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#rockbox log for 2004-08-05

00:02:34pvhzeekoe: "Switch box" or "fuse box", usually.
00:02:56zeekoei knew it
00:03:06amiconnGrrr, this also doesn't werk.
00:04:48zeekoeamiconn: what if you made it a plugin?
00:04:58zeekoenot that nice, but probably works
00:06:03amiconnThat wouldn't be possible (recording is deeply integrated with the rockbox core)
00:06:45amiconnI'd very much like to know wtf is going on with that
00:07:16zeekoeor just execute it in ram...
00:07:32zeekoedoes archos run out of rom?
00:29:12amiconnWth was that??? Now it worked _once_ after boot (even for several recordings, as long as I didn't leave the recording screen)
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00:29:32amiconnAfter that, still nothing. I gues I'll give up for today.
00:29:46midkyour efforts are appreciated... or something. ;]
00:29:51midkjk. of course they are.
00:30:12zeekoerockbox doesnt record always too
00:30:29amiconnI guess I'll need Linus and his logic analyzer to shed some light on that phenomenon...
00:33:46zeekoeshed shed
00:34:02zeekoeit's late here..
00:34:11zeekoedoing weird things
00:35:47midkzeekoe, maybe you can test another build in a little bit of clock?
00:36:09zeekoewhy not :)
00:36:18zeekoebut my plugin api is incompatible now
00:36:40amiconnzeekoe: If you added the new function(s) at the end, it shouldn't
00:37:45zeekoeso i should add them at the end
00:38:05amiconnYup. There is also a comment that says so...
00:38:39zeekoein plugin.c or plugin.h or both?
00:38:42zeekoeoh comment...
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00:42:56zeekoemidk: ok, send me the clock
00:43:36midkhang on
00:49:07midkshould be done.. let me just test it real quick
00:51:38midkoops, bug.
00:52:40midkoki oki.
00:54:43 Part amiconn
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01:05:44dstar5bye bye
01:05:53midkleave now.
01:06:02zeekoeme too i think
01:06:09dstar5midk: why?
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05:09:42dstar5i love you midk
05:09:50midkfeel free to drop dead
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05:37:49midkhi there
05:37:59Jonodudehow are you?
05:38:57midki'm fine thanks
05:39:06JonodudeI'm great.
05:39:14JonodudeEspecially since I finally decided to install Rockbox. ;)
05:39:29JonodudeI have a question though
05:39:42Jonodudewell two actually
05:40:14midkfeel free to ask them..
05:40:30Jonodudewell, it's about charging the batteries with Rockbox
05:40:47Jonodudeshould I turn it on first so Rockbox loads and then start charging?
05:41:04midkrecorder or player?
05:41:20midki'd suggest turning it on first... but either way works
05:41:21JonodudeIs it any different from using the default charging firmware thing?
05:41:35midkrockbox has a special "charging algorithm" that charges them better
05:41:46midkless wear and tear on the batteries with rockbox..
05:42:07midkhave you considered flashing? then when you plug it in rockbox charges instead of having to turn it on first
05:42:29JonodudeAh... I read the Battery FAQ... must not have seen that.
05:42:38Jonodudethat's a good idea*
05:43:06midkplus you get a ~3 second boot tome
05:43:17Jonodudeuh, where do I set that
05:43:26midkthat's only if you've flashed
05:43:38midkthen rockbox boots directly instead of the archos firmware
05:43:47Jonodudehow do I do it?
05:44:06midkhere you go
05:45:52Jonodudeah, well, this looks a bit too complicated for me. :\
05:46:10Jonodudesounds cool though
05:46:11midkit's actually pretty simple.. if you want i can help you through it
05:47:19Jonodudeso... do I or do I not have to take it apart? :P
05:47:41midkyou don't have to take it apart.
05:48:03Jonodudeoh good, for some reason I thought I did. :P
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05:48:16midkall you have to realize is that there is a small small chance of a fail, if your batteries are close to dead
05:48:31JonodudeAh, well, I just charged them up tonight. :)
05:48:52midkyou'd more than likely be fine. it's one of those situations where i'd like to guarantee it would work, but i just can't :)
05:49:30Jonodudeso no one sues you or anything. ;)
05:49:57midkquite a few have flashed. probably over a hundred. i recall only 2 or 3 fails. and one of them was because someone purposefully did something wrong... idiot. ;]
05:50:02Jonodudeso what do I do first?
05:50:25midkok start your box
05:50:46Jonodude(long wait) okay!
05:50:50midkgo to the menu, choose "info", then "debug - keep out", then "Dump ROM contents"
05:51:13Jonodudeokay... red light flashed a bit... done?
05:51:22midknow "view hardware info"
05:51:44midkdoes it say on one line "Flash: M=BF D=D6".. or something like so?
05:52:03Jonodudeit says "Flash: M=?? D=??"
05:52:13midkagh.. you can't flash :\
05:52:21midksucky! it's rare, but it happens
05:52:21Jonodudeaww.... why?
05:52:29midkyou have no programmable flash
05:52:58midkyou just don't. most models do, a couple don't
05:53:07midkdifferent chip
05:53:27midkof course you could always accidentally drop it and get an rma for a new one which may or may not have the correct chip ;]]
05:53:37midk*cough cough*
05:53:55JonodudeMy sister wants to borrow it tomorrow. ;)
05:54:15midkdah.. oh well :p
05:55:05*Jonodude is saddened
05:55:25JonodudeWell anyway...
05:55:46midkwell... next time you've got a few weeks you don't need it be sure to take it on a rigorous hike or something.
05:56:13Jonodudeheh heh
05:56:14midkmaybe go swimming! a few seconds should do it
05:56:30Jonodudewould they really accept that?
05:56:56midknot if you told them you dropped it off a cliff or jumped in a pool with it
05:58:54JonodudeSo anyway, what happens when the battery is done charging?
05:59:17midkit just stops filling it..
05:59:36JonodudeI don't know if this is correct, but it seems that with the default charging firmware thing, if I leave it plugged in, it just starts over again.
05:59:43midkrockbox has a trickle charge feature, on by default.. it keeps it at or very near 100% by charging very little when it gets high
05:59:53midkstarts over?
06:00:29JonodudeIt seems that way. Sometimes I leave it to charge overnight, and when I wake up, it's still not done
06:00:56JonodudeAnd sometimes it seems to take very little time, when I'm actually keeping an eye on it.
06:01:16midkwell charge it with rockbox running and see how it goes
06:01:27JonodudeSounds good. :)
06:02:23JonodudeAlso, Rockbox says my battery capacity is 1500 mAh, it's actually 1800 mAh, or so says the battery
06:02:39midkchange the capacity
06:02:52midkrockbox thinks the battery capacity is 1500 because you didn't set it to 1800 - it doesn't auto-detect
06:03:09midkit defaults to 1500, the archos battery capacity.
06:03:16Jonodudeoh... where do I do that?
06:03:37midkmenu -> general settings -> system -> battery
06:04:29JonodudeI've got "Deep Discharge", "Trickle Charge" and "Battery Capacity"... is there supposed to be something else?
06:05:13Jonodudeoh... I pressed "Up"... it worked. :P
06:05:33midk:] good.
06:06:23Jonodudecool. So how does that affect things?
06:06:28midkhmm.. have you by chance tried the clock plugin yet? i need a little bit of input on a new settings screen
06:06:43midkit more accurately displays % and time remaining
06:06:43JonodudeNo, but I was wondering about that one
06:06:51Jonodudeah, very good.
06:06:58Jonodudelet's see... clock...
06:07:05midki wrote the clock.. :)
06:07:13JonodudeNot bad, really
06:07:21midkthe buttons change things...
06:07:24midkf1 if you need help.
06:08:14Jonodudeooh, the non-analog clock is nice
06:08:36midkdigital - linus wrote that one.
06:08:45midkfor lcd mode i used the digital "engine"
06:09:17JonodudeSomething to consider: 12-hour time
06:09:23midki did that
06:09:33midkagain, check f1 for help - f3 is an options screen
06:09:40Jonodudeoh, never mind...
06:09:45midkpretty much anything you can think of is configurable
06:12:03JonodudeHey, after I do f3, then go back to the clock, the function buttons don't work
06:12:28midkyou must have a REALLY old build of it.
06:12:34midkis there a logo when you start it up?
06:12:48JonodudeNo, just says "F1 for Help!"
06:13:03midkok unzip this to your archos
06:13:09midkOH but
06:13:11midksave your settings first
06:13:15midkit will reset them.
06:13:28midkmenu - general settings - system - manage settings - save .ccg file
06:13:56midkwhen it gives you a keyboard just make not of the name - probably config00.cfg - and then hit OK
06:14:03Jonodude...or "write .cfg file"?
06:14:12midkunzip the zip to the box, and when you reboot rockbox load that cfg file
06:14:14midkyeah, that's it
06:14:57midkheh, well that last build you had of clock was awful - please erase it from memory
06:15:28Jonodudethis newer one must really be something, then. ;)
06:16:06midki don't want to brag, but imo, yeah, it really is :) i've included a lot more settings, a few different modes.. blech. just try it.. ;] too hard to list everything that happened
06:16:21Jonodudeokay, so I had another question...
06:17:34Jonodudewhen playing a song, if I go to Menu-Info-Show ID3 Info , it doesn't seem to recognize or access the genre
06:17:44Jonodudewhen I'm sure there is
06:18:09midkhmm.. well one tip i have for you is that at the WPS, F1+ON is a shortcut to the id3 info menu
06:18:30midkas for it not recognizing, i have no idea on that one... i never played around with that code. although i was considering writing a new id3 viewer
06:20:20Jonodudeso is it possibly a bug?
06:20:31midkcould be, yeah
06:22:47JonodudeI think there was one other thing, but I forgot...
06:22:55Jonodudebut I'm really enjoying the Rockbox.
06:23:01midkgood. :)
06:23:09midk(that you enjoy it)
06:24:13JonodudeI especially enjoy that it can display ID3v2, thus show the whole name.
06:28:42JonodudeI'm gonna go load that thing you linked me to...
06:28:49midksounds good..
06:29:00midkthen perhaps you could give me a little input on one thing?
06:39:42Jonodudequick question:
06:39:52midk sure
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06:40:11Jonodudethere are two files titled something like "internal_rom_0000_FFFF" - are those from the ROM dump thing I did earlier?
06:40:25midkyeah. you can delete them
06:42:47Jonodudesilly question: is it okay to just pull the USB cable out of the player while it's still on?
06:43:32Jonodudeah... hang on
06:44:08midkhmm.. what model?
06:44:41midki seem to find it's ok with the recorder 20 which is usb 2. any of the other models (with the exception of fm, and v2) have a problem with it since they're usb1
06:45:24midkyour changes don't take effect with the usb1 models if you unplug them - if you copied a new file with a usb2 model and unplugged you'd see ti fine, but if you copied a new file with a usb1 model and unplugged you wouldn't see the new file.
06:45:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
06:50:37Jonodudeah. Okay
06:50:41JonodudeI've got Recorder 20.
06:50:43JonodudeSo I'm cool.
06:50:55Jonodudehey, how do I delete stuff?
06:51:34midkon+play on the file
06:51:37midkhold on, press play.
06:51:43midkyou can delete, rename, etc.
06:52:52JonodudeOkay, thanks.
06:53:16JonodudeWhat input did you want about the clock?
06:53:34midkwell give it a try out first
06:53:42midkmost importantly the settings menu
06:53:47midk(at f3)
06:54:19Jonodudelooks fine to me
06:57:26midkok so you see how it works right
06:57:39JonodudeYeah, certainly. :)
06:58:22midkok.. so i have a new setup for this menu here (as far as button handling and checkboxes).
07:00:49midkcurrently the new settings menu is only at analog mode
07:00:57midkso digital/lcd/binary/full still acts the same
07:01:13midkso feel free to try the old way under digital and the new way under analog
07:01:23JonodudeI gotta
07:01:30midkhmm.. sure
07:01:31JonodudeI'll come back later
07:01:34midkseeya later
07:01:41JonodudeIt was talking with ya and thanks for the help. :)
07:01:55Jonodudewas nice*
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11:49:29midkhmm.. is there anyone around available to try something for me?
11:49:30 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:03:42 Join |[Kwietsche3]| [0] (
13:03:48|[Kwietsche3]|hallo ?
13:04:08|[Kwietsche3]|germans here ?
13:07:18midknot i.
13:07:50|[Kwietsche3]|hey i saw you yesterdey
13:07:59|[Kwietsche3]|right ?
13:08:34midkpossibly.. can't remember.. i think so. :]
13:09:16|[Kwietsche3]|is someone from this channel germen ?
13:09:22|[Kwietsche3]|do you know one ?
13:09:40midknot that i know of, sorru
13:09:51|[Kwietsche3]|mh shit
13:10:01midki can try my best to explain a solution if you have a problem
13:10:40edxgermen? German?
13:10:58edx<−− German
13:11:02|[Kwietsche3]|mh i wanne install avos but if i make something wrong i have a problem so i search someone who can explain me how to install perfect
13:11:05|[Kwietsche3]|edx ??
13:11:06|[Kwietsche3]|deutsch ?
13:11:28midkyeah, that's it.. i remember now.. you were in #avos.. or #linav
13:11:56midkmaybe tomorrow i can help you through it. it's about 4 oclock am and i have to go to bed
13:12:05|[Kwietsche3]|ah ok
13:14:34 Quit amiconn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:14:35 Join amiconn [0] (
13:20:37midkLine 219
13:23:24amiconnmidk: Your first const array ;-)
13:23:56midk:) i guess i was a little too brutal with my policing.
13:25:11midkuh oh.
13:25:14midki broke something
13:25:26midkand i think i can guess what is wrong
13:25:48midk...and he was correct.
13:26:30amiconnWhat's wrong with it?
13:27:14midk'warning: duplicate const'
13:27:21midkoddly, i didn't get that on the target build and overlooked it on the simulator build.
13:30:41midkhmm.. bedtime. nite
13:30:47amiconnThis is in line 267...
13:30:47 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:31:38midkconst unsigned char timesup[] = {
13:31:45midki just fixed that.
13:32:17midkbut the cvs viewer considers it line 219
13:32:59midkah, it's saying that was like 219 in the last build
13:33:04 Join mattzz [0] (
13:33:19midkeither way, it should be fixed.. if it isn't, feel free to take care of it :)
13:34:06 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
13:34:13amiconnmidk: I don't get a warning...
13:34:35midk|sleepamiconn: nor i, like i said.. but for some reason it shows up in the logs
13:39:10amiconnmidk|sleep: Obviously you did fix this in the meantime. In 1.14, there was 'const const' written in line 268, which will of course give you a warning
13:39:30amiconnmattzz: Hi
14:34:16 Quit mattzz ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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14:49:31 Quit |[Kwietsche3]| ("All I want to do is DO it !!! DÖNER SCHMECKT GUT !!!!!!!! #CATTY RULES !!!!!!")
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16:25:40 Join nevs [0] (
16:26:14nevsanyone here?
16:26:32dwihnome is
16:27:08nevsi was wondering
16:27:26nevsis it possible for there to be a menu item with the top 20 songs played?
16:30:20dwihnotheoretically, yes
16:30:23dwihnocurrently, no
16:31:07nevsand i was plugins can u dl for rockbox
16:31:51nevscoz there is a menu item saying open with, but i have no plugins
16:34:16dwihnoHow did you install it?
16:34:27dwihnoThe distributions comes with the plugins
16:35:03nevserm the last time i updated i tried out the new auto installer
16:35:30dwihnotry checking /.rockbox/ for a directory containing .rock files
16:35:53nevsoh and one more thing
16:36:11nevswhen you scroll in the root directory, is it possible to make it scroll faster?
16:36:22 Join blufrog [0] (BlueFrog19@DIALUP-147-33.TNKNO2.USIT.NET)
16:36:23nevsi have changed all the scroll settings to there fastest
16:36:31nevsbut it is still slow
16:36:33blufrogmmm ahhh home again
16:36:49nevsand i have a folder per artsit, so i have a hell of a lot of folders
16:36:49blufroghi everyone. wahts new/
16:38:35blufrognevs whats up. what you talking about
16:39:57blufrogok ... cyas
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16:40:06nevsu going
16:40:17blufrogmaybe soon
16:40:31blufrogu takinh bout archos?
16:40:33nevshow do u make rockbox scroll through the root directory quicker
16:40:35dwihnonevs: what do you mean by scrolling faster?
16:40:46nevsso it goes quicker
16:41:00dwihnonevs: scrolling vertically? well, you could hold the "on" button when pressing up/down to achieve a pageup/pagedown effect
16:42:13nevsthat works
16:42:17nevsmakes it faster
16:42:26nevsbut can i make it do that without having to press on
16:42:51nevsits still to slow
16:43:08nevsi have folders named a-z in artists
16:43:44blufrogare you using an archos studio 20? a recorder 20? recorder v.2? ... 340..? gmini..?
16:43:54dwihnothen test the original firmware and you'll see slow ;)
16:45:22nevsusing the studio 20
16:45:44blufrogif i were you, i would make ten directories
16:45:50nevsno the original firmware is soooo slow
16:47:01nevsif it wasnt for rockbox, the archos would be crap
16:47:12blufrogone of them A-C and one D-F and one G-K, L-M, N-P, Q-R, S, T-V and W-Z
16:47:33nevsnah the on+ method will do me fine i reckon
16:47:46nevsthx for that tip dwihno
16:47:56dwihnono problemo
16:48:06blufroghey nevs, why dont you just buy a ipod, then you will know what crap really is
16:48:15nevsI HATE IPOD
16:48:21blufrogipods more like crap spraypainted gold
16:48:23nevsall my firends have them
16:48:32blufrogreally? all your gay friends
16:48:35nevsi got my studio 3-4 years ago
16:48:49nevsand everyone was amazed at mp3s lol
16:48:49blufrogthe recorder is much much better than the studio
16:49:03nevsnow ppl go , nice brick
16:49:04blufrogi recently put my HD back in the studio, and yeah it does kinda suck.
16:49:15nevsbut the ipod is not an mp3 player, its a fashion accessory
16:49:31nevswhy is the recorder so much better
16:49:33blufrogbuy a recorder and get a HD upgrade. its nice
16:49:43dwihnothe recorder is DA shiznat...
16:49:47blufrogrecorder boots faster, and you can see about 7 titles at once
16:49:49nevsi dont need to record from any audio source
16:49:50dwihnothe font stuff makes it all worthwile
16:50:03dwihnoit has a lcd display instead of charcell
16:50:06nevsjust coz the wrting is smaller
16:50:09blufrogrecorder also lets you see all the info on the Currently playing track
16:50:25nevsi brought my studio 20 for £210
16:50:43blufrogyou can see Title, length, trackno., size of the files, what its recorded at, artist, all the ID3 tag info
16:50:52blufrogi bought my recorder20 for $70
16:50:53nevsi dont need that crap
16:51:01blufrogyeah nevs, ya do
16:51:12blufrogrecorder is better than sex with a dead horse
16:51:29blufrogi bought it on ebay, cause someone didnt have the powercord and couldnt test it
16:51:46blufrogso i bought it, plugged it in, scandisked it, and it works like new
16:51:47nevsthe gemni looks good
16:51:52dwihnoblufrog: hah, cool!
16:52:03blufrogrecorder ist better, cause of the batteries
16:52:15dwihnoYeah... I prefer regular batteries anytime!
16:52:20nevsoh comapred to the gemni
16:52:30blufrogAA nimhs man. you can charge up about 20 of them at once and play the recorder for a week
16:52:36nevsi got 2500mah batteries last ages
16:52:39dwihnoOtherwise, Archos' can halt the product cycle anytime by simple stopping the battery supply
16:52:59blufrogaa nimhs make the recorder superior
16:53:14nevsyes but the recodre is even bigger than the studio
16:53:22dwihnothe studio also uses AA batts.
16:53:23blufrogpoor archos, they didnt build into the studio/recorder all the crap that ipod did
16:53:25nevsand the stuido is bigger enough
16:53:40blufrogrecorder is same size as studio
16:53:45nevsno its not
16:53:49nevsits bigger
16:53:54dwihnonevs: erhm. no?
16:54:05*dwihno has seen the units side by side. the size is the same
16:54:13blufrogi dont mean to sound like a faggot, but does anyone here have pete yorn mp3s
16:54:24nevswell, from what i have read and seen with other ppl recorders they are bigger
16:54:37blufrogive taken them both apart to upgrade the HD. exactly same except for the mic and the screen size
16:55:06dwihnothere is some hardware differences
16:55:18dwihnobut not anything a regular joe will notice
16:55:25nevsi think the ipod does have a good organising system and it sounds better i think
16:55:28blufrognaturally, but nothing visible except the screen and the mic/jacks
16:55:40nevsdoes the ipod make mp3s sound better?
16:55:53blufrogif i had $400 .. i dont think id get ipod. id getta AV340
16:56:06nevsi like the way how u can browse by artist,albumn and song
16:56:07dwihnoimho, the rec20 has the best sound I've ever heard on a portable mp3 player
16:56:20nevsbut i hate the touch senstive wheel and the whiteness of it
16:56:22dwihnonevs: you decide how to organize your music... not the software.
16:56:34nevsthe software
16:56:43nevsthe ipod is soooo much easier to browse msuic
16:56:54nevshave u used one?
16:56:55blufrogdwinho ... do yo know anything about the av340 ?
16:56:57*dwihno has only touched an ipod briefly
16:57:03nevsthat would be why
16:57:08dwihnoblufrog: not really... I'm a 100% recorder guy
16:57:30dwihnonevs: What I'm trying to say, is, that with the rockbox software, you can store the music any way you want to...
16:57:32nevshow big is av340?
16:57:43nevsoh yeah i know that
16:57:57nevsbut what i am saying is the ipod does have a better browsing gui system
16:58:14dwihnoCan't say I've tested it that much
16:58:19nevstry one
16:58:20blufrogdwinho, was thinking thata 340 would be good, to rip video into. my friends got COMCAST ON DEMAND and i would like to get some Ali G
16:58:39nevshow much bigger is the av340 comapred to recorder 20?
16:58:50dwihnonot that much...
16:58:56dwihnoIt uses a different breed of battery
16:59:20dwihnocustom made li-ion, I think
16:59:23blufrogteh 340 is about the same size, i imagine. has them there. the lcd is huge
16:59:26nevsno look at the av 400
16:59:31dwihnodamn it's hot
16:59:35nevsu want the av 400
16:59:39*dwihno went home - it's too damn hot to work
16:59:41nevsthat looks nice
16:59:55nevsu seen the av 400?
17:00:15nevssurely thats better than av340?
17:00:18blufrogi just wonder how good the encoding is. i wish i could see the files it produces
17:00:34blufrogbetter, maybe more expensive though. they both encode well i think
17:01:16nevson the recorder
17:01:25nevshow good is the recording from a mic?
17:01:50blufrogits good. they used to say VBR up to 160
17:02:00blufrogbut now i think that rockbox can make it VBR up to 192
17:02:18nevsbut it needs a mic pre amp?
17:02:35blufrogyou dont have to have a mic. it has one on it, mono
17:02:51nevsi would need stereo
17:03:05nevsmono is crap
17:03:12blufrogtheres an input jack in the bottom, stereo in
17:03:32blufrogbut if you're just carrying it around and need to record a speech or something, its got the built in mono
17:04:04blufrogif the speech turns into a month long debate, you can record it all at low VBR
17:04:22nevsbtw can u buy new batterie covers
17:04:32nevscoz mine have all the paint weared away
17:04:34blufrognot that i know of
17:04:38blufrogyeah me too
17:04:46nevswould look nice with new covers
17:04:50nevsor diffrent colours
17:05:06nevsdiffrent bumper coulours would be cool
17:05:37blufrogi dont use the batt. covers
17:06:19nevswhy not
17:06:22blufrogi carry mine around au natural
17:06:23nevsthey fall out
17:07:03blufrognow they wont. the rubber edges keep them in tightly
17:07:07nevswhat i really want that they should of made is a backlight lcd remote
17:07:22nevsso u dont need to take it out ur pocket
17:07:47blufrogwhy would you want to take it out of yourpocket
17:07:51nevswhat is the best hd mp3 player on the market
17:08:05nevsto change the onsg
17:08:47blufrogjust enque the songs, its easy to do,. espcially with the recorder
17:08:58blufrogthe recorder also has the F1, F2, F3 buttons
17:09:28nevsok, last question whats the best hd mp3 player ?
17:09:51blufrogi think that the recorder Version 1 is
17:10:10nevswhat about the gemni
17:10:19nevsor phillips mp3 player
17:10:21blufrogbuy a recorder version 1 from archos, and get the HD upgraded to 80 gigs
17:10:32nevsthats too much
17:10:34blufroggmini is ok. but its an ion battery
17:10:46nevsi dont need 80 gigs
17:10:56blufrognah. you can encode at 224 and then put everything on there
17:11:05nevsi encode at 320
17:11:11nevsthe songs that i lsiten to alot
17:11:29nevsi have songs encoded at 540
17:11:48nevsi got 18gb of pure music
17:11:54nevsthats alot for me
17:12:02blufrogon a 20 gig machine though, u prolly got just 140 albums or so
17:12:18nevsthats alot though
17:12:33nevsi got 4312 songs i think
17:12:35blufrogdo you ever play internet poker?
17:12:48blufrogi got 3900 on my 20 gig
17:13:03blufroginternet poker is addictive and time consuming, and financial draining
17:13:08nevsbut i got like eg vice city radio files 60 mins each !
17:13:37nevsso thats like 6 radio stations
17:13:51blufrogi encode stuff like that at about 32 VBR
17:14:06blufrogi have david cross's album at about 32 mono vbr
17:14:13nevsoh btw , i cant find the update vbr header on my studio
17:14:18blufroglots of audiobooks at about 26 VBR
17:14:30nevs i used to have it
17:14:39blufrogim not sure. didnt know studio even had that
17:14:43nevsyeah it did
17:14:54nevsused to be on the on+play menu
17:15:18nevsoh a cool function i want is how long you have listen to music for
17:15:22nevsso it records
17:15:36nevsso u can see how much music u listen to in days, or hourse
17:16:33blufrogoh this is a tragedy..
17:16:54nevsim looking at it
17:17:11blufrogyou mean a log of data, for the times youve listened to music for the whole month? thats a pretty cool idea.
17:17:33nevsnot just each month
17:17:36nevsfor ever
17:17:48blufrogsome kind of internal log would be good, to show you what the systems done. when you've charged the batteries, when youve powered on;off, etc..
17:17:52nevsso u can see how many mins of ur life u have listen to music
17:18:11blufrogyeeah but i guess it would be easiest if it made a file for each month and updated it or something? i dunno
17:19:05nevsthat recorder is in mint condtition
17:21:38nevsa gemni 120 for 115 pounds
17:22:29blufrogthat busted recorder?
17:22:42nevsi was joking
17:22:59nevswoah i found a new recorder 20 for 87 pounds
17:23:07nevs160 dollars
17:23:08blufrogthats like 140 bucks?
17:23:13nevsthats cheap
17:23:13blufrogget this... seriously
17:23:29nevsbuy it now
17:24:18nevslooks ok
17:24:37blufrogyeah i'd buy it. might buy it myself
17:25:11blufrogprolly buy a 60 gig HD for $100, and some new batteries...
17:25:11nevswhy do u want another one
17:25:14blufrogit would run like a charm
17:25:24nevshow many archos's have u got
17:25:49blufrogi need to format the HD in my recorder, its a 40 gig
17:25:55blufrogi took teh HD out and put it in my studio
17:26:27nevsi found anoter one
17:26:32nevs169 dollars
17:26:37nevsbrand new in box
17:26:46blufrogtoo much. dont pay more than $125
17:27:28nevsthats 70 pounds for a 20gb mp3 player
17:27:31blufrogyeah. these things never break YOU know that, I know that...
17:27:53blufrogive had my studio for ... three or four years
17:28:00nevsme too
17:28:03blufrogevery time i thought it had broken, i just replaced the batteries
17:28:04nevs4 years my stuido 20
17:28:13nevsmine has got broken once, touch wood
17:28:21nevsoh but one problem i noticed reencetly
17:28:50nevssome songs , it plays 30 secs, then stops , and crashes or continues playing but u hear nothing
17:28:56blufrogi remember i paid about 200 for the studio. that was a long time ago. worth it though
17:29:04nevs200 dollars
17:29:12blufrogmaybe 250
17:29:18nevsi paid 220 pounds
17:29:24blufrogholy crap
17:29:41blufrogmy advice...
17:29:57blufrogbuy a recorder 20 off ebay, get a broken one. try to pay fifty bucks for it
17:29:58nevsin dixons, if u know what shop they are, they weere selling a archos 6 for 299 pounds
17:30:20blufrognevs where are you in uk
17:30:27nevssouth east
17:30:40blufrogever hear of a band called Boxer Rebellion
17:30:51blufrogoh ok.
17:30:52nevswhat kind of music do u like
17:30:59nevsnot metal
17:31:06blufrogthey are alright,
17:31:11nevsi hate metal
17:31:19blufrogthey are influenced a lot by Oasis and that mid90s stuff
17:31:25nevsok i like oasis
17:31:31nevstry supersonic
17:31:33blufrogthey sound more like coldplay though
17:31:36nevsdamm thats a fine song
17:31:40blufrogsupersonics nice.
17:31:54nevsno but i hate metal and slipnot shite
17:32:00nevsand stuff like that
17:32:06nevsits pure crap
17:32:20nevsi like rock, jazz, some pop, indie rock
17:32:34nevssome hip hop and rnb but not much
17:33:30blufrogi hate creed, slipknot, nickelback, etc
17:33:39blufrogstuff blows ass, royally
17:33:59nevshey look at this a New ARCHOS AV380 80GB VIDEO PLAYER RECORDER
17:34:08blufrogpop is good, rock, rockabilly, alternative, alt-country
17:34:35nevs for 656.165 USD
17:34:43nevs is that good?
17:37:47nevswhat about this a Archos Ultra Small Gmini 220 20GB MP3 Player Recorder for 282.511 USD
17:39:30 Join BlueFrog7 [0] (BlueFrog19@
17:40:01nevswho is blue frog 7
17:40:16BlueFrog7hey buddy
17:40:22BlueFrog7sorry about that its me. i got disconnected
17:40:24nevsu bluefog?
17:40:26nevsoh ok
17:40:28 Nick BlueFrog7 is now known as blufrog-here (BlueFrog19@
17:40:28nevs282.511 USD
17:40:39nevswhat about this a Archos Ultra Small Gmini 220 20GB MP3 Player Recorder for 282.511 USD?
17:40:53blufrog-herehere i am. ive been gone for abit
17:41:16nevs285 for gemni 220 is that good
17:41:26blufrog-herelet me check
17:41:28 Join AciD [0] (~acid@
17:41:45nevsor i found a hey look at this a New ARCHOS AV380 80GB VIDEO PLAYER RECORDER for 656 dollars
17:42:29blufrog-hereholy poop thats a lot of money !
17:42:39nevsso that is a bad deal
17:42:58blufrog-herei wonder what those are like though.. i wonder if you could just get a 420 and then manually install a 100 gb hrd
17:43:36 Quit blufrog (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:44:02nevsName: Team Lz0
17:44:02nevsS/N: 4723-360111
17:44:09 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:44:12nevswrong paste
17:44:53blufrog-herelol... ios that your social no. ?
17:46:03nevsok i gtg
17:46:53 Quit nevs ()
17:47:43 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:48:16blufrog-herehi nib
17:48:22 Nick blufrog-here is now known as blufrog (BlueFrog19@
17:49:29 Quit Nibbler (Client Quit)
17:50:04blufrogbye everyone
17:55:30 Join sethians [0] (~jirc@
17:58:44 Join Wanderer [0] (~nomad@3ffe:401d:2021:0:0:0:0:1)
17:58:50Wandereranyone know the maximum size filesystem you can create with a "WIN95 FAT (LBA)" and mkfs.vfat ?
18:05:11 Quit blufrog (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:05:59 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:16:29 Quit sethians ("Leaving")
18:34:25 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:01:39 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
20:02:55pvhUrgh, my Rockbox is still playing at half speed.
20:32:54 Join dstar5 [0] (
20:32:55amiconnAnd I still don't get why the %&$@ recording doesn't work most of the time if rockbox is running from ROM :(
20:33:24amiconnpvh: Did you try mp3s with other sampling frequencies than 44.1 kHz?
20:34:00midkhmm.. :\
20:34:42 Quit pvh (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:35:15midkoh great
20:37:27 Join silencer [0] (
20:37:41dstar5midk: i agrea
20:38:57dstar5<midk> oh great
20:38:57dstar5<midk> ;]
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20:42:55 Quit silencer ("leaving")
21:01:12 Join pvh [0] (
22:30:06 Join Lee_ [0] (
22:30:06 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:30:19 Nick Lee_ is now known as dstar5 (
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22:56:48dstar5amiconn: i think my work is done
22:56:51dstar5testing it now
22:58:03dstar5works good :)
22:58:14boofaWorkmy 80gb drive died.
22:58:19boofaWorkand i lost a bunch of code.
22:58:23 Nick boofaWork is now known as kaboofa (
22:58:23DBUGEnqueued KICK kaboofa
22:58:26dstar5boo :(
22:58:39kaboofanow i need to wait about a week for my tapes to get here so i can at least get some of my code onto my 60GB
23:05:43midki don't believe this.. now you have seperate settings for each mode just like me...
23:06:14 Part amiconn
23:06:27dstar5midk: ???
23:07:15dstar5humm i change one more thing
23:07:21dstar5default settings
23:10:37dstar5midk: why should i not have seperate settings for each mode? the chariristics are so diferne't that you should...
23:14:44 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:19:11 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
23:28:25 Join zeekoe [0] (
23:32:54 Join Smooth [0] (
23:33:52 Join amiconn [0] (
23:40:48Smoothanyone alive here?
23:41:16Smoothhi mi
23:41:37midkhi track
23:41:50Smoothhi mikeholden
23:43:17midkback later.
23:43:48 Quit midk ("Leaving")
23:44:32zeekoeme alive here
23:44:32 Join dstar5 [0] (
23:45:10Smoothoh boy
23:46:16dstar5ohh boy what!!!!!
23:46:41zeekoewhich boy?
23:47:53Smoothsomething that one of the (mi)'s says
23:49:07 Join scott666 [0] (
23:51:53zeekoeSmooth: what did which mi say?
23:52:12dstar5(oh boy)
23:52:29Smooththere are 2 (mi)S in the rockbox regime
23:54:16zeekoeSmooth: you call midk 'regime'?
23:56:17Smoothwell there is (mi)dknight and (mi)keholden
23:56:33Smoothboth equally ______________________ (I'll leave you to fill in the blank) :-)
23:58:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:58:52*kaboofa starts chanting with Funker Vogt

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