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#rockbox log for 2004-07-30

00:02:44zeekoeamiconn: how's the mod?
00:03:14amiconnzeekoe: Still soldering (these 0805 smds are damn small beasts)
00:03:38 Join AciD [0] (
00:04:16zeekoesmaller than this one? i made this:
00:04:53zeekoewhoops, you can forget the "i made this", copied a bit too much from the logs (it is true though)
00:07:23 Join edx [0] (
00:08:31amiconnQuite a bit smaller. That mic preamp seems to be made mostly of conventional parts (except the chip)
00:08:54amiconnUnfortunately I broke the solder pads of one of the leds :(
00:09:01zeekoethat's really bad
00:09:19zeekoeif it's so small, can you fix it?
00:09:24amiconnSo I have to glue it into place, and wire it to the contacts
00:09:58amiconn(I have to wire anyway, since I have to put each of the 2 leds of either side in parallel instead of in series
00:10:37zeekoethe white ones need higher voltage?
00:11:10zeekoeyou shouldn't be doing this kind of stuff at 00:10 am :)
00:12:45amiconnYes, they need higher voltage. And no, 00:10 am is a good time to do such stuff ;-)
00:25:06amiconnIt works!! :-))
00:27:38zeekoeyou have white backlight now?
00:28:16zeekoeand it only took you one and a half hours :P
00:29:09zeekoeand my video is ready too
00:29:14zeekoeafter about five hours
00:29:40zeekoeand 16 empty batteries
00:32:59zeekoeoh boy
00:33:05zeekoeit's even in sync
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00:40:09amiconn and :))
00:42:18zeekoenice :)
00:43:02zeekoethe light seems to be brighter than [IDC]Dragon's
00:43:48amiconnThis may be caused ba another backlight / ambient light brightness ratio when taking the photos
00:43:59zeekoeyeah, brobably
00:44:52zeekoecan you post a grayscale picture?">
00:52:07amiconn(Too bad my digicam has no macro capabilities)
00:52:47zeekoelooks ghosty :)
00:53:04zeekoeand you modded the two other leds too?
00:53:43amiconnI modded the 4 backlight leds only
00:55:01zeekoebut the ready led seems white too
00:55:42amiconnThe red led isn't active in any of my pics, it's only the backlight that shines through
00:56:39zeekoei guess the green led is a bit overillumanited and so it looks white
00:57:36amiconnWatching video is much more fun than before - I'm now able to distinguish very dark shades of gray :)
00:59:00zeekoebut white leds are expensive i guess
00:59:25 Join midk [0] (
00:59:27amiconn€ 1.69 per led
01:00:08zeekoes/white leds/conrad
01:00:52amiconnI bought them at Schuricht. However, they sell 10 pieces minimum
01:01:28zeekoeat my school i can order stuff from farnell
01:01:34amiconnSo I have 6 leds left now, as I broke none (unlike I thoguht)
01:01:52zeekoeso you can sell them :)
01:03:59zeekoefor school i had to solder some stuff once, varicap diodes
01:04:12zeekoeonly smd in a really small package was available
01:04:26zeekoei ordered 10, broke 7, and needed 2 :)
01:07:06*midk laughs wickedly
01:07:45midkssh before i egg your house
01:09:04zeekoessh as in secure shell?
01:09:23zeekoeand what does egging a house mean?
01:09:55midki throw raw eggs at your house
01:09:56midkit gets messy
01:10:36zeekoecome here if you like
01:12:01zeekoehave you already seen amiconn's 1337 archos mod?
01:12:39midknow i have :)
01:13:25midkwhat's on the screen in #3?
01:14:38zeekoei asked for a grayscale picture
01:15:38midka picture of a bus? :)
01:15:44zeekoeno, an office
01:16:02zeekoewell, it looked like an office
01:16:03midkit's a bus
01:16:10zeekoenow i see it too
01:16:14amiconnmidk: It's a part of an image showing a fire-brigade truck (or how that's called in English)
01:16:34midkzeekoe, how could you interpret that as an office?
01:16:46midkyou're weird/.
01:16:50zeekoei saw something like a chair and a bureau
01:16:57zeekoeis bureau correct english?
01:17:09zeekoeno, my eyes are bad
01:18:01zeekoei really thought of it as an office, but now i know it's a bus i can't figure how i've seen it before
01:18:30*midk stares at zeekoe
01:18:57 Join dstar5 [0] (
01:19:06dstar5my jukebox is here :)
01:19:25amiconnThe original image is here:">
01:20:23dstar5the drive in this one is REALLY quiet
01:20:39zeekoedstar5: what did you do to it?
01:20:59dstar5and it has the HD MP3 RECORDER written above the buttons, like the old blue recorders had
01:21:43zeekoei have HD MP3 RECORDER too
01:21:47zeekoebut it isnt blue
01:21:50zeekoeits blackish
01:22:18dstar5it is black
01:23:17dstar5the guy thta had it must have taken good care of it, no damage at all, and the little plastic sticker is still on the screen
01:24:04zeekoeso... why all this excitement??? did i miss something??
01:30:59zeekoedid you buy a new recorder or so?
01:31:15dstar5on ebay
01:31:34zeekoerecorder v1?
01:32:22dstar5i hope it is flashable
01:32:29zeekoenever got one before?
01:32:34dstar5i am copying the dudes music on my HD incas ei want it
01:32:39dstar5then i am goign to reformat
01:32:42dstar5install rockbox
01:32:48dstar5and flash if i can
01:32:57dstar5then the long process of copying my msuic....
01:33:13dstar5no i had a recorder before
01:33:45dstar5what is "dream weaver"
01:34:04dstar5he had it on the drive
01:34:19zeekoedream weaver?
01:34:25zeekoemaybe dreamweaver
01:34:34zeekoethat's an html editor
01:38:15zeekoeso he didnt even format the drive before selling it..?
01:40:10dstar5does not bother me... i like free msuic :)
01:40:18dstar5and it al appears to be nice quality
01:40:21zeekoewhat kind of music is on the drive?
01:40:22dstar5224 kbs
01:40:33dstar5acustic mostly
01:41:02dstar5mostly live...
01:41:09zeekoetoo bad for the guy he never heard of rockbox
01:41:13dstar5i know
01:45:18 Join BlueChip [0] (
01:46:22dstar5yo BC!
01:46:37BlueChipyo d5 :)
01:51:51zeekoei dont like BlueChip
01:52:04zeekoenah, just need to sleep
01:52:14zeekoesee you
01:52:23midklater zeeker
01:52:43zeekoelike manatee
02:03:53 Join amiconn_ [0] (
02:04:52 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
02:04:53 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
02:05:09midki see amiconn has the situation under control.
02:05:18amiconnmidk: Huh?
02:05:37midkthe duplicate nicks
02:05:40midknever mind :)
02:06:01amiconnI just got disconnected by my provider (T-Online disconnects all users at least once per day)
02:06:22midkright. and you ghosted the other one so i said you had it under control..
02:07:25 Join Lee_ [0] (
02:08:02 Quit dstar5 (Nick collision from services.)
02:08:16 Nick Lee_ is now known as dstar5 (
02:08:28midki see dstar5 has the situation under control.
02:10:35dstar5why does bash, uname, and this other thing always want to connect to the inter net when i start cygwin?
02:11:56BlueChiptake it you're using the full cygwin install
02:12:25 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:12:59amiconnStill no one tried Rombox on a v2 ?
02:13:10BlueChipv1, unflashable, sorry
02:17:50dstar5ohh no
02:18:06dstar5flash: M=?? D=??
02:18:26amiconndstar5: unflashable :(
02:21:40dstar5well.. i do have a good chip in my old board...
02:21:49dstar5i not sure if i would want to replace it
02:21:56dstar5that chip is so small
02:23:17amiconnYou should have some experience with smd soldering if you're going to do this
02:23:41 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
02:23:56dstar5no smd soldering...
02:24:22amiconnToday I did the white backlight mod. It wasn't easy to solder those tiny beasts called smd leds...
02:24:52amiconnI even broke the soldering pads for one of the leds
02:25:13dstar5ill be back later
02:25:19dstar5time to play with my archos a bit
02:25:23 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
02:25:36amiconnI guess it's time to sleep now
02:25:48amiconnNite all
02:26:11 Part amiconn
02:28:12 Quit edx ()
02:29:01 Join tpelliott [0] (
02:31:00tpelliottis it possible to get "incompatible version" from plugins when you are using an AJZ and rocks from the same bleeding edge build?
02:31:32midktpelliott, is it when you try to flash?
02:32:01tpelliottIt happened even when I rolo'd the AJZ
02:32:25BlueChiptry erasing everything and unzipping your own "make zip"
02:32:28midkbut when you play a ucl right?
02:33:44tpelliottIt happened when I played "rockbox.ucl"
02:34:04midkcorrect. i get the problem too.
02:34:15BlueChipah, flashing issue - forget my previous comment
02:36:35tpelliottI have a Windows utility called "create.exe" that downloads the latest build and creates the ucl. I'm not sure who wrote it. Are you familiar with this?
02:36:55tpelliottI think it may be out of date.
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02:37:18midkit doesn't work for me. that means it's probably a problem
02:37:41BlueChipthere a doc on cvs on my site which may help
02:37:51midkbc, it's a rockbox_flash problem/
02:38:12DBUGEnqueued KICK BlueChip
02:38:12BlueChip<tpelliott> I have a Windows utility called "create.exe" that downloads the latest build and creates the ucl.
02:38:24BlueChipcvs is likely a good solution
02:38:40midki did get cvs
02:38:40midkjust a half hour ago
02:38:40tpelliottI have the same problem with the jpg viewer. Everything's up to date as far as I know.
02:43:31 Join zobo [0] (
02:56:35 Join fifer- [0] (~Pickle@
02:57:27fifer-does anyone here know the debian package that contains sh-elf-gcc?
02:58:18BlueChipthe linux guys are all out at the moment, might be quicker to compile it yourself?
02:58:55midkfollow the cross-compiler docs/
02:58:57fifer-thats the thing, i have been on google for about 30mins looking for info on it
02:59:26fifer-thx midk
02:59:41midkremember the export PATH command
02:59:52fifer-will do :)
03:00:14BlueChipyou're cooking tonight mk
03:01:28midkdid i really just beat you to an answer there? ;)
03:33:05 Quit AciD ("Hiroshima 45, Tchernobyl 86, Windows 95")
03:45:42 Join AciD [0] (
03:50:49 Quit midk ("Leaving")
03:50:55 Quit fifer- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
03:58:51 Part tpelliott
04:00:59 Part BlueChip
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04:29:47 Join scott666 [0] (
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05:05:14 Quit AciD` (".L")
05:46:55 Join dstar5 [0] (
05:47:41dstar5hey scott666
05:50:37 Join midk [0] (
05:51:15scott666hey midk and dstar5
05:51:24midkyo scott
05:51:39dstar5futurama is fun to watch on rockbox
05:51:55dstar5i noticed the vu meters look bad in .8 ratio
05:51:59dstar5i need to fix them
05:52:16dstar5i would have never let it go if iknew they looked so bad
05:52:26dstar5thye look god in square on simulator
05:52:53 Nick scott666 is now known as scott|brb (
05:53:47 Quit midk (Client Quit)
05:53:51 Join midk [0] (
05:55:16midkdstar5, perhaps we should collaborate on another update..
05:55:21 Join Treyqae [0] (
05:55:46dstar5remove the annoying and wastefull mini meters!
05:56:09midk..or if you feel that putting down work is needed, we shall not
05:57:18midkthey're purely cosmetic - i also included an on/off option, if you noticed
05:57:29dstar5they are useless
05:57:38midki was thinking of a decay screen redesign, and perhaps an addition of a new mode or two
05:57:44midkseriously. shut up.
05:58:13dstar5scott|brb: dont you think mini meters are annoying and useless?
05:59:29dstar5<midk> they're purely cosmetic if you think that gap ther is bad, fine, i will resize the needles and all
05:59:43dstar5but minimeters are no good solution
05:59:54 Nick scott|brb is now known as scott666 (
05:59:58midkdstar5, i was trying to be friendly and initiate another update.. probably with a lack of minimeters.
06:00:10midkbut if you really feel you need to complain about a small feature that is easily shut off, fuck it.
06:00:14dstar5<dstar5> remove the annoying and wastefull mini meters!
06:00:14dstar5<midk> ..or if you feel that putting down work is needed, we shall not
06:00:20midkso let's not.
06:00:22 Part Treyqae
06:00:34midkyes, it's my work, if you do feel like putting it down that's fine, we don't have to do an update./
06:01:00dstar5sorry for being rude... but still
06:01:17midki'm quite tired of your complaints
06:01:22dstar5i said i did not like mini meters, but you did not discuss, and left them anyway
06:01:30midkwhat's your point?
06:01:34midkwhoever merged em liked em
06:01:36midkthat's what matters
06:02:38dstar5no i dont think he even loked at the code (it was [IDC]Dragin i believe btw
06:02:50 Nick scott666 is now known as scott|war3 (
06:03:01midkdoesn't matter, your update that removed the functionality wasn't merged...
06:03:03midkwhat does that say?
06:03:04dstar5also see me mail in the list: charging while on usb
06:04:37dstar5<midk> doesn't matter, your update that removed the functionality wasn't merged...
06:04:37dstar5<midk> what does that say? maybe no one has looked at them?
06:04:53midkthat's fine, then why remove them if nobody cares about them?
06:04:56midkthey must go unnoticed.
06:05:17midkwhatever, i'm done with this conversation.
06:05:29dstar5ok shut up you only want mini meters in because you made them
06:05:45midki think that's the reason YOU don't want them in - because you didn't code them
06:05:47dstar5dont fuck with whats there
06:06:00dstar5i had no problems with anythig else you did
06:06:13midkbecause i didn't do much else
06:06:16dstar5i just asked you not to do the minis adn you would not discuss and did anyway
06:06:18midkyou had a problem with my decay screen
06:06:39dstar5excuse me I WROTE THE DECAY SCRENN
06:06:44midkwhy should i care if you don't like my code? it got in, and your removal of them didn't.. so..
06:06:51midki wrote the decay screen, you updated it
06:07:07dstar5i wrote it
06:07:10dstar5code stealer.
06:15:01 Join NibbIer [0] (
06:15:02 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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07:09:17 Join LinusN [200] (
07:09:18 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:10:17midkhey LinusN
07:10:28midki think tonight i'll get breakout fixed up
07:45:50 Join elinenbe [0] (
08:03:23 Quit scott|war3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:19:05 Join NibbIer [0] (
08:33:28 Join CourtesyFlush [0] (
08:34:40midkhi hi hi
08:34:45CourtesyFlushI have a problem
08:34:53midki see LinusN is on the ball tonight
08:35:07LinusN"this morning" you mean :-)
08:35:29midk"afternoon" then
08:35:30LinusNmy last day before my well-deserved vacation
08:35:32CourtesyFlushWhen I turn on my Recorder v2 It starts to load the OS then it fades out doesnt turn on
08:35:39midkaw, we'll miss you
08:35:47CourtesyFlushAnd when its pluged into the usb it turns off after a whle
08:35:51LinusNCourtesyFlush: battery status?
08:35:52CourtesyFlushIm sure its charged
08:36:24LinusNthe batteri may be dead
08:36:25CourtesyFlushBut I am charging it right now hoping it will work after a while
08:36:40LinusNor the battery connections may be bad
08:36:40CourtesyFlushBut I have a flight tomorrow and I dont want to be with out it
08:36:52CourtesyFlushIt could be that
08:37:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:37:10CourtesyFlushIm not sure if im using the original power cord thing
08:37:23CourtesyFlushIm not sure
08:37:25 Join edx [0] (
08:37:27CourtesyFlushIll check
08:37:38LinusNgeneral rule, if you don't know the voltage, don't plug it in
08:37:47LinusNyou may kill it
08:37:52LinusNtoo low
08:37:57CourtesyFlushIs that bad though?
08:38:06CourtesyFlushDid it kill my battery?
08:38:12LinusNprobably not
08:38:18LinusNyou need 6V
08:38:26CourtesyFlushThat will help a lot
08:38:31LinusNyou're welcome
08:38:38CourtesyFlushI guess I better try to find the original power cord
08:39:24CourtesyFlushIs there a way to configure it so it will like the 4.5 volt?
08:39:34LinusNmidk: i will probably drop in here from time to time, can't stay away, you know
08:39:39LinusNCourtesyFlush: no
08:40:00midkLinusN, good... how long'll you be gone?
08:40:04midkweek? few weeks?
08:40:06LinusN4.5V should be enough to charge the battery, but it will take AGES
08:40:11LinusN4 weeks
08:40:15midki've used a 4.5 adapter- didn't do much
08:40:19midkwoo, yay...
08:40:26midkby then breakout could be done
08:40:29midk..... nah. :)
08:40:35LinusNmidk: i believe it when i see it
08:41:03LinusNCourtesyFlush: you may be better off charging it via the USB cable
08:41:07midkeh, still have to implement .. hm... <something pointless and not space-saving>
08:41:10LinusNit's 5V
08:41:51LinusNit still takes a lot longer than with the original charger
08:42:03CourtesyFlushno longer than 5 hours?
08:42:09LinusNi dunno
08:42:18 Join Christi-S [0] (
08:42:24LinusNChristi-S: welcome
08:42:34Christi-SMorning, Linus.
08:42:39LinusNsorry about your dad
08:42:52Christi-S'S OK. Against all odds he's still alive.
08:43:11Christi-SNot quite sure how he pulled off restarting his kidneys but I'm pleased.
08:43:22LinusNi'm glad
08:43:39Christi-SMe too. :)
08:43:41LinusNhow is he then?
08:44:21 Join amiconn [0] (
08:44:26Christi-SVery ill. But slowly getting better. If he could stop feeling sick and eat something it would be quicker.
08:44:41Christi-SStill, we'll see how things go.
08:45:03LinusNi hope it turns out well
08:45:13LinusNCourtesyFlush: plane leaves in 5 hours?
08:45:17Christi-STrouble is he'll doubtless still have the cancer, so that's unlikely, but I live in hope.
08:45:47CourtesyFlushWell I leave for airport in 5 hours about
08:45:58CourtesyFlushmore like 6
08:46:14Christi-SAnyway, Rockbox. I'm thinking about implememnting "file move" as a plugin, with added functionality for .m3u files so that it changes the paths in them when it moves them.
08:46:17LinusNCourtesyFlush: then go look for the charger, and charge in with USB in the meantime
08:46:29Christi-SDoes that sound like a sensible way to do it.
08:46:38LinusNChristi-S: you're nuts :-)
08:47:13LinusNactually, we should start with implementing file move in the FAT driver first
08:47:14Christi-SWell, yes, but it didn't strike me as that difficult to do. Maybe I'm underestimating the difficulty.
08:47:29LinusNit's not hard, just kidding
08:47:38midkhm, someone asked about plugins howto on the list...
08:47:43CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:47:43*midk has fingers twitching to write one
08:47:50LinusNbut how will it find the playlists?
08:47:59midki could document the whole process of rewriting clock from scratch
08:48:01*Christi-S points midk in the direction of the wiki.
08:48:26LinusNmidk: played with the split editor yet?
08:48:27Christi-SWell, it'd only allow moving one file at a time.
08:48:31*midk points Christi-S in the way of ... the... store.
08:48:37midkLinusN, i tried, it was a bit confusing
08:48:51midki couldn't get it to split right
08:48:53LinusNChristi-S: i mean, searching the hard drive for playlists is likely to take some time
08:48:59midkthere needs to be a provided doc or something
08:49:08amiconnhi all
08:49:20midkhey amiconn
08:49:24Christi-SOh, right. My idea would be to have it as a viewer.
08:49:34Christi-SSo you'd find the playlist you want to move.
08:49:57LinusNaha, you mean moving *playlists*, not mp3 files
08:50:23*Christi-S nods.
08:50:27*LinusN cleans his glasses
08:50:44LinusNhi amiconn
08:50:46Christi-SI create playlists with Rockbox, but I don't really want them all hanging about in the root.
08:51:22amiconnLinusN: Any news concerning the problematic boxes (optimized ata & Hitachi DK23DA)?
08:51:25midkChristi-S, they save in the "current dir" when you choose save them..
08:51:37LinusNamiconn: no news...
08:51:39Christi-Smidk: Not on my box.
08:51:40midkanyone considered a dual browser setup like the av3x0 for copying/moving files?
08:51:55midkChristi-S, well you can specify a dir with the keyboard
08:52:07midkie, enter /music/playlist.m3u and it will save it in /music
08:52:10Christi-STrue, but you have to specify it every time.
08:52:12midk(yes, i'm clever)
08:52:21Christi-SAh, but are you big?
08:52:28midkwhat about including the current dir in the name?
08:52:33midkChristi-S, sure
08:52:40LinusNmidk: "Create playlist" doesn't let you choose where to put it
08:52:51midkno, saving a dynamic one
08:52:51Christi-SBig *and* clever - nice. :)
08:53:02midkyou get to name it.. when you name it you can specify a path manually.
08:53:11midkincluding the path automatically sounds like a good idea.
08:53:36*Christi-S wonders if adding browse support to the file naming dialogue might be another way to go.
08:53:44LinusNmidk: dual browser, like side-by-side?
08:53:47Christi-SSo many options, so little clue. :)
08:54:02midkLinusN, yes, half of the screen is devoted to one and other half to the other
08:54:20midkyou can highlite a file on the left, go to the destination on the right and maybe on+play-> move (or copy)
08:54:22LinusNwould be really wonderful on a Player... :-)
08:54:27midker..... :)
08:54:30midkrecorders only.
08:54:54LinusNmidk: so you devote a whopping 56 pixels for each browser
08:55:03LinusNlots of scrolling...
08:55:07midkLinusN, if i had 320 to shell out i would
08:55:17midkwell.. what about just..
08:55:27Christi-SYou could always do a vertical split.
08:55:33midkon+play, move(or copy), then you get a browser to pick where you want to move it to
08:55:35LinusNsounds better
08:56:23*Christi-S also wonders if alternative playlist formats are worth considering.
08:56:51Christi-SThe way m3u handles directories is annoying, to say the least.
08:57:01Christi-SDon't know if there's a better solution.
08:57:24LinusNwhat's wrong about the dir "handling"?
08:58:29Christi-SWell the fact that you can't easily move a playlist (the problem I'm actually trying to solve.)
08:59:13LinusNif you create the list with an absolute path, it will work anywhere
08:59:57*Christi-S nods. Maybe the answer is to patch Rockbox's creation code so it uses absolute paths.
09:00:13Christi-S(Or make it a configuration option. Some people like relative paths.)
09:00:34LinusNabsolute paths are good when you move around the playlist file
09:00:45 Quit CourtesyFlush ("Read error: Connection reset by peanuts")
09:00:56LinusNrelative paths are good when you move around the directory
09:00:59midki thought linus just said..
09:01:16midk"absolute paths are good when you (Connection reset by peanuts)"
09:01:19midkhmm, never mind..
09:01:25Christi-SSwings and roundabouts. Hmmm.
09:02:29Christi-SI think what I'd propose doing is making Rockbox write absolute paths by default with relative paths as a playlist option. Does that sound like a sensible thing to implement?
09:03:03Christi-S(If we're going to implement move/copy, it should really be in the core code rather than a plugin, I think.)
09:04:39amiconnI agree that an option to choose between relative and absolute paths in playlist creation would be nice. I do also use both types of playlists
09:04:50LinusNthe "Create playlist" option creates absolute paths today
09:05:17LinusNso moving around the playlist is easy today
09:05:22Christi-SHmmm. What's the difference between that and "Save current playlist"?
09:06:18amiconnChristi-S: Especially "move" should pe implemented in the fat driver (way faster than using copy, then delete source from a plugin)
09:06:45*Christi-S nods to amiconn.
09:07:13LinusNthat's why i wrote "actually, we should start with implementing file move in the FAT driver first" :-)
09:07:47LinusNChristi-S: "save current playlist" saves the entire dynamic playlist contents to a new playlist file
09:07:57LinusNwith inserted files etc
09:08:28 Join Christi-S- [0] (
09:08:29LinusNi guess i have a good vacation project then, implementing file/dir move in the fat driver
09:08:56Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
09:09:02Kick(#rockbox Christi-S :LinusN) by LinusN!
09:09:32Christi-S-I think I need to have a look at "Create new playlist" then document it better.
09:09:46LinusNChristi-S-: good
09:10:14Christi-S-Always nice to discover there's no need to do something. ;)
09:10:25LinusNi made quite a few changes while you were gone, so you have lots of nice catching up to do
09:10:54Christi-S-I don't think I'll do that till we have a feature freeze.
09:11:00LinusNgood idea
09:11:18Christi-S-Best not to run after a moving target.
09:11:36*Christi-S- thinks ROMbox looks quite exciting.
09:12:30Christi-S-Oh, Linus, can you sub to the cvs list for me? The online form doesn't seem to be working for me.
09:13:37LinusNit doesn't work?
09:13:58Christi-S-It's probably a side effect of the enormous spam-trap on that address.
09:15:24*LinusN just tried the form
09:16:01Christi-S-I did it a while back and got a "Your request has been received" screen but no further response.
09:16:20*Christi-S- tries again.
09:17:15Christi-S-Right. I just resubmitted the request.
09:18:24LinusNyou need to respond from that exact email address
09:18:59Christi-S-I have email from the server this time. That's an improvement.
09:19:46Christi-S-Right - now on it. Irritating how it always works as soon as I mention the problem. ;)
09:20:07LinusNi see you in the database now
09:20:34LinusNprepare to be swamped in cvs commits :-)
09:20:44*Christi-S- nods.
09:21:11LinusNhey all, is the "Shut down" menu option really necessary on the recorder?
09:21:43*Christi-S- wonders what pet project to work on next - better LiOn battery level indicator or improvements to the FM radio.
09:21:59LinusNanything particular in mind?
09:22:17LinusNis the lion indicator that bad?
09:22:41Christi-S-Timed recording is what I'd particularly like, since I always forget to tune into radio shows.
09:23:59Christi-S-Of course that involves messing around with the rtc.
09:25:00Christi-S-Another thing I'm vaguely considering is seeing if I can pick up the station information transmission. Not sure if that's doable though.
09:25:38*Christi-S- nods.
09:25:47LinusNnot possible
09:26:06LinusNarchos removed the RDS received from the PCB
09:26:18Christi-S-I had a feeling it might be wishful thinking.
09:26:36LinusNthere are pads for mounting a RDS receiver chip
09:26:45Christi-S-Surely the RDS info is encoded in the FM output somewhere though?
09:26:56LinusNyes it is
09:27:03LinusNbut you need a decoder to extract it
09:27:27*Christi-S- was wondering if it'd be possible to decode in software.
09:27:51Christi-S-Too processor intensive?
09:28:32LinusNabsolutely, and there is no analog FM rx data available to the cpu
09:28:45LinusNonly the demodulated sound
09:29:09Christi-S-Oh, right. And the appropriate waveforms aren't in the demodulated sound?
09:29:39LinusNand even if archos had mounted the RDS chip, the cpu would have too much to do to keep up
09:30:01Christi-S-Ah well, it was a nice idea.
09:30:42Christi-S-In which case I'll probably look at LiOn charge indication first, since that's a smaller project than the timed recording.
09:31:03Christi-S-Of course I'm open to other suggestions.
09:31:06LinusNChristi-S-: is the discharge curve wrong in the power management code?
09:31:54Christi-S-It doesn't seem to work well for me. Plus I'd like more detailed display (time remaining before full charge - pretty v2 'charging' screen).
09:32:51LinusNthat's a tough one
09:33:05LinusNhow much playtime do you get?
09:33:19Christi-S-about 10 hours, I think.
09:33:28Christi-S-With a 2800mAh battery.
09:33:43Christi-S-(All my MP3s are encoded at 256Kb)
09:34:00*amiconn wonders why "rockbox info" only says "charging" while the v1's charging screen does display battery percentage
09:34:45LinusNthe battery percentage display in the charging screen should be removed
09:35:00LinusNit's only fooling the user into thinking that the battery is full
09:35:06LinusNwhile it isn't
09:35:17*Christi-S- nods.
09:35:36LinusNChristi-S-: do you have an idea how to calculate the remaining charge time?
09:35:44Christi-S-I tend to get a steep initial charge which then drops to a shallower one somewhere between 3 and 4 volds.
09:35:57*amiconn thinks the percentage display in the charging screen is a good thing
09:36:15Christi-S-Well I was going to look up the chemistry of LiOn batteries and see if that gave me any ideas.
09:36:36Christi-S-(I tend to find stuff I don't know much about to be more interesting to tackle.)
09:37:02amiconnOn the v1, there is a similar problem with the percentage display when discharging, since the discharge curve does depend on the type of cells
09:38:10amiconnWhile the percentage seems to be pretty correct for the original Archos supplied 1500 mAh cells, that isn't the case with my 2200 mAh Ansmann cells
09:38:27LinusNcalculating remaining cell energy is a whole science in itself
09:39:31LinusNfor example, look at this:
09:39:32amiconnFor these, the battery percentage is usually displayed too low
09:39:42Christi-S-I think improvement on the current results ought to be possible. I think redoing the model based on theoretical battery chemistry would be worth a try.
09:40:14LinusNChristi-S-: that is possible on the FM/V2, but really hard on V1
09:40:46LinusNsince it varies a lot between brands and capacities
09:41:16LinusNwe need to find out the chemistry of the FM/V2 battery to begin with
09:41:41*Christi-S- nods. Most of the work on battery time was done on the v1 - looking at revising it for the V2 seems like a nice idea.
09:42:00amiconnThe battery display could (try to) auto-calibrate itself, since rockbox does have the info when the backlight, hd etc are switched on/ off, so the power consumption is roughly known
09:42:27Christi-S-Linus: Possibly we can do this empirically by writing charge/discharge info to a file.
09:42:47LinusNi assume that the fm cells have a graphite electrode
09:42:54amiconnThe exception is of course usb mode - rockbox doesn't know whether the hd is on or off then
09:43:18LinusNwe do, but we discard the battery measurements when the HD is on
09:43:27LinusNah, surry, we don't
09:43:38LinusN(know when it's on)
09:44:21Christi-S-linus - that's probably a place where I can start then - buffering those values.
09:44:27LinusNbtw, we should probably always activate the charger when entering usb mode
09:45:11Christi-S-Do we not?
09:45:31LinusNthe charging code needs revising, and he first step would be to increase the sample rate, from 1 sample/min to perhaps 1 sample/s
09:46:20*Christi-S- nods. I'll have a look later today.
09:48:24*Christi-S- is beginning to think timed recording would actually be the simpler project.
09:48:46LinusNalso read docs/CHARGING_ALGORITHM
09:49:29Christi-S-Thanks. Will do.
09:50:57LinusNamiconn: the power management code tries to compensate for hard drive activity, but not for other stuff, like backlight
09:53:10Christi-S-Right - see people later.
09:53:12 Quit Christi-S- ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
10:11:50LinusNamiconn: what do you think about redefining the scroll speed setting from Hz to ms/step?
10:11:50 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:12:25midk /me chimes in with, "that was my idea!"
10:12:38LinusNmidk: yes
10:12:46midksee,, he agrees with me
10:13:00midkhow were you planning to do it, assuming you were to do it?
10:13:40LinusNi think Hz is a better unit, but the HZ granularity make the Hz->ms calculation very coarse
10:14:06LinusNwasting precious config block bits, and annoying the user
10:14:20midkwhat about a different sleep, newsleep(int ms)
10:14:43LinusNmidk: the kernel has only 10ms accuracy
10:15:08LinusNincreasing the accuracy will affect performance
10:15:22midkso how were you planning to do it?
10:15:40LinusNthe setting will be in 10ms steps, of course
10:15:54midkthat'd suck...
10:16:01zeanybody know what that is?
10:16:18midkabsolutely no idea
10:16:32LinusNlooks like a grasshopper to me
10:16:48midkPRAYING MANTIS
10:16:56LinusNmidk: what will suck?
10:17:04midk10ms steps
10:17:13zewell its about 2" long
10:17:19midki may be able to live with 10ms.. not 20, or 30 - if that's what you mean
10:17:20zeand i dunno 1/2" fat
10:17:33midk10ms until the next step takes place?
10:17:46LinusNyes, that's 100Hz
10:18:01midkthen what's 20?
10:18:08zeor actually closer to 4.5cm x 1cm
10:18:13midkand what's 3 then?
10:18:18midkze: what is it?
10:18:20LinusNdo the math
10:18:42midkwhat's the point then? that's just as bad as "XX Hz"
10:19:04zemidk: i dunno, i just found it on the floor in our garage
10:19:14LinusNmidk: the point is that it's annoying that 25Hz an 26Hz gives the same speed
10:20:27LinusNthe Hz calculation gives the same sleep() value for a lot of the Hz values
10:20:35midkwhy don't you just write something of a linear scale for the speed function?
10:20:57LinusNdo you speak english?
10:20:58zewhatever it is, i think it's injured.. and it was tangled in cathair and fuzz when i found it (which you can see in the pic)
10:21:19LinusNwe can only speel in 10ms intervals
10:21:21zeit slowly managed to mostly untangle itself, in short bursts of activity with long rests in between
10:21:31midk1 = 1, 2 = 2 ... 5 = 6, 6 = 7, 8 = 9, 9 = 10, 10 = 12, 11 = 13, 12 = 15, 13 = 17, 14 = 19....
10:21:56LinusNwhat unit would that be?
10:22:24midkthe end result would be put into "scroll_speed"
10:22:39midkso you could still use that into HZ/scroll_speed
10:22:43midkuse that with*
10:24:00LinusNmidk: i don't follow you
10:24:26midkwrite a linear scale is the simplest way to describe my idea
10:24:45midktake out the "hz" suffix and just have a speed number
10:24:56midkif the speed were 20 have the real scroll_speed 30...
10:24:56LinusNthe main goal is that each step in the setting should give a different speed
10:25:05midkthat's what the scale would accomplish
10:27:46midkchar scroll_times[] = { 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 23, 26, 30, 34, 37, 42, 47, 53, 57, 64, 70, 76, 83 };
10:27:52midkthat's a crummy scale, but... :)
10:27:55midkjust as an idea.
10:28:12LinusNhow is that better than the ms scale?
10:28:46midkthe ms scale loses speed increase as you make it faster, just like the Hz setting currently
10:29:00LinusNah, good point
10:29:49LinusNstill, i'd just invert the setting value
10:29:53midkmy scale (or something like it) would ensure that the speed increments stay the same as your speed increases
10:30:41LinusNthey won't
10:30:46midki still think my approach would be simplest... hard to say, i'm not postive about what you're planning
10:31:06midkmy scale sucks. but if you had a more accurate table it'd work well
10:31:49LinusNi'm afraid that we can't make the speed increments the same without significantly lowering the max speed
10:32:25midkwhy don't we just increase the limit to 50 then, and let the user take care of it? :)
10:33:00LinusNbecause i don't want any bug reports saying "scroll speed doesn't change"
10:33:51midkjoke... hmm, well... you seem to understand it better than I, so i'll leave it to you
10:34:13LinusNso maybe it may better to use an anonymous scale, like you said, with 1 being the slowest and X being the fastest
10:34:38midkthat sort of tied in with the linear scale idea
10:34:51midkas you said it'd have to be lowered (the max speed)
10:35:03midkbut i think that it'd still be quite fast?
10:35:07midki didn't really do the math..
10:35:16LinusNi'll give it a try
10:35:30midkthe max shown speed would be lower - but the actual speed would be a lot higher - isn't this true?
10:35:39midkit wouldn't be as variable
10:35:54LinusNbut the fastest will be 50Hz and the second fastest will be 33Hz
10:36:18LinusNthen 25Hz etc
10:36:25midkthe point would be that the steps would remain the same
10:36:40midkto the end user, "19" would be 33 and "20" would be 50
10:36:40LinusNthey won't in the higher range
10:36:51midkwell, a lot closer than the Hz scale
10:37:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:42:02zeok so it's a jerusalem cricket
10:42:22zewhich i guess are also referred to a "potato bugs" and "children of the earth"
10:42:26midkpotato bugs
10:42:42midkah, so it is
10:42:50midkhow'd you find out?
10:43:04zeeventually i came upon a pic/id
10:43:39zeyeah '"~insect" OR "~bug" california'
10:44:02midkpotato beetle
10:44:31zethe 3rd image looked remotely similar, though i was fairly sure it wasn't it
10:44:42amiconnLinusN: (sorry, was away.) I think the scroll speed settings should stay to be defined in Hz. And imho increasing the upper limit to 25 Hz was unnecessary either.
10:44:50zebut it took me to a page full of bug pics people sent in to get identified
10:45:00zeand it was on there
10:45:30zehmm no not a potato beetle heh
10:45:56midkamiconn, 10hz is a bit slow..
10:45:59amiconnEverything above 8 Hz looks extremely blurry. You could have it increased to 15 Hz as this wouldn't have required additional settings bits
10:46:28LinusNamiconn: what step size do you have then?
10:47:09midkextremely blurry?
10:47:23midki see virtually no blur even at about 20
10:47:35midkdefinitely not "extremely blurry"
10:47:59amiconnLinusN: Up to 15 Hz, only 12 Hz and 13 Hz give identical speeds
10:50:06midkah, did anyone notice: the latest rockbox_flash returns "incompatible version" when used
10:50:09midkeven with the correct daily
10:50:17midkunless it's been fixed quite recently
10:52:25LinusNworks for me
10:55:36amiconnLinusN: Okay, if I use 1 pixel steps then it doesn't look that blurry even with 25 Hz
10:56:08amiconnUsually I use 3 pixel steps with my small font
10:59:06midkthe point in the idea is a smaller step and faster speed, so it's smoother but just as fast
10:59:11midk(my idea at least)
11:07:15amiconnBoth scales have problems: If you use Hz, step size is large with low settings (1 Hz <-> 2Hz) and gets finer with higher setting. With a time scale it's the other way round
11:09:45LinusNyes, but then we don't lie about the resolution
11:12:18amiconnWith a simple time scale (10 ms step), if you want the speed to be settable as low as it is now, you need even more config bits
11:13:00LinusNyeah, we would need a table, like midk says
11:13:18midkmy bra1n r t3h huge!!?
11:13:20midki mean.. yeah..
11:15:01amiconnImho the table should roughly resemble an exponential scale, possibly doubling the delay time every 3 steps
11:15:27amiconnAnd the maximum speed should be limited to 50 Hz (2 ticks)
11:15:44midki've got to reboot into linux - back in 5-7 minutes
11:15:48midkhave to reinstall lilo too
11:16:01 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
11:16:34LinusNi think 100 would be ok too
11:19:21 Join midk [0] (
11:20:19amiconnLinusN: Exponential table with 3 steps for doubling (except in the beginning), resembling 10 ms steps:
11:20:46amiconn2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 64, 80, 100
11:23:43amiconn100 Hz may require too much cpu power if there are a lot of scrolling lines
11:27:46LinusNamiconn: looks good
11:28:46LinusNso we change it to 0=slowest .. 16=fastest
11:29:12LinusNmmm, would have been nice to fit in 4 bits...
11:29:41LinusNso maybe 1Hz is a bit slow...
11:37:25 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
11:37:37[IDC]Dragonhi guys!
11:37:47midkhey [IDC]Dragon
11:38:02[IDC]Dragonamiconn: congrats to your white backlight, saw that
11:38:31[IDC]Dragonlooks blue-ish like mine
11:40:03[IDC]DragonI used some (insulating) silver foil to form a "light guard", focuses more light into the LCD and reduces "light leakage" at the side of the case
11:41:44LinusNi ordered a bunch of leds, but i won't get them before i leave for vacation :-(
11:42:08amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Yeah, white backlight looks really nice. Unfortunately I broke the pads for one of the leds, so I had to glue it into place.
11:42:30amiconnI did already think about light shielding as well. What insulating foil did you use?
11:42:56[IDC]DragonI scraped that from an ESD bag
11:43:50amiconnI think ESD bag foil isn't completely insulating, otherwise it wouldn't be of use against ESD
11:43:51[IDC]Dragonwere your LEDs supposed to be warm-white?
11:44:35[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I coudn't measure any conductivity at the surface
11:44:50amiconnI used 0805 leds as I wanted, and I think 1206 would not fit into the cutouts of the plastic lcd frame
11:45:35amiconnThe biggest problem is to solder them in vertically, especially as mine do have the metal contacts at the underside only
11:46:07[IDC]Dragonuh, yes. better use a kind which has the contact all around
11:48:33[IDC]Dragonsomething else: would you have enough space to distribute your ROMbox build together with the matching plugins? I think this is what some people are struggling with.
11:52:52amiconnThe leds are supposed to be neutral white. I used these:
11:53:21amiconnFor the plugins: That's why I suggest using the stated daily build
11:54:16[IDC]DragonLinusN: do you know more about the RDS chip you've mentioned?
11:55:20 Join NibbIer [0] (
11:56:58[IDC]DragonLinusN: like, what chip is it, how do you know, is it really not feasible for the CPU?
11:57:50LinusNpure guesswork
11:58:05LinusNit was likely to use the same manufacturer
11:58:21LinusNit fits in the socket
11:58:49LinusNthe serial port input from the cpu goes to the tx pin of the chip
11:59:37LinusN(or was it the serial port...?)
11:59:42LinusNcan't remember
11:59:56[IDC]DragonI think the serial
12:00:21LinusNfrom what i saw back then, it would be a lot of work for the cpu
12:00:47[IDC]Dragonbut perhaps not all the time
12:01:01[IDC]Dragonjust until the station name is gathered
12:01:12LinusNRDS info changes all the time
12:01:35[IDC]Dragonbut you don't have to follow that
12:02:24[IDC]Dragon1187 bps doesn't sound too much data
12:03:36LinusNthe synch detection would be a pain
12:04:57LinusNsince the synchronization is done by examining the results from the error-checking
12:05:42[IDC]DragonI'm not at all in the details of this serial stream
12:05:54[IDC]Dragonlooks like you have
12:06:39LinusNi studied it, yes
12:06:58[IDC]Dragonand ordered a sample? ;-)
12:07:09LinusNi had a dream of getting me a chip and get it to work
12:07:35[IDC]Dragonlunch time
12:14:14 Join lImbus [0] (
12:16:57midki once had a dream that people complained about my clock on the mailing list.
12:17:05midkit was really more of a nightmare :_
12:37:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:46:34 Part LinusN
13:16:49 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:20:20 Nick midk is now known as midk|slepe (
13:20:23 Nick midk|slepe is now known as midk|sleep (
13:20:30midk|sleepnite evb
13:20:54 Join Fifer- [0] (~FIfer@
13:51:45*midk|sleep is away: sleeping
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15:01:21 Join NibbIer [0] (
15:08:51 Join Smooth [0] (
15:08:54 Quit Smooth (Client Quit)
15:22:45 Quit AciD (".L")
15:23:30 Join AciD [0] (
15:24:25 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (EOF)")
15:25:28 Quit AciD (Client Quit)
15:28:22 Join AciD [0] (
15:57:11 Quit Fifer- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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17:14:25 Quit lImbus (Remote closed the connection)
17:27:44 Join scott666 [0] (
17:39:17 Join Smooth [0] (
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18:22:29 Join AciD [0] (
18:24:07 Join dbob [0] (
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18:48:58 Join scott666_ [0] (
19:06:23 Quit scott666 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:35:32 Join Fifer- [0] (~FIfer@
19:36:00Fifer-hi, i am using the 2.6.7 kernel and i am running debian. i have compiled usb-storage etc but cannot mount /dev/sda1
19:36:02Fifer-any ideas?
19:43:58 Quit Fifer- ("Leaving")
20:14:32 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:20:50 Quit Smooth (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:56:22 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
21:58:30 Join NibbIer [0] (
22:08:15 Join deathsc0ut|Gratz [0] (
22:08:25DBUGEnqueued KICK deathsc0ut|Gratz
22:08:25deathsc0ut|GratzHello everybody :)
22:08:35midkhi there
22:08:54deathsc0ut|GratzMh... I came here to ask a question aaand well
22:09:26deathsc0ut|GratzI built a new hard disk into my AJBR formated it to Fat 32 and now I plugged it into my USB Port
22:09:34deathsc0ut|GratzBut my damn win xp doesnt want to recognize the drive
22:09:36deathsc0ut|Gratzin the explorer
22:09:53deathsc0ut|GratzThatīs crazy because the jukebox seems to be ok with the new hard disk
22:10:12midkhow did you format it?
22:11:46deathsc0ut|GratzWith some partitioning program
22:11:51deathsc0ut|Gratzsimilar as partition magic
22:11:55deathsc0ut|Gratzand whatsoever there is
22:12:03midkon your computer, then
22:13:15deathsc0ut|GratzI already tried to delete all USB drivers, because before I did that
22:13:27deathsc0ut|Gratzwindows said something in my task bar like Drive not found
22:13:29midkwell that's why it wouldn't work
22:13:36midkif you took out your usb drivers for it.
22:13:51deathsc0ut|Gratzmh I installed them again
22:14:07deathsc0ut|GratzNow it doesnīt say Drive not found anymore
22:14:12deathsc0ut|Gratzbut it still wont work
22:14:21midkyou know how to get into device manager, right?
22:14:27***Alert Mode level 1
22:14:27deathsc0ut|Gratzright :)
22:15:00midkis there anything listed under "unknown devices"?
22:15:57***Alert Mode level 2
22:15:57deathsc0ut|GratzNope I dont think so... I already checked there and also checked with automatic search
22:16:09deathsc0ut|Gratzfor hardware which hasnt been installed
22:16:24 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:16:32midkmaybe idc would know
22:16:40midkwhat sort of hardware was it?
22:17:02[IDC]Dragonknow what?
22:17:12deathsc0ut|Gratzitīs a hitachi Travelstar 40 gigs
22:17:25midkhaving trouble getting xp to recognize his archos recorder with a new hard drive
22:17:31deathsc0ut|Gratzactually itīs called Hitachi DK23FB-40F
22:18:03[IDC]DragonI recommend Paragon to format it
22:18:14[IDC]Dragonthe free demo version is fine
22:18:27***Alert Mode level 3
22:18:27deathsc0ut|GratzOh He He He
22:18:38deathsc0ut|GratzI looked damn long for some program which worked for me
22:18:50deathsc0ut|Gratzand then I found that program which was made by Paragon
22:18:56deathsc0ut|Gratzbut I couldnīt use anything in the demo
22:19:05deathsc0ut|Gratzbut afterall I found some version which worked
22:19:13deathsc0ut|Gratzso I used paragon
22:19:21deathsc0ut|GratzRight now I mounted the drive with that program
22:19:26deathsc0ut|Gratzprobably that helps somehow
22:19:38[IDC]DragonI used the Paragon demo, maybe they meanwhile crippled it some more?
22:19:51***Alert Mode level 4
22:19:51deathsc0ut|GratzYeah you couldnīt use anything
22:21:02deathsc0ut|GratzI have a solution
22:21:03***Alert Mode level 5
22:21:14deathsc0ut|GratzI can copy files on my JB by mounting it
22:21:16***Alert Mode level 6
22:21:43deathsc0ut|Gratzjust copied a folder and it works.... but it would still be good if it would be recognized normally
22:23:11deathsc0ut|GratzHm... does anybody else has an idea how the AJB can be shown in the explorer?
22:24:54deathsc0ut|GratzWell ok i will go... it works quite well that way...
22:24:58deathsc0ut|Gratzthanks for everybody helping me
22:24:59***Alert Mode level 7
22:24:59deathsc0ut|GratzSee Ya!
22:25:11 Quit deathsc0ut|Gratz ("Ŧ ËŨĮüŪ§îöņ ŧ Info-[v9.4.22]- Released-[August 19, 2002]- Channel-[#Excurs")
22:35:00***Alert Mode OFF
22:36:11[IDC]Dragonamiconn: do you read?
22:37:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:53:01 Join Guest [0] (jirc@
22:54:49 Join zeekoe [0] (
23:05:26 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:15:36 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
23:26:29zeekoeanyone knowing where the usb screenshotting is done? (which source file?)
23:26:47 Join LinusN [200] (
23:27:05zeekoehm... already looked at it
23:27:08zeekoelet's look again
23:27:56zeekoethe boundary checking is done (in etchasketch) :)
23:28:05zeekoewhew, what a lot of work that was :P
23:34:42 Part LinusN
23:35:50midkzeekoe, wish me to help you implement a "move around" mode?
23:36:16zeekoemove around?
23:36:24midkwithout drawing.
23:36:45zeekoethat's cool
23:36:49zeekoebut i think i can do that
23:36:55midkheh, good luck
23:36:57zeekoeonce did it in Ti-Basic
23:37:02midki tried it a few times, didn't work
23:37:02zeekoebut... if you want to do it
23:37:06midki'm sure i know how to do it now
23:37:12zeekoewell, you may do it
23:37:26zeekoei get some error:
23:37:28zeekoe../../apps/plugins/etchasketch.c:66: warning: implicit declaration of function `
23:37:38midki'd have to see the code....
23:37:41zeekoebut memset is declared in plugin.h
23:37:50zeekoeit's the screen_dump code
23:38:43midkyou were planning to save to disk, no?
23:38:47midksave sketches to disk*
23:39:06midkok here's what you do
23:39:07zeekoelinus said i had to do it :)
23:39:34midkwell i need what you have so far to see what's wring
23:39:49zeekoeyeah, was already uploading it
23:40:40midkah, i see what's wrong
23:41:02zeekoewhat is it?
23:41:22midkyou're not using the api correctly
23:41:35midkyou need to add rb-> before you can snprintf or close
23:41:52zeekoehm... ok
23:42:06zeekoeof course
23:42:10midktry adding a "rb->" before every function that it gives an error for
23:42:24midkafter that we can try moving without etching
23:42:24zeekoeso if i write code for rockbox itself i dont have to do rb, and now i do
23:42:32midkplugins use an api
23:42:38midkyou have to have rb-> before those functions
23:43:21midkwhich means you're telling [rockbox](rb)[to](->)[do this](lcd_clear_display();]
23:43:40zeekoeheh... :P
23:43:54zeekoei did rb->screen_dump :P
23:44:05midkasdfadsf. :)
23:44:13midkthat will not work.
23:44:31zeekoethat's called object oriented programming, isnt it?
23:44:52midki don't think so, but i'm not sure.
23:44:57zeekoeat least at all OO examples (C++, php OO) they use ->
23:46:48midklet me see how you took care of the boundary checking
23:47:13midknice nice..
23:47:40zeekoeis it?
23:48:02zeekoejust standard boundary checking
23:48:32midkyeah. i was going to suggest drawing the pixel constantly but your way is a bit better
23:48:55midkexcellent, you also added a clear-screen function
23:49:07midk rb->lcd_clearrect(0,0,112,64);
23:49:07midk rb->lcd_update_rect(0,0,112,64);
23:49:14midkthis could be improved and a bit simpler
23:49:27zeekoelinus told me to add a clearscreen function :)
23:49:38zeekoehm.. ok :)
23:49:53zeekoehow about this?
23:49:54zeekoeextern unsigned char lcd_framebuffer[LCD_HEIGHT/8][LCD_WIDTH];
23:50:03zeekoeshould it be changed to extern unsigned char rb->lcd_framebuffer[LCD_HEIGHT/8][LCD_WIDTH];
23:50:33zeekoethe compiler complains
23:51:40zeekoe/home/guest/simbuild/etchasketch.po(.text+0xe3): In function `screen_dump':
23:51:40zeekoe/home/guest/uisimulator/win32/../../apps/plugins/etchasketch.c:62: undefined ref
23:51:40zeekoeerence to `_lcd_framebuffer'
23:52:09zeekoeand you called me zeekoe!!! :P
23:52:31midkwhat are you editing with?
23:52:34midki did?
23:52:59zeekoe<midk> zeekoe, wish me to help you implement a "move around" mode?
23:53:19midkview the line numbers
23:53:30midkits' erroring on line 62, and line 62 is...
23:53:31midk buf[i++] = lcd_framebuffer[y][x];
23:54:19midkdrop everything and upload what you've got, so we can fix this.
23:54:40zeekoeit says undefined reference to lcd_framebuffer
23:54:52zeekoebut a few lines above, lcd_framebuffer is defined
23:55:06midkcan you upload it? i want to see something
23:55:59midkfirst error..
23:56:09midkline 28, function declaration isnt a prototype
23:56:37midkadd "void" in between the parenthases of show_pix when you declare it
23:56:40zeekoemy gcc doesnt tell it
23:56:44midkvoid showpix(void) {
23:56:44midk rb->lcd_drawpixel(y,x); /* draw the pixel */
23:56:44midk rb->lcd_update_rect(y,x,1,1); /* make rockbox show it */
23:56:44DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
23:56:51zeekoesounds reasonable
23:57:12midkremove the rb-> before screen_dump, as it's not in the API
23:57:13CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 48 minutes at the last flood
23:57:13*zeekoe used VB too much, it's lame at strict use of language
23:57:18midknder BUTTON_F2
23:57:26zeekoei did?
23:57:31midkyou need to remove it
23:57:36midk case BUTTON_F2:
23:57:36midk screen_dump();
23:57:36midk break;
23:57:42zeekoei already did
23:57:54zeekoei'll upload again
23:58:06zeekoecan you download again
23:58:20midkstill the same
23:58:22zeekoeit should've been gone before

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