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#rockbox log for 2004-08-06

00:00:00Smoothman that request what someone filed last year
00:00:04Smoothwas funny
00:00:10kaboofawhich one?
00:00:22Smooth"Make the normal Recorders pick up FM like the FM recorder"
00:00:50kaboofaonly 200 hrs of music :(
00:01:05*kaboofa sighs as he starts ripping cds again
00:01:15Smoothyou could write a plugin called "FM chip emulator plugin"
00:01:42zeekoeyou can downsample the line-in
00:01:54zeekoemake a mixer, mix the input with about 88 MHz
00:02:02zeekoethen demodulate it
00:02:09zeekoeyou'll need a faster MAS though
00:02:23kaboofain soviet poland, faster MAS needs you!
00:02:59zeekoepolish humor i guess
00:03:00Smoothi miss othello
00:03:03zeekoehar, har, har
00:03:05kaboofaHar har har, polish humor.
00:03:08kaboofa<3 you CTRL+L
00:03:16zeekoe<3 ???
00:03:18kaboofa<Control L> I <3 you too tom.
00:03:22kaboofa<3 == heart
00:03:23Smoothbring back OTHELLO
00:03:26kaboofatilt you damn head!
00:03:27dstar5Smooth: get it from BC's site
00:03:33zeekoectrl+l is evil
00:03:35zeekoenow i lost all
00:03:43kaboofai have it bound on irssi
00:03:49kaboofait will probably make your computer explode on uh...
00:03:58kaboofaon xchat
00:04:02kaboofai don't know
00:04:09zeekoenah, it clears the screen
00:04:19kaboofaI used xchat.. twice
00:04:22kaboofai think
00:04:31*dstar5 uses xchat
00:04:39zeekoehow nice for you
00:04:50dstar5-dstar5- VERSION xchat 2.0.10c Windows 5.1 [i686/1.00GHz] :)
00:04:52zeekoebuy a beer and go party
00:05:01zeekoedstar5: how can i do that?
00:05:02kaboofairssi is my favorite client
00:05:15zeekoeVERSION xchat 2.0.8 Windows 5.1 [i686/1.86GHz]
00:05:17kaboofaI still have my Benny Benassi album
00:05:24dstar5zeekoe: right click your name CTCP, then Version
00:05:24zeekoebenni what?
00:05:29kaboofait's a guy
00:05:31kaboofathat makes techno
00:06:39zeekoetechno bad
00:06:47kaboofassh, don't tell anyone i listen to it
00:06:47zeekoenapster bad
00:06:51kaboofajazz good
00:06:58zeekoehm.. dunno
00:06:59zeekoerock good
00:07:08SmoothI cheated the MSN music site once
00:07:09zeekoeayreon good
00:07:14kaboofaAphex Twin good
00:07:17zeekoeSmooth: how?
00:07:19kaboofaAtreyu sorta good
00:07:44kaboofaa band
00:07:52zeekoesounds good
00:07:56*zeekoe open kazaa
00:08:11kaboofai hope you're running nod32 :|
00:08:16zeekoenod what?
00:08:19Smooththeir files consist of WMA files you can only play a few times on your system
00:08:24kaboofanod32, virus protection program
00:08:33kaboofanever mind.
00:08:49Smoothso what I did was prior to playing a file, I hooked up my Archos to the digital out on my sound card and recorded the playing file
00:08:59Smoothand captured the digital signal that way
00:09:09kaboofamy friend ******* wrote code to strip that out :)
00:09:23kaboofahe also made 'asf neuter' because he was sick of popups while watching pornos.
00:09:31kaboofait stripped the URL string out of the file
00:09:33kaboofait works on wma too
00:09:51kaboofaSmooth: grep the file for U\0R\0L\0
00:09:52Smoothno copy protection is undefeatable
00:09:54zeekoewma == asf
00:09:54kaboofareplace \0 w/ null
00:10:09kaboofazeekoe: i thought asf was usually video
00:10:14kaboofai don't use wma by choice anyways
00:10:27zeekoei know that wmv is about the same as asf
00:10:37kaboofaclose enough
00:10:51zeekoeboth patented stuff
00:11:05dstar5brb nature is calling me :)
00:11:09zeekoenot convertible to anythinh normal
00:11:26zeekoenature called me 10 minutes ago
00:13:12dstar5me back
00:15:28kaboofawelcome back
00:15:29kaboofai'm lazy.
00:15:31kaboofai use unix.
00:15:47zeekoemaybe i gonna use linux too
00:16:04zeekoeif it has nice virtual dub like things
00:16:27dstar5ohh god lol for /. :Disney Enters PC Market
00:18:27zeekoeanyone looking at the source (nytimes)
00:18:34zeekoeuse scriptkiddie as username/password
00:19:19dstar5that extension for firefox?
00:19:31dstar5never used it
00:19:32zeekoeit also has a firefox extension, yeah
00:19:44zeekoespeaking of ugly
00:20:50dstar5I would feel so dirty browsing for porn on that thing.
00:21:24kaboofai wouldn't
00:22:02dstar5Lawyer: Mr. Mouse, you said want to divorce Minnie, because you think she's crazy?
00:22:02dstar5Mickey: Listen good this time: She's fucking Goofy!
00:22:50kaboofamy eyes are thirsty as hell
00:22:53kaboofai should start blinking
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00:27:24Guesthello there!
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01:21:35zeekoeway offtopic: does anyone know a program to check how many errors there are on a certain cd?
01:30:53zeekoedvd actually
01:31:00zeekoei said it wrong
01:31:17zeekoei remember there must be such a program, somewhere
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02:11:30pvhSo with my screwy rockbox, seeking in the file takes me to the right time, but letting it play runs at just below 1/2 speed...
02:11:36pvhThis really sucks.
02:16:30 Part pvh
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04:14:18kaltekhey does any1 know if theres an os for the multimedia av100
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06:44:41Guest123i've been reading through the mailing lists and can not seem to find an answer to my problem
06:45:22Guest123there are a few posts regarding the topic of "dir buffer is full!" but nothing is conclusive
06:46:14Guest123does anyone here have experiance with this problem?
06:48:32Guest123is anyone here?
06:55:53Guest123hello... anyone?
06:56:46Guest123help me please
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10:42:13midknite all
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13:46:54oxygen77ant cvs guru here?
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16:17:44dstar5my archos is now flashable!!!!!!
16:18:04dstar5at 11:00pm i swaped the entire cpu board of my old archos
16:18:11dstar5into the new
16:19:56 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:27:50dstar5now time for rombox :)
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16:49:34dstar5see you later amiconn: please email me with any things you want changed in the vu meter dstar5 _aT_ gmail -DoT- com
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18:21:30amiconnhi [IDC]Dragon
18:25:54[IDC]DragonHi Jens!
18:26:09[IDC]Dragonhave you fond the recording problem?
18:26:54amiconnUnfortunately not. It seems to be a timing issue with the recording init.
18:27:14[IDC]Dragonnot you MAS version check
18:27:20[IDC]Dragonwhat a pity
18:29:08amiconnNo, since the check did accept too many versions as being version B2 (it accepted all version ?2) variants. So this didn't change anything for me, since I actually have a version B2 mas.
18:30:02[IDC]Dragonhmm. A commit in that area was stirring my hopes...
18:30:34amiconnI stumbled upon this when comparing the datasheet with the code...
18:31:15amiconnI did a number of first tests: For running from ROM or RAM, entering "recording mode" 8 times and trying to start a recording 8 times each. (so 128 tries in total)
18:31:30amiconnFrom that, I found the following:
18:31:56amiconn(1) When running from RAM, it did always work (surprise!)
18:32:31amiconn(2) When running from ROM, it did work in 25% of all tries
18:32:59[IDC]Dragona bad quota
18:33:29[IDC]Dragonhave you tried moving parts of the recording init to IRAM?
18:33:32amiconn(3) (From ROM): If it worked in the 1st try after entering "recording mode", it worked for all 7 other tries until leaving recording mode
18:34:16amiconn(4) Dito, if it didn't work in the 1st try after entering recording mode, it didn't work for the 7 remaining tries either
18:34:55amiconnSo this is why I suspect the recording init - it is only called when you enter recording mode
18:35:33amiconnIf the init worked, recording was fine, if it didn't, I get always 30 bytes of garbage (plus ID3v2 and Xing header)
18:36:40[IDC]Dragon(code move) Or, we should open a small code section in DRAM, move parts there to narrow it down
18:36:59amiconnI tried moving one part of the init to IRAM - the drain_dma_buffer() function. It didn't help, however, I didn't do failure quota tests for that
18:37:44[IDC]DragonIs drain_dma_buffer() a part of the recording init?
18:38:07amiconnThe next thing I'll try is using the old transfer code from before my asm optimization (yes, :( ), and do quota tests with that.
18:39:01[IDC]DragonI doubt that this will help, but it's a desparate attempt
18:39:27amiconnThe recording init isn't 100% clean anyway, since some users occasionally reported hanging recording even with ordinary RAM rockbox
18:40:11amiconnI presume this issue will need some logic analyzing
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18:40:46[IDC]Dragonthat is tedious to set up
18:40:57[IDC]Dragonmoving code is easier
18:41:26amiconnbtw: draing_dma_buffer() does poll the mas almost the same way as rec_tick does, only that it doesn't save the data anywhere
18:42:29amiconnSo I guess using the old transfer routines won't help here, but I'll do these tests just to be sure
18:49:35[IDC]Dragontime to go home
18:49:46 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make")
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20:24:49amiconnpvh: U there?
20:25:18dstar5amiconn: my unit is now flashable :)
20:26:14amiconndstar5: Nice :)
20:26:33dstar5replaced the CPU borad with the one i my old archos
20:27:05dstar5i have one thing to fix
20:27:30dstar5the two points where the usb is connected to the cpu board, i cn't get soldered back in
20:27:49dstar5should i clean all the solder out of the holes to get it back in?
20:30:48amiconndstar5: I don't knoe exactly what connections you mean, but if you only don't get them in because of solder in the holes, then you should probably do that
20:31:03dstar5amiconn: ok
20:31:59dstar5rombox is cool i had 1.811 mb i think
20:32:12amiconndstar5: Did you try recording?
20:32:18dstar5(150 dir buf, 3000 playlist buf)
20:32:25dstar5yes, it does not work
20:32:30dstar5froze at size of 30
20:33:37amiconnI did more thorough tests, see backlog
20:34:27dstar518.26.54 # <amiconn> Unfortunately not. It seems to be a timing issue with the recording init.
20:36:11amiconnI would be interested which mas version you (and others) do have. I suspect that all recorder models have the B2 version...
20:36:48amiconnI should extend the debug menu to get that info
20:37:56dstar5i amthinking about trying the 8mb ram mod i have a video card (32mb) with 4 of what appear to be the right ram chip
20:37:57 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:38:00amiconnMy suspicion results from a statement in the mas specs that _may_ have been misinterpreted a bit by Linus
20:38:30dstar5they are hynix HY5DV641622AT-36
20:38:35 Quit edx ()
20:39:04dstar5the init?
20:40:16amiconnNo. The specs describe a procedure (called version B2 "black magic" by Linus) necessary to set up recording.
20:40:17dstar5humm looks like the wrtong chip has 30 pins, the right one should have 25
20:40:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:41:35amiconnThis was interpreted by Linus in a way that only the B2 version needs this "black magic" to set up recording. I rather suspect that the B2 version is the only one capable of recording at all
20:41:56amiconn..and since all recorders can record, they must have version B2
20:42:39*dstar5 looks at the mas doc
20:44:46 Join midk_ [0] (
20:45:33dstar5me just found a bug in the debug info if you go into view mas regs, and go all the the way to ~107, the music hangs, and the box crashes
20:45:41amiconndstar5: See p. 28, section
20:46:08dstar5i am still oading the doc..
20:46:14amiconndstar5: With rombox?
20:46:20dstar5amiconn: yes
20:48:54dstar5just did it again, did not crash, but the music stopped, and would not play again until reboot
20:49:33 Quit midk (Nick collision from services.)
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20:50:29dstar5amiconn: that does sound right to me.. only the B2 recordes
20:51:46dstar5time for lunch see you
20:51:47amiconndstar5: The bug you discovered does also occur when running from ram
20:52:01 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
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21:05:33*midk is away: doom3
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22:39:42 Join nevs [0] (
22:40:10zeekoesomeone talking :)
22:40:35nevsdoes anyone know of there is a windows media player plugin for archos jukebox?
22:40:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:41:09zeekoelike wma?
22:41:26nevsjust a protable device plugin
22:41:36nevsi looked on the microsot website
22:41:42nevsbut theres none
22:41:44zeekoeoh no
22:41:47nevsim not talking about wma
22:41:51zeekoewhat does that do?
22:42:01nevsmeans u can send playlists directly to archos
22:42:15zeekoefile, save as :)
22:42:42nevsdo u know how to wipe ur media libary in media player
22:43:08zeekoehmm sorry, i don't think i can be of much help
22:43:21zeekoeall i use is winamp for mp3 and media player classic for movies
22:43:23nevsoh ok
22:44:07zeekoei'll open wmp and play around a bit
22:44:22nevsone it
22:44:24nevsits ok
22:44:28nevsi found out how
22:44:57nevsnow what i do is plugin jukebox then add all the files and make a star rated playlisy
22:45:31zeekoewhat's star rated?
22:45:55nevsu know like 5 star songs and stuff
22:46:17zeekoeuh ok
22:46:20nevs5 star is the best, 1 star the worst
22:46:24nevsso i rate all my songs
22:46:32nevsthen just make a playlist of 5 star songs
22:46:37zeekoeso you can choose to play all the good ones :)
22:46:45nevscoz i have sooooooooo many songs
22:46:58nevsi have a playlist with just amazing songs that i like
22:47:11zeekoehow many songs?
22:47:22nevs5000 or so
22:47:26nevsits alot to me
22:47:29zeekoethat's much
22:47:44zeekoehave you listened to them all?
22:48:09nevsu know the ipod
22:48:11zeekoe:P same for me i guess
22:48:27nevsit has a cool function, showing all the songs u havnt listened to
22:48:38nevsand it has built in , most played songs
22:48:46 Quit Salokyn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:48:51*zeekoe thinks
22:49:29zeekoe...would this be easily possible on rockbox too?
22:49:40nevsi spoke to someone about it
22:49:56nevsthey said yes/no
22:50:44nevsi hope it could be done
22:50:53nevslike top 30 songs played
22:51:12nevsalso i would like anthoer function to see how many hours of music u have listen to
22:51:26nevsor how long the jukebox has been on
22:52:00nevswhy do ppl join this room if they dont chat?
22:52:11nevsits only me and u
22:52:56 Join zeekoe2 [0] (
22:53:11nevsdisconnected hey
22:53:50zeekoe2lousy lan cable
22:54:07nevsnot many ppl speak here do they?
22:54:12nevswhy do they bother to join
22:54:19nevsWAKE up eveeyone
22:54:30zeekoe2quite some of the people here speak every once in a while
22:54:36zeekoe2not all of them
22:54:45zeekoe2at least, for what i've seen
22:54:57nevsi know dwihno speaks
22:55:04zeekoe2btw, there is already a function to show how long rockbox is running
22:55:13nevsis there?
22:55:21zeekoe2somewhere in the debug menu
22:55:27nevsfor just one seesion? or since u installed rockbox
22:55:56nevsalso i want a item for how for how long u have been listneing to music in days or hours
22:56:06nevsthat would be nice
22:58:52zeekoe2i think it's the time since you changed batteries
22:59:07zeekoe2i dont have an adapter for my jukebox (yet)
22:59:33nevsu need to change ur batteries?
22:59:56nevsi got 1800 mah in mine now
22:59:57zeekoe2only once in, say, 8 hours of listening or so
23:00:02zeekoe2i got uh
23:00:30nevs8 hours?
23:00:37nevssurely longer than that
23:00:47nevsi get 12-15 hours of mine
23:01:12zeekoe2i'm doing all kinds of weird stuff with it
23:01:38zeekoe2only got it about 3-4 weeks ago, and it's holiday
23:01:51zeekoe2when going to school again i'll probably get higher playing times
23:01:58zeekoe2yeah, recorder 20
23:02:04zeekoe2and you?
23:02:06nevshow did u discover rockbox?
23:02:10nevsi got studio 20
23:02:26nevsrockbox is amazing
23:02:28zeekoe2i got larger display, that may drain some batteries
23:02:42zeekoe2dunno exactly how i discover rockbox
23:02:52zeekoe2about a year ago i wanted a jbmm20
23:03:09zeekoe2and i was reading all stuff about it, joined mailing lists, etx
23:03:27nevsoh ok
23:03:31zeekoe2people were complaining about the firmware, and why there wasnt rockbox
23:03:36nevsi was a member of a yahoo group
23:03:52zeekoe2and then, this year, i wanted to find an mp3 player, and it became recorder 20
23:03:56zeekoe2really good choice
23:04:01zeekoe2nevs: what group?
23:04:09nevserm the archos one
23:04:19zeekoe2which archos one?
23:04:35nevs6000 or someting
23:04:41zeekoe2i've heard of it
23:06:05nevshow much did u buy ur recorder for
23:06:54zeekoe2Eur 199
23:07:05nevsoh ok
23:07:13nevsoh sorry i wa playing around
23:07:22nevshavnt used this prog much
23:07:31*nevs slaps zeekoe2 around a bit with a large trout
23:07:33 Quit wake ("leaving")
23:07:43*nevs slaps zeekoe around a bit with a large trout
23:07:48zeekoe2oh no... mirc
23:07:50 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:07:51*nevs slaps dwihno around a bit with a large trout
23:07:58 Nick zeekoe2 is now known as zeekoe (
23:08:02DBUGEnqueued KICK nevs
23:08:02*nevs slaps dwihno around a bit with a large trout
23:08:20zeekoeall aol users use mirc :P
23:08:33nevswhy aol users
23:08:38nevsdo i use aol?
23:08:47nevshow do u kno
23:09:01nevscoz my ip aol ibt... crap
23:09:09zeekoe /whois nevs
23:09:56nevsu have surfen hetnet adsl
23:10:17zeekoehetnet adsl surfen
23:10:31nevsu using mirc
23:10:55nevsu on ur evualtion time?
23:10:56zeekoehetnet is a dutch isp, means "the net", and surfen means surfing
23:11:00zeekoeof course not
23:11:04zeekoemirc is not free
23:11:08nevsfor me it is
23:11:22zeekoeif i was at all using it, it would be warez mirc :P
23:11:33zeekoejust using xchat
23:11:34zeekoethat is free
23:11:49zeekoebut no funny slapping around using trouts
23:11:59midkOLD XCHAT ALERT
23:12:12midkcmon. 2.0.10c is out,and he's using 2.0.8
23:12:27zeekoewhats the difference
23:13:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:13:52*amiconn finds the closest large object and gives zeekoe a slap with it
23:14:08zeekoeamiconn: using mirc too?
23:14:24amiconnOoops.... No, using HydraIRC
23:14:39zeekoedoes it have insults too?
23:14:57amiconnzeekoe: It's as simple as to write /slap <user>
23:16:07zeekoemidk: does xchat have a /slap plugin?
23:16:21midknot that i know of
23:16:24nevswtf is with all this insult rubbush
23:16:39nevswhats going on
23:16:39zeekoenevs: you started :)
23:17:02*nevs slaps zeekoe around a bit with a large trout
23:17:07nevswhat does that do?
23:17:25zeekoewhat does what do?
23:17:31nevsthe slap
23:17:38zeekoecan't you see it?
23:17:43zeekoe<nevs> what?
23:17:43zeekoe* nevs slaps zeekoe around a bit with a large trout
23:17:47nevsis that it
23:17:53nevsahh ok
23:17:56zeekoeme wants it
23:18:04nevsi gtg
23:18:10nevscya tommorw o or something
23:18:16nevshappy rockboxing
23:18:22 Quit nevs ()
23:18:40 Join jayms [0] (
23:31:15zeekoehmm... something went wrong i think
23:31:28zeekoei did this: H:\>halftone ST_TNG_The_child.avi ST_TNG_The_child.yuv -m 23.976
23:31:42zeekoeand now rockbox thinks the video lasts really long
23:31:53midkwhy not just use the gui?
23:31:56midki tried it, it works great.
23:32:37midkbut it takes a long time depending on your cpu.. how long is the clip?
23:34:14zeekoe45 minutes
23:34:26midkhow long has halftone been going?
23:34:37zeekoeit works
23:34:48zeekoebut now i have it on rockbox
23:34:53 Join edx{code} [0] (
23:34:53 Quit edx (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:35:02zeekoeand rockbox thinks it's like 80 hours
23:35:05midkyeah.. the progressbar seens off?
23:35:05zeekoeor 80 minutes
23:35:06zeekoenot sure
23:35:15zeekoeand the image is all distorted
23:35:35midkhm, i don't know much about arguments to halftone..
23:35:43 Quit edx{code} (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:35:47 Join edx [0] (
23:36:04zeekoei try the one without sound
23:36:21zeekoe-m is movie_fps
23:36:33zeekoeand i set it to 23.976
23:37:50amiconnzeekoe: (1) The input file for halftone is the .yuv, the output is the .rvf. .Avi has nothing to do here
23:38:20zeekoei did really weird things
23:38:23amiconn(2) -m is either 29.976 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL). 23.976 is a weird value
23:38:40zeekoeactually what i really did was .avi to .mp3 ....
23:38:47zeekoebut it is 23.976215
23:39:00zeekoethe gui tells me, mplayerc tells me, gspot22 tells me
23:39:25amiconnHmm. Then it's obviously not directly derived from tv/dvd/vcd
23:40:09amiconn(as I almost always assume, since most of my .rvf files are dvd conversions)
23:40:28zeekoei think it came originally from dvd
23:40:36zeekoeit has ac3 sound and stuff
23:42:19amiconnMaybe it's grabbed from an NTSC dvd, then the 3:2 pulldown was removed (inverse telecine process). Cinema is 24 fps
23:43:21amiconnActually, NTSC is 29.97 fps
23:43:39zeekoei know
23:44:14zeekoe24 / 2 * 3 = 36
23:44:25zeekoewhat's the 2:3 pulldown?
23:46:10amiconn3:2 pulldown is necessary to convert 24 fps (cinema) to ~30 fps (ntsc). One original frame is copied to 3 consecutive video fields, the next original frame is copied to 2 video fields
23:46:47zeekoeokay... cool
23:46:56zeekoehow do they do this with pal?
23:47:01zeekoethat's 25 fps
23:47:03amiconnThe movie then plays 0.1 % too slow on ntsc - not noticeable
23:47:36amiconnFor PAL, 1:1 pulldown is used, so the movie plays ~4 % too fast - this is sometimes noticeable
23:48:56amiconnNote that it is called 1:1, however it should be called 2:2 to be consistent with the ntsc 3:2
23:49:05zeekoehey... would that be why lotr3 was minutes shorter at home than in cinema...
23:49:18amiconnyup. I noticed that too
23:49:36zeekoei guess the sound is sped up too?
23:50:19zeekoeprobably takes quite some ugly resampling...
23:50:54zeekoebut you probably won't notice when played 48 thousand frames per second
23:50:57amiconnIt is sped up and the pitch goes up too
23:51:36amiconnThis is noticeable by individuals with "trained ears", since this is more than a quartertone
23:51:50zeekoeso... if there's some music in cinema, and i want to play along in guitar...
23:52:09zeekoei'd have to tune it a bit
23:52:49zeekoeyay! the video works nicely now!
23:53:55zeekoethanks for noticing, amiconn :-)
23:54:06zeekoei should use the gui

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