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#rockbox log for 2004-08-10

00:00:09amiconnOoops... didn't write about that - my fault
00:00:42[IDC]Dragonok, then I wasn't _that_ superficial
00:01:01[IDC]Dragonanyway, gotta go
00:01:07zeekoenice that recording works
00:01:13zeekoebye Dragon
00:01:17amiconnThe thing is - why the *&%$% mas does work correctly shortly after reset if rockbox runs from RAM, but not if it runs from ROM????
00:01:18*zeekoe back btw
00:01:38zeekoeamiconn: is it needed to reset the mas?
00:01:49zeekoeor can rockbox work without it
00:02:21[IDC]DragonI wish you good hunting, goodnight!
00:02:26 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:02:35amiconnThe mas reset is needed exactly once: at power on. But rockbox does currently reset the MAS everytime it switches between playback and recording mode
00:03:23amiconnWhy it is done that way - don't ask me, ask Linus
00:03:36zeekoeso just remove it :)
00:04:08amiconnThis is an example where a security measure does the opposite of what it was intended to do....
00:05:11amiconnI'll do some more recording test (for example if it produces clean recordings) before committing. I only tested if the recording starts at all u ntil now
00:05:16zeekoeit doesn't have something to do with how the mas_reset is built up?
00:07:30amiconnThe reset itself is simple - assert reset signal, wait a short time (the specs don't tell how long, but derived from the sample application 10 ms should be long enough), deassert reset signal, and wait some more
00:08:19zeekoeand _just_ after that the recording starts?
00:08:32zeekoeor does it wait a little longer, somewhere
00:08:54amiconnThe problem is that the MAS sometimes doesn't like to record directly after that, but the preconditions for this effect to occur ar not known yet
00:09:06zeekoehm okay...
00:09:09zeekoeExtending the delay after issuing a MAS reset from 0.2 to 0.5 seconds lowers the failure rate to ~20 %
00:09:23zeekoeso what if you'd wait a full second?
00:09:30zeekoeor is that too long
00:10:02amiconnThis would get annoying. This time adds to the delay until the recording screen pops up.
00:10:24zeekoeokay, i understand
00:11:00zeekoelet's make a petition to ask micronas for the mpeg codec source in the mas :-)
00:11:28amiconnThis was tried several times iirc, with no positive result :(
00:12:13zeekoeor just mail them why recording after a reset won't work... guess they aren't gonna answer that too
00:12:24amiconnI'd like to see _full_ programming docs, describing both the instruction set and i/o
00:12:34zeekoethat would be nice
00:12:38zeekoethey must be somewhere
00:13:31zeekoewhat kind of dsp is it?
00:13:38zeekoeor is that a dumb question
00:14:09amiconnThis may enable us to use other codes (at least simple ones). Straight PCM (uncompressed WAV), ADPCM...
00:14:39 Join dstar5 [0] (
00:14:40amiconnWAV would be limited by the serial bandwidth, though. (44.1 kHz stereo are impossible)
00:15:19amiconnzeekoe: Recorders: MAS3587F, Player/Studio: MAS 3507D
00:15:54zeekoeso it's not just like General Purpose DSP #2132 programmed to be MAS3587F
00:16:17zeekoeso the only way to actually know how to code it, is to ask micronas
00:16:20zeekoethat's bad
00:16:32dstar5amiconn: huh? so so the reset f's it up?
00:16:50midkzeekoe, we have the docs
00:17:07amiconndstar5: Yes, although why it does that is beyond me, as it works when running from ram
00:17:19amiconnmidk: where? show me!
00:17:32midkamiconn, linus got them a while ago
00:17:47midkthey were online - some guy uploaded them for the world to see
00:17:53midkthey're down now
00:18:13zeekoethe docs to actually change the mas coded?
00:18:20dstar5that guy got his ass sued i bet
00:18:28midkyeah, i wonder what happened to him
00:18:42amiconnzeekoe: No, it's a special dsp already containing mp2/mp3 decoder and mp3 encoder (3587F only) in rom, but also having some ram to program them
00:19:20midkamiconn, archos has got the MAS3587 to record at 192kbit cbr
00:20:26zeekoeso archos knew how to reprogram it?
00:20:28dstar5mas3587f that is :)
00:20:50midkarchos must have the docs, yeah
00:21:06zeekoe<Bagder>the day there's sound from the MAS3587, I'll run Rockbox non-stop
00:22:34*zeekoe -> bed
00:22:43*zeekoe |bed
00:22:51dstar5like 11:22 there?
00:22:52zeekoesomething like that
00:23:00zeekoelike 0:22
00:23:35zeekoelike, you retarded americans live like one day in the past
00:24:35dstar5uhh lol
00:25:55midkthe docs used to be here
00:26:13midkhmm. or are they still
00:27:19zeekoemidk: how do you know all this stuff? :)
00:27:39dstar5arghhh fuck gmail attachment downloading is not working well....
00:27:59midkzeekoe, i'm a genius :]
00:28:02dstar5it is supposed to be a 1mb dl, but gmail download is cutting it off at 800kb
00:28:43dstar5it cuts it of at differn't places everytime
00:28:57zeekoejust don't take gmail :)
00:29:08zeekoeor resend the email to another address
00:29:27dstar5hummm do yahoo mail...
00:29:55zeekoehmmm... i think that site suffers from the RockBox effect :P
00:30:30dstar5atleast gmail is still better than any other free provider (and better than aol also lol)
00:30:45dstar5WAY better than aol actaully... even yahoo is better
00:30:53zeekoe"Realizacija JPEG algoritma za kompresiju slike na DSP"
00:30:55zeekoethat's nice
00:31:02dstar5what does that mean?
00:31:18dstar5jpeg decompression in dsp?
00:32:09zeekoethink so
00:32:27zeekoejpeg decompression is slow now, for 1280x1024 pictures :-)
00:33:19dstar5heh being able to view pr0n on archos is cool
00:34:00dstar5i bet ipods can't do it HAHHA!
00:35:20zeekoefor ipods there's uclinux
00:35:46midkand the av300's
00:36:12dstar5what use is uclinux on ipod?
00:37:13midkuh.. linux... on ipod.. yeah.
00:37:33zehuh, i just found a mod for the tv card i've got that'll let it to 16bit 448khz (yes, 448khz) audio recording
00:38:25dstar5now i can uhh impress my firend because i have alinux on my ipod
00:38:48midkfirend? alinux? slow down
00:39:53zeekoe448 khz :-|
00:40:58zeekoeze: what tv card do you have? ;-)
00:41:31zePV-BT878P+ rev 9D
00:41:50dstar5what brand?
00:41:52zeactually it's supposed to work with bt878's in general, but the instructions happen to be for that one specifically
00:42:09zeekoefound it :)
00:42:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:42:50zebut i'm still trying to get the card to work normal
00:43:05zeit's working but funkily
00:43:40zeit tunes the channel and gets audio ok, but the video is all screwed up
00:44:20zeit's vertically offset with a (usualy) green band at the bottom (or was it the top?), mostly b&w, and with a vertically offset ghost
00:44:43zei've tried a bunch of different card/tuner options and haven't gotten any better
00:44:54zewhich is odd cause i've tried the options i used to use successfully on a previous setup
00:45:44zeekoewell... i dont have any knowledge about this stuff... other than that i dont have pci and will thus never be able to use it :)
00:47:32zei'm wondering if maybe i had to patch bttv to add a proper card config for it or something
00:47:59zecause i don't see any that have it's options specifically- fm, remote, and tvaudio
00:49:59zeekoeI think is clear that the Bt878a has surpassed its original 448000 Sps limitation. It can digitalize up to 896000 Sps and give us 442 KHz usable bandwidth. Not bad, isn't?.
00:50:20zeekoeand sorry, dunno anything about bttv stuff...
00:50:26*zeekoe >bed
00:50:40zeekoeno, really this time :)
00:51:46zewow 896khz? geez heh
00:52:56dstar5zeekoe: guess you aren't going
00:54:14zeekoedstar5: i am
00:54:27 Quit zeekoe ("quit...")
00:54:38dstar5wow he did
00:55:01dstar5amiconn: anything else you want with the vu meter?
00:55:15dstar5i was thinking about a few thing but i am not sure
00:55:42amiconndstar5: Sorry, didn't yet look into it after your latest changes.
00:55:44midkaka: amiconn, did you forget about my vu meter?
00:55:59dstar5midk: what vu meter?
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01:35:13 Part amiconn
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01:38:33dstar5who was it making the manual for the 2.3?
01:41:13 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
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05:29:52Guestcan anyone tell me if they have sound probs with ver 2.2
05:29:59midkno, but get a daily build
05:30:55Guestseems I have to have the volume up around 75 or above for me to hear it
05:31:15midkyeah, it's logarthmic scale
05:31:24midkas you can see 20-50 is not the same scale as 50-80
05:31:32midkthe steps get louder as they go higher
05:31:54Guestso that's normal that I should have to have it that high?
05:32:38midkthink of it this way
05:32:43midkthe volume ranges 1-100
05:33:05midkhmm. how to explain. the higher the volume is, the larger the increase of sound output per step
05:33:29midkmoving from 70 to 71 makes a larger difference than from moving from 50 to 51
05:33:37midkat 50 you can't even really hear the sound anyways
05:33:51Guestyea you can't
05:34:12midkwell that's the best i can explain it, each step makes more of a difference the louder it is
05:34:17Guesti dont remember it like that before I put rockbox on it
05:34:36midkfor example it's hard to notice the difference between 60 and 61. but it's easy to notice the difference between 80 and 81
05:34:45midkthat's because the archos firmware only gives you like 10 steps total
05:35:52GuestI see
05:35:56Guestthanks for the info
05:36:41 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
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08:58:49 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back...eventually...")
09:28:20 Join Zagor [242] (
09:28:33dwihnoWelcome back, Z!
09:28:36Zagorhi guys
09:28:44dwihnoI hope your vacation was enjoyable.
09:29:05midkhey Zagor
09:31:10 Join Bagder [241] (
09:31:31midkhey Bagder
09:31:32Bagderhey ho
09:42:30 Nick Gromit_Nymph_Gui is now known as gromit (
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11:58:25webmindweird time to sleep in this heat
11:58:27webmindor not
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13:08:56midk|sleepT T V.
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14:56:26BagderZagor: bostream was bought by BBB!
14:56:40dwihnobig bad bill?
14:56:53dwihnoI know
14:56:59dwihnoJust joking :) \o/
14:57:11*Bagder has no sense of humor
14:57:13*Bagder grins
14:59:57ZagorBagder: yeah I saw that. still no room in my local switch though :(
15:01:53Zagortelia is less painful than i feared, though
15:02:37BagderI figure you script away the login stuff
15:03:11Zagoractually I don't. i just logged in once and then never log out (cron */5 ping )
15:03:24Bagdergood enough
15:03:32Zagoryeah, has worked so far
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19:47:32 Join scott666_ [0] (
19:48:56dstar5why couldn't the ti 83+ come with more memory? :( atleast a few MB
19:50:43 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
19:51:04dstar5i only have room for two games, with all the flash apps ihave
19:51:38dstar5and why do all those apps take up the same amount of mem? they are all 16384
19:51:53dstar5i am sure some could be smaller...
19:54:24dstar5i wish mirageos would just copy program out of archive, instead of moving each time, it would save you from having to garbage collect all the time
19:57:53dstar5and why is my calc freezing everytime i plug it into usb now?
19:58:04 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
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20:21:10GuestCan anybody help me please, I habe some problems with my Archos Multimedia 20,
20:23:42 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
20:32:06scott666try with msn
20:32:10scott666shit, wrong window
20:32:26*scott666 looks around
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22:05:42dstar5scott666_: got doom 3?
22:14:56 Quit midk|gone (Remote closed the connection)
22:26:27 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
22:26:33scott666dstar5: yup
22:33:06 Join Nibbler [0] (
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22:48:30dstar5scott666: i would get it.. if i had a machine that could run it lol
23:02:10 Join zeekoe [0] (
23:14:12CtcpDCC request from zeekoe! (CHAT chat 1372350966 10786)
23:38:15 Join LinusN [200] (
23:38:16 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:41:02amiconnhi LinusN
23:41:46zeekoeamiconn: yeah! go discuss it with LinusN! :-P
23:41:51zeekoewe could have some fun here
23:42:00dstar5hi LinusN
23:44:53LinusNhey ho
23:45:09zeekoeaaargh.... why do all people say "hi" and "hey"
23:45:49zeekoei added them to the mark these words too list of xchat, so everytime someone says it the tab becomes blue
23:46:28amiconnLinusN: Sorry for always bothering you, but I have some questions concerning how things are done in rockbox
23:51:27LinusNamiconn: shoot
23:52:07*LinusN is on an island on the west coast of sweden, on vacation with his laptop and v.90 modem
23:53:07amiconnI know that you are on vacation. I wish I were on vacation too - it's hot here in Berlin
23:53:17amiconn(1) Why does rockbox alway do a power on reset to the mas when changing from playback to recording or vice versa
23:53:49amiconnIf I leave this out for the recording init, it does work when running from rom...
23:55:41amiconn(2) While searching for the recording problem, I also had a look at the i2c driver. From looking at the code, it seems that the SCL high phases are shorter than the minimum length defined by the standard. I wonder why...
23:56:37 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
23:56:38LinusN1) Because the MAS init function hasn't been changed since the days when the recording wasn't implemented.
23:57:06LinusN2) Because there is a bug in it?
23:58:18amiconn(3) The i2c_init (seems to) set PB5 to output and high regardless of the model. However, this is only "mas enable" for the player; for v1 recorders it is charger control, and for v2/fm it is main power control ???

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