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#rockbox log for 2004-08-20

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00:27:31amiconnhi LinusN
00:34:18amiconnDid you read about the outcome of my recording test with the archos firmware?
00:34:28LinusNyes, it worked perfectly
00:35:02amiconnObviously we are doing something wrong within rockbox... we "just" have to find out what it is :-/
00:39:48amiconnOn a somewhat related topic: My guess of the i2c timing with the current implementation was most likely wrong (forgot to take the wait cycles into account)
00:40:29LinusNi'll do some analysis anyway
00:41:58amiconnWith the wait cycles the clk=H time should be within the i2c "fast" specs (i2c docs say >0.6 Ás)
00:43:17amiconnI guess the i2c driver wouldn't work at all if it were different.
00:43:39amiconnBut the mas specs say the mas wants >1.25 Ás ...
00:44:15LinusNwe should probably stay within the mas specs
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00:58:32amiconnLinusN: From the mp3 frame headers I found that the archos fw disables MS stereo encoding, rockbox doesn't. I don't know if this is important...
01:00:03LinusNyou could always try disabling it
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01:22:48amiconnLinusN: I'm currently experimenting with soft resetting the mas (via bits 11 and 10 in MAS_CONTROL). My intention is to replace the current hard reset for switching between playback and recording by soft reset, and do the hard reset at power up only.
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01:24:37amiconnAs there has to be some delay after a hard reset before the mas is ready to accept commands, but I don't want to build the delay into the hard reset routine, I'd like to place the hard reset early into the init.
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01:25:46amiconnI wonder if it would be enough to place it really early, and rely on that enough time has passed when playback is initialized?
01:35:23LinusNplease refresh my memory, how long should the delay be?
01:36:05amiconnI couldn't find a figure in the mas docs; the current implementation uses 200 ms
01:39:57LinusNand you want to save 200ms by "hiding" the delay in the init code? why?
01:43:22LinusNdid you see the latest msg in the mailing list?
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01:48:43amiconnLinusN: I want to hide the delay because then the delay might be even longer, without increasing boot time. Refer to my finding how extending the delay lowers the percentage of failures when running from rom and try to record...
01:49:22amiconnAnd yes, I did read the message meanwhile. I'd really like to get rid of all those recording anomalies...
01:49:34LinusNthen do the reset right after starting the kernel, and use a timestamp
01:50:14amiconnI saw that the main init does have a 500 ms delay anyway...
01:50:26LinusNso when you access the mas for the first time, check the timestamp and wait some more if necessary
01:58:13amiconn...argh, wrong.
01:58:22amiconnA completely different thing: Your changes for default_event_handler() broke the special mode of bounce.rock, invoked by the ON key before :(
02:03:22*LinusN fears the rage of hundreds of disappointed users who can't run bounce.rock properly anymore
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02:18:12jdeonhello linus!
02:18:19jdeonI always type your name linux and then change it :)
02:18:29LinusNme too :-)
02:18:39jdeonwhen are you back from vacation?
02:18:54LinusNaugust 30
02:19:00jdeonwow, long break!
02:19:13jdeonwish I could take a vacation, but alas, must save it for the holidays.
02:23:24amiconnLinusN: I just found another bug - loading a .cfg file stops playback, but you could still go to the wps: time doesn't count up then, and pause/play doesn't help...
02:24:16LinusNany cfg file?
02:24:34LinusNor is it only affected by specific settings?
02:26:22amiconnIt does happen with all 4 .cfg files I have on disk
02:30:52LinusNgotta sleep now, cu around
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03:54:13ajiuOanything for gmini yet??
03:57:02Strathhey aji
03:57:20ajiuOwhats that
03:57:43Straththe channel we talk about gmini stufff in :)
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10:08:41adthemanhello anyone in here?
10:09:00midkfor a moment
10:09:21adthemanjus a quick question
10:09:38adthemandyou where i can dnload compiled plugins for rockbox
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10:10:12midkin the release package of rockbox
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10:11:22adthemanalright cheers
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10:22:46midkhey bagder
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17:32:28knoppix<- goes home now
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20:54:36jorbondanyone on here know how to help with a hdd problem
20:55:00jorbondi dropped my jukebox and it broke the hdd so i opened it up
20:55:08jorbondthe head was stuck and i unstuck it
20:55:21jorbondbut this little metal arm fell out and i dont know where it goes lol
20:55:29jorbondand all the head does it go in and out now
20:56:42midkyou opened the hard drive?
20:57:05midkhmm... heh, it's 99% likely not to work anymore
20:57:12jorbondwe will see
20:57:15midkif just a speck of dust gets in there it can ruin it
20:57:44jorbondok we are not that far yet
20:58:08jorbondi just need to find out where this little metal thing goes and then we can see who was right lol
20:59:00midkok, i've got no idea, there are hundreds of 'little metal things' in the archos.
20:59:18jorbondany pictures
21:00:09midkof what?
21:01:01jorbondthe inside of the hdd
21:03:02midkdo i have?
21:03:05midkno, of course not, not many people dismantle them.
21:03:17midkif you have a picture of the 'metal thing' i may be able to give a suggestion
21:05:50midkget pic of hd... identify part maybe?
21:06:53jorbondi didnt see that piece on the pics i found on google
21:07:12midkignore it i guess
21:07:20midki can more or less guarantee it won't work anyways
21:07:34jorbondnow see the metal part on the bottom left of it
21:07:58midksort of long. goes around the corner?
21:08:02jorbondthe shiny metal arm
21:08:07jorbondthat is what fell out
21:08:19midkwell put it back! :)
21:08:32midkyou can probably ignore it if it won
21:08:44midkdoesn't look like it serves much of a purpose
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22:39:24midk|quakeIIIhey Bagder
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22:48:24amiconnHrrm, weirrrd
22:48:27webguest12Hello all
22:49:34 Quit sven ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:49:47 Part webguest12
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