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#rockbox log for 2004-08-09

00:12:38Smoothlol like that guess the mp3 feature request
00:12:55midkbc wrote a plugin for that iirc
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01:00:59solthis is rockbox irc right?
01:01:16solok may i ask for some advice?
01:01:29soltoday, on the train to work,
01:01:42dstar5you dropped it?
01:01:46solsuddenly song titles (filenames) were no longer appearing
01:02:05solyet, initially, i could see them and select songs
01:02:06midkyes, that'd be because your files are incorrectly id3 tagged.
01:02:12dstar5sol: do you see the files while on usb?
01:02:13midki'd suggest you create your own wps
01:02:18soli think it is worse than that
01:02:27soli mean NO FILES
01:02:33midkthat would be it if the rest of the info was still there..
01:02:38midkoh, you couldn't see them at all?
01:02:45soland when i now connect via usb2 to xp box
01:02:46dstar5midk: DUH!
01:02:59solit is NOT recognized as mass storage device!
01:03:04midkdstar5, congrats. you've reached the next level of immaturity
01:03:44dstar5sol: can you go to main menu, info, debug (keep out), and view partitions?
01:03:57solone sec.
01:03:59dstar5tell me what that says
01:04:28solP0: S:3F
01:04:36solT:C 19061 MB
01:04:52dstar5well... the partition shouls still be there...
01:04:58soli have a feeling it is a corrupt fs
01:05:07soli noticed odd filenames recently
01:05:26soland the kicker is
01:05:37solthat when i mounted on a linux machine
01:05:45solless free space was avail.
01:05:56dstar5sol: well, the drive shold still be recognised even if the partiion is dead
01:06:16solit is not recognized from XP box
01:06:30zemidk: remember how that router runs linux, but the matching pci card doesn't have native linux support?
01:06:54zemidk: here's something funny... i got stuff to telnet into the router, and i cat'd /proc/pci and guess what
01:07:02zemidk: the router uses the SAME chipset as the pci card
01:07:40dstar5sol: well.. i can't tell you anything really...
01:07:52zeso there actually is a native linux driver for that card, basically
01:08:01solprobably, yes
01:08:04zeexcept they haven't released it publically
01:08:15midkze, well why doesn't it work then? tell me that
01:08:28solif i have to make a new fs - what is it so be vfat?
01:08:39zeand i bet it's binary-only in the source release they have of the "firmware"
01:08:48dstar5sol: fat32
01:08:48zemidk: why doesn't what work?
01:08:59soljust one partition?
01:09:00dstar5sol: vfat on linux...
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01:09:12midkze: i mean why didn't your linux driver work with your pci card right away?
01:09:15dstar5you can make multiple partitions...
01:09:26zeand seeings how the router uses a MIPS cpu, i can't even use the binary driver on the pc
01:09:30dstar5but i see no need to
01:09:37solcan = should?
01:09:42zemidk: what linux driver? i haven't even tried to get it working yet
01:09:42 Join gromit`` [0] (
01:09:48soli'll give it a try when i get
01:09:55solwhat a bummer
01:09:57zemidk: the only native linux driver that exists for that chipset
01:09:58dstar5sol: hope you get that :)
01:09:58midkze, uh, you tried yestarday, didn't you?
01:10:04zemidk: is on the router
01:10:10zeno, i still haven't installed the OS on there
01:10:13zelike i told you
01:10:24midkthe pci card.
01:10:26midknot the router
01:10:39dstar5are you talking about that one routr that you can install linux on?
01:10:39zei still haven't installed the OS on the pc that the pci card is in
01:10:45zeso how can i try a driver
01:10:53zedstar5: it's not just that you can install it on it
01:10:57midkze, you just TRIED YESTERDAY.
01:10:59zedstar5: it comes with linux on it
01:11:16zedstar5: the linksys wrt54g and wrt54gs
01:11:20ze(we've got the gs)
01:11:39dstar5:) i have heard about those :)
01:11:47zethe linux deal for it is actually just a telnetd and set of basic commands so you can telnet in and check it out
01:12:16dstar5i heard that wa done through a flaw in the ping
01:12:21zeand also linksys released the "firmware" (read: their own linux distro) for it source
01:12:34zeand there's forked versions of that firmware available that you can flash on it
01:13:01zebut the page i found that links to their firmware source download page mentions that they released the source to "all but a few binary-only drivers"
01:13:12zewhich probably includes the wifi chipset driver :/
01:13:15zebut i'm gonna check anyway
01:13:23zei'm downloading the source... it's 150mb
01:13:41midk150mb? holy shit.
01:13:51dstar5thta shouldnot take long
01:13:52zewell figure it's probably the kernel source
01:13:56zeplus source to various other stuff
01:14:20zewell i got about 36 minutes left
01:14:21dstar5i could get that in about 30 secs or less :)
01:14:26dstar5at the library
01:14:29solthanx fellas - be back soon
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01:14:39zei'm on 384/96 dsl
01:14:43midkuh, i thought the connection was 1.5 megabytes a second max? that
01:14:47dstar5the kernel source uncompressed is a few hundred mb...
01:14:49midkthat's assuming the server can upload that fast
01:15:02dstar5midk: would be for 10mbit NIC
01:15:16midk"for 10mbit NIC"?
01:15:18dstar5midk: i do get servers sometimes that fast though...
01:15:22midkwhat do you mean, for?
01:15:27dstar510mbits= 1.5mbytes
01:15:28zemy uncompressed 2.4.25 source tree is 191mb
01:15:33midkso.. 150mb at 1.5mbps isn't 30 seconds
01:15:41zeactually 1.25 sin't it
01:15:53dstar5somethign like that
01:16:14zeso 100mbit
01:16:20zeis 12.5MB/s
01:16:21midktry something more like 100 seconds
01:16:34zemax, not counting tcp overhead and whatever else slows shit down
01:16:42dstar5i have downloaded fedora in 1min 45 secs :)
01:16:54dstar5(1 disk)
01:16:56dstar5of it
01:17:11ze150mb would take 30 seconds to download at 5MB/s
01:17:36Hadaka10Mbit NIC is 10 000 000bit NIC, remember that too - so it's not binary megs
01:17:37midkheh. fedora is ~700mb. you can'd do 700mb at 1.5mbps in 1m 45s
01:17:47zeHadaka: gah
01:17:55midkit'd take more like 400 seconds
01:18:00zedamn stupid hardware makers
01:18:03midkassuming again that the mirror was that fast
01:18:09midkwhich they RARELY are
01:18:12dstar5midk: the librars's NICS are 100mbit
01:18:12zeit's binary stuff
01:18:21dstar5the mirror was local....
01:18:23zei can see the utility of representing the measurement in base-10
01:18:24dstar5same city as me
01:18:25zeit's easier to read for people
01:18:32zebut you shouldn't actually make the measurements in base-10
01:19:47zei dunno i guess it's all mixed up anyway
01:19:53midkdstar5, your internet connection limits the speed, usually, not the NIC
01:20:20dstar5midk: OSU has a oc connection...
01:20:23dstar5not sure which one
01:20:38zebut still, if it's n bits, it's (2^n/8) bytes, and bytes/2^10 kb, and kb/2^10 mb
01:20:41midkyou get 1.5mbps. you told me that.
01:21:03dstar5no i didn't
01:21:06zemidk: when did he say that?
01:21:15midknot to you. to me
01:21:36dstar5you can see it
01:21:59dstar5when i am at the library tomorrow, ill make a screnshot of me going at faster than 1.25 mbytes
01:22:08midk1 . 5 m b p s
01:22:10midkONE. POINT. FIVE.
01:22:18zewhat gets 1.5
01:22:24ze10mbit is only 1.25
01:22:28zeso if he can even get 1.5
01:22:33zethen he must be on 100mbit
01:22:50midkze: he told me, that his speed, was, 1.5mbps. i'd like to see a screenshot of this.
01:22:53zein which case he can get whatever the internet connection can do
01:22:55dstar5i can make mutible ones of you want, just incase you think i am faking
01:23:06zeand if it's got an oc-something
01:23:07dstar5i will even take a webcam tomorrow, and make screnies that way
01:23:10zethen i'm sure it can do better than 1.5
01:23:21dstar5ill show a note next to the monitoa also so you know :)
01:23:24midkze: i want to SEE this. do you not understand?
01:23:41zei never saw him say anything about 1.5mb/s
01:23:51zeand even if he did, was that specifically in reference to the library's connection?
01:23:57dstar5midk: brain fart?
01:24:00midkbecause you're never in the oft-occurring private chates we partake in
01:24:09zei see
01:24:11midkused to, that is
01:24:24zemy water bottle's gone retarded
01:24:25midkeven if he said it in the channel you wouldn't have noticed
01:24:29dstar5i thought i heard midk's brain fart!
01:24:31zedamn dasani bottles are all lame and stuff
01:24:43zei drop it twice and now 2 of the little feet dealy (which are dumb anyway) got squished in
01:24:50zeso it barely stands up on a hard surface and not at all on carpet
01:25:12dstar5i could use a cherry coke right now
01:25:27zemy parents bought diet pepsi or whatever it is
01:25:38zeand a bottle of cherry syrup to add to it to make cherry pepsi
01:25:41zebut semi-"diet"
01:25:50dstar5good one
01:25:50zeeven though cherry syrup + diet pepsi
01:25:57zeprobably has just as much sugar as cherry pepsi
01:26:09zeplus toxic artificial sweeteners
01:26:38 Join sol [0] (
01:26:46zethey bought it at sams club or costco too
01:26:55zeso it's not just like some little bottle of cherry syrup
01:26:57zeit's like a gallon of it
01:27:07dstar5ze: you live on west coast?
01:27:22solok, got the fm juke to be recognized as usb mass storage
01:27:33dstar5sol: good :)
01:27:40solonly prob = still no filenames
01:27:41dstar5sol: any more problems?
01:27:51soli can see all files when mounted from XP box
01:28:19solbut can't see music while going thru folders in rockbox
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01:28:41dstar5sol: maybe you can try pressing F2, and change the Show files settting to all files
01:29:15soli can see all the files from xp
01:29:33zesol do you always umount (in linux) or eject/"safely remove hardware" (in windows) before unplugging the device?
01:29:37zesol: he means in rockbox
01:29:40dstar5it may be for some reason that the mp3's are hidden... rockbox does not show them, unless you are showing all fiels
01:30:48soldamn i'm a moron
01:31:03dstar5sol: :)
01:31:11dstar5sol: you don't sound likea moron
01:31:20dstar5sol: you can use linux right :)
01:31:51soli can
01:32:17sollazy is more like it - need to skim the rockbox doc.s
01:32:39dstar5sol: and better than someone that just pooped in a knoppix, you can actauly mount a device :)
01:33:25solthanx ze and dstar5
01:34:13solcan rockbox use other fs than vfat?
01:34:49dstar5sol: nope fat is supported because most users are in windows, and cant use partions like ext2/3 or reiser fs or whatever
01:35:18 Join gromit`` [0] (
01:35:28dstar5and adding support would take more room valuable in rockbox
01:35:31solgotta say, i love my rockbox! got the thing on ebay for $60, fixed it - today was my first problem :)
01:35:43dstar5sol: 60$ nice!
01:35:58solyes, the doof used the wrong a/c adapter b4
01:36:14soland the battery terminals were bent so that they no longer contacted
01:36:20dstar5sol: heh mine came with a bad one also, and also alkaline abtteries in ti ouch!
01:36:53soli just need to get off my azz and put a mini jack in the car so i can listen on the road
01:37:00dstar5but i don't think the person actauly used it with those batteries, just popped those in when it was sold
01:37:34dstar5sol: :)
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01:47:04solipods are whimpy!
01:47:42 Quit Smooth (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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01:49:40solipods are whimpy!
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01:54:09zeah this firmware source comes with the whole build environment apparently
01:54:48zeand glibc source
01:55:05zeand linux kernel source
01:55:18zeand holy crap it's taking up a lot of space untarring
01:55:29midkhow much
01:55:35zeok that was weird
01:55:40zei had 1.1G free or so to start
01:55:48midkuh oh.
01:55:51zeand it got down to only 385MB free
01:55:59zeand then it started going back up
01:56:08zeand there was 567mb free
01:56:22midkare you done with your stupid busy-ness now?
01:56:22zenow there's 320mb free
01:56:35zei haven't even installed the OS on the pvr system
01:56:36zeso now
01:56:43zeok 708MB uncompressed
01:57:45solze what are u doing? (if u don't mind me asking)
01:58:05zethe wl driver is indeed a bunch of .o files just waiting for linking into a module
01:58:13zehmm but they're not stripped
01:58:22zei wonder if they could be reverse engineered by somebody who knows how to do such things
01:59:37zesol: setting up a PVR system
01:59:45zesol: and i gotta get this linksys wifi card working on it too
02:00:28zei was hoping i could steal the native linux driver for it from the linux distro that comes on the router/wap that uses the same wifi chipset
02:00:36zebut it's binary-only compiled for MIPS
02:00:49zeso i gotta use this ndiswrapper deal to use the windows driver in linux for it
02:00:52zeisn't that retarded?
02:01:10solsounds frustrating
02:03:50soli have directv, thus was forced to use directivo :(
02:04:17zeyou can't hook directv to a tv card somehow?
02:04:28zeor just not with the quality you want?
02:05:03solplus, the directv receiver can not be controlled by tv card
02:05:17zewell there's usually ways around that
02:05:24zeif nothing else, with an IR transmitter
02:05:48 Join dstar5 [0] (
02:06:13zeyeah i guess i'm more inclined to rig and hack stuff together than most people
02:06:37dstar5anyone want to see my dl speed?
02:06:49dstar5i can make a screenie right qucik :)
02:08:22dstar5its a little slower than i wanted
02:08:35dstar5only 1.9 mbytes ps
02:09:00dstar5*2.9 sorry!
02:09:36zestill pretty good
02:11:06midkthanks dstar
02:11:23dstar5beat that :)
02:14:57 Quit sol ("Leaving")
02:29:42zeso it turns out that my filesystems on that system are xfs
02:29:52zewhich might be why partition magic didn't support it
02:30:00zebut so i made this parted bootcd
02:30:02zeand got it going
02:30:07zeand go to copy the filesystem
02:30:17zeand "reading xfs filesystem not supported yet"
02:30:28midkno wonder. idiot.
02:30:37zebut why doesn't parted support it
02:36:47 Quit midk ("just STOP it arspy")
02:36:52zethe kernel i used apparently doesn't have xfs support... blah
02:37:13 Join midk [0] (
02:37:16zethe kernel i used apparently doesn't have xfs support... blah
02:37:18dstar5partition magic sticks
02:37:30zeyou mean stinks?
02:37:37dstar5doesnt support many FSA types, and it says my jukebox drive is bad because of settings on sector 63
02:37:39zewell yeah but i'm using parted now
02:37:43dstar5yes stinks
02:38:54zegot i've wasted like 10 cd's on making bootable partition editing cd's
02:39:31zeok this one with an xfs-supporting kernel better support copying xfs partitions
02:39:44dstar5there is no good partition maker/editor ;(
02:39:59zeparted seems ok as far as i can tell
02:40:11dstar5but does not support all partitions...
02:40:31zelike what?
02:41:00dstar5ntfs for one
02:41:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:42:51zeeven with the xfs-supporting kernel parted still doesn't support xfs
02:42:54zeso yeah i see what you mean
02:43:06zegrr so another cd wasted for no reason
02:43:58zei burned another cd with parted with an xfs-supporting kernel
02:44:15zeso i guess i just gotta do it with like cp -a
02:44:16zeor something
02:44:56zelets see...
02:45:06zedoes tar catch anything that cp -a might miss?
02:45:38dstar5who knows... i would think sothough, it was made for unix, and should support all attributes
02:45:56zewhich, cp -a?
02:46:06dstar5i know tar would not work on masosx, since the files on it have a ttributes that tar does not support
02:47:40dstar5why would you have xfs on your sytem anyway? lol
02:47:50zeer why not?
02:48:01zei use it on this system too
02:48:02dstar5why not just use the native ext3?
02:48:07zebecause i had an ext3 partition
02:48:11zeand something happened to it
02:48:15zeand it corrupted the filesystem
02:48:20zeand i never was able to recover any data from it
02:48:23zei lost my whole /home
02:48:30zeso it's like a lot of good ext3 journalling does
02:48:34zeit just lets errors go undetected
02:48:41dstar5i wonder about reiser fs...
02:49:15zei dunno
02:49:18zei forget what it was
02:49:26zeit seems like i looked into reiserfs and xfs both
02:49:35zeand for some reason decided to go with xfs
02:50:10zealthough i've still had some funkyness with xfs too
02:50:16zethe deal with the ext3 screwup
02:50:18zei've got like
02:50:32zewhich altogether has some sorta bugs
02:50:35dstar5 they say its faster... scroll down to the graphs...
02:50:39zewhere it's prone to hardlocks when you use the video card
02:50:42zein 3D
02:50:57zeand i played quake3 a lot
02:51:02dstar5ext3 with journaling is slowest :P
02:51:04zeso i'd get a lot of hardlocks and have to reset
02:51:17zeand it was after several of those that the ext3 filesystem started acting strange
02:51:22zefree space not showing up properly
02:51:26zethen like i/o errors on some files
02:52:01dstar5i will never use ext3 again....
02:52:52zethen i tried to fsck it, and i think i really screwed it up then
02:53:03zeiirc i didn't umount it first, and that was my mistake
02:53:10zeafter that it was unreadable
02:53:32zei've still got a 3GB file that i made with cp or dd of the partition
02:53:40zein case i can recover data from it somehow eventually
02:54:45dstar5i think i will use reiserfs next time i install linux
02:55:09midkreiserfs = not that good
02:55:23dstar5midk, and you know this how?
02:55:40midkput it this way: you know it's good how?
02:56:13dstar5the statistics on speed look way better that ext3 infact ext3 look worse than ext2
02:56:16dstar5just look
02:57:03dstar5midk, so now how do you know it is bad?
02:58:19midki was lying
02:59:42dstar5thought so...
03:08:13zemidk lies a lot
03:08:17midki do?
03:08:22ze"TRY IT"
03:08:27midktry what?
03:08:43midk... you don't make any sense.
03:08:46zeall that crap with my code
03:08:53zeheh like %d would make a difference from %i
03:09:09midkyou're JUST NOW UNDERSTANDING that I was of no use?
03:09:33zei'm just speaking of such
03:09:49zedstar5: a filesystem is basically a kind of database isn't it?
03:10:07zedstar5: so i wonder of using actual databases like SQL or oracle as a filesystem
03:10:18dstar5ﺛﺃﯽﺛﺃﯽze: err i think so kinda of
03:10:18zedstar5: i dunno much about db's though, i wonder what the advantages/disadvantages would be
03:10:29dstar5ntfs uses a database i know
03:10:52zebut the way sql/oracle type databases seem to access data
03:10:56zelike fast fast fast
03:10:57zeand whatnot
03:11:08zei dunno it just seems like that'd be good for a filesystem to do
03:11:19zei think the whole file/directory paradigm might be outdated as well
03:11:26zeless than optimal for modern computing
03:11:38zethough symlinks help
03:11:50zebut really data relates in all sorts of complex ways
03:12:05zethat the whole file/directory system just makes cumbersome
03:12:48zefrom what i can tell, databases seem to be like dynamic in their data organization
03:13:01zebut like i said i dunno much about it
03:13:04zeso i could be way off base
03:14:55dstar5bye bye everyone!!!!!!
03:15:05zei also think the GUI/commandline dichotomy is overdue for a change
03:15:16zei want a nice clean merging with the advantages of both
03:15:17 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
03:22:51zehmm so reiser4 is faster for cp and sync than reiserfs but slower for rm
03:23:05zeand everything else is slow shit
03:23:22 Join Heil_Eri1 [0] (
03:23:24zemaybe i oughtta use reiserfs or reiser4 for the PVR
03:23:35 Join sol [0] (
03:25:07 Quit sol (Client Quit)
03:27:41 Quit gromit`` (Remote closed the connection)
03:29:35 Join gromit`` [0] (
03:30:27 Join dstar5 [0] (
03:30:31dstar5me back
03:31:17dstar5i am goign to play WCII
03:31:23dstar5anyone else have it to play? :)
03:31:46dstar5guess no
03:31:50dstar5see you
03:32:03 Quit dstar5 (Client Quit)
03:39:45 Quit Heil_Eris (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:55:17 Join Ramin [0] (
03:55:30RaminCan anyone in here help me with Cgywin
03:55:57RaminIS ANYONE HOME!!!
03:55:58midkhi. why don't you just ask the question?
03:56:04Ramini did
03:56:07midkuh. give us a few seconds. thanks.
03:56:43midkso you want the answer to "can anyone help me?" and then you'll leave?
03:57:08RaminWell, My problem is that i downloaded Cgywin and installed it 'n stuff. But now i want to know how to compile .C ext.
03:58:41midka plugin?
03:58:49midkis this at all rockbox-related?
03:59:05RaminBut someone in one of the logs was talking bout it
03:59:10midkuh.. you may want to try #cygwin in that case. or visit their website.
03:59:14midkwe compile rockbox with cygwin
03:59:21midk(windows users do)
03:59:29RaminWell can you tell me "How" You compiled it?
03:59:47midkwe use a makefile. it's comprised of a lot of .c files
04:00:23Ramini cant find a makefile
04:00:28Raminim looking at all the commands
04:00:46midk#cygwin may be able to help.
04:01:01RaminBut if you've done it then why couldnt you help me?
04:01:24Raminis it exec -a name?
04:01:37midki wouldn't know. that's not the way we do it. but i doubt it.
04:01:46RaminHow "do" you do it?
04:02:01midkwith. a. makefile.
04:02:29RaminWhats the exact command? Makefile?
04:02:46RaminOr is MakeFile some other program or something..
04:02:46midkit's not a command. it's a file. make file.
04:03:04RaminWell i already have my file out and i named it Thing.c
04:03:12RaminWhat do i do with it?
04:03:38midki already told you. we don't make plain .c files. visit #cygwin or use google. thanks
04:03:56*Ramin slaps midk around a bit with a large trout
04:04:02 Part Ramin
04:11:16 Quit edx ()
04:13:39midkare you still busy?
04:13:53zegcc -o Thing.exe Thing.c
04:14:02midktoo late
04:14:06zeor something along those lines
04:14:10zeyeah i know
04:14:11zebut still
04:14:13zeand yes
04:14:14midkyeah. that's it i'm quite sure
04:14:21zeit's checking for bad blocks
04:14:24midkactually.. it's Thing.o, not Thing.exe (iirc?)
04:14:29zebefore making an ext2 filesystem
04:14:31midkhmm. never mind.
04:14:41midkGet Un-Busy.
04:14:42zeit's Thing.o if it needs to be linked with other .o files
04:15:04zeif it's self-contained then gcc can do the linking for you and output the exe
04:15:14zewithout having to much with any .o files
04:15:18midkS T F Y!
04:15:25zewhats the y?
04:15:32midkhmm. well...
04:15:39midks = stop, y = yelling.
04:15:42midkt = that.
04:15:44midkf = f.
04:15:58zestop that ferken yelling?
04:16:08midkyeah that's it
04:16:19zei'm not yelling though
04:16:22zeyou're the one yelling STFY
04:16:34zeOK, IS THIS BETTER!?
04:16:42*midk shoots monsters in doom3 like he shoots things in real life
04:16:46midkyes. now STFY!
04:16:50midks = start this time
04:17:00zeif i had ops i'd kick you
04:17:14midkbut you don't.
04:17:17midknow STFY.
04:17:39zesoda soda poppy!
04:17:47midkyes ia m
04:17:49zewhat is #vegan
04:17:51midker, i am/
04:17:53zeare you vegan?
04:17:54midkit's a good channel.
04:18:01zeare they?
04:18:06midkmost of them.
04:18:12zewhy is that?
04:18:16midkthey just ar.
04:18:22zenuh uh
04:18:29midkthey choose to.
04:18:37zeright, well choices must have a reason
04:18:40zeor they're not choices
04:18:46zeeven if it's a subjective reason
04:18:48midkthey like animals etc.
04:18:55zewell i like plants
04:18:57midkthey just are vegan!
04:19:01zedoesn't stop me from eating them
04:19:05midkWHY DO YOU LIKE PLANTS?!
04:19:09zebecause they're nifty
04:19:18zei mean look
04:19:26zeyou take this little tiny round thing
04:19:43zeand put it in some dirt and water and light
04:20:04zeand it cracks open and this stuff comes out and forms a structure and does all kinds of stuff
04:20:08zeand gets real big and makes things
04:20:12zeand it's leet
04:20:18midkwtf are you talking about
04:20:19zewe don't have any kindof technology that can do that
04:26:36zebut why not eat cheese?
04:26:50midkhmm. they can't.
04:41:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:11:01 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:00:28 Quit AciD ("a genre of electronic music, characterized by widely distorted layered melodies, which are sequenced and repeated with differ)
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06:54:43 Join Nibbler [0] (
07:17:22 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
08:17:00 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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08:53:31 Join amiconn [0] (
09:16:03 Join edx [0] (
09:27:19 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:47:40 Join Bagder [241] (
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11:01:00 Quit midk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:02:58 Join midk [0] (
11:12:50 Quit gromit`` ("Client exiting")
11:28:04 Join Nibbler [0] (
12:05:18 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:08:08 Join pyed_p1per [0] (
12:10:52pyed_p1permy archos is having difficultys
12:11:38pyed_p1peri plug it in and it shows that is charging, but the batterys aren't
12:11:57Bagdertried new batteries?
12:12:10Bagderthen maybe the charging is broken
12:13:33pyed_p1perif i tell u wat it says in the batt menu in the debug menu will it mean anything
12:14:21Bagderwell, if the batteries don't charge, then it doesn't charge
12:14:33BagderI don't think I need more info than that
12:14:48pyed_p1perany ideas
12:14:48BagderI'm not very good at what particular HW that might've broken to cause this
12:15:11pyed_p1perim from new zealand and i can't buy another 1
12:15:35Bagderpost to q to the mailing list, stating your detailed sympthoms and what you've tried so far
12:17:24pyed_p1perwhen it says its "charging" trickle charge is 0/60
12:20:21 Join pyed_p1per1 [0] (
12:21:37pyed_p1per1there is a voltage across the batt terminals when i take the batt out which is strange
12:23:41pyed_p1per1 i gtg but ill be back 2mrw
12:23:42 Quit pyed_p1per1 (Client Quit)
12:29:08midkBagder, do you know if the recording bitrate is controlled by the MAS only? ie, if there were a better MAS in the ajb we could do better recordings like 256kbps?
12:29:50midkor does cpu speed / other hardware affect it too?
12:30:04Bagderits limited by the MAS only, yes
12:30:26Bagdersince we can play 320kbps, we should be able to record it I think
12:30:44midkhmm. well archos uses the same mas in their av3xx series but they have a firmware upgrade which lets you record at 192kbps cbr
12:31:06Bagderthen they've written MAS-code
12:31:28Bagderor something
12:32:01midkhmm, iirc linus got the docs needed to reprogram it?
12:32:29Bagdermost of the docs was available on the web for a while, yes
12:33:03midksurely he kept them!
12:33:19BagderI know several people have the docs
12:33:41BagderI doubt we'll ever see anything coming out of that anyway
12:33:48Bagderits a hell of a job
12:34:19midkyeah, i can imagine
12:39:36 Quit pyed_p1per (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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13:04:30 Join AciD [0] (
13:31:40 Join ze__ [20] (
13:32:39 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:32:39 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
13:42:16 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:02:42 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:04:01 Join ze__ [20] (
14:04:11 Quit ze (Nick collision from services.)
14:04:16 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
14:07:32midkgo ze. go ze.. woohoo
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15:09:44 Nick midk is now known as midk|sleep (
15:10:09Bagdernight midk
15:43:04 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:18:59 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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17:06:11 Part Bagder
17:33:54 Join Dark-Beat [0] (
17:35:09 Quit Dark-Beat (Client Quit)
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17:45:24 Join scott666 [0] (
18:00:36 Quit scott666 (Remote closed the connection)
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18:34:58 Join dstar5 [0] (
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18:42:44 Join zeekoe [0] (
19:06:37dstar5amiconn: very interesting, amigoos 4.0 was released just last month
19:07:25amiconnI know; however, this is a pre-release only, not the official end-user version.
19:08:19amiconnFurthermore, AmigaOS 4.0 is not a simple update to 3.9 and will not run on the classic Amiga hardware (unless equipped with a PowerPC dual CPU card)
19:25:33zeekoeamiga os 4 released?
19:26:10zeekoeoh... june 2004
19:46:01 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:49:31 Join pvh [0] (
19:50:58 Join Lee_ [0] (
19:51:23 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
19:51:26 Quit dstar5 (Nick collision from services.)
19:51:50 Nick Lee_ is now known as dstar5 (
20:00:09 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
20:35:04 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|tea (
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20:42:16 Join the_angry_angel [0] (
20:43:37dstar5wow never seen an angry angel before :)
20:44:15 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
20:45:22the_angry_angelthis is probably a stupid question, but i cant seem to find the answer on the site: does rockbox support the jukebox multimedia 20GB model?
20:46:47the_angry_angelim 99% sure that it does
20:48:36dstar5there have been some people that started a firmware fo rit i think
20:48:39dstar5let me see..
20:49:59dstar5not seeing it
20:50:03dstar5although there is avos
20:50:08dstar5for av300 units
20:50:52 Part pvh
20:51:11dstar5the_angry_angel: sorry ):
20:51:20the_angry_angels'ok :)
20:51:21dstar5time for lunch
20:51:24dstar5see you all
20:51:29the_angry_angelcya, and thanks
20:51:42 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
21:09:39 Join scott666 [0] (
21:15:08 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
21:18:12 Quit the_angry_angel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:39:07 Join Smooth [0] (
21:42:19 Quit Smooth (Client Quit)
21:43:03 Join AciD [0] (
22:02:41 Join dstar5 [0] (
22:12:43 Join madman [0] (
22:15:56madmanany one here?
22:16:41midkdstar5 is
22:16:50dstar5yes i am
22:17:39madmanhey, can i ask you a quick question?
22:18:22midki'd just ask
22:19:02 Join Lee_ [0] (
22:19:12Lee_sorry got dissconnected
22:19:16Lee_what is your Q?
22:19:21madmanwhenever i try to make a directory, no matter the name of it, i get an error message saying *Panic* Stkov main
22:19:31madmanand i have to hold off
22:19:47madmani have a jukebox recorder 20
22:20:03madmanand the build from the 8th
22:20:45midki get it too
22:21:14 Join gromit`` [0] (
22:22:49madmanother than that, it works fine...
22:24:46 Join the_angry_angel [0] (
22:25:21amiconnmadman, midk: Strange, as I don't get that. How deep in the dir structure are you located when trying to make a directory?
22:25:49midki tried it when overing over /.rockbox
22:25:49 Nick zeekoe|tea is now known as zeekoe (
22:26:48amiconnmidk: Hmm. So you are in the root. I tried to create a number of dirs there, with name lengths of 3..10 chars. No stack overflow...
22:27:06midki named it capital "AA" and hit ok
22:27:23madmani was in the root, and then i tried another folder, neither worked
22:27:24midkthis is an 20040809 build
22:28:33madmani tried lowercase a, and a couple of other longer names, it still gives the error
22:29:51madmanamiconn: are you trying it on the recorder 20?
22:30:02midkrec15 here
22:30:08amiconn(although upgraded to 80 GB)
22:30:41madmando you think it could be a HD error, since you upgraded yours?
22:31:42amiconnNo, this seems to be a problem with insufficient stack (stkov means stack overflow).
22:31:54madmanoh, ok
22:32:17amiconnAlthough I wasn't able to reproduce it myself, I found 2 intresting things about stack usage
22:33:35amiconn(1) Stack usage is very close to 100% (I observed 96..97%) after using "create directory"
22:35:18amiconn(2) (relative) stack usage of the main thread (only!) in ordinary rockbox is different from rombox (which I usually run).
22:36:34amiconnI should find out why (although I suspect Linus' latest changes of the linker script, since the rombox linker script doesn't incorporate them)
22:37:00madmanive never heard of rombox before...
22:37:32zeekoemadman: don't say that too loud here
22:37:38zeekoemadman: it's amiconn's little baby
22:37:57zeekoetogether with [IDC]Dragon iirc
22:38:27madmanhaha, i meant to say that i loved rombox and wanted to learn more about it
22:38:31amiconnzeekoe: It isn't exactly my baby, since [IDC]Dragon invented it...
22:39:12amiconnI "only" found a bug preventing it to work, and then polished rockbox to gain even some more free ram
22:39:40amiconnI just documented it in the wiki today, see
22:39:50 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:39:52zeekoewell, i just hope [IDC]Dragon doesn't read the logs ;-P
22:40:07amiconnUnfortunately, the recording bug is still unsolved...
22:40:19madmanrecording bug?
22:40:32zeekoemy mommy tells me i should shower...
22:40:36 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|shower (
22:40:46amiconnmadman: rombox doesn't always record, see the wiki link
22:41:14madmanim reading the "drawbacks" now
22:41:15zeekoe|showerwell, there is progress, isnt there?
22:41:28zeekoe|showerat first it never recorded :)
22:42:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:43:24amiconnzeekoe|shower: I'm almost out of ideas atm... I'm just reading the i2c specs
22:43:53madmanfor some unknown reason, about a month ago, i read the entire FAQ for the rockbox v2.2
22:44:10madmanwho wrote that? It was hillarious
22:50:35 Quit madman ()
22:50:51amiconnFor the stack problem: I think we need Linus to solve that. I don't really understand his linker script changes...
23:00:45 Nick zeekoe|shower is now known as zeekoe (
23:23:57 Nick Lee_ is now known as dsta5r (
23:24:02 Nick dsta5r is now known as dstar5 (
23:24:13dstar5heh havent been chating in a while ;)
23:24:32 Nick midk is now known as midk|quakeIII (
23:24:45zeekoe20:51:21 <dstar5> time for lunch
23:25:02zeekoe2.5 hours
23:25:15dstar5better than mirc?yep
23:25:48zeekoewhat's better than mirc?
23:27:56dstar5ohh nothing
23:28:06zeekoeyou don't have to tell me ;-)
23:28:34zeekoe<zeekoe> what's better than mirc?
23:28:34zeekoe <dstar5> ohh nothing
23:29:04zeekoenah, that's just the other way around
23:29:09zeekoeok, we try again
23:29:15zeekoewhat's worse than mirc?
23:31:19dstar5nothing is
23:31:26zeekoethat's better :-P
23:32:29 Quit the_angry_angel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:33:45 Join scott666 [0] (
23:35:48dstar5me go get shower and go to lib
23:36:16 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
23:36:26amiconnmidk|quakeIII: Main thread stack size fixed :)
23:40:37zeekoeamiconn: nice!
23:40:52zeekoeso you could find out how the linker worked?
23:41:33 Join Smooth [0] (
23:42:04amiconnyup. I admit that I still don't understand why Linus changed the script in the first place...
23:47:40 Nick midk|quakeIII is now known as midk (
23:47:44midkamiconn, great
23:47:59amiconnHmmmmmmmmm. I got the recording from rombox to work, but I'm undecided if the solution is :)) or :((
23:48:17amiconnLinus! Liiiiinnnnnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssss!
23:50:18Smoothive installed the latest build, no save option in general settings
23:50:33amiconnSmooth: ??
23:53:01 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:53:17amiconnhi Jrg!
23:53:24 Quit Smooth ("leafChat IRC client:")
23:53:27[IDC]Dragonhi Jens et al
23:53:40amiconnDid you snoop the log?
23:53:46[IDC]Dragonjust a quick one
23:54:12[IDC]DragonLinus changed the lds to get gcc 3.4 working
23:54:45amiconnI wonder what the .lds has to do with gcc. I think this is a linker (ld) thing?
23:55:04[IDC]Dragonhaven't looked closely, but he said that his "bug exploit" isn't working any more
23:55:24amiconnFurthermore, I tried compiling with the latest binutils/gcc (3.4.1) from cygwin before he changed the .lds, and it did work
23:55:36[IDC]Dragonisn't gcc all of that? (kind of a wrapper for the tools?)
23:55:48[IDC]Dragonthen I don't know
23:56:12amiconnHmm. Maybe we have to ask Linus for that (but my change fixes the stack issue)
23:56:27[IDC]Dragonwhat stack issue?
23:57:03amiconnHe obviously didn't do what he wanted, so the main stack was no longer 8 KB, but (8 KB -sizeof(.iram))
23:57:27amiconnThis lead to a stack overflow for some people when using the "create dir" function
23:57:37amiconnSee my latest commit
23:57:46[IDC]Dragonbtw, you've written a very nice ROMbox article!
23:58:18amiconnHmm. I just found how I can get the recording to work when running from ROM.
23:58:59amiconnHowever, this is _very_ strange: The recording works (I did 25 tries) when I take out the mas_reset() from the init

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