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#rockbox log for 2004-08-17

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03:50:51dstar5amiconn: how much memory are you saving with the new changes?
03:52:51amiconndstar5: The new changes don't save any memory actually, they are intended to make using const easier in the future
03:54:36dstar5i am now working on a new game, checkers
03:56:40dstar5the logic to the game should be quite simple... i just don't know how to do the AI really yet
03:57:18amiconnUnfortunately I got stuck with tracking down a recording problem (not that related to rombox, but a general one that occurs on my box)
03:58:06amiconn...and Linus isn't aroud (who could certainly help), so I'm doing other thing I wanted to complete for quite some time
03:58:39dstar5what is it?
04:07:17amiconnAfter some time of recording (observed anything between 3..90 minutes so far) the recording becomes completely garbled - no correct mp3 frame headers past that file position
04:08:19amiconnThis happens independently whether rockbox is running from rom or ram, I use the new or old transfer routines, optimized or unoptimized ata, with or without mas reset...
04:12:58amiconnAnyway, I should really get some sleep *now*
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08:36:49midkhey Zagor, amiconn
08:37:50amiconnhi midk et al
08:39:00Zagornice const session :)
08:39:32amiconnZagor: And this was only the first half (firmware), leaving apps to be done
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08:52:51midkhey bagder
08:54:47amiconnhi Bagder
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09:12:59Bagdertwo more games committed I see
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09:14:25Zagorit looks like showdown in the sco case
09:14:43Zagoribm has filed a 100-page motion for partial summary judgement
09:14:47*midk_ spots c++ comments
09:15:01*midk_ also realizes his nick is still midk_
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09:15:11*Bagder hands midk his code police deputy sticker
09:15:27Bagder(or however it spells)
09:15:29midkfor ME?!
09:15:37*midk puts it on happily
09:17:10BagderZagor: indeed an interesting turn
09:17:54*midk rips off Zagor's code police sticker
09:18:30dwihnoi want a bluetooth keyboard. are they really really expensive?
09:18:42Zagorno idea
09:18:50*Bagder doesn't care much for bluetooth
09:19:30midkdwihno, i recall an MS set of kbd and mouse for ~$110
09:19:41midkthere's a logitech set too.. probably about the same price
09:19:43midkor a bit less
09:21:25dwihnoi want a foldable :)
09:21:38midkhm, that'll cost you :]
09:21:42dwihnoi love bt!
09:22:13Zagorthere are foldables for palm. and since several palms use bluetooth maybe the keyboard does too.
09:22:34dwihnoah. good idea
09:23:06Zagorthey are very small though. not for everyday use.
09:23:18dwihnois consumer electronics and gadgets cheap in greece?
09:23:37Zagorare you going to greece?
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09:24:01BagderI guess the VAT is lower than in sweden
09:24:16dwihnoin a couple of hours
09:24:58Zagorwatching the games?
09:25:03dwihnoVAT sucks
09:25:26Bagderyes, it sucks your money ;-)
09:26:16dwihnowe're considering it. we're gonna relax and get a nice tan :)
09:36:20Zagorhackers don't have tans :)
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09:54:18lImbusHi Bagder, I read about your stolen baby. Would a not-flasheable unit help you ?
09:54:43Bagderyou have a spare one?
09:55:37lImbusI bought one for a friend of mine who is not getting happy with that. He still looks for an iPod.
09:56:30lImbusHe's now trying to get a guarantee replacement by pretending the charging of batteries does not work properly and hopes the replacement device is flasheable.
09:57:34lImbus(I told him flashed devices are better). Hes having problems with the fact he has FIRST to switch on his device, wait until bootstrap is done, THEN plug in the charger and so on.
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10:09:14Zagorbagderon, is that the next amd cpu? ;)
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10:14:00midkbedtime, nite
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11:51:39Strathi hear you guys don't know about #gmemu....
11:52:26Strathok ok... sorry... :)
11:52:54Strathanyone comes in asking about gmini stuff.... direct them to #gmemu
11:53:00Strathk? :)
11:53:50Strathwell... at least now it'll be found from google
11:55:36Strathgmini stuff, IRC, channel #gmemu, Gmini firmware and open source development, tcc730 calmrisc mp3 players meta data dropping
11:56:50Strathok, you guys can go back to sleep now
11:59:13Strathpeople have said that our website ( with all kinds of Archos GMini stuff is hard to find
11:59:59Strathto bad there arn't more people on the project working on porting linux to the archos gmini
12:00:31Strathok, ok.... thanks guys
12:00:38 Part Strath
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12:41:46Zagorhehe, nice google seeding
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12:43:08*Bagder updated NonArchos
12:43:10Straththanks :)
12:46:30Strath56 referers from NonArchos just this month so far
12:47:01Zagorso how far have you come?
12:47:22Straththough 159 from
12:47:57Strathwell..... we have 3 "active" developers
12:49:25Strathand we're uh, working on, uh, gmini, uh, stuff, ya...... and we uh figured a lot of stuff out, and stuff, and uh
12:49:39Zagorran any code on the target yet?
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12:50:02Strathgromit is working on a packer
12:50:39Straththere is still a signature chunk in the aos RIFF format which we havn't decoded
12:51:44Strathbut we have got the emu displaying the firmware's debug strings as it "boots"
12:52:04Zagorare you aiming to run linux or something homegrown (as rockbox)?
12:52:04Strathand then "upgrades"
12:54:27Strathwe'll have to start home grown... becase the only port of gcc to CalmRISC (ie TCC730) is held at high priced and only open to paying customers
12:55:09ZagorGNU gcc? does FSF know?
12:55:10Strath(ala ecos)
12:55:44Strathi don't think it's a violation, because the code is released to those it's being distributed to
12:56:03Bagderand why don't they reditribute it?
12:56:21Strathcause they had to pay an arm&lag for it?
12:56:36Bagderit doesn't make sense
12:56:40Bagderto me
12:56:41Strathi know....
12:57:01Strathlet me point you to the site.... see if you can figure it out
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12:57:31Zagorit could be like the sveasoft debacle: their support contract expires if they redistribute the software...
12:57:47 Nick de is now known as uski (
12:59:14Zagorvery nasty practice imho, but apparently fsf has greenlighted it
12:59:40Bagdernasty is the word
12:59:42Strathsucks for us
13:00:03Strathgrr... i lost track of the site
13:00:05Zagorsucks for everyone except he who ripped off gcc and now sells it
13:00:11Strathhave to check my logs
13:00:38Strathit was done in coopperation with redhat and cygnus
13:02:01Zagoryeah well they didn't write gcc either...
13:02:55StrathGNUPro is Red Hat's commercial software development suite of tools
13:06:23Zagorbut is the calmrisc port done by redhat?
13:07:06Straththere is a partnership referenced in a redhat press release
13:07:16Strath(with samsung)
13:09:35Zagor"Samsung Chooses Red Hat to Create Open Source Development Tools for Next-Generation Low Power Chip" ya right.
13:09:43 Nick uski is now known as uski`lunch (
13:10:24Zagor"Under the GPL license, Samsung will be able to provide the GNUpro development tools to CalmRISC CPU customers free of charge"
13:10:44Zagorso did they just change their mind or what?
13:10:44StrathHA, double HA HA
13:11:06Strathi've spent many many hours searching
13:11:14Strathall dead ends
13:11:25Strathor running in circles
13:11:41Zagortried contacting redhat? preferrably a techie.
13:12:27Strathi don't have a in
13:12:58Strathand would rather not do a cold contact
13:14:27Strathit looks like, maybe, these are the guys that hold the original copywrite on g++
13:14:43Zagorso how much is gnupro? maybe we should buy it and submit it for inclusion in gcc...
13:15:02Zagorrichard stallman wrote gcc. he isn't easily persuaded...
13:15:11Strathgcc, yes
13:15:20Strathg++, no so sure
13:15:44Bagderg++ is part of the gcc suite, surely it all is (c) by FSF?
13:15:59StrathSecond, GNU C++ was falling behind. I wrote GNU C++ in the fall of 1987, making it the first native-code C++ compiler in the world. C++ was a much more complex language than C, and it was still evolving when we started Cygnus. In 1990, several new, even more complex features became ``standard,'' and with all the distractions of Cygnus, I had no time to keep GNU C++ current
13:16:10Strath(sorry for the large paste)
13:16:55Zagorwell g++ isn't where the calmrisc support is anyway so it doesn't really matter
13:17:23Strathok... just trying to sort this mess out
13:17:33Zagorthis must have been dealt with before, but i can't find much about it on google
13:17:46Strathnoticed that huh?
13:18:57Zagorlets go to #gnu and ask
13:19:07Strathhrm... 70 matches for: gnupro gpl violation
13:19:21Strath(no '"'s)
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13:27:00Strathi asked
13:27:07Strathchannel seems dead though
13:27:16Strath(and i'm nervous)
13:27:26Zagorthey are not very fast. stay in it, you may get a response after a while
13:27:47Strathok, i see you and gromit in there
13:28:13Strathat least i'm not alone ;\
13:29:37Strathhrm... 30 matches for: gnupro "gpl violation"
13:32:15Zagori've been trying to find a price quote for the gnupro toolkit, with little success. the only hit is a review from 2000 citing $79 for "cygnus gnupro toolkit"
13:32:34Zagori'd pay $79 to smite redhat ;)
13:32:48Strathi can't afford that :(
13:33:19Strathwe could pass the "hat" ;)
13:35:48 Nick uski`lunch is now known as uski (
13:37:05StrathGNUPro Toolkit and Support are available for Linux hosts at $9995/year for small development teams and annual subscriptions are available starting at $1999/seat, 10 seat minimum. Additional host platforms (non-Linux) are available at $12,500 for small teams and $2500/seat for larger groups.
13:37:28Zagorthe #gcc channel was a bit more awake. basically they say it's not proprietary since they ship source to their customers. and their customers are allowed to redistribute it freely but don't...
13:37:35Zagoryeah but i don't want the support
13:37:54uskithen we need to find one of their customers ;)
13:37:56Straththats kinda what i figured
13:38:03Zagoruski: exactly
13:38:31Strathbut they only release the stuff for thier hardware
13:38:37uskione that won't bother giving out the source - they may be afraid of getting bad relations with gnupro's authors because they gave the source to someone else
13:38:40Strathlink following shortly
13:47:31StrathZagor: you got a fat pipe?
13:47:43ZagorStrath: fat enough :)
13:49:09gromit``links seem dead
13:49:15uskibtw why are you that interested in gnupro ? (what's interezsting in gnupro ?)
13:49:30Strathlive link
13:49:32Zagoruski: cpu ports not available in the fsf version
13:49:51Strath20 megs smaller
13:50:22gromit``42.1 Mo
13:50:27Strath(suspece, smaller == stuff ripped out)
13:51:33Strath46% [================> ] 20,557,804 155.22K/s ETA 02:28
13:51:55Strathwhatcha think grommy?
13:52:35Strath(no, i'm still on dial-up)
13:52:42Strathssh to co-lo
13:52:50gromit``a friend of mine made a patch to wget
13:54:25uski"ETA 02:28"
13:55:00Straththanks... i was laughing so much i forgot the dl finished
13:55:32gromit``28 !
13:56:15Strathwhat, not teh 155.22K/s
13:56:19gromit``[13:53] <uski> "ETA 02:28"
13:57:23uski<Strath> 46% [================> ] 20,557,804 155.22K/s ETA 02:28
13:57:32uski<gromit``> s/[/8
13:57:32uski<gromit``> s/>/D
13:57:32DBUGEnqueued KICK uski
13:57:32uski<gromit``> s/]/O
13:58:20uskisome friends of mine have a 640kbytes/sec downlink for 30 euros / month
13:58:37gromit``hmmm :)
13:58:57gromit``in which country ?
13:59:08Strathi have 2.7k/s for 21 USD
13:59:15uskigromit``, France
13:59:22gromit``free .
13:59:38gromit``i'm in france too :)
13:59:41uskien degroupé ;)
13:59:50uski5mbits/sec quand on matte pas la télé
13:59:52Zagori have ~850kb/s for ~50 euro/month
14:00:01uskiZagor, yea, but you are a cheater ;P
14:00:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:00:44*uski saw Zagor signing some secret contract with his ISP
14:00:49Strathsheesh.. the output from `tar -zxvf src.tar.gz` is causing my irc to lag
14:00:50*Bagder cheats too then ;-)
14:01:01uskiStrath, remove the "f"
14:01:10uski(maybe f stands for "fuck irc" ?)
14:01:38uskiBagder, yea, but your isp came to your house and took your archos recorder
14:01:48Strathtoo late, i just hope it's done soon
14:02:03Strathf is 'file'
14:02:08uskiStrath, ;)
14:02:17uskiif i remember it removes the output
14:02:32Strathfug, it's still going...
14:02:32Bagderno its v
14:02:35Bagderfor verbose
14:02:37uskiah yea
14:02:56Strathcould a 44 meg tgz expand to over a gig?
14:03:10Strathoy, time for a smoke
14:03:36Strathdonat@server0:~/src/gnupro$ du -s .
14:03:36Strath246348 .
14:04:03Strathok, not bad, and i didn't blow my quota
14:04:27Straththough i did kick up the load average for a bit
14:04:28uskiStrath, make a 10gb file full of 0x00s, and then make a tar.gz
14:04:44Strathyes yes... i know...
14:05:04Strathposible, but under normal usage, unlikly
14:05:55Strathunless you style guidlines DEMAND a *LOT* of white space ;)
14:06:35Bagderor pad all source lines with whitespace to column 80 ;-)
14:07:22uskialso expand all strings to { 0x60, 0x45, 0xAA, ..
14:07:44uskithe usage() func will then quickly get fat
14:12:02Zagor for anyone interested
14:12:20Zagorreally old though
14:12:25Strathyour mirror?
14:13:06Zagorlast changelog entry in gcc/ is 2001-04-11
14:15:04Strathdon't supose you can find eny referance to samsung or comlrisc?
14:15:56Bagderisn't that newer than 2000/2001 ?
14:16:01Strathdonat@server0:~/src/gnupro$ grep samsung */*/*/*
14:16:01Strath-bash: /bin/grep: Argument list too long
14:16:06Zagorgrep -r
14:16:16Strathgrep has a -r
14:16:30Bagder"find . -name -type f | xargs grep" ;-)
14:16:40ZagorBagder: the press release was from 2001 i think, so yeah
14:17:16Zagoractually, sept 2000
14:17:25uskior use -name \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*
14:17:36uski(wasn't we trying to find ways of wasting away bytes ? ;))
14:18:38Strathwell... it did onlt expand to 500%
14:19:09Zagortext is easily compressed
14:19:38Strathyes, but still not over a gig in 44 megs
14:19:48uskinot sure
14:19:51Strathof "normal" source code
14:19:57uskiah yea
14:20:16uskidu −−max-depth=1
14:20:24uskiit's very cool for finding huge directories ;)
14:21:47Strathoh, btw...
14:21:56Strathi got that link from
14:22:32Strathlast update may 2002
14:25:08Strath122 results for: gnupro src.tar
14:25:19Strather... 112
14:33:13 Quit potto ()
14:35:58zeekoeanother way to search:
14:36:03zeekoedunno if it helps
14:36:27Strathgoing offline to call redhat
14:36:36uskiStrath, maybe it's 112 webpages where some guy asks where to find this "god damn gnupro tar file"
14:37:22Straththeres a lot of cygnus == bad cause of old cygwin.dll fight
14:37:34Strathok, bbiab
14:37:40 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
14:40:40 Join Strath [0] (
14:40:55Strath"fuck off" *click*
14:41:09Strathlol... no
14:41:25Strathoffices closed until 9am est
14:41:49Strathdamn non 24hour hotlines
14:42:33*Zagor votes for doing away with time zones
14:44:16Strathpdf is 404
14:44:24Zagoryeah, i noticed too
14:49:16Strathhrm.... how did my typed url end up being 5180 characters
14:49:45Strathtry this link :)
14:50:13Strathmaybe it's mozilla, maybe its samsung
14:52:15Strathnope... it's a 404 type redirect on samsung
14:52:22Strathkilled IE
14:54:08Strath "" redirected to ""
14:54:46Strathwhich barf out a MS IIS 404
14:55:27Zagorit's a broken server config
14:55:35ZagorLocation: krsupport/downloads/index.html
14:57:35Strathwhich is a very nice 404 referencing From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol −− HTTP/1.1
14:58:36Bagderrfc2068 says location uses absoluteurl
14:58:56Bagderbut no one has ever cared about that :-)
14:58:58Strathhey, i'm just quoting
14:59:15Zagoryeah the error page was quite impressive :)
14:59:24StrathFrom RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol −− HTTP/1.1:
14:59:24Strath10.4.5 404 Not Found
14:59:24StrathThe server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent.
14:59:41Strath(more after that....)
14:59:45Zagornot many 404 pages cite the full rfc text
15:00:05BagderStrath: fyi 2616 has obsoleted 2068
15:00:19zeekoewhat page is it?
15:00:22*Bagder has read that one once before
15:00:26zeekoeopera says "Your browser sent a message this server could not understand."
15:00:29Strathi told you, i'm just quoting
15:00:45Strathya, thats the 5180 character url
15:00:46zeekoeafter connecting to five different things in 5 seconds
15:01:05Strathwhich crashes IE
15:01:08zeekoei see now
15:01:40Strathmoz gives the "your browser..." message
15:02:15zeekoewho uses ie seriousy, anyway ;-)
15:02:53Strathof, bagder, you email someone at and tell em thier 404 is outdated
15:03:59Bagderyeah, I bet they would care veeeeeery much
15:04:05Strathand those that do use IE only see the local IE not found page rather than the servers 404
15:04:18Bagderyou can disable that horrible beast
15:04:29Strathi don't use IE
15:04:40Zagoractually i'm not so sure about that. the ie page is only shown if the server page is less than 500 bytes or something.
15:04:43Strathi just try to find new ways to kill it ;)
15:05:18Strathhadn't tried recursive redirect yet
15:05:24zeekoelame excuse...
15:06:41Strathsome people golf, some people ski, I repeatedly kill IE
15:06:52zeekoeIE has also this nice feature, "User Friendly Error Messages", so people will never ever see what's truly happening when an error 500 occurs
15:07:33zeekoetell me what's user friendly about it
15:07:55Strathhey, i learned somthin
15:07:58StrathThe 410 (Gone) status code SHOULD be used if the server knows, through some internally configurable mechanism, that an old resource is permanently unavailable and has no forwarding address.
15:08:42Zagoryeah there's plenty of fun stuff in rfcs that nobody ever implements
15:08:45Strathassuming that hasn't been obsoleted by 2616
15:09:02Bagder2616 adds even more obscure ones, iirc
15:09:04Strath?bagder? :)
15:09:26Strathwhat is 411
15:09:42BagderLength Required
15:10:11Strathk, *chuckle*
15:17:26Strathhrm... wonder why we didn't get a 414
15:18:18Strathit's even in RFC 2068
15:18:38Bagderprobably because 5K is not a too long url
15:19:10Straththe server just barfs
15:19:25Strathcould not understand
15:20:24Strath<zeekoe> opera says "Your browser sent a message this server could not understand."
15:20:53Strathok... grrr... enough of a tangent
15:21:19Strathdamn you dagber
15:21:19zeekoeyeah ok, it's the server that says it
15:22:12Strathjust the plaintext string quoted above
15:22:41Strathi'm not listening,,,,, la la.. lalalalala
15:23:15zeekoelynx complains
15:23:25zeekoelocation url is not absolute
15:23:28zeekoebut it continues
15:23:45Strathstop it
15:23:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:24:01zeekoeand then it says HTTP/1.1 400 bad request
15:24:04zeekoeand the same plain text
15:24:11zeekoebtw, what is error 414?
15:24:22Strathrequest URI too long
15:24:41zeekoehmm okay...
15:25:58Strathok... damnit, how did tipping my garbage can on the *floor* get pop on my *desk*
15:27:31Strathand only the desk, nothin on the desk got hit
15:27:52Strathwell, yes, the dust...
15:28:55zeekoehmm... if i do (really long until not longer is possible for lynx), it says 404
15:29:08zeekoenot sure if lynx is secured against uri too long
15:29:23Strathok, excludinging the dust, *nothing* on the... ok, th laminant.... ok, besides the dust *AND* the laminant, nothing on the des........
15:30:11zeekoeyeah yeah go on talking to yourself about stuff nobody cares about ;-)
15:30:15Strath(props ot monty python)
15:30:20zeekoeanyway, i'm gone
15:30:38Strathhasn't anyone seen life of brian
15:30:46 Quit zeekoe ("bye bye")
15:30:51Zagorof course
15:31:06Zagorit's just too obvious to comment on :)
15:31:19Straththe nice lil "what have the romans ever done for us" bit
15:32:49Strathk :)
15:35:43 Join NibbIer [0] (
15:36:41 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
15:54:02 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:54:02 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:49 Join Guest28541 [0] (
16:35:50 Join sethians [0] (
16:36:05 Part Guest28541
17:09:34 Part sethians
17:13:09 Join Strath [0] (
17:13:52Strathwhy to heck do i keep getting dlined!?!
17:14:01 Join edx [0] (
17:14:06Strathi'm starting to run out of servers
17:14:45 Join jim_h [0] (
17:19:47 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
17:23:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:25:46ZagorStrath: ask on #freenode
17:26:10Straththe faq says to contact a staff member
17:26:31Strathi'm trying, but they don't respond (/msg)
17:26:45Strathand i havn't been +v'ed yet
17:27:25uskitry to contact lilo
17:27:53uskiif you do it in the correct way he should be able to help you
17:28:17 Quit jim_h ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:28:48 Join jim_h [0] (
17:29:09Strath"-> *lilo* hello, i'm having a problem and the FAQ says this is how to contact staff :) could you spare a few minutes to help me understand something? (policy related)"
17:29:18 Join maikeul [0] (
17:29:44Bagdertime to run home!
17:29:47 Part Bagder
17:30:44jim_hHi - I'm trying to resurrect my dearly departed JBR20 - is this the right place to ask for some help?
17:30:58Strathmaybe ;)
17:31:43jim_hWell, I'm experiencing ATA Error -41 - any insights what that might mean?
17:31:56Zagorwhich version?
17:32:20jim_hJBR version 1 - running flashed rom
17:32:40Zagoryes but which rockbox version
17:33:30jim_hCVS-040630 from flash
17:34:21Zagorok. -41 is a failed wait_for_rdy() in the ata driver. does the disk work in usb mode?
17:35:19jim_hno - if i connect the USB cable and then power up, I don't make it to the USB graphic screen
17:35:37Strathdead HDD?
17:35:41Zagorsounds like a problem with your disk then, unfortunately
17:35:56Strathjust swap in a new one
17:36:14jim_hI thought so too, but I swapped out the drive from my laptop and put it in the JBR and got the same error
17:36:34Strathbtw, no staff that i've contacted respond to me
17:37:21 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:40:31 Join Sparks [0] (
17:40:59 Part Sparks
17:46:37 Join dstar5 [0] (
17:49:13 Quit gromit`` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:56:47 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:56:48 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:59:29 Quit jim_h ("CGI:IRC")
17:59:33Strath<UdontKnow> you are dlined on 6 servers
17:59:59dstar5don't know about thaT
18:00:16dstar5i know of klines, and heard of a gline
18:00:54dstar5but it seems that weird little nick, Udonknow sent me a dcc for some reason, called xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18:01:03dstar5really weird
18:01:11dstar5i should report it to freenode
18:01:49dstar5he is freenode staff
18:06:51Strathhe was helpful in me understanding *why*
18:07:22 Nick midk|sleep is now known as midk (
18:07:55Strathhe's freenode staff
18:08:12dstar5i bet i have a log of wheni got that dcc
18:10:18Strathok... the reason i'm being dlined....
18:11:00Strathis cause i'm on dial-up
18:11:53Strathand another customer of my ISP, has been running bots that connect to the forbidden channels
18:14:29Strathleave ya hanging enough? :)
18:14:50dstar5i am stil looking in my logs for that dcc...
18:15:18Strathmaybe bot hunting?
18:16:09dstar5i don't know
18:16:58dstar5me go play WCII see you later
18:25:38Zagori'm off too
18:25:39 Part Zagor
18:27:46 Nick Strath is now known as StrathAFK (
19:01:25 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:01:28 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:11:25 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
19:11:53 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12:03 Nick maikeul is now known as gromit (
19:12:06 Nick gromit is now known as gromit`` (
19:12:09 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
19:18:48 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
19:18:52 Quit elinenbe (Connection reset by peer)
19:19:16 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
19:22:17 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:22:44 Join elinenbe [0] (
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19:54:42 Join zeekoe [0] (
20:07:59 Quit zeekoe (
20:09:18NJoinzeekoe [0] (
20:12:53 Join levin [0] (levin@levin-pdpc.staff.freenode)
20:13:32dstar5hi levin
20:14:13zeekoedont say hi
20:14:19zeekoeit makes my xchat flash
20:14:28dstar5hehe why do you set it to turn blue when someone says hi?
20:14:46zeekoei guess some freenode server just droped out.. lol
20:15:11zeekoebecause i know when someone says hi
20:15:29zeekoesome people say hi when they need help and have to wait for minutes and minutes
20:15:30zeekoethat's why
20:31:26lImbushehe @zeekoe
20:32:00zeekoe@zeekoe? who's that?
20:33:03midkhe's laughing "@" zeekoe
20:33:05midk@ = AT
20:33:33midkzeekers these days..
20:35:15zeekoewhat is a zeeker anyway
20:37:05 Nick zeekoe is now known as zeekoe|tea (
20:37:26zeekoe|teahave.. to... drink..... teea...
20:41:07 Join midk_ [0] (
20:41:07 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:41:43 Nick midk_ is now known as midk (
20:52:14 Join Bagder [0] (
20:56:36dstar5hey Bagder
20:56:42dstar5sorry for your burglary
20:56:50dstar5was there anything else taken?
20:56:53Bagderits a bit of a pain
20:57:07Bagdermy wallet, my gsm phone, my dect phone, my digital camera
20:57:28Bagdermoney down the drain
20:57:52dstar5time for lunch see you Bagder and zeekoe|tea
20:58:02 Quit dstar5 ("umount /dev/brain")
20:58:17uskiBagder, wow, worse than me I think. will your insurance pay you the full amount of the damages ?
20:58:23uskimine won't.....
20:58:34Bagderno, not full
20:59:07uskidamn insurances. they are all OK to take money, but when it's time to give some money back...
21:24:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:35:35 Join dstar5 [0] (
21:35:36 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:36:13dstar5amiconn: do you have a rombox patch, i would like to make a personal build with it
21:37:30amiconndstar5: There is no patch to the main source, just follow the special build instructions described at
21:37:59dstar5btw your white backlight mod looks good :)
21:38:12dstar5look real brgith though
21:38:37amiconnRemember that the recording is still flakey with rombox
21:38:55 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
21:38:59dstar5i do not recorde but every few days
21:39:04dstar5and theni just rolo
21:39:50amiconndstar5: You _can_ try to leave out the mas_reset in the recording init, but I'm not sure if this may cause a part of the other problem I described yesterday
21:40:09dstar5ok, i will try that
21:41:19amiconnJust comment out line 2094 in firmware/mpeg.c [ mas_reset(); ]
21:45:53 Join EoS [0] (
21:46:06EoShello everyone
21:46:54EoSsay, do u guys know a similar project to rockbox, but only for the gmini 120?
21:47:57dstar5EoS: there was someone working on it
21:48:04EoScause im fed up with the archos firmware
21:48:32dstar5EoS: i understand that :)
21:48:43EoSanyone else here who has a gmini120?
21:48:51EoSi hate that thing
21:49:15EoSits my third one, the other 2 broke within month
21:49:38EoSand even when it works, its so slow and sluggish
21:50:52 Join Lee_ [0] (
21:51:08 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51:40 Nick Lee_ is now known as dstar5 (
21:52:59 Join oxygen77 [0] (
21:55:28oxygen77uski, you have an av?
21:56:31uskino but i need to buy something
21:56:39uskias i can't repair my archos recorder :(((
21:57:18uskioooo you're one of the developper of linav
21:57:21uskii didn't notice
21:57:35uskiet en plus t'es français, ca roxxe ! ;)
21:58:03oxygen77oui :))
21:59:41dstar5i know a few words of french
21:59:48dstar5oui yes
22:00:18uskioxygen77, do you tyhink you will end up with a fully usuable firmware ? i.e. with all the features archos's firmware has ?
22:00:41oxygen77don't really know
22:00:57oxygen77getting a bit pessimist today
22:00:57dstar5i don't think msny people have gminis
22:01:10uskioxygen77, why ?
22:01:13dstar5that is what is holding it back is lack of people i think
22:01:22oxygen77just bad mood I guess
22:01:53oxygen77dstar5, you can find some on #gmemu
22:03:09oxygen77I'm porting the kernel, and it's working nice, but I'm not sure, we are heading the right way with our gui
22:04:27uskioxygen77, i mean, do you think you will be able to support all the hardware ? like the video in, and so on
22:04:41uskialso maybe the video decoding is done using some obscure DSP - do you have enough infos to use it ?
22:05:31oxygen77well, that's another pb, dogger was doing almost all the job on hardware hacking, but he hasn't work on the project for months
22:06:05oxygen77but we have good support for sound
22:06:24oxygen77also for OSD
22:07:30oxygen77don't know if you saw it, but we have released a package that contains the kenrel, the gui (with browser, text viewer and a game) and a mp3 player
22:08:10oxygen77oups, j'ai oublié que tu n'en avais pas :(
22:08:36uskic chiant, je sais pas quoi acheter pour remplacer mon pauvre recorder
22:09:00EoSlol that av linux is so cool :)
22:13:10EoSis there linux for pdas? like ocket pc linux?
22:13:15 Join webguest38 [0] (
22:13:30Bagderthere's a linux for ipaq for example
22:13:53oxygen77there is
22:14:15 Quit webguest38 (Client Quit)
22:15:42oxygen77there is also pda that were designed for linux
22:16:06Bagderseveral in fact
22:16:33oxygen77yup :)
22:17:06EoStrue, the zaurus
22:19:31EoSok gotta go, cya guys!
22:20:14 Quit EoS ("Leaving")
22:27:36 Quit dstar5 ("umount /dev/brain")
22:29:50 Join dstar5 [0] (
22:33:03 Join LinusN [200] (
22:33:14Bagderevening LinusN
22:33:22amiconnhi LinusN
22:33:23midkhey linus
22:34:14uskithe zaurus is not sold in france
22:34:14uskiand i don't think it is in western europe
22:34:30dstar5hey lImbus
22:34:33dstar5i mean LinusN
22:35:25amiconndstar5: mount /dev/brain /keyboard/tab ;)
22:35:50dstar5good one :)
22:35:58uskihi LinusN
22:36:38amiconnLinusN: Read about the strange recording phenomenon?
22:38:51LinusNamiconn: brief me
22:39:32amiconnFor testing whether leaving out the mas_reset() breaks something, I did a number of recording tests
22:41:10amiconnRegardless whether running from rom or ram, using optimized or plain C ata, using optimized or old recording transfer routines, with or without issuing mas_reset() -
22:41:39amiconn_all_ recordings get bad at some point in time (observed from 3..90 minutes)
22:42:12dstar5what about archos firmware?
22:42:31amiconndstar5: Hmm, good point. Maybe I should try that
22:43:12LinusNi have suspected the file system code for a long time...
22:43:55amiconnLinusN: After that point in time, no proper mpeg headers get recorded. There is still something that looks like mpeg headers, but all check tools complain about mpeg version changes or such
22:44:07 Quit oxygen77 (Connection timed out)
22:44:38LinusNaudio levels?
22:45:14 Join oxygen77 [0] (
22:45:18LinusNpeople have reported that hot audio levels cause corrupt recordings
22:46:20amiconnAh, yes. I adjusted the recording level so that there was no clipping; in one try I even lowered the level by 9 dB
22:46:42amiconnUsually, I get headers like FF FA A0 64 or FF FA B0 64 (that is with 44.1 kHz stereo, q=7)
22:47:59amiconnAfter the "breakdown point" not a single header of that type can be found
22:48:02dstar5bye bye :)
22:48:07 Quit dstar5 ("umount /dev/brain")
22:49:13amiconnThe first 2 tests were 24 h recordings (a little more, so that file splitting occured). After that I lowered it to 2 h
22:49:56 Nick Strath is now known as StrathAFK (
22:50:33amiconnIf you wanna look into this, I could send you the 2 after-split files (small). The 2 h files are rather large... but I could cut some parts too
22:51:04LinusNi don't think analyzing the files will get us anywhere
22:51:29*uski got an idea
22:51:41uskiwhy don't you do rm -rf rockbox, then mkdir rockbox, and then rewrite all the code ?
22:51:44uskiok, not funny
22:53:04amiconnLinusN: What do you think could help to track that down? I guess logic analyzing isn't an option, or could you do long-term capturing?
22:53:06 Nick zeekoe|tea is now known as zeekoe (
22:54:14LinusNi'm not sure how to track it down
22:54:43LinusNno, it isn't all that easy to do long-term logic analysis
22:57:20amiconnI guess I'll do a test recording with Archos fw to see if it is working there. If not, it may be a hw problem
22:57:58LinusNdo that
23:03:24 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
23:06:16 Quit midk ("Leaving")
23:07:21 Join midk [0] (
23:15:03 Join s0cks [0] (~s0cks@s0cks.registered)
23:16:11 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:24:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:29:11 Quit midk ("Leaving")
23:34:23 Join electronic50 [0] (
23:34:39 Quit oxygen77 ("Cho")
23:34:58electronic50i have a question
23:35:22electronic50please help me
23:35:30uskielectronic50, tell us your question first
23:36:09electronic50i tried to convert a video to the rockbox format and an error apeared
23:37:01s0cksFirst. What is rockbox?
23:37:37electronic50this is the Rockbox IRC channel no?????
23:37:52LinusNyes it is
23:38:07electronic50from the page
23:38:33 Join jim_h [0] (
23:39:05zeekoewhat is rockbox?
23:39:08zeekoerockbox is cool
23:39:12zeekoethat's what rockbox is
23:39:26LinusNelectronic50: what was the error?
23:39:35 Join webguest60 [0] (
23:39:50 Quit webguest60 (Client Quit)
23:39:58zeekoehmm... odd...
23:40:00zeekoe"Plugin authors should know that since we have decided not to distribute code from anonymous authors, using Bluechips code means
23:40:00zeekoethe plugin would not be distributed in Rockbox."
23:40:09electronic50wait me
23:40:15zeekoewhat makes BlueChip more anonymous than me?
23:40:22 Quit jim_h (Client Quit)
23:40:56*s0cks is here ONLY to be a neusance to midk. Please understand. I hate him so much.
23:41:59LinusNzeekoe: you mean that your name isn't Ronald Teune at all?
23:42:18LinusNs0cks: ?
23:42:33electronic50wait wait
23:42:48zeekoeLinusN: yes it is :-P
23:43:04LinusNthat makes bluechip a lot more anonymous than you
23:43:09zeekoeso BlueChip never gave out his real name?
23:43:26zeekoestill i don't really see the problem
23:43:47electronic50the error is :Error extracting the audio. Check AVI File
23:44:16zeekoebut it's somewhat more clear to me
23:44:26zeekoeelectronic50: what kind of audio does the avi have?
23:44:49electronic50i don't know
23:45:48zeekoeelectronic50: get this:
23:46:03zeekoeit will tell you all sorts of nice things about the video file
23:46:38LinusNs0cks: what is there to hate about midk?
23:46:57s0cksHe is being an asshole at the moment.
23:47:20amiconnLinusN: I'm currently const-policeing the function arguments under /apps. While doing this, I found a strange thing in playlist.c
23:47:23 Join invistispy [0] (
23:47:33invistispyhey whats up ppls
23:47:42s0cksI can actively participate though.
23:48:04LinusNs0cks: asshole?
23:48:40electronic50ok the audio is MP3
23:48:53invistispyive been gone for like 2 months anything big new with rockbox
23:49:11s0cksMidk is gone.
23:49:37invistispyi see
23:49:52s0cksOther than that... moving to twiki
23:50:02invistispyhas anyone bothered workin on multimedia
23:50:31DBUGEnqueued KICK electronic50
23:50:31electronic50«zeekoe» the audio is MP3
23:51:41LinusNinvistispy: no
23:51:57zeekoeelectronic50: what kind of mp3?
23:52:04zeekoedoes it say the video and audio is ok?
23:52:12zeekoewhat program do you use to extract the audio?
23:54:29electronic50YES TE VIDEO AND THE AUDIO IS OK
23:55:12electronic50and the program that i use to extract the audio is the Rock Video that have the Lame encoder

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