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#rockbox log for 2004-08-01

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00:35:09zeekoeanything happened to etchasketc.c yet?
00:37:01midki coded quite a bit
00:37:02zeekoetell me tell me
00:37:07zeekoeupload upload
00:37:08midki did the moving without drawing
00:37:17midki made a start screen..
00:37:21midkhmm i sort of forget now
00:37:21zeekoeoh no
00:37:26midkyou can remove it.
00:37:34midki changed the position of the start cursor
00:37:36zeekoeupload upload
00:37:43midki cleaned up the code a little
00:37:44midkok ok
00:37:44zeekoeok, that's fine
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00:39:32midki just thought for the startup screen people should know that f1 will clear their picture and f2 will save it really..
00:39:44midkso they don't accidentally ruin their masterpiece
00:40:37zeekoeyep, that's something i thought of too, but uh never did it
00:40:59midkenjoy, sir.
00:41:20midkthe moving without drawing function doubles as an eraser, btw
00:41:50midki want to talk to linus about a save bitmap feature, so you could eventually implement a menu where you could pick different sized brushes, etc.
00:42:12midk(that's completely up to you of course)
00:43:50zeekoewhat does a save bitmap function have to do with different brushes?
00:44:58midkyou'd have to go to a menu to select a new brush
00:45:16midkand if you felt like it, other things such as a paint bucket or different shades via grayscale
00:45:26midkyou could save a shot of the etch to a temporary char array
00:45:29midkgo to menu
00:45:33zeekoe:? it doesnt seem to compile well
00:45:33midkwhen you exit menu restore that bitmap
00:45:40midkpossibly not for the sim
00:45:42midklet me check
00:45:54zeekoemake[2]: Entering directory `/home/guest/apps/plugins'
00:45:54zeekoemake[2]: *** No rule to make target `Copy', needed by `all'. Stop.
00:45:54zeekoemake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/apps/plugins'
00:45:54DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe
00:45:54zeekoemake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
00:45:54zeekoemake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/apps'
00:45:55***Alert Mode level 1
00:45:55zeekoemake: *** [apps] Error 2
00:45:55midkworks for me
00:45:59zeekoei'll configure again
00:46:06midkdid you put in "make Copy"?
00:46:15midknever mind...
00:46:22midkyes, "make clean" and then configure
00:47:13jdeonarinehello all
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00:47:45jdeonarinesounds like lots of work going on :)
00:47:56midkworking on even more animations for the clock
00:48:06jdeonarinethat sounds interesting
00:48:08midkblug blug blug. i hate complex for loops
00:48:15midkflying text..
00:48:23jdeonarineI'm working on a patch for id3 support in the directory view
00:48:30midki was considering adding a progressbar to the credits roll
00:48:36midkwow, that sounds really nifty
00:48:47jdeonarineyeah, hopefully people will like it
00:48:55jdeonarineper-folder settings for the directory listings
00:49:13midkif it's implemented as a setting where you can choose id3 or filename view, it'd probably be accepted
00:49:20jdeonarineyeah, that's my plan
00:49:41jdeonarineplus the option to turn it off or change the setting for an individual folder
00:49:43midkthat sounds even better (per-directory)
00:50:16midkdoes a progressbar for the credits roll sound overkill? ;)
00:50:29jdeonarinehey, if it is fun to implement, then go for it
00:50:44midki love your logic
00:50:53zeekoe|toofbruzjjdeonarine: are you new here? or am i?
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00:51:04jdeonarineI'm new, just showed up today
00:51:20zeekoeme too
00:51:24jdeonarineI submitted my first patch yesterday, probably second will come before the end of the weekend
00:51:25zeekoeabout 2 weeks
00:51:31jdeonarinetoo sunburned to do anything else :/
00:51:41zeekoe sounds like lots of work going on :)
00:52:06jdeonarineyeah, I've used rockbox for a couple of months now, and always said 'yeah, I'll mess with that someday'
00:52:09zeekoemake[2]: Entering directory `/home/guest/apps/plugins'
00:52:09zeekoemake[2]: *** No rule to make target `Copy', needed by `all'. Stop.
00:52:09zeekoemake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/apps/plugins'
00:52:09***Alert Mode level 4
00:52:09zeekoemake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
00:52:09***Alert Mode level 5
00:52:09zeekoemake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/apps'
00:52:10***Alert Mode level 6
00:52:10zeekoemake: *** [apps] Error 2
00:52:23jdeonarinepaste error?
00:52:49jdeonarineyou made a copy of a file in plugins
00:52:52jdeonarineand it is still ending in .c
00:52:58jdeonarineso change the extension of your copy
00:53:09jdeonarineprobably it is "Copy of myfile.c" or something similar
00:53:48midkhe told you
00:53:51zeekoejdeonarine: you r-00lz
00:53:55jdeonarinelaf, thx
00:56:01zeekoemidk: U 4R t3h B0mb
00:56:17zeekoeit draws faster now
00:56:34midki was working on an even faster drawing spped
00:56:40zeekoecool :)
00:56:48midkhave to talk to linus about that
00:57:02zeekoeabout the BUTTON_ANY ?
00:57:13midkoh, no..
00:57:19midkit's to do with raw button reading
00:57:21zeekoeok, i saw you asking that
00:57:25zeekoethat's cool
00:57:33zeekoeit can be done on Ti-83+ too
00:57:35midkthat way you can really just pick a speed
00:57:43zeekoeso this isnt real raw?
00:57:57midki hope it's not
00:58:06zeekoesmall bug btw: when you press play, the pixel-before-current pixel is removed too
00:58:25midkyeah.. that's the way the cookie crumbles i guess :)
00:58:51zeekoeyou can do faster drawing in another way, maybe
00:58:58midkah, good, no i haven
00:59:06midkhaven't uploaded the one with the raw button reading
00:59:12midkit was pretty buggy
00:59:36zeekoebut if you define a key, e.g. F3 for fast-drawing
00:59:45zeekoethen it can draw 2 pixels a time, for example
00:59:55midkno, just 1 pixel at a time, but faster
01:00:21zeekoethat can be done too, but if that doesnt work
01:01:42zeekoebed time again
01:01:46zeekoesee you tomorrow
01:01:53midknite nite
01:01:56midknite nite nite
01:01:58zeekoenite nite nite nite
01:02:00midksleep good
01:02:03zeekoenitey nitey nite
01:02:04midkgood night
01:02:05midkgo to bed
01:02:06midksleep well
01:02:08midknite nite
01:02:12***Alert Mode OFF
01:02:19zeekoedie for 8 hours
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02:27:39jdeonarinehmm, anyone want to be a guinea pig?
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02:53:54jdeonarineid3 tags in the browser, with high customization
02:56:27midksounds really awesome
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10:05:27elinenbeword it up
10:05:40elinenbeI'm the lyrical gangsta
10:05:43elinenbeword it up
10:05:49elinenbeexcuse me mr. office
10:05:52CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 5 minutes and 3 seconds at the last flood
10:05:52*midk words it up for elinenbe
10:05:53elinenbeword it up
10:06:05elinenbeme livin like that.
10:06:16*midk jumps happily
10:06:23midki didn't break the sim builds
10:38:01***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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11:38:04zeekoejdeonarine: if you still are here, /me guinnea pigging
11:39:04midkhi zeeks.
11:40:53zeekoehi mikker
11:42:05zeekoedone anything cool the past few hours?
11:42:14midkheh, check the clock update..
11:42:19midkworking on a matrix scroller too
11:42:50zeekoeis the clock update in latest cvs?
11:43:04midkyeah. not in the daily build yet but in the bleeding edge
11:43:12zeekoei should have it then
11:44:04midkshould my matrix scroller move the drippy text downward by one pixel at a time or one character at a time?
11:44:43zeekoecool, you mean The Matrix
11:45:01zeekoetry both :)
11:45:05zei'd say pixel
11:45:14zeekoei think it's one character at a time, in the original
11:45:18midki tried the character-per-drip, a little jumpy
11:45:18zeekoeor isnt it
11:45:24midkin the original it was per-character
11:45:30zeekoemaybe 2 pixels or so, as a compromise
11:45:30midkbut in reloaded and revolutions it was per pixel
11:45:52midklooks a lot better 1-pixel step imo
11:45:56midkzeekoe you got your recorder around?
11:45:58midkyou could test it..
11:46:04zeekoehave it
11:46:12midkbreak it out hten
11:46:13zeekoejust testing jdeonarine's thing
11:49:04zeekoewhere is it?
11:49:30midkfreewebs is down and geocities doesn't like the filename
11:49:40zeekoe1337... jdeonarine r0o1z
11:50:14zeekoetoo bad id3 display takes ages
11:50:28midkthis only works on the target.
11:50:46midkand the grayscale is a little blotchy.. i'm workin on it. :]
11:50:59zeekoeopera just opens it
11:51:15zeekoeie too
11:51:46*zeekoe likes opera quick download :)
11:51:50midkooh :D
11:52:13zeekoebtw, i opened my recorder yesterday :-D
11:52:19zei switched from firebird to opera when i discovered it's auto session saving
11:52:20midkooh.. did you kill it?
11:52:28zeekoeno, didnt
11:52:29zethen i switched back to firefox when i discovered it's session saver plugin
11:52:33midkze: firefox has a session saver extension
11:52:37zeekoeone of the screws is a bit screwed
11:52:41zeer yeah extension rather
11:52:43midkzeekoe: two of mine are
11:52:50midkone is missing, the other is half-in and stuck there
11:53:24zeekoei wanted to take out the microphone, and perhaps wire it to the digital in/out
11:54:07zeekoebut i didnt have that copper stuff (we call it litze) to desolder the things, only a tin-sucker (or whatever it's called)
11:54:41zeekoemidk: do i need a special font?
11:54:44midkHAHA. you couldn't do the job because you don't have the copper stuff, only a tin sucker
11:54:48midkzeekoe: nope.
11:54:57zeekoethe tin sucker sucks
11:55:00midkit's just 1s and 0s anyways atm
11:55:40zeekoewell, starts to look fine
11:55:44zeekoeand only 13 kb :P
11:56:00midk6.7kb iirc.
11:56:25zeekoethe .rock is 12.866 bytes
11:56:32midk12 bytes?
11:56:50zeekoeokay, for you st*pid americans it's 12,866
11:57:13midkOH. YES!
11:57:23midki think i just got a way to speed it up
11:57:29zeekoeor 5065 inch-bytes, if you like
11:57:29midkthe rock you have is going at top speed
11:57:53midkthe reason it's so slow is because i use floats for the y positions, and i have tons of ints for the trails of each
11:58:01midki just got a way to speed it up substantially.
11:58:32midkok fine
11:58:39midkif you don't care then don't care
11:59:14zeekoewhat's new about the clock?
11:59:28midkread the front page's cvs commit section
11:59:35midkor the release notes at the top of the code
11:59:36zeekoeof course
12:01:13midkshould the numbers be given a random y-position at start in addition to the already random x-position?
12:01:36zeekoeuh... what was x and y again ;)
12:01:45midk<−− x −−>
12:01:51DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
12:01:59zeekoei screwed it up
12:01:59midkdon't do that.
12:02:03midkYES YOU DID/
12:02:09CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:02:09*zeekoe evil
12:02:11midk<−− x −−>
12:02:13midk ^
12:02:15midk |
12:02:16zethere's 2 ze's here
12:02:26zeekoe /
12:02:49zeekoei'm not ze
12:02:53zeekoei'm zeekoe
12:02:57zeekoehuge difference
12:02:58zeit's like ze and ze ekoe
12:03:21zeekoei've been zeekoe for uh...
12:03:23zeis there an ekoe in here or is it just ze
12:03:31zeekoe5 years or so
12:03:43zewell that makes it ironic then
12:03:47midki remember ze's old nick
12:03:48zethe ekoe came first
12:03:58midkthey *still* haven't updated the irc page with your new one
12:04:04zethats ok
12:04:14midkall you did was "this tests" anyways
12:04:16zeekoeze: what was your old nick?
12:04:18midki did a lot more stuff.
12:04:21zei'm still on a q3ut2 clan page as psycodeadman for demolitions
12:04:24midki should be more important
12:04:31zei did more than "this tests"
12:04:35midkyou lie
12:04:38zei was in the credits before i even did that
12:04:44midkoh really.
12:04:47midk"this tests"
12:04:56zeno really i was
12:05:03midkok go on
12:05:03zesee what happened
12:05:06midkwhat else did you do
12:05:07zewas they released blinky light code
12:05:13zeand then they released some lcd code
12:05:20zeand then somebody did some fun stuff with that
12:05:22zeextended it
12:05:25zedunno who
12:05:33zeit was like lame stuff with a mushroom cloud or something
12:05:37zebut it had new code that was cool
12:05:46zeand i took all those different bits of code
12:05:52zeand put them together and started doing more new stuff
12:06:02zelike an ebook reader deal and like games and stuff
12:06:10zei guess some button reading code got in there somewhere too
12:06:12midkyeah right...
12:06:12zethat i also extended
12:06:17zeand then rockbox got seriously going
12:06:24midkand you gave up.
12:06:25zeand i gave my whole archive to the devs
12:06:35zeand they looked it over and thanked me for the contribution
12:06:44zei'm not sure if they used anything from it or even learned anything from it
12:06:49zebut i got in the credits anyway
12:07:00midkyou're just lucky you got here before i did
12:07:17zeand i've contributed lots of ideas and guidance at various points
12:07:23midkyeah. mmhmm...
12:07:31midk"i agree with zagor"
12:07:34midk"i agree with linus"
12:07:42zeekoeze: were you PsycoXul?
12:07:43zeyeah it's scary to think how stuff might've ended up without me
12:07:47zezeekoe: yeah
12:07:57zemidk: there was a bit of that too yeah
12:08:01zemidk: but i'd generally say why
12:08:17zeand then it'd often be agreed by the rest after
12:08:17*midk rocks out
12:08:24midkyeah.. go ze.. mhm.
12:08:30zeand then i also stated my own opinions on stuff
12:08:40zethat were different from those that had been considered
12:08:41*midk looks at ze in awe
12:08:46zeand ended up being the way they went
12:09:08midkze's funny.
12:09:24midki remember! ze was the first person i met when i came here for the very first time.
12:09:49midki was like "hi everyone. i have a question",, and ze was like "well ask the question instead of stating that you have one"
12:09:53midkand i was like "yes sir"
12:10:04zeyeah that always annoys me
12:10:14zeekoelet's see what was My First Confrontation
12:10:15ze"i have a question" "good, hang on to it then"
12:10:16midksame.. now that i "get" irc
12:10:23zeand also like
12:10:29ze"can i ask a question?" "well you just did, but no"
12:10:48ze"yes, you can ask one... now that you have, goodbye"
12:11:09midkze's such a prick.
12:11:18midki see this all the time in #mandrake for example
12:11:20zeno it's just lame
12:11:24zeand it's like not just irc
12:11:26zeit's anywhere
12:11:39zeif it's not right for you to ask a question
12:11:44midkwell yeah. i'm saying i see it lots in #mandrake because thats a popular channel
12:11:44zethen asking "can i ask a question"
12:11:46zeisn't right
12:12:06zeso you might as well just ask your question and save the time and whatnot
12:12:22zeis that do with the mandrake linux distribution?
12:12:28zecause like
12:12:35zei would expect to find lots of lameness there in that case
12:12:49zeyeah see so i'm not surprised
12:13:07zemandrake's not just a newbie distro but a cluebie distro
12:13:19zeekoejay... june 27th i came here first
12:13:22zeso #mandrake is likely to be full of the new and clueless
12:13:24midkze stfu
12:13:34zeekoeand july 6 for the 2nd time
12:14:00zeekoei use mandrake too
12:14:01midk−−> YankDownUnder ( has joined #mandrake
12:14:01midk<hexagonsun> downloaded some porn.
12:14:01midk<crash3m> lol
12:14:01midk<YankDownUnder> pr0n? someone has pr0n? Ooooooo...
12:14:44zeekoemandrake was the only thing i got working on my computer
12:15:07zeekoetried peanut linux, rx linux, and one or two others
12:15:13midkzeekoe: the opposite for me until recently
12:15:19zeekoebut X didnt work
12:15:24midkasdfasdfasdf HAHA.
12:15:36midki hate those irssi and vim fanboys
12:15:38zeekoeafter days and days i went to mandrake, worked out of the box
12:15:42midkxchat and kwrite r0x0rl
12:15:56zeekoeirssi can be quite nice
12:16:00midkNO. stfu.
12:16:05zeekoeirssi can be quite nice
12:16:11midkseriously, why does everyone like it?
12:16:17midkok.. so it's a text based irc client.. i get it
12:16:26midkwhat makes that better than any other?
12:16:40zeekoethere is also a totally non-text-based irc client
12:16:44*zeekoe searching
12:16:48midk−−> rdancer (~r−− has joined #c
12:16:48midk<lgd_> i have a little question
12:17:02midk−−> lgd_ ( has joined #C
12:17:02midk<lgd_> hi
12:17:02midk−−> rdancer (~r−− has joined #c
12:17:02midk<lgd_> i have a little question
12:17:04zeit's not just a "text based irc client"
12:17:08zethere's lots of text-based irc clients
12:17:08midkze stfu
12:17:17zeit's just the best text-based irc client
12:17:31zeand as far as text-based vs gui
12:17:32midkWHY is it the best
12:17:40zejust face it, irc is text-based, a gui is pretty pointless
12:18:04zemost of irc operation involves typing, even in a gui client
12:18:14zegui's only managed to break the flow by making your move your hand away from the keyboard
12:18:45zeekoethat's why i like shortcuts and stuff
12:18:46zebecause it's fast, stable, clean, and highly configurable and scriptable
12:18:54zeekoeand why i hate MS word formula editor
12:18:59midkyou idiotic nerd
12:19:29zeit handles multiple servers nicely too
12:19:38midkso does xchat
12:19:47zei used to use epic, and while it has multiple server support, all the ircii-based clients are pretty lame at it
12:19:47midkonly instead of remembering key combos you just press buttons
12:19:53zeirssi does it nicely
12:20:03zekeys are buttons
12:20:09midki mean with a mouse.
12:20:09zeand hey check it out
12:20:15zeyou got 10 pointers to press them with
12:20:17zeinstead of just 1
12:20:40zeekoeyou can do xchat by keyboard too
12:20:59zeekoeit just takes a while longer
12:21:08zeyeah see i do alt-n
12:21:12zen being the window number
12:21:14zeand i hop around a lot
12:21:22zeekoeyep, that's nice
12:21:28zei usually do switching between windows 1 and 5
12:21:30zeand 1 and 3
12:21:33zeand 3 and 5
12:21:33midkze: do you play any games?
12:21:35zeekoeze: muahahahhahaaaa
12:21:35zeand 1 and 6
12:21:36zeand whatall
12:21:39zeekoeze: muaahahahahhaa
12:21:43midkfahahaha. no.
12:21:45midkxchat does that too
12:21:47zeekoeguess what xchat does at alt+n
12:21:54zeand have multiple conversations at the same time
12:21:55zeekoethanks, ze
12:21:56 Join Nibbler [0] (
12:21:58zeand it just switches instantly
12:22:03midksame with xchat
12:22:07zewell nifty
12:22:12midkze are you a gamer?
12:22:18zeused to be
12:22:20zenot so much anymore
12:22:24midkat all?
12:22:24zealthough doom3'll be out soon
12:22:41zei just recently mentioned my listing on a q3ut2 clan page
12:22:49midkquake 3 mm?
12:23:08zequake3 urbanterror
12:23:13midkI HAVE THAT MOD.
12:23:16midkand that game.
12:23:22midkze what about a game?
12:23:30zei played q3 from the initial q3test up through like q3ut2.6 or so
12:23:33zeand then i pretty much quit
12:23:44midkwhat about a game of ctf.
12:23:47zeok not the initial initial q3test
12:23:49midka small one
12:23:57zeq3test got released for mac first, then linux, and then some weeks later for windows
12:24:05zei started when it was first released for linux
12:24:23zeekoei only have unreal tournament :-/
12:24:26zeand man did i own people on that q3dm17 or whatever one the floating one was
12:24:26zeekoeand it runs sucky
12:24:35zeon my 250ms modem ping
12:24:44zei got to the point where i was railing LPB's
12:24:49midkze calm down
12:24:49zei had some q3 zen shit going on then
12:24:58midkcome on.
12:25:02midksmall short game
12:25:08zei got this nvidia+amd+via chipset thing going on
12:25:14midkit works fine
12:25:16midkcome on.
12:25:26zei get random hardware crashes when i use the 3D
12:25:28midki'm just going to bug you until you say yes
12:25:30midkthen use 2d
12:25:32midklet's go
12:25:43midkno you nerd
12:25:52midkzeze. ze ze. ZE.
12:25:58midkctf. short short game
12:26:16midkor until it crashes
12:26:22zeyou can't play q3 in 2d
12:26:27midkthen don't
12:26:28midk3d it is
12:26:37zeekoethen play duke nukem 2
12:26:41zeit was like the 1st major game to require hardware acceleration
12:26:47midkze come on
12:26:52midki don't want tech specs
12:26:52zewhile previous ones would just make use of it
12:26:57midki want a short game
12:26:57zebut also provided a software renderer
12:27:17zebut fps ctf sucks
12:27:25midklet's go
12:27:26zeespecially with like 2 people
12:27:33midkwe'll add bots
12:27:38midkyou'll add bots*
12:27:39zesee i learned to play ctf in boyscouts
12:27:45midki don't care
12:27:49midkjust start the game
12:27:53zewhere we'd all get decked out in full camo khaki's
12:28:00zeand be out in forests and deserts and hills
12:28:07*midk stares at ze
12:28:13zenow thats Real ctf
12:28:18midkok lets play fake ctf
12:28:20midkyou launch
12:28:22zeyou actually have to SEARCH for the flag
12:28:30midkSTFU, seriously
12:28:39zeit's not just some conspicuous standard location
12:28:47midki understand
12:28:52zeit just has to be placed somewhere where it's visible when you get near it
12:28:55midkbut there are also not people with guns
12:29:03midknow let's GO.
12:29:14zeyeah but if you get caught on enemy territory they capture you and put you in jail
12:29:23midkwho cares
12:29:25midklet's go
12:29:28zeuntil if/when a teammate rescues you
12:30:18midkze... come on now
12:30:56zeekoemidk: if you have another game, i can play
12:30:59zeekoei can shoot guns too
12:31:06midkzeekoe: i don't :(
12:31:17zemy mouse is kinda lame too
12:31:21midki don't care
12:31:24midklet's go
12:31:24zeekoebuy an optical
12:31:26zeit's like a good kind except they ruined it with the newer model
12:31:31zethey made it too small
12:31:36midkZ E E E E
12:31:41zeso it's hard to grip and operate smoothly
12:31:42midklet us play a game now
12:31:48zethe original logitech trackman marble 0wned
12:31:57*midk sighs in frustration
12:31:58zebut this damn thing my hand barely even fits on
12:32:00midkcan we play now?
12:32:09zeand it like flips and slides and shit when i try to seriously game on it
12:32:13zeso it totally fucks up my aim
12:32:17midkyou're a fucking .. ASDF.
12:32:29zeyou got a server?
12:32:49midklet's play.
12:33:06midkwe've been arguing about it for 10 minute
12:33:15midkstart one, and i'll connect to you
12:33:20zeekoestatsbot - both midk and ze had an average of 20 chat lines per second for the last 20 minutes
12:33:25zeoh now you don't just want to play a game with me
12:33:34zeyou want me to run a server eh?
12:33:41zeok well
12:33:47midkctf, join blue team, map: Q3TOURNEY6_CTF
12:33:52midki just connect
12:34:11zeer oh
12:34:14midkblue team. q3tourney6_ctf
12:34:24midkyes, you're the server
12:34:28zehmm q3tourney6_ctf? heh
12:34:39zewait what ver of q3 is current anyway? what do you have?
12:34:53midkit doesn't matter
12:35:02zeoh i guess thats what i have
12:35:09midkok go now
12:35:12zebut i forget how to run a server
12:35:31zei used to have scripts that started it all up right but i lost them
12:35:33midkmultiplayer, create, type: ctf, map: q3tourney6_ctf, next, start
12:35:40midkit's quite easy.
12:36:38midkmultiplayer, create... you can take it from there
12:36:41zewell lemme see
12:36:47midkok try
12:36:55zei guess if it works, wait a minute and try connected to
12:37:06midki connect to you ip
12:38:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:40:48midki have no downloads going
12:40:54midkpause yours if you can
13:12:54midki couldn't move at all because of lag
13:13:22midktry starting again
13:13:23zei see no network usage
13:13:26midkmaybe just had to restart..
13:13:29zeor hmm a little
13:13:30midkreally weird.
13:13:38midktry one more time?
13:14:02midkgo go go
13:17:11 Quit midk ("Leaving")
13:19:19 Join midk [0] (
13:20:50 Quit midk (Client Quit)
13:21:57 Join midk [0] (
13:25:33zewtf it keeps kicking me
13:25:37zei guess unpure client but i dunno why
13:25:47midkyeah.. try restarting the game and in a minute connecting
13:25:50zelike it's being gay with my extra models or something
13:25:55midkhappened to me a few times
13:26:07midkconnect in a minute
13:26:33zewhats the ip again
13:28:11midkconnect in 1m?
13:28:58midki'll turn off "pure server" too.
13:29:21zeit should work with pure server on though
13:29:30midkshould i turn it off just in case?
13:29:31midkor no?
13:29:39zei'll just mv my extra stuff off
13:29:39midklaunching game
13:29:44midkconnect in 1 minute
13:33:24zeit's not connecting
13:33:31zeyour server is not responding
13:34:29midktry again
13:34:31midkin one minute
13:34:34midki reconfigured router
13:36:53midkwell... me try connecting to you one more time, then we give up?
13:37:24zewell what'd you do with your router? put it back
13:37:35midki did.
13:37:38zeit was working, it was just the q3 server and/or client not dealing with my extra maps/models like it's supposed to
13:37:50zenow it's not working at all
13:37:50midkme connect to you
13:38:00midklast try probaly
13:58:25zeekoemidk, it's 5 am
13:58:25 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:58:28zeekoeyou should sleep
13:58:47zeekoeand it's 2 pm here
13:58:50zeekoei should eat
13:59:10 Join AciD [0] (
14:00:00 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:00:24 Join AciD [0] (
14:09:57midkdefinitely gg :)
14:10:02zei guess it's like riding a bicicle
14:10:09midkwe should play again sometime... that was fun.
14:10:09zei mean i'm so outta practice and yet... :p
14:10:14midkhaha yeah
14:10:42midkLALALA. it's late.
14:10:48 Nick midk is now known as midk|asleep (
14:10:50midk|asleepnite nite ze
14:10:50zeor day as the case may be
14:10:53midk|asleepand zeekoe
14:10:58*midk|asleep looks outside
14:11:02midk|asleepok its light out
14:11:07midk|asleepthat means i am up way fucking late
14:11:10midk|asleepaka, get to bed midk
14:11:37midk|asleepso nite ze, zeekoe, and.. jdeonarine.
14:11:39midk|asleepand logbot.
14:12:08*midk|asleep is away: sleep
14:28:05 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:33:05 Join Guest [0] (
14:33:38Guesthow to install on JBMM20
14:34:11 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
14:36:59 Quit AciD (Success)
14:37:49 Join AciD [0] (
14:38:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:20:33 Join zeekoe [0] (
15:42:40 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:09:01 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:23:24zeekoeany c progging nerds around here?
16:27:21 Join AciD [0] (
16:38:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:02:41 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31:45 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:38:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:08:14*jdeonarine has returned
19:08:18*jdeonarine is a c proggging nerd
19:08:45jdeonarinedon't know if zeek is still here, that was 2.5hrs ago
19:20:39 Join sabbath [0] (bernf@
19:21:09 Join scott666 [0] (
19:21:33 Join dstar5 [0] (
19:21:49zeekoejdeonarine! help me! c progging nerd wnated!
19:22:13jdeonarinewhat's the problem?
19:22:20jdeonarinecan't guarantee, but I can try
19:22:22zeekoei made a bitmap viewer
19:22:24zeekoewell, i tried
19:22:32zeekoebut it doesnt work
19:22:53zeekoeand in the bitmap saving code, there's some real weird stuff with | and & and shifting
19:23:00zeekoeand i dont know that stuff
19:23:06zeekoebut i have to reverse it
19:24:11jdeonarineso & is bitwise and
19:24:26jdeonarineif you had two binary numbers, say 001 and 101
19:24:32jdeonarinethe bitwise and would be 001
19:24:41jdeonarine| is bitwise or
19:24:46jdeonarinesame numbers, the result would be 101
19:25:01jdeonarineshifting moves the bits around
19:25:08sabbathfuck you
19:25:14jdeonarine101 >> 2 would be 001 (the 01 shifts off the end of the register)
19:25:20sabbathyou are sucks
19:25:22dstar5fuck who?
19:25:26 Part sabbath
19:25:37zeekoeok, just didnt know the symbols
19:25:38jdeonarineapparently we are sucks
19:25:56zeekoeand we fuck
19:26:02jdeonarineyeah, logical AND vs bitwise AND is a bit tricky at first
19:26:44jdeonarinethey're probably converting from some format stored in the bmp to some format displayable on the lcd
19:27:19zeekoei think so
19:27:25zeekoebut the other way around
19:27:35jdeonarineright, yeah, reverse that
19:27:51zeekoeuh... what's the difference logical and <-> bitwise and?
19:28:05jdeonarineso logical and (&&) merely tests if the two are non-zero
19:28:34jdeonarinebitwise and takes each bit of the two and ands them together, and produces a result
19:28:56jdeonarinebitwise and of 101 & 010 would be 000
19:29:21jdeonarinebut logical and of 101 && 010 is 'true' since they are both non-zero
19:29:23zeekoeokay, logical and is a bit like (bool)x = (bool)y ?
19:29:33jdeonarinesomething like that, yes
19:29:44zeekoewith double == of course :)
19:30:03dstar5jdeonarine: new with rockbox?
19:30:20jdeonarineeh, long time user, just recently started hacking it
19:30:32dstar5cool :)
19:30:34jdeonarineposted 2 patches this weekend, hoping to keep working at it
19:30:44dstar5ahh i shoul see them
19:30:56jdeonarinemy 9-5 is firmware development, but for a totally different type of product :)
19:31:09jdeonarineyeah, they're on sourceforge
19:31:51zeekoejdeonarine: what do you develop?
19:31:55dstar5heh we should get a bot in the channle that posts info when there are cvs changes
19:32:09jdeonarinecan't really talk about it, sorry :(
19:32:20zeekoearchos av400? :P
19:32:25jdeonarineheh, no I don't work for archos
19:32:31zeekoegood :)
19:32:36dstar5browse directories using id3 tags
19:32:39dstar5me like :)
19:32:48dstar5my music is hard to keep organized
19:32:51*dstar5 patches
19:32:52zeekoeit's slow...
19:32:59jdeonarineI didn't think it was that bad
19:33:02jdeonarineon my unit
19:33:05zeekoe(/me is antfucker, like we say in holland)
19:33:17jdeonarinethen again, I don't typically have more than 30 or so files in a folder
19:33:34zeekoeuh... i tried it only in one folder
19:33:49jdeonarineand when I do, I just add a dummy .display file to keep it from doing the tags
19:34:18jdeonarinewhat does 'antfucker' mean?
19:34:31jdeonarineseems like you'd have to be fairly small to do that :/
19:34:40zeekoei think english call it splitting hairs or so
19:35:10jdeonarineinteresting that we have so many developers from around the world on this project
19:35:59zeekoei'm no developer
19:36:04zeekoejust a script kiddie
19:36:16zeekoecopying other peoples code, asking around on #rockbox
19:36:17jdeonarineheh :)
19:36:21zeekoeand say it's mine :P
19:36:29jdeonarinecuriosity is good to have
19:37:51zeekoebitmaps are weird
19:37:53jdeonarineI wonder how the iPod does its mp3 database... do you have to refresh it every time you change the music on it?
19:38:03jdeonarinenever used one before for more than a few minutes
19:38:10zeekoedoes it use a fat-like system?
19:38:17jdeonarineI believe so
19:38:29jdeonarineI think you can use it as a mass storage device
19:38:38zeekoeyeah, that's true
19:38:47zeekoeso it should use a fat-like system..
19:38:56dstar5it hink the thing stores files wierd
19:39:01dstar5in crytic folders
19:39:47jdeonarineI seem to remember that it stores all the music in a standard filesystem, but that the root directory contains one hidden folder that contains all the rest
19:39:50zeekoecryptic folders == folders with weird names?
19:39:51jdeonarinesome simple copy protection
19:40:19dstar5Apple HFS you think?
19:41:03zeekoeis the filesystem handled in the usb chip too btw?
19:41:22zeekoes/handled/being handled of
19:41:36jdeonarineno, I think it is FAT
19:41:40dstar5actauly.. the way you had it before was right
19:41:44jdeonarinebecause windows understands it natively
19:42:16jdeonarineso if you had a dir on your ipod called "Great Music" with a file "Favorite.mp3"
19:42:30zeekoedstar5: whatever... english grammar is weird
19:42:41jdeonarineon the ipod, it is stored as Z:\.hidden\Great Music\Favorite.mp3
19:42:55jdeonarinenot sure about the name of .hidden, but whatever
19:43:10jdeonarinewell zeek, you speak much better english than I speak any other language :)
19:43:34zeekoeyou're american? ;-)
19:44:27zeekoeif the ipod uses a hidden dir, do you need a special transfer program to transfer music?
19:44:42jdeonarineyou just need to be able to see the hidden directory
19:44:50jdeonarinelike 'show all files' in windows or something similar
19:44:55jdeonarinels -al
19:45:10jdeonarineat least, that is the way it was explained to me by someone who owns one
19:45:16zeekoebut why is it hidden then?
19:45:29jdeonarinewell, as a simple 'anti-mp3' copy scheme
19:45:47zeekoebut how do people get their music on it
19:45:50jdeonarineso that you 'think' you need to go through itunes and get the proper authorization
19:45:54zeekoeif they dont know about the dir
19:46:24jdeonarinebut if you know what's up, you can take files on or off the unit
19:46:48zeekoeso much for copy protection
19:47:10zeekoei wonder what format the av400 uses to record video
19:47:20zeekoeit was supposed to be protected too
19:54:08zeekoethis thing is hard:
19:54:09zeekoebuf2[y*112/8+x] |= ((buf[y/8*112+x*8+i] >> shift) & 0x01) << (7-i);
19:54:53zeekoecan see what it's doing
19:55:49zeekoey = 0..63, shift = y & 7 = (int)y/8 = 0..7
19:56:17jdeonarineno clue... tough to say
19:56:17zeekoex = 0..112/8
19:56:25 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:59:28 Join dstar5 [0] (
19:59:34zeekoenow i know what commenting code is good for...
19:59:41dstar5god AOL is a pain in the ass
19:59:52zeekoedialup again?
19:59:57dstar5i wish my dada wasnt such a dumbass and would listen to me about it...
20:00:37zeekoedoes aol still use some weird custom browsing system?
20:00:42dstar5jdeonarine: i do not really understand how your patch is working yet
20:00:57dstar5so it only changes what the file name is?
20:01:31zeekoedid you go to menu->general settings->display yet?
20:02:21dstar5what is there to see?
20:02:27zeekoethere you can turn on the id3 browsing
20:02:35zeekoedunno if it's needed though
20:02:43dstar5it is in file view
20:03:05zeekoeand you made a .display?
20:04:04dstar5ok i got it now
20:04:08dstar5kinda usefull
20:04:31dstar5i think what would be usefull is a index file, kinda like the ipod
20:04:53dstar5and have a option to do that, or just browse the files
20:05:24zeekoewhat does an index file do?
20:05:58dstar5just stores a list of all the files, and maybe have some info to show on it while browsing
20:06:25dstar5lie maybe you could have mutipul index files, and have the organized differnt at times
20:07:24zeekoelike an id3 database?
20:07:35dstar5yes sortof
20:08:04dstar5i should search the ma9il ist and see if anyone has mentioned that
20:09:12dstar5i bet with the database, you could also dearsh very fast
20:10:34zeekoeok :)
20:10:38dstar5sorry about my erranous typing :)
20:10:51zeekoei can understand most :)
20:11:29dstar5Daniel likes the idea of it...
20:11:41dstar5guess no one has found the time to do it
20:11:52zeekoejust read... wait..
20:12:34zeekoeObviously, a mp3 id3
20:12:34zeekoedatabase would be more useful, but frankly, I can't
20:12:34zeekoeimagine that we would get very good performance based
20:12:34DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe
20:12:34zeekoeon the limited hardware in the Archos. That and this
20:12:34zeekoeseemed doable in a weekend :)
20:13:33dstar5my only thing is.. how would the database be read?
20:13:51dstar5and stored on ram?
20:14:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:14:17*zeekoe hides
20:14:20dstar5well yes but those datbases will be HUGE
20:14:31zeekoeyou got a point
20:14:39dstar5you will only be able to load so much at a time
20:15:22dstar5i think a nice indexing plugin wouldn't be hard to write...
20:15:47dstar5just put a option in the menus somewhere to "Update Databse"
20:16:47dstar5all the functions you need to pull id3 info out of the mp3s is writin
20:18:20dstar5jdeonarine: wite us code to read database files :)
20:18:34elinenbezeekoe: you implemented the ID3 browsing?
20:18:49elinenbezeekoe: I just added a comment to the sourceforge patch tracker
20:19:04elinenbeIt looks like you were talking about just that here!
20:19:06dstar5elinenbe: that jdeonarine
20:19:38elinenbejdeonarine: you here? nice work...
20:20:04zeekoejdeonarine seems to have left
20:20:09elinenbejdeonarine: I like your patch.
20:20:13elinenbeyeah, I see that!
20:21:24jdeonarinewas showering, but I think I came up with a way to do the caching
20:21:32jdeonarineI'll see if I can add that today
20:21:36zeekoejdeonarine: elinenbe wants to say y0u 0wn2
20:21:48jdeonarineI am l33t
20:21:52dstar5jdeonarine: cacheing for what?
20:22:03jdeonarineso that I don't have to re-read the id3 tags every time
20:22:16jdeonarineit won't be perfect, but I think I can probably make it work
20:22:18zeekoeshowering is good, sometimes
20:22:30jdeonarineyeah, I probably should eat at some point too :)
20:22:36dstar5jdeonarine: make database browsing!
20:22:49zeekoespeaking of eating
20:22:54zeekoeit's 20:22 here
20:22:57*zeekoe need food
20:23:07jdeonarinedatabase browsing would be very hard :)
20:23:13 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|food (
20:23:13DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe|food
20:23:19elinenbejdeonarine: but it would be most awesome!
20:23:20dstar5but me want it :)
20:23:28jdeonarinegiven that I can only add 18kb of code, and I've got only 2mb of memory and 10mhz processor
20:23:37zeekoe|foodjust organise your mp3s...
20:23:38elinenbejdeonarine: why only 18k of code?
20:23:46zeekoe|food11.0537 MHz
20:23:47zeekoe|foodor so
20:23:57dstar5zeekoe|food: see how thye have it
20:24:11dstar5where you can browse by albums/artists/genre etc
20:24:13zeekoe|fooddstar5: who has what?
20:24:16dstar5that would be better
20:24:28dstar5read the quoted text
20:24:33jdeonarinethe current build size is 182k, and I think 200 is the max for the load-from-hdd builds
20:24:58jdeonarineand the more ram we eat, the less mp3 cache you can have
20:25:00dstar5jdeonarine: unfortunatly :(
20:25:15elinenbejdeonarine: a bootloader will solve that problem... that should not be too much of an issue.
20:25:27jdeonarineyeah, but someone has to approve these patches
20:25:38jdeonarineand I'd rather make them easy to approve than require a bootloader or something
20:25:46elinenbejdeonarine: there are always plugins as well.
20:25:47dstar5my poor achos has no flash :(
20:26:06jdeonarineyeah, plugins, but I didn't really see that the plugins can interface back to the tree browser
20:26:12jdeonarineseems like the plugins are loaded seperately
20:26:24jdeonarineand I would think you'd want to integrate with the existing tree browser
20:26:39elinenbejdeonarine: If you make something that is worthy, it will be implemented.
20:26:46zeekoe|foodand plugins can only be 16 kb, iirc (?)
20:26:47elinenbewhat you've done already looks great!
20:26:52jdeonarinethank you :)
20:26:53dstar5i know there is some code that can be moved to plugins...
20:26:59dstar5like the playlist viewer
20:27:05jdeonarineI hope the maintainers agree
20:29:19elinenbeI'll make them agree :)
20:29:25dstar5i wonder whats going on to take up some much time while the archos flashed firmware boots
20:30:54zeekoe|foodhmm... 12 seconds isnt it?
20:31:00dstar5i think some code in the debug menu can be removed
20:31:03dstar5like running time
20:31:08dstar5that is usekess...
20:31:31zeekoe|foodthat's about 11E6 * 12 = 133 million clocksycles
20:32:02dstar5actually.. that is a good idea.. make that a build time option to include the debug menu..
20:32:15dstar5after all.. that will remove a bit of unneeded code
20:33:25jdeonarinethanks all for your support!
20:33:51dstar5and did anyone know that ON+F1 went to id3 info?
20:34:07zeekoe|foodi did
20:34:09dstar5that could be removed or moved, since no one knows about it
20:34:18zeekoe|foodjust found it out by accident
20:34:34dstar5there was another key combo that mutes...
20:34:38 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:34:47zeekoe|foodon+f2 or so
20:34:53dstar5thta cold be removed since no one knows about it, and plus you caqn just pause
20:34:54zeekoe|foodwho needs muting anyway
20:35:05jdeonarineyeah, I never understood the purpose of muting
20:35:17jdeonarinewhy do I want the song to continue when I can't hear it?
20:35:25jdeonarinemaybe if you are watching a video?
20:35:30dstar5i should make a patch with just a bunch of random fixes like that
20:35:45dstar5jdeonarine: wouldnot work in video
20:35:53dstar5that is a oplugin, and does not apply there
20:38:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:39:36 Join AciD [0] (
20:42:06dstar5me go by for a bit
20:42:09dstar5see you
20:42:12 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
20:45:52zeekoe|foodbye :)
20:46:01 Nick zeekoe|food is now known as zeekoe (
20:46:01DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe
20:55:06 Nick midk|asleep is now known as midk (
20:58:38zeekoemidk: you should sleep some more
20:58:52midkegh... shh.
20:59:00midki used my clock tonight
20:59:26zeekoeused it for what?
20:59:49midka clock
21:00:10zeekoewhy tonight?
21:00:37zeekoeor are you just saying "hey, look, at least somebody thinks my clock is useful!"
21:01:00midkok stfu....
21:01:05midkmy brother took my alarm clock.
21:01:20zeekoedoes the clock have an alarm function?
21:02:45midknot really.
21:03:15zeekoeso how did you wake up?
21:03:42midki woke up whenever
21:03:48midkbut i checked my clock to see the time
21:04:00zeekoeok, nice
21:04:02 Quit zeekoe ("quit...")
21:05:05 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:05:15midkany opinions on the update?
21:05:48zeekoewhich update?
21:05:50zeekoethe clock?
21:05:58zeekoei have to see the progress bar
21:06:01zeekoeforget to look
21:06:50midkthe credits roll is more nifty
21:08:24 Quit zeekoe (Client Quit)
21:09:06 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:11:01zeekoe7h3 (?3d|75 ?011 100<5 n|(3
21:11:48zeekoe==the credits roll looks nice
21:12:08zeekoenever seen the credits before
21:12:14zeekoethey're quite well hidden
21:12:34midkyou press ON.
21:12:48midkyou mean
21:12:49zeekoei thought it was on+play
21:13:13zeekoebut the credits take a loooong time
21:13:30midkif you want to really read the names, go ahead.
21:13:48 Quit midk ("Leaving")
21:15:07 Join midk [0] (
21:15:35zeekoer0cK80X 0wn4G3
21:16:09midk|2 () ( |< |3 () >< P \/\/ |\| /\ (- [-
21:16:11zeekoe1 PHouNd 4 L3375p33k 7r4N5l47or, 15N7 17 N1c3?
21:16:41zeekoeand a leetifier for xchat
21:16:50zeekoebut that one 5uX0rz
21:17:06zeekoe?0(<b0x 0wn4g3
21:17:23midkwhat do you think about the arrows at the mode selector?
21:17:34zeekoethey look like arrows
21:17:40midknever mind
21:18:17zeekoei like the binary clock
21:18:38midkdstar5 wrote a fuzzy mode... but i don't think i'm going to put it in
21:18:45zeekoefuzzy mode?
21:19:07midkas in... Five past six
21:19:14midkquarter after seven
21:19:17zeekoethat's cool
21:19:21 Join Smooth [0] (
21:19:21midkten til nine
21:19:33SmoothWhatever happened to othello plugin?
21:19:41zeekoeit died in my hands
21:19:44midkit was removed
21:19:54midkit was authored by bluechip
21:19:58midkapparently zagor didn't like that
21:20:10zeekoeis that so bad?
21:20:18midki didn't decide, zeekoe
21:20:22midkit was really stupid imo
21:20:33Smoothm********n has been quiet in sourceforge
21:20:48midkwhere's that tracktheripper?
21:20:51 Quit Hadaka (Remote closed the connection)
21:21:08Smoothbe quiet mikeholden
21:21:41Smoothno, mik3holden
21:21:47Smoothor m1keholden
21:22:14Smoothor nedlohekim
21:22:24midkSmooth, why do you have a mikeholden obsession?
21:22:37Smoothhe is a bully
21:22:37zeekoedon't you understand?
21:22:42zeekoehe _is_ mikeholden
21:22:53zeekoehe just doesnt know yet
21:22:59midkj00 R T3h g4Y
21:23:01midki knew it.
21:23:31Smoothnever, ever trust anyone who's neame begins with mi
21:23:55Smooththey are now selling ipod minis in Argos
21:24:15zeekoearchos is selling ipod minis?
21:25:03SmoothIf the ipod mini uses a CFII Microdrive I wonder if its possible to substitute it for a 4Gb Type II CompactFlash card
21:25:51midkyes, but they cost thousands
21:26:14zeekoethe new ipod minis are going to use 6 GB 1" hard disks, perhaps without CF interface
21:26:24zeekoeso the old ones have CF interface
21:30:30zeekoewhat's all this stuff in the logs:
21:30:31zeekoe00.52.09 # <zeekoe> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/apps'
21:30:31zeekoe00.52.10 *** Alert Mode level 6
21:30:46zeekoe00.50.57 Nick zeekoe|toofbruzj is now known as zeekoe (
21:30:46zeekoe00.50.57 DBUG Enqueued KICK zeekoe
21:32:24zeekoeSmooth: you dont want ipod mini
21:32:27zeekoethey suck
21:32:31zeekoethey dont have rockbox
21:32:40 Quit Smooth (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:35:16zeekoegotta go
21:37:32 Quit zeekoe ("quit...")
21:55:04 Quit midk ("Leaving")
22:08:49 Join Naked [0] (
22:08:56 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
22:12:04 Join scott666_ [0] (
22:12:04 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:23:46 Join amiconn [0] (
22:38:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:40:51 Join dstar5 [0] (
22:41:38 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:42:50amiconnhi Jörg
22:43:05[IDC]Dragongood evening Jens
22:43:38[IDC]Dragonfriday I was looking for you, but don't remember why...
22:44:15amiconnI got it Saturday morning - didn't logout before falling asleep...
22:44:42[IDC]Dragonon the keyboard?
22:45:16amiconnOf course not...
22:46:02[IDC]Dragonone thought: you keep telling people how to make videos with the yuv intermediate step, this is so retro
22:46:09amiconnI'm currently trying to const-police as much as possible. I found a variable I'm wondering about
22:46:24[IDC]Dragonthe DirectShow tool is much better
22:46:33[IDC]Dragonconst, OK
22:46:48dstar5amiconn, i was thinking... couldn't the debug menu be taken out, and made just a compile time option? it should save a bit of memory
22:46:51[IDC]Dragonare you working on the font?
22:47:11amiconnYes, the command line tool chain is retro, but I didn't even install the DirectShow thingy
22:47:23[IDC]Dragondstar5: some of it is outdated, some could be a plugin
22:47:47dstar5then take out the outdated stuff :)
22:48:00amiconn[IDC]Dragon: No, not yet. Currently I'm walking all source files that contribute to the .data section if the data is really variable
22:48:24[IDC]Dragonhow much did you find?
22:48:56jdeonarinehello all :)
22:49:17amiconnI'm not yet through, but found 86 bytes in 3 files yet.
22:49:37[IDC]Dragonbig runtime improvement ;-)
22:50:10[IDC]Dragonsoory, I know, I'm a perfectionist myself
22:50:12amiconnYes, but if I do stuff, I want to do it all the way through
22:50:25[IDC]Dragon(at least sometimes)
22:50:39dstar5i think lots of us are
22:51:00dstar5including me
22:51:57amiconnAH, found it (that variable). Can be const'ed as well
22:53:00[IDC]Dragonis there a way to get a more detailled mapfile?
22:54:12amiconnIn what way? Iiuc the mapfile can only contain public symbols, because it's generated by the linker. Unfortunately "static" produces hidden symbols...
22:56:06dwihnoJust a quicky... Has the pitch control been removed?
22:56:12amiconnGrr, warning: initialization discards qualifiers from pointer target type
22:56:36dstar5dwihno, why would it be removed?
22:56:59dwihnoon+play used to trigger the pitch control
22:57:39dstar5umm it was always just holding on iirc
22:57:46dwihnoah, it was.
22:57:48dwihnome so senile
22:58:06dwihnois the pitch triggered immediately or does it still require a track change?
22:58:34dwihno(that behaviour appeared after some changes as well)
22:58:56dstar5last time i played with it atleast
22:59:13dstar5heh it has come to my attention now that the pitch setting is not saved
23:00:49dwihnotime for a fresh cvs checkout
23:01:03dwihnocvs fails
23:01:15dwihnomight be my connection
23:01:52dstar5did you do cvs update?
23:02:33dwihnoI get connection timed out
23:04:41amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Do you remember where the STR() macro is defined? I'm currently fiddling with the opt_items structure...
23:04:52[IDC]Dragonin talk.h ?
23:05:38[IDC]Dragonthe options are const already...
23:05:45amiconnOk, thanks.
23:06:04amiconnOne of the option values actually isn't const...
23:06:28[IDC]Dragonone of the structs, you mean?
23:07:30amiconnIn settings.c, there is a char rec_base_directory[], initialized with "/recordings"
23:07:56[IDC]Dragonthat kind, aha
23:08:07amiconnIf I change this to const (in settings.h as well), I get my beloved warning (see above).
23:09:00amiconnTo make this go away, I have to change the declaration of struct opt_items. The first member has to be a const char*
23:09:34amiconnAs these are often initailized via the STR() macro, I wonder if this may break something
23:10:35amiconnAside of that, I even have to look into lcd_puts(), if I can declare its char* argument constant
23:12:17[IDC]DragonI'm sure you can
23:12:28[IDC]Dragonit won't modify the string
23:12:44amiconnUnfortunately I can't... it munges the string on the sim
23:13:08amiconnAh no, it doesn't
23:13:17[IDC]DragonI hate these snowball effects
23:13:53amiconnOnce I'm through with const policeing, it should be much easier to declare things const...
23:14:13[IDC]Dragonyes, I'm looking forward to that
23:14:26[IDC]Dragonsomething else: i still have no working gcc 3.3.1
23:14:47[IDC]Dragongives me a strange asm error
23:15:45amiconnHmm. Do you use Eric Lassauge's package, or did you try to compile yourself?
23:16:07[IDC]DragonI used the binary
23:16:31amiconnBtw: modifying lcd_puts() in turn requires modifying lcd_puts_style(), in turn requires modifying lcd_getstringsize() ...
23:16:55[IDC]Dragonthis is the snowball I was talking about
23:17:24amiconn(gcc) Hmm, strange, that's what I use, and it works perfectly (unlike my failed attempts to compile gcc 3.3.x on cygwin)
23:17:57[IDC]Dragonin mine, the asm complains about a -big option
23:18:25[IDC]DragonI guess this is endianess, but I can't find such in our makefiles
23:19:22dstar5tar: gcc-3.4.1/gcc/ada/lib-xref.adb: Cannot change ownership to uid 515, gid 515: Operation not permitted
23:19:27dstar5(while untaring gcc)
23:19:34dstar5any ideas?
23:19:45dstar5i tried the bzip.. gives the the same errors
23:19:47amiconnmaybe your sh-binutils don't match your sh-gcc?
23:19:58amiconn(directed to [IDC]Dragon)
23:20:16[IDC]Dragondo the binutils come with it?
23:20:31[IDC]DragonI'm not familiar with the concept
23:20:43amiconnIt's a separate package, available from Eric's mirror as well
23:21:36amiconnThe binutils contain (among other things I don't know about yet) the assembler and linker. So if you use a newer gcc with an older asm, it may well be that it doesn't work
23:21:46dstar5heh, those errors go away when i untar elsewhere
23:22:01CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 22 minutes and 48 seconds at the last flood
23:22:01*[IDC]Dragon is downloading
23:22:07amiconnGrrrrrrrrrrr, now it complains in plugin.c
23:23:25[IDC]Dragonwill the old compiler work with newer binutils?
23:24:18jdeonarineI believe that the versions are likely linked
23:24:48amiconnIt should (although the gcc & binutils packages from eric's mirrors use a different prefix than those containing gcc 3.0.4, so you can simply select between them by changing the PATH)
23:27:18amiconnYeah, now it compiles without warning... I guess I should do a test now...
23:30:40dstar5i forget how fast linux is at compiling :)
23:33:13dstar5what was it you were noe supposed to do with rm? rm -rf /usr ?
23:33:17[IDC]DragonI still get strange errors
23:33:29[IDC]DragonI give up for today
23:33:59amiconnBtw, it seems to work
23:44:31amiconnFound another table that wasn't const - rec_timner_seconds[]
23:48:52 Join Smooth [0] (
23:48:58 Quit Smooth (Client Quit)
23:51:21 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
23:51:22 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:55:11 Join dstar5 [0] (
23:57:45 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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