and no radio.
18:22:56 Quit elinenbe (" WOW! This IRC Client ownz! HydraIRC -> <-")
18:23:25BilobWell, in our store they said it has FM. But it has not!
18:23:39BilobI think it might be a cable for multimedia!
18:25:22WheatPuppet*shrug* I've never heard of it. My guess is no. I'd look around for more info, though.
18:29:12 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:29:17BilobWhat archos do you have?
18:30:06[IDC]DragonWheatPuppet: no use for a video cable, sorry
18:30:43[IDC]Dragona V2 recorder is an FM recorder without tuner, no more, no less.
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18:39:34BilobHave to go now! Have a nice day!
18:40:02 Quit Bilob ()
19:05:18WheatPuppetOh, that's what I though.
19:06:02 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (EOF)")
19:06:05WheatPuppetIt doesn't even have a better recording device? Wow.
19:19:43 Join NibbIer [0] (
20:00:54 Part WheatPuppet
20:25:35 Join Smooth [0] (
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21:48:05 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:57:24Smoothhi zee
21:57:34zeekoehi Smo
21:59:26 Join Bilob [0] (
21:59:37zeekoeyou new?
21:59:50zeekoe*are you new
21:59:56BilobYeah! Since yesterday!
22:00:10zeekoeor were you jackophta or so
22:00:34BilobNo i'm always bilob!
22:00:41zeekoewelcome :)
22:00:52zeekoejust bought a jukebox?
22:01:18BilobI joined yesterday because i got my archos yesterday too
22:01:28zeekoewhich archos?
22:03:48BilobJukebox 20 recorder v2
22:03:54Biloband you?
22:03:56 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:04:09zeekoei have v1
22:04:21zeekoei like the fact it uses normal batteries
22:04:30BilobRight! Where do you come from?
22:05:38zeekoewell... when you see some beautifull hills and green plains and sheep and cows eating grass
22:06:04zeekoeyou have to walk about half way around the world and you're in holland, my county
22:06:29BilobI imagined that!
22:06:36zeekoeand you?
22:07:07BilobWell, let's say that i'm something like a neighbor to you!
22:07:15BilobI'm from Germany!
22:07:32zeekoeoh no!
22:07:39BilobHehe, why?
22:07:56BilobBut i'm italian!
22:08:07zeekoeitalians are worse
22:08:16zeekoeespecially when they live in germany
22:08:16Bilobthanks :-O
22:08:39zeekoewhere do you live in germany? south/west/east/north?
22:09:28BilobWest! In Duisburg! And you?
22:10:56zeekoenow in North-East, Hoogezand, and out of holidays during the week in Hengelo (Mid-East)
22:11:46BilobI only was in Venlo and in Amsterdam!
22:11:59BilobHave you been in Germany or Italy?
22:12:05zeekoeI bought my archos recorder in Amsterdam
22:12:33zeekoein 5th class (2 or 3 years ago) I went to Italy
22:13:07zeekoeand when going to Hengelo from Hoogezand by car, we always drive through Germany, because there's no speed limit :)
22:15:24BilobOh yeah! That is always the same! The hollands come to germany to speed over german highways! And in most cases they are involved in incidents!
22:15:48zeekoehehe :P
22:16:17zeekoeare you sure it's not Bilbo?
22:16:33zeekoeBilbo Baggings, from the Shire? :)
22:16:49BilobYes im sure! It has something to do with my name!
22:18:24zeekoedo you use a 56k modem to connect?
22:22:43BilobNo! DSL!
22:23:01zeekoe[Bilob] (
22:23:20BilobWhat's that?
22:23:32zeekoethat seems to be you
22:24:01BilobHow did you find that out?
22:24:02amiconnzeekoe: With DSL, you still have to establish a connection somehow (PPPoE in case of the German provider T-Online).
22:24:19BilobYes right!
22:25:00zeekoeokay... in holland it's mostly PPPoA or just DHCP, but some weird wanadoo cable thingy also uses PPPoE
22:25:16amiconnBilob: How he found out: If someone joins, his nick is displayed along with a user@hostname string
22:25:42amiconnI happen to be a T-Online DSL user as well
22:25:44zeekoebut i don't have the faintest idea what all the PPPo* stuff does with the line, and how it works
22:27:01zeekoehow's #rockbox-trivia doing?
22:27:12BilobAh, ok!
22:27:25zeekoei didnt see anything running the past few days
22:27:56scott666ask diddy
22:31:26BilobA little question:
22:32:20BilobWhy does the red LED not work while it is connected to the computer?
22:32:40zeekoethe red led is controlled by software
22:33:05zeekoei think the usb <-> computer interfacing is controlled by hardware, but not sure
22:33:21amiconnBilob: Because the hd is under control of the usb-ata bridge chip then, and out of rockbox control, so it doesn't know when the disk is active
22:33:40amiconnThe red led is controlled by software (rockbox), as zeekoe said
22:33:43zeekoegood g
22:33:56zeekoe*good question for rockbox trivia
22:34:22zeekoewell, not really :)
22:35:06zeekoeBilob: you can check the recording screen, the led does all weird things
22:35:23amiconnThe red led was an error indicator with the Archos firmware. Only Rockbox turned it into a hd activity led
22:35:37zeekoean error indicator?
22:35:44zeekoewas the original firmware so erroneous?
22:36:21amiconnYes, that is how it is described in the manual. However, it isn't explained what kind of errors it should indicate
22:36:46 Quit Smooth (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:36:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:51zeekoewas the red led on, some times, in the original firmware?
22:37:51zeekoehm.. weird archos guys
22:37:52amiconnAnd I always wondered about the number of errors...
22:39:27 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
22:40:31 Quit midk ("Leaving")
22:40:45amiconnzeekoe: Original recorder (v1) manual, English part, p. 28 (Trouble shooting):
22:41:34amiconnError light (red) is on: Read error from hard disk usually due to insufficient power from batteries: recharge batteries using included power adaptor
22:42:16zeekoeamiconn: that's all?
22:43:54BilobWill have to go to bed now!!! Bye!
22:44:02zeekoeBilob: nite!
22:44:04amiconnEverything they say about the red led for trouble shooting, yes. I didn't find references to it in other parts of the manual (from quick reading)
22:44:18zeekoehow useful can a red led be :P
22:44:40zeekoebtw, i'm converting some video file now...
22:44:49amiconnEspecially the leds aren't mentioned in the part about the screen and button layout
22:44:52zeekoedo i have to join the yuv files or the rvf files?
22:45:26zeekoethey just added the led so rockbox devvers could more easily reverse engineer the thing :P
22:46:04zeekoebrb, really much fire & ambulance sirens here...
22:46:08amiconnIf the sum of the yuv file sizes are < 2 GB, you could join at that point; otherwise I recommend joining after converting to rvf
22:46:27 Quit Bilob ()
22:46:52amiconnJust remember to join before rvf_mux, because rvf files _with_ audio are no longer headerless
22:49:03zeekoewhatever, i'll read it in the paper :)
22:49:12zeekoethe sum of the files is 1.5 GB
22:49:17zeekoeso i'll join them now
22:49:33zeekoedo you know of a good program?
22:50:10amiconncopy part1.yuv /b + part2.yuv /b combined.yuv /b
22:50:25amiconn(For dos/win users)
22:52:37zeekoeV:\Video>copy thewall1.yuv /b + thewall2.yuv /b thewall.yuv /b
22:52:37zeekoeThe system cannot find the file specified.
22:53:07zeekoeit cant find any files?!
22:54:15zeekoereopening the cmd worked
22:54:26zeekoei plugged out my jukebox inbetween
22:56:33CtcpVersion from amiconn!
23:00:59amiconnI'm going to do the white backlight mod now
23:01:10zeekoegood luck :)
23:01:33zeekoewhat's the use of white backlite, other than you can tell us about it?
23:03:33amiconnMore pleasant grayscale display (good for viewing videos ;-) ), brighter. And of course it looks cool :-)
23:04:04amiconn[IDC]Dragon has already done it, see
23:04:43 Join russb1 [0] (
23:04:44zeekoeand of course, grayscale looks better then... nice
23:05:35amiconnYou can really call it grayscale then, otherwise it should rather be called greenscale
23:06:17zeekoe[IDC]Dragon's mod looks a bit like bluescale
23:06:25zeekoebut that's always better than greenscale
23:10:26amiconnYes, he used cold-white leds, so it looks a bit blueish in the photo
23:12:29zeekoeyay, files joined (at last)
23:17:10russb1Can someone answer a questin for me? Is there a limit to the number of mp3 you can have in a directory? I keep geeting "dir buffer is full" error on directories that have alot of files in them
23:17:26zeekoerussb1: you can set the limits
23:17:46zeekoerockbox menu, system settings, limits (iirc)
23:18:48zeekoegeneral settings -> system -> limits
23:18:49russb1thanks alot
23:18:59zeekoebut you should keep it low
23:19:28zeekoedon't thank me, thank the rockbox team :)
23:19:44zeekoethe higher you put it, the more memory it costs, and the less playing time you'll have
23:20:23russb1thanks, I will keep that in mind
23:20:34zeekoehow many files did you have?
23:21:03russb11200 or so
23:21:18zeekoethat's a lot...
23:21:29zeekoehow can you find stuff in a dir that large?
23:21:56russb1I just like putting on the shuffle and letting it play
23:22:21zeekoeyou can also put the files in separate directories
23:22:28russb1I have sub folders of specific music types in case I "feel" like something
23:22:45zeekoethen make a playlist of it all, and put it on shuffle
23:22:55zeekoeplaylists are much less memory consuming than dirs
23:23:13zeekoewell, that's what i think...
23:23:44zeekoewhat kind of music do you have?
23:24:53russb1All types, Rock, Rap, country, classical, hardrock, easy listening
23:25:52zeekoedo you know ayreon?
23:26:39russb1I do not know anyone. This is my first time here. Just came cause that error message was getting on my nerves
23:28:31zeekoeok :)
23:28:35zeekoebut ayreon is a band :)
23:29:04zeekoethey make good music..
23:34:40 Quit russb1 ("Leaving")

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