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#rockbox log for 2004-08-16

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08:48:18*Bagder is rockboxless
08:52:11midkdah!? why?
08:52:21Bagderit was stolen on friday
08:52:53midkah, crap, sorry... where at/from?
08:52:59Bagdersomeone entered my house during the night
08:53:14Bagderand stole a bunch of things, including my archos
08:53:59Bagderthe Archos is the hardest to replace
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10:04:46Madmanhas anybody in here upgraded their hard drive?
10:05:14midkamiconn, i believe
10:05:31Madmanya, but i dont think he is awake
10:05:59midkjust entered 25 minutes before you
10:06:09Madmanoh, ok
10:06:48Madmani remember him saying that he upgraded his hd to 80 gigs, and i was thinking about doing something like that
10:07:07midkit's not too hard
10:07:35Madmanyeah, but i still need to know what kind of hd to buy
10:07:49Madmansomeone told me that the archos uses a laptop hd
10:08:16midkit does
10:08:21midklook at the site, there's info
10:11:37amiconnMadman: I'm here
10:12:31Madmanhey, i was thinking about upgrading my HD, but im not sure the type of HD to get
10:13:10Madmani was reading on your site about the RPMs, but i never saw an exact number that would be good
10:14:37midk4200 is good
10:15:03amiconnI suggest staying at the lowest rpm available (4200 currently). Higher rpm values only increase battery drain; rockbox is much slower in reading than any sufficiently recent hd could deliver the data
10:15:45amiconnI further suggest to stay away from the Hitach DK.. series. These often produce problems with the Archos hardware
10:17:42amiconnSome people reported problems with Toshiba OEM drives too
10:17:59Madmanwhere did you buy your 80 gig one?
10:19:11midknite all
10:21:05Madmanamiconn: does the buffer matter at all?
10:21:50Madmanim seeing a 2mb and an 8mb buffer
10:22:02amiconnPersonally I use the former IBM (now also Hitachi) IC25 series - with no problems so far
10:23:24amiconnIC25N080ATMR-04, to be precise. I bought it at Mix (a German online computer vendor)
10:24:52Madmani was reading a mail on the site and it said that some people have reported problems with the travelstar, have you had any?
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10:27:12Madmanim guessing no..
10:32:07amiconnNo, but the name "travelstar" isn't precise enough anyway, since _all_ IBM 2,5" hds are called travelstar
10:34:07Madmanok maybe they were talking about a different type
10:34:29Madmanfor some reason the 5400 rpm ones are cheaper
10:36:05dwihno80 gb 4200RPM disk would be nice
10:36:25dwihnoAlthough I have no need for it :)
10:37:19Madmani wonder if there is a way to fix the archos recorder 20's usb 2.0 problem
10:37:42amiconndwihno: I have that
10:38:22amiconnMadman: What usb 2.0 problem? I happen to have that exact model, and didn't observe any usb problem
10:38:24*Bagder bids on a new archos on ebay
10:38:44dwihnoamiconn: is it cute? :)
10:38:46dwihnoamiconn: and sexy?
10:38:56Madmanwell, its not really a problem, its an inconvenience.
10:39:06dwihnoamiconn: I bet it spins just like a kitten :-)
10:39:20Madmanit doesnt go the max speed of usb 2.0
10:39:39BagderMadman: not many devices use max speed
10:39:41dwihnoMy USB2 controller is slow... I only get speeds around 10 mbyte/s
10:39:53dwihnoMight be the fact it's cardbus
10:40:00dwihnoBagder: what do you think?
10:40:39Bagderdon't know, I don't remember how fast the archos is
10:40:40amiconnFrom what I read in tests most usb2-to-ata bridges don't go above ~30 mbyte/s. However, in the Archos I guess the drive is the limiting factor anywa
10:40:59dwihnoAt work, the controller tops at 20 mbyte/sec
10:48:17Madmanamiconn: would this work?
10:50:09amiconnMadman: I should do, however, this is only 20 GB (?)
10:51:10Madmanim filling up my hd with mostly data, so i was thinking of having one for data and one for music.
10:51:42Madmanplus, it looks like i can get it for like $30
10:52:56amiconnYOu then would have to swap the drives all the time...
10:53:05dwihnoGet 1 big disk instead
10:53:31dwihnoSince I connect my Archos at work, I always keep my work stuff synchronized
10:53:33dwihnoPretty neat really.
10:54:17dwihnoAlthough the charging cycles might shorten the battery life.
10:54:30Madmanyeah im thinking about that now...
10:54:31dwihno(but who cares - rechargable AA batts aren't that expensive)
10:54:44Madmanhow long should they last?
10:54:56dwihnoI've changed the set every year.
10:55:24Madmanthe batteries, cause ive had mine for 1 year and they work fine
10:56:25dwihnoWell, I still use the batteries for other handheld devices :)
10:56:38dwihnoOne of the reasons for my batt uppgrades has been higher mAh rating.
10:57:00Madmanbut i think the life in hours is going down after each charge
10:57:46dwihnoThe stock batteries are 1500mAh... I keep a set of 2300mAh.
10:58:30Madmandwihno, how many hours do you usually get from one charge?
10:59:04dwihnoMadman: Dunno... I would guess around 10 hours or so.
10:59:16dwihnoMadman: I usually charge before the batteries are empty
11:00:27Madmanthe first time i got my jukebox, i couldnt wait to use it, so i turned it on after 30 minutes of charging for the first time and drained the batteries back down pretty fast
11:00:37Madmanim not sure if its bad for it or not
11:01:26dwihnoRegarding consumer devices, you SHOULD allow the first charge to proceed without interruption
11:01:36dwihno(I KNOW how hard it is) :)
11:01:53dwihnoI plugged it in and turned it on.
11:03:32Madmani was thinking about selling my jukebox a while ago, but i decided to research ways to upgrade it and found rockbox.
11:03:47Madmannow it will never leave my grasp :)
11:03:57dwihnoI actually got the unit because of this channel.
11:05:10Madmanwhich type do you have?
11:05:48dwihnoRecorder 20
11:05:51dwihnoWith a 60 gbyte disk
11:06:08dwihnoWhen I got the unit, there was no sound on the target :)
11:06:13dwihnoOnly a file browser
11:06:25dwihno(which also showed directories I had deleted) :)
11:06:32dwihnoBut that was aeons ago.
11:07:00dwihnoHooray for Daniel, Björn, Linus (and the rest of you) for keeping the ball rolling!
11:07:42Madmanhave you ever opened yours?
11:08:48dwihnoA couple of times.
11:09:03dwihnoI've dusted the inside. I also replaced the disk by myself.
11:09:31dwihnoSo the old 20 gbyte doubles as a source archive backup :)
11:09:38Madmani opened mine once, dusted, and you know the on/off piece of plastic?
11:10:15Madmanwell, that broke, so now the "on" button turns upside down and says "no"
11:10:34Madmanironicly, when it says "no" the button doesnt work
11:11:59Madmani need to glue it back together
11:12:29dwihnoHow did you break it?
11:13:57Madmanits very fragile aparently, and the piece of plastic connecting the on and off bent like a noodle
11:14:24Madmani attempted to lift it to put it back in, but then it became two pieces
11:14:43dwihnoWhat model do you have?
11:16:04Madmansame as you
11:16:13Madmanrecorder 20
11:16:46Madmanive had it for a year today...
11:17:06Madmanthe only reason i know that is because i bought it on my birthday.
11:18:43Madmannot many people remember the exact date when they bought something.
11:19:12dwihnoI bought mine during may.
11:19:21dwihnoTwo years ago
11:19:40dwihnoJust a couple of days later, Linus "the wizard" achieved playback on target!
11:20:28Madmando you have the daily builds, or do you use the old "stable" version
11:20:55dwihnoI keep a fairly recent cvs copy. When I see something interesting, I upgrade.
11:22:13Madmanme too.
11:23:00dwihnoGot any interesting ideas you want implemented?
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11:23:51Madmani have a few, you?
11:24:22dwihnoYeah. I haven't had the time (or taken the time) to get it done.
11:24:34dwihnoI usually do my coding around the christmas holiday :)
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14:20:30kurzhaarrockerBagder: Are you interested in a broken recorder, too?
14:24:10 Join edx [0] (
14:26:48kurzhaarrockerHm. Bagder seems to have starved to death from his lack of Jukeboxes :(
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15:01:03*Bagder awakes
15:01:11Bagderlooong meeting
15:01:37Bagderkurzhaarrocker: I'm not sure yet, I'm primarily trying to get myself a working one
15:07:23kurzhaarrockerI still have a half broken unit around. It seems to have some broken data / adress wires which I wasn't able to track down. It works for some time but the occasionally pops up weired errors.
15:08:10kurzhaarrockerAnd most of the buttons are broken.
15:10:37dwihnoBagder Bagder Bagder Bagder mushroom mushroom \o/ :)
15:12:10 Join Zagor [242] (
15:12:13*Bagder does the secret mushroom dance
15:13:02Bagderyeps, that's how it looks ;-)
15:13:39kurzhaarrockerlooks like a failed attempt to fly birdlike to me
15:14:10Bagderok, I may have to practise more
15:16:27Bagderand my dect phone is out of production
15:17:04*kurzhaarrocker doesn't know dect phones
15:17:04kurzhaarrockerIs that something like the Batmans BatPhone?
15:19:10Bagderslightly similar, as my wife uses it to call me home ;-)
15:20:30kurzhaarrockerDoes it feature a filter? Something that can distinguish whether she calls you home for dinner or for mowing the lawn?
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15:24:33BagderI wish ;-)
15:28:44 Part kurzhaarrocker
16:34:45 Part Bagder
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18:54:25*midk suspects bagder
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21:28:31midkthey have a new gmini out
21:31:48uskimy laptop and my digital camera have been stolen.
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22:05:42Smoothhi uski
22:05:45Smoothi know
22:05:48Smoothwhat the gmini is
22:06:25Smoothim pleased my bug report got Fixed
22:06:55uskithe good thing with rockbox is that BUGS ARE FIXED !
22:07:08uskiunlike many brand's firmwares
22:07:18uskiit seems that big companies don't care about bugs
22:09:00midkSmooth, but did you see the new one?
22:10:22Smoothnot yed midknight
22:11:42Smoothbloody hell u can play games as well!
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22:15:16Smoothto be honest im not overly keen on colour screens on MP3 players
22:15:56midklooks interesting though
22:16:32midkarchos seems to be a step ahead of a few companies in terms of hardware and gadgetry, but they need a better firmware team :]
22:16:51SmoothFor some reasons i don't like colour screens on MP3 devices
22:17:02Smoothi think colour screens make a device look like a kid's toy
22:17:30midkyou sounded ecstatic about gaming on it :D
22:18:01Smoothno im not
22:18:07Smoothhappier playing Tetris on the archos
22:20:11midkthe gmini is an archos too
22:23:18uski"AVOS" ?!!
22:25:29 Quit Hadaka_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:27:11*uski won't buy an archos again
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23:28:21pottoi have a jukebox 20 fm recorder
23:28:29pottowent for a run with it today and after about 5 minutes it just stopped playing ?
23:28:41pottois that normal ? as in it cant read from the hard drive cos its jiggling around ?
23:30:46amiconnpotto: Was the red LED constantly lit when this occurred?
23:31:37uskiRLOD !
23:31:42uskiRed Led Of Death
23:31:44pottoi get it in the car at times too
23:31:51pottomusic stops and light goes red
23:31:56pottothen it`ll come back on in 20 seconds or something
23:34:12uskigotta go
23:34:13uskisee ya
23:34:15 Quit uski ("Leaving")
23:34:20amiconnpotto: RLOD happens quite often with some harddisk models. It is nothing we can prevent completely, it even happens with Archow firmware
23:34:46pottobut ideally i should be able to run with a hard drive player ?
23:34:51pottoi mean, it is possible
23:34:57amiconnYou could look up what disk model you have under Info->Debug (Keep Out!)->View disk info
23:36:09amiconnHow did I know ?!
23:37:08amiconnAlmost all RLOD experiences are reported by users with that disk model :(
23:37:19pottooh ok
23:37:39pottothink i`ll get a memory mp3 player for running anyway
23:37:44pottoarchos is a bit big to run with :)
23:37:52amiconnBut anyway, using a harddisk based mp3 player for activities where it gets shaken heavily is not a good idea
23:38:01amiconn(But in-car use should be np)
23:38:21pottoman i love the thing for in the car
23:38:31pottostick 20 gig of albums on and have it play a new one for every drive :p
23:40:53amiconnYup. That reminds me I should finally solder the aux-in adapter to use my Archos with my new car stereo. Listening mp3 from SD card is no fun :( 256 MB, and I can barely fit 2 albums on it
23:42:57pottolol headphones that came with my archos are so shit
23:43:00pottoi just order some koss sporta pros

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