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#rockbox log for 2004-08-02

00:01:07 Join dstar5 [0] (
00:12:31dstar5amiconn, there are build errors for the players
00:12:44amiconnI know, and already fixed them
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00:59:10dstar5amiconn: there are bugs in the latest changes!
00:59:23amiconnHuh? Tell me!
00:59:33dstar5try going to main menu, info (which shows nothing), then press right
01:00:36amiconnHmm, works for me. What Archos model did you try it on?
01:00:53dstar5recorder 15 v1 no flash
01:02:03amiconnDid you compile yourself. If yes, what gcc version did you use?
01:02:14dstar5the address is 0ffffff6 if it matters
01:02:25dstar5no, i just grabbed one of the bleeding edge
01:02:30dstar5i cn compile one right quick
01:02:32dstar5give me a sec
01:05:55dstar5strang, it works on the one i just built
01:06:08amiconnYou use gcc 3.4.x, right?
01:06:34dstar53.3.1 is what i just built that with
01:06:53amiconnOkay, that's what I use as well, and it works for me too seems to still use gcc 3.0.4
01:09:26amiconnStrange: ajbrec.ajz (bleeding edge) downloaded from works for me as well
01:10:47dstar5i managed to make that error happen twice
01:12:31amiconnI still didn't manage to make it happen for me: reset settings, removed .lng file...
01:13:28amiconn(But then my box is flashed... trying F1 boot...)
01:14:26amiconnStill works perfectly
01:15:09dstar5olet me try getting that bleeding edge again
01:15:45amiconnajbrec.ajz (Bleeding edge) 186.586 bytes (just to check)
01:18:25dstar5same for me
01:18:29dstar5still didn ot work
01:19:24amiconnDo you use some unusual settings? You could save your settings to .cfg and send it to me...
01:19:59dstar5i have changed very few settings
01:20:07dstar5just a few sound settings
01:20:27dstar5backlight, caption backlight, and thats aboutr all
01:21:28amiconnI wonder what's going on there... I really like to get this sorted, as I have another bunch of changes in the pipe
01:22:11elinenbeI just compiled the CVS and I got 185.586 as well −− is that good or bad?
01:22:57amiconnelinenbe: Then you use gcc 3.0.4 as well. I use gcc 3.3.1, and get 181.794 bytes
01:23:29amiconnelinenbe: Do you also get a CpuAdrErr when entering the "Info" menu (being empty) and then press right?
01:23:30elinenbeah. yes, I do use gcc 3.0.4
01:23:31dstar5elinenbe: do you get anthing when you go to main menu and info?
01:23:37elinenbehold on...
01:23:45elinenbelet me put the latest on my bux.
01:24:48*jdeonarine is almost finished with caching
01:25:29elinenbejdeonarine: sounds GREAT!
01:25:38jdeonarinethis is going to rock
01:25:51elinenbewhere should I get some sort of error?
01:25:54jdeonarinealready works on the simulator, need to do a couple more tests
01:26:21elinenbejdeonarine: please make sure you put the .cache file or whatever it is in the .rockbox dir −− not every directory :)
01:26:22dstar5elinenbe: main menu - info - press right
01:26:37elinenbedstar5: nope, seems to work fine here.
01:26:38jdeonarineuh oh... am creating a different cache for each dir
01:26:51amiconnelinenbe: Is your box flashed?
01:26:58elinenbeamiconn: yes.
01:27:11elinenbeamiconn: no rombox though.
01:27:48amiconndstar5's box isn't, and he does get the error. I didn't manage to get it even if I boot with F1+On
01:28:47amiconnMy next bunch of changes would finish const policeing of apps/
01:29:12dstar5amiconn: cool
01:29:36*dstar5 wants debug menu items removed to save memory for mpeg buffer
01:31:43 Quit AciD (Connection reset by peer)
01:40:02dstar51.652mp buffer with debug menu removed 1.645 without :)
01:40:03elinenbeJens: how much space does all this save?
01:41:59 Join midk [0] (
01:42:14dstar5ahh fuck
01:42:31amiconnelinenbe: These changes don't actually save much, but I think const policeing should be done completely.
01:43:26amiconnThis may be a good exercise if Rockbox should get ported some day to different hardware, as Linus said
01:44:51amiconndstar5: gained 7K ;-) (more than my changes gained for Rombox). Actually, throwing ot some debug menu items may enable Rombox for the FMs
01:45:19amiconndstar5: Could you check again with the latest bleeding edge?
01:45:28dstar5amiconn: sure one sec
01:47:26dstar5it works
01:47:44dstar5what did you change?
01:47:59amiconnHmm, weird. At least it works now (perhaps your download simply was bad)
01:49:08amiconnNormally, a mangled ajbrec.ajz shoudn't get loaded though.
01:50:09amiconndstar5: I didn't change again any of the things I changed in the first round. I only changed more places
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02:20:03amiconnNite all
02:20:07midknite amiconn
02:20:21 Part amiconn
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02:52:56dstar5ohh yay!
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03:15:31jdeonarineelinebe: are you around?
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03:35:12jdeonarinecaching finished
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03:57:33elinenbejdeonarine: NICE patch!
03:57:53elinenbeI'll play around with it tonight/tomorrow and let you know what I think <grin>
03:58:01elinenbejdeonarine: where are you located?
04:00:54jdeonarinesan diego, ca, usa
04:01:03jdeonarinethanks for the support, elinenbe
04:01:32jdeonarinedo you suppose I should send email to the list again?
04:06:39elinenbejdeonarine: yeah, I am sure they would love it!
04:07:05elinenbejdeonarine: I am in New York, USA... There are not too many Americans heavily involved with this project.
04:08:12jdeonarineyeah, I've noticed :)
04:09:06elinenbeI did a little bit on it a few years ago now! I made sokoban! :)
04:10:22jdeonarineheh, I've not yet tried any of the games, but I think they're fairly neat
04:10:30jdeonarineare you working on anything now?
04:10:33jdeonarinedoh, food
04:10:45elinenbeNo, I haven't done anything in a while...
04:10:57elinenbeI do like seeing fresh faces thoug
04:11:09elinenbeand you already have made a nice little impact.
04:11:33elinenbeI actually programmed sokoban for the recorder before rockbox even played mp3s!
04:13:05jdeonarinethat's cool
04:13:17jdeonarineyeah, you've got to be inspired and have something interesting to work on, I think
04:13:26jdeonarineI just wanted resume at beginning of track
04:13:32jdeonarinethen I got into the tree code :)
04:13:36elinenbeI was really unimpressed with the archos software...
04:14:07elinenbehowever, it looks like their media players and gmini have nicer (somewhat) software.
04:15:35jdeonarinebbl, it is dinner time
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18:25:29dstar5midk|sleep: wake up
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18:54:37dstar5kaboofa: you there?
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18:55:55kaboofai am now
18:55:56DBUGEnqueued KICK kaboofa
18:55:56kaboofawhat's up?
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22:11:41Riot-Hi guys.
22:14:02dstar5Riot-: hi
22:16:28Riot-Just got a recorder. I notice it sucks up more juice than than the player. I switched my 60gb drive over to it from my player and I wasn't able to copy all 40gigs of music over to it without the batteries going dead. I have one of those radioshack multi psu's at 800 mah and I was thinking of switching it over to 12v from 9v but I'm kind of scared to try. You guy here of anyone burning their ic out with 12?
22:17:21midkisn't 12 the normal voltage?
22:17:24dstar5are you running rockbox while on USB?
22:17:48midkthe batteries do normally die over usb
22:17:48dstar5midk: no
22:17:59Riot-Read the faq just wanted to get double conformation. Yeah I'm running the latest daily. It's a USB 2 recorder but I only have usb 1.
22:18:35dstar5Riot-: my batteries have gone dead on usb while running rockbox
22:18:50dstar5Riot-: use the archos firmware while on usb, because it does a brute force charge
22:19:01dstar5i never had it go dea with that
22:19:11 Join zeekoe [0] (
22:19:17dstar5but incase it does... just copy portions of your music at a time
22:20:00Riot-Cool I'll try that. Yeah I have all my music copied over. I did it in sections. I tried running scandisk last night but it also went dead from doing that.
22:21:00Riot-I was just thinking of bumping it up to 12 so I could run scandisck and defrag also.
22:22:09 Join midkay [0] (
22:22:41Riot-Any of you run 12v psu's?
22:23:13 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:33:07 Nick midkay is now known as midk (
22:35:01dstar5Riot-: no
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23:00:40 Quit Riot- ("I have to go bathe mother.")
23:08:05 Join M1kemanro [0] (
23:08:36M1kemanroi have a question i was wondering if anyone could help me
23:09:09midkask it
23:10:04M1kemanroi need someone to give me step by step instructions to fix the contrast on my archos rockbox, i lent it to a friend and now i can't see anything but i can still navigate so i assume the contrast is just down
23:12:16M1kemanroalthough i don't know when a contrast setting would even come into play considering i don't even see the rockbox logo
23:12:25midknot at all?
23:12:45M1kemanroi have flashed the rockbox to 2.2.. no nothing, but i can still listen to music by navigating the folders by memory
23:13:19midkok se
23:13:22midkboot it up
23:13:26midkretart it*
23:13:45M1kemanroits booted
23:14:03midkdown down
23:14:12midkdown down
23:14:21midkdown down down
23:14:26midkthen you can adjust up or down
23:14:52M1kemanronope i get nothing
23:15:28midkwhich version?
23:15:34M1kemanrolatest 2.2
23:15:45midkthat's not latest, that's quite old
23:15:55M1kemanroreally, whats the latest?
23:16:02midka daily build from today
23:16:29M1kemanroi only really did those official releases, never daily builds
23:16:39M1kemanroplus i would have to reflash it wouldn't i?
23:17:18midkcopy over a new rockbox.ucl from today to your box
23:17:20kaboofai should probably flash on the the latest
23:17:28midkrun it
23:17:30midkand press f2
23:17:40midkwhen the red light shuts off you can restart it
23:18:16M1kemanrook where is the latest rockbox.ucl
23:18:51midkdaily build zip
23:19:53kaboofais rombox the same as flashing?
23:20:09midkkaboofa, with rombox rockbox actually runs from rom
23:20:12midkinstead of just booting from it
23:20:23zeekoekaboofa: back from holiday?
23:20:27M1kemanrohow do i know which to do? i have a recorder, should i do recorder or recorderv2
23:20:43midkif you have an old recorder, recorder. newer, v2
23:20:43kaboofazeekoe: what holiday?
23:20:45kaboofaoh oh
23:20:57kaboofamirc doesn't like to connect to freenode
23:21:05kaboofaand my unix machine died after being on for 5 years
23:21:39M1kemanroso copy just the ucl?
23:21:44M1kemanrointo the rockbox directory?
23:21:45zeekoekaboofa: bad
23:22:00midkif you can remember where to find it
23:22:34zeekoeM1kemanro: does booting with F1 pressed work?
23:22:40M1kemanrowhat i mean is should i replace the old one with the new one from the zip
23:23:03zeekoeM1kemanro: you should also put a new ajbrec.ajz on it
23:23:06midkM1kemanro, if you want to, but you'll have to navigate to it
23:23:08 Join jakesir [0] (
23:23:09midkzeekoe, no
23:23:14zeekoemidk: yes
23:23:15midkjust the rockbox.ucl will work
23:23:20midkzeekoe you're wrong
23:23:25zeekoeincompatible version it'll say
23:23:29zeekoei think
23:23:41midkhe's not updating his rocks
23:23:44midkjust his ucl
23:23:49zeekoewhen you leave the rockbox-flash it's fine
23:23:56zeekoethat seems reasonable
23:23:57M1kemanrook so i'm going to take this ucl and replace the old one on my box
23:24:09midkM1kemanro, YES, but you need to remember how to get to it.
23:24:18zeekoeM1kemanro: if you call it like __rockbox.ucl in the root, you'll remember it
23:24:20midki'd suggest putting it in /.rockbox/aaa/rockbox.ucl
23:24:51M1kemanrowait should i replace the one that is on there
23:24:53zeekoebut then you'd have to be sure the hidden folders are enabled
23:25:09midkM1kemanro, listen. put it in /.rockbox/aaa/rockbox.ucl
23:25:36zeekoemidk: how kan you be sure he's enabled the view all thingy?
23:25:50midkzeekoe: i can't
23:26:04zeekoeso why don't just name it __rockbox.ucl?
23:26:15midkhow will you know where it is?
23:26:28M1kemanrook i put it there
23:26:29zeekoewith __ before it, it'll be the first file
23:26:29midkthen you have to know the exact amount of folders you have
23:26:33zeekoeor perhaps the second
23:26:41midkwhat if there is more than one file in the dir?
23:26:53zeekoehow about put it in _folder\rockbox.ucl
23:27:00midki'll let zeekoe take it from here - he seems to really understand how this goes
23:27:17zeekoeyou take it back
23:27:33zeekoei won't comment anymore
23:27:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:27:37*zeekoe -> shower
23:28:28M1kemanroi did what zeekoe said, it will be easier to get to
23:28:33M1kemanroi know how to navigate to it
23:28:52M1kemanroso what do i do know?
23:28:54midkM1kemanro, get an ajbrec.ajz and rename it to zzzajbrec.ajz, put it in root
23:29:00midkboot and press UP then PLAY
23:29:53zeekoemidk: am i just as irritating as track now, or do i still have somthing to learn? :)
23:29:57*zeekoe -> shower
23:30:02 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|shower (
23:30:12M1kemanrook, i did that
23:30:14midkzeekoe: it got close :]
23:30:20midkpress up, then play?
23:30:29midkyour screen should work
23:31:58midkis "zzzajbrec.ajz" the last thing in the dir?
23:32:21midkyou still booted?
23:32:29M1kemanroa few times
23:32:31midkpress LEFT, then UP again, then PLAY again
23:32:51M1kemanrodidn't do anything
23:33:21midkyou're probably out of luck then.. sorry
23:33:32midkyou could try rebooting, and running __rockbox.ucl or whatever
23:40:22M1kemanrothanks for your help guys, i'll try some other stuff, if not i have a nice warranty where i can get my money back and just by a nice new one
23:41:24midkgood luck
23:45:32zeekoe|showerM1kemanro: did you try already tried booting archos?
23:45:36 Nick zeekoe|shower is now known as zeekoe (
23:45:56zeekoeusing F1+on to boot?
23:47:33zeekoemidk: i have been really annoying.. havent i...
23:47:38zeekoewont do it again
23:48:08zeekoealso tried making a bitmap viewer
23:48:16midkit's fine
23:48:37zeekoecan we be friends again? :)
23:48:49midksure. :]
23:50:18zeekoecool :)
23:50:34zeekoedone anything about etchasketch?
23:51:25zeekoei look for someone who understands this: buf2[y*112/8+x] |= ((buf[y/8*112+x*8+i] >> shift) & 0x01) << (7-i);
23:51:57zeekoeit's in the bitmap saving code
23:52:20zeekoeso i need to reverse it when opening bitmaps
23:52:43midk bitmap viewer wouldn't be that simple
23:52:55zeekoewhy not?
23:53:04midkit just wouldn't.. heh
23:53:21zeekoewhat would be the hard part?
23:53:33midkall of it
23:53:57zeekoei can already open&read the bitmap and get it on the screen
23:54:18zeekoejust need to reverse this:
23:54:19zeekoe rb->memset(buf2, 0, sizeof(buf2));
23:54:19zeekoe for(y = 0;y < 64;y++) * counting from 0..63 *
23:54:19DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe
23:54:19zeekoe {
23:54:19zeekoe shift = y & 7; * counting from 0..7; 8 times *
23:54:23zeekoe for(x = 0;x < 112/8;x++) * x coordinate, counting in whole bytes *
23:54:25zeekoe {
23:54:31zeekoe for(i = 0;i < 8;i++) * counting bits in the byte(?) *
23:54:33zeekoe {
23:54:35zeekoe buf2[y*112/8+x] |= ((buf[y/8*112+x*8+i] >> shift) & 0x01) << (7-i);
23:54:37zeekoe }
23:54:39zeekoe }
23:54:41zeekoe }
23:54:44zeekoethe rest i've figured out all by myself :-D
23:54:48zeekoeit's here:
23:55:27midki saw
23:55:38zeekoei may try if that weird code can just be used again, to reverse it
23:55:52zeekoewhat did you see?
23:55:57midkthe code.
23:56:05midki'm busy, materializing.
23:56:24zeekoeyou couldnt get out of the transporter?
23:57:13zeekoeshow me when you're done
23:57:22zeekoeall i can do 3d is unrealed :-/
23:57:36zeekoethen i'll be busy with sleeping...

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