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#rockbox log for 2004-08-14

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07:59:44webguest85where can I rollback (system restore) to an earlier version of Rockbox?
08:01:53midkdownload the older version?
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08:03:47webguest85Yeah, is it possible?
08:04:10webguest85Ever since I d/l RockBox 2.2, it burns though my battery power like crazy.
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08:07:20webguest85Are you still there?
08:08:21webguest85Do you know if it's possible to roll back? Ever since I installed 2.2, my battery won't hold much of a charge
08:08:32webguest85Any ideas
08:09:23midkroll back? you're not making much sense. you can't bring back an old version if you overwrite the ajz
08:09:31midkalthough i'm not sure why you're using 2.2 in the first place, get a daily build
08:10:04webguest85I upgraded to the daily build...still no luck.
08:10:22midkrockbox reports the battery level more accurately than the archos firmware
08:10:28midkperhaps this is the problem
08:11:12webguest85I don't think that's it. Before I installed 2.2 (and the daily build) I was able to get around 8 hours (or so) of power..., I get about 2 hours on my newer 2300mAmp batteries
08:12:02midkall i can say is try a daily build
08:12:05midkpermanently that is
08:12:23webguest85Yeah,...I was hoping to find an older version (like 2.0) to try.
08:13:10webguest85It looks like someone else had similar problems (resolution 880557)..
08:13:24midkif you want a 2.0, i can give you
08:13:28webguest85but the final resolution notes from RockBox was "works for me"
08:13:44webguest85ok, it'll help my troubleshooting
08:13:52webguest85can you zip and email it?
08:14:11webguest85right on, thanks!
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10:28:12g_gfxhi 2 all
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14:37:16udoHello all
14:37:33udoI hope not everyone is asleep! ;-)
14:37:39uskiim ther
14:38:06udoI posted on the list and was wondering about the status of Rockbox and the gmini 220
14:38:14udoit appears that nothing is going on but maybe I am wrong
14:38:32uskii think that you are right
14:38:35udoI'd like to participate if possible
14:38:56udofirst one should find out if there are possibilities, at all
14:39:01uskii am not aware of any effort of writing a firmware for the gmini
14:39:01uskibut, stay on the mailing list
14:39:03uskimaybe some people are working on it...
14:39:12uskii can't help you :\
14:39:16udowould be cool...
14:39:19udoOk I understand
14:39:33udoalso the otehr question I posed about the CF writing could be interesting
14:39:38udofor recording
14:39:49udobecause powering down the HD and using CF card could save the battery
14:40:06uskiwell, stay subscribed to the mailing list
14:40:06uskiand ... wait
14:40:23udoso you could have a small and usable digital recorder with buffer on the hd
14:40:49udodo you know what people could help the gmini 220 effort started?
14:41:18udo(for myself I can do light programming and I have some technical insight but not specially on the gmini 220 hardware)
14:44:00udomaybe first try a 'hello world' program ;-)
14:44:18udomaybe I will be back later, I hope there's more visitors then
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18:30:53udoHello All
18:31:33udoAnyone here know about Gmini 220 development status?
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18:32:52udoOops, I was away
18:35:47jdeonwe don't do that here
18:36:33jdeonsome links, though
18:38:08udoThanks, I opened a link I received in a mail from the mailinglist and that used the IRC window... Sorry.
18:38:16jdeonheh, is ok
18:38:23jdeonprobably the mail was from me :)
18:38:32udoI am currently browsing
18:38:34jdeonyeah, the gmini hardware is completely different
18:38:46udoI guess so!
18:38:50jdeonthe jukeboxes have very little hardware
18:38:56udoThanks! It looks interesting!
18:38:59jdeonI think the gmini's are more sophisticated
18:39:03jdeonno prob :)
18:39:28udoFrom the pics I see that I could easily add a battery (solder an identical battery parallel to the existing one?)
18:39:51udoDid you read my CF question on the mailinglist?
18:40:12udoThat would be anotehr solution to long recording times with a Gmini 220
18:43:11udoJust get a 1GB or 2GB CF card, record onto it and dump it to HD once in a while.
18:44:57udoFrom what I gather form the website: current status is decompiling existign firmware, research?
18:45:10udoNot yet at 'hello world'?
18:47:47udoI am wondering if my person could be of help?
18:51:32udofrom the MMIO file:
18:52:09udoFSCLK, FSDAT,FMCON look like 3 wire I2S interface?
18:52:36udo(bit)clock, databits and frame (left right) counter
18:56:56jdeonagain, nobody here knows much about the gmini
18:57:05jdeonI would wager that most people have never looked at that stuff
18:57:26jdeonis like going to a unix helpdesk and asking about windows :)
18:57:56jdeonif that other project has a mailing list, you might try there
18:58:11jdeonor you can wait a while and see if anyone on this project knows the answer, but I'm going to say I doubt it
19:02:13udoThey have a board:
19:02:54jdeonyeah, they're not affiliated with us
19:02:58jdeontotally different project
19:03:47udotoo bad. with joint effort things could go faster
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19:07:32jdeonactually, probably not
19:08:04udosince at this stage soo little is known?
19:08:13jdeononce the hardware becomes fundamentally different, there is very little you can share
19:08:18udofrom what i gather work is being done on a simulator
19:08:32jdeonthe low level code is different, so you write different functions to work with it
19:08:38jdeonand that trickles up
19:08:42udoif there's a working compiler (C?)
19:08:55udoand enough info on the hardware... then things can get going
19:08:55jdeonalso, the strategy for resource usage is different
19:09:11udobut I understand there's more lowlevel stuff (ASM) in teh sources of rockbox?
19:09:26udoand of course different layout of the hardware
19:09:35jdeoneven if they were both completely in c, it would still be difficult
19:10:00jdeonits like saying because you write a paper for your english class, you should be able to leverage that for your paper in history
19:10:01udoI understand, was just fishing for the differences...
19:10:17jdeonyes, they are both in the same language, yes, they are both papers
19:10:24jdeonbut they have very different subject matter and goals
19:10:41jdeonthe hardware differences are many, and I can give you a few, but I don't know the gmini ver ywell
19:10:53jdeonI know that the jukeboxes have 2mb of ram, I imagine the gmini has much more
19:10:58jdeonI think they use different processors
19:11:08jdeonnot just speed, but type
19:11:28jdeondifferent displays for sure
19:11:35udo8 megs for the gmini
19:11:45jdeonthe jukebox player has a 2-line LCD and the recorder has a small bitmap display
19:11:45udocpu with not a familiar architecture
19:11:59jdeonso all our UI code is worthless
19:12:16jdeonjust there you probably have enough to warrant a re-write
19:12:36udojust borrow the ideas from rockbox and do the work...
19:12:43jdeonI think we have a hardware mp3 decoder chip
19:12:43jdeonand some of the firmware is tasked with its care and feeding,
19:12:52jdeonlikely the gmini uses a different strategy
19:12:52jdeonso that firmware is out
19:13:08udoOK, too bad. I'll try to contact the folks of tosee what I can do for help
19:13:16udo(if at all)
19:13:25jdeonit sounds easy, but once you've done it a couple of times, you realize that even if the hardware is very, very similar, the firmware isn't always easy to leverage
19:14:04jdeonas always with an open source project, you are free to check out what has been done and see what you like
19:14:22jdeonbut I think probably you are going to find it easier to rewrite in this case...
19:14:37jdeonbut that's just my opinion :)
19:14:56jdeonif it was easy to port, someone would have done it already
19:15:36udoof course...
19:15:52udothanks for your email (with the link) and your explanation
19:17:22udobye for now
19:17:24 Part udo
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19:20:27jdeonit would be cool if all the mp3 firmware projects would agree on an architecture
19:20:45jdeonbut, alas, agreeing on an architecture is not often an open source quality :)
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20:47:54nevsi need someone to help me
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20:51:43dstar5and.. he left..
20:51:48dstar5thought he wanted help :P
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20:52:20webguest56hello, is anyone there? I am a relatively new rockbox user, and have a question
20:53:34dstar5what is it?
20:54:11webguest56well, when I am charging my unit this past week after installing, it never tells me when it is fully charged...if I pull the charger out, then it will often say 100 afterwards, but the charging doesn't stop
20:54:26webguest56want to know why there isn't somehow it is saying the charge is done
20:55:41dstar5well rockbox never says it is "fully done", because when the batteries are at full capasity, rockbox does a trickle charge, which comes on for just a second, as soon as a little of the battieries are droained
20:56:26webguest56oh ok, so it will never say a full charge - so the only way to check is by pulling the charger out?
20:56:31dstar5but yes, your batteries really are fully charged to go
20:56:46dstar5is your unit flashed?
20:57:20webguest56sorry, I don't know what that means?
20:57:31webguest56forgive my ignorance
20:57:33dstar5ahh, then it is not
20:57:51dstar5if you flash rockbox, you can see the % when changeing
20:58:00dstar5hold on, ill get you a link
20:58:19webguest56well, it shows 34, 68, 100, over and over and over
20:58:55dstar5you have a v2 unit?
20:59:31webguest56I have an fm recorder
20:59:57dstar5ohh maybe it has a differn't charging screen, i have no idea
21:00:19dstar5rockbox does a good job on charging, and if you flash, you will get the info you want :)
21:00:40dstar5that flashing page looks long and complicated, but it really won't take long
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21:02:25dstar5webguest56: the files to download that are ralked about on the page ar at the bottom, some people do not see them :)
21:03:04IcedDoggot a question...when checking the disk info on my AJB to see how much storage I have left, it seems to be stuck on the same value...anyone know how to fix this?
21:03:48webguest56will I see a huge benefit by flashing the unit? it means that I can never go back to the original firmware, doesn't it? and what are the big changes of improvement if I do do this flash process?
21:04:16dstar5IcedDog: urmm it will not change unless oyu move some large files onto your unit
21:04:32 Quit Ka_ ("* poof *")
21:05:33dstar5webguest56: you can always go back to the orignal firmware, the bigest changes are: 2 second boot time, rockbox charges your batteries better than archos irmware, and when rombox is out, you can get more moeg buffer (more bettery life)
21:05:54IcedDogI've been adding files left and used to give me an accurate it's just stuck on 20.3GB...I can see the actual amount by right clicking on the drive in explorer and going to properties...but it would be nice to get that info without connecting to PC
21:06:57IcedDogit did this on my old 20GB HD too...worked fine until it got down to 5.9GB left...strange
21:07:20IcedDogI tried a daily build, but that didn't work
21:07:33dstar5IcedDog: i would not know, it seems to be accurate to me
21:07:58dstar5IcedDog: may be something with the FAT32 partition, you could always try a disk check
21:08:50dstar5webguest56: wish you good luck with rockbox :)
21:09:20 Quit dstar5 ("Leaving")
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21:36:33webguest56anyone that can answer questions still there?
21:39:12DBUGEnqueued KICK webguest56
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21:40:26JRHi, can I ask a question about flashing?
21:42:27 Join Ka [0] (
21:43:18JRis anyone there that can help me about the flashing process?
21:46:17 Quit JR ("CGI:IRC")
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