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#rockbox log for 2004-07-31

00:01:20midkthere you go
00:01:51midknow we have to fix up the screendump function
00:02:33midkget to the very top
00:02:40midkof the screendump function
00:03:21midkadd "rb->" before write, creat and close
00:03:29zeekoei never trust windows ftp.exe again :P
00:04:13midkalmost there.
00:04:34zeekoenice filehandling
00:04:42midkchange "extern unsigned char blabla" to "unsigned char blabla"
00:04:48midk9remove the extern)
00:04:56midkshould compile
00:05:06zeekoewhat does extern mean?
00:05:16midkexternal i believe.
00:05:18midki never use it
00:05:32zeekoewhy should things be external?
00:05:39zeekoeand why does it generate an error here?
00:06:06midkcouldn't say
00:06:19midkdoes it compile yet?
00:06:26zeekoeit generates empty screendump
00:07:11zeekoeshouldnt it print something?
00:07:16zeekoeon the screen?
00:08:10midkwe'll get to that
00:08:12midkpossibly not.
00:08:41midktry it on the target
00:08:44midkor .. i will.
00:08:56midkfirst let's fix up a few things
00:11:59 Join LinusN [200] (
00:12:20zeekoesame result on the real thing :)
00:12:23LinusNzeekoe: where do you get the framebuffer from?
00:12:32zeekoejust copypasted the thing :P
00:13:13zeekoeand how about this: unsigned char lcd_framebuffer[LCD_HEIGHT/8][LCD_WIDTH];
00:13:16zeekoecan i delete that?
00:15:57zeekoegcc doesnt like it
00:16:15LinusNshow me
00:16:34zeekoe../../apps/plugins/etchasketch.c:61: error: subscripted value is neither array n
00:16:34zeekoeor pointer
00:16:42LinusNno, the code
00:16:44zeekoe61: buf[i++] = rb->lcd_framebuffer[y][x];
00:18:09LinusNthe lcd_framebuffer pointer in the plugin api is not a twodimensional array
00:19:26zeekoeis there another way to use it?
00:19:31LinusNbuf[i++] = rb->framebuffer[y*112 + x];
00:20:12zeekoewhee :P
00:20:22zeekoethanks, midk and linus :)
00:20:43zeekoewhat's the "extern" thingy for btw?
00:21:05LinusNto access external symbols, declared in other files
00:21:28LinusNlcd_framebuffer is declared in lcd-recorder.c
00:21:44zeekoeso if i wanted to use it, i had to include lcd-recorder.c?
00:22:27LinusNno, you declare lcd_framebuffer as extern, just like the declaration you just removed, and midk told you to remove "extern" from
00:22:45LinusNextern unsigned char lcd_framebuffer[LCD_HEIGHT/8][LCD_WIDTH];
00:22:51zeekoebut that doesnt work
00:23:15LinusNbut that doesn't work from a plugin, so the plugin API gives you a pointer to it
00:23:25zeekoeokay, that makes sence
00:23:48LinusNplugins have no access to the symbols in the rockbox code
00:24:07LinusNso everything has to be exported via the plugin API
00:24:25LinusNwhich is a huge struct with pointers to functions and data
00:24:48zeekoeyeah, i see it
00:25:50midkwhat? did i do something wrong?
00:29:46 Quit dbob (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:30:10zeekoemidk: it's not the first time :P
00:30:30zeekoebut i should say nothing i guess, i do things wrong all the time
00:31:23midkdon't forget to change the output of the dump from "dump xx-xx-xx" to "etch xx-xx-xx"
00:32:01zeekoei'm etching my name
00:36:16midkpossibly upload so i can try the moving without drawing
00:36:31zeekoedid it
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00:37:55zeekoeOpenDir (TM) (R)
00:38:42zeekoehappy trying
00:40:17 Quit zeekoe ("quit...")
00:45:23midklooks like x and y got a bit mixed up :)
00:46:27 Join zeekoe [0] (
00:46:33zeekoewho mixed up x and y?
00:46:46zeekoethe rockbox api did :P
00:46:47midki am fixing it.
00:47:11zeekoewhat did i do wrong?
00:47:23LinusNup/down changes x, left/right changes y
00:47:27zeekoei always think of y being left-to-right
00:47:31*zeekoe stupid
00:47:53midki r t3h fixed it
00:48:21zeekoethe Ti-83 had a weird api... for Pt-On it used x and y, for Pxl-On it used y and x
00:48:48midkyes, i've done the ti-83 coding
00:48:50zeekoePt-On used the graph screen (-10..10, or whichever boundaries defined)
00:48:54midktheir x and y is messed up
00:49:04zeekoeit still confuses me :)
00:49:23*zeekoe ->bed
00:49:37zeekoenite again
00:49:39 Quit zeekoe (Client Quit)
01:10:37midkLinusN, is there any type of "BUTTON_ANY" available?
01:10:39midkthere should be.
01:15:23 Join Guest [0] (
01:16:07 Part LinusN
01:17:05Guestok, i got a question and i dont know if anyone here can help me
01:17:05midkok bye :)
01:17:14midkask it
01:17:45Guesti have a jukebox recorder 15 and it ussually cannot read the harddrive
01:18:39Guestand i do not have the rockbox firmware on it, could it fix this problem
01:18:45Guestor is the machine shot
01:19:36midkhard to say
01:19:37scott666_does it give you an error?
01:19:41 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
01:19:42midk"usually cannot read the harddrive"?
01:19:46midkscott666, take over.
01:19:53scott666oh, i wil
01:19:56midkas always.
01:20:22Guestok,, most of the time it comes up with this error "read access error! can't read from hardrive"
01:20:55Guestbut if i dont try to turn it on for a while, it will come on for a little bit, then stop reading from the harddrive again
01:20:58scott666can you access it from usb?
01:21:00midkscott says that as if he is confused
01:21:05midkcan he maybe not solve this case?
01:21:32scott666what if the charger is connected?
01:21:37scott666any difference?
01:21:46scott666it could be a problem with the battery contacts
01:22:05Guestwell, the charger has problems in itself, but it will charge and bring upo the error
01:22:37scott666have you tried new batteries?
01:22:47Guestto get it to charge though, i have to lean it against a book or stack of cds so the wire is in the right position
01:22:54Guestyeah, no difference
01:23:11scott666well its definitely a hardware problem; rockbox wont help
01:23:23Guesti dont really care if it get fixed because i just bought a iriver
01:23:29Guestit is just really annoying
01:23:39scott666can you use a soldering iron?
01:24:32scott666you should open it up and look at the battery contacts, and re-solder them in necessary
01:24:44scott666theres a good picture showing this somewhere on the rockbox site
01:24:51Guestyeah, i saw that
01:25:05Guestbut i wanted to make sure it was hardware before i ripped it open
01:25:20scott666yeah, get ripping ;-)
01:25:22Guestnot that it really matters because it is out of waranty
01:25:27 Join dstar5 [0] (
01:25:36Guestsounds like a plan
01:26:13Guestare you guys working on getting firmware for the irivers?
01:27:52scott666not us
01:27:58scott666but there is a group working on it
01:28:10scott666search the mailing list archive for iriver
01:28:16scott666or google
01:28:24Guestok, will do
01:30:24Guestany suggestions on the kind of batteries i should use
01:31:10 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
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01:33:06dstar5scott666, have any rockbox videos to share with me? :)
01:34:14dstar5or anyone?
01:34:21 Join Treyqae [0] (
01:38:35 Part Treyqae
01:57:13dstar5my archos hard disk is almost full, and i still have a lot of music i have yet to transfer :(
02:03:41 Join amiconn_ [0] (
02:08:17dstar5amiconn / amiconn_ have any videos?
02:08:20midkLinusN, if you're around and read this could you pop in for a moment? i'd like to ask about the possibility of a save_bitmap feature
02:10:07dstar5maybe he thinks it is non important, and he does not want to come in
02:10:23dstar5because it would be a waste of his valuable time
02:18:59 Join jakesir [0] (
02:20:31dstar5why do my transfers from servers in sweden only have a top speed of 50 kbps?
02:22:10 Quit jakesir (Client Quit)
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09:35:18madmananyone here?
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14:39:20midk|sleepnite nite
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17:04:31dstar5is anyone awake?
17:06:23 Join zeekoe [0] (
17:06:29zeekoeof course i am
17:06:33zeekoeit's 17:05
17:07:40zeekoedstar5: or am i not the right person to be awake
17:07:58dstar5zeekoe: got any rockbox videos?
17:08:31zeekoeyou asked that before, i saw :)
17:08:35zeekoeand i have one
17:08:38zeekoeor two
17:08:39dstar5but do you?
17:08:45dstar5i really ant some morfe
17:08:55dstar5i have watch that futurama like 20 times lol
17:09:04zeekoewhat's futurama?
17:09:33dstar5a TV show
17:09:41zeekoei know
17:09:49zeekoeall the american nerds seem to watch it
17:09:59dstar5it is at
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17:50:15zeekoedid you do anything about etchasketch yet?
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