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#rockbox log for 2004-08-03

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00:55:32dstar5hey hardeep
00:59:26dstar5my personle rockbox is down to 1.664mb (unflashed) :)
01:00:00dstar5and i havemore to go
01:01:23hardeepjust removing features?
01:02:12dstar5not really
01:02:27dstar5i just removed the debug menu, credits, and the logo
01:02:35dstar5just stuff that i dont use
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01:10:05dstar5now where is that USB logo hidden...
01:11:19tpelliottAre you removing stuff to make rombox work?
01:12:10kaboofayou might want to turn off funroll_loops
01:12:20kaboofaso it will make the binary slightly smaller
01:12:41kaboofabut slightly slower
01:13:18kaboofaunroll loops takes loops, and just spreads them out
01:13:24kaboofaso isntead of
01:13:34kaboofajmp bleh
01:13:36kaboofait will be
01:13:45kaboofadostuff; dostuff; dostuff; etc
01:14:16dstar5no, just to make more mpeg buffer for me :)
01:14:28dstar5i have a unflashable recorder
01:15:34tpelliottok. Have you thaught about trying to solder in a new rom chip?
01:16:10dstar5yes, and i could (i have a good chip in dead board of another recorder), but i do not want to mess up
01:16:19dstar5i have no smd soldering experiance
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02:28:30jdeonarinehello all
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02:46:56dstar5jdeonarine, yo
02:46:58dstar5bye everyone
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02:47:03jdeonarinelater then
02:57:16jdeonarineI guess zeekoe is gone already, I posted some id3 perf numbers for him
02:59:30jdeonarinesigh, I don't suppose any of the maintainers have reviewed my patch yet
02:59:43midkjdeonarine, it takes a while
02:59:54jdeonarineyeah, I know, can't help getting excited :)
03:00:07jdeonarinefirst contribution to an open source project and all
03:00:21midkcongrats then, excellent start imo
03:00:32jdeonarinethanks :)
03:01:08jdeonarinehave to work on my paitence, I suppose
03:01:19kaboofaI really should finish up rpncalc...
03:01:24CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:01:24*jdeonarine thinks calming zen thoughts
03:02:43jdeonarinewhat're you working on in rpncalc?
03:03:26kaboofaghetto_sprintf() at the moment
03:03:34kaboofaand i had some other weird erros with the stack
03:03:42jdeonarinebleh, stack errors suck
03:03:52kaboofai finally got around to buying an hp49g+, so i forgot about the rockbox port
03:04:00kaboofawhen i say stack, i mean my array with 6 elements
03:04:09jdeonarinemy wife really really wants a 32sii
03:04:17jdeonarinebut they're like $200 these days
03:04:43jdeonarineyeah, she says 'thirty-two-ess-two' but I don't know if that's 2 or ii
03:06:48jdeonarinekinda like that, I can't find a 32sii
03:07:57jdeonarinethey stopped making them in 2002
03:12:29kaboofataht's cool
03:12:33kaboofait gives you a root solver
03:12:36kaboofaon a 1 line calculator
03:12:46jdeonarineheh, she used one in high school and loved it
03:13:20jdeonarinenow its like 200-400 for one (about 4 to 8 times as expensive, for you non-us folks)
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03:17:20kaboofa<3 my hp
03:17:30kaboofait has a BLOODY SD CARD SLOT
03:17:31kaboofai mean
03:17:32kaboofacome on
03:17:35kaboofathat's just rediculous
03:17:52jdeonarinemmm, sd cards
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04:06:54dstar5slashdot is down :(
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04:54:27dstar5hey kaboofa
04:54:51dstar5the vu emter i made i was working on is now in oatches
04:55:53dstar5From /.: 140" Monitor Demonstration At Purdue
04:55:56dstar5cool ;)
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09:49:27pvhHi! I just recorded some mp3s that sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks on my recorder...
09:49:30pvhAny advice?
09:56:39pvhMy recordings worked fine yesterday...
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16:24:07Teufel666one question, why got the request for an .ogg plugin rejected?
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17:41:16dstar5hi midk
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19:06:07zeekoedstar5: still at 100 mbit?
19:06:30midkdstar5 (
19:07:00zeekoeaol != high speed
19:07:04zeekoei think
19:07:10midkright. so the answer is no.
19:07:50zeekoeso midk, did you already finish materializing?
19:08:08midkhmm... sort of
19:08:13midki forget what i was working on
19:08:23midkoh, the water
19:08:28midkyeah.. i guess
19:09:44zeekoedoes it look cool?
19:09:52midknot really.. :]
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19:10:28da4walkerhi folks
19:11:33da4walkerperhaps anyone of u can give me any advice
19:11:39da4walkerI want to buy a car radio
19:11:52da4walkercause the one from my VW Passat with tape is sucking
19:11:55zeekoerockbox currently doesnt support car radios, sorry
19:12:30zeekoesorry, continue
19:12:33da4walkerI thought that anyone of u can give me an advice which car radio to buy
19:12:50da4walkerthe most importent issues on it should be cd and mp3 support
19:14:19zeekoemp3cd? or with some archos device plugged onto it?
19:14:22da4walkerI thought of buying a jukebox using it with rockbox, but as I read I need an adapter VWCDPic for my car radio to work with the jukebox and rockbox, and this adapter is nowhere avaible
19:14:29da4walkermp3 cd is enough
19:14:52da4walkerthe author doesn't sell it anymore because of some patent problems...
19:15:16da4walkerthats why the only thing remains is a new car radio,and if it has cd mp3 I dunno need jukebox anymore...
19:16:36zeekoethe VWPic isn't hard to build
19:16:42amiconnda4walker: Imho it would be sufficient if the car radio does have aux in, so you can hook up your jukebox there (although this doesn't allow to _control_ the jukebox from the radio)
19:18:14zeekoeor just a simple 3.5mm-to-casette adapter
19:19:16amiconnzeekoe: I wouldn't go for a cassette adapter, since the sound isn't really what I would call good sound, especially the bass. I had that setup before I bough my new radio...
19:20:03amiconnNow I have both: a radio capable of playing cd/mp3 _and_ having an aux in...
19:20:35dstar5hi zeekoe
19:20:38da4walkeryeah, cassette adapter is bad thing cause then I have to put in the cd player and so on
19:20:59da4walkerany special advice which car radio I should buy with aux in?
19:21:42amiconnda4walker: As I don't know what other things your new radio should be capable of, I can't recommend one.
19:22:32zeekoeamiconn: can be... have no casette player for about 3 years now :P
19:22:35amiconnI do only know that my new radio (a Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB54, which does also receive DAB digital radio) does have one
19:22:44dstar5Zonealrm: The firewall has blocked 10781 access attempts. ;)
19:22:54da4walkerok, should have black design (so that it fits in the car) and also blue lightning (cause old one has that too), of course cd and mp3
19:23:16zeekoedstar5: use sygate personal firewall :)
19:23:55da4walkerI found a lot of radios for about 140 , anyone has experience with these one?
19:24:07da4walkerand it shouldn't take too long until playing of cd starts
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19:26:35Lee_god i swear i can't go a fucking hour without getting diconnected with AOL
19:26:47 Quit dstar5 (Nick collision from services.)
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19:27:02da4walkerok, has anyone of u an VWCDpic and would sell it to me?
19:27:20dstar5not me
19:27:24zeekoeda4walker: where do you live in germany?
19:28:45zeekoeda4walker: where?
19:29:33da4walkerat the very south
19:29:41da4walkerand u?
19:30:10zeekoeholland, norhteast and mid-east (depends on the time of the week)
19:30:25da4walkerah, yeah thats really bad :(
19:30:38zeekoeso i cant just build & bring you one
19:30:54da4walkeryeah, what about shipping, is too expensive or?
19:31:08zeekoedont even know if i can build the thing :)
19:31:52da4walkerthnx anyway
19:32:08da4walkerthen I think I will get a normal cd car radio
19:32:13da4walkerthats the easiest solution
19:32:33da4walkerok, have to go now
19:32:43 Quit da4walker ()
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20:20:41zeekoemidk: can you show me your water?
20:21:28midknot atm, sorry..
20:21:32midkin a little bit
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21:01:19dstar5bye bye
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23:07:21elinenbeJens: how much more const'ing is left to do?
23:08:15amiconnelinenbe: All variables that are (easily) const'able are done, however there is still a bunch of work left to do:
23:09:07elinenbeamiconn: how much space savings have you achieved?
23:09:56amiconn- change all declarations of functions that take pointer arguments to data they do only read into taking pointers to const
23:10:31amiconn(no space at all from this one, but it will make using const data in other places easier)
23:12:25amiconnSpace saving of my latest const'ing (steps 1 to 5) is almost 1K (recorder)
23:13:27amiconn- change the way sysfont is compiled in, to included it with the glyphs already rotated into rockbox native bitmap format
23:14:39amiconnThis will save another 4K of the current data section, and replace this by only a little above 2K in the .rodata section (!) -> rockbox will even become almost 2K smaller by doing this
23:17:42amiconnConst'ing the grayscale lib & plugin was an exercise only
23:17:43 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
23:18:22kurzhaarrocker!seen zagor
23:19:00amiconnkurzhaarrocker: You have to /msg logbot
23:19:27kurzhaarrockeror make ask logbot directly :)
23:19:51zeekoehey, cool, didnt know that it was possible :)
23:21:36 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:22:08amiconnzeekoe: If you wanna know what logbot can do for you: /msg logbot cmd
23:22:45 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
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23:53:20elinenbeamiconn: good work!
23:53:38 Join midk [0] (
23:57:38amiconnelinenbe: I just found that the saving from steps 1..5 is even a little more than 1K ;)

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