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#rockbox log for 2004-08-19

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00:52:31zeekoejust made a save option in etchasketch
00:52:36zeekoeand load
00:52:49zeekoei think building will fail
00:53:00zeekoeit does
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06:48:51Havenaanyone have the fm recorder
07:12:50gromit`haven't but i'm interested about the connexions
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07:55:39scott666Havena: i have an FMR
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07:56:56Kaboofa_kaboofa hasn't pinged out
08:00:48scott666odd indeed
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08:13:03scott666stupid ghost
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09:10:02kaboofaYay insomnia!
09:10:57midkyay for kabbofer.
09:13:15kaboofaWhat's up?
09:13:30kaboofaWhat's new in the world of rockbox?
09:14:34midknot much
09:14:41midki've finally finished coding for clock
09:14:48midkthe last thing i attempted was more animations
09:14:55midkit made the filesize even bigger
09:15:02midki was just.. hm.. never mind
09:17:02Zagornot much? we got minesweeper! ;)
09:17:57midks/not much/little more than not much/
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10:16:36kurzhaarrockerIsn't it funny that rockbox can play movies but not edit mp3 tags yet?
10:16:55kurzhaarrockerhi mid!
10:17:12midk:] what's up?
10:17:54kurzhaarrockernot much. I'm just back from vacation.
10:18:32midkfun. how long were you gone?
10:18:38[IDC]DragonHi kurzhaarrocker !
10:18:55kurzhaarrockerjust 10 days not a very long vacation..
10:18:58kurzhaarrockerHi Dragon
10:19:31kurzhaarrockerSomeday I must change the split editor to utilize your mp3 api, Dragon ...
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10:23:11[IDC]Dragonkurzhaarrocker: go ahead!
10:24:15[IDC]Dragonthe plugin API realoly suffered from the split editor, some nasty functions came in, iirc
10:24:42[IDC]Dragon(what a typo)
10:24:49kurzhaarrockerI never claimed the split editor to be commitable, but Linus did :)
10:25:11[IDC]Dragonsometimes he surprises me
10:26:22kurzhaarrockerProbably it's because he realized that serveral people showed interest.
10:28:21kurzhaarrockerI still lack of time to sink in rockbx - with a rockband, paragliding, windsurfing, maintaining the hompage for the band, renovating the practice room and my normal job...
10:28:43[IDC]Dragondo you sleep?
10:29:09kurzhaarrockerThat's what my normal job is for :)
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10:33:15midknite all, bed
10:33:31lImbusnite midk
10:33:47kurzhaarrockerhave a nice dream with many pretty girls in it!
10:33:49midknite lImbus, kurz and idc
10:34:02midkkurz, :)
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10:36:03[IDC]Dragonso midk went to work...
10:38:28lImbusI should talk to my boss. he forced me to be at work at 9 AM today !
10:38:59kurzhaarrockerCould you talk to mine, too? I'm to tired...
10:40:14scott666minesweeper?! my god! my archos may still have a use after all
10:41:15scott666funny what a dead headphone jack does to an mp3 player's usefulness
10:41:24*kurzhaarrocker doesn't play games on the archos any more
10:41:24kurzhaarrockerThe buttons tend to break
10:41:47scott666my f2 and 3 are broken
10:41:55scott666fortunately theyre useless most of the time
10:42:08kurzhaarrockerSo how did you break them?
10:42:16scott666nothing in particular
10:42:19scott666they just broke
10:43:04kurzhaarrockerHas anybody found a source of replacement buttons yet?
10:43:20scott666dead archoses (archi?)
10:43:51Bagderthere seems to be many people that have broken archoses
10:44:08scott666someone wanted to redesign the buttons and face a while back, but nother ever came of it
10:44:19scott666Bagder: indeed
10:44:28scott666sorry about your loss btw
10:44:34kurzhaarrockerMaybe Rockbox comes to a natural end then.
10:44:59scott666somehow i dont think thats likely
10:45:06kurzhaarrockerWhen all the Jukeboxes are extinct it's time for evolution :)
10:45:28scott666hopfully rockbox will have migrated in time
10:46:30lImbusif I had to redesign the archos' case, I would arrange a jog dial somewhere.
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10:47:07scott666i prefer a tactile button personally
10:47:18scott666plus i think thats apples IP now
10:47:20kurzhaarrockerYes, jogdials are great. I thought about simulating a jog dial with the up down left right buttons...
10:48:47scott666id rather have left right up down and a scroll wheel
10:49:11kurzhaarrockerme too
10:49:29scott666if the scroll wheel was good enough it could replace up and down
10:49:41kurzhaarrockerThat would lift pong to another level :)
10:50:28scott666the main feature i want is the ability to just copy mp3s onto it from explorer and be able to listen to them
10:50:50Zagoryeah, that's getting pretty rare
10:51:09scott666those database structures annoy the hell out of me
10:51:31scott666my musics already organized the way i like it, i dont need iTunes to help
10:52:24kurzhaarrockerdatabases are a fine thing if they are _additional_ to the normal organization
10:53:54kurzhaarrockerWhat about the database plans for rockbox. I vaguely remember that somebody was working on that some years ago...
10:54:15scott666i think i saw something on the list about it a few days ago
10:54:21scott666check the patch tracker
10:54:44Zagormany people have looked at it, but nothing ever came out
10:54:55Zagorthe closest is a search function, iirc
10:55:17kurzhaarrockerthe same applies to the id3 editor I assume?
10:55:48scott666oh, i was thinking of this:
10:56:31Zagorscott666: right, but that one opens each file (and optionally caches the data). i don't think it's a good starting point for the database feature
10:56:55Zagorkurzhaarrocker: id3 editing is a single-file operation. it's much easier than the database problem
10:57:38Zagorscott666: it could be a better-than-nothing stepping stone, but i'm not convinced
10:57:47scott666any idea when 2.3 is being relieased?
10:58:03scott666Zagor: i agree, i just remembered hearing something about it
10:58:44Zagorwe should ship 2.3 soon. it's due.
10:59:16scott666its been over 5 months
11:00:12Zagorok, it's overdue :)
11:00:29kurzhaarrockerWhat kind of change would justify a version V3.0 ?
11:00:55scott666kurzhaarrocker: a big one
11:01:06Zagorgood question. a browsable id3 database could be a candidate.
11:01:48scott666a huge UI overhaul could be one too
11:02:12kurzhaarrockeryeah, an icon based ui :)
11:02:50scott666i just dont see how that oculd ever be a good idea
11:02:58scott666although we do have greyscale now...
11:02:59kurzhaarrockeror completly user assingnable key schemes... *cough*
11:02:59*kurzhaarrocker hides</BODY></HTML>
11:03:40kurzhaarrockerSomeone presented a demo with icons and I found it decreased the number of keypresses because of 2-dimensional navigation.
11:04:26scott666how many dimensions did the navigation have before...?
11:05:08Zagorkurzhaarrocker: obviously, a well-designed UI can be better than our ad-hoc one
11:05:19kurzhaarrockerone: Menues are organized up and down
11:05:19kurzhaarrockerWith Icons you have two dimensions (up down) and (left right)
11:06:00scott666the current menu system has left and right too...
11:06:13scott666or am i missing something?
11:06:33kurzhaarrockerMenu items are a list, not a table.
11:07:29Zagorscott666: current menus are a 1x9 table. an icon gui can be 3x3 and thus be faster to navigate
11:07:51scott666ok, i see
11:08:20Zagorhowever icons have other drawbacks that menus don't. readability for example.
11:08:51scott666especially on our 112x64 screen
11:10:23scott666could you go past the root menu with an icon UI?
11:10:49Zagorsure, just to a new icon matrix
11:10:52scott666i could see having icons for sound settings, recording, etc., but not for, say, battery capacity
11:11:14scott666or scroll acceleration speed
11:12:46kurzhaarrockerThe menu structure should still be organized tree-like. What's the problem with an acceleration speed icon?
11:13:08scott666how do you draw it in a way that everyone can understand?
11:13:24scott666thats a very difficult pictionary word
11:13:54kurzhaarrockerThe icons should have 'tooltips' that are displayed in a status line and be spoken for our blind fellows when you navigate on that particular icon.
11:14:11scott666that would work
11:14:37scott666you just need a talented low resoltution artist
11:15:05kurzhaarrockeryes, count me out :)
11:15:59scott666 ooh, we could make it skinnable if we did that
11:16:43kurzhaarrockerseems you already crave for V3.0, scott666 :)
11:17:04scott666im happy with text menus
11:17:44scott666id prefer to make a customizable way to make the most frequently used functions more accessable
11:19:56scott666id also like the Games menu entry back
11:20:10scott666but thats another matter
11:20:16kurzhaarrockerAnd I still miss a couple of features severely like audiable ffwd, id3 tag editor, volume triggered recording, database, ...
11:20:20scott666a much easier to implement one
11:21:07scott666audible ff is possible at the expensive of acceleration
11:21:14kurzhaarrockerOh, I forgot to mention the waterproofPlugin so that I can use it while windsurfing.
11:21:41scott666why do you want an id3 tag editor?
11:22:13scott666that seems like a job much better suited for a computer
11:23:41kurzhaarrockerWell it's a portable recording device. I know hardly anybody uses it for recording. But when I'm on the road to record things I consider it a must-have-feature to be able to label my recordings.
11:24:49***No seen item changed, no save performed.
11:25:17kurzhaarrockerWhen I recorded something I still know what I recorded. I might have forgotten that when I have the access to pc...
11:26:01kurzhaarrocker(btw that includes that the id3 tag should be editable _while_ recording)
11:26:48scott666that would be a nice feature
11:27:11scott666editiing the current id3 tab durring hte recording
11:27:58scott666not sure how feasable it is though
11:28:28scott666anyway, i need to sleep
11:28:36kurzhaarrockernice dreams.
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11:54:10amiconnkurzhaarrocker: Actually the recording should be fixed first to work reliable before thinking about id3 editing...
11:55:00kurzhaarrockeryes, that's true.
11:57:15amiconnIf you read the irc backlogs, I did some extensive tests recently. While the archos fw manages to do long recordings without a single corrupt frame, rockbox doesn't
11:58:05*kurzhaarrocker was just searching the mailing list -> wrong place it seems.
11:59:44amiconnThe rockbox recording "breaks down" at some point in time (it varies; observed 3..90 minutes so far). After that it records garbage...
12:01:19kurzhaarrockerDo you mean utter garbage or just a few broken frames? I never realized utter garbage and I record a lot.
12:19:47Hesamiconn: how much garbage? I've recorded a few 3-hour gigs of our band and they were just fine. Recorded with an external A/D box through the spdif connector.
12:20:13kurzhaarrockerHes what kind of AD do you use?
12:20:35 Join edx [0] (
12:20:41HesA modified Edirol UA-5 USB audio interface.
12:20:54HesI've modified it to work as a standalone A/D device.
12:22:13kurzhaarrockerOk, I asked because I was looking at the Zefiro thingie for quite some time and vaguely hoped you found a battery driven alternative.
12:23:28HesYup. The UA-5 has an external 12V wall adapter, you can drive it from a 12V sealed lead acid battery, or equivalent, but it's not exactly pocket sized then. People doing portable hard disk recording use them with 12V batteries and laptops happily.
12:24:31HesSome company even advertised preconfigured bags containing the batteries, laptop, ua-5, and recording software....
12:24:42kurzhaarrockerThat's to big for me. If I have that much luggage I can keep using my old DAT recorder as DA for long time recordings.
12:25:34kurzhaarrocker looks interesting to me, but expensive too. :(
12:29:04 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
12:34:48HesYup, it's quite expensive. The size & features are quite good.
12:44:05amiconnHes: After the break down point it records only garbage, although it vaguely looks like mp3 frames. I did my tests with line in, as I don't have any spdif capable equipment
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13:43:58Zagorhaha. ibm accuses sco of copying 783.000 lines of their code :)
13:44:58Zagoryou reap what you sow...
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14:11:18knoppixWill const poliecing ever stop?
14:11:50Bagderhey, he's keeping the cvs-table alive! ;-)
14:12:30knoppix... but the daily build table colorless...
14:22:27amiconnknoppix: I think I'm through now with const policeing. Of course I test building locally before committing, so the build table usually doesn't become colored
14:23:49knoppixpah, no risk, no fun
14:28:35amiconnZagor, Bagder: Is there anything that would make including patch #861278 undesirable? I'd like to do that, as it fixes some odd behaviours (but excluding position #4 in Brian's list)
14:28:43 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:47:25Zagorlooks ok to me
14:48:22Zagorit's rather embarrassing that we have 18 months old patches...
14:49:03knoppixmaybe someone should develop an autodelete for old patches...
15:00:57Zagori'm not sure that would be less embarrassing :)
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15:37:58knoppixZagor: apropos embarrassing: Were you out of town when Linus committed the split editor? I assumed you'd be embarrassed by the plugin extensions it required...
15:38:33Zagorhehe. yeah, i was on vacation
15:39:18knoppixso now the damage is done, it's useless to complain :D
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16:16:01lImbusBagder: looks nice. any way for color ?#
16:16:18Bagdernot unless lxr has been updated lately
16:17:04*knoppix throws an out of context exception - don't bother to catch
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16:18:48Bagderok, now the ident search works too
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17:39:40dstar5hey [IDC]Dragon
17:45:50uskihey *
17:53:47 Join Lynx0 [0] (Lynxl@
17:54:37dstar5hi uski
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17:55:13Lynx0I just notices that the battery status on my recorder constantly changes from 0->34->68->100, it's plugged in. is that normal?
17:55:53uskiit shows it is charging the battery
17:55:56 Nick maikeul is now known as gromit`` (
17:56:18Lynx0ah, it's just the numerical form of the charging animation, sure...
17:56:25dstar5Lynx0: if you are using the graphical batter, you will see the battery filling, with those values
17:56:49Lynx0should have thought of that myself...
17:57:04dstar5although that may be a good idea
17:57:13dstar5i new way of showing it is charging
17:57:59Lynx0is it possible to measure current battery status while charging?
17:59:23Lynx0then the display could switch between current status and something like "char"
17:59:59dstar5yes, the battery level is measured through the voltage
18:00:15dstar5while charging, of course the voltage goes up
18:00:33Lynx0but currently you can't see to what percentage it's charged, right?
18:00:36dstar5but rockbox ccan tell the voltage of the charger, and can subtract it
18:00:54dstar5well, you can get a good estimate
18:01:04dstar5go to main menu-info-rockbox info
18:01:15dstar5i think it will show the $age there
18:02:02Lynx0it shows top-off c can't read the rest because of large font
18:02:43dstar5then don't use large font :)
18:03:14Lynx0hehe. but the percentage is shown after that c somewhere?
18:03:20dstar5i use the dault, hebrew bold, and uwe porob
18:03:25dstar5i beleive so
18:03:30dstar5hold on ill check
18:05:08dstar5no, it dosent :(
18:05:24dstar5but if you flash rockbox, and plug it in, you can see the %
18:11:07Lynx0ah, in the charging screen, right
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18:16:44 Join Cheeto_ [0] (
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18:16:51Cheeto_hello all
18:19:08Cheeto_needing a bit of help finding the firmware_fm.bin file
18:21:41 Part Lynx0
18:23:01Ghuuli got a brand new recorder 20 yesterday but it doesnt seem to be flashable.
18:23:32Cheeto_heh, I have no real idea, mate, I just read through the manual but a file I need isn't in the file I downloaded for flashing.
18:23:56Cheeto_was here hoping to get help finding my firmware_fm.bin file, you know where they're kept?
18:24:17Ghuulwait a sec
18:24:43Cheeto_btw, what's your recorder doing?
18:25:26Ghuulhmm im just booting from the file, ajbrec.ajz
18:25:26dstar5it is in the zip at the bottom of the flaSHING OC
18:26:52Cheeto_I don't have a flashing doc
18:27:16Cheeto_I have a docs folder within the rockbox folder that has 7 txt files
18:27:43Cheeto_the root of the zip just has the ajbrec.ajz file
18:27:59Ghuulyeah the file is in the folder
18:28:01Cheeto_there we go, thanks
18:28:46Cheeto_so I just unzip this to the player, right? Overwrite any of the release 2.2 stuff that it wants to?
18:29:18Cheeto_stupid question :P
18:30:07Cheeto_so Ghuul, what's your box doing?
18:30:46Ghuuli think it has a chip on it which isnt flashable at the moment
18:31:17Ghuulbut it says on the website that only old recorders have one and i got my recorder yesterday
18:31:33Ghuulthey sent it to me for my broken old one
18:31:35Cheeto_maybe they had yours in a warehouse for awhile
18:31:56Cheeto_is the program telling you that it can't flash or it's an unknown version?
18:32:25Ghuulcant flash and unknown version ( ?? in the info)
18:32:39Ghuulits one of these black models which arent too old i think
18:32:50 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:34:26Cheeto_oh :-.
18:34:35GhuulIn the hardwareinfo it says "Flash: M=?? D=??"
18:35:01Ghuulis there a way to check how old my model is?
18:35:19Ghuulfirmware was 1.28
18:35:36Cheeto_I have no idea how. I'm about to check mine and see if I can flash it
18:37:02Ghuulits under "view hw info"
18:37:13 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:41:05 Quit dstar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:41:15 Join dstar5 [0] (
18:41:19Cheeto_w00t, it recognises it
18:42:12Cheeto_out of curiosity, these things use laptop hard drives, don't they?
18:42:25Ghuul2.5" drives
18:42:50Cheeto_Cos I was planning on getting an iPod and then scavenging this drive for my laptop
18:43:06Ghuulyeah thats possible i think
18:43:16Cheeto_thought it'd be a fun experiement :D
18:43:47Ghuuli couldnt scavenge my archos though :-)
18:43:57Cheeto_meh, I'm angry at mine
18:44:23Ghuulthere are some guides on how to replace the harddrive in the docs section
18:44:31dstar5a iPod omg!
18:44:55Cheeto_because the thing is slow, it locks up sometimes
18:45:03Cheeto_the battery door comes off periodically
18:45:15[IDC]Dragonuski: I'm here
18:45:45Ghuulwhat do you mean by "slow"?
18:46:10Ghuulmine also locks up sometimes if i move it too much
18:46:55Cheeto_I mean like it would take a long time to boot up, if it booted up, and it took it's own sweet time playing a song, pausing a sonng, stopping a song, going to the next track, changing directories
18:47:44Ghuulyou should flash your archos, which makes boot time much shorter
18:47:50Cheeto_tis what I'm doing
18:48:03Cheeto_hopefully it'll make it more reliable, too (I taped the damn battery door down :P)
18:49:15Ghuulipod support isnt too good i heard
18:49:52Ghuulmy father got his new ipod today though :-)
18:50:51Cheeto_well, hopefully he likeses
18:52:10Ghuulyeah i think so, he has a kind of mac-fetish so decision wasnt so hard for him i think
18:53:29Cheeto_ehh, I got the Archos because it had plenty of features built in (voice recorder is handy for class) and required no software, plus I thought it was one of the only ones to function as a portable hard drive. Didn't know the iPod could funcion the same way, only difference is that you can't get at the music on it, which is no big deal for me.
18:55:06Cheeto_okay *pulls latex gloves on* vee have zee original firmvare backed UP. Andnowitistimetobegin.
18:56:32[IDC]DragonCheeto_: ;-)
18:56:47Cheeto_yes I am odd
18:56:56 Quit midk|sleep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:57:26Cheeto_*pulls a lever and spins some dials* Eyegor! Get me that abbynormal brain!
18:58:21Cheeto_*crosses fingers*
18:58:30Cheeto_verify OK
18:58:43Cheeto_mehopes that means It's ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE...errr...again
18:59:19Cheeto_that's a helluva an improvement
18:59:23Cheeto_nice job guis
19:00:03[IDC]Dragon(dunno if you know me, but you just downloaded the flash stuff from my page)
19:00:18Cheeto_I remember seeing your name on the IRC page, figured you were a team-member
19:01:38Cheeto_my linux geek friend is going to be humping himself with the idea that I replaced the OS on my MP3 player with an open source project
19:02:13[IDC]Dragonnow go and flash the daily build
19:02:22Cheeto_thought those were less stable?
19:02:38[IDC]Dragonno, just not so old
19:02:57[IDC]Dragonusually, they are more stable
19:03:10[IDC]Dragonbecause old bug are rooted out
19:03:23Cheeto_as opposed to bleeding edge, which is still got bugs in it
19:04:02[IDC]Dragonbleeding edge is today's stuff, daily builds are yesterday's stuff
19:04:09Cheeto_right, that I got
19:04:15[IDC]Dragon(if there has been any change)
19:04:39Cheeto_but I thought that bleeding edge was stuff that was still being tweaked and tested, right? It was updated every 20 minutes or something like that
19:04:54uskiCheeto_, right
19:05:03uskibut usually changes are comitted only if they are _supposed_ not to break things
19:05:41[IDC]Dragonuski: sorry for overlooking you and the PMs
19:05:45 Quit zeekoe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:05:55uski[IDC]Dragon, no problem :))
19:06:11[IDC]Dragonwhat's the matter?
19:06:27uskican I talk in PM ? it's not rockbox related
19:06:46Cheeto_ How the deuce do I flash this, anyways?
19:07:00Cheeto_no bin files here
19:07:40[IDC]DragonCheeto_: once flashed, you only need the .ucl
19:07:53Cheeto_just tell it to play the UCL file?
19:09:05Cheeto_*zaps his archos again* I seriously think this thing is about to punch me in the throat for messing with it's brain so much :P
19:11:42Cheeto_hey it actually wants to confirm shutdowns now, cool
19:13:00Cheeto_btw, you might be interested to know I found you through an article linked from Slashdot to somone who'd put Linux on an AV320, then I found a link there to your setup
19:18:22dstar5[IDC]Dragon: how is your success on the CO board?
19:22:37[IDC]Dragondstar5: Hi
19:22:54[IDC]DragonI haven't done anything to it yet
19:23:15dstar5ahh you are at work
19:23:27[IDC]DragonI'd better read the flash chip first, before replacing it
19:23:41[IDC]Dragonso, I need to operate the board
19:25:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:25:23[IDC]Dragonmaybe I'll do an adapter, with an RS232, for plugging the CPU board to
19:25:49[IDC]Dragonso I can do the uart boot to it without putting it into a box
19:30:04Cheeto_hey thanks for the help guys, I've gotta jet, see ya
19:39:08dstar5[IDC]Dragon: would you know how to overclock the processor in the archos? :)
19:43:34[IDC]Dragondstar5: you probably could, but why?
19:43:48[IDC]Dragonit would require to change the xtal
19:43:57[IDC]Dragonh/w mod
19:44:26dstar5xtal? that little thing with "AT11.0592" written on it?
19:44:57[IDC]Dragonyes, the metal thingy
19:45:19dstar5that would be an interesting ting to do
19:45:52[IDC]Dragonnot really. If you can get it to maybe 15 MHz, what would it help?
19:45:53dstar5of cource it would take some changes in rockbox to work with the timing correctly
19:46:15[IDC]Dragonthere is a #define
19:46:24[IDC]DragonI gotta leave
19:46:33dstar5see you
19:46:48[IDC]Dragonbtw, the CPU is specified for up to 12 MHz
19:47:00 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
20:22:54 Quit dstar5 ("umount /dev/brain")
20:22:54 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:58:43 Join zeekoe [0] (
21:02:58 Nick scott|sleep is now known as scott666 (
21:08:31 Join midk [0] (
21:09:33zeekoei made the save/load option
21:10:33midkit works?
21:14:21midkwhy is this news then? :)
21:14:32zeekoei was hoping you could take a look at the source
21:14:42zeekoeor someone else around here
21:14:52midki don't think it's quite as easy as it seems though
21:15:02zeekoe*Unstable* test version with load/save option. DONT TRY THIS on the real thing.
21:15:02midkdisplaying it isn't the same as saving it
21:15:09midkwhy not?
21:15:35zeekoewhile trying stuff it sometimes crashed the simulator
21:15:44zeekoebut i think i kind of fixed that
21:16:07zeekoei'm not sure how to do certain things
21:16:18midkdoubt it'd work on the sim
21:16:23zeekoei have this buf[112*64]
21:16:31zeekoeand i just want to save it
21:16:36zeekoeand then get it back again
21:16:49zeekoeand i implemented some lame ways to do it, but they dont work
21:17:22midkdoesn't appear you even read the file
21:17:27midkto display it
21:17:27zeekoei do!
21:17:35zeekoei got some stuff on the screan
21:17:41midkoh, great
21:18:20zeekoe rb->lcd_framebuffer = buffer;
21:18:20zeekoe rb->lcd_update();
21:18:24zeekoethat doesnt seem to work
21:18:30midkyou never refill buffer i mean
21:18:44midkyou need to read the bmpfile and load its contents into buffer
21:18:55zeekoe int numread = rb->read(f, buf, sizeof(buf) - 1);
21:18:57zeekoelike that
21:19:07zeekoeand then i do
21:19:37midkdon't remember the format of "read".. but aren't you displaying "buffer", not "buf"?
21:19:49zeekoei do
21:19:57zeekoebut i do bmp_display(buf)
21:20:00zeekoeand then this:
21:20:00zeekoevoid bmp_display(char buffer[BMP_SIZE]) {
21:20:14zeekoeso the buff goes into the buffer[BMP_SIZE]
21:20:19zeekoewell, i think it does.
21:21:27zeekoethe emu still crashes btw
21:21:50zeekoeit doesnt like this part -> rb->lcd_framebuffer = buffer;
21:22:02midki doubt it would
21:22:07midkit's not very good
21:22:39zeekoebut i want it
21:23:01zeekoei want rb->lcd_framebuffer to contain buffer
21:23:03zeekoei mean
21:23:23zeekoei want buffer to be copied to rb->lcd_framebuffer
21:24:25midkyou're making littler and littler sense
21:25:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:25:59zeekoeoh boy
21:26:02zeekoeit even works
21:26:16zeekoe int numread = rb->read(f, rb->lcd_framebuffer, 112*64-1);
21:26:16zeekoe rb->lcd_framebuffer[112*64] = 0;
21:26:16zeekoe rb->lcd_update();
21:26:16midkit does?
21:26:46zeekoeat least, i see some _real_ familiar pictures :)
21:27:13midkare you.. serious? :)
21:27:25zeekoei am...
21:27:39zeekoeeven if it's the first time in my life ;-)
21:27:55zeekoenot real bmps though
21:28:07midkawesome. hold onto that for a day and a half and i want to try it out
21:28:08zeekoejust 896 bytes raw screendumps
21:28:15midkoh.. hm
21:28:20zeekoewhy a day and a half
21:29:12midkthat's when i can mess with it
21:29:15midka day and 5 hours
21:29:32amiconnzeekoe: (1) The framebuffer isn't 112*64 (=7168) bytes long, but only 112*64/8 (= 986) bytes, since every pixel is represented by one bit only
21:29:35zeekoeit still needs some polishing anyway
21:29:49zeekoe986 whatever
21:30:06zeekoei made that mistake before
21:30:16amiconn(2) Why are you doing rb->lcd_framebuffer[112*64] = 0; ??? First, the framebuffer isn't a string, and second, you write into innocent memory because of (1)
21:30:35amiconnerr. 896 bytes of course
21:30:38zeekoeuh well... it was in the saving bmp code i guess :-P
21:31:54zeekoehi :)
21:32:05elinenbeah... the etch-a-sketch man!
21:32:11zeekoeamiconn: should i read 112*8 bytes, or 112*8-1?
21:32:29zeekoeelinenbe: it has load & save capabilities now :-)
21:32:47amiconn112*8 bytes
21:33:48zeekoeyay, it works
21:33:55elinenbeamiconn: the const man!
21:34:01elinenbeelinenbe: the sokoban man!
21:34:06elinenbeamiconn: the grayscale man!
21:34:11zeekoeelinenbe: are you the sokoban man?
21:34:13elinenbeamiconn: the speeder-upper man!
21:34:24elinenbezeekoe: yeah, that's my claim to fame.
21:34:36amiconn..and the not-finding-recording-bug man as well :(
21:34:48zeekoei never really liked sokoban... always got stuck way too early
21:34:55zeekoei'm not a puzzle-game-man
21:35:08zeekoeamiconn: still no luck?
21:35:19zeekoeabout the lost frames, that is?
21:38:11amiconnThere are several problems with the recording....
21:38:33amiconnzeekoe: (3) Why aren't you using bmp? There is already a bmp saver (for creating screenshots, in misc.c)
21:38:43zeekoeamiconn: i tried
21:38:49zeekoebtw, does anyone have some suggestions on this: rb->write(f, &buf[0],112*8); ?
21:39:02midkwrite(what, where, how big) ?
21:39:15zeekoeok :)
21:39:27zeekoeso i can also do buf[],112*8
21:39:36zeekoeamiconn: bmp has this
21:39:37zeekoe for(y = 0;y < 64;y++)
21:39:37zeekoe {
21:39:37DBUGEnqueued KICK zeekoe
21:39:37zeekoe shift = y & 7;
21:39:37zeekoe for(x = 0;x < 112/8;x++)
21:39:39amiconnThere is a bmp loader as well (in bmp.c), but this isn't compiled in now, and will most likely not work, because the rockbox screen buffer format changed in between
21:39:39zeekoe {
21:39:41zeekoe for(i = 0;i < 8;i++)
21:39:43zeekoe {
21:39:45zeekoe buf2[y*112/8+x] |= ((buf[y/8*112+x*8+i] >> shift)
21:39:47zeekoe & 0x01) << (7-i);
21:39:49zeekoe }
21:39:51zeekoe }
21:39:53zeekoe }
21:39:59zeekoewhy dont i know
21:40:15zeekoei also save bmps
21:40:29zeekoeas an "export" feature
21:40:44zeekoeto hide the fact i'm too lame to read bmps :-P
21:41:24amiconnIf I got some other things sorted, I'll possibly rewrite the screen dump function (to consume less ram and be faster).
21:42:39amiconnIt would make sense to make this callable via the plugin api. A complement would be bmp loading, probably as a plugin lib function
21:43:16zeekoethat would be nice
21:43:43zeekoebmp.c has something that looks like the complement of this weird code
21:43:58zeekoebut it says it's for 1 byte per pixel
22:06:57 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
22:06:57 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:18:28 Part scott|doom3
22:23:56 Join ru [0] (
22:24:26 Quit ru (Client Quit)
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22:27:04 Quit rus (Client Quit)
22:27:57 Quit dstar5 (Client Quit)
22:30:29CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:30:29*zeekoe is away: away
22:35:57*zeekoe is back (gone 00:05:28)
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22:49:24 Quit webguest23 (Client Quit)
22:59:59zeekoeworking version of etchasketch is ready btw, for anyone wanting to try. it _should_ not crash your recorder :)
23:00:13zeekoealso a .rock compiled for recorder v1
23:19:33 Join LinusN [200] (
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